Monday, 8 September 2008

IlluMiMusiC: Programming the Alien Invasion into the Masses through a Hypnotic Pendulum

Quick post, interesting that they've mixed some genuine UFO videos with fake ones (so when the obviously fake ones start filling the skies we won't question their validity). Pendulum are a band from... Oz of course, they started out with 31 Records (13), please view their mind control video I posted in my first IlluMiMusiC post, confirming this is all predictive programming psyop bs. Next video about 2012? We'll see. [Damn entertaining mind, keep it up!]

Their video for "Propane Nightmares" basically illustrates what they're doing (shepherding the masses with hypnotic imagery/music/lyrics to control the way they think and eventually kill them, with their own consent naturally; until a cyclone type thing breaks up the party causing chaos). Here's a nice little page on how to create (where below all seeing eye image comes from, also pictured is a Pendulum album cover, unsurprisingly with an all seeing eye on it) and use a pendulum.

Might as well put that other mind control Pendulum video from older post in for good measure (more all seeing eyes and whatnot).

Edit: By the way, currently watching the VMA's (why don't they show it live... WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?!?!?!? jk); lots of stuff so far, and WTF @ T-Pain?!?! Checkerboards literally everywhere as he was coming in on the elephant. Off the bat, one of those jewish comedians (qabalah connection?) almost does some hypnotism thing (subtle hint at it anyway) on Britney randomly (attempting a kiss trigger), then Rihanna kicks off the thing with Disturbia (interspersed with a few chords of SEVEN Nation Army) coming out of the top of a circular pyramid/tower of babel type thing.... and naturally bondage/bdsm appears to be the central theme (from the first Rihanna performance anyway, I'm doing a Rihanna post on all her symbolic videos tomorrow by the way). Russell Brand's other promo (one without Britney) which I can't find on YouTube I thought was interesting and goes like like this: I agreed to host the MTV VMA awards as a stepping stone from which I could launch a global revolution in which we will recognize the material world is an illusion. Ideas such as finance, borders and control are all meaningless and only exists if we allow them to. That within ourselves is the divine light of God, that we are connected to all time, and all people through breath and divinity.


iAdmin said...

Good find, I listen to lots of dnb and have instinctively tried to stay away from the darker music. Its obvious there is a bunch of occult influenced labels, and artists in dnb. I did pick up "by the power of RA" -lol

Michael Skaggs said...

Great post Ben, thanks for keeping us informed bro!

Be well.

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