Wednesday, 5 May 2010

In Captivity for the First Time: Aves Cyrus

Quick post on Miley Cyrus' latest video (yawn, I know), no time to elaborate really (exam on Friday, all finished on the 18th). Needless to say Miley's "evolution" is going exactly as someone who reads this blog would expect.

The British director Robert Hales has directed other videos from fellow Disney Monarchs Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers and some other videos I have covered (Demi Lovato . From the introduction, you get the feeling of a Nazi-like American elite viewing their dehumanized ritualistic creature spreading her dark angel wings (Lucifer?), naturally a stuffed ram for Baphomet rears it's head among all the bird (Avez just means bird btw; so 'Bird Cyrus') feathery dehumanization. Miley's peacock feathers are another commonly used symbolic ritual feature (eyes, royalty, Hera and such).

I am led to believe that the top album artwork is fake but the image on it of her in a more constrained bird cage does come from the shoot for the video (I have a suspicion that it was going to be official but they got cold feet about putting such a psychologically dark image on her album cover), the photo itself has not been released so am including it here.

See more of the bird cage MK theme (and plenty more dotted around the blog), at it's simplest it is just psychological symbolism of being a beautiful creature kept in a metaphorical cage (mental prison/slavery) but perhaps (or not) 'Avez Cyrus' is the name of her 'caged bird' alter. The video even features a shattered glass scene as the frenzied animalistic group of Miley and co run through the museum, symbolizing the shattered/fragmented mind part of the programming.

Miley's painful looking movie 'The Last Song' (from the author of 'The Notebook'... kill me now, I am not sitting through this!) has Miley's daddy played by Greg Kinnear (whose father worked for the government, has been in some pertinent movies) in an interesting looking T-Shirt, wink wink from her handlers ;)? Sorry if I am being a bit too irreverent at times (I'm sure it annoys some) but like I said, there is no point in feeling overwhelmed, utterly powerless and getting depressed over these things. Anyone who wants to analyze in detail the video and the lyrics (which have MK themes in them) in the comments feel free (very short of time, another post up in a few days), I appreciate your input; also Public Vigil has a post on MC for a deeper look at the esoteric/mythological themes which are worth looking at. Alternatively here is Hollywood Records (Disney) humorous description of the song: "a self-empowering song in which Miley asserts that she has to stay true to herself in relationships". And her official descriptions of the meaning of lyrics and video, again a nice little story but one that doesn't sit with its dark themes (obviously completely ignoring the, very intentional negative impact this will have on her Hannah Montana Disney fan base of [already over sexualized by Disney] young girls).
Looks like a rock band (most of them long before my time, though I vaguely recognize it) t-shirt so someone can probably fill me in on where exactly it is from and get a better image of the motif (Edit: I'm told it it is Pink Floyd which makes sense, I searched for it and uploaded the full shirt to my imageshack), the "Illuminati" symbolism is clear and obviously conscious on the part of the filmmakers, and putting it on display in the trailer makes it all the more likely that someone like myself would notice it.

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