Wednesday, 10 September 2008

IlluMiMusiC: Rihanna

This is just a short analysis of the blatant "illuminati" symbolism contained in Rihanna's videos. We'll start with the one she did with Maroon 5 where Rihanna is essentially portrayed as a sex slave for the 5 (points of fellowship, freemasonry), note that the room with the checkerboard is perfectly symmetrical (mirror symbolism). To further confound this; look at what "Maroon" (people) are according to wiki (runaway slaves), Maroon 5 are probably mind controlled themselves (if not then I think they are certainly involved); hence their name connoting enslavement and Freemasonry.

Next up, her video Shut Up and Drive has all the standard symbolism we have come to expect from the enemy (don't ever forget who the enemy are: skull and bones, freemasonry, Rosicrucians, politicians, generally super-rich folk ^^ [the ones shut off from the rest of society causing chaos throughout the world to bring about their New World Order and other plans]. The Universe will not sort itself out in some kind of divine plan, everything is not as it should be, it needs fixing.)

Note the Knights Templar style crosses (symbolizes those that are controlled like Roy Orbison) to go along with the Skull and Bones, checkerboard symbolism etc.

Next up, one from her album Music of the Sun. (Dedroidify has a good analysis of the Umbrella video and sun worship, I would add that the Umbrella is an octagon = 8 so more total control, Umbrella metaphor is used in programming also). Note the Eye of Ra, which can be viewed as the Sun, hence why the Sun is consciously made to shine whilst the Eye of Ra is in shot [sun worship]. More sun worship comes in her dancing inside a ring of flames (luciferian, circle of light/sun) with three tridents which she dances around. Rihanna is probably a mixture of the Goddess Rhea, mother of Poseidon (hence the tridents? also in a video further down confirming this symbolism has conscious meaning) and the Goddess Diana so "Rhea-Diana, Rihanna", mayhaps (someone else probably has a better understanding here).

In the video for Don't Stop the Music, which is a very hypnotic song (the repetitive beat that never changes), especially with it's lyrics "I wanna take you away. Lets escape into the music." as lights are flashed at the viewer and she seductively pulls the viewer in with her hand motions. This comes from her album Good Girl Gone Bad (7772=23), also resonates mind control and duality (polarized alters, one good/light one bad/dark).

Her video for Unfaithful contains various synchs/signatures, note the pentagram, as she looks into a mirror with lights around it (the kind I spoke of in relation to Britney and Mind Control in the VMA post), you'll also see a trident too again, a red blood line focused on, some others.

Her video for "Hate That I Love You" includes those lion/lizard creatures you see on all the royal crests and other elite shit, there are hundreds of them, even more because of the mirror in the elevator [mind control symbolism].

Quick point on her alternate video for SOS (ZOZ), it is set in a school gym (think of Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time also set in a school gym, Britney post will come at some point) and has a vague checker pattern floor (dark/light squares). Please check out the lyrics for this one too, more mind control, "I second guess my sanity... looking for the rest of me... I can't control myself... got me loosing my mind".

The main video for it (below) is more interesting in terms of mind control symbolism as there are infinity mirrors galore, and plenty of purple. "LOSE YOURSELF IN THE INFINITY MIRRORS." (line not from the song but how it would be used in programming, quote from Illuminati Formula) [They get shattered by the man in the video]

More skull and bones (see Shut up and Drive further up, where she has a skull and bones necklace, you could do a MASSIVE post on Rihanna's jewelry alone)

That's your lot on Rihanna, if you like go take a look at her even more symbolic video Umbrella where you have her inside a pyramid, and also Disturbia [all the spiders, spinning, mirror symbolism but not with the twins, webs, grids etc] which kicked off the recent VMAs, in my original post on her. Bear in mind that I've probably hardly scratched the surface of the symbolism/clandestine themes that are hidden in these music videos (in all of the IlluMiMusiC posts).

On an unrelated note, Fringe started properly the other night, worth checking out [saw dvd rip leaked a few months ago but this one has updated music, more fluid apparently; so is worth getting if you did the same as me; don't know if I'll post on it, it is pretty self-explanatory if you watch it (about mind control, altered states of ((shared)) consciousness and whatnot)].


Ben said...

thanks for posting this.

FilmNoir23 said...

Nice expansion. I did a lot of "trident" based writing last year.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog the day before last and started to read from the beginning and I kept reading it all through yesterday. You´re thinking much of the sames things as I am, for instance I´ve been doing research about Rihanna and the symbolism connected with her since she just "rubs me the wrong way" somehow.... Yesterday I was hoping you´d write about her soon, lol. I have been getting a very dark vibe from her for a while and after the VMA it was confirmed (as my feelings on these things usually are). I don´t think she is representing a force as "benign" as Rhea or even Diana, but something much darker... I hope I´m wrong though, but she´s obviously not the same as a "Britney".

But anyways, great work, great posts and keep it up!

Halkatla, Iceland

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for the comments.

I was racking my brain where I read a lot of great stuff about tridents last year to add in a link for additional info so here is one (think there's another post or 2 on them too), thanks muchly matey.

anonymous, yeah I agree, something much MUCH darker, was just looking for things in mythology similar to her name. I'm not armed with any special knowledge or with any big esoteric training like many of the other bloggers, I just post what I see in the media as relevant that anyone can pick up on to if they were only awake, such as yourself :) Thanks for the kind comment, made my day.

Cheers all!

Anonymous said...

Nice work....Check out the arrivals video on you tube it has things about Maddonna and Rianna videos on it as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a rihanna fan or lover. The post was very informative. Thanks for the info. However on the issue of the trident, the flag of Barbados has the symbol of the trident which symbolizes the break away from slavery. Hence why the new bajan artist shontelle uses a trident as her 't' on her new album shontelligence. With that said, the trident in her videos is a representation of her country. Barbados. Good work nevertheless

Anonymous said...

found your blog doing research on the illum and artists. she knows wat she is doing. she is involved with jayz, who is married to beyonce, and they are all involved. it is sad that so many people follow them so blindly, like sheep. there is something very dark about her.

Anonymous said...

If you notice the numbers on the side of the Cab it says 8X45 eight times forty-five is 360!!!! 3 sixes!!!!! just take the zero out! the numbers are huge, but very covert. No one would think to multiply them. Im trippin out!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was fairly interesting. I don't agree with it though. Especially when mention was made of the 3 tridents which is a symbol in the flag of Barbados. In alot of Rihanna's earlier videos she did little images like that to represent Barbados.

rahema said...

Most of the symbols discussed are representative of her home country like the three pointed thing and the lions on the wall paper. Also everyone and their momma was wearing skulls and bones at the time it was a fad. and as for dancing seductively representing mind control? are you serious, it represents sex, u know why? b/c sex sells as it always has.

Anonymous said...

The use of tridents refer to the flag of her homeland Barbados.

Anonymous said...

Good article. This girl looks like she is on the verge of a "BRITNEY" in the next few years. When this sex slave has "DONE THE ROUNDS" they will do her in like any "sex slaved symbol" - hang her dry and her so-called career will be done.

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