Sunday, 7 September 2008

Agent Provocateur's Occult Campaign: Season of the Witch

Check out the official site for some interesting symbolism (all the horns, the crystal ball, the crowned skull, the serpent, the apple/pomegranate, pentagram, mask etc.), it's all obviously very perverse and decadent (occultism tends to breed depravity), and with things like "Follow the Virgin?" (note blond virgin about to be killed in a blood sacrifice, by cutting the throat) and "Join us - Become a slave?" in it's interactive feature thing. "Agent Provocateur" is literally that, they've dubbed their new campaign: "The Season of the Witch!". All perfectly innocent I'm sure!!! ^^ Previous Agent Provocateur vaguely related stuff from me here (I spoke of Alice Dellal being the new face of it... and this is her campaign!! Though she does not feature till Part II in November. But these ones do feature Peaches Geldof and Daisy Lowe, both people I've written about [click names then ctrl+f and type their names for easy navigation to the stuff I wrote on them]. Do they read my blog or something?). Larger image of top one can be found here.

By the way, I've been pretty lazy lately and will start doing proper posts soon, going to write up The Dark Knight/X-Files movie or something probably. But before I finish, thought this was interesting about Danielle Lloyd's new Hebrew tattoo suggesting her mind controlled existence (former beauty queen, and she often appears on crappy MTV shows and stuff, basically used as eye-candy for the dude the show is about and such things) and also Spice Girl's (totally mind controlled, see illuminati Holler video of theirs, thinking of putting it in an IlluMiMusiC post) Victoria Beckham who has her own Hebrew tattoo from the Song of Solomon (6:3 [666]). Danielle's is "Only God [her handler] can judge me". Suggestive of Angelina Jolie's mind control is this extremely creepy doll they've made of her. LiLo (and Stitch, more Disney programming, LiLo is often used as a nickname for her) has been spotted with her mind controlled handler Sam Ronson (handlers are often mind controlled themselves, note her skull t-shirt), whose brother (Mark Ronson) is dating the aforementioned Daisy Lowe in the Agent Provateur campaign, to come back full circle.

Edit: Daily Mail naturally had to do a picture-heavy article on it (because they're so conservative), I'll paste their take on it. [By the way, note that Kate Moss (KM) and Kylie Minogue (KM) were both faces of Agent Provocateur]

Peaches provokes dad Bob again by posing in see-through lace lingerie for Agent Provocateur [She can't anger"daddy", as if BOB didn't know! (Bob = name of primal/base anger alter in Twin Peaks and other things; or just generically for an alter-personality)]
Peaches Geldof reveals her fruity side in a new advert for Agent Provocateur where the scantily-clad star seductively dangles a cherry over a female model’s mouth.
The 19-year-old – who married musician Max Drummey last month – dons a transparent negligee and sexy lace hold-ups in the ‘Season of the Witch’ campaign.

Forbidden fruit: Peaches tempts a scantily-clad model with a cherry in a new ad for luxury lingerie firm Agent Provocateur's Season of the Witch campaign
Peaches – who is replacing Kate Moss as the face of the sexy lingerie firm – also poses with her friend Daisy Lowe for the Autumn and Winter collection and dresses as a suspender-clad priestess.
'Peaches is exactly the right girl for us,' an insider told the News of the World earlier this year.
The sexy pictures will no doubt enrage father Bob who is already reeling from his daughter's shock marriage.

Temptress: The 19-year-old newlywed has taken over from Kate Moss as the face of the lingerie firm [note the SKULL AND BONES (the bones are chicken legs or something else), I always knew BOB Geldof was an asshole]
'She's [Peaches] hot, young and of the moment. She's got an edginess about her and we like the face of the firm to have that hint of danger. We've no doubt she'll be a huge success.'
Peaches - whose numerous tattoos are clearly visible in the stunning pictures - wed Chester French frontman Max in Las Vegas on August 5th after a whirlwind month-long courtship. [Oz cyclone]

Steamy: Peaches and Daisy Lowe (left) look on as as virginal model [symbolic namelessness] in a white dress appears to be sacrificed [Diana, Anna Nicole, Marilyn Monroe, Ruslana (scroll to bottom of link) etc... other mind controlled ritual sacrifices (of attractive models/"illuminati goddesses", symbolized by the nameless blond ((with eyes covered)) one pictured above with the serpent and such) which this is a metaphor for.]

Vamping it up: Peaches strikes another risque pose in the sexy shoot [note albino]

Edit: Added video


Unknown said...

The bones on the girls skull&bones tshirt are most definetly not chicken bones:
close up

Benjamin S said...

Ah, thanks for that, thought it probably wasn't chicken. Skull and 'Boners' then ^^ [srsly though it's the kind of symbolism they'd use, phallic worship n all that, marking their dominance over Peaches too]

48lawsNdreams said...

you mentioned posh's Hebrew Song of Solomon tattoo...i think it's interesting that Christina Aguilera has a tattoo as well in hebrew from Song of Solomon which says (indicating dominance/control): "I am my beloved's and he is mind"....what do you think the significance of the hebrew writing is? and the selection of that particular book? Obviously, Christina will cover up for it because her husband is Jewish but why Posh?

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