Tuesday 27 April 2010

Rihanna The Last Occult Programmed Rockstar On Earth

Yesterday was two years to the day that this blog first started (26th April 2008), I have bigger posts in the works but wanted to put out something quick and easy to get me back into a posting mentality.
Rihanna's live performance of 'Rockstar 101' in her Last Girl on Earth Tour was interesting in that it pretty much summarized what a 'rock star' is in the backing video with a colossal Baphomet ram skull (how is that supposed to fit into the 'the last girl on earth' narrative?) overlooking the black latex clad and gold horned mask wearing Rihanna. Up and down pointing triangles (as above so below, you get the drill) and of course what it's all really about for the marionette manipulators behind the music industry; the $$$, power and control. I realize people are probably bored shitless of Rihanna, Lady GaGa and co (I know I am, sort of) but they make it so easy. I was tempted to just post images/video with no words as it is all reasonably self-evident and I won't be retreading over the whole masks, mannequins, militarism, robots, dehumanization and other MK themes' significance throughout. I also probably did not pick up on a lot of stuff from the tour (having only seen short clips from it) and do not plan to cover the symbolism in some of her more recent videos as most stuff seems to have been well analyzed elsewhere and generally things get covered well by the likes of Vigilant and others so will not be focusing on music videos and would like to get into some posts on other things in the media.

Rihanna's mind control is shown in the tour's introductory video for the her song 'Mad House' where she is (see top video), roboticized with a metallic mask forced over her face (like porcelain mask programming) and implanted with chips for control over the now cybernetic Rihanna (plays into transhumanism too obviously, good article at VC on that here). It continues (below) with her inside one of those 'programming pods' (seen in other things I've posted on; if you think of more advanced isolation/sensory deprivation tanks for entering altered states in programming) where a Dream Sequence is initiated symbolizing Rihanna "becoming" the characters she portrays for the live show's narrative (last girl on Earth apocalyptic stuff, based partly on 'The Omega Man' apparently). A black and white shot of her face traumatically screaming while she is kept under, looking calm and content in the pod (but screaming on the inside is the clear implication). Naturally her kitten programming is symbolized by a tiger face superimposed over Rihanna's face. After all the usual subliminal flashes of skulls and all that fun stuff, she eventually performs among mannequins and masked backing dancers (photo below videos).

[vid above mad house]

[ Download ]

"A world of her own... A world made of her dreams... And nightmares..."

From 'Hard' comes the militaristic Mickey Mouse hat, it is all ultimately about influencing the kids after all, as evidenced by her singing the aforementioned ultra-suggestive 'Hard' followed by the explicit rough sex anthem 'Rude Boy' at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2010. Come on kids, sing it with me! (<>"SO HARD SO HARD... Come here rude boy, boy, can you get it up? Come here rude boy, boy, is you big enough. Take it, take it, baby baby, etc" Rihanna's poor grammar here is absolutely shocking, it should be "'are' you big enough"! That was a joke, I don't mean to make light of a serious issue but I feel it is important to maintain some sort of sense of humor. The lyrics for the performance were apparently changed to "is your love enough" and other slight alterations but please, the children there would know the explicit lyrics and sing the ones they know. How brainwashed do you have to be to see that this is not okay and shows exactly the kinds of minds controlling the music/entertainment industry who would allow this to go forward. People act like "what were they thinking?!" (not as much as one would hope though) when they showed this, but these things are meticulously organized and thought out. Rihanna's handlers could easily have had her sing any other song but they went with three completely inappropriate choices (appropriate though, if you know what is going on).

The themes of militarism, Rihanna entering, sitting on a pink tank above it's phallic cannon (obviously conscious suggestiveness here in the tank's pink colour and the phallic cannon also playing into the 'HARD' song she performs to the kids). Then after 'Hard' two twin plumes of white smoke shoot up, ejaculating (is the pretty blatant implication here, it would be illogical to not make that connection following from 'Hard' and the lyrics sung at that exact time) either side of Rihanna and 'Rude Boy' begins when she dances with the big robots dominating over her. 'Don't Stop the Music' wraps it up and the pink tank, sexy militaristic dancers and twin robots all participate, the song itself is about meeting a guy in a club then (logic suggests, based on the lyrics) fucking him, so obviously fitting the family friendly themes of Nick's Kids Choice awards then. I am reluctant to be so explicit in those descriptions (I can imagine the response I may get) but I feel it is so obvious that it needed to be said.

Above Rihanna on the pink cammo phallic tank and the backing militarist dancers with their over sized "pink wrenches" (replacement for the usual military gun phallus). Below, "slimed" ('sliming' is a yearly ritual Nickelodeon do at every awards, Katy Perry got it this year) kids directly following the song 'Hard' (what ever could Nickelodeon be suggesting here by cutting to that I wonder...).

They also cut specifically to these children with (not) "Peace" symbols and butterflies on their t-shirts and whatnot, no doubt to go along with the imagery of the performance.

Below pics are from the Last Girl on Earth tour to wrap this short post up.


But she is a christian and does charity work!! She's just doing her thing playing a character, get a life! Listen to the interview, she explains all of this! Sorry, but "fans" crack me up. I was listening to Christina's explanation for why she went with the Bionic theme and it almost made me laugh out loud... fans lap up all their adored "artist's" nice little stories about why they use certain things though and fair play to them, what reason do they have to question them, none that would benefit themselves that is for sure. It is worth noting who is behind these tours and who may be ultimately responsible for including these themes in many of the Monarch performers' tours, Jamie King who was the creative director of Britney's latest Circus tour and many more.
"You are the consumer (and that is all you are to them)... She... Your soul option..." Intro video to the Rockstar 101 performance. So this quick, rushed post is really just to get the ball rolling again and get me back in posting mode, more posts up soon on some things away from the music industry. I will probably put up a Caprica post in a couple of days, main focus on the actress playing the Cylon, I also want to get some movies/actor posts going and my Uni commitments finish in mid-late May so will hopefully be able to pick up the pace by then. I was wondering if anyone had any alternatives to 'LinkWithin' where you still have image links but you can manually choose which posts it links to (or just an improved one that is similar but more precise in which are the most related posts) because it obviously struggles to deal with the number of posts and whatnot but it is a good way of linking to other posts so may just leave it if there are no good alternatives.
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