Monday, 29 September 2008

Britney's Cursed Crib and Heather Locklear's Ledger

Thought this was reasonably interesting, Daily Mail link; and Oh dear looks like we'll be seeing more of Britney's kitten alter (she only wears her pink wig apparently) soon ;s click. Check out the mind control symbolism in the latest Turner Prize ridiculous thing [mannequins, head in a cage, that glass one, naked models etc].

Through the keyhole: Inside the up-for-sale $8m mansion Britney says is jinxed

She claims it's 'jinxed' [she has been programmed to feel this way; probably they messed up the programming there so returning would trigger some memory fragments, or something of that nature] but these pictures show that any person who buys Britney's mansion, which she put on the market last week, would feel extremely lucky indeed.

The singer is selling her hilltop Beverly Hills property for $7.9million (?4million).

The Italian-style villa, in an exclusive gated community protected by guards, offers six bedrooms and six bathrooms, a Renaissance-inspired dining room and lounge and swimming pool.

The 26-year-old has lived in the home for less than two years - and was forced to leave the house twice early this year to be hospitalised [shame really; she now seems to be fully back under control].

She is obviously keen to move on from the property quickly as she is reportedly selling it with all the furniture.

The pop star has made a remarkable comeback in recent weeks, triumphing at the MTV Video awards where she picked up several awards.

However the latest pictures of Britney taken as she arrived at LA International Airport show her looking gaunt and pale and with tattered hair extensions - suggesting that her recovery is far from complete.

Her father Jamie Spears, who remains in legal control of his daughter until December 31, sought permission from a court in June to sell the home.

The new owner of Britney's mansion will be able to enjoy 7,500 square feet of living space plus a range of benefits that accompanies the typical A-list lifestyle such as three garages, a 'grand entrance foyer', a large terrace, a library and a smoking den. And naturally the property's domestic staff are also provided for with a chef's kitchen and a maid's quarter.

Villa: Britney's mansion has a large terrace and swimming pool...

Luxury: ...a high-ceiling, spacious lounge [... and nice checkerboard]

Elegant: ....and a grand Renaissance-style dining room

When Britney took to the stage at the MTV Video Awards just a few weeks ago, she looked fresh and glamorous with new blonde extensions and a slimmer figure clad in a shimmering silver dress.

However now those extensions - put in to cover her baldness after she shaved off all her hair last year - are coming away from her head. [OMG NOT THE HAIR EXTENSIONS!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! seriously though; this over the top focusing on her head is more subtle hints at her mind/control]

All that glitters: Britney looked glamorous at the MTV Video Awards a few weeks ago, left, but latest pictures show her hair extensions are falling apart, right

She is currently working on a music video for Womanizer, the first single from her new album Circus, which will be released on September 29 [September 29(2+9=11) so loosely 9/11 ;p].

Also, a story highlighted in a previous post's comments (cheers anony) about Heather [Heath L] Locklear [Lock/Lear], click for wiki where you can see her mother is a Disney production executive, she has appeared with Miley on Hannah Montana [she plays Lily's (Hannah/Miley's friend) mother, note the pink wig for Britney synch] and the movie thing also, might as well put imdb link to to show this.

Note black/white duality stockings, grid floor also.

Again: It's all in the eyes.

In the film Shattered Mind [that's the alternate name; note in imdb it is written by a Baum (Theosophist Frank Baum created the Wizard of Oz of course)] she plays a person with MPD/DID (like she probably has in reality, intentionally though; through mind control programming).
Here's the synposis of that film from this link: Triggered by the death of her abusive father, a woman is tormented by a variety of alternative personalities, which include a wild prostitute, a terrified child, a tough male teenager, and a suicidal woman. As her life spirals out of control, risking the loss of her important relationships and even her life, she is forced to face her past. [Have ordered this one and will go deeper into Heather after some research/movie watching]

"Locklear, 47, was seen revving her engine and repeatedly reversing over a pair of sunglasses in Santa Barbara.

Police said the witness, who didn't recognise the star, reported that she had stopped on a nearby highway and left her car, apparently stumbling into traffic.

Last year, she was divorced from Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora [the dude in a double headed eagle (I'm fairly certain it is anyway) t-shirt; all these "rockstars" essentially have stepford wives ;s, will look for a clearer picture] after 11 years of marriage. They have a daughter, Ava Elizabeth."


Anonymous said...

U're welcome, Benjamin. Here I come with another one. Remember a few months ago, TONI BRAXTON was hospitalized on unknown reasons. They woke up after to say she has some heart issues. Heart issues my ass. JANET JACKSON was next:
Mabe her dwarf programmer aka JERMAINE DUPRI did some mistake or she needed more brainwashing?

Anonymous said...

Pink wig reminds me of Natalie Portman in "Closer." She wore it when she was stripping (sex kitten...) using an alternate persona alias.

Benjamin S said...

Anony; you know I'm with you 100% on all that, great observant mind you got there looking beyond the bullshit; "heart issues" total cover, all these are just an excuse to get them out of the public eye for more programming because yeah they probably screwed something up [I get the sense that some of them are falling apart (Heather+ones you mentioned here); while others have been put back together (Britney)]. I see she is "represented by" W&W Public Relations [WW/MM thing going on] too which I find interesting. Cheers again; no

Ah yes that scene Carissa, I remember it well ^^. On the kitten alter/Hannah, I have seen a few Hannah Montana episodes and they all have something dodgey in them, one for instance has her with a cats head at the front of Miley's sweater and a cat's tail on the back of it...
I've been thinking some about words lately [like tear same spelling as to tear/split (trauma [tears] leading to splits/tears in the mind)], stripping/tripping? [like on drugs/dissociated] just now; and some others I forget. I don't see it as such a big stretch though considering Rosicrucian Francis Bacon's (Shakesepeare) works basically created the modern English language; and we know Rosicrucians have had their hands in mind control (Sirhan Sirhan and things).


Benjamin S said...

Carissa; Portman's name in Closer is ALICE Ayres... for more confirmation [Alice, AA 11].

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