Wednesday, 24 September 2008

MK 13

Kick things off with this poster for Whore which I mentioned in a Megan Fox post, the title symbolising the fragmented/fractured/shattered minds of Mind Controlled Hollywood slaves (I have mentioned this specific theme of putting lines/fractures through titles symbolising this fractured mind [the font is also the same as the famous HOLLYWOOD sign], this and fragmented faces In Shattered Dreams and in other posts), her beaming smile (amongst all the luciferian lights, most of them 6 pointed stars) along with her bruised right eye/face shows that the pain from the trauma is dissociated [and reversed so pain=pleasure hence the smile], pushed to the back of her mind through programming (Illuminati Formula quote puts it much better further down)]. Here's the plot:
"A group of young hopeful teenagers who have come to Hollywood in the hopes of an acting career find that the business is harder than they had ever imagined."
[probably be lots of subtle hints as to how hard it really is!] Also note the red carpet which = the blood line, and those things I forget the name of could represent twin pillars connected to the red velvet things, more bloodline. The film is made by Thomas Dekker who seems to be a standard mind controlled kid pushed into movies; he recently was the main savior dude in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (robot programming), Megan Fox's husband (Oz-tin Green) also appeared in that Terminator show as Dekker's uncle: Derek [Dekker/Derek] Reese.

Hello Kitty! [Think what that shit from Japan actually refers to?! (note the key, for accessing the locked compartment of her mind [i.e trigger/code] that houses the sex Kitten/beta alter?) Japan is shockingly blatant on the whole DID/mind control issue in its media] It has held the position of U.S. children's ambassador for UNICEF since 1983.

Fox tries to go through the looking glass.

[Some context: this is about what happens when the victim is hung upside down as one programming technique example of how they program them to enjoy (on the surface) their trauma when necessary] Blatantly mind controlled (whotf puts themself through all that trauma willingly ;p) David Blaine [basically all of his "endurance tests" are techniques used in mind control programming (frozen, underwater, buried alive etc.)] is currently doing this as I type!
The mind will begin to dissociate [whilst hanging upside down for a period of time], and will begin to reverse the primordial brain functions such as pain is pleasure. The person’s mind rearranges. This is often done with Beta alters or Beta models to get them to think that the pain of sadistic rape is a pleasure. After this reversal in the mind that "PAIN IS LOVE", the S&M kitten alters will beg their handler to slap them, tie them up, hurt them, etc. They will tease their handler, and tell him he is not a real man if he shows any mercy in how the pain is inflicted.
Megan Fox incidentally is going to appear in a movie called Jennifer's Body where she plays a possessed cheerleader [all "possession" is really mind control, and/or altered state of consciousness] after appearing in Whore, note in the wiki plot description her "transformation" is described; she will be appearing in the sequel to Transformers after that.

Note snakeskin heals
Note the blood lust type poster (of Jennifer's Body); drinking blood (and cannibalism) is often a part of the blood rituals they practise (as part of the trauma based programming; as well as in general occult rituals), I am 100% sure there is an agenda to get us all to join in on the blood lust [they've always done it with crowds encouraged to gather to watch Roman crucifixions, American executions etc] with movies like [Chain]Saw and this one called Splinter:
Splinter is set in and around a quiet gas station on a lonely freeway, where a terrifying virus-like monster inhabits the bodies of its victims and drives them with a relentless lust for blood. The virus monster is said to twist the bodies of its prey into the shapes best suited to pursue its unrelenting desire to infect more victims and kill again.
The word splinter works the same way as splitting/fragmenting/shattering as you can splinter something apart [split/splinter apart the mind], a splinter is literally "a sharp fragment of a material".
Another one that pertains to this type of sexual/violence (sex/violence same in reptilian brain) is called Teeth which has shockingly obvious programming implications, based on a folk tale; it is "about a girl who has teeth in her vagina". Here's the trailer [the whole movie is on youtube], note one of the critics describes it as "the stuff of primal phobia", which is another important part of mind control (primal phobias such as spiders/snakes/genital mutilation/etc are used because of the heightened trauma/fear these things bring). Roses also play in to mind control and the occult, also note the fetal position (fetal/petal position) she is in [traumatized].

Many Hollywood Mind Control slaves have this prostitute/kitten alter, specifically in Inland Empire (Hollywood mind control opera) Laura Dern's character goes from being a wealthy Hollywood actress to being a whore (and various other alters), she actually says: "I'm a whore!" before her reality shifts suddenly to Hollywood Boulevard [More on this type of thing at the aforementioned post].

This post is basically about this kind of fractured mind symbolism and the Hollywood slaves it pertains to. This kind of thing can be seen in the below movie KM 31 (Kilometre 31) which to me had clear mind control due to the MK, 13, all the synchs in the movie (large checkerboard pattern, ridiculously long spiral staircase, twin[ish] sisters, leg amputation, all seeing eye etc.). Note the fractured/shattered mind symbolism on the second poster down, "look beyond what your eyes can see" is the type of escapist/illusory language used by programmers. The film itself is pretty average I thought, had it's moments.

13 is massively important to the occult and mind control [too many things relating to it to link to], alters/alter-fragments/shadow alters are charted on 13x13 grids, here's a quote from this link: Each alter was given an access code. For reference purposes, the programmer then drew a 13 x 13 grid, each square denoting one specific programmed alter. Each programmed multiple was implanted with 13 such grids; interspersed between the grids were alters programmed to act as gate keepers, thus rendering it extremely difficult for a deprogrammer to access the next grid level.

Image pulled from youtube trailer so poor quality but you can see the long spiral staircase.

More bloodlust using these mind controlled ritual goddesses [heck I'd probably drink blood for Rose or Fox... joking mayhaps ^^].
Rose McGowan's [mentioned her in this post, Children of God cult programming etc. see wiki] new film Red Sonja [Red Sun? the original starring Arnie and Brigitte (she-hulk) Nielsen (both obviously mind controlled)] has a couple of macabre and symbolic posters [note the rose petals, skulls, chain mail (interlocking rings) armor, licking the phallic sword+blood]. In the mind control movie [none of these actors like Brendan Frasier/Nicolas Cage/Adam Sandler/etc are "taking us through the stargate" or anything like that, these similar roles they have are all about ritualizing their totally controlled lives as well as reasons we are obviously blissfully unaware of] Monkeybone, she plays Miss Kitty, it has characters such as the mythological Hypnos [mind control goes way back]. Put the below poster in to show the checkerboard on the rocket, Miss Kitty is quite sexually charged (kitten being the sex-alter) as we see the camera focusing on her cleavage and her servicing Satan (or whoever that dude with the horns is supposed to be, havn't seen the film in years; here's an image of it, also note the black/white duality circles pictured).

Note the Ankh, Horus; Chris Knowles goes into it a bit on his blog here. She changes from green (transformation/change color) to black (black cats were sacred to Bast; I've linked to Gaiman's Sandman version for more synching up to In Shattered Dreams).

Wolf Creek ["strong themes of rape, torture and murder"], like Texas Chainsaw, KM 31 and other mind control/horror movies it says that it is loosely based on a true story and is set in Australia (Oz). Really none of these movies are accurate portrayals and are hardly based on anything in reality; the "true story" line is obviously to draw the viewer in emotionally (HO SHIT dude THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO SOMEONE!!!) heightening the psychological effect it has on you [subconscious traumatic effect to split your mind cumulatively; the more fractured a mind is the more easily it is to control even if it has not developed alters and such; hence all the wars started by the ruling elite who understand this]. "The thrill is in the hunt", this kind of human hunting is actually practised by the elite; the deserts of Australia/America being perfect locations for this due to their isolation. Anyway, put this in to show the fractured face poster, as well as the letters in the title being slightly fragmented (line through the W etc). Would also be used in programming an MK victim by cementing the idea that there is no escape from the programmer.

"Life has a Mind of it's Own" This poster with another blatant MK victim (look at his first couple of films firstly as a 5 year old) Robert Downey Jr. (note one eye blocked out) features a dissociative spiral an an illuminated all seeing eye shining over the city. Also with Jamie Foxx.

Going back to standard fragmented mind symbolism, this one couldn't be more blatant: Ben X [Kiefer's character in Mirrors is also called Ben, bigger post on that movie coming soon; butterfly synchs and other predictable ones]. "Reality is about to be shattered." Which actually looks pretty interesting. Confusing fantasy with reality is a massive part of it so the victim is eventually no longer is able to tell them apart as their mind becomes defeatist/exhausted (mentally exhausted, and often physically due to the trauma) and more easily programmed (in their totally confused/dissociated state).

The most obvious example of shattered/fractured/fragmented (all are pretty similar/interchangeable, see more In Shattered Dreams) symbolism comes in Anthony Hopkins' Fracture. Note the one eye focus through the hole in the glass and also the fractured title [as shown in previous posters, even the CHAINSAW in Hollywood Hookers movie is split in half/fractured]. There are so many it's not even worth my time looking for every single one I can find, here's another recent one; note the fracture in the R which is apparently #1 at present at the box office [according to that impawards site].

Here we see the same title (New Zealand film, with it fractured also (though a straight fracture): "a single crack can shatter everything". This film features the mentally unstable scientist (actually horrific programmer) in Fringe: Australian (Oz) actor John Noble who plays Walter Bishop [Konkrete Jungle is on top of Fringe by the way, check out his blog], this promotional poster for it synchs up to mind control [could be a moth mind].

The show itself also has similar symbolism [it's full to the brim with mind control suggestions also] to what I've been talking about as the title shatters in reverse (so it starts out as loads of fragments as they are pieced together, as if you were watching something shatter in rewind) before becoming the whole word [probably not the best way of describing it but I'm tired, forgot to add this in earlier today ;s, pictured it below anyway].

This one for The Fall [falling/tumbling down the rabbit hole] contains standard themes of confusing reality with fantasy (he "enchants" a young girl with his tales); and the poster reminded me of a Salvador Dali painting shown at the top of this post (in terms of compartmentlized/fragmented mind, note the blue butterfly [blue monarch butterfly tattoos, as well as bluebirds [Ricci's "sparrow", full on image here (meh it's a bird and it's blue) to mark/identify their property] where the nose should be).

The MK 13; these movies are missiles aimed squarely at your brain! The Temple Shall Be Destroyed!!!!


Occult Mosaic said...

nice post.

out of all the browsing ive done on fringe i haven't seen that butterfly image yet either, cool stuff.

Benjamin S said...

Cheers man, found it at which is a really excellent movie/some TV shows poster site. [got rid of half asleep comment from yesterday btw] Really enjoyed your coverage of it; and that Crowley movie I saw an ad for a while ago but forgot about it; got to give that one a watch after your post on it.

Michael Skaggs said...

Holy Toledo!

What a post! Excellent work Ben, and yes they chose well with "Rose" to represent Red Sonja, I mean she was one of the "craft" from Charmed and also dated "MM" [Marilyn Manson], why not right? The serpent cult really knows how to hook it with sex and capture the minds of the M-asses. I hear ya loud and clear with Fox and Rose, they are both incredibly attractive.

I am finding in my own research that Enochian magics may be layered in as well, all signs are pointing to it, so there may be more to your "the Temple shall be destroyed" than we can imagine!

Peace bro! Remember to cleanse and get some rest too!
Be well.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget "True Blood", a show that started last year on Showtime in the US. The poster looks just like the one from "Jennifer's Body" except the tongue is on the other side of the mouth and she has fangs. I thought they were the same thing at first.

Benjamin S said...

Jeez, that is basically exactly the same, beyond coincidence! I saw other posters for True Blood but not that one, and I registered the similarities of the overall theme [in terms of blood lust], if I'd seen that one it would have gone straight in next to it. Check it out.

I saw the preair release of the pilot episode a couple of months ago and did not like it very much; all the standard occultism you'd expect in Vampire stuff was mildly entertaining though; also mind control themes like hearing voices/people's thoughts in your head. They say in it that drinking blood makes regular humans more healthy and "improves their sex life"... Need to rewatch it to the end I think now!

Benjamin S said...

And Mike, great points. Also I'm really glad you are taking on Enochian magic and more of the esoteric side of things, really well put together all of it. Thoroughly enjoyed learning about that side of it that I rarely even mention but is a MASSIVE part of it, great work! Keep it up.

Michael Skaggs said...

Ben my brotha!

Thanks man, you've so become the expert at pointing out the MK/Monarch symbols!

I ended up stumbling upon the hidden esoteric symbologies when browsing some old D&D stuff, then I was like "huh, think I've seen that before", next thing I know esoteric symbols and ancient sigils are in there!

How the hell this became so multi-layered is beyond me, but they [the ones that have put it there] have had thousands of years obviously to perfect it.

Keep up the outstanding work mate!
I am thinking of downloading and backing up your entire site just incase some "fishy" stuff happens, I do it to mine every now and then.

Be well bro.

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