Monday, 29 September 2008

What's In the Pot O' Gold at the End of their Rainbow

From Illuminati Formula to kick things off; which I thought was interesting pertaining to the Rainbow which is prominent in the first 2 videos here:
The Rainbow--with its seven colors have long had an occult significance of being a great spiritual hypnotic device. Constance Cumbey, in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, which exposes the New Age Occult Movement, correctly writes, "The Rainbow (also called the Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge). This is used as a hypnotic device.,, (p.261) The Supreme Council of the 33rd° of Freemasonry has used the rainbow on the cover of their magazine. In a book teaching Druidism (as in Illuminati Druidism), The 21 Lessons of Meryln, the Rainbow is described as "A true sign of exists in both worlds at once!" Elvira Gulch is a woman who owns 1/2 of the county where Dorothy lives in Kansas. She is shown later in the Land of Oz transformed as a witch. Many of the Illuminati elite are rich and lead double lives. People who meet them at a ritual will see the dark side of these rich people. At the rituals, people are tranced from drugs, chanting, and mind control; they are "over the rainbow."

Nothing dodgey about these at all! [/sarcasm, above the girls constantly doing an Irish jig, rainbow, they then jump into the pot o' gold (this is their big secret [you must surely get their perverse motives]; almost like a literal Stepford Wives type thing going on, which I absolutely need to write up and Me Myself and Irene too; both watched last night). Below you've got tonnes of occultism going on]

Seeing the 'magic' here? [mirrors/grid/magic mirror with triangle above it flying through space/etc]

This one by David Guetta [finishes at 7:03 on the clock time, conscious 777 Crowley imo] has checkerboard and mind control symbolism [she is essentially chasing herself].

In the same vein, did not notice this before but for Leona Lewis video for Bleeding Love [same kind of meaning as Forgive Me; blood=love/joy rather than pain/trauma]; the girls ring is a pyramid (4:23), note the moon at the start, the bird cage, if you look carefully at 00:35 you'll see what looks like a winged caduceus, and Leona sings for a lot of it consciously positioned next to room 37 [the number is in focus, clear at any 37/73 combo = 3 7s 777], check out my MK analysis of her latest video in my previous post.
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

I wanted to post some of Freemasons' videos to show the Freemasonic/mind control symbolism contained in them:

First one, "When You Touch Me" goes: "When you touch me on my body I lose every feeling that I used to know. ..... I'm losing my mind here I goooo." The symbolism is twin pillars, small circle within a large circle (alters housed within the mind), the statues, weird headgear for the girls, the animalistic/ritualistic dancing etc.

This one, "Watchin" starts off with some checkerboard symbolism then it moves into a masquerade ball type thing with lots of masked ladies and such.

This one just has the checkerboard... called "Love on my Mind"

This one is so blatantly about a female MK slave, just watch [birdcage, mirror image, double-image, actual mirror which is fragmented in squares so grid pattern, cowering in the corner traumatized and such]. Called "Uninvited" (the uninvited intruders ["illuminati" programmers] on these slaves' minds... REVOLT!!!).

Last one of these type of posts for now; probably take a couple days break from posting then back with some more serious posts on movies.

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