Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mirrors and Puppets

Quick mind control movie post; two horror ones Dead Silence and Mirrors in this post. Kiefer Sutherland (KS 1119) is 100% mind controlled, I remember seeing Mirrors in another blog so thanks for putting it out there and apologiez for not remembering which specifically. You should be very familiar with mirror symbolism and shattered/fractured/fragmented glass/mirror in mind control by now, so these movie posters of it go without saying (portraying Kiefer's MK'd existence). KS was born 12/21 1966 and was in Lost Boys (not a link directly to movie, but all the things called Lost Boys including the sequel which I've seen and also is mind control; original starts on a carousel, mix of Peter Pan programming with Vampire programming) and also the neo-con propaganda show 24 (not that I don't like it ^^).

Interesting trailer below (note the 20th century fox is mirrored and whatnot), capped the checkerboard naturally (and cracked/fractured mirror image pulled from an image online). I have not yet seen this one but will view it with great interest.

Speaking of checkerboards, they are also all over the puppet programming movie Dead Silence (synchs up/same programming as this one) but I cannot find any better checkerboard images (there are) than this one. Unlike Mirrors, I have seen this one a while ago on Sky and is loaded with all the standard themes. This is from the creator of Saw (note the dummy's dissociative spiral pattern on each cheek), ALL (literally) these types of horror movies are designed to effect your mind (put you in a psychologically traumatized state [even if they don't realise/feel it consciously] where you are more easily controlled/influenced). Note that the trailer starts with a girl looking into a mirror. Note how the "crazy lady" refers to her dolls as her children, also note the shattered glass scene as they shoot the dolls.


Anonymous said...

Good post! And good catches on "Lost Boys."

The "Dead Silence" poster image reminds me of the slain Lebanese pop singer Suzanne Tamin's picture featured in your other blog posting:

Large green eyes, finger over the lips going "shhhhh...." with a smile. And she's of course now dead, slashed across the throat, figuritively and literally "silenced." Weird synch connection there.

Jimbo said...

Keifer's right eye is very reminiscent of Arnold's in the Terminator films, isn't it?

That's good stuff. Maybe we could compare it to the face on mars, etc.?

Leon1234 said...
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