Sunday 20 December 2009

Actress Brittany Murphy 'dies from a heart attack' aged 32

[Daily Mail article. This tragic story is still developing, I may update this post with more images/info shortly. Her role in 'Girl, Interrupted' is most notable where she played Daisy, a sexually abused girl with an eating disorder who cuts herself as in reality she has also reportedly suffered from eating disorders and was no doubt abused by her Italian mobster father during her early programming (+ many of them self harm). Many of her other roles are relevant though, see her wiki. She is the daughter of a convicted mobster (Angelo Bertolloti) who left the family at an early age (all suggest a very common life story among Monarchs), was raised/handled by her mother, educated in a religious school and was introduced to the film industry/Hollywood very young. In 2007 she was married in a private Jewish ceremony to some producer/screenwriter 'Simon Monjack' who may be a criminal too, which should tell you a lot about the industry and her life controlled by it. Her eyes and general demeanor in movies have always intrigued me somewhat, it is clear why now. I've embedded a video from her recent foray into music in the article; showing her cat programming, and apparently foreshadowing her demise 'Faster Kill Pussycat' with a black cat (Tarantino is planning to remake the movie it is named after which I've noted before).]
Actress Brittany Murphy has reportedly died from a heart attack at the age of 32
US actress Brittany Murphy has today reportedly died from a heart attack at the age of 32.
Multiple sources told celebrity news website that she went into full cardiac arrest and despite multiple attempts, could not be revived.
The Los Angeles City Fire Department told TMZ that emergency services were called to the house she shares with her screenwriter husband Simon Monjack in Los Angeles at 8am local time.
According to reports, her mother Sharon Murphy discovered her daughter unconscious in the shower.
Paramedics determined that Brittany was in full cardiac arrest and immediately administered CPR.
They continued mouth-to-mouth as they sped to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, several miles away from her home, but Brittany was pronounced dead on arrival.
Monjack was not thought to have been at home at the time.
Murphy married screenwriter Monjack in a private Jewish ceremony in May 2007.
Celebrities began paying tribute to her on their Twitter pages today as soon as the news broke including rocker Fred Durst, who wrote: 'RIP Brittney Murphy. What a sweet human being. My prayers are with her friends and family.'
Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian wrote: 'OMG!!!! This is horrible news when anyone passes. I'm so sorry for her family. Send prayers out please.'

Police officers arrive at Brittney Murphy's Los Angeles home this morning after the actress was rushed to hospital after suffering a suspected fatal heart attack
Actress Jessica Simpson wrote: 'Brittany Murphy was an incredible ray of Light to so many people. Her smile was contagious. My prayers are with her family and loved ones.'
Singer Hilary Duff wrote: 'RIP Brittany Murphy forever in our hearts.'
Speculation immediately began surrounding the cause of Brittany's sudden death from cardiac arrest, the same cause of Michael Jackson's death in June.
Police are still investigating the singer's apparent dependency on prescription drugs.
Even celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton hinted on his website there might have been some other cause behind Brittany's sudden death today.
He wrote: 'Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise! We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.
'Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this extremely difficult time.'

So in love: Brittany with her screenwriter husband Simon Monjack at Los Angeles airport in November this year
She said: 'I have never tried it in my entire life, I've never even seen it, and I don't leave the house too much, except to go to work.
'My worst vice is caffeine. [The rumor is] really pretty darn far-fetched -- it couldn't be further from the truth. I have known people over the course of my life that have bad problems with drugs, and it's something really serious.'
Brittany, an only child, was born in November 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, but was raised in New Jersey.
She shot to fame after her breakthrough appearance in the film Clueless in 1995.

Breakthrough: Brittany in Clueless, her first big film role, and her co-stars Alicia Silverstone (L) and Stacey Dash
She went on to star alongside rapper Eminem in his semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile and Girl, Interrupted with Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie in 2000 [the above clip of their outing to a 'I Scream' shop is more relevant after about 2 minutes when she mentions her father, butterflies and such, but obviously note Angelina Jolie's cherry, phallic ice cream cones and dog dehumanization yelping etc].
She played a mentally-disturbed young woman named Elisabeth alongside Michael Douglas in psychological thriller Don't Say A Word in 2001.

She also appeared with Kirsten Dunst in the black comedy Drop Dead Gorgeous in 1999 and Just Married in 2003 with Ashton Kutcher [Kabbalist; remember she married her current husband in a Jewish, probably kabbalistic wedding], who she dated for a year.

On and off-screen love: Brittany with her Just Married co-star Ashton Kutcher, who she also dated. Today, he paid tribute to her on his Twitter page.
Today, Kutcher paid tribute to Brittany on his Twitter page and wrote: '2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon.
'See you on the other side kid.'
It was reported earlier this month that she was fired from a new movie role in The Caller for allegedly being difficult on the set and was reportedly replaced by Rachelle Lefevre, of Twilight fame, but this was denied by Brittany.

Brittany Murphy and Eminem in the critically-acclaimed 8 Mile
She had five films in production at the time of her death, including Something Wicked, The Expendables and Shrinking Charlotte.
Her last big movie was Sin City in 2005.
In June 2006, she sang on Paul Oakenfold's hit single 'Faster Kill Pussycat' which got to number seven on the UK singles charts.

She dabbled in music again that same year when she covered Queen's Somebody To Love and Earth, Wind & Fire's Boogie Wonderland for the animated film Happy Feet, for which she also provided the voice for the character Gloria.
Brittany in the Arabian Gulf performing for the navy in a USO tour aboard the USS Nimitz in 2003, Monarch slaves from Marilyn up to today are continually used by the military in this way (this was taken about 20 days after Bush declared 'mission accomplished' in June of 2003).
From her David LaChapelle photo shoot (his most recent symbolic shoot is with Lady GaGa).

Edit: A few additional symbolic images, I'm not going to edit the main article again (click for their updates), and I won't add in all their pictures of Paris Hilton's twitter (why?!?) and others.

The following are from her husband/handler Simon Monjack's photography website (cheers for the link in comments + the Stepford guys have been on top of it), symbolic coat of arms above (hexagram/seal of Solomon, vesica pisces inside a heart symbol, black/white, etc).

This one couldn't be more blatant, invoking Eyes Wide Shut style ritualistic masquerade orgies the "elite" get up to using masked MK/Monarch slaves. And below note the inflatable butterfly, extremely telling shot to finish with her in a Hannibal mask (their photos illustrate the kind of "relationship" they had when she was alive).

Thursday 17 December 2009

New Disney Alice in Wonderland Trailer

Here are my posts on Helena Bonham Carter (Red Queen) and Anne Hathaway (White Queen) by the way.

Some of Mia Wasikowska's recent editorial photo shoots here (expect more symbolic ones in future).

Think it was Chris who linked to the below photo (Mia in 'flower petal' mask and Imogen Poots in the 'Curious Butterfly Wings Mask')

I was aware of the "SyFy" modern adaptation a while ago which recently aired and I have it downloaded but have yet to watch it and it's already been covered on other sites/blogs, but I may post on it in more detail or add to this post if I watch it sooner rather than later. Here is the trailer and poster anyway, I found their concept of 'the White Rabbit being a secret organization that works for the Queen of Hearts and abducts people from the real world' interesting, with the White Rabbit's shield symbol having the all seeing eye in it as it reflects the White Rabbit's role as the 'programmer' (victims "follow the white rabbit/programmer down the rabbit hole" out of reality/dissociation [the hole being a metaphor for the sexual abuse and for 'falling into trance']; and programmers are usually working for the "elite"/establishment/royalty). Also of interest is the scene where Alice (played by Caterina Scorsone), she reads 'curiosity kills the cat' (not in the trailer, Syfy annoyingly took down a few promo clips I was going to include here from their site) and is trapped in a padded cell with movable walls which invokes programming. Various other imagery/themes are pertinent (some symbolic black/white square/circle patterns and whatnot can be seen in the trailer), I may add screen caps to this post if I don't put up another post before I watch it.

Here is an odd promo thing where numerous White Rabbit's marched through New York wearing porcelain White Rabbit heads, interesting preview image they went with for the video, very Nazi salute-esque.

Monday 14 December 2009

Chinese Protesters Tortured In 'Black Jails' for Programming

Civil rights protesters in China are being dumped in psychiatric wards where they are forced to take mind-altering drugs and given electric shocks.

[Sky News article. I remember reading something about this a year ago but the media has been focusing on it again recently. The Chinese are simply following the model used by the Russians who did/are doing pretty much the exact same thing as this using their mental institutions, the West aren't innocent of this by any means too with mental asylums being used for furthering research and putting into practice programming with electroshocks, drugs, rape and other trauma-based mind control and brainwashing techniques. I've included another video apart from the Sky News one which shows how young children are even taken for, what the state would probably call "re-education".]

The treatment is handed out to petitioners - victims of corrupt local governments who have come to the cities to seek justice.

They travel thousands of miles to reach Beijing, but instead of being allowed to voice their grievances they are thrown into illegal "black jails" and many end up placed in mental institutions.

"Pain? You don't know pain until you have had 220 volts going through your body," said Hu Guohong, who had come to Beijing to seek compensation for three months' back pay.

He suffered two hours of electric shock for ten consecutive days.

"My whole insides… it felt like my intestines were turning like clothes put through a washing machine," he said.

"There are a lot of people who are locked up there. Just like me, protesters. They round you up and simply dump you in the hospital. If you don't do what they say, you get electrocuted."

Sky News gained access to one of the mental institutions and spoke to those behind the bars of an exercise courtyard.

"Some people in here are not even diagnosed with a mental illness. There are all kinds of cases, but most of us are not ill," one man told us.

Liu Feiyue is a lawyer representing hundreds of those detained.

His home in Wuhan in South China is under surveillance by police and we had to meet secretly late at night.

He says the practice of putting protesters in mental hospitals is widespread.

"They want to stop the protesters from voicing their dissenting views," he said.

"So they lock them up in mental hospitals. This is becoming a serious epidemic in China."

Sky News wrote to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health to ask why mental hospitals were being used as dumping grounds for those seeking justice.

We received no answer.

A spokesman at the Chinese Embassy in London said it was "not in a position to respond in this regard".

Saturday 12 December 2009

Project Monarch's Runway to Disney Imagineering

I am of the current thinking that most, if not all "reality" shows are, for the most part entirely fixed so that the higher up Illuminist's (execs/producers/etc) planted pawn (usually more than one) wins and is thus (they do not necessarily have to win) given a platform to get into the industry and perpetrate their symbols and whatnot. The winner of the latest season of 'Project Runway' (called 'Project Catwalk' in the UK, hosted by Kelly Osbourne) Irina Shabayeva (below dressed in appropriate kitten attire for a promo shoot), following her victory they immediately (day after) put up a video on her website, apparently promoting her 2010 line (obviously not the the primary motivation behind it or it would show more of her clothes or some actual designing or something). Thanks a lot to emailer Bradley for this tip. The video is called 'Spring 2010 Atelier Video', atelier being an artist's studio implying this multitude of Monarch butterflies scene was her inspiration for her butterfly symbolic collection (though it was obviously filmed after to promote it, if it were just random butterflies you could possibly write it off as coincidence, but using Monarchs specifically? I don't think so). Her model dressed in a red dress hypnotically gyrating amongst the Monarchs which cover her eye and the film repeats/stutters/blurs (dissociation) symbolically before ending with the model lying petrified/frozen (like a petrified butterfly) in a trance as the other Monarchs flutter around her.

The model is Kalyn Hemphill whose background is typical, born in Lake Jackson (country musicians + original Selena were born and raised there), Texas. She began dancing lessons at age 3, at age 7 she was trained in acting, singing and dancing; at around age 12 she sung the national anthem in various stadiums (a big indication, still doing it today) and started modeling with an agency on catwalks and in commercials etc at age 14. I suspect her handlers have plans for her which they're still figuring out in which direction to take her (probably a mix of acting/modeling/singing). Below is a MK symbolic image (locked compartments of the mind, symbolized by the interconnecting chains, keylocks and gold keys).

Here are some examples of Irina's butterfly transfixed collection from her site. I have seen a lot more people out and about wearing these kinds of motifs lately so they are probably stepping up the pervasiveness of the triggering symbols.

Accompanying video to show some of the other symbolic designs (roses and such) and the models again interact with live Monarchs (and their image is doubled/tripled on the catwalk).

I have not seen any of the show (aside from short flicking through TV) and clips from the show do not seem to work in the UK so cannot comment on the rest of the show, it was created by Eli Holzman (former head and co-founder of Miramax television, part of Walt Disney Imagineering's global Imaginarium). Runway started out on Bravo, the same channel which airs 'Make Me a Supermodel' with its Monarch involvement plain for all to see. Hosted by Heidi Klum (click for previous posts/symbolic photos on her and such), and painful fashion stereotype Tim Gunn overseer (an iron/tin man apparently as he had a Marvel comic book character based on him; Marvel owned by Disney).

The host of 'Project Runway' invoking 'Project Monarch', the title of this spread was 'Project Heidi' (note purple smokey/gas-like wallpaper, feather dress for dehumanization, her army camo top and shoes, and green/black striped stockings implying she is a product of the military; the pose/shape she is making with her hands clasped together above her head symbolizes the all seeing eye, and I get a Wicked Witch vibe from her clothing)! Remember her 'Rumorous Night' Monarch event.
Heidi with the host of another comparable "reality" show, 'America's Next Top Model' host Tyra Banks who has recently been roped in by Disney (long term Disney slave, see the linked post) to promote the new old-school style Disney film 'The Princess and the Frog'... you know, because she's black (she was one of those considered to play the part of Princess Tiana, eventually going to Anika Noni Rose).

America has it's first 'Disney' black President (watching his rise to office was like something out of a Disney movie, and the masses bought it!) and also it's first 'Disney' black Princess... hasn't it come far! I am of course not being facetious at all, Barack Obama isn't just reading from a script (his Nobel Peace Prize speech [via teleprompter of course] certainly showed he is a pawn for the infinitely war mongering establishment, prompting rapturous applause from the audience of Illuminists) and Disney's controllers have never been racist in the slightest! The people at Disney World even embroidered his name in gold on the Mickey Mouse ears on a visit prior to the election.

Tyra, 'became' Michelle Obama in a Harper's Bazaar spread earlier this year featuring various things of note. Probably suggesting she's a 'Presidential Model' programmed Monarch slave (and probably says something about Michelle herself too).

Below is the video with all the usual nonsense spouted by MK'd media pawns: "By exposing these young girls to this amazing trip to Disney World, meeting Princess Tiana, a lot of other young girls are going to be able to dream bigger because they see that those girls' dreams came true.... These little girls, I had them on my talk show, they were telling me how much they like are obsessed with being a Princess, they just dream and live being Princesses..." blah blah blah... Anyway, 'The Princess and the Frog', as noted in the post I did on it (+ some others including an upcoming Disney cat programming movie remake) will be full of occult and the usual Disney (Grimm Brothers/Anderson style, specifically Grimm's 'Frog Prince') fairy tale mind control themes.

Below is a newer poster for the film, featuring the Voodoo witchdoctor/programmer in his Worshipful Master's Top Hat, marked by a Master Mason's Skull and Bones motif (in the original poster he can be seen sprinkling magic dust over Princess Tiana implying he is manipulating/controlling ["cursing"] her) holding tarot-style cards with the Hand of Fatima, the all seeing eye/eye of Horus within a hand (it is associated with the kabbalah, the prevailing wisdom is that it is intended to 'ward off the evil eye' so would make an excellent trigger with programmers completely reversing/transforming that meaning in their victims' minds, note also the lines of illumination coming from the eye), emphasizing the occult nature of Disney's newest 2D offing (going back to the 'good old days' of blatant occult Disney entrainment like the orgiastic occult hypnotic Fantasia).

Another poster I've not included in previous posts has similar symbolism to the first (there are other suggestive ones like a crocodile playing a trumpet and a snake and such). And note the serpent shadow puppets coming out of the programmer/witchdoctor, the voodoo doll (obviously mind control implications of the programmer's control, ability to cause pain in the victim without touching her), the purple (an important colour that is prevalent in the film) mask, the main characters are coming out of magic mirrors except the programmer who is above them all with the serpent shadow puppets looking over them.

Props to Ellen Von Unwerth for providing this shot symbolizing Disney mind control/magick to round off this post, with Mickey's magic light landing on the model's (Sara Stephens) head, who just happens to be wearing black/white duality stripes. It comes from September 2009 Vogue Italia's "Suggestions" spread (worth taking a look at other symbolism in the set for those I haven't included [Egyptian pyramid slot machine, mirrors etc]).

This post was originally going to be much longer covering more Daul Kim, other symbolic editorials and some Victoria's Secret/Agent Provocateur stuff but I'll leave that for later and just post a few more symbolic, highly suggestive images of the young model Sarah Stephens from Oz/Australia (born in England).

Note black/white checker stockings, imagery in the background and whatnot.

"Children Welcome" Note pink leopard print (+ Sarah's matching shoes), suggestively sucking on phallic straws. Josiah Wedgwood's name is prominently placed in a plaque above them (click) who ironically (in this context) fought for the abolition of slavery. He is of the Darwin-Wedgwood family, the grandfather of Charles Darwin (invoking the genetics facet to Monarch programming).

Note the Mickey Mouse ears and a boxer looking in her direction suggesting physical trauma.

This one has a fairly clear Lolita/paedophilia undertone to it, note the Mickey Mouse hands also.

Caught by MM! Note the Catwoman image on her vest too.
Similar themes at a previous Victoria's Secret fashion show (+ video, she's around 1:38), blowing on a "lollipop" and posing wearing a tutu. Note in the set the flamingos (Alice in Wonderland) and the general 'pink' theme, the backdrop screen note the dogs marching (like the models, implying dehumanization), then I think tonnes of butterflies burst out and other things.

Speaking of 'pink', she starred in a commercial for the reptilian (crocodile logo; company founded 1933) company Lacoste's "Love of Pink" phallic shaped fragrance. Sarah produces pink heart shaped bubbles (bubbles floating away symbolizing dissociation; her mind 'floating away' from reality), when the first bubble pops it looks like flower petals are produced, then the another is popped and it produces a butterfly (0:16, on a razor blade, suggesting 'cutting'/splitting) and flower petals appear to become a cloud of fluttering butterflies. She continues to walk around in her trance state and more butterflies are produced.

She's also been in a 'SunSilk' commercial, note twin pillars at the start, purple sun, the camera's subject her to strobe/flashing lights on the mirror catwalk. The product was part of some Alice McCall design thing.

"Little Miss Sunshine"

This one I thought was curiously blatant, with the eyes covered/blind, vampire theme (they penetrate your 'skin' and "suck your blood"), phallic lipstick, blood red and cherries... it's all about the breaking of the hymen and female sexuality.

Note the split mind theme here with her face pushing through the opening (I shouldn't have to elaborate!) in the red sheet, with her face looking traumatized (+ the red fingernails for added blood emphasis).

More cherries above.

The above one and below two are another Unwerth shoot.

Probably the most blatant however is another Disney/fairy-tale themed shoot by Ellen Von Unwerth, called Cinderella based on the ancient fairy tale (Disney have obviously done a version). Sarah, as you'd expect plays the part of the abused/traumatized, dissociative young woman Cinderella who dissociates and gives the animals personalities in her mind (the story is great for numerous aspects of Monarch programming; i.e. 'put up with the abuse, because you'll soon get to go to the Royal Ball and be rescued by your Prince Charming' and many other usages).

She is essentially a slave to her two abusive spoiled stepsisters (both below fighting), seen above pulling one of her pigtails (hairstyle suggestive of young children).

The two stepsisters reflected in multiple mirrors.

Sarah with a magic mirror applying her make-up 'mask' (I'm not sure of the order of some of these images).

Cinderella serving her abusive/neglectful wicked stepmother (forces her into slavery following Cinderella's father dying). Meeting the Fairy Godmother (dissociative hallucination) below. In the Disney film the wicked stepmother's evil cat (Cheshire Cat type figure) is called... Lucifer. I'm sure it's just an unfortunate coincidence! Seriously though, Disney do not hide their motivations/beliefs at all if you have your eyes open, this really makes me want to go and continue those Disney posts I had planned (here's the first). Below image is a figurine representitive of the abusive stepmother's evil cat Lucifer to illustrate this fact, complete with a Cheshire Cat style grin.

Sarah trapped in a closet in full-on rope bondage... which should make things clear for people still unsure (no free-thinking model would agree to this, they're supposedly fashion models, not submissive bondage performers!).

All of the "Royal Ball", "Fairy Godmother" scenes and whatnot are pure dissociation, symbolized here by the fact that she is 'transformed' from the above grey clothing to a butterfly covered dress suddenly. Following a scene involving the step-family traumatizing her by stripping her of her impressive dress (which the stepsisters were jealous of) before she is about to go the ball (illustrating it is her dissociating from the scenario): "Cinderella's Fairy Godmother appears to her in the garden, and transforms her appearance for the ball. She transforms the mice into horses, Bruno the dog into a footman, Major the horse into a coachman, a pumpkin into the carriage, and transforms her torn dress into a beautiful blue dress with glass slippers. Cinderella departs for the ball after the godmother warns her that the spell will expire at the stroke of midnight." The 'stroke of midnight' is another facet used in mind control, as the programmer will program the victim to be triggered 'at the stroke of midnight', and obviously the glass slipper (in a similar way to ruby slippers' usage in Wizard of Oz scripted programming).

That's a lot of butterflies...

Prince Charming eventually finds Cinderella and Sarah is crowned a Monarch, with the ironic peace dove in flight as the evil stepsisters are now their slaves (in the fantasy world she has retreated/dissociated into anyway; a dove in flight may also symbolize dissociation/altered consciousness).

By the way, the things that were delaying me with posts/emails/etc are over for the time being (I won't bore you with the details but I basically left 3 long essays for Uni till the last week/2 so had to frantically get that done before term finished on Friday) so should be able to focus more here and produce less disjointed posts than this one.
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