Monday, 1 September 2008


Bloc Party's new video - Mercury. Love it (not sure about the song though) think it's a Bush parody (can't make out some of the words written though so I'm probably wrong) or something (GWB was literally built [through programming], Vale/Yale university, skeleton secret society parody of Skull and Bones at Yale, 2.3 thing), pretty symbolic anyway... insane fuckers that rule the planet (they create and prop up the leaders to cause chaos, shown in this video) are bringing about the apocalypse [and all the chaos in general throughout history, whilst they're tucked away safe in their luxury underground bunkers and whatnot].

Also David Kelly was murdered by the government obviously. Here's Thom Yorke's Harrowdown Hill song about it. More supportive evidence that Kelly was murdered has come up recently which I saw on Red Ice, here's the link. Harrowdown Hill: Did I fall or was I pushed? Where's the blood.....?

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