Monday, 22 September 2008

Britney: Victim of the Womanizers

These promotional shots for Britney Spears' new single Womanizer [according to the Daily Mail Edit: Though some say it is fanmade... looks way to professional for that, studio probably just used old images to create it; symbolism still stands and whatnot right?] are strange to say the least (doesn't even really look like her anymore). Note the serpent, crescent moon/half ring of fire [split mind], W made of lights. The album this comes from is called Circus, note all the standard mind control [Mannequin, Amnesia (like her blackout album, see previous posts ((not all linked)) on Britney), the Circus connotes various things like that such as spinning/carousel and other fairground/circus type things.

By the way, Freeman is back with his show starting October 2nd, check his blog update.

September 22 [a master number]

This image is fanmade

Also, this full-page advert [hence the scans, will probably switch for a better one soon] in Murdoch's Times, "Sex kittens don't drink milk." I found interesting for obvious reasons, seems like they're being pretty blatant. Pomegranates obviously have a tonne of occult/mythological symbolism to do with it, and relate to Freemasonry because pomegranates are said to be depicted on King Solomon's twin pillars Jachin and Boaz in the bible/torah, see wiki. [showing more Freemasonry/mind control connection; these newspapers and all the media is controlled by Freemasons/Zionists] Edit: Switched the ridiculous scan to an image from here [exactly the same tho]

With all these airplane crashes going on I thought this was a neat little synch, shattered glass/shattered mind [airplanes = big mind fuck hence 9/11 etc], it fractured mid-air, here's the link.


Anonymous said...

Hey Benjamin-

The pomegranates are a Plutonian symbol depicting temptation and desire. The Rider High Priestess image features the HP is seated between B/J pillars and behind her lie arrayed 10 pomegranates = the Tree of Life. These can be interpreted as realms of experience (planetary archons) which thru desire (samsara) and our experinence of them "keep us" chained (to the matrix) - reincarnating. Its this matrix that supports life itself as shown by the TORA (tetramorphic four elements, DNA) scroll in HP's hands.

I think the programmers are having a joke on the consumers who buy Britney's album : "Give them "panem et circum"- Nero???
Who fiddled as Rome burned, and basically saying "you idiots will consume anything! HERE"- "sticky and sweet" a take on Madonna's last thing. The imagery is interesting in that on one hand Britney is depicted in a cage - passive controlled victim, HER humanity and talent diminished, marketed as media fodder. The other image of womanizer shows her in the dominatrix which is really the fake manufactured Britney High Priestess Imago which represents the harnessed bio fuel (indiced by $$$, google hits, etc) of the circus' spectators who lie "spent" at her feet.

I guess once the imago ceases to enthrall on multiple level- desires (pomegranates again)the HP is slain and replaced. The ability to enthrall is one reason the Palin imago is so potent. That's a choice pix you have there in your earlier post on Sarah Palin where as a child she holds some dead livesock as if she's feeding a Dog(star). A visual cognate to the Britney W photo???

Anonymous said...

yo dog! looks like an interesting site, however, would you consider cutting up some of the pages to make them smaller. even though i have dsl my computer gets locked up as it downloads these tons of images and video links. it's so discouraging and it makes viewing your website nearly impossible.


and you've got some cool stuff here

Anonymous said...

Another great one Ben! I think your work is getting more exposure. I went to my favorite discussion blog today and a user there had posted a thread (about this post) there-I sure gave you some compliments. Mind bending-or should I say Mind Controlling stuff here! best wishes as always!

aferrismoon said...

I have stolen your Britney at the Circus shot, as her feel spell OZ
Great one


Michael Skaggs said...

Yes, her feet do point to OZ, and this fire circle, and your saying "it doesn't even look like her anymore", might be a Phoenix rising or reincarnated from the ashes? Symbolic perhaps, but none the less, the new "programmers" and "handlers" have her rising up for further distractions.

Be well Ben! Excellent work mate!

Benjamin S said...

Hey, great comments all round thanks a lot for dropping by.

1st anony, love your take on it, makes perfect sense and cheers for the great info you provided on some of the esoteric connections, quality observations.

2nd, thanks for the kind words; I'm not really sure how I would go about doing that though in blogger with each post being a page, I could lower the number of posts shown on the main page (currently 7) but it would not split up bigger posts like this one or the picture heavy models one and such, split into a number of pages which I guess is what you require. I'll try and figure something out over the next few weeks though, anyone else having similar problems please let me know and I'll make it more urgent. I dunno though, multiple page posts could be even more annoying for some people. [added my email to my profile so you can email me any ideas on fixing this issue/responding to this comment if you like]

3rd, thanks a lot. Good to know, cheers for letting me know glad people are liking some of my stuff, and cheers for the compliments :)

Aferris, cool, thanks for the plug too. Daily Mail are fucktards though, apparently those images are fanmade not promotional photos as the Daily Mail led me to believe... they don't look fanmade to me at all, but the synchs/symbolism are still relevant I think.

Mike, thanks for commenting, interesting points as always.

Cheers again all.

Anonymous said...

and that's Debbie Gibson's face.

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry

Benjamin S said...

Thanks muchly for that link, v interesting... if slightly confusing. So it is official? It's going to be the album cover? Not really sure what to make of it. Here's a link for anyone that needs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, sorry for the double post, i don't know how to do the link thingy, maybe i'd have to sign up.

Anyway, i read somewhere that it's fan made but i personally do not believe it is. The one of Britney in a birdcage is also a photoshop job, the original image being from another artist, a musician maybe, i am not sure because i have never heard of this person before. If i find the link again i'll post it, if anyone's interested.

Would this throw a wrench in the "feet pointing to "OZ" " theory? since, if you postition the original picture (Tyra's) behind the words "womanizer" It might synch exactly the same as Britney's.

Finally, i really enjoy your site. Cheers.

Benjamin S said...

Nah, no wrench thrown in it at all in my opinion. The synchs still stand :) even if it would be the same under the original Tyra image. Maybe it even adds more significance; Tyra Banks seems to be your standard mind controlled model so perhaps this combining of these 2 MK victims/media personalities as one person has more significance? One is black, one is white; so duality too. You mention Debbie Gibson; whose first song was "Only In My Dreams" which to me loosely suggests she could also be mind controlled to me. Quite the mind control personality mashup then :D [obviously this is all completely speculative]

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