Sunday, 7 September 2008

Wizard of Oz and Wonderland in Second Life

In response to this article I saw on red ice creations about brainwaves being used as a means for control in Second Life [Note All Seeing Eye, Hand of Fatima logo]. These new emerging technologies will obviously significantly aid the tried and trusted mind control techniques, for instance someone built a Land of Oz in it (which you can see in the slide show below). Which has (shockingly!) had its fair share of problems with pedophiles using it and such things (see below video, though it is pretty disturbing).


Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Ben, this synchs up with a piece I did on the new technologies called "VR Attack: Bridging Virtual Worlds", Second Life was mentioned in the technologies out there meant to capture our minds and distract us while those putting this out seek Immortality nanotechnology.

Nice one!
Peace bro.

Unknown said...

Now everyone can have an alternate personality visit Oz. The funny thing is that they created a virtual-reality and then were suprised when things got a little too real. Welcome to the real world, people; where sexual slavery is rampant. All they need now is virtual-drugs flying on virtual-CIA planes from virtual-Mexico.

This all reminds me of the book Snow Crash, which I recommend to any fans of cyber-punk/scifi books.

Michael Skaggs said...

Good one Violator!

There working on linking up multiple virtual worlds across the global grid, so people from all over the world can "plug in", this should get really weird...

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