Saturday, 6 September 2008

Keith Urban, another Illuminati mind controlled country music singer from Oz?

Keith Urban (K 11 U 21 [777]) is probably another one of those mind controlled country music singers, evidenced by his wearing of an illuminati (Eye in the capstone of the pyramid) T-Shirt at the NFL opening cermony... at Columbus Circle. Additional images here and info here, he was born in New Zealand but wiki refers to him as Australian (no doubt NZ and OZ are pretty interchangeable in that they both are controlled by the same people and are near eachother, obviously). All stadium sport is a tool for controlling the masses (like Roman gladiatorial combat etc.) as it divides people (into teams, for false emotions) and distracts them from real issues; and is no doubt controlled by Freemasons. + It's just a REALLY SLOW version of rugby with body armor because the yanks can't take the pain ^^. [I'm joking of course.] On the NFL, there are 32 teams in it and N14+F6+L12=32, coincidence? It is probably referring to the 32 white and 32 black squares (64 in total) on the masonic checkerboard.


aferrismoon said...

NFL sounds a bit like the NeFeLim [ which are just plural of Nefil, which as root means something like 'to fall' or 'cause to fall'.
Via the Hebrew numbering the word = 50+80+30


Anonymous said...

First place McCain spoke from after the convention, look at name of the street he was at the start of. He was in Cedarburg,WI in front of the chocolate factory. Coincidence?,+WI&geocode=&q=chocolate+factory&f=l&ie=UTF8&z=16

CarissaC. said...

Random tidbits........Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips both talk about the country music scene as being ripe ground for mind control handlers and targets. Usually the men being the handlers, and the women being the handled. In this case, Urban is married to an actress - Nicole Kidman. Yet she's always struck me as being suspect of some things, considering that she used to be married to Tom Cruise, the second highest in command in Scientology. She just always seems like the pretty perfect porcelain ice princess doll.

Also a random tidbit.....Nicole has mentioned in interviews that she has a phobia about..... butterflies. Butterflies being of course another MC symbolism pertaining to sex programming. Could be coincidence, (and admittedly, I can put myself in her shoes and imagine why they seem creepy.....large moths like what she describes in that link kind of weird me out too! So, it does have a natural and understandable origin.) But, you never know.

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