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Get Smart to Mind Controlled Ritual Puppets

Before I get going on the actual movie (mind control secret agent movie; not explicit), I want first to go into Anne Hathaway who I feel could be another mind controlled actress (personally I think most of them in Hollywood are); but let's see what we can find on her. Firstly her name is the same as William Shakespeare's wife [consciously chosen by parents, see wiki]. Shakespeare's works were not done by the actor of that name, Rosicrucian Francis Bacon is the real pen behind those occult works [this seems a good link I think]. But Anne Hathaway was married to the actor (whose name was only used for symbolic reasons I suspect), and not the occultist but she is part of the mythology surrounding this "William Shakespeare" who essentially created the modern English language. Rosicrucians, I suspect have been using mind control techniques (as they still do today) since way back then and I think it goes back MUCH further than that. Giving her this name is all part of ritualizing these Hollywood stars' lives.

Anne's first big break came on FOX, with Get Real [Get Smart... are you Getting it yet?] about a fictional Green family (Dr. Green Nazi) where I'm sure all the standard mind control themes feature. She attended "Christian" camps during many of her Summers, and was in a Capella group called Measure 4 Measure according to wiki. Her "ex-boyfriend" (programmer/handler probably), who has high level ties to the Vatican (Catholic/Jesuit pedos/scumbags) is facing jail. After FOX's Get Real, she moved to Disney and appeared in various movies [all links to the movies are on the Anne Hathaway wiki page] that pertain to mind control such as Ella Enchanted [Note the serpent scene on the blood line above; El, Giselle from Enchanted], Princess Diaries [maker of Pretty Woman, see Pretty Woman (prostitute movie, wrote about it in past) weird Asian poster below] and the sequel. She appeared on Broadway as Lili in Carnival! [Note Jim Henson company involvement, made Labyrinth/Mirrormask, Lili can be viewed as representing the flower of death lily (often used as a name for ritual purposes, one of the reasons Disney chose his wife, and how they even ritualized her death showing Walt's total control over her)]. She was Little Red Riding Hood in Hoodwinked (you are basically hoodwinked in the first Freemasonic initiation ritual) too.

She then went more mature, appearing with Heath Ledger (total mind controlled ritual doll) in Brokeback Mountain, Dark Knight post coming. And then opposite Meryl Streep (incestuous, insane, elite, corporate mother of Manchurian Candidate in that film) in The Devil Wears Prada (the name is a lot more literal than people think) which is about an elite fashion magazine (done loads of posts on advertisements in fashion magazines and the general evil that inhabits the fashion industry, this post illustrates the Oz programming used by the fashion elite and such), note the red shoe above, and the trident [Oz programming; and the real "devil" is the mind control programming used on these models/actors]. Her acting style has been described as being like Judy Garland (Dorothy in Oz), and other (probably MK'd) actresses. In my opinion, she has that porcelain look about her too, here she is pictured on checkerboards and with Mickey/Minnie Mouse and such.

Ms. Hathaway at "The Fashion Group International 23rd Annual Night of Stars", note vague checker pattern (with some kind of star or something in each light square, more luciferianism), the black/white triangles are also a pattern you find in all masonic lodges, as seen in Biffy Clyro video, large "checker triangles" are obviously Freemasonic too, see them in this movie.

Note the sun behind him (more of this in Get Smart)

Anne as Cleopatra, note the serpent with red eyes domineering above her head.

Julie Andrews (on the plaque) starred in the inter-dimensional programming/dissociation (into the pictures) movie Mary Poppins, and also with Anne in Princess Diaries; both are probably victims of Disney mind control [obviously with help from religious institutions like those Christian camps she went to and her ex-boyfriends Vatican/Jesuit connections].

Anne Hathaway on the right, Heath Ledger on the left.

In the actual movie, Anne plays Agent 99 (66 spun I talk alot about) and tells of how she had plastic surgery, completely changing her face [A new face/altered face implies a new/alter personality]. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson, false Christ in Southland Tales) plays Agent 23 (goes without saying, Number 23) and is a double agent (dual, double/mirrored personalities), Steve Carell (we'll see more ritual in this one, like in 40 Year Old Virgin, his various other things are also ritual such as Evan Almighty and The Office [see final episode season 4, Ferris wheel, sun focused on and such]) plays MaxWell Smart, who becomes Agent 86 later on. Read the overt plot if you like here, the below images are just the synchs/themes I wanted to write about.

Warner Village's 6 V's attached to KAOS' satellite...

CONTROL's (aka "order") HQ is in occult Washington D.C.

Note octagon around the world (total control over the globe)

The agents are transported to the base through a tomb/cuboid/box, Telephone boxes are used in this occult/mind control way in plenty of other things like the Tardis in Doctor Who, Superman often uses it to change into his alter-personality's clothing.

CONTROL's HQ (the enemy is KAOS, love how they've spelled it, really synchs up to my CHAOZ/K-OZ post; what they fail to mention is that both KAOS and CONTROL are ultimately controlled by the same people in reality) Order [the total control] out of Chaos. Also note the attractive secretary showing the views of women by the "illuminati", how they have attempted to subjugate and control them.

Bill Murray is Agent 13, and is a tree. In Monarch programming, the victim is completely dehumanized so that some alters think they are literally trees (and a many number of other things); from Illuminati Formula. Talking are a big part of the occult, as well as the tree of life, programming roots etc.

Agent 13 (mind controlled dude in a tree), triggers the platform [making Carell appear to walk on water, like Sun resonator JC] and then the entrance opens to the safe-house, and he goes underwater. Remember where this is, the reflecting pool [reflections/mirrors mind control] between the Lincoln Memorial (designed by Henry Bacon, related to Francis?) and the Washington Monument (obelisk; Washington D.C. is one big Egyptian/Greco ritual city). This scene seemed extremely ritualistic to me, feel free to chip in with a more enlightened analysis.

Now we have an orgy of spiral staircase shots, I've pictured many of them just to show how it was consciously left in the shot on practically every single different angle. The spiral staircase mixes in Oz Cyclone symbolism, with stairs and corridoors = accessing another compartment of the mind (where the alter-peronsality/alter-reality is housed, secret agents have plenty of these compartments through programming). I think they are showing us again, like in Zohan, Bourne etc. that these secret agents (the ones the public never hears about doing all the jet black nasty stuff like drug smuggling/programming/covert assassination/etc., check out some of the other movies in that Stygian Port post too)

Agent 23 (Rock on the left) and Maxwell Smart inside a cone (The "Cone of Silence") where no one can hear each other. Quick quote of illuminati formula, that isn't really relative but it shows that the cone shape is used in describing what goes on in terms of alters inside a victims' head and how to access them, and also shows the smart alters, stupid alters that are created (so the intelligence agents can be genuinely undercover, acting exactly as they've been programmed to): "The front system in a typical Illuminati system will be a reflection of the world at large as it known. The front system will have anarchy-coven level witchcraft alters [the ones most easily triggered], Christian alters [Fritz' default apparently ^^], smart alters, stupid alters, child alters, possibly a token opposite sex alter, and perhaps even a few animal alters [there would obviously be other, more specific alters in intelligence agents]. In a sense the top is the widest part of the cone, that retreats into deeper darker levels of the mind (and hell that the programmer has created.)"

A never-ending corridor and a spiral staircase. Another film, In Bruge starring Colin Farrell [Steve Carell] that features intelligence agents/hitmen (same diff) also contains loads of symbolic spiral staircase scenes (below, the hitmen bleed on it, big finale around it). You can take a lot more from these types of films if you understand the psychology/trauma endured by these agents/hitmen in their "training", completely losing their 'self'/personality. As do other similar types films like Hellboy (covert agency, spiral staircase in the base), and in MiddleMan where the protagonist's home/base has a spiral staircase (below the Bruge spiral staircase; that MM episode has alternate reality themes in, will do a post on it).

Both ritual puppets emerge from underneath the checkerboard floor (two 7x7 ones).

Note the roses pictured with Anne. [Anne Hathaway synchs up with Shakespeare/Bacon Rosey Cross]

All Seeing Eye Globe [again "illuminati" control of it]

Prominent M (13) on display, Anne Hathaway is trapped under the letter A.

Note the double headed Eagle [they're somewhere near Russia] Naturally the Sun shows the mili-second just before this shot.

This typical occult shot (the camera panning across the Lincolm Memorial, enligning both occult memorials) is used in numerous shows/movies set in D.C. [Also note the time 0730, 777]

More Double Headed Eagles with Anne, remember MMC LiLo (Lindsey Lohan) was dressed up in a double headed eagle in this post, and obviously Eyes Wide Shut etc. [You've got to check out the greatest T-Shirt of all time]

Steve Carell driving the "Sunbeam", Steve also walks through a door and the camera shot is left on these sunflowers... coincidence?

Freemasonic Banking Wars. [banks are controlled by Freemasons, the bankers engineered the current global recession, also the same pyramid is shown from that post further down]

Note Interlocking rings/C 33.

Now we come to Disney Mind Control suggestions, "DISNEY HALL WELCOMES THE PRESIDENT"; Presidents/Prime Ministers are (usually) mind controlled "illuminati" pawns.

What does Disney Hall's architectural design resonate? CHAOS, there is no ORDER to it; This is where KAOS decide to plant the bomb, with the music triggering the bomb. Showing Disney's role in putting triggers into their movies that cause chaos in whatever they've triggered a victim to do, and just the general cultural chaos Disney has caused. The Hall's predecessor was apparently the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion; the Disney hall opened on October 23rd 2003 (Agent 23). The first premiere held at it was... The Matrix Revolutions. More on this design in a sec.

For more Disney Mind Control suggestions/subtle hints; the panels were specifically designed to be like mirrors. "...the Founders Room and Children's Amphitheater were designed with highly polished mirror-like panels." This even caused "Reflection problems", and is probably used in mind control programming (a location a victim would be taken to to further cement the programming).

There's that pyramid I mentioned earlier, featured in this post; it is LA's City Hall (hence the pyramid: controlled by Freemasons/"Illuminati"). Symbolic that it is consciously positioned between two probable MK victims below, Dwayne Johnson and Steve Carell. KAOS' leader is played by Jor-EL's voice in Smallville; Terence Stamp by the way, and has been in various other symbolic stuff.

Plenty of shattered/fractured glass in this movie.

GMC signifying the Freemasonic G, and Mind Control. GMC=7133 (7+13+3=23) More 23's

The car they are in gets stuck on traintracks (no control over their lives, stuck on the freedom train) as it is set on fire, by the way Carell becomes tethered to the car via one of those plane message things (like the Disney President one above) that is about a SUICIDE HOTLINE, which could give us some clue as to where these ritual puppets' lives are being led?

Film ends with more coridoors/doors (they each shut, one gets stuck at the end), Anne naturally holds her Toto upon exiting the cuboid, whilst following the blood line. She also appeared in a Japaneze anime called "The Cat Returns" where she voices Haru, a 17 year old girl and has a Raven in it that comes alive (from stone) called Toto. Japanese entertainment (especially in their porn) is far more blatant in terms of alter-personalities/mind control than in the West.

"There has always been a delicate balance between Chaos and Control" Ordo Ab Chao. They've been controlling the chaos and controlling the order ("control") after the chaos.


Anonymous said...

Little doubtful at first sight, but i´ll choose to admit that the movie seems to carry lot of strange under(?)tones.

7:30 is (also) old prison slang, that means CRAZY. That was the time for psychic evaluation. Great "sync" for a M(K)OVIE.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

You mentioned the shot of Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument/obelisk being featured in a lot of these sorts of movie. That reminded me of another movie that uses that shot as well, which on the surface seems completely unlikely to have any references to mind control woo-woo......"Wedding Crashers," with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. What starts out as a hilariously funny movie about two dudes who like to crash weddings and are very good at sociopathically scamming people, soon turns into a large reference to powerful "Illuminati"-esque families with covert references to the strange things that go on in those families. In particular, sex programming on the females.

During the opening 10 minutes you see the D.C. skyline, with the obelisk, presumably to show the audience that the movie takes places in D.C. Okay...but, out of all the places they could have chosen they picked that city.

Later on during the first 10 minutes, Owen and Vince are having a conversation about the upcoming wedding season and all the weddings they plan to crash, and Vince has some dialogue talking about all the gorgeous ladies they'll meet who will be so aroused at the thought of marriage that they'll throw their inhibitions to the wind (ie, hook up with them) and Owen responds, "And who's going to be there to catch them?" then Vince answers, "Grab that net and catch that *beautiful butterfly,* pal!" Specifically linking butterflies with sexed up women.

Soon after in another scene, when Owen is chastising Vince's choice of fake back story character, he tells him "Grow up, Peter Pan!" (Peter Pan/never grow old programming.) Both guys in the movie, Vince in particular, are like 15 year olds in a grown man's body.

Later on, Owen and Vince crash one particular wedding that becomes the plot of the entire rest of the movie. Here's where the "Illuminati" comes in. The wedding is for one of the three daughters of the Secretary of the Treasury, William Cleary, played by Christopher Walken. Owen has his sights set on the brunette sister bridesmaid, (Rachel McAdams) and Vince has his eyes on the redhead sister bridesmaid (Isla Fisher). The Clearys are a rich, powerful D.C. political family (in fact later on there's references to bloodline marriage between powerful families....) and this family is a little.....weird, to put it mildly.

During the wedding reception Owen is dancing with the Secretary's wife, (played by Jane Seymour) who has a kooky intense personality and as we later learn, is a bit of a lush, while Vince is dancing with the redhead he's had his eye on. And you'd *think* the Secretary would be a little jealous or possessive about the young dude dancing with his wife....but no. He's clearly peeved and glowering at Vince, the guy dancing with his hot redheaded *daughter.* Vince's eye for his daughter is a bone of contention for the Secretary for most of the movie, in fact, he and Vince have a confrontation about it later on. The Secretary never at any point has any concern over his wife chasing after Owen though. Or, Owen chasing his other brunette daughter. It's all about his weird, protective thing for the redhead daughter in particular. So, very covertly hinting at incestuous stuff between the redhead - who, we'll soon find out, gives a whole new meaning to "loopy" - and her dad. Incest and all that is typically reported in these rich, powerful political bloodline families.

The redhead is beyond kooky loopy in her personality, later talking in little girlie baby voices, acting psychotically oversexed and possessive, and admitting that as a kid she had thousands of invisible playmates. (ie, multiple personalities.) More covert references to trauma programming creating a kookadoodle oversexed vixen. To cement the undertones of incest between her and her Secretary father, there's a scene where she's bouncing down the stairs - after just telling Vince about her thousands of invisible childhood playmates, and after just telling him she wasn't wearing any panties under her short skirt, mind you - and there's her dad at the bottom of the stairs. She bounces up to him and says "Hi Daddy!" with her baby girlie voice, throwing her arms around him for a big hug that lasts a few seconds longer than it should. Again, in a tight little midriff baring top and short skirt with no panties on, using the little girl voice that as many know, usually indicates a person has undergone sexual abuse or programming. So, yeah. Viewers can make of it what they will. I just know that's not how *I* was with my dad. !!!

In another scene, the oversexed loopy wife is making a play for Owen, acting batty, and during their exchange she tells him that she wants to be called "KITTY" and does a sexual cat purr. So, reference to sex kitten programming.

And then as mentioned, there are references to powerful family bloodlines intermarrying, when the brunette daughter is set to marry the good looking assholey son of another prominent family, and the Secretary is pleased that the two families will now be joined up.

Anyway, just wanted to mention this movie. It's nothing like some of these other movies you're covering (like "Get Smart," where it seems every scene has got something symbolic in it) because this one doesn't. But there was enough minor stuff slipped in throughout seeming to reference the Illuminati families and what goes on with them that those with "eyes to see and ears to hear" would pick up on it easily. The kooky family could have been done in any way the movie makers wanted...but they chose to make it a dysfunctional high powered Washington D.C./Illuminati type family, with a reference to catching beautiful oversexed butterflies, Peter Pan/never grow old, Kitty/sex kitten programming, invisible friends/multiple personalities, and weird subtle hints of possible incest.

If you haven't seen it, here's the You Tube link to it:
(Part 1, the rest of the links are on the side bar.)

The whole first part of the movie is funny as hell ;D I admit, but, the whole latter half of the movie gets crude and creepy, and as mentioned there's weird things mixed in throughout.

Anonymous said...

Anne Hathaway = Shakespeare's Wife

Barbara Feldon (original role in Get Smart) won a cash prize on a quiz show for her knowledge of Shakespeare trivia back in the day.

Anne also alaso has a connection to the Vatican (devil wears prada) due to her friend fraudulently posing rep of the organization.

Benjamin S said...

Amazing info in all the comments, had no idea about the 7.30 thing in prison, certainly fits, cheers Corbeau.

Carissa, incredible comment as usual :D I saw that film in the cinema with some mates a few years ago, and your analysis seems perfect. Also I remember one that made a few of us laugh, when they're hunting vince vaughn's character has an exchange with the other one about what they could hunt and he says (googled the transcript), "Or a fucking human being? That'll get you jacked up.... the most dangerous game." I can remember from Cathy O'Briens book this specifically being mentioned, now in hindsight I feel a little guilty for laughing because of what it is actually probably referring to... As I said, great analysis!

anony, thanks for additional info, I was thinking of going into the original Get Smart but couldn't be bothered so ty.

Cheers all.

Anonymous said...

"Also I remember one that made a few of us laugh, when they're hunting vince vaughn's character has an exchange with the other one about what they could hunt and he says (googled the transcript), "Or a fucking human being? That'll get you jacked up.... the most dangerous game."

I went to the You Tube link I posted earlier to find this comment and confirm it for myself, and damn if it isn't true. When I heard them say it my mouth just dropped o_0 and I was like, hollllyyyyyy SHIT!!!!!!!!

Here's the link to the specific part of the You Tube movie where the quote can be found, if anybody reading this is interested:

The quote starts at 7:55 with Owen Wilson,

"It's like why can't we hunt something cool, like a hawk, or an eagle, something with some talons...."

Vince: "That would be awesome, we need something big game, even like a gorilla, or a rhinoceros, or a fucking human being! That'll get you jacked up!"

Owen: "That's a little heavy...."

Vince: "We could be hunting a human being right now. The most dangerous game. Like a worthy adversary. Not a human being that's armed. But a clever human being who knows the jungle, or the woods."

He directly quoted Cathy O'Brien, who specifically said people like Dick Cheney and George Bush Sr. would hunt mind controlled slaves in the woods around the Mt. Shasta region, playing "THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME."

I don't know how I didn't catch this the first time I watched it. Okay, so, now I know for sure my analysis of this movie is completely accurate. Thanks for pointing this bit out!

Anonymous said...

Wow, and here I was just thinking that Bill Murray's 'Agent 13' (who is always getting the short end of the straw on assignments) just happened to be under cover, in the most cliched disguise ever: a tree. In a park. By the Washington Monument's "cement pond". But then again, WTF Agent Mulder?! WTF, indeed.

Anonymous said...

'Note Interlocking rings/C 33.'
... that's a pair of Chanel sunglasses... :)
i think you're just taking pictures out of the context, just to prove your point.
i get many of your things... but people should also think with their own minds when going through your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Question: I know that Dwayne Johnson is a Christian, it makes me wonder the movies he makes is he under mind control?He is always joking about gays, but this at certain things I just notice?

Anonymous said...

Well yeah... other people should also realize that fashion symbols have something to say... just saying... go online and see how fashion industry is portraying/promoting mk and nwo ... see McQueen for instance

Benjamin S said...

Hi Anon (14:07) the fashion industry is a major theme at this blog so be sure to peruse further! Here are a few links on McQueen to get you started:

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