Thursday, 4 September 2008

CIA Mind Control

Documentary going into the basics of CIA mind control experiments (they ones they've allowed you to know about) which I just caught today on TV; mainly posting for interesting footage of some of the human experiments (check out the glazed over eyes of the dude being electroshocked about 26-28 mins in), obviously it doesn't go into alter-personalities and all the details (of project Monarch, split/fragmented minds etc, it only goes into mainstream officially documented things, which is obviously only what they allow to be released) but hopefully you can view it with some added insight now. Common sense tells us you'll never see the really dark, F'd up experiments the CIA have undoubtedly done on shows like this [part of the controlled media]. Also don't buy into the "we had to do it to fight the communists", it's just as bullshit as the "War on Terror" excuse for doing anything (torture/mind control etc.) Imagine all the jet black CIA experiments Frank Olson knew about before they killed him ;s [also interesting how the CIA have perfected "suiciding" people]. TTLG has a great post with an overview of government mind control, again these are naturally based on official government documents and other sources in the mainstream [my opinion is that anything released officially is usually disinfo anyway; it makes no sense for them to release information that would challenge the true extent of mind control in the world, which I personally think has been around ALOT longer than the Cold War].

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