Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mind Control is Universal

More on the music industry; this one just cracked me up... more androids/robots/cyborg, one eye [standard big round red one you see in many things], codes etc. Universal Mind Control - Common feat. Pharrell. Pharrell plays the robot ;P [he is 100% involved, complicit in all this MK, see linked posts (in particular his one with Gwen Stefani + sex-kitten leopards in Can I Have it Like That video)] I wanted to post this one a while back but couldn't find a video for it. And here's a link with an interesting interview with Common [wouldn't surprise me if most MC's have always been Mind Controlled], synchronicity strikes, posted at virtually same time as I posted the video ;p.
Next up VV Brown [religious upbringing; btw these videos are all from island records (well on youtube it says they are anyway; corporate record companies = controlled, Ladyhawke is also on Island btw)] - Crying Blood [note checkerboards (her dress = checkerboard thread pattern, and standard checkerboard later on), multiple copies of her and such]
Keane - Spiralling - KEANE
Finally Keane with Spiralling [not going to repeat myself]; all the robots [very first shot of the robot is one eye] with cube bodies + sexy robot missing a few limbs + lots more.

Paris becomes a Pussycat Doll [cat programming/doll, see comment in previous posts, with more great info on such things + search back through my blog for relevant posts on dolls/puppets/etc]; I thought this was an "interesting" (sorry, I'm feeling a little indifferent to it all today) shot of her with DOLL and her BUTTERFLY tattoo on show.

One of the Pussycat Dolls.

Note shield with crowned all seeing eye (click; half black, half red with some jester-type symbol in it), that striped shirt duded looks dodgey/handler-esque [admiring his work].

Trauma for the MCMs at the latest ridiculous Pirelli calendar shoot, The Torture of the 2009 Pirelli Calendar Shoot: ...Isabeli Fontana undergoes possibly worse bug-to-face torture with some sort of freaky giant grasshopper, and even sheds a tear mid-shoot because of the trauma.... The calendar isn't sold commercially but given as a corporate gift to important people, like celebrities." All the animal-print [leopard/zebra/etc] goes without saying; portraying them as animals/sex-kittens/wild, skulls, horns, tusks, scorpions, one eye, etc.

Doesn't get more deeply fucked up than these two really does it...?

MCM/Leopard reflection/mirror!!!.... Clever Cats. [/sarcasm... it all gets a bit tedious after a while] Dressing these celebs up in leopard-print clothing usually can tell you one of their main alters is beta/sex-kitten (they see themselves as a cat [this is where all the random cat analogies/proverbs/etc come from (i.e pussy for vagina; obviously you can argue other reasons)], gone into it numerous times).

Same thing with Lion (any cat) below.

The above one fits oh-so-perfectly into my Cat People post [below image from it; I think there are better ones with Panthers on the tree branches, as the girls are shown to be above].

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Ameriecan Military Intelligence Puppets

Like Beyonce, Ciara [Princess Harris] also has a public alter, known as 'Super-Ci' [hence the above image, note one eye symbolism and such]. Ciara's father was in the army so she grew up in Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada... where obviously she went through significant programming. I thought I'd post this seeing as it fits in with the last post's theme of alter-personalities/Beyonce's + MCMs cyborg portrayal and whatnot. Well this is predictably the case in Ciara's most recent video (now a couple months old; cheers to Corbeau for tip [think it was]) as she wears extremely similar cyborg metallic clothing to the ones portrayed in the previous post (specifically again to the MCM Too Funky video, it is very much alike). She also goes "crazy" (even spins for more confirmation of MK [spin programming; specific number of revolutions brings out a specific alter] as the lyrics 'round and round' are sung) inside an elevator [1:27, switching to alter; search back through the blog (elevator = accessing different compartment of mind where an alter is housed, hence the use of it here literally portraying this), very significant; similar thing to Britney in Madonna live tour (going "crazy" in an elevator)]. This symbolizes the change to the cyborg/Super-Ci alter [as she emerges after the alter-switch confidently from the elevator as the cyborg... couldn't be more blatant, watch it; she exits the elevator at 1:34 as the cyborg... these themes aren't difficult to understand and are all consciously included, this video will help you in getting this particular theme (there are countless others) though if you haven't already].

The above image [and the Marionette Puppets Amerie one below; come from Derek Blanks 'Alter-Ego' Exhibit (turning it into a book, click for images + more at his MySpace), depicting stars' alter-egos [alter-personalities].

Go Girl (Feat. T-Pain) - Ciara
Note T-Pain's Mad Hatter hat; check out his checkerboard dwarves and such at the VMAs [his new album is Thr33 Ringz, another name for Ciara is CiCi (as he says in it) which phonically is CC=33] Near the start though her black wig + the others' white wigs are significant, then obviously the aforementioned 100% blatant elevator scene and more I haven't mentioned. A little supposition here: Each alter would 'live' on a specific floor/number [compartment], and you would use hypnosis on the victim, get them to travel up and down the elevator in their mind to access the numbered floor [compartment] where the desired alter is housed, thus triggering it into being [these are really just programmed splits/compartments]. Visualization such as that is used by hypnotists [you can use anything though, hallways, stairs, doors, etc all work fine] in accessing repressed memories (compartmentalized due to child-hood trauma [and such], necessary to access the compartment where the memories have been 'shifted'/dissociated to); and in hypnosis in general. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a more literal portrayal of this theme anywhere else, apart from maybe in the show My Own Worst Enemy where switching between his dual/split-personality is done using an implanted microchip, always inside an elevator (supposed to anyway, his system breaks down in the first episode and switches are triggered randomly)].

Checkerboard suspenders, black/white.

Red shoes; Kylie style cyborg arms [same colour and such, see post], interlocking rings earrings.
Another one that just popped into my radar is Amerie [America]; like Ciara, she is also the child of US Army (and you know what that means); specifically, making it even more blatant than Ciara he worked in the Intelligence Division and thusly, like Ciara traveled all around the world including Alaska, Texas, Germany. The above image should be enough ;p I can't be bothered to go through all her videos and such (if you are aware of blatant ones, and Ciara's please link them in comments and I'll add).

I'd like to also direct readers to another similar RnB singer, Janelle Monae from Kansas City, Kansas [Oz; note her painted eye masks, one alter black, one white from the alter-ego gallery], please see this post for her cyborg existence/Eyes Wide Shut masks/basically auctioning MK slaves/robots; seriously how do people not wake up (even for 'woken' people to 9/11 etc, this is a stretch for them), it's all so blatant imo, none of it is at all hidden.

Wakey Wakey... MK'd Slaves Need Your Help! [Though admittedly, it isn't that black and white/simple.] Added her MK album cover, for more cyborgs/androids/robots/etc; please read first comment in linked post on her for detailed info.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Lucifer's Girlz

Quick follow-up to this post (and above video to go along with this post; very interesting symbolism [checkerboard background, ring of fire, top hat etc] Edit: added another creepy one, all the scarey clowns + giant masks [golden/porcelain styleish, same background video used in X-Factor performance not really worth posting], that top-hat is obviously just meaningless! [/sarcasm]), off the back of a comment linking to this info, interesting Alice Dellal was also made a vehicle for baphomet (in occult rituals and such Goat skulls are used in this ritualistic manner, the "possessed" by baphomet victim often wearing it over their head [tbh any horned beast will do the trick actually]) as well as in the George Michael (his split mind shot at end) video [apparently from the Youtube comments (added much clearer imeem one below) Beyonce was also pictured wearing a Marilyn Monroe style dress worn by Linda Evangelista at 0:30 (think it is referring to the mermaid dress though, with a similar shape [so practically all of her recent dresses/attire have been based on this MCM video]), also embedded video as it has other cyborg MCMs too (pretty much the exact same metalic cyborg hand (2:21, may add screencaps)] also mentioned in comments very interesting videos all about MCMs [with all the spirals etc], go into Kylie's cyborg existence here [also note the Satanic pentagram and whatnot at her live show... another one of "Lucifer's Girlz"]. It's because they are all MK'd, it's not even hidden at all. And I hope Miley doesn't stumble across the MK stuff about her as she googles herself all the time apparently (I doubt she really does), here's the performing puppet at the Macey's Thanksgiving Parade thingy, note HOLLYWOOD sign and Bolt (electroshock), gone into the movie in this post. Amanda Holden goes MM. Zac Efron and Megan Fox are the same person, "... it's like Janet and Michael [Jackson], we are the same person."

Edit: Interesting story from a commenter worth adding here, cheers: "Jay-Z worries about Beyonce's Multiple Personality Disorder"..."Jay-Z can't keep her on a leash". Expected, all of these stars (Britney's described here) have MPD (Christina's dad was physically and verbally abusive also, to complete the trinity; I'm sure in a couple of years we'll be hearing the same things coming from her). Edit: And speaking of Britney; the next main MPDisney Princess Miley Cyrus AND Britney will be appearing (was not aware MC was on it too; Britney on the later results show) on the X-Factor tonight... with Simon Cowell who is obsessed with mirrors (for MK purposes, obviously not for the reasons stated in the article).

To clarify, the following is copied and pasted from this Daily Mail link, with my added images and such to show more similarities that they missed.

As her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé is strong, bold and fearless. But not, it seems, entirely unique.

On closer inspection, it appears the singer has borrowed much of her style from other stars.

On a recent shoot for her new music video, she donned a mermaid-style dress that couldn't fail to turn heads.

Haven't I seen that dress before? On a recent video shoot, Beyoncé donned a mermaid-style gown that Jennifer Lopez wore ten years ago

But it wasn't just the sequins that caught the eye. Ten years ago, Jennifer Lopez was photographed in the same shimmering gown.

The 27-year-old also seems to have drawn inspiration from Kylie Minogue, who wore metallic gold gloves during her KylieX2008 tour.

As her Sasha Fierce persona, Beyoncé is particularly fond of a cyborg-style glove that she sports on her left hand.

Robopop: Beyoncé stepped out on stage in a robotic ensemble remarkably similar to one worn by Kylie Minogue in 2002

The singer made another nod to Kylie when she stepped out on stage at an awards show dressed head to toe as a robot - a remarkably similar outfit to one worn by the Australian singer six years ago.

Another star to have captured Beyoncé's imagination is Rihanna.

Photographs promoting her third studio album, I am... Sasha Fierce, show Beyoncé in dark eye make-up resembling that worn by Rihanna in her video for Disturbia.

If the glove fits: Beyoncé's cyborg style glove [also same one in Too Funky video] echoes Kylie's gold pair [and MANY others]

On stage too, both performers have worn striking, big-shouldered ensembles.

In some outfits, Beyoncé pays homage to not one but two stars.

One promotional shot sees her in a bright motorcycle bustier that was worn in the 1992 for George Michael's Too Funky, and was more recently seen on model Alice Dellal.

Eye-catching: Beyoncé's make-up evokes Rihanna

And in one dramatic stage entrance, Beyoncé descends from on high in a long, billowing ensemble, just as Britney Spears has done before her, and as Angelina Jolie did in the movie Mr and Mrs Smith.

So if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there a number of stars with a good reason to feel smug.

In a recent interview with V Magazine, the 27-year-old explained that she has long felt like a totally different person on stage, hence the name change.

Big shoulders: Beyoncé and Rihanna have worn very similar stage outfits

She said: 'When I'm onstage I'm aggressive and strong and not afraid of my sexuality. The tone of my voice gets different, and I'm fearless. I'm just a different person.

'It's a way for me to differentiate what I do onstage from who I really am - It's a way for me to not lose myself, to keep my life in perspective, because it's really hard sometimes to stay on earth when you're a celebrity.

'There's so much going on, and so many people give you whatever you want and say everything you do is great.'

Making an entrance: She descends onto the stage, just like Britney before her and in a similar manner to Angelina Jolie

Beyoncé has discussed her stage persona, previously known as simply just 'Sasha', before, but the singer is now making the alter ego more prominent than ever.

Her 17-track double-disco album, which was released in the UK last week, has already entered the Japanese International Album Chart at number one following an earlier release date.

It comes as the singer prepares for a huge 110-date world tour starting next year. She is destined to hit London's O2 Arena in May, where she will perform tracks from the album including If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

Funky: Her motorcycle bustier is certainly dramatic, but it's by no means a one-off, as proven by Alice Dellal (below left) and a George Michael video (right Daily Mail link)

Oh yeah, while we're on the subject of Baphomet/Lucifer (note the light on the above motorcycle thing for some added 'light-bearing'), check out the 'Miss Lucifer Girlz' group... just hilarious... nice snake... and speaking of 'booties', businesses/corporations are now advertising on strippers' behinds (in Chester ;).

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