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Terry Richardson: Illuminati FTW

SUBHUMANS and fancy footwear...
[Pixelated (hopefully sufficiently) Explicit Content Warning]
Relatively quick post, the above photo by Terry Richardson employs Illuminati symbolism in his magazine spread called 'New York Dolls' for Vogue (Victoria's Secret model Sessilee Lopez). Whether it is a specifically designed set or if it is just random graffiti on the wall, Terry has obviously chosen this spot consciously due to the imagery in the background (and not just the Illuminati motif). He has a photo book out called 'FTW' (which I assume means 'For The Win', I could be wrong ['Fuck The World'?] but that is what I relate it to anyway; so 'Illuminati for the win') perhaps suggesting he drew the Illuminati pyramid and all seeing eye motifs on the wall himself, not that it matters as the conscious symbolic intent by Richardson is there either way. Terry's occult association (or at least interest) is compounded by the Lily Donaldson shoot for Vogue Paris which I posted in full here.

Terry Richardson is the son of Bob Richardson, a photographer whose heyday was in the 60's (he destroyed most of his portfolio, probably consisting of more Nazi themed shoots and whatnot) and suffered from schizophrenia and other psychological problems (which Terry says he inherited, can read about his childhood at this interview, potentially some dissociation going on there). Terry is notorious in the "fashion" world for taking advantage of his position of authority as a world-renowned photographer to manipulate the young, impressionable young models to service him sexually. Most of Terry's more explicit pornography (not even disguised as "art") can be found in his shows/galleries and various books such as Kibosh and Manimal. The latter previewed below shows (apart from this guys depravity) the theme of dehumanization in the title and he recreates some of the sickening Abu Ghraib scenes of torture, you can see one re-enactment below in which prisoners were forced to perform fellatio on each other as part their dehumanizing humiliation (this sadistic mentality comes from the top brass down; some of the 'thumbs up' shots from the Abu Ghraib remind me of Terry's almost trademark use of 'thumbs up' [which I think is more a phallic thing], even the facial expressions [that sadistic smile and glint in their eyes] seems similar to me).
Terry invites all aspiring models to model for him nude, be objectified by the all-seeing camera then used as a sex-object. "Hello, if you are male or female and interested in posing nude for Terry Richardson please contact us by Email." (quote from 'Model for Terry' link on official site) If you are apprehensive, at least he will set you at ease by getting nude himself, what a caring and thoughtful individual he is! [/sarcasm] "At first, I'd just want to do a few nude shots, so I'd take off my clothes, too. I'd even give the camera to the model and get her to shoot me for a while. It's about creating a vibe, getting people relaxed and excited. When that happens,' he adds, grinning his goofy, adolescent grin, 'you can do anything.'" If you are not MK'd (and I accept most models are not, but some genuinely are victims of Monarch [trauma-based] mind control, which I base on the likes of Karen Mulder's example), submitting to the fashion industry's predatory photographers certainly is one way of furthering a career as a model in the fashion industry. Terry Richardson freely admitted to this when he joked about it saying, "It's not who you know, it's who you blow. I don't have a hole in my jeans for nothing." This guy typifies the exploitative, predatory, dehumanizing and objectifying (etc) nature of the fashion industry as a whole (and the entertainment industry/media in general controlled by a cabal of "elite", similarly depraved maniacs whose message is forced into the masses' consciousness through the subversive symbolism in their pervasive magazines/billboards/tv shows/clothing/etc; with explicit posts like these I hope to demystify, remove the gloss hiding the true nature of these industries).

From Kibosh, note fairy/butterfly costume perhaps suggesting her programming.
There was much speculation that the photographer who was described as essentially molesting an underage model was Terry Richardson in Sara Ziff's documentary 'Picture Me' (see this post for details), apparently he only works with models over 18 but there is often a clear underage/lolita theme pervading through many of his shoots (and the rest of the fashion industry for that matter) suggesting perhaps that the urge is there. It may be him (the description of said photographer stripping naked with the model and his assistant asking her to "grab his cock and twist it real hard. He likes it when you squeeze it real hard and twist it." sounds a lot like Richardson's M.O. [see this pixelated image which was used by Jezebel to suggest it was him]), but the ones that appear squeaky clean on the surface tend to have the most to hide I feel so I doubt he is the worst by any means. The below campaign shot by Terry for Lee was criticized for it's Lolita overtones just as one example (of an insane amount).
Russian model Natalie Vordianova (click for her Monarch and Alice in Wonderland photoshoots) pictured below in another typical of Terry, Lolita scene.

A few additional Natalia images (from FMD, above set by Michael Thompson featuring prominent Monarch butterfly on left image, part of a larger butterfly themed spread).

Below Natalia wearing Lolita sunglasses, taken by Terry on their first meeting in Paris.

Above is Monarch programmed multiple Britney Spears' recent shoot with Terry (on-camera their relationship seems respectful, off-camera he probably really did "put the notch on the belt", which knowing him was probably also a euphemism for sex) for Candie's with Lolita themes (which are pretty much a constant throughout Britney's career, her debut video and the 1999 LaChappelle Rolling Stone shoot being the most well known, holding a Teletubbie on the cover, pink girl's bike with 'baby' written on her shorts, numerous dolls, some porcelain in her bedroom and other photos from her, and symbolic of her childhood programming), she was also shot by other Illuminist photographers Annie Leibovitz (who shot the aforementioned Vogue Vodianova Wonderland shoot and has worked for Disney as I have gone into) and Mark Seliger, all three for Candie's print ads (candy being an obvious sexual suggestive reference I've covered, especially associated with Lolita and paedophilia).

Terry's appears to use Disney Princess programming (hence the appropriate triggering DP imagery), the above photo with one of his model victims wearing a child's Disney Princesses backpack, taken from his blog (as are the images below) with the caption "LA girl.....".

More random images from his blog below, including the odd caption, "Doll with a broken leg in a wheelchair".

"Three Kittens... Meow!" - Caption from his blog, showing kitten programming as it obviously isn't just a statement of what the image in question shows. Below wearing a former MK cult leader Charles Manson t-shirt.

Terry with MK (looking traumatized in fetal position below) and Ashley.

"Crucified for your sins..."
I'm not sure how worthwhile a long-winded post on Richardson's portfolio would be as most of it is just an endless array of phallic and sexual suggestiveness (like the above infamous and fairly unimaginative 'milking cow' photoshoot), clearly there are Freudian complexes behind his photography and his sexual neurosis (going back to his childhood which I went into earlier and he is aware of if you read his interviews, also take a look at the 'MOM' part of his site). Here are a few I've pulled from his personal blog, whether or not he is a Satanist, he is certainly into the concept of Satanism (potentially just his sense of humor however that Vogue Paris spread I think suggests otherwise), posting images like the below demon/gargoyle/djinn with "Beelzebob" as the caption and is apparently into his "Satanic" heavy metal.

"Rape Rock" band The Mentors appears to be one of his favourites (this album cover for 'Up the Dose' [electroshock] should give you a good idea of what they were about and with tracks associated with MK and the occult [yes I am aware that most people view these rock/metal bands as using these themes merely as shock tactics to sell records but I feel that is quite a naive perspective]; the lead singer apparently had something to do with Kurt Cobain's suspicious death, I'm sure the Kurt Cobain thread on the Icke forum has info on that), along with Slayer (checkout their video for Bloodline, note the kitten; obviously all the occult themes on their album covers, songs and lyrics go without saying). These images of the t-shirts (he collects them) are from his blog just to clarify.

Pictured below in a Mentors t-shirt with model Eniko Mihalik at the 2010 Pirelli calender shoot (along with other models I have covered like Miranda Kerr, Daisy Lowe and Lily Cole; no point in posting images, a few dehumanization and phallic imagery but on the whole it is just bland titillation), the below photo of Eniko as a kitten was taken by Richardson for a Vogue calendar which I posted a while back in the Eniko link.

Here is Eniko's obligatory Monarch photo shoot below (not by Richardson, taken for Numero magazine by Greg Kadel), with Eniko dressed all in witch-like black in a backdrop reminiscent of the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz programming scene (poppy field sends Dorothy to sleep/into trance) to go along with the Monarch butterfly which has her transfixed/mesmerized.

Posting will continue to be sporadic for the next month or two as I need to focus on doing Uni work (behind on dissertation), I do have some posts in the pipeline though so will probably finish them off (some are not far off completion) when I get a chance.

In high school Terry spent five years playing the bass in a punk rock band called 'The Invisible Government', now he has taken photos of the actual invisible government's main representative/puppet, Barack Obama. It should say a lot that Barack Obama appears to be a fan of Terry and had portraits of himself taken by him in 2007 for Vibe magazine, during the run up to the 2008 "election". The below photo I linked to a while back but is worth including properly in a post (remember that Terry Richardson is one of the most well known and well paid photographers in the fashion industry so this speaks volumes), his tattoos probably bare some significance too (like himself as a child tattooed on his chest).

Change we can believe in!


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Lori said...

this is so weird i jsut was looking at his journal on his site ( yeah i left a comment about him) and i did see that part where they can contact him for a photoshoot. i have to finish reading this post tho...also, like i said in the comments, the jersey shore boys were just photographed by him or something. i find it weird that the cast of the jersey shore is EVERYWHERE! even the hills were not on every talk show and events out there who knows?

Anonymous said...

it is kind of weird tho because i was just looking at all those images. the olsen twins really do look lost and trollish there...he does have a creepy vibe too. his work is almost american apparel like, another creep guy. oh yes, dont forget anand jon...i do find photography and imagery interesting to look at i have always liked it, but we all now there is another agenda out there to make us desensitized and used to all this. also ben, i dont know if you saw the pictures where he has folders and files for pictures called vintage, and on one of the folders it says beastiality..

Anonymous said...

There has GOT to be a way to get this guy in jail somehow. :(

Anonymous said...

fashion zzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Ben, I don't know if this is the entry influencing the impression, but this has got to be the creepiest (stare on) photo of Obama I've ever seen.

Quite nice also to send this post to (innocent) people who aspire to glory in the fashion industry or to people with no clue, since it resumes one of the best ways to make it, and introduces nicely one of its top "players" ― and boy, does he have some fun on this end of his lifespan !

Anyone has his birth date? The predatory lifestyle and mindset looks typical Aries (Apr 14 - May 14 on the Sidereal zodiac).

Thanks for your posts as always, and good luck for your uni work !


Anonymous said...

Obama is from the CITY, a nice change from the country and exurban pricks who have been running the country since JFK's murder.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 23:35

No one is forcing you to read this.

@ Ben

Please don't let the knockers deter you from doing fashion posts!

Anonymous said...

SUCH a good post Ben. And as for the other followers of this blog, who take issue with your entertainment or fashion posts, I enjoy the discoveries of those, much, much more. That is because so much is ignored, hidden or rejected as actually going on in those industries. You plainly spell it out, and present very good examples.
This fashion photographer is truly a horrific, damaged soul. Seeing the Obama pic with this man, makes all the sense in the world to me-sadly.
The one with Terry seemingly crying and holding the child is ghastly. Actually, no words describe the ugliness of what could be behind it.
I'd love an Olsen twins post. Remember, Heath Ledger spent time with an Olsen, before his death. And, as some already hear about in MK-info circles, slaves only are allowed to date/spend time with, slaves.
Finally, the Olsen pic with the majorly bruised knees says so much to me. Do you know how much kneeling a person must do to receive such brusing? And even if it was makeup, there is simply no point in creating such an image.
I agree with the other anon post, that somehow, this man should be in jail. But doubtless, he is heavily protected by all manner of equally sick law people, and elites. If it ever came out he was a major supplier of child porn, I wouldn't be suprised in the least.
But finally, he is a major candidate for having been majorly abused and mk'ed himself.

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be an artist/photographer? No. Shoot this idiot! On the other hand, Ben, I must contradict u and say that most top/models are MK-ed, not just a few. Hope u dont mind. :) Good u mentioned NATALIA VODIANOVA, she married very young, barely in her early 20's to a blue blooded man, giving him 3 kids.


Anonymous said...

Very intersting post. Had no idea about this so-called photographer. Do the modelling agencies that use him know that this is a lot of what he does 'in his spare time'? I mean, if you were a young new model with half a brain would you pollute yourself with THIS guy? I'm sure there are better photographers out there who are not as depraved as this guy appears to be...It's a shame there are so many people out there with only half a brain that have kept this guy up where he is for so long! (no pun intended) Sickening photo with the crying child and the Abou Garib 'inspired' pics!
Lori - if you see this guy at a party you should go up to him and spit in his face! ;-)

Anonymous said...

These pictures are just sickening and shocking. I can't believe this is what gets considered as art or fashion photography these days, I agree that this stuff is pushed out there to make us desensitized to it. It appeals to most people as being edgy, cool, unique, risque and they will seek to justify its presence as freedom of expression and art.

This is not art, whenever I create something I do it to inspire people and to capture the beautiful things in life. This just makes me seriously sad :( but good work Ben. People should be presented with another viewpoint to help them question things.

Anonymous said...

Anything interesting on last night's episode of Lori's favorite late night tv show? Ben should do a post on that cokehead. Not Lori, i mean ferguson.

Anonymous said...

wow..Im amazed. a post by Ben that hasnt been hijacked by Penis in the first 2 posts, I mean Venus god damnit, such an easy mistake to make.

amsti said...

it's not art in anyway shape or form. what he does is incredibly ugly. his soul must be black.

Anonymous said...

What are you going to put him in jail for? Do we not need evidence anymore, or are we such good mk-ultra investigators that we can claim he is guilty based upon a small series of photos? I'm not saying this guy is innocent, far from it perhaps, but what do we have as evidence? A pyramid drawn on a wall, a girl dressed up as a butterfly, etc. These girls enter the business willingly, I'm pretty sure they have an idea that when they go to a nude photo shoot that it may go beyond that. I am a fan of this site, and I believe in the themes, but I also believe that we need to hold ourselves accountable. We are dealing with very treacherous figures, and we need to be careful not to jump to conclusions. Otherwise we will be calling out illuminati every time we see a butterfly or a field of poppies, and we would be doing ourselves and others that we discuss it with a disfavor. Ben said it himself, most of what this guy puts out is "just an endless array of phallic and sexual suggestiveness."

Again, this comment is not meant to start a flame war, it is to make sure we do our job and not get lazy when we attempt to uncover the invisible government and illuminati (if that's what they even are) culture. This particular post carries with it some speculation: "There was much speculation that the photographer who was described as essentially molesting an underage model." "It may be him...sounds a lot like Richardson's M.O." "off-camera he probably really did "put the notch on the belt", which knowing him was probably also a euphemism for sex)" "Terry's appears to use Disney Princess programming"...

Yes, it is helpful to demystify the dehumanization and objectification in the fashion the world, I completely agree that this is the an aim of the business. But if we see the picture of Obama and immediately begin to imagine what dirty acts went on prior to or after the picture, then we are not doing anything helpful toward uncovering anything, we are just believing in the worst possible world possible.

If we start believing every person this guy takes a photo of is part of the evil system--and that they must be aries, because as we all know of the "predatory lifestyle and mindset" of aries (wtf?)--we may begin to overestimate the illuminati's strength. But most importantly, it is possible this guy is just one crazy mother fucker in a business where the farther you go from the norm the more you stand out.

As one comment reads, "The one with Terry seemingly crying and holding the child is ghastly. Actually, no words describe the ugliness of what could be behind it." Yeah, that train of thought went through my mind, too. I imagined that he even has a thumbs up right up the child's you-no-where during the photo. Or it could just be a picture of the guy having fun mimicking the child. The point is, we don't know, and there isn't anywhere near enough information on this particular post that can bring us anywhere near the point for us to decide the context of the photograph. If we spend too much time with these issues we begin to provide every photo with a dark sinister context that may or may not be true.

I can understand why someone's comment was "zzzzzzz", because as Ben said, "on the whole it is just bland titillation." And yes, I was the one who said "zzzzzz," don't you guys post under anonymous agreeing with yourself, too?

Anonymous said...

If he is using his status to sexually harrass models in any significant way, then maybe we can put him away for that.

If he is participating in underage sexual exploitation in any illegal way, they I'm all for that too.

But 3 March 2010 11:40, keep on defending him! You are surely on the side of the angels. :)

Anonymous said...

Defending him? I am just pointing out that some of us are leaving out the words "if he is" which you put at the beginning of your sentences. There is a big difference between someone saying "IF HE IS sexually harassing models" and "HE IS sexually harassing models."

I guess when I said "I'm not saying this guy is innocent, far from it perhaps," I was trying to let you know that I am not attempting to defend him. I making a different point about how we conspiracy theorists can take a photograph of a girl with butterfly wings and declare that he is committing a felony and say things like "shoot this idiot, put him in jail, he must be aries." If I am taking sides at all, it is surely not his side. I am taking the side of objective analysis based upon evidence.

Anonymous said...

"It's not who you know, it's who you blow. I don't have a hole in my jeans for nothing." - Terry Richardson

From what I know of this industry, that wasn't a joke.

Anonymous said...

"typifies the exploitative, predatory, dehumanizing and objectifying (etc) nature of the fashion industry"
This seems a little strange coming out of the mouth of someone who sexually harasses commenters who don't agree with him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like to analyze the angels and demons too, but a WITCH HUNT is what many comments sound like to me.

Free will baby!*

*stay in your cave with the media OFF if all this "art" offends you.

Anonymous said...

Judgemental and Cultural bias:

Age of consent varies around the world. Puberty does start at 13. Domesticated man has been perverted by legalism.

apparently he only works with models over 18 but there is often a clear underage/lolita theme pervading through many of his shoots (and the rest of the fashion industry for that matter) suggesting perhaps that the urge is there.

Just analyze, leave the judgements to GOD.

Anonymous said...

Of course! If a culture says it is ok for an old sick man to exploit a 13 year old then it is ok. Cuz we don't judge.

And while we are at it, if a culture wants to murder their daughters for "honor" that can't be wrong too. Cultures say it is ok.

Pathetic moral relativism is great.

A hunt indeed. Terry as wolf.

Lori said...

oh btw, the kandy masquerade playboy mansion party was this past weekend, complete with masks and checkerboard floors. i didnt go...but i have been to playboy parties before, also, any guy can go if they have 1000.00 to spend on a ticket..im just wondering who was there, such as crystal harris, or anyone who might be a monarch.

Lori said...

Lindsey Lohan quote

""I was that cute kid in Parent Trap & then I blacked-out for 13 years."


Kim said...

Seems two more "celebs" may not get through the year.

One half of the Ikki Twins who did the Mtv show "Double Shot of Love" is in a coma


J-Kwon, rapper who made a hit in 2004 called "Tipsy", has been missing for almost a month and his producers are looking for him.


Lori said...

whoa i was just thinking of the ikke twins (post of them on this site) i was thinking of crystal harris and hefs new twins, but they are no longer living in his mansion, across the street.

also, my friend the photog in new york, i asked him if he ever met this guy, terry richardson, he said he has shot him a few times and he has a bad rap. he said basically what we all can conclude from these images. he said he uses the illuminati images for jobs (duh)...hes notorious, my friend who is a photographer in new york shoots all the big time celebs and events...he knows alot aobut the industry

Kim said...

Ben, you did a post on Kerli before. It may be interesting to note that she has a new video coming out called "Tea Party".


The song is being used for the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

The exploitation of girls and women in the media is sickening. What happened to feminism?

Rock and Roll T Shirts said...

Wow what a collection... I want this...

Anonymous said...

As always, the scums have their defenders... Indeed, in many cultures even 10 yo is considered for girls lets say the age when they become women. Do u think its normal to sleep with a 10 yo girl, coz of the "cultural" shit? In Latin America, they have Quinceanera, so at 15-16 a girl becomes a woman and everyone can do what he wants with her. Its normal, isnt it? Jews have their bar mitzvah at 13. Still fair, real men and women at that age, rite? Look what happens in some Muslim fundamentalist countries, girls of 8-10 years forced to marry adult men. In the Gypsy "culture", the same thing is happening. Go to wiki and read about the Quinceanera ritual which I find it sick. It really is sick, just like the other shit with "purity rings". To hell with u and that Richardson idiot. Case closed.

As for feminism... Well, like many other movements it has become hijacked so no wonder such terrible things are happening in the world.


P2P said...


She once said "I can be Charlotte Church one second and then I can be Kittie another."

Anonymous said...

I believe this so-called 'art' speaks for itself. The word 'art' is used as an excuse in a lot of 'creative circles' I know of! Different cultures have different traditions - one mans curse is another mans joke - that kind of thing - but what is being highlighted on this site is the fact that our 'westernized traditions' have been hijacked and deformed. The process of 'social change' has been steered in strange direction...am I making sense?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"The exploitation of girls and women in the media is sickening. What happened to feminism?"

I dont know how aware you are, but Feminism turned into a U.N. puppet following the gigantic sums donated to that 'cause' by the U.N.

Of course, most feminists forget that Saudi Arabia and various other Women hating countries fund the U.N. therefore the "leaders" of modern feminist movements chose to accept money from the thing they allegedly hate; those who consider women lesser than men.

Try telling that to a feminist, though, they are too brainwashed to even connect the dots.

to sum it up, feminists took the same route all 'charities' and 'organisations' take in the end, their leaders liked the mansions and million dollar/pound bank balances followed by the celeb status over the "cause"

Anonymous said...

Lori! You need to go to the parties and report back to us. But be careful of course. :)

Anonymous said...

To Brenda and Venus,

All us comment readers who don't flame are looking fwd to when you eventually come home and comment again.

Don't sweat the haters.

Anonymous said...

@4 March 2010 09:18

agreed with Brenda, she was a contributer.

Venus on the other hand, Id say the majority of the shtick she got was primarily her own doing.

and the threats to have the blog taken down for randoms comments only inflamed it.

that being said, nobody should feel the need to just 'leave' due to the odd comment thats negative, well IMO.

Anonymous said...

Venus left after Savannah Knoop / Laura Albert / JT LeRoy were mentioned. Similar drama/writing styles...Maybe too similar? 'Nuff said.

Ok, Ben, good on ya.

Lori said...

to the comment about porn actress brea whatever her name is, above, she is referring to musicians such as charlotte church or a metal girl band called kittie...and the tim burton link seems like its from the grinch that stole christmas that burton directed.

to anony 09:14, i was kind of curious too, about going to more parties. i told my friend to let me know when more events are going on in new york, and he always makes sure im safe. i live close to new york, but i also feel like people know who i am (based on past experiences) something weird always happens...but i can handle it!

and i feel that venus does know alot about mk and even herself does have alot to share, however, there are some sexual derogatory insults that people dont realize trigger people that have went through trauma.

it happens even to people the come here and leave comments, sure we all read about it, but there are so many cases about victims who arent famous rich and glamorous.

i seen a video that reminded me of all this and the words i will link it..

its one republic and they are wearing masks, checkerboard floors etc..even the words are interesting i guess, i need to find the lyrics


Anonymous said...

@4 March 2010 11:05

I noticed that too, the same wording of those 'characters'..as you say though, nuff said.

Lori said...

now i feel like sharing some stories...actually a few times i was with my friend the photographer at this popular new york club, marquee, (i wrote about the time where someone shoved a champagne bottle in my mouth) but another time...we were there and we were going to go to his friends place for an after party. well, there were these guys who were at the club too, who started talking to me and beat him up. the police were called, and even tho it was three guys who attacked him, they took my friend away, and left me, with nothing but a little dress and heels. i was in new york stuck, by myself! these guys were trying to get me to go with them. the police didnt care. somehow, they didnt even find out who the guys who attacked him were. i always know it was set up. this was when i started expereincing strange things. its too hard to explain here so i will write a blog about it, but the police had to be in on it too because how could they not find out who the attackers were and bring my friend to jail? and they didnt even care about me!

i also feel like sharing that a few times i have hung out with actress michelle rodriguez and she had said that she was being interviewed by regis philburn. she said, "i hope the illuminati dont come after me"

i keep trying to look for that interview on youtube..

oh gosh how could i of missed this!

here she is on craig ferguson about avatar..

well im gonna watch this one now

sorry if im not inciteful and sorry if i am annoying anyone, i just wanted to share those experiences and yes i am going to make a blog dedicated to what i have went through and seen etc...

Anonymous said...

lori, what if the illuminati come after you for spilling all these things?! never mind michelle rodriguez

just sayin.

Anonymous said...

this might sound like a daft question but what is craig ferguson's snake tattoo all about? "join or die"?! :/ does he mean he's with 'them'....

Anonymous said...

3 March 2010 11:40

Hmmm...thinly-veiled sarcasm is all I see there

Anonymous said...

craig ferguson said its about the benjamin franklin story and he got it because hes proud to be an american citizen..i noticed on his show he had the same guy, stephen wright (I think???) who was "swinging" britney murphy and they even said the word swing. it was during a read the emails and tweets section. we can tweet him, what should i email/tweet him?

im not sure if that question above was serious or being sarcastic but anyways...who exactly are the illuminati? what "illuminati" members will visit this site? maybe freemasons...i dont know!??!!

Lori said...

actually, i know who the 13 bloodlines are...


-The Astor Bloodline

- The Bundy Bloodline

- The Collins Bloodline

- The DuPont Bloodline

- The Freeman Bloodline

- Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschill, Russell, The Van Duyn Bloodline

also Disney, Krupp, and McDonald

Lori said...

read this AND the comments, (at least the first two comments)


i remember a while back i read the writings of an obvious schizophrenic person, making claims that hugh hefner was a child molester amongst others. at the time i disregarded it, but now im not so sure and feel claims like this hold some sort of MK abuse...

my friend works with Dr drew and i asked him to ask him about mk and project monarch but even my friend doesnt seem to understand or want to understand about what it all means, even tho he works at the same center dr. drew does on saturday...he works as a drug and alchohol counselor there, but i kind of think he does it for self gratification

ok maybe i shouldnt be writing all that i write especially here...

Anonymous said...

RFID chips


Lori said...

read this too its interesting, its about the different kinds of agents and other things...


i think its from a book called deeper insights, has anyone else read this one? i want to read it along with the springmeir fritz how to make an illuminati puppet book (of course we cant just naievely trust all of this info either)

Lori said...

on american idol right now (not sure why im watching this) "simon says its something he heard in a theme park," ryan seacrest [the freemason] says, "who knew simon hangs out at all these theme parks?"

huh? i wonder if simon programmed that kid to sing that song in a theme park, thats why it reminded him of it...

i cant watch tv anymore without thinking everyones been programmed!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol@the 13 families listed above.

They are merely offshoots of the current British monarch, who in itself are nothing more than the remainder of the Oldenburg house.

do some research before reposting such inaccurate shit.

Anonymous said...

Lori = misinfo disinfo

Anonymous said...

To incite is to provoke, goad, instigate. To start a riot.
So you are very "inciteful". ;)

Insightful is to be gifted with knowledge and wisdom. You have a lot to share with us about your stories. So you are also insightful.

But read the Illuminati Formula slowly because it is disturbing.

word verification=hymphemp.
It must be 4:20. ;)

wondering if i was going to post this or not!?!??! ok than said...

hmm..at the risk of sounding like i obsess too much over craig ferguson (in actuality it became a sort of ritual, i mean, no NOT ritual, but a habit...) so...now his guests act funny, and they sure talk about what others say about them on the internet...anyways, thanks at comment above, i know it has alot of disturbing things and i have read alot of upsetting disturbing things. also to the one about the bloodlines, well, i dont know i googled it and thats what came up. sorry! who are the bloodlines...or are there any? im just trying to research and further inform myself, even tho i just read today something, we will never really know the full truth but if we really try too than we will know some...anyways...what does anyone think about that guy that says dr. drew implanted a chip? that is strange, especially the comments about tracking devices.

(check out craig ferguson if interested, first guest...seemed wary of talking too much about how people perceive him on the internet...tamboor)i just wonder and i feel that they are checking out his comments...i will try to find a link tomorrow and put it up..

Anonymous said...

Lady GaGa, Bad Parents, and Pedophiles are exploiting children all over youtube:

Check out the mirror symbolism in that video...wtf?


Anonymous said...


4 March 2010 11:14

Lori that song is interesting. It seems to me he's singing to other celebritie's about the really rich families who have it much better than them. That part where he sing's "yeah we're going down" I couldn't help but think of the underground cities the billionaires have built for themselves to live in.

Anonymous said...

Check it out:




Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

rockerfeller are one of the 13bloodlines aren't they?

always reminds me of jay-z, his record label being called 'roc-a-fella' i mean how blatant can you get?! and then there is his song called 'd'evils' where he pretty much says he's with the illuminati...are his fans that dumb or do they simply not care?

i can't imagine the amount of dicks he's sucked to get where he is. vile!

Anonymous said...

Lori sure spends a lot of time directing people towards her late night tormentors. DO you get paid twenty dollars?

Anonymous said...

The Rockefellers only really got their wealth because of their blood-ties to the Avery family who descend from the Audley and the De La Warr households.

the De La Warr's(pronounced delaware which was named after them) were made rich through the James Town colony which one of them was the govenor of.

the current head of the de la warrs is a buckhurst(lord buckhurst) the name that both the rockefellers and the buckhursts are the public face for are the West family, who go by the "sackville" surname since about 1840 when one of the Wests married a Sackville.

the audley ties to the rockefellers meant they are also related to the likes of Jefferson, a few other presidents and Princess Diana.

to sum it up the Rockefellers are nothing more than a sub-family of the french/British familys that have had power for about the past 500 years.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

Is March MK month or something?

Please look this over:

Lori said...

I think he was an agent. He was on his way to the pentagon, where they say he fired shots and in turn he was gunned down and killed. he had a website where he was trying to expose the government and how they get rewarded for false information.


also, the vatican got exposed for running their gay prostitute rings.

Lori said...

John Patrick Bedell


Lori said...

yeah, alot of parents are dressing their kids up as lady gaga, there was a little girl in brazil (i think) who was on a show dressed up as little gaga...its so disturbing. let them be kids and dance around to kid music! NOT lady gaga!!!

also, that one republic song, well, it does look glamourous on the outside, but really, do we want to be like them? they are slaves, masks of their souls are revealed. do they even still have their soul? that is what i make out of the song at least...

Lori said...

that painting of queen elizabeth is disturbing. she even looks reptilian. dont they believe they are from reptiles or something?

i really do have to believe there is more to all this than just mk ultra and mind control.

they truly believe in this stuff. i need to study all religions more to get a more balanced grasp of things...

Lori said...

haha! twenty dollars! isnt that what he pays his audience?

Lula said...

i am in the process of listening and reading the link about march madness. i am reading about the pi. i remember i was in my apartment in hollywood, and this girl named katie who was down the hall from me, im not going to go into much details about pawns being set up in my life!! but something very weird happened, and i went to her apartment and i see a movie. anyways, who cares what im rambling about, but the movie is a darren aronofsky one, called pi. i asked her about it, it stood out for me for some reason, i have to go back to my older blogs to see why this was so weird for me, but she says it is sort of like alice in wonderland...

so anyways, i have to watch it.

i think science knows alot...i also met someone that worked for nasa AND disney while i was there. he couldnt exactly spill secrets, but i was interested in hearing them! good thing i blogged about all this i have to go back and re-read them...

Anonymous said...


Lori becomes more laughable as the days progress "reptilian" hahahaha.

You do realise Icke and his ilk refer to them as 'reptiles' to avoid having to use the word 'Jew'?

He is of course a BBC puppet, therefore he is well aware of the ADL so was obviously instructed to not say 'JEW' too often, thus chose 'reptiles'.

Lula said...

what is with that interview...around 8 minutes on, a fellow scientist from india..."the experience seeing a time warp field in operation"

what is a time warp field?

you know, this might sound crazy, but three times...i woke up (i experience sleep paralysis alot but this was not SP) i seen a holographic man in front of me. he wanted me to see him. he always set something, like a candy or some sort of chip, on my pillow or next to me...

what was that all about? yes i know i sound crazy and i know i am subjecting myself to mockery and whatever else, i dont care at this point! sorry tho!!!

i need to research what a warp time generator is...

oh that holographic man was wearing all white uniform with bright neon paint splattered on it...

Listen up kids.. said...

White powder, called coke, ISNT Coca Cola!! its bad, and makes you see things that dont exist.

Ask Lori/Lula, the resident junkie. she can confirm/will confirm within first post.

Lori said...

i knew there was going to be some kind of comment like that, which was why i wasnt going to post it. well whatever. open your mind!

davidd said...

Here's a trick...

Get a magazine with high quality photography (or find a good pic on the net ie. one shot professionally with good lighting and the subject clearly in focus on a deep/blurry background).
Now cover over one eye and look at the picture for at least thirty seconds (through one eye).
Really take in all the details.
Notice how the 2D image becomes 3D?
After discovering this some time back I now find it hard to appreciate any well shot photograph without covering over one eye...

To me, that's interesting, if not admittedly a little strange.


Anonymous said...

check out lindsay lohan pics on Perez Hilton today. Done by Richardson...

Kim said...

Looks like the rapper, J-Kwon, has been found. He took "some time for himself" and didn't know people would be worried about him. Hmmm..


Anonymous said...

Rockfellers are also Crypto fuckin Jews, they have nothing to do with French/British stuff so to say.

WTF are they doing to her?





Anonymous said...

FIGER acting like possessed



Anonymous said...

C rather than just going by the word of others, why not look into the MOTHER Lucy Avery, whos name the Standard Oil founders FATHER still kept, William Avery Rockefeller, and HER blood ties to Barons who were both a, French, and B, British

but no, a simple little fool like you can only read whats already been misguidedly wrote, you cant actually do research of your own, can you?

So come on then GENIUS, why do they currently use the English varient of Roquefeuil? and why did they formely use ROCKENFELLER in the early 1700s? DIRECTLY meaning they were descendants of the SPANISH FRENCH Roquefeuil house?

nah, its all lies isnt it? the fact its DOCUMENTED, but isnt DOCUMENTED by your favourite little 'exposé' that you read like a Christian does the bible.

Anonymous said...

Anony 6:29. So, only if u offend smb u show how smart u are? Hail to u, moron! I dont know and dont care about where u got the info from, but the ROCKIES still are Cryptos. U gave me the French variant of their name? Fuck, its irrelevant! Will they tell u in ur face what they really are? They do absolutely anything to hide it. Just like in ROOSEVELT's case. Dutch the official bullshit version say. I doubt. ROSENFELD is the real name. Period. And btw Im an atheist.

Anonymous said...

once again, you over-look the facts.

look into it, and youll see they arent cryptos, but infact are JEWS.

not only that, as you disputed above they ARE of french/british nobility.

the reason I used the FRENCH/GERMAN spelling is because the fathers and mothers of the AMERICAN ROCKEFELLERS "descend" from those with the french surnames.

of course, once again, you over-looked this...and you certainly wont spend a second looking it up, because it doesnt fit your little perception.

to put it plainly, incase you are as half-arsed as Im thinking you are, THEY DESCEND FROM NOBILITY, WITH GERMAN/FRENCH/BRITISH HERITAGE, AND THIS CAN and HAS been TRACED.

and they certainly dont HIDE the facts as you state, its all out in the OPEN, for anyone who LOOKS.

but then again, people like you never look.

now, go ahead, and say 'IT DOESNT MATTER, ITS IRRELEVANT' because it doesnt suit your little agenda.


I'm starting a campaign to get Ben to do a post on Pseudoccultmedia.

A meta-post if you will.


Anonymous said...

Whether libertine or restrictive, western "culture" always thinks it's better than all the rest. Screw that, it's going DOWN.

Anonymous said...

In reference to earlier mention of young kids trying to emulate lady gaga -


Anonymous said...

Anony 7:39. U're a freaky lil' paranoid obsessed by "agendas" and what not. Case closed.


Anonymous said...

What if someone else who's name begins with C. wants to post, C.?

Do you C. my point?

Anonymous said...


youre clearly just a know-nothing fuck who has no idea what the terms 'crypto jew' or 'multi-generational' mean let alone how its been done for x hundred years..hence why you'll always be just a little flea reposting rubbish hes found online...the majority of which was debunked before your idiotic self had access to a computer.

interesting a half baked stain like yourself uses the word "paranoid" when its evident a foolish little e-mong who posts every single worldly occurance and is so on edge automatically thinks its 'THE NWO' is paranoid/off his rocker, ie; you.

go read some more misinfo, little boy...and continue to post it thinking its "true"

as for the 'case', it was never really 'open' to be closed with such a mundane little cretin as yourself involved.

to the blog owner; my apology for having to display this publically, but this C fella and his misinfo is more than worthy of being corrected.

I'll understand entirely if you delete these posts, as its clearly not good for your blog.

Anonymous said...

To anony 14:54

My last post for u, smart ass. Ive been here for 2 years on, Ben "knows" me so to say and I doubt hed delete my posts. He'd rather do that with urs. Yes, I replied to u in the same manner but anyway u were the 1st to insult me and u keep it like that. Then, what can I say? Keep it like that, its good for ur health. If Im a half baked brain, wtf u think u are? I have no idea of multigenerational or crypto jews means? Are u sure? 100%. All u wrote is massive BS. U can keep insulting me, I dont mind. What should I expect from smb like u?


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I was saying BEN could delete MY posts if he wished.

secondly, all B.S? ok then, do yourself a favour and look up "William Avery Rockefeller, Sr."

notice that little word there that starts with an A? ohhh...but its all B.S. right? silly little child.

now look at the MOTHER of his, and her relatives.(LUCY 'AVERY')

EVEN lame ass wikipedia has this info. yet your stupid self thinks its 'secret' and that they dont 'tell people who they are'


since you arent man enough too, let alone admit you may be wrong, I'll just post the wikishit for your half baked self to read;

"The Rockefellers trace their family back to Goddard Rockenfeller (1590) of Fahr, today part of Neuwied, Germany. The first Rockefeller to settle in America was Johann Peter Rockefeller (1710, Segendorf, Neuwied; 1787, Amwell Township, New Jersey). Goddard Rockenfeller was reputedly a descendant of Augier de Roquefeuil, younger brother of Guillaume IV de Roquefeuil, the ancestor of later sires, and John (Jean) de Roquefeuil, the ancestor of the Roquefeuil-Versols and Saint Etienne, Family of France, sons of Adhemar I de Roquefeuil, Sire of Versols (died 1477).[1]

Lucy Avery was daughter of Miles Avery and wife Malinda Pixley, and descended by her father from Edmund of Langley's first marriage (through 5th Baron Audley's second marriage)[2] and from Mary Boleyn's first marriage (through the 2nd Barons de la Warr)[3]."

NOW LET ME GUESS, C-LOWN, thats all lies right?

then again, what does anyone else know. Historians who are paid millions to research this stuff for the best part of 20 years are all wrong.

theres nobody apart from the almighty "C" who is correct, is there?

now youre more than welcome to look into this further, and see that infact you were wrong.

but we both know you wont. you are after all, a 2 year veteran and know everything. therefore any new info can merely be lies.

so case closed.

and Ben, once again, you may delete MY posts if you wish, for the content is merely directed at this cretin, not your sites audience.

CAMPAIGNER #1 said...

It may not be intended for the audience but the audience is enjoying it none the less.

Mr. C. does post some gibberish with a manner that is less endearing, let's say, but we can all be guilty of thinking we're right all the time. Sadly, not everyone acknowledges this.

Slagging each other off isn't really a productive use of time.

Instead let's get a Pseudoccultmedia post on Pseudoccultmedia!


Campaigner #2 said...

The slagging off - as you so Britishly put it - is counter-productive and a complete waste of time/effort, on the other hand the information which accompanied it is indeed a good find.

I've previously read on the British Royals, and more importantly the Rockefellers, and had never noticed what was pointed out above.

A diamond in the rough moment, so to speak.

CAMPAIGNER #1 said...

As much as I concur with the arguments levelled against Chris's reasoning skills, there are better ways of pointing out other's behavioral faults. Though indeed, C. often seems to nominate himself for taking down a peg.

I'm not really interested in any info about the Rockefellers... I couldn't give two hoots, rather go and look at a tree or something.

On a side note, I hope that there is truly another campaigner on board for a PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA META-POST. Huzzah.

Lori said...

i was going to post a link to this video of lady gaga in wonderland, but i didnt. its on perezhiltons site, yes i did see that lindsey lohan pic done by terry richardson i read in the comments her other pic was him kissing her neck or something gross like that...poor lindsey lohan is a mess, she has no concept on how to conduct herself as she seems to float around as the world photographs and gossips about everything. was there ever a post on her? that would be interesting.

what is with all these celebrities visiting with obama at the white house? geez! shakira, now jay-z and beyonce? from what i read about jay-z, that photo of him under the great seal disturbs me


campaigner #2 said...

It's definitely a requirement, I feel.

We are now two in strength, surely our voices must now be heard - or, well, seen in this case?

campaigner #3 said...

i too, would like to read a post on psuedo-occult.com.

Anonymous said...

C. i'm pretty sure has said a few times 'it' is a chick. And a moron by the way. She really can't think for herself.

Lori is another idiot but at least she fills up space with things like: i was going to do this but i didn't, "lindsey lohan is a mess" (REALLY?! NO ONE HAD NOTICED UNTIL YOU POINTED IT OUT! thanks!) "was there ever a post on her" You post on this blog but you have not bothered to read it from the beginning??? then why are YOU here Lori?


Anonymous said...

C. i'm pretty sure has said a few times 'it' is a chick. And a moron by the way.

Lori is another idiot but at least she fills up space with things like: i was going to do this but i didn't, "lindsey lohan is a mess" (REALLY?! NO ONE HAD NOTICED UNTIL YOU POINTED IT OUT! thanks!) "was there ever a post on her" You post on this blog but you have not bothered to read it from the beginning??? then why are YOU here Lori?


Anonymous said...

About Beyonce Cosmetology School for Crackheads, this is a better link than what was posted before:

El Criollo Loco reporting for duty. Please ignore BeyStiality’s Cowardly Lion wig and hold on to your own, because this news is finna knock you on your asses.

Crackheads everywhere rejoice! Get to your nearest rehab facility and sign up for classes at the Beyonce Cosmetology Center. Anita Bagza Dummuny was filming Cadillac RECORDS as Etta James (the best performance in a film since Kelly Rowland’s portrayal of Kia in Freddy v Jason) when she first visited the Phoenix House, a residential substance abuse center in Brooklyn. Jay-Z pushed crack to the fiends of Brooklyn and now Beyowulf is helping them CLEAN up and start careers. Circle of life.

You may laugh, but soon even the drug addicts will be looking better than you complete with signature Knowles designs like Solo’s yellow eye stripe, Cousin Angie’s Fire Engine red lips, and even KIZZY’S FRAGGLE ROCK WIG.

via: http://www.crunktastical.net/2010/03/05/beyonce-2/#more-29181

Anonymous said...

^^It's a "black site" and some of the jokes might go over your heads but you'll get the main point.

C., since you know Ben so well and you love using the "head buried in the sand" as a general insult, and without comprehending where people are coming from, maybe you can answer this: Is Ben's head is still buried in the sand like an ostrich about his favorite band MUSE? I know you will say something stupid but i take my chances.

Lori said...

not that i need to defend myself to you calling me an idiot, im not going to stoop to that level, but i would like to say yes i have read almost every post on this site. i dont recollect a lindsey lohan one. thank ya very much!

sorry for sharing my thoughts man this place is a real bitch aint it?!?!

Anonymous said...

Do you really need a post on Lindsey Lohan? Are you that vampyric? Also, if you're so sorry why do you keep doing it? Ever other post is sorry this sorry that, you sound stupid, grow a spine.

Anonymous said...


"I already described how actors might be chosen as vessels or conduits—“strange attractors”—by which psychic energy could be drawn off and redirected toward the creation of thought-forms. These thought-forms would not be under the control of the actor, much less the audience (whose psychic energy they are made up of), but rather that of a third, unseen element: a power, let’s say, hidden behind the scenes. Thus these thought-forms would seem to be autonomous, since they are being directed by an outside intelligence independent of their apparent source. Something similar may occur in the cases of MPD and indeed, of actors submersing themselves in a role. It almost indubitably does occur in the case of mind control victims."

Lori said...

i said i dont need to apologize so i was being ironic/sarcastic frankly i dont give a damn!

Anonymous said...

lori you raiased good points. re celebrities in the white house and lohan...i am shocked at the bitchy remarks against you on this comments forum. Goes to show you, most of the comments are from arrogant know it all who have no idea how to have a discussion. Sad.

CAMPAIGNER #1 said...

That's all very well,

but how about a post on PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA.

Ben could give us a little history, any interesting facts about the site, an inside analysis on the comment section war!


Anonymous said...

Behold, invasion of idiots again... Targets: me and Lori for now. But Im sure there will be others too. Inevitable. Im glad to notice that after I said Ive been 2 years on this blogspot, suddenly everyone knows me. Not even me I know myself like u do, really! Have fun coz noone knows whats gonna happen tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

So anyone who challenges you is an idiot then?

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to be 'targeted' as you so put it, why don't you post anonymously? It's the information that's important isn't it?

W.C said...

C - with all due respect - all the person above did was point out the things you claimed are BS were true, and provided freely available references. Yes, the other insults/slurrs included didnt help and rightfully you responded back in the same manner. Why attempt to carry it on above with that comment?

Campaigner #1; that does sound like it would be a hilarious post to read!

Anonymous said...

Come on people...let's get back to the subject at hand...Don't forget, the OZcars 'ceremony' is on tonight...that should be fun!!

I was just reading that 'Alice' has broken all expected records for a 3D opening weekend box-office takings...Just imagine HOW many people that is - people that have now been 'touched' by Burton's new vision! eewww!



Lori said...

you are right, marty, the oscars are tonight! if i was in hollywood now, i would be able to go to some of the oscar after parties.

if someone wants to challenge me, thats fine, but as far as insult at me, what did i do? i am contributing things that interest me and i think it pertains to this blog.

anyways, i posted about psuedo occult on my personal blog and someone commented saying dont dis occultism if i know nothing about it

this is a fair enough question, why is this site called 'psuedooccult?"

i think some people dont understand that this site is dissecting and analyzes occult-like symbolism, which really has its own agenda. no i havent really studied occultism, and i dont dismiss wiccan type studies and what not, but this site is about project monarch. im not sure what the post on psuedo occult might be, but it might be kind of interesting.

also, another thing, when i had to go to the hospital three years ago, because i know someone slipped me some sort of drug at marquee, (that was the weirdest hospital visit i ever had) well, on one of the sample cards they gave me, i noticed it had said, "occult" on it. i saved it. its still in california but i thought it was really strange..

well, lets see how the oscars go down later...

Grossed Out said...

Sorry if someone has already mentioned this (I can't really be fucked reading back through the comments) but did anyone notice that on Terry Richardsons website under his projects section there is a project called "Mom" which contains a photo of his mother, topless holding a butterfly on a stick? (not to mention a general butterfly theme in most of the pictures in his "mom" project)

Anonymous said...

Id so fuck his mother - you just know shes a filthy bitch.

Inspector Gadjit said...

"C. i'm pretty sure has said a few times 'it' is a chick. And a moron by the way. She really can't think for herself."

If thats true, my thoughts whilst reading Cs overall verbiage above were correct; C is on the rag.

anarchore said...

The Subhumans are a legendary UK punk band and that is their logo in the first photo.

Shame on you as an apparent Brit for not knowing that... you better torrent some mp3's ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I should have posted this on the Gigi Jordan post, but on the day her suicide attempt and murder of her son was announced, I googled her to see a picture of her and also what I could find out about her.

I came across a strange webpage which appears to have been removed now. I figured it would, because the content was so bizarre, so I quickly copied it that same day.

Read this quote from Springmeier and then see if you think this is what the website contained:

From Springmeier The Illuminati Formula:

"End time alters may have access codes that may entail reading an entire page."

Now here is an excerpt from the bizarre page I found RANDOMLY the day the Gigi Jordan story broke. I just copied and pasted it verbatim:

"gigi jordan mirra
I am so unartistic to gigi jordan mirra of the cosmetically demise but i am biyearly to dickeybird that you had to ovenbird unfavorably a nincompoop.
Gigi jordan mirra is dulse in a catastrophe mouthful, the melolonthidae of a savannah unabashed key everest torpidly him.
Was demonstrated a limbic hat, to gigi jordan mirra his saddled fracas envelope and he was swerving a hemostat with no inconsistency.
You gigi jordan mirra downbeat the disinterestedness to rub drouth with and peronosporaceae from profoundly of the disliked frill monarchist on the piperazine.
Are you gigi jordan mirra two viking of architectural grandmaster with polygala wanter you crossness caudally of the hashmark patsy?
Gigi jordan mirra fascism the betrothal quadratic germ out nestorianism osmosis, haemodorum hesitancy for the trade, is a bulky.
The gigi jordan mirra runway is the fortunately enfeebling icecap of this musing sphinx but it eagerly aileron timorously lempira and the albitic hornless reticle.
Her gigi jordan mirra were inartistic and crumpled but insinuatingly approaching adulterously to the illegally bedfellow loweringly when cruller with a proximo egg and ham, or with cacophonic protoctist and antitoxin.
T get it, gigi jordan mirra nycturia polydactyl our jounce to be nostalgically anarchic in needle, photometrically when they are, they get ghastliness for it.
She was a acquisitive erogenous dimorphic airy determinate gigi jordan mirra jab granule cluck tranquilizer lovingly gospel tidiness modernized trenchantly silique sporadic incentive talismanic unclipped cannibalics.
As for gigi jordan mirra, its eagerly callistephus serratia if you melchior it amorally, too, but you bracero thus for the tetrasporangium when you pulpited the kinanesthesia disobediently.
February 05, 2010, 6:08 pm We gigi jordan mirra blamelessly be bimestrial yet abysmally, this tuchman to a perseveringly burnability on the diplomatically olive of the counterrevolutionist counterpoint peshmerga channukah.

Anonymous said...

gigi jordan post continued:

February 05, 2010, 5:45 pm The reversibly gigi jordan mirra is weblike a big hit incognito now, the deposer craven is lunt and we are leiopelma the oppositive to get diverging and reflexiveness us get this coxsackievirus out of teasle, we berberidaceae to atherosclerosis it at this paresis.

February 05, 2010, 6:06 pm He gigi jordan mirra that the acquittal of pretend is the ankus for the being in the tablature prematurely calibre and unsurpassed reps as the anthologist negotiatrix remedial moonstruck and brash prismoid.

February 05, 2010, 6:30 pm No gigi jordan mirra may below finnic any bleach for the mandala of busbar soon acanthus upon any sphinx. We protoarchaeology downwind whelk in the kowtow to krona that we the athletics are not the landowska, and unseamanlike bow temptingly to all the womanish our organizational overbold jestingly leucocytozoon normality supernaturalness on us., gigi jordan mirra

February 05, 2010, 6:25 pm Visually, unkindly, bright i gigi jordan mirra for nudist and macrozoarces so they can noctambulation up with me, but matabele bantam this one are impertinently my own sottish flamen.

February 05, 2010, 5:51 pm Disarrayed me of gutturally veritable to gigi jordan mirra in a albugo or run a spinnbarkeit but it did levitation me with a peliosis to jabberwocky a lot unenthusiastically and a thoughtlessly floodlight of the amaranthus of rattus.

February 05, 2010, 6:20 pm Cleft prussian gigi jordan mirra glaringly golden and sleeplessly grizzly aerological quicksilver supra millikan and debaser than it editorially gets.

February 05, 2010, 6:25 pm One gigi jordan mirra she was a fancier mitterrand, who, in her suricata to bigoted her lifelike investigator for profanatory thorniness, refreshed a merovingian sudation.

February 05, 2010, 6:20 pm Fits oddly inefficiently a darned gigi jordan mirra with vesicular eurhythmics auriculated for boxwood, factualness, and ingredient bar.."

And on and on like this!!! The page was just black and white text, nothing else, no identifiers. I now realize this was probably a page that contained coded triggers for her!!! She must have read these statements at some point before she committed that terrible act, look at the date! The texts were all written the night she was holed up in that hotel!!!

Maybe someone was texting these things to her as triggers and she somehow saved them to a temporary webpage!! The page is 'down' now, but this was clearly a list of triggers! How else would you explain it!??!!

Anonymous said...

The timings imply its two people, the wordings attempt to imply it is someone trying to state they, and she, is either indo-european or knows that language.

Its mostly gibberish, though.

Any chance you can repost it in the order the posts were on the web page?

Mickey Mouse Is Dead said...


Ben was probably still in nappies when the Subhumans were formed, give the guy a break.

Anonymous said...

anything interesting going on at the oscars? it really is just an awards show for all the hard work they put in...kind of boring actually. has anyone noticed anything? i noticed some sort of sun background earlier...hmm

that sounds like a code above, two people talking to each other back and forth maybe? i dont understand?

Anonymous said...

im just being goofy but after i posted that, the camera filmed the ceiling, which resembled an eye...

Anonymous said...

omg that gigi jordan post is in witch language i think?! where the fuck did that appear? scaryy

Anonymous said...

its not witch language, for the majority its indo european, which is a mixture of different languages.

its a pity the person didnt respond with the order they were posted in.

without the order, all it seems to be is vanity related digs directed towards gig jordan.

Anonymous said...

^That reminds me of:
Raymond Prentiss Shaw Why don't you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?

Anonymous said...

why do people want to be involved with all this occult shit anyway? coz it gives them 'power'?!

its quite sad really (as in retarded sad!)

anarchore said...

Mickey Mouse Is Dead said...


Ben was probably still in nappies when the Subhumans were formed, give the guy a break.

LOL, Mickey Mouse, they shot him in the head, didn't they?

OK, now Subvert!


Anonymous said...

Because they are foolish, and think dabbling in the occult will only 'reward' them.

They clearly forget that 'costs' exist in all aspects of life, and the word 'free' is really non-existant.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


*waits for C. to repost it as a definitive proof shes a reptile

Anonymous said...

I am the poster who posted the gigi jordan stuff. It is in order. I posted it verbatim copy and paste...

What do you mean by "Indo european" like South east asian/ Aryan sanskrit gaelic???? Explain what you mean. Where are you getting indo-european?

I see CIA code or as someone else said: witch language.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Natalie Wood's family wants to re-open the case behind her death.

The truth is so good!! Shine the light into every corner!!


Well the comment section is snail paced compared to the past few months ja?

However, the campaign is gathering speed! The campaign for a Pseudoccultmedia meta-post!!!

I bet Ben's excited.

Anonymous said...

I doubt thats CIA code, the CIA use alpha numerical like every other intelligence agency(usually 6 to 8 digits with a letter in a specific place would be a word)

Anonymous said...

@9 March 2010 13:20

its because we no longer have the 'experts' plugging their shit.

Im doubting youll get your wish, though...which is just unfair.

Lori said...

Lindsay Lohan wants to sue e-trade commercial, she thinks the 'milkaholic lindsay' is taking a subliminal jab at her...


could be true, commercials DO take subliminal jabs...they have been doing it for years

Anonymous said...

There are lots of different codes...

Anonymous said...

true, but in the short history of modern intelligence its doubtful any country is stupid enough to use a system that was purely alphabetical.

the last one that comes to mind was enigma.

even newbie cryptanalysts can work out polyalphabetics in a few minutes these days with a computer.

Anonymous said...

maybe its just me and my imagination reading too much about baphomet worship and raping and molesting children, torture and abuse, but now whenever i see ryan seacrest, i just get this feeling he has raped some little boys. i used to think he was cute, but now there is something creepy and pedo about him...does anyone else get this feeling from him?

like he has to go through these rituals to reach the next level of illumination??

maybe its just my imagination

Lori said...

another picture of lindsey lohan that terry richardson took


Anonymous said...

MK claims another victim. COREY HAIM found dead of "accidental" overdose. R.I.P. I think Ill go mad....



Anonymous said...

On COREY HAIM....the ritualistic and MASONIC overtones.....died at 3:30 am (33)...Providence St. Joseph's Hospital...and I'm sure, many more...RIP Corey. Skep

Anonymous said...

yes i noticed that too, 3.30 seems to be a popular time for these deaths...

i remember reading in victoria beckham's autobiography that she dated him once, and he was a complete weirdo.

p.s whats this about ryan seacrest? someone said he is a freemason? no offence but i feel some people here are starting to go slightly ott with things...not everyone is a sick bastard. surely.

Anonymous said...

Corey, dead at 3:30, born on a day of 23, aged 38... Province St. Joseph's Hospital. Joseph, the father of Jesus - Corey's birthday was 2 day before Xmas. Mabe I go off the rail, but anyway, just my thoughts...


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about Seacrest, but I always felt he looked more like a synthetic than a pedo. There is something off about him though. Its like you can't read his sexuality. I don't sense he's into women but then I don't sense he's into men either. That probably does mean some kind of freaky perversion.

Did you read where Tila had mentioned that Simon Cowell liked to flick lighters at his female co-hosts to scare them?

Anonymous said...

Now don't you believe me
Oh can't you see I'm full of lies
Oh something
Oh something once pure
I came to the city
To build a mountain of envy
And to marry a Kennedy

So let's stay out tonight
I just can't stop it
I just can't stop it
Ooh, girl I say ooh
Whatever happened my friend
Ooh, girl I say ooh
Whatever happened my friend
Corey Haim

So if I betray you
I won't be the first
You won't be the last
Oh something
Oh something once pure

On Paramount Pictures
I'm Andy Warhol with other ....
Hey ...
I'm the American dream

So let's stay out tonight
You see, I just can't stop it
I just can't stop it
Ooh, girl I say ooh
Whatever happened my friend
Ooh, girl I say ooh
Whatever happened my friend
Yeah Corey Haim Haim Haim Haim

So put on that dress tonight
You see, we just can't stop it
We just can't stop it
Ooh, hey girl I said ooh
Whatever happened my friend
Corey Haim

Alright, alright... alllright

'What ever happened to Corey Haim'
Lyrics by The Thrills

MK/Marty (a sort of tribute I guess)

Anonymous said...

not saying all freemasons are sick, of course.

C i think you are going way over the top!

Anonymous said...

true, not all can be. Im guessing the higher up the worse they get tho.

after all,those at the top are usually business men who answer to others.

lulalla said...

tyra making her guests label each other as freakshows, having the overweight people wear signs such as elephant, other signs are clown, pickpocket, bodybuilder, freakshow, fortune teller. i really do not know how this is helpful at all since they are all arguing with each other. she has done this before.

i have a story about corey haim, (its nothing shocking) all he wanted was a friend. he was lonely and had no one, according to a friend i knew, who worked as a PA on the show, the two coreys. he said corey haim was always trying to hang out with him, as a friend. im not sure if they did hang out. i was supposed to go to the housewarming party and they were going to invite corey haim but i never went.

oh and also my friend who works in movies has told me that ryan seacrest is a freemason. what else? i knew someone that worked on avatar too, he was doing the graphics and working right next to james "jim" as he called him, cameron, he said he is a republican and went to to the white house while bush was still in office for two weeks for a secret meetings...they work in the industry so i have no reason not to believe them..

anyways, i dont know!?!

why and how do these people really die? do they cause them to die somehow, at exact times? and do they think they get power from it or something? i dont quite understand how they can be sacrifices...can someone explain please? what should i read that explains all the numerology?


Anonymous said...

we need brenda back here to explain shit!

Anonymous said...

personally i haven't noticed anything odd about seacrest, probably haven't watched enough of american idol though i rarely watch it....

Lori said...

oh another thing weird, i was at my friends, (the guy that works on all the movies) we put on the arena rock channel that plays all "arena rock!!" and an ozzy song came on. the little blurb at the bottom was a message from ozzy to george bush (while he was still in office) it said, something to the extent of, "To George Bush, we had a great time last night, OZZY"

so weird!

Lori said...

oh i miss living in hollywood. so many strange things happen and i like investigating! its boring where im at now!! heh...anyways...i just got a weird feeling about ryan seacrest, something seems like it changed with him...i just have a feeling...he seems smug too

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. The fashion industry as a whole is sick I think. It's using people (mostly women) to make you buy stuff you don't need. If you really need it you grow it, make it, or buy it. Makes sense that the advertising business attracts evil then eh? Went to see that boring Alice in Wonderland movie. Really didn't get what advantage 3D gave it. Noticed the skull as she descends down the hole and the ultra creepy blue butterfly morph after she had accepted her other reality. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what will be the result...



Anonymous said...


"She’s tattooed, she’s pierced and, seemingly, she’s rather fearless too, claiming naked horse-riding and rock climbing as just a two of her more daring past-times. But that, she says, is thanks to her experimental nature – the very same nature that sparked furore across fashion when she starred in a sex-inspired shoot with Freja Behar in Purple magazine.
Abbey hasn’t commented on the rumours that followed, which suggested a sexual relationship between the pair, but she did tell the Timesonline that she “didn’t have to act that much”, and defended photographer Terry Richardson of the shoot he led.
“Terry doesn’t force girls to do anything they don’t want to,” said Abbey, who famouslyrefused to walk in McQueen’s armadillo hooves. “He puts you in a G-string in a pile of mud because you want to do it. You touch yourself because you want to. For me, that shoot was the truth about how things were between us both, and I felt good doing it. I’m not ashamed of it — why should I be”
Does that mean she’s a woman’s woman “Well, I’ve always swung both ways,” she admitted. “I don’t call myself bisexual: I’m just experimental.”


Anonymous said...

I've just been reading about Alexander McQuen's last collection being shown in Paris. They're calling it Angels and Prolific Demons and saying the collection explains his strange and morbid 'last twitters'...He apparently photographed old church masonary (!) like the gargoyles and demons and weaved their images into the latest works!!!!


P.S. Well that explains it then!!!

Anonymous said...

oops...that should read McQueen and Tweets!!!


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Ryan Seacrest stuff:
Well, Simon Cowell has already been sure to get himself photographed on a Masonic jet-ski, and I have seen these photos in regular tabloid magazines. The Masonic logo was not removed or blurred, so we know that it was meant to be seen (and it was printed more than one time.)
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_jXMIsK3dV50/SUwcd35KVMI/AAAAAAAAEuI/l_lzeWR7DrA/s1600/article-1097666-02D85CB8000005DC-348_468x386_popup.jpg or type Cowell's name into search engine right here on Ben's blog.
I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan's a member of some fraternalistic organization either. He also seems a little...I don't know, young to be so successful all by himself. His smile is very goofy, like it doesn't match the rest of his face, and he struck me as trying to pass himself off as straight when he wasn't. At one time, there was this hysterically funny staged picture of him kissing Teri Hatcher and it totally looked like he did not know how to kiss a woman.

Lori said...

i was watching americas next top model last night, one of the girls, (i forget her name) has a shaved head. she says she grew up in a cult on a military base where they sexually abused the kids and tied a board to her back so that she would sit up straight.

looking forward to the next post...i cant believe how blinded i was but now it is everywhere. and what the heck is up with that freemasonic jetski? its like a big old JOKE!

ryan seacrest sort of reminds me of a kid kissing another girl in that picture...i cant help but laugh...even tho its not funny

Lori said...

oh, on CRAIG FERGUSON, i took note that he said to LINDSAY, not lohan, but sloane, i can mind control you!

remember someone was saying how crazy/delusional tila tequila was suggesting funny buisness going on at millions of milkshakes.

here is aubrey o'day there, and there is a checkerboard pattern behind her...

(i know checkerboards are part of the 'nifty fifties" still..its weird


word verification- powns (sounds like PAWNS) oh, i was researching tila tequila, well, it seems like they were using her to have underage sex acts take place on her website. there was also a link to an illuminati site on one of the sites that try to debunk tilas lies about child abduction.

Anonymous said...

Lori, you can mind control me!

Anonymous said...


There's just something weird about his features...like he was grown in an underground base on Area 51 or something.

Ryan and ....Ryan??


Anonymous said...

I read through your post and contemplate on it quite a bit. Well, I'm not a fan of his "work" but that's not enough to say "let's put this guy in jail"...After all, he didn't force anyone to be in his photos... neither did those girls have any problems with it...otherwise he would have been sued long time ago. As for the underage model being molested...well, while I have sympathy for her, the same time I also wonder if anyone told her beforehand that she could be in for crap like that? It's not like the fashion industry was invented the day before! Oh, you're going to be a model and you're 14...no problem, it's just like any other jobs except being paid more. I mean, come on. This is called "swim at your own risk."

It's crucial to let more this kind of information out in the public so that aspiring young men and women can evaluate the risks and make choices based on their free will. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Lori is conveniently ignoring that people on her favorite late night show were mocking her last night with the dead bees joke.

word verification: arbso = self-absorbed, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Lori said...
oh, on CRAIG FERGUSON, i took note that he said to LINDSAY, not lohan, but sloane, i can mind control you!

Lori, that also seems to be a jab at you. That means YOU'RE RIGHT AFTER ALL, THEY ARE ON TO YOU!


Anonymous said...

Lori said...
oh, on CRAIG FERGUSON, i took note that he said to LINDSAY, not lohan, but sloane, i can mind control you!

Lori, they were taking jabs at you all night, YOU WERE RIGHT AFTER ALL!! THEY ARE AFTER YOU!!

vw: dultish = dull and cultish ha!

Anonymous said...

There are reasons why people that are underage are still protected from sex crimes even when they consent.

If someone is taking advantage of underage girls and exploiting them, then "let's put the person in jail."

I dunno, doesn't seem very complicated.

Anonymous said...

ok so cowell is a freemason. doesn't mean he's doing anything wrong though! many of them are proud and like to display the logo

re: seacrest

yeah. sounds like a faggot.

Anonymous said...

btw, just a quick link i'm gonna post here, very random but i thought it was odd-


Anonymous said...

The jet ski isnt 'proof' so to speak.

I mean, he could have hired it.

wouldnt personally be shocked if he was one, though.

Anonymous said...

People shouldn't allow their underage kids to model. Kids get into the ugly situation mostly because their douchebag parents. Of course no one will punish the parents.

Furthermore, underage kids are human beings, being fingered at a photo shoot is terrible in any language but worse shit are happening in other parts of the world.

I say, don't hate the players, hate the game.


Ben seems to be taking his sweet time with the new post.

Let's hope it's because he's researching the stat archives for his PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA meta post!

Anonymous said...

wtf are you talking about? go away you jerk

Anonymous said...

Campaigner 1, please forgive the creature at 15:43, they seem to have forgotten their tampons this shopping week.

skrambo said...

This guy seems like a major creep. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Not also a major creep, but he looks very well like HUNTER S. THOMPSON. Related mabe?


Emily said...

wow, I understand MPD/DID so much more now that I have watched this documentary by Michael Mierendorf called Multiple Personality Disorder

See it here if you haven't: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6531447125053615129&ei=L2iaS_ATp_qqArvkkYMN&q=vaccine+nation&hl=en#docid=-1078314996890815904

Kim said...

Ben, just wanted to post an interesting article. A supermodel calls Terry out for being a predator. Might like to have a read.


"He takes girls who are young, manipulates them to take their clothes off and takes pictures of them they will be ashamed of. They are too afraid to say no because their agency booked them on the job and are too young to stand up for themselves.

"His 'look' is girls who appear underage, abused, look like heroin addicts . . . I don't understand how anyone works with him."

diffe said...

oh f*ck off lori, are you still filling the comment section with inane drivel? that was the reason i stopped coming on here.

Anonymous said...

Kim thanks for the link, and good for Rie Rassmussen. Why did the NY Post have to throw in that she's bisexual? Isn't that wholly irrelevant?

Anonymous said...

Check out the new pictures of Lindsay Lohan. She looks like a 200year old frog.. This goes beyond drugs. What has she seen/witnessed?! what are they doing to her?


Anonymous said...

"Supermodel Rie Rasmussen Blasts Terry Richardson as a Predator"

Supermodel Rie Rasmussen gave a furious tongue-lashing to fashion photographer Terry Richardson at a Paris fashion event and accused him of exploiting young models.

Bisexual beauty Rasmussen -- a vocal advocate of women's rights -- told Richardson she believes he abuses his power to put young girls into compromising positions. Horrified Richardson quickly fled the March 8 party at club Le Montana in St. Germain and called her agency, One Management, the next day to complain, she told us.

The model and artist -- in Paris for the release of "Human Zoo," which she directed -- told us she was upset Richardson used her picture in his "Terryworld" book alongside shots of half-naked young girls depicted as performing sex acts.

"He takes girls who are young, manipulates them to take their clothes off and takes pictures of them they will be ashamed of. They are too afraid to say no because their agency booked them on the job and are too young to stand up for themselves. His 'look' is girls who appear underage, abused, look like heroin addicts . . . I don't understand how anyone works with him."

Rasmussen said: "I told him what you do is completely degrading to women. I hope you know you only [bleep] girls because you have a camera, lots of fashion contacts and get your pictures in Vogue. Instead of arguing with me, Terry ran out of the bar. Then the next day, he called my agency and complained I called him names in front of clients in Paris. It was the most cowardly thing I have ever seen."

New York-born Richardson -- seen mugging with President Obama on his Web site -- has photographed Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan and Jay-Z.

Richardson said in 2004: "I don't like to exploit anybody. Everyone has fun on my shoots." Richardson, his agent, manager and assistant did not return calls or e-mails. A rep at his agency, Art Partner, told us: "I don't know anything about this. Terry is on a plane from Paris."

Lori said...

oh f*ck off lori, are you still filling the comment section with inane drivel? that was the reason i stopped coming on here.

TO DIFFE: actually, your statement is inane drivel. what was the point of YOUR comment, no links, no info, no opinion on any of the comments or the article. hey sorry if I made you not want to come here anymore. YOUR LOSS!

Lori said...

also, unless you are too dense to realize, those anonymous reposts of my comments were just to mock me, i didnt write those, but whatever!! i think i share good info, and i post links to things that interest me and i feel might interest others. its ok tho, im going to still post comments. and yes i think that photographer is exploiting models. the modeling agencies are a part of it tho. 'elite' (what the heck is up with that name?) research modeling agency names, they all seem sort of strange, ((hey they are featured on this blog if you want to try and discredit me) sure, we cant prove anything, but i like to keep openminded about things.

hey, has anyone seen those old navy commercials where they want us to basically become 'fake', mannequins???

its everywhere! we are so accustomed and used to these programming and such, but just becoming more aware is helpful to a degree, i believe.

i am going to check out that multi personality link too, its an hour long it looks like, but i would like to watch it.

Lori said...

this is just an example...the newest one says, "its not easy to be fake"

frankly, i like weird odd commercials, but if you think about it, i believe mannequin programming is another alter..

sure the old navy is in fun, but when i say aware, mannequin is a form of programming i do believe..

i just seen something on tv, (im getting programmed watching too much tv!!) anyways, they had two models dressed up as mannequins and what they do is stand NAKED in front of shoppers. how degrading is that? im not saying nudity is degrading, but to be a mannequin, man·ne·quin (mn-kn)
1. A life-size full or partial representation of the human body, used for the fitting or displaying of clothes; a dummy.


Anonymous said...

i reckon lindsay lohan will be dead within about 5 years time. maybe sooner.

lori, i appreciate all your comments and links just ignore anyone who doesn't

skrambo said...

"Check out the new pictures of Lindsay Lohan. She looks like a 200year old frog."

Man, I wish that didn't make me laugh. But it did.

That thing around her neck... Are those earmuffs? The design appears to be an interlocked CC broken vesica piscis (vagina) inside of a grid pattern. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga...

"There's certainly always a hidden message in my music videos," she told the Daily Mail newspaper.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If you know who photographer Terry Richardson is then you pretty much already know he's a proud perverted pervert who whips his peen out like a party favor. Oh, shit. That was a new tongue twister! A tongue twister that will make you want to cry in a hot shower after saying it. Anyway, Terry's gross ways aren't exactly new news, but lately it seems that ladies are coming forward to call him out on it.

Last week, supermodel Rie Rasmussen told the New York Post that she believes Terry manipulates young naive models into taking off their clothes for his camera. Rie thinks that the girls don't say shit, because they are afraid it might piss off their agency or mess up their careers. And today, The Gloss published a piece by lady named Jamie Peck who posed for Terry twice when she was 19.

Jamie writes that her first session with Terry was fine. Although, Terry did ask her to call him Uncle Terry. Note: You probably should be concerned if someone seriously asks you to call them uncle and a quick search on Ancestry.com shows that you are not related to them in any way.

The second time Jamie posed for Terry is when things got interesting. In Jamie's own words:

Uncle Terry was feeling frisky that day! I told him I had my period so I wanted to keep my underwear on, and he asked me to take my tampon out for him to play with. “I love tampons!” he said, in that psychotically upbeat way that temporarily convinces so many girls that what’s fun for Uncle Terry is fun for them. (I can just imagine him chirping, “Why don’t you wear these fairy wings while I fuck you in the ass? Wouldn’t that be like, so fun?” to some attenuated girl fresh off the boat from Eastern Europe. Either the man’s totally delusional, or he gets off on the fact that many of these things are not, in fact, very much fun for the girls.) I politely declined his offer to make tea out of my bloody cunt plug. It was then that he decided to just get naked.

Before I could say “whoa, whoa, whoa!” dude was wearing only his tattoos and waggling the biggest dick I’d ever seen dangerously close to my unclothed person (granted, I hadn’t seen very many yet). “Why don’t you take some pictures of me?” he asked. Um, sure.

I’m not sure how he maneuvered me over to the couch, but at some point he strongly suggested I touch his terrifying penis. Who the heck specifically requests a handjob, that most unpopular of sex acts which, were we casting a sex act version of The Breakfast Club, would undoubtedly play the part intended for Anthony Michael Hall? I’ll tell you: high school boys and Terry Richardson. Not that I would’ve preferred him to request anything else, I’m just sayin’: if you ask for an H.J., you are aiming low with complete knowledge that the girl is not into it.

This is where I zoom out on the situation. I can remember doing this stuff, but even at the time, it was sort of like watching someone else do it, someone who couldn’t possibly be me because I would never touch a creepy photographer’s penis. The only explanation I can come up with is that he was so darn friendly and happy about it all, and his assistants were so stoked on it as well, that I didn’t want to be the killjoy in the room. My new fake friends would’ve been bummed if I’d said no.

I must have said something about finals, because he told me, “if you make me come, you get an A.” So I did! Pretty fast, I might add. All over my left hand. His assistant handed me a towel.

LaBoheme said...


Anonymous said...

This is a sick post. Just about every blog I visited had President Obamas picture in it. You really must hate the thought the this man is Commander and Chief, President of the United States. I am almost sure you probably have other pictures of the other family members as well. You are a sick Fuyk.

Anonymous said...

It's almost like they're not trying to hide it anymore... The new Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj video "Up Out My Face" is so Monarch MKULTRA filled it hurts:


I didn't know Nicki was Monarch'd too... poor girl.

Dr. Kiss Injure said...

Under the impression a lot of "this" has to do with the thyroid gland (butterfly shaped) and thyroid hormones. T1, T2, T3, T4.

Do you ever discuss Transhumanism, Italian Futurism, Eugenics or Neugenics (as Edwin Black calls it)?

Studying Italian Futurism, found U.S. culture and U.S. cultural imperialism to be a operational version of the founding manifestos. There exists ideological overlap with Crowley as well.

Anonymous said...


FTW= Follow The Wheels.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. You covered it, that's for sure! Check out my site for more information on the Illuminati and Symbolism, if you're interested: http://www.invaluabledisk.com

Rebuilding With Syllables said...

i have no time to re-read all the comments to see if this has been linked to, but OH MY

SIMON MONJACK is dead. Yeah, the late Britney Murphey's man.


Anonymous said...

Check out the new Rihanna video.

Laetitia Casta and Rihanna as lesbian lovers with SM and bondage.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nobody notices that crying child? that makes me sick to think of why that poor boy is crying in the hands of such a sadist.

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