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The Art of Dissociation

The paintings featured in this post are by an artist with MPD/DID going by the name of Kim Noble, who began painting after time with an art therapist, each of her alters developed their own distinctive style. There will be a TV documentary on her in 2010 (see Daily Mail article from a few months ago), I will be interested to see how they cover the "Key" alter's Kabbalah fixation (you can predict it's just going to be a fluff piece about how brave and strong Kim is and how fascinating the condition is, which is undoubtedly true but it would be nice if they asked a few questions regarding her programming/abuse as a child). Although she does not remember the abuse she suffered (her front/dominant alters anyway), it is evident from her artwork that she was pretty severely abused and seems to have been programmed (some of them are particularly graphic depictions I should warn, may be triggering) though you will always get the skeptical view that she's just cashing in (which they will say about anyone saying anything that doesn't fit into their 'head in the sand' belief system). The name Kim means 'regal hill' (and/or 'royal forest' and 'golden'; if you look it up you'll generally find it's meaning is associated with nobility; 'Kimama' means butterfly by the way) and the relatively common 'Noble' surname obviously is also associated with the "elite"/nobility; her red hair look reminds me of the Merovingian bloodline (though that's obviously speculative at best, her extreme levels of dissociation would suggest she is at least the product of a bloodline and/or multigenerational abuse family). She has a daughter named Aimee who she managed to raise despite her problems (it seems she may have managed to get away from her abusers/programmers in her early teens), when she was born to the [Golden] Dawn alter she was taken into care for six months (when she returned Dawn did not recognize her and constantly looks for her baby).
She appears to have undergone occult Kabbalistic programming as evidenced by her 'Key' (of Solomon/key access to compartments of the mind, parts of her system) alter which draws Kabbalah inspired work complete with the Tree of Life and scenes of child sexual abuse charted by various occult symbols; I suspect that this is an alter that remembers some of the abuse (the 'Ria' alter appears to remember the most of the basic sexual/physical trauma programming) and is conscious of her system as some appear to be depicting her Kabbalah programmed internal system based around the Tree of Life. Note in the above example the backwards/mirrored writing, though it is more likely the result of image manipulation (a lot of them have been reversed like this for some reason), if you flip it horizontally it is much easier to read; some Monarch slaves are taught to write (and read) backwards and/or mirrored (+ different scrambled ways) from a young age as part of their programming (to develop the brain in a set way; but as I said I think the images have just been flipped).

You can see the the Four Worlds/"planes of existence" in Kabbalah doctrine ("Kabbalah, from the Medieval circles around study of the Zohar, distinguishes between four different "worlds" or "planes of existence" that successively link the Infinite Divine essence (Ein Sof), with our physical finite Creation."): Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah. Atziluth being the highest of the Four Worlds: "known as the World of Emanations, or the World of Causes. In the Kabbalah, each of the Sephiroth in this world is associated with a Name of God, and it is associated with the Suite of Wands in the Tarot."

Briah the second: "intermediate between the World of Emanation (Atziluth) and the World of Formation (Yetzirah), the third world, that of the angels. It is, accordingly, of the purest essence and without admixture of matter. It is known as the World of Creation. In western occultism, each of the Sephiroth in this world is associated with a Holy Archangel, and it is associated with the suit of Cups in the Tarot. The Biblical Archangels dwell in the realm of Beri'ah."
Yetzirah: "the third of four worlds in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, following Assiah and Briah. It is known as the "World of Formation". "Yetsirah" as in "making" is as opposed to "Briah" as in "Creating": actually taking whatever matter that was created in the "Briah" and shaping it into the basic elements. Within the Western mystery tradition, the different Sephiroth in this world are associated with the angels, and it is associated with the suit of swords in the occult tarot. On the Tree of Life diagram it is associated with the Sephiroth Hod, Netzach and Yesod."

And Assiah: "also known as Olam Asiyah, עולם עשיה in Hebrew, literally the World of Action is the last of the four spiritual worlds of the Kabbalah—Atziluth, Beri'ah, Yetzirah, 'Asiyah—based on the passage in Isaiah 43:7. According to the Maseket Aẓilut, it is the region where the Ofanim rule and where they promote the hearing of prayers, support human endeavor, and combat evil. Their ruler is Sandalphon. According to the system of the later Palestinian Kabbalah, 'Asiyah is the lowest of the spiritual worlds containing the Ten Heavens and the whole system of mundane Creation. The light of the Sefirot emanates from these Ten Heavens, which are called the "Ten Sefirot of 'Asiyah"; and through them spirituality and piety are imparted to the realm of matter—the seat of the dark and impure powers.[1][2] Representing purely material existence, it is known as the World of Action, the World of Effects or the World of Making. In western occultism it is associated with the Tarot card suit known as Pentacles (or Coins or Disks, the terminology varies according to the deck). The world of Yetzirah precedes it."

All four worlds are referenced, in a Kabbalistic Monarch programmed Tree of Life system these are internal worlds where certain ("blank slate") alters are placed. There are obviously many other pertinent symbols on the Kabbalistic box above (menorah, snakes, a lot of Hebrew script and letters Khaf, Pe, Zayin and Tet written on the side which probably spells something in Hebrew, tree with roots etc). The Hebrew letters and general symbols (some appear to be Alchemical/Zodiac signs/Hermetic) will have been part of her programming (used as codes/triggers and such) which I elaborate on a bit below.

Symbolic/kabbalistic Hexagon piece titled "Beware Nursery Rhymes Are Not What They Seem" which is so true, highlighting the use of them in mind control which I have discussed. The image isn't great quality but you can make out the symbolic breaking into pieces allegorical mind shattering 'Humpty Dumpty' (I covered it somewhere in this post) nursery rhyme which is also in Alice in Wonderland. 'Jack and Jill' is another one used in mind control (listed in Illuminati Formula) you can imagine it's usage with the alliteration of the protagonist's names and it's themes of physical labour (climbing up the hill to the well) resulting in head trauma and physical abuse from their mother's berating of them. 'Jack Be Nimble' is certainly a good one for fire traumas (note the boy above the candle; "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.", and it sounds like it would be used to program ultra-flexible gymnasts and the like), it's worth noting occult/MK band Black Sabbath reference this twice on their Dehumanizer album (note the clear MK electroshock theme on the cover, with Death electrocuting a victim which is obviously beyond coincidence when you consider dehumanization programming). I think the central nursery rhyme is probably 'Ladybird Ladybird': "Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home, Your house is on fire, Your children shall burn!" 'Hickory Dickory Dock', her programming related to this is that something [ritual abuse] occurred at six (as it says 'what happens when the clock strikes 6'). 'Baa Baa Black Sheep': "Bah, Bah black Sheep, Have you any Wool? Yes merry have I, Three Bags full, One for my master, One for my Dame, One for the little Boy That lives down the lane." And many others are depicted, all are effective in mind control (a lot of it is dependent on the programmer's imagination and how they interpret the nursery rhymes and hypnotically instill that twisted interpretation into the mind of the child as part of their programming).

Key's focus on Kabbalism, the above hexagon shaped covered in astrological/Alchemical and other symbols suggests to me that she may have been programmed using the Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia as a programming script (i.e. what theme their programming/system will be based around, a good example in modern times would be alien/UFO abduction scripted programming, and the classics Wizard of Oz/Alice in Wonderland and whatnot, just about anything can be used though), which Monarch Illuminati programmers have historically favoured (as society progresses though, so do the scripts to relate more to the contemporary age; so "demons" make way for "aliens" and such [not that they don't believe in goetia). According to this gallery's info (see further down for details on the images) she even has an alter called (the aforementioned Dawn, which I guess they shortened in her media portrayal for obvious reasons)... 'Golden Dawn' (again showing her occult/Hermetic programming).

Returning to her Tree of Life system depictions, 'Key' wrote the names of the 10 Sephirot of the Tree of Life (these spheres would act as 'rooms' for an individual alter to be 'housed' in the system; there can be numerous Trees of Life and other Trees in this system depending on how many are needed to organize the alter system) from the lowest Malkuth to the highest Kether (and one layer in note the square pyramid symbol, gold key, this piece is called 'The Golden Key'; this is showing another part of her system where the aforementioned Assiah and Atziluth worlds are housed where you can see them written). Note other occult symbolism such as twin serpents coming out of an eye, crown etc in the inner-most (aside from the Tree of Life center which the system is based around) layer of the system.
The above one also by the 'Key' alter is particularly telling depicting some of the ritual abuse she suffered as many others have suffered similarly also. A young child put and held down on a table, surrounded and raped by their family and/or cult maniacs is a common trauma. Water tortures seem to be shown, one I think depicts a child thrown off a boat, tethered to it so he/she is dragged along behind it in the waves (and a similar thing with a child tethered to a truck), which would obviously be an horrific/terrifying experience for a small child (kept trapped down a well is another one shown I think, or that is implied by the well). A child hung on a tree, scenes of electroshocks, fire tortures, bestiality, children kept in cages/behind prison bars and trapped in a box/coffin (usually with spiders or some type of creepy crawly thrown in with them) is another commonly used trauma. The layout of this is interesting, the outermost layer obviously depicts the individual traumas then the arrows pointing to the next layer may be related to her own personal programming in relation to these traumas which are individually cataloged/charted by programmers using symbols such as those pointed to (often symbols from the Hebrew/Enochian/Greek alphabets and others) as all splits/fragments need to be noted so there are no surprises.

The layer after that depicts two sets of three phallic serpents and more child traumatization/programming, and similar in the layer one further in. The the second innermost layer shows words such as 'Devil', 'fuck', 'shit' 'kill' and other emotive words; then the inner most rectangle depicts shows that all of this has happened to one individual I think with the arrows pointing towards the figure with a line through it's neck (decapitation; symbolizing losing control of your body). Memories of abuse do not 'disappear', every single one is stored in the brain behind amnesia barriers; they are dissociated to another part of the mind, to other alters/parts and fragments which can be accessed via the right trigger (this can happen unintentionally in an unorganized system, usually resulting in an anxiety attack/total breakdown, which is why I mentioned before the need to meticulously chart every single act of trauma [a code is used, often zodiac signs/Hebrew letters as shown on the artwork above], associated with a symbol in the system so it can be triggered and more dissociated to a deeper part of the system if need be [or triggered to simply traumatize them some more through the memory/flashback to make them do something]).

Another good one which has an internal system feel about it above, showing the different levels of her system I think. The top level depicting an angel and sun, rainbow and eye motifs; perhaps symbolizing her dissociation (as the lowest layer depicting a hellish scene is the reality she has dissociated from, the top is a happy scene up in the clouds). There is a pyramid shaped highway on the second level down leading up to the sky (highway to dissociation is particularly relevant if you think of "highway hypnosis" dissociation). All of this is metaphor/allegory related to, and literal representations of her internal system and dissociation in general. She is the 'Key' after all, the 'key' to 'unlocking' her system (I'd be curious to know what her therapists [who may actually be her handlers anyway] discovered when talking to Key); alters' names are not always incidental/meaningless by any means (quite the contrary in fact).

Kim Noble describes that 'Kim Noble' does not really exist and she is merely a vehicle/'house' for her alters/system, here is a quote from an Independent interview piece with her:

To all intents and purposes, each of Kim's personalities is an artist in their own right: Patricia paints the solitary desert landscapes, Bonny's pictures often feature robotic dancing figures or "frieze people", Suzy repeatedly paints a kneeling mother, Judy's canvasses are large, conceptual pieces while Ria's work reveals deeply traumatic events involving children.

These disturbing images are at the root of Kim's extraordinary condition; DID is a creative mental survival strategy whereby the personality splits at a young age due to severe and chronic trauma. The number of personalities that exist often depends on how long the trauma lasts. But Kim herself has no memory of being abused as a child; she has been protected over the years by her alters.

"I've been told I was abused and to me at this moment in time, it's too much. It goes in one ear and out the other. It's no good retraumatising me and telling me something I don't want to know - in any case, there would be a switch."

Kim has good reason to fear learning about her past as it's possible that if she acquires too much information, she won't be able to cope and will "disappear". It's happened twice before. (omega)

This is where it gets really weird - for Kim isn't Kim at all. The personality I am interviewing is Patricia and it is she who manages her and Aimee's lives, but Patricia wasn't always the dominant personality. Before Patricia took over, Bonny held the fort and two years previous to Bonny, it was Hayley.

Kim watches me closely as she explains: "You see Kim is just the 'house', the body. There isn't a 'Kim' at all - she has completely split. So we answer to the name Kim but really I am Patricia. When people call us 'Kim' I suppose many of us just assume it's a nickname, but once people know you they don't use your name very often in conversation."

Of the 20 or so personalities who share "Kim", some are easily identifiable: there is 15-year-old Judy who is anorexic and bulimic, maternal Bonny, religious Salome [whose paintings are not publicized but you can imagine they would be loaded with symbolic, more than likely occult imagery], depressed Ken, sensible Hayley, Dawn, Patricia and elective mute MJ. There are also a handful of children "frozen" in time. A few of the alters know about the DID but many are unaware - or refuse to accept it.

"Judy doesn't believe in the DID," explains Kim. "She's only a teenager and she calls our therapist a nutter when she tries to explain it to her. She's so young, she doesn't even think Aimee is her daughter. She knows about me and she thinks that I'm a terrible mother because I'm always leaving Aimee. To her, it's totally normal to keep coming and going. She probably thinks that you come and go too."

There are certain "triggers" that can force a change and gradually Kim has learnt what they are in order to avoid them - but it doesn't stop her switching up to three or four times a day.

"I don't really get any idea when I'm about to go except occasionally a feeling of drifting. Mostly it's instantaneous. I can lose six or seven hours but if you were asking another personality now, of course they'd say they lose days. So we haven't got much of a sense of time - I'm always in a panic to get things done.

Here are some of the 'Ria' alter's paintings, I could not find specific details on the personality-type but it seems to store vivid memories of the abuse she suffered so probably was manifested in a split at one such programming session. Ria is a Hebrew name from Moriah (perhaps it is housed in her 'Briah' internal world). The above image called 'Too Much' (too much trauma resulting in dissociation/splitting) I think depicts some twinning programming going on or just two kids being programmed with the programmer's electroshock/cattle prod used on the child tied to the wall, spread eagle by their hands and feet. Note more backwards/mirrored writing on the wall written by the abused children, words like 'hate', 'help save me', 'they will kill me' and 'Pratt Was Here 1971' which is presumably a good indication of the year this scene was taking place (and Pratt may have been the name of another child abused with her as the name pops up in most of Ria's works, it may also be a deeply dissociated alter that bears the brunt of the traumatic memories), which fits with Kim's programming as she would have been around age 8ish.

This one titled 'Shocking Pink' is fairly self explanatory and an extremely disturbing picture of the reality of programming. Again illustrating electroshock programming along with organized sexual trauma (the blurred/fragmented figure that seems to mimic the programmer [also seen in the one above it] probably symbolize the alter-personality that is often created in the child which mirrors the sociopathic personality of the programmer; or the fact that the programmer is likely a Multiple himself). Shocking Pink II below.

More scenes of sexual programming, the above titled 'Unspeakable' and below with a similar theme along with a double bind (always used in mind control programming) suggestive title 'You're Special, Shut Your Mouth!"

The above one is called 'What Ted Saw'; Ted presumably being the Teddy bear in the picture; sometimes during abuse dissociation can take the form of going 'out of body', either viewing the abuse from above or I think this may be the case viewing it through the eyes of the Teddy [so it's not happening to her], teddy bears/dolls/toy animals etc all have relatively similar uses in mind control (child is emotionally attached to them + they often give them personalities which helps in creating alters). Below is called 'Nowhere to Run' which is the feeling Monarch slaves are kept in pretty much constantly but here it is more literal with the cult programmers/abusers all with electroshocks (as shown before that line is clearly supposed to symbolize an electric current), note the abusers' green colours.

The below one called 'No No No' possibly depicts a programmer inducing a premature birth (early trauma for a Monarch baby to increase the likelyhood they will be highly dissociative, and trauma for the mother) or aborting a fetus in the most traumatic, bloody way possible (with a child to watch as part of it's programming with what looks like a dog bowl for the child's dehumanization [looks to be forced to drink it's mother's blood as you can see blood in the bowl]).

Emphasizing the dehumanization programming 'Ria' is clearly portraying in these paints, the below image is named 'It's a dog's life'.

Note in the below rape scene the two fragmented floating figures (the children dissociated, having "left their body"/mind).

'Caged Up' below, note the programmer's cattleprod/electroshock (obviously it isn't accurately drawn but it seems likely it's that based on the other drawings like 'Shocking Pink', or some other phallic instrument used for torture), another scene that often occurs in Monarch programming.

The last few from Ria below, the first one called 'Wrong Time', mirrored here so you can read the text more clearly describing some events from her childhood programming location (in a tiresome way, as if they were a common occurrence); the things she became familiar with like a bell ringing out (which, in the cult center would signify something like child ritual abuse; so when it rings they have to walk to the location to be raped or whatever which is important in them accepting their situation as everyday routine), forced/ritualized impregnation [at a specific ritual time/date, with a specific person for their Monarch dissociative genes]. As mentioned in posts like Karen Mulder's post and others, Monarch slaves' creativity is encouraged (in order for both sides of the brain to develop adequately (this is probably why she/her system took so naturally to painting) as it says "Right blue right red [colour programming?] she will be creative. wrong creativity" (similar to the double bind in relation to painting I discussed in the KM post). Note the black/white symbolism with a child trapped in a box theme (which is metaphorical for being trapped in the programming/dissociation ['boxed away' from reality] and also a literal programming technique).

Moving on to her 'Judy' alter (15 year old anorexic girl) artwork which contains the prevailing theme of duality (which is associated with splitting; the two polarities splitting apart the mind, also symbolizing that the alters created are often polar opposites of another in terms of their personality traits); the mind splitting from singularity to duality and then multiplicity. This also symbolizes the total confusion experienced by victims (via double binds and the general 'beyond belief' life they are experiencing; much of this programming leads the victims into 'black and white thinking'), the splitting/dissociation preventing 'TRUTH' being discovered by the victim and also prevents them from 'speaking their mind' (i.e. calling the abuser a 'TOSSER') having been stripped of their identity.

Victims on the mind control programming checkerboard, many thrown off the edge because they are entirely expendable to the controllers, no misses them or reports them (it's really incomprehensible when you think of just how many victims there will have been throughout history). She may have a checker/chessboard in her system (may also just symbolize the numerous "pieces" that exist in her head; 'different/opposing sides' in the same head).

Some added rose symbolism in this set of three.

Below is called 'Eating Disorder', remember Judy is a 15 year old anorexic girl with bulimia and doesn't believe in DID (acts tough but has an extremely low self-esteem, hence the anorexia; which is sometimes the result of childhood abuse [often just verbal]). The below image portrays what some anorexic people actually see in the mirror when they look at their stick-thin selves, they see somebody different to what is actually there (it's all in their head of course) which shows how mirror programming can work in mind control as they can be manipulated to view someone other than themselves when they look at a mirror (part of splitting, and then programming an alter).

These are obviously good examples of the half face/split mind motif I often discuss in the blog (with half face black/in darkness, half white/in light). The below one titled 'Memories'.

'Check Mate' displays a scene of domestic abuse then weeping on the staircase (hence 'check mate').

Above 'The Emotional Dinner'. 'Diary Check' below.

The below painting is named 'Symbolic or What?' Note the phallic snake on the checkerboard floor with the two girls (maybe one + alter) standing on chairs/table to avoiding touching the checkerboard floor where the snake might get them (note they are covering their genital area in fear of the symbolic snake's penetration).

'My Rocket' above, as mentioned in previous posts, the phallic rocket 'shooting off into space' is another allegory for dissociation (as in, it's 'her rocket' to get [her mind/conscious awareness] out of the traumatic situation). Below one is titled 'I-Scream' showing the phallic ice cream on a faceless paedophile (often victims are programmed so previous abusers faces appear just like this in memory fragments, empty so they cannot identify them in future), suggestively positioned and melting/dripping white (the word NONCE means paedophile which American readers may not be familiar with).

The faceless (facelessness/loss of identity) 'Class 7A' above (remembering her childhood more), below is 'Run, here comes the vic!' suggesting sexual abusive/paedophile vicars/priests/etc.

Moving on to her alter called 'Dawn' (full name 'Golden Dawn'; the occult order), with one eye of Kim's blocked out (symbolizing trauma/split mind [as in one is sighted the other isn't; the mind effectively split in two as it were] shown also by the disheveled hair over her eyes and her completely blank facial expression) called 'The Naming' above (perhaps symbolizing 'the naming' of an alter personality). There is text written over the box covering the eye which you can hardly make out due to the quality.

This one titled 'Journey' showing a figure spread eagle covered by cloud-like spacey field, with words written in a spiral shape (blown up below).

Above 'Armed Goddess' depicts a scene of trauma (arms tied to wall). And below 'Armless Goddess' which I assume follows on from the previous one (her arms tied up; probably given dissociative drugs like LSD and told she has no arms, which she would hallucinate and traumatically genuinely believe). Losing limbs, as I've mentioned many times is mind control symbolism of losing control of your body and also losing 'parts of your self'. You could surmise here that she has lost her sensory perception as the image goes from being vertical (above) to horizontal (though I wonder if some of these images haven't been rotated/mirrored).

"Another Dimension", ripples symbolize trauma/dissociation (going into "another dimension", through the pool = dissociation), this is probably an actual torture she suffered (along with drugs and is told her being lowered, hung from her wrists, into something that is probably empty in reality but through suggestion/hypnosis/drugs the programmer can make her think she is about to be dropped into "another dimension" or that she is about to be dropped into water/fire).

"Fire Goddess" and "Water Goddess"

Moving on to her maternal alter 'Bonny' who her daughter Aimee is most fond of, she seems to be very clued up; it's interesting how alters sometimes seem to relate to the likes of soldiers who, as depicted in this picture are essentially programmed puppets (who come back from war zones dissociative, psychologically damaged with differing levels of PTSD). Note his skin/facial features are missing (loss of identity; military programming involved a lot of dehumanization and stripping you of your identity, while obviously not being as severe as other types of programming it's still mind control) and the Marionette Puppet soldier slumped in the background.

Again symbolizing loss of identity as parts of his face are missing such as the lips and nose (which give the face personality/identity) and his skull fractured (again a commonly used psychological trauma motif).

More psychological trauma here symbolized by the cracked skull (fractured/split/broken mind which I've gone into many times), eyes covered and one bloody.

These are supposed to represent robots (note the internal mechanism of them; symbolizing the robotic nature of trauma-based [Monarch] slaves' systems). The one above called 'Robot Family', they're all quite similar so I'll only include a few.

The below one is pretty self explanatory (alter-personality coming out [splitting; hence half face] of the symbolically blindfolded person's head), with it spelled out "I am just another personality".

'Abi' depicts white, empty scenes with usually only one figure/item such as the girl in the corner (potentially pyramid symbolic too) above and the cherry (+ an eaten cherry leaving behind the pip, symbolizing the broken hymen/child sexual abuse).

Other alters who paint include 'MiMi' (like Mariah's alter) and M.J. (Michael Jackson? that alter draws in red/white/black with grid/cage/net motifs and is a mute), do check out her virtual gallery to see what they consist of, I've pictured a few more paintings below to round off the images for this post.

Some are created by alters she does not have names for/are 'unknown'; I think it's safe to say these ones come from an alter with attempted cat/kitten dehumanization programming (hence painting cats as human personalities).

The below two are by the alter MiMi (mimic) who "paints scenes through the eyes of a child" so is probably a young child alter. Note the rainbow and the symbolic, twin towers/pillars London's Tower Bridge.

Kim's dominant/primary personality is 'Patricia' who generally paints serene scenes but the above is unlike them and is built in a symbolic fragmentary way (with the image made up of parts pushed together) and the symbolic 'tortured' way she has drawn the figure. Below is one of 'Anonymous' black/white dark paintings.

Depressed alter 'Ken' portrays fairy tale scenes such as the above 'Lost in Play' and below 'Not Kansas' (invoking Wizard of Oz programming, "Not in Kansas Anymore"; probably abstractly depicting a figure spiraling around a cyclone into Oz/dissociation).

The style of these paintings by Ken appears fractured (+ the sad clown below symbolizing forced/false/programmed "happy" emotions, showing it's a facade as even the clown face is sad).

These last few are by unknown alters, the first one below depicts a typical programming scene (designed to make the victim feel worthless/like nothing) with her head bowed in shame and the words "I am stupid. Please kick me." on a bit of paper tied around her neck holding onto something bloody/may be her own injury/trauma.

This one (below) is called 'Shattered Time' and is fairly obvious (+ the different patterns/colours/worlds coming out of the victim's head symbolizing the vast system of alters contained in one mind).

This is the sculpture she is holding over her face at the top of this post.

The fact that she has been embraced into the art establishment makes me a little suspicious (that pretentious idiot Saatchi had her work displayed in his gallery) and her making contact with the 'Tavistock and Portman Clinic' (the Tavistock and Portman Clinics used to be separate but merged; the Portman was formerly the 'Psychopathic Clinic', Natalie Portman's association with neuroscience/programming is an interesting connection here I feel too, considering the Rothschilds' programmers worked out of Tavistock, where a lot of MK/Monarch [trauma-based] mind control research and programming of slaves was done) in an effort to diagnose her problems (like many DID and Monarch victims she went through numerous psychologists/therapists who plied her with drugs and consistently misdiagnosed her). At the T&P Clinic she made contact with child psychologist/adult psychoanalyst Valerie Sinason who has written some interesting documentation, I couldn't agree more with much of this statement (the "Satanic Panic" by Christians was a huge and organized obstacle in the general public's acceptance that sadistic ritual abuse, dissociative identity disorder and mind control does occur; the issue of ritual abuse has been intentionally blurred but there are certainly "Satanists"/occultists who are significantly involved [I just wish Christians would calm down a little or the masses will never listen/take it seriously if you just scream "Satan!" at them], the problem is they have existed at the top of society for centuries so are untouchable):
"In America the largest amount of DID is diagnosed in connection with allegations of ritual satanist abuse, hence the discrediting of or inability to perceive the possibility of the one existing automatically precludes rational thinking about the other...

In our far more secular society with established churches in which leading members do not believe in a personal God, a personal Satan is incomprehensible. This leads the majority to conflate satanist abuse with Satan rather than with sadistic paedophilia carried out either by Satanists – people who do believe in Satan (Satanist paedophiles [which there certainly have been many of]) – or those who draw on the frightening power of occult paraphernalia. To the child victim it is irrelevant which group carried out the abuse.

I have stated elsewhere (Sinason 1994) that the number of children and adults tortured in the name of mainstream religious and racial orthodoxy outweighs any onslaught by satanist abusers.
Wiccans, witches, warlocks, pagans and Satanists who are not abusive are increasingly concerned at the way criminal groups closely related to the drug and pornographic industries conflate their rituals.

In trying to deal with worrying patients who have to be treated regardless of the doubts around their disclosures, mental health professionals often have to face these contentious issues. This makes it much harder for a proper considered response because professionals, like everyone else, are affected by the consensus. In my past work at the Portman Clinic and in my clinic I have noted the secondary traumatisation of professionals caused both by the impact of the patients’ narrative and then by the disbelieving stance of colleagues. Indeed, both professionals and, more importantly, patients, suffer from societal discrediting processes (including the media) in addition to their primary trauma. This applies to lawyers and police officers as well as mental health professionals."

Though I have not read through all of her material, it seems generally sound (going into the differing levels of dissociation which I have discussed; i.e. simply 'zoning out' in a class/when driving, to PTSD to full blown DID [and many other levels in between]) but I find some of it to be worded in a slightly confusing way. It's worth stating that a lot of people have worked out of Tavistock (and it's clinics etc) and the majority of their clinicians are looking out for the best interests of their patients (it is necessary to have an ignorant, innocent and genuine level to keep up appearances so their clandestine research/programming/social engineering can continue in secret). The other 'Tavistock and Portman Clinic' doctor she contacted was Doctor Rob Hale ("Former Director of the Medical Research Council’s Cognitive Development Unit. He is now Visiting Professor in the Department of Psychology and Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London.") before finally making contact with (her current handler?): "leading psychology professor at University College London, Professor John Morton, [who states that] Kim has the misfortune to represent the British "gold standard" [curious choice of words] over genuine dissociation. In the last four years he has conducted extensive tests on Kim and found there is no memory at all between the different personalities. "Even when DID patients reported no memory between the different personalities, our tests usually showed massive leakage between them," he says. "Kim shows no leakage at all. She is proving existing memory theories wrong. She's doing things which we would say are impossible.""


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(Answering myself) I think so, whatever the significance is:

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Dang I thought I was first! Oh well I guess I can read the article now... =)

MK Culture said...

These paintings are very disturbing but it's an eye opening look at what it's like to have MPD/DID. It's crazy how the repressed memories come out through her paintings. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Thats really a stupid ad:



Hmmm... mabe "they" read ur post on Natalie? Shes not even 30 and already a tribute? What another huge sacrifice might she gave done for that?



Anonymous said...

A stupid ad:


What another huge sacrifice might she have done for this?



Anonymous said...

Ben, new analysis for Laetitia Casta.
A full issue of French vogue dec/jan 2010.


also check out http://www.thebeergoggler.com/?attachment_id=56436

and then see interviews...

(the biggest deal are celeb moms)

watch middle of tape when someone catches her a bit off guard and her facial expressions alter but then she catches herself


more model watch later!!

Anonymous said...

full sister models wrestling link: http://www.thebeergoggler.com/?p=56434

also a note about all the korean models committing suicide, Daul Kim


and then a tie in to Lucy Gordon who hanged herself this year in the same Paris neighborhood (and found by boyfriend)

you have to look into this stuff!

jerry_beck said...

I vaguely remember someone posted this, but anyway...

Solange Magnano, a model who won the Miss Argentina title in 1994, died Sunday from complications caused by surgery to reshape her buttocks.

That's official reason for the death, she is a mother of TWINS, married to older guy, standard model/miss career, we can assume that something goes wrong with programming...

Anonymous said...

To Jerry_Beck:

Yes, I posted about SOLANGE MAGNANO, former MISS ARGENTINA, who has died recently... I thought of her programming going messy too.


Anonymous said...

those paintings are sooo disturbing! i feel a wee bit sick

urgh i just can't believe this sorta shit goes on, hope they go to hell!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Can't stop reading this post. The paintings are amazing but incredibly disturbing and the fact she has NO memory whatsoever of the abuse but has all these other alters where the abuse is stored..sick sick stuff she has had to endure. I can't understand how people can be so evil.

Anonymous said...


The Victoria's secret fashion show was a real treat. How many girls want to be just like VS?'''

This is a study that shows that women who view skinny models in ads tend to get depressed or lower self-esteem after viewing such ads. How convenient.


Anonymous said...

This is a truely disturbing post. I won't be reading the article or watching the TV documentary. But thank you for the info.


mknotsoultra said...

That Brad Pitt find is very interesting. Think that the poster with Mr and Mrs Smith has a subliminal M. Its not too hard to know that they are both mind controlled, perhaps this artist was present on the photoshoot, or recieved programming to do with the movie.

This post was very sobering, I suspect that it'll only add to more mass anxiety and traumatisation for those who know,or perhaps don't, that they have seperate hidden lives.

That the BBC can broadcast hidden messages to traumatised people on mass in such plain sight, creates an awful feeling of helplessness. Perhaps with raising awareness of the program, we can use it to our advantage all the more however.

Lara said...

Excellent post.

Project Camelot have just published an audio interview with James Martinez, friend and colleague of Walter Bowart who wrote the seminal work 'Operation Mind Control' in 1978. PC are also hosting a conference in Feb 2010 on mind control/MK-Ultra.


Lara said...

Here's a brief video featuring some victims of Ewan Cameron, former President of the World Psychiatric Association and CIA operative.


Anonymous said...

Robbie William's Hairdresser was found dead by a teenager earlier today.apparently near the singer's mansion.
This story(kim Noble) really got to me.I had to take a break after seeing the abuse pictures-they're so graphic.I 'll be interested to know how the Documentary will explain this.It's very sensitive material.

Anonymous said...

What another huge sacrifice might she have done for this?



Probably having to be seen with that ugly retard from the 'hindu' video LOL

Anonymous said...


:( robbie's hairdresser. another sacrifice/murder?

Anonymous said...


erm...is this some kind of sick joke?

Anonymous said...

mknotsoultra said...

That the BBC can broadcast hidden messages to traumatised people on mass in such plain sight, creates an awful feeling of helplessness. Perhaps with raising awareness of the program, we can use it to our advantage all the more however.

Seeing the painting of the children in the cage and knowing Shakira has a foundation (foundations and charities are used for redirecting money for other things) to help kids in her country, she is wholly aware of child abuse and everything that goes on, why would she put herself in a cage for her video knowing it will trigger a child or retraumatize a person?

Anonymous said...

Little Wayne links null and void try again

Anonymous said...

Highly disturbing.

What's even more interesting is I've read alien abduction experiences where the abductees had to suck alien cock. It's possibly their mind's made them appear to see aliens, when it was really humans, or possibly military officials doing the sexual deeds.

Anonymous said...


READ IT. It's about a psychic who discovered he was guided to become a psychic by aliens manifesting as spirit guides and angels directing him. He then discovered blocked memories of him being raped and guided to have sex with aliens.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your hard work ben. This post sickened me. I found your website a few months back and started thinking about my childhood: my stepfather (whom I no longer have contact with) tried to set me up to sleep with him on several occasions: he masturbated in front of me (with my mom in the other room): he never took his hands out of his pants but he rubbed my face with them afterwards: he introduced me to pornography and made sure I watched it: he walked in on me several times getting dressed and while taking a shower: he didn't see the divorce coming which interrupted what he was going after: I called him out on his behaviour once I turned 17 but he, his new wife and my mother denied everything: I don't speak to him but I've alway's been curious as to why: now I have some closure: we were a military family and I was home often by myself: Not saying he was trying to create multiple alters with me but someone gave him ideas on how to be perverted: he wasn't this way when he first joined the ARMY:

Take care Ben and thank you for assisting me in my freedom!

Sheree Monay

Anonymous said...

That lil' wayne video is disturbing. They are akin to animals the way they talk to each other, laughing about being raped and how lil' wayne was a daddy at 15 and on and on. God, no wonder the world has gone to hell.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Simply wow. I cannot believe it. My mind can't even register what I just read, I'm so shocked and I'll probably need to read everything a couple of times more to get it.
You know, I never really "got" the whole programming thing until now. It makes me feel extremely sad for all the mk puppets out there. This is insane. The abuse on these poor children break my heart and the fact that nothing can or will be done, ever, it's horrifying.
The sexual abuse on these paintings is horrible, I don't want to go into details but it seems like the children were extremely young when it happened, particularly on the pink painting.

Sigh...:( this is unsettling and sad.


Anonymous said...

^^^I never got it either until NOW.

Thank you, Ben. It all makes sense now. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together in a frightening and very REAL picture. It's one thing to talk about celebrities and their checkerboard floors and duality clothes and butterfly shit but it's another thing completely to literally DECONSTRUCT the whole thing down to its perverted roots and see the beginning from a child's perspective (albeit, a child's perspective through the eyes of a severely abused MPD/DID adult woman.)

I could literally feel the terror in those graphic pictures. How could anyone look at those and think "Oh, lovely there. Art! I'll take that one and that one and let's hang it on the study wall." Even the photo of the woman with the disorder is sad. I see the empty eyes and the lost soul look. From what her pictures demonstrate, it's probably a safety feature that she cannot remember any of that horrific abuse. But then again, the fact that the Portman et al Institute is backing the exhibit is really quite scary to me.

I agree with one of the anon posters above. Those who did this to her should roast in eternal hell! Absolutely chilling!

Anonymous said...

This lady was severely abused, sexually ,if it was for "MK" or monarch reasons, who really knows. I feel that she was abused badly but that was that, not for any mind programing programs. People need to understand that sick people will do sick things to helpless children just because they can, they don't need any reasons too. That is the real world for you, no back stories,no military CIA agendas,no Kabbalah bullshit..just plain sick disgusting humans ,being humans and destroying lives of other humans! When people realize that,you can then see it for what it is. Humanity at its worst, no agendas, just plain humanity.

I also believe all the other stuff this lady brings up was picked up along the way, like her Kabbalah fascination, through her adult years of reading and study she has incorporated this stuff deep in her mind. But it doesn't mean her abuse came from some ritualistic shit. People need to open their eyes to reality and stop thinking this stuff comes from some unseen agenda... this shit comes from "everyday" people walking down your street, it comes from closed doors across different nations. Not from some conspiracy, but form very sad, disgusting individuals from the humane race!

Anonymous said...

To anon at 20:49

I get that you don't want to see the connections here because I was just like you not so long ago. Oh, yeah. It's all just "coincidence." Shit happens. Abuse happens. But you cannot deny or explain away the checkerboard flooring her alters draw and then see that same checkerboard played out ad nauseum in modern videos, adverts, movies, etc.

The splitting of a personality is complex and must be done, IMO, with premeditated care and evil. The point of it all? Who knows? Use these victims to do your dirty work and then kill them? Use them for your own sick enjoyment and then dispose of them (or trigger their suicide) when you tire of them? Use them to further your degrading agenda which SEEMS to be to indoctrinate the world into a their dissociative agenda so that when the "big event" occurs, we can all be in a slumber and "they" can walk right over us. Sound far fetched? Hey, have you noticed over the last 10 years or so how people are becoming more "trance-like?" Have you noticed how there is a LOT of people out there who are detached big time? Maybe it's the Big Pharma drugs they are on or the rapid fire flickering images that induce God knows what in our minds. But there IS a distinct difference in the way people operate now vs. just a decade ago.

Like anon said above, this poor woman's abuse is like a DECONSTRUCT of the MK project where we see the beginnings of the sickness take shape.

Stay in your comfortable cocoon if you wish. Most of this is just too sick and disgusting for most people to wrap their minds around. And I think those in power want to make sure that effect stays potent for the masses because to really wake up and see this world for what it has become is just so damn difficult. But I'd rather die with my eyes open and be aware to the darkness than pretend everything is wonderful when it's not.

Anonymous said...

^ Nothing just happens for no reason, it's not people being people because not everyone is like this. Not even regular abusers are like this. Notice the various torture methods, the kids kept in cages, hospital beds, etc. It all fits in with MK programming thing and the huge pedophilia networks around the world that benefit from it. This is a reality, a scary reality. It sounds crazy, sure, and I for one don't believe that all these celebs are necessarily involved, but the truth is that this is real and it happens to many anonymous people out there.
This woman's face is so sad and deteriorated.

Anyway, speaking about pedofiles Roman polanski is about to pay bail of 4.5 m to leave jail for house arrest. He doesn't have 4 million dollars though, he's struggling to gather as much money as he can, obviously his successful/rich/enabler friends will help him out.


akaider said...

Probably the most disturbing but also most enlightening post you've done so far Ben! This really brings it home how awful and SICK the power that be are. How they defile and destroy people's lives. You're doing a great public service in exposing their practices.

Also on the Lil Wayne - Baby (Birdman) thing, they were photographed a few years back kissing. Birdman became Wayne's 'Daddy' (they refer to each other as father and son, wayne even going as far to call him daddy) when wayne was 11.

if there are any doubts that many of these rappers (who are also entertainers) are being abused and handled like their pop counterparts - its rumored that 3/4 of urban music is gay now! but gay in the prison sense where sex abuse is used to control and dominate people.

famous clip where wayne says birdman doesnt kiss girls (he only kisses wayne)


Anonymous said...


"She added to Heat magazine: “It’s something that could’ve happened to anyone - going into hospital and having a bad experience then being held on an involuntary psychiatric hold. It happens to more people than you’d know. It’s a common thing.”


Anonymous said...

Survivor art is the most compelling method of informing others of the specific tortures endured. It is so horrifying because it is so real.

When I first read about mind-control I was able to blow it off until I looked at some of the art and then I realized the ugly truth. The pictures included with this post are the most horrific that I have ever seen and are undeniable in their implications.

We the people cannot afford to keep our heads in the sand over the evils perpetrated by those who accumulate their wealth and power through our sweat, blood, and tears. Thank you for your efforts.

Anonymous said...




Been there and beyond said...

@ anon 20:49

Seriously? You've got to be kidding me. Look, if you can't look at pictures drawn by a severely abused woman which depicts the EXACT FUCKING ELEMENTS that Ben writes about over and over (duality stripes, checkerboard floors, Kabbalistic overtones, ONE EYE exposed, shattered faces, etc., etc.) and NOT say is there might be SOME connection to a high level, highly ORGANIZED UNDERWORLD GROUP WITH POWER that is running this sick show, then I guess you are traveling down the river of DENIAL.

It's people like you who make it tough on victims out there who want to come forward but who are terrified of being discredited or called "insane" or used by yet another power broker (like the art institute that is featuring this poor woman's "art.") The absolute WORST THING you can do to ANY abuse victim is make them think IT DID NOT HAPPEN or that THEY IMAGINED IT.

I know from which I speak. Because I was sexually abused as a child and when I spoke out about it, nobody believed me because the abuser was considered to be "a wonderful man." Then when I couldn't make the images go away, I was seriously told that I was making it up. I believed them because I was a very trusting child. But still, my actions demonstrated that I was someone who had been abused (I withdrew from life, was afraid of boys, distrusted everyone, etc.) AND YET STILL I WAS TOLD THAT I IMAGINED IT. Do you have any fucking idea what that does to a person's mind??? You start to distrust everything around you as if you can't be sure it's really happening, even though all things point to what you are seeing or experiencing as "real."

It took me decades in therapy to finally accept that (a) my sexual abuse DID happen and (b) everything I remember is not "my imagination" but the awful reality of what that asshole did to me.

He is dead now and, hopefully, rotting in hell. I'm alive and unable to shut up anymore about what I see or hear. And nobody will ever tell me again that I'm making anything up when I'm telling the God's truth.

Anonymous said...

Another one popping up:



Benjamin S said...

This comment wouldn't go through even though I cut it down to the right character length, hopefully this will work if I split it in two.

20:49 I think you are missing the point, of course people don't need any reason to do it, it has always gone on. But when these people ARE given a reason, on top of their sick urges (and don't kid yourself that there aren't groups out there who have taken advantage of this) it becomes much MUCH worse (i.e. "You're raping your child for your country! Do it in this specific way and you will be rewarded. If you stop abusing your child in this specific way we will show the evidence we have of your abuse to the police and your life will be ruined, you and all your offspring and your offspring's offspring are now gov't property"). That's partly why MK is so much more common than people think and how organized child sexual slavery/paedophile networks can exist, they always have taken advantage. You are still under the media programmed fallacy that "conspiracy" is some 'out there' thing when it's just as part of humanity as the things you discuss (the groups of pedophiles obviously conspire to keep their activities secret/out of public view, and the sociopathic "elite" have been most successful at this; it's "beyond belief" what they do).

If the Ria alter showed one man coming into her bedroom and abusing her or something then sure, but I feel you are being willfully ignorant to the scenes vividly depicted in them which match up with those described by victims and researchers of organized Monarch/MK programming, they are VERY specific as much as you may want to deny it. I get the feeling that you don't want to look into these types of subjects though which is perfectly understandable (though you seem to be vaguely aware of them). And I doubt the 'Key' alter just developed it's interest in the Kabbalah over time as you assert; many of these alters are effectively 'frozen' in the time when the split occurred and was programmed, I think this is more likely the case with 'Key' as it appears to be a deep alter (it isn't a front alter who is in control for long enough to develop such an interest over years I think) which is conscious of Kim's system (read up on Kabbalah programming/Tree of Life internal MPD systems which I tried to describe here and you'll understand all this a lot more; again this is all very specific and cannot be written off as coincidence as much as you may want to rationalize it all away).

Benjamin S said...

All abuse is a form of mind programming/"MK"/mind control whether intentional by the abuser or not, of course here we are talking about the most severe end of the scale, but all repetitive abuse IS mind programming (if people were conscious of that, the psychological effect/damage/programming their verbal/physical abuse is having on a partner/child maybe they would stop), child/domestic abuse is 100% about power and control.

And all child sexual abuse is ritualistic, whether it's done in an organized occult ritual fashion or simply the 'everyday' rituals of their repetitive abuse (abusers often have a specific routine which they repeat nightly/whatever when they abuse the child; which is the definition of ritual, "ritual abuse" does not have to have anything to do with the occult/Satanism/conspiracy which was a point I was trying to make with this post too).

You're not wrong in general about abuse/abusers but you need to expand your thinking I feel. I had hoped this post would help to create clarity for some people in understanding the symbolism associated with and the horrific realities of programming, but should always expect a few to mentally push their fingers deeper in their ears and scream 'lalalala' even louder in their heads.

Thanks for all the comments too (Sheree thanks for your bravery [and same to you 'Been there', I can fully understand your response] in telling that and getting away from him; I'm sure other people with step/fathers in the military can relate [though not everyone who joins the military ends up like that, but many of them do returning from conflict/training and turning to drink which can lead to the kind of thing you describe]), that Lil Wayne video is hugely depressing. And very well said 09:49 (+ others)!

Anonymous said...

Chris: It's amazing how in denial mischa is about her life and her issues. Like lindsay lohan, I don't think there is hope for her. Is she an MK puppet? Absolutely not. She would be far more controlled as opposed to all over the place like she is right now. Also, she would have some level of success, which she lost a really long time ago.

Ben: Really well said. I think people are horrified to admit the truth. I can understand it, this is a horrible reality to wake up to. I've seen artwork by abuse victims and like you said, it shows abuse in different ways, not so specific and MK like this. It's so obvious she was MKed, everything screams of it: torture devices, ritualistic rape, etc.

Also, Ben, in the paintings of rape there's other people around her, who are they? If it's ritualistic it makes me think those other people are not alters but real people that are there for a purpose.

I'm so intrigued by her documentary. They will of course not touch MK subjects, how will they explain it?


Anonymous said...

i honestly thought when i saw that lil wayne video he was joking?


Anonymous said...

So sick! Can't imagine how the people who do this to children will be able to avoid going to hell.

Anonymous said...

You know, I've seen this same type of "art" in exhibits in high end art galleries (especially ones that look like that body going into the pool of water). When I've seen it, I've always been repulsed by it on a instinctive level but never known why. Other people have fawned over this kind of shit and now I wonder if they are loving it because they see something in it that beckons them on some sick level (either as a handler or abuse victim who cannot remember their abuse?)

Also, I've been to rural "craft fairs" and seen "art" that is almost identical to the drawings of those cats with coats on. How many of us have been to these rural craft fairs and seen these ridiculous drawings of kittens wearing hats or dancing around? You know what I've noticed? All the artists who draw these are women and they all look alike. They are all heavy set, moon faced and overly "cheerful." You know the type? Always giggling. Always "happy." Sometimes with "Jesus Loves Me" plaques in her craft booth? There is always something creepy and unsettling about these female "artists" and maybe now I have an inkling WHY. Sure, they aren't maybe all abused....but I'd say a great number of them probably were. I'm sure the rest just think that putting a kitten in a trench coat is "cute."

Kevin Gambrel said...


One question. Why is the Tree of Life an evil thing?

The way I have studied it (and I am not a Jew, Kabbalist, Occultist or Mason), the Tree of Life with the various "points" represents the known "chakras" or energy centers of the body, along with the additional energy centers. I've never thought there was anything nefarious about the Tree of Life and I'd love to get your feedback on this.

Understanding the body's energy centers is not a dark art. Rather, it's been talked about and written about by many as a way to understand the way the body functions. Even Chinese herbalists use the power points of the body in acupuncture and that's not a "dark art."

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't politically correct to ask, but does the Talmud also play a role in this? I have seen some disturbing passages in the Talmud that is printed in books simply translating the Talmud--concerning pedophila, incest, etc. Anyone feel free to enlighten me on this since I know nothing about it. I'm just wondering since the Kabbalah and other aspects of Judaism are mentioned here.

Anonymous said...

Penelope Cruz says, "The musical number [in Nine] had to be sexy... and thinking about the Pink Panther would help get me in the mood ... When I was climbing the ropes to the ceiling, all I could think about was the Pink Panther."

wtf ?????????

Anonymous said...

Gotta tell you that my pit bull has more class than Lil' Wayne any day of the week. Calling them "animals" is a slam to my doggie. They are worse than animals in that video. What that might be, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

The Tree of life symbolism isn't evil; it is neutral, unfortunately it is used in evil systems, ie Dr. L. Wilson Greene -- Also known as Dr. Green, Dr. Greenbaum, Dr. Greentree and Dr. Greenberg

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 17:02

"One question. Why is the Tree of Life an evil thing?"

^^^Its not. But some "satanic" occult groups turn these spiritual concepts around and worship the dark side USING these positive symbols.

Its just like the Catholic church which has a normal Mass and then a Black Mass [the reverse] in secret. Mirror images. Black and white.

You have to learn to recognize that a symbol in itself is not evil. Its how its USED.

Anonymous said...

ELLE Magazine's Cover Girl: Lady Gaga

On a recurring theme in her work: “I feel that if I can show my demise artistically to the public, I can somehow cure my own legend. I can show you so you’re not looking for it. I’m dying for you on domestic television—here’s what it looks like, so no one has to wonder.”

On her romantic future: “In eight to 10 years, I want to have babies for my Dad to hold, grandkids. And I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I would never leave my career for a man right now, and I would never follow a man around.”

The first statement sounds like a peek inside her ultimately demise....literal demise.

The second statement sounds oddly unlike Gaga. Agree? And if Daddy screwed HER up, imagine what he could do to her "babies." I can't see this mess of a woman married with kids. Not unless they are all residing in a mental hospital.

Anonymous said...

to me she comes across as trying to be a martyr for any victim 'group' she can, first it was the whole AIDS/HIV appearances in UK now its the child abuse/screwed up youth.

if it changes again to something un-connected, Im correct, if not..then she is almost certainly projecting her own issues via her music.

Trans said...

A Duke University official is accused of offering his 5-year-old adopted son for sex on the Internet, according to the FBI and court documents in the case.

Frank M. Lombard, 42, was arrested last week at his home in Durham, North Carolina. During an Internet chat, Lombard allegedly offered the child to the person he was chatting with, who was a task force officer from Washington’s Metropolitan Police, the FBI said in a statement.

The chat was initiated after a confidential source facing child pornography charges told authorities they had witnessed a man, allegedly Lombard, performing sex acts on a child over the Internet.

During the chat, according to the complaint filed against Lombard, he told the officer that he had performed multiple sex acts on the boy and that the officer could do the same if he came to Durham.

According to a transcript of the chat, reprinted in the complaint, Lombard allegedly told the officer that he had to hide the abuse from his partner and that he drugged the child with allergy medication.


Anonymous said...

Love this site. Keep up the good work, Ben.

Have you ever read any of this guy's work - https://blogs.myspace.com/drsoze

Pure Monarch Insider.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Can't open link to drsoze. Have another link?

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...


boyzone interview on stephen gately

Anonymous said...

sorry, don't know why that link didn't work ..


And then look at the blog posts on the page, the most recent one is quite ... revealing

Anonymous said...

re gage:On her romantic future: “In eight to 10 years, I want to have babies for my Dad to hold, grandkids. And I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I would never leave my career for a man right now, and I would never follow a man around.”

what is it with celebrity child/baby fetish right now?

it's like every female celebrity isn't just having kids they're wanting litters. And it's not enough to have them, hundreds of celebrity baby sites and "baby bump" photo blogs have sprouted up as well.

What's the bigger picture in all of this??

Mike said...

MONARCH/MKULTRA and the rest are just ways of sadists and pedophiles to get their jollies in the name of science while disgracing that also. It never ceases to amaze me how evil people can be; Just as soon as I think I've heard of everything here comes something else, and it's not just the abuse, it's also that stories like The Wizard of Oz and the Alice in Wonderland books were even used in these sick bastards' machinations. Thanks for educating, Pseu.

Anonymous said...

"what is it with celebrity child/baby fetish right now?

What's the bigger picture in all of this??"

- breeding even more slaves, of course.

Anonymous said...

wrong, they actually dont want more people. they want us to reproduce less, less is easier to control.

their end goal has been 'less' than 'more' for over 200 years at least, possibly for longer.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS SO SICK AND SO HARD TO READ!!! i know this stuff happens, but it is HORRIBLE!! how could anyone harm an innocent little child??? so sad!!! multiple personalities are a result of this! terrible...just terrible

Anonymous said...

20:49 my own reply

Its not that "I don't get the connections" or AS SOME OF YOU ARE SAYING "I don't want to open my eyes" ,not so. What I am trying to say is abuse does not need labels, by saying that this abuse happens to "monarch" slaves and certain "bloodlines" diminishes the facts that this abuse can happen to any child walking down the street! It is happening to the missing child on the milk carton, it can happen to anyone! I am not missing any points,I completely understand your blogs , that it stems from the ideas that there are many controlling factors out there, that are really destructive and evil. My point is that abuse needs no labels and a child can become a victim of some sick pervert,parents,strangers, church....etc. etc....

Anonymous said...

20:49 Also, I feel like many of the people who respond to this type knowledge of mind control, symbolism and the occult, are living in the dark ages. So many of you are waiting for the sky to fall down and for some "big event" to occur to the world and humanity. Focusing on a type of constant negativity & fear, instead of trying to create true positivity and maintain some integrity in your own humanity within the world. Fear & paranoia is what is being brought out,and what is being portrayed by the people who write about these subjects.

As someone wrote a reply to my first comment, "Stay in your comfortable cocoon if you wish","Hey, have you noticed over the last 10 years or so how people are becoming more "trance-like?", "Have you noticed how there is a LOT of people out there who are detached big time?"

I would like to inform you that I choose to actually live LIFE, not to live in fear,or as you say a "cocoon". I go out and enjoy my life. The people I choose to surround myself with are not in some sad "trance" like state,so no I don't notice that because I am around people who are enjoying and living their lives to the fullest. I do my best to live with integrity and kindness to my fellow man/woman. And I truley believe that is what we should try to strive for. I am not holding my breath for the demise of some unseen force, or fearing the "big event"! The world will strive on, we as a whole will keep on creating myths and more symbols to fear, but I guess that is humanity for you. As for myself ,I am choosing not to worry/fear the checkered floors....

akaider said...

Rhianna - mouse ears in effect!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How can they want less people if all of the celebrity ads and interviews and focus is on all these celebrities having babies constantly. I'm not kidding, just look at the fascination with all of the models pumping out kids like they're going out of style.

It's like one big breeding ad, hey, everyone out there, have kids!

And it's not just about having kids, you read the interviews with the models and such and they talk about how even though they love their career, the ONE thing that they've always wanted to do was to be a Mommy.

So by day they are posing in checkerboards and butterflies but all they long for is to have babies?

Anonymous said...

"And it's not just about having kids, you read the interviews with the models and such and they talk about how even though they love their career, the ONE thing that they've always wanted to do was to be a Mommy."

Because they tend to be in careers that demand spending long periods of time away from home and people do generally want to have children?

Anonymous said...

Complete bullshit, they dont want us to be less, but more. More and more slaves. Or, if u want, they work for both sides and then we have to deal with deceit. Its very simple. Why religions are against abortion? Simple, more slaves. For them and for their other branches of occultism. More blood, more robots, more sacrifice. Give me a break with how they want us to be less, 3rd world can hardly deal with demographic xplosions despite alarmist idiot conspiracy theories regarding the opposite of this. Case closed.


Anonymous said...

What possibly happened to this girl? She did it just coz she broke up with her bf or its more than that?



Anonymous said...

@ "I would like to inform you that I choose to actually live LIFE, not to live in fear,or as you say a "cocoon"."

^^^^I get what you're saying but you must realize that the majority of the world IS walking around in a trance/zombie state. They actually have no idea this stuff is taking place.

Ignoring it will not make it go away. If we can bring attention to it, perhaps something CAN change. Just airing this stuff out can make someone who was a abused this way sit up and take notice, realize they're not alone.

I'm sorry but talking about this stuff is a good thing. I know what you're saying: ACCENTUATE the POSITIVE....

No doubt, but when this many are suffering, and have been for so long, under cover of a false stage production we need to let people know they've been hoodwinked.

Anonymous said...

"wrong, they actually dont want more people. they want us to reproduce less, less is easier to control."

- they want less of us "normal" people, because then we'd be easier to control yes, but they still want to breed their own, which as i said are for the purposes of slavery

Benjamin S said...

20:49 Like I said in my original response (which you've largely ignored), of course it can happen to anyone and abusers come from anywhere; no one is arguing against that point at all (which is one of the central, common sense points of the whole thing anyway, I'm glad you 'get' that at least). Your perspective seems a bit obtuse however, are you saying because abuse can happen to/be perpetrated by anyone that we should completely ignore the more organized abuse which anyone can certainly be a victim of, but certain bloodlines are taken advantage of and specific 'Monarch programming'/trauma is employed. We should ignore it in fear of 'labeling' them? "abuse doesn't need labels"; how does one identify the differing forms/levels of abuse people have suffered without some form of 'label' ('Monarch' being the extreme end of the scale of meticulously organized sadistic child abuse), your point is completely null.

You say you 'get it', and know that it's going on (I suspect you really view all of it as BS though anyway) but you don't think we should be talking about it? Who is really living in fear?

Far from 'diminishing' the fact that it can and does happen to anyone ("labeling" victims of trauma based mind control as 'Monarchs' does not remotely diminish this fact) I feel this blog has done the opposite; I have said many times before in posts that it can (I've discussed general child abuse from whoever and/or then sold into slavery, kidnapping then being trafficked and other such things), "Monarch" slaves are obviously just the extreme end of the scale. Anyone can be a "Monarch" (it's a meaningful/symbolic label for sure, for those who have been through trauma-based mind control [would you prefer the label 'victims of trauma-based mind control, abused and programmed from birth then sold into slavery'? "Monarch" is much more specific and 'labels' are unavoidable and not an issue]). I think people can relate to this stuff and may find it interesting because so many of us have gone through some form of abuse, the Monarch is just the archetype (but a very real one at that, which should be discussed and not ignored; as well as those using them and others like them for their sick ends).

Anonymous said...

"I would like to inform you that I choose to actually live LIFE, not to live in fear,or as you say a "cocoon". I go out and enjoy my life."

- the point is, we will not be able to enjoy our lives sooner or later at the rate things are going, just think of how our freedoms are constantly being taken away. if we don't do something about it, its only going to get worse and worse until we aren't allowed to do anything at all. we're turning into 1984 (the book)! and besides, its pretty selfish for us to just ignore those who are already victims. the world has a right to know whats really going on

Benjamin S said...

Shedding light on it (you know, those uncomfortable bits you refuse to consider in your answers) can only encourage people to realize it's going on and may even encourage a few into the field of psychology to help survivors (a few aware psychotherapists couldn't hurt!).

As much as you may want to bracket everyone who reads this stuff in to a preconceived stereotype you have in your mind; no one here is "living in fear" of checkered floors, the occult, is waiting for the rapture (well maybe a few Christian readers :p) etc; symbolism is just symbolism which can be used for whatever end, none of it can really hurt you or should in any way cause you to fear it (which has been the problem in the past, with Christians fearing "Satanism" and such without looking at the issues of ritual abuse rationally due to their fear of all things 'occult' and an inability to look inward [where most of the 'ritual abuse' was really taking place, in religious institutions]). I don't think you realize it yourself, but you do come across as being on the side of 'ignorance is bliss'. But I wish you all the best and have fun with your 'all is well' mentality ("I do my best to live with integrity and kindness to my fellow man/woman. And I truley believe that is what we should try to strive for." Seriously? No one would disagree with that, people who need to say things like this are usually fake or attempting to rationalize something). I have seen nothing in your comments that suggests you 'get the connections'/symbolism at all or have even tried to as you are viewing it all in a massively oversimplified/obtuse way.

And the Tree of Life isn't "evil" either, let me be clear; none of this symbolism is "evil" or should in anyway be feared. But of course they can be used and twisted by those who people would consider "evil" for "evil". And sure it's probably a more content life to be unaware of this stuff (or to deny it), but I don't want to live life blind and make no attempt to change the situation (we've never been more equipped to do it now with the spread of free information via the internet).

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, you might be interested in this BBC radio programme, The Entrepreneur's Wound, re the "effect of their traumatic childhood" on some of Britain's "most successful business people".

It is maybe not really your "scene" but it is interesting and connects.


Newspaceman said...

Sorry -



Anonymous said...

Our skeptic above thinks we're waiting for "some big event."

Hey. I got news for you. That big event is happening RIGHT NOW....all around us. We are IN the Big Event and the chaos is churning. I think that is why the Elite power brokers are ramping up all their evil shit because they want to create as much dissociation as possible to make us more trance-like.

And I totally agree with the poster above who said that people are walking around in a trance state. ABSOLUTELY TRUE. LOOK AROUND YOU AND SEE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EITHER IN A LA-DI-DA STATE OR FULL ON TRANCE STATE.

The worst are those who use terms such as " I do my best to live with integrity and kindness to my fellow man/woman. And I truley believe that is what we should try to strive for," and all that other fake, New Age bullshit. Totally agree with you, Ben, that that sort of chatter is disingenuous. The same types of people who prattle on with this type of verbiage are the same folks who cut in line or get pissed off at the Barista when their latte doesn't have the right amount of foam on top.

Anonymous said...

^^Thank you!

Brenda said...

Something is screwy with Tiger Woods. Just saw a newscast here in the States that reported that Tiger and his wife Elin have a therapist in THEIR HOME who is "counseling" them THREE TIMES A DAY (Huh? Programming, maybe?)

Then I hear that lawyers are "hammering out" a deal for Elin to stay with Tiger for a cool check totaling 5 MILLION DOLLARS. The pre-nup supposedly would grant her up to 300 MILLION dollars should they split.

I know all about his dear little sponsors and all and how "vital" it is for him to stay married and push all this nasty cheating scandal (up to four women now) behind him. But seriously, who in their right mind would stay with a man after it's clear that he has a sex addiction? In this day and age, that's asking for STDs and God knows what else. It seems to me that there is a CLEAR strategy here to keep two people together who really should be divorced. So, why?

Then there is this from TMZ.COM:

"Tiger frequented two specific bars in Orlando, Florida, a short distance from his mansion.

One bar -- Blue Martini -- is a ritzy bar where Tiger spent many a night in the VIP lounge. People who work there say Woods -- who's a regular -- is really friendly with the waitresses and frequently hangs in the lounge with lots of women.

We called Blue Martini to ask if Tiger had been there the evening of the accident. The woman who answered said, "Alcohol was not a factor" and hung up.

And there's another local haunt -- 23 -- which Woods frequented so much managers called a section of the lounge "The Tiger Room" -- a private section of 23.

The waitress says Tiger's tab usually runs around $1,500 a night."


OK. Note the number name of that second bar: 23. That pops up frequently in Masonic and Occultism. He liked "a private section of 23."

And even at $100 a shot, Tiger wasn't gettin' his drink on alone at the bar to end up with a $1,500 tab.

Why in God's green earth is a guy with the kind of rep that Tiger has carefully crafted hanging out at bars so frequently when he's cultivated the whole "family man" vision with the pretty wife and two small children at home? It almost goes against the character? Or his programming is breaking down.

Also, it's been reported repeatedly that his father used "psychological warfare manipulation" (those words exactly) to get him to become the golfer he is today.

While I can't say he is a Monarch, he certainly has some of the components there: psychologically abused as a child, carefully crafted personality for the public's consumption (nobody saw this story coming) and a seeming dissociative personality trait (reports are surfacing that he is a "cold" man and driven by his own needs.)

Anonymous said...


He lives in ORLANDO? Geez, I had to visit that awful city 12 years ago for a conference. I found the place to be veeerrrry weird. This was before I was into MK Ultra/Monarch stuff, BTW. But I have a story to share.

The conference was booked at the DisneyWorld resort or an off shoot of one of the Disney resorts. All I recall is that after we got off the plane, we were put into little buses and we drove forever until we got to the resort and had to then drive another eternity into the place. It was far from any town and so we literally had to rely on the "little village" in the resort for food, sundries, etc. or take a taxi for lots of $$ into town.

What I can tell you about the room I stayed in was that it felt like every time I walked into the room, I disconnected from my body. I'm not making this up. I felt extremely tired in that room but it was like I was being put into a hypnotic state of consciousness. Since there was no place to retreat to between sessions at the conference, I had no choice but to return every few hours to that awful room, read over my notes and prepare for the next session. But I always felt so lazy when I got back there (after feeling fairly decent in the conference center) that all I could do was lie on the bed and watch TV where they had TONS of Disney programming beyond the normal Disney cable channels.

When we finally left the conference three days later, I felt somehow "dirty" and I couldn't figure out why. I also felt like I was being released from prison as we had been completely isolated in that resort for three solid days and nights. I told my boss that I would never go back to that place and to send someone else if the conference was there again.

Looking back and remembering that weirdness, I can now see that there was a seeming trance-like state of all the employees I ran into there. Mind you, some of the conference participants thought it was "cool" to be at a Disney resort and drank in the whole place like little robots. I found that disturbing. As strong willed as I am, I can absolutely tell you that it was very difficult for me to stay focused and aware while there. Freaky. Just plain freaky.

Anonymous said...

ben, what do you think of this syfy alice?? im watching it...also, i notice the christina aguilera phone commercial and she is wearing a catsuit and electricity is being zapped around. i notice alot more of the devil horn hand gestures now....i notice it everywhere...maybe you can do a peice on adult swim. i know that they put up alot of subliminals there and such....read my blog


i just have experienced some weird things but this really sickens me! i cannot believe this is really going on! they are monsters to do this, and for what??? to be able to control?? satan is real look at all the demonic forces at play...such as backwards speech and all....do you have a post about harpo i mean oprah...but if satan is real then God is real! dont take the chip folks!

Anonymous said...

also, about the tiger woods thing....i saw that one of the "fame whores" was happily carrying this little rabbit. do you think its her sacrifice for fame and wealth???

Anonymous said...

There are rumors of this guy that hes in fact none other that KURT COBAIN... Everythings possible... The bus just "skidded"?



Anonymous said...

TAYLOR SWIFT the doll:



Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks hes kurt cobain is seriously, seriously, off their head.

yes, its possible to completely change appearance nowadays..but to that extent?

it would have required reshaping his entire upperbody/shoulder width the lot. and his neck which from the top of my head isnt even possible, hence why older celebs age can be seen through their wrinkly necks.

Anonymous said...

There are rumors of this guy that hes in fact none other that KURT COBAIN... Everythings possible... The bus just "skidded"?



^^^^wow sorry you are so fucking retarded sometimes, seriously.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what makes you more of a numbskull, mentioning that you heard somewhere this guy is another person or questioning that someone in a motor vehicle could not possibly in a million years hit a patch of black ice and skid off the road into an accident. You seriously need to get another type of real life.

YourQueen89 said...

I really like this blog but i must ask one Q as a christian because I you havent written anything (to my knowledge) about your views on christianity.

The Q is: We believe the world is messed up and run by unseen forces & evils
but we have a solution = Jesus. whats yours? do u just avoid "them"? because "they" influence and control everything.. is that the end then?

Anonymous said...

Christ is the ONLY way and anyone who refuses Christianity is a slave of Satan.

It's that simple.

God says so.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the link to Mr. Skepdic's site: looks like some intellectual snob has got his panties in a bunch....Skepdic-head.

Anonymous said...

Nice try. We are also well aware that the disinfo people pose as Christians to turn people off to the kind of information discussed on this blog.

Its why so many people ignored Springmeier. Christianity in this context is a red herring. A distraction. Don't fall for it.

Nothing wrong with the tenets of Christianity and OTHER religions that at their core promote love for your brother, forgiveness and generosity for those less fortunate, but don't start turning this into the 'Jesus Saves' website.

We don't take any wooden nickels around here.

Anonymous said...

^^ hahaha

Anonymous said...

Earth is just a sex tourism destination for doped out aliens on vacation.

Anonymous said...

very disturbing, it really shows the reality of the occults..

YourQueen89 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YourQueen89 said...

none of u answered my Q.. im not trying to pose as anything im asking questions....

i need a more detailed response
1. What is ur issue with christianity/views
2. If you dont agree with christianity.. fine but what is your solution? we just sit around hoping we dont get affected?

Anonymous said...

to anyone who questions religion or lack there of

Jesus was way cool (by king missle)

just kidding, but seriously

Satanists believe in Jesus

there are 2 kinds of (fill in the blank) religious people

1. those who are holier than thou
2. nice people who help other people out

live by the golden rule (treat others the way you want to be treated)

Preter said...

This artwork is incredible. I am sorry this woman has had to suffer so much, and perhaps is still under slavery to abusers. These images are shocking and sobering. Thanks for posting this one. Maybe the most fluid (long) article of yours. I think you've done well.


Anonymous said...

Great article and great artwork. I read that a book will be published end of next year.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if post got sent, sorry if double posting.
Ben do you think Kim Noble is aware of mind control?

Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time understanding who could do these things to a child. I am sure the is a special place in Hell for these people.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely disturbing, I guess that kinda stuff makes it clear that those people in control aren't human as we are...Its the only explanation, how can any human being with even a minimum amount of emotions or morality do such a thing to others.

An article was sent to me, its about programming (this type and many other types) I found it very interesting, I'm not sure it belongs here, but I'll post it anyway:


Anonymous said...

"The worst are those who use terms such as " I do my best to live with integrity and kindness to my fellow man/woman. And I truley believe that is what we should try to strive for," and all that other fake, New Age bullshit. Totally agree with you, Ben, that that sort of chatter is disingenuous. The same types of people who prattle on with this type of verbiage are the same folks who cut in line or get pissed off at the Barista when their latte doesn't have the right amount of foam on top."

I guess my answer is you can stay in your own unhappy state of being, that is your world, and no I do not blow my lid if someone cuts in front of me. Kindness has nothing to do with "new age bullshit" as you say, "that that sort of chatter is disingenuous" how is it so? Because one person on here actually wants to spreads some type of positivity you react to it in a very sad form. It says more about you as a person that is disingenuous .... & the big event happening all around you ,life has been going around forever with you or without you and all those complaining about how bad it is, try living 500 or even a 1000 years ago. It is the people who are constantly looking for something to complain about and those who never try to be positive that bad shit happens to. You reap what you sow.....but I will live on and that may anger some of you because it contradicts your own belief in such a negative world!

Benjamin S said...

Grrrr that really pisses me off!

But seriously, your lack of curiosity, understanding and your willful ignorance is actually scary. It's amazing anything bad ever got fixed, anything dark uncovered, any abuse claims ever taken seriously with people like you around ("That important figure can't have abused you like that, you must have a sick twisted mind to think the world is so evil!"). When has anyone here ever been "anti-happiness" and how is your "living on contradicting our own belief in such a negative world"? Utter irrelevant, uneducated drivel, please take it elsewhere. The world has both positive and negative aspects, the world is both white and black. It is a POSITIVE thing that these 'evil'/black things are being brought to light (it isn't about "looking for things to complain about", more utter nonsense; again you are advocating that abusers be let off the hook and victims be left with no justice) now but you will never wrap your head around that concept. Completely ignoring the darkness is, as I said before absolutely fine but I'm sure you that you yourself are aware that you are living in 'Cloud-cuckoo-land'.

Unknown said...

It should be no surprise how far the Illuminati will go to gain control of the world.

Here is a book that will detail the mind control techniques used by the illuminati to create mind control slaves.

These are TRUE MIND CONTROL SLAVES that are being made and used for drug mules, international assassins, sex slaves, suicide bombers and secret messengers. This could be anyone, from your congressman to your cable guy.

It is 350 pages of detail descriptions with illustrations.


Anonymous said...

Lady GaGa goes futuristic (and naked, again)

Barring some explanation the last picture especially pretty much speaks for itself.

Cloud Tiger said...

Damn, you gotta loathe those New Age Rosicrucian-tint goggled Pi-in-skiers who believe any old Aryan Bullshit as long as it makes the m feel good and "spiritual"!

Of course some of them are MK vics and more are Dark 666 Siders playing 888 Christian Holier-than-thou, but most of them are stupid gullible weak females and homos who can seriously say that to pay any attention to a danger is to aggravate it and manifest "negativity". Like their survival instincts have been completely Jesuitized out of them.
The perfect slaves. The New Improved Model (Anti)Christian Army.

Anyway, let them suffer their fate.

Here's a comment that I accidentally put on Ben's latest kickass post on Aguilera. Enjoy...

2 observations:

When this was first advertised in the UK press the Daily Telegraph featured Kim on their online version and it was obvious by the juxtaposition of meaningful news items that They were mocking her by referring to My Little Pony and other sick references.

I highly recommend the DT for the actual "Real Media News", the Illy's coded comms hidden in plain sight in the profane's news media. See my posts (as Cloud Tiger) on tintin and vera susa's thread News Behind the News on Icke's forum. Mirrors and reverses are added to the juxtapostions and codes.
Loads of prediction of war, doom, crash, MK, pederasty* etc.

*BTW CAN PEOPLE PLEASE STOP USING THE WORD "P(A)EDOPHILE"! It is THEIR WORD! They don't "love" children... The rapists are better called "PEDERASTS" or "MOLESTORS".

The other just came to me: Kim is so obviously (even to the profane) spaced out, the size and shape of her face around the eyes even accentuating her tranced out eyes, that it occurs to me that since she has been chosen as a postergirl for "real" MPD the abusers are trying to program the public that this is what MPDers look like. Thus they hide the Legions of not-obviously-tripped-out slaves. Cunning b@stards. Hence "functioning" personalities are taken to be the sole one, "normal" and "sane", when they are merely the front alters.

As you read these comments in your email, Ben, I now suggest we start a clarification drive on this subject, an attempt to refine and then define without dogmatism our understanding of the MK world, by getting a thread going somewhere (there are several good options for its situation) ON FRITZ SPRINGMEIER. I am sure he is a disinfo agent but a great deal of info in his books is true. The public really need his stuff to be sifted and sorted so we don't have to keep referring to a discreditting ( and Christian ) source. What of his info is true and what is false? That is a subject I think we should tackle together ASAP (time is running out).

What say anyone?

Anonymous said...

all this talk of suicidal models/pageant queens.
did you know that Miss Guyana was used as a drug mule and got busted in Toronto with the guyana cocaine?
Guyana is a former British colony that is a MAJOR source of cocaine
and where Jim Jones set up his Jonestown mk project. It is the only English speaking nation in South America, and serves as a cocaine depot.

Anonymous said...

and now "Alexander" Lee McQueen, fashionista Satanica, has "suicided". Good riddance to his evil shows but it's tragic: apparently he proudly had Highland Scot and Huguenot blood but that didn't stop him selling out totally to the Imperial Machine.
One wonders whether he had any adult "free" choice over the matter.

LVB said...

Great article! You are doing an excellent job, please keep up the research and good work telling the (often very ugly) truth here.

"We cannot see what we cannot bear to see."

- Dr. John Bowlby

I'm afraid that to most people, facing the possibiity of this subject being real is, ironically, very much like the above quote regarding the nature of facing extremely traumatic abuse events that are at the core of the
DID/MPD (Dissociative Identity Disorder /Multiple Personality Disorder) in the victims of the extreme and horrific ritual sexual abuse and programming that is being discussed here.

Whether perpetrated by the ruling elite degenerates or otherwise, I think it is fair to say that most people, to some degree, will ourselves recoil and dissociate from the horror of such "unreal" atrocities, just like the terrible possibility that what your research is showing us could actually be real.

And this dissociative reaction, to deny, rationalize it as crazy or just think about something else as a defensive reaction to traumatic events (or truth) is all part of what is being utilized in the exact programming methods and symbolism that are said to be at the core of these mind control processes we are discussing.

It's one thing to see paintings that show unspeakable child sexual abuse in the victim's artwork, but to also see the EXACT occult symbolism that so completely saturates the pop music video and fashion worlds repeatedly appearing in her scenes of ritual sexual abuse is beyond coincidence or doubt to me. I see very little chance that she has faked this stuff to get attention or make money. The eminent and respected professionals who are treating her are saying there is no doubt that her multiple personalities are very real and were created to cope with all the traumas she has suffered, and survived.

The artice below was sub-linked in your article, and it really hits home to read what this abuse victim artist's therapist is saying:


Anonymous said...

this was very disturbing I couldnt even finish reading the whole article.
Its true that the world is being controlled by satanic forces.

Anonymous said...

What I'm seeing all over the internet from blogsite like this one is subtle and not so sublte blaming of U.S. Military personnel for this SHIT. It's irresponsible and it's entirely WRONG.

I was raised on military bases, my friends were too. NONE NONE NONE NONE of us were "abused." Morever, as children, we ran around all over the base -- NOTHING like this SHIT was happening anywhere.

Sure, there's pedophiles in the military just like there's a SHITLOAD of them in the teaching profession, medical profession, WRITING professions, etc. But it isn't ORGANIZED OPS for GOV. Programming of children -- like the fascist Commie fruitcakes in our country that are so busy trying to convince people thereof.

Santaic Abuse Ritruals? Yeah - sure that goes on -- is it all over the globe? Who knows -- it isn't all over the US military bases and that's a FACT.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just found your blog and have read thru a few of the posts. WOW!! Really heavy sh!t! I find myself having to take a break from the morbid depressing reality of it all. And to think I found myself wanting to be an actor as a kid...thank God that never happened!
I love the music of enya. However, reading thru this and other websites such as vigilantcitizen.com I wonder about her now too. She is very wealthy, yet she doesn't appear to have the "issues" of her peers. How has she been able to succeed without being "initiated" as it were? Do you have info on her? She is the one artist I truly hope has been able to evade the minefield that is the music industry. You've covered Britanny, gaga, Rihanna and others, even from Europe, but I have heard nothing about Enya. Do you have any info?

L said...

RE benyour comment that if christians would stop hysterics about satanists people would believe it more- exactly- christians know that thats why they do it-never believe power people are dumb- or kind-or they wouldnt be in power-what FEELS RIGHTS instinct is still the only way of survival b/c only subconcious knows how to do split second chemical electrical stuff to keep our mitochondria/virus doig life for us- mother nature bless you all and still keeps you alive- iroquois women longhouses forever- louise m

Anonymous said...

The pictures with the black box and the mirrored letters shows also other symbols (symbols of planets in astrology but also elements in alchemy) which are written the right way so that woman definitely writes mirrored words.
The black box is also a symbols often used in kabbalah as a metaphor of the human perception eg. humans minds are limited in their perception of reality like looking through a tiny hole from inside a black box (also very Saturn symbolic).

F O R E I G N said...

thank you for this informative yet highly disturbing and depressing article.

Still haven't read all of it but i will save the rest for later. Guess i am still not desensitised enough

Keep up the good work

Oh i just came across this:


Anonymous said...

To the dude who was raised on military bases; Just because it didn't happen to you or anyone you know, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The government sponsors this shit. END-OF-STORY. Not your rank and file members, but you can bet at the highest echelons of CIA, FBI, and Air Force, etc. they know it, they protect it and they perpetuate it. You don't want to believe it, that's 100% understandable. But the deeper you dig, the less you can deny. No one is blaming the military exclusively, they are but one facet of a larger network of abusers. And it is important to remember that it is individuals doing the perpetrating so it should not neccessarily reflect on any organaztion as a whole because many people are duped into working for these monsters.

Petrumila said...

Only to note that "Pratt" was actually the second name of Ria, so it would be accurate to call this alter Ria Pratt. "Pratt was here" indicates Ria beared whitness to these events and so is able to recall them and represent them in her paintings. There case of Kim Noble was covered in the Oprah show (for example this video: http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Art-Therapy-and-Dissociative-Identity-Disorder-Video ). An interesting quote from Ria Pratt there is (to her daugther Aimee): -"So don't take sweets. There's good sweets and bad sweets. So you just don't take the bad sweets. They give you sweets. And then they zap you. But it's your fault, isn't it?" -Why is it your fault? (interviewer) -"Because you took the sweet."

Anonymous said...

Don't you think the Tree of Life looks a bit like the '3-dimensional geometric figure resembling a crystal' that is referred to here in this spin programming article? (See the end of section: Self-Regulating Spin Systems).


They are both where the alters are contained after all... Sarah

kevin said...

Maybe a lot of the 'symbolic pictures', such as the chess board, and the one with the snake in the room, are actually real depictions, as death games and beastiality, are frequent practices in monarch programming. The pictures drawn by the alter 'Mimi' especially the 'Tower Bridge' painting are very interesting, as it may not just represent 'twin themes' (note the angle of the painting). Maybe this was an actual view from where she was being held? I am of the view that the ideas represented in the paintings, are not there for 'arts sake' therefore symbolic 'fortification' is much less needed to convey these brutal messages.

Anonymous said...

Who is actually SEARCHING for the evil souls who are committing these torturous crimes on humanity?! Why does the media just exploit the victims time and time again? Why is society just reporting about a story of a woman who has multiple personalities like it's some kind of symptom you catch? Why are there no reports of society persecuting and searching for the evil on earth who looks like your upstanding citizen next door?! This is hell on earth and it appears that nobody is trying to save these children WHEN THEY ARE CHILDREN. Why report now when it's too late. Because most of the human race is still asleep.

Severin!! said...

I see that there are a few posts here that try to chalk all of this up to errant imagination. I have to say that when I first began to research this issue, I was sceptical. I knew a little about MK-ULTRA and related program, and certainly believed that the men who run organizations like the CIA were certainly capable of doing these things. As time as gone along, and I have witnessed the same motiffs over and over again, and see one celebrity after another succumb to exactly the same set of circumstances described, I have to conclude that the Monarch Project was, and is very real. I know all of the arguments about how there is no documentation, etc. But, in my opinion that is a dodge. The three boxes of documents concerning MK-ULTRA that were not destroyed by the CIA demonstrate that the praxis was trauma based. It also confirms that the techmologies, both mechanical and organic, were already very advanced at that time; (1977). It is completely rational to assume that the CIA, and other organizations continued their activities, and refined their approach. In my opinion, it takes the grossest kind of self-enforced ignorance, and arrogance to assert that what we see here is a fabrication. For the record, I suffered some sever abuse as a child; I don't know if any of it was a part of Monarch; at this time I have no hard evidence that it was. But, I can testify to the radical damage that can be done to a childs psyche by the kinds of things outlined on this page, and have the utmost empathy for what these people have suffered through. Thanks to the person(s) who present all of this, because it is true, and needs to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that her art depicts shadow people controlling her programmers. Whenever I research this topic there is talk of alien entities who possess human bodies because they cannot change their vibration to that of our physical world.

Anonymous said...

As i see im not the only one to have been abuse...i do not have a memory about my abuse but i got just some flash...i remember the most is the emotions i had...until 5 years old i was a happy child but i remember that at 8 i was more depress ans i tell several time that i'm going to commit suicide without any apparent reason of the people to who i threanend that...but i was very precise :"im going to hangyself with a towel in your room" "i'll shoot myself with ur dad's hunting gun"....never understands myself where those idea came from...and that gore for a 8 yrs old (born in 1990) i always got a lot of creativity after that period. I could create tons of story and i totally compose symphony in my head...the problem is i never had self-esteem...and inside i was so amgry about myself that i did not had the guts to do what i'd dream...the time had passed and at 8-9 i begin to masturbate...not in the way that u just discover urself but more as a compultions...until my genital was hurting...i did not ejaculate because my body was't ready (im a boy btw)
But i masturbate several time a day (up to 10 time in a day) i remember when i was like 9-10 and i masturbate and i see a drop of white liquid (just a small drop) you could imagine how the hell i was suprise lol...since then i always got some kleanex close to my bed and i was obcess about if it was possible to see if i was a bit wet between my pants... Other compulsion was washing my glasse (2hre a day for real!),if u could see if i got a erection, always scare that my pants would fall off so i tied them up very thight (too much i would cause it hurt my intestin) and plenty other compulstion...and i havent watch porn at the time
...i finally found one of the programmers/abuser...it was the uncle to who i was the most attach...i discover that only at 17-18 yrs old i did confront him and i dont trust him soo much that i've record the conversation...ive dream some of the most gore revenge against him...but...what i would get from that...nothing and it would not erase the thing he did to me...at 19 i become very sick and i discover that i got fribromyalgia and possibly arthritys...i've lost more than 40 pounds in one month...and it was at that time that evrethin g get back to me...i did not remember the physical abuse but all the side effect get back to me like a train in the face...now im 24 i begin to get hope and feel better...i would have more to say but i think if said alredy enouph i dream of the day i could dream again and wont be scared of my nightmare...

By the way i've begin doing meditation with the help of binaural beats...it help me a lots!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Satanists are "not" untouchable, Unless Jesus is involved in stopping this, you're stuck with this problem whether you believe in him or not

Me And All My Alters Too said...

The other people are there to further injure (mentally) the child.

At worst they watched and allowed it to go by and did not act to stop or challenge the hideous things that, up until that point, with the non-abuser person also there and seemingly being ok with what was going on the child could have believed up to that point that things like that place they were in should have never ever happen to a person.

Just the presence of someone else knowing of the situation the kids were in and the onlooker's compliance.......

Engenders more betrayal. Helplessness. Humiliation. Low self worth. And extinguishes the kid's hope. And induces great great sadness and hurt.0

Just adds another few levels of trauma for the child to be more comprehensively and completely abused.

Excellent work "Dr's"... thanks for your contribution to earth in your lifetime being domineering, distructive, damaging, damning, deploravle, disgusting, disastrous deeds. Thats what the world needed, right? Absolutely not.

Peoole that can't do any better for society or their fellow man should just be relieved of their breathing. Byeeeee. Thanks but we dont need you here. Disgusting and evil.

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