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Oz Programming at NY Fashion Week

This would have obviously fit perfectly in the MCM post [this post is basically a continuation of that post], "The perfect thing"..."these shoes embody the same sense of becoming someone else once slipped on." note the 33 at the end of the phone number, all the Oz programming obviously. Advert scanned from the end of Times' elite "luxury lifestyle" magazine Luxx. [More on Wizard of Oz programming in fashion further down]

On loosely related matters; Johnny Depp has been confirmed as the mad hatter in Disney/Burton's Alice in Wonderland [didn't he already do that as Willy Wonka (WW/MM) in Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? ^^ note one eye, black/white duality and such], previous post on this version here. I was quite looking forward to this, but apparently Matt Lucas is in it; destroying all hope of it being an entertaining mind-fuck [though Depp and Alice will hopefully balance that painful to watch person... watching Little Britain is worse than any trauma involved in mind control, jk]. Miley Cyrus is 'all growed up' now, as she wants to play a young version of Carrie from the Satanic Sex and the City ^^. Russel Brand is going to be a faun in Adam Sandler's new Disney Dissociation movie also, check out Madonna's video Bedtime Story [Sandler's movie is called Bedtime Stories, as is Madonna's album from 1994], note the subliminal all seeing eye, sunflower, cubes [gets abit ridiculous how much there is really!] and mind control suggestions and such.

Paris Hilton's main programming script seems to be Alice in Wonderland, the butterfly is often pictured in the Disney movie [really need to get started on a Disney post] and her new clothing line feature this butterfly [obviously Monarch too]. Here's the Daily Mail link, also note the massive use of her dog as the main motif [dehumanization; same thing with the robotic catch-phrase: "That's hot!", and the dog is called Tinkerbell]. By the way her movies are also suggestive of mind control as she makes appearances in things like Zoolander, Wonderland, House of Wax, and for some kitten programming Cat in the Hat, and Nine Lives. Her dog is named Tinkerbell (peter pan programming). See wiki.

At New York's Fashion Week; all these "fashion weeks" are basically just perverse celebrations ("Look out our little kittens on the catwalk!") of the completely fucked up, 'elite' controlled world of "fashion". If you think about some of the "beauty products" out there, Moisturise is really just 'Moist Your Eyes'; and things like "make-up" implies you have something to feel guilty about (i.e 'let's make-up and be friends); Mascara is another one that implies mask ara (a mask for your eyes); essentially all these beauty products are just masking your real personality to fit around the ones provided for you in Vogue/Tatler/Heat magazine and the programmed celebrities contained within them. Anyway, at NY [+1 OZ] fashion week, it was opened by some weird celebration of Oz programming, called "The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slipper Collection" [images can be seen above and below]. The film version is 69 this year, so in 2012 it will be.... 73 [777 Crowley].

These two are from here. The finished articles, if that's your thing can be found here and more info here.

On this 'Opening Ceremony' type thing, a little info:

Fashion Week's opening celebration must have been imagined by a fashionista: Dorothy's 70-ear-old ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz" were redone by contemporary designers and landed in Saks Fifth Avenue's shoe department - which is big enough to have its own zip code.

A party Thursday showing off styles by the likes of Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Roger Vivier had as its centerpiece one of five pairs of slippers designed for the 1939 film by MGM costume designer Adrian Greenberg.

Stuart Weitzman thinks the Judy Garland film is a favorite of most shoe designers, including himself. "`The Wizard of Oz' along with `Cinderella' - and those two great pairs of shoes - hooks girls on them for life," he said.

After the Oz Based Programming Opening there was an interesting catwalk [cat programming, walking on the yellow brick road] during the week. Please view an interview with the designer as she says; rather than just doing pure literal fairytale stuff she: "wanted to kind of abstract the psychological element of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, or Dorothy being whisked away to Oz... light chased by darkness... innocence chased by experience... fictional princess locked in the tower... embraces her inner child... etc" do watch, [also watch for some closeups of the below images from the catwalk] she is quite likely herself mind controlled.


Here's a description of it from azcentral:
For designer Ashleigh Verrier, her spring collection was a fairy tale come true.

The colorful-yet-elegant cocktail dresses were a realization of Verrier's longtime interest in movies such as "Alice in Wonderland" and the "Wizard of Oz." She wondered, she explained during a backstage interview, what those heroines would look like in a modern setting.

Imagine Alice in a fuchsia taffeta and organza ruffled cocktail dress, while Dorothy would look all grown up in a midnight-blue, pleated goddess dress with a lace insert. Perhaps a chic gray vinyl raincoat with Peter Pan collar would be more for Wendy. That coat topped a lovely gray crinkle chiffon blouse with a bow at the neck and a pouffy indigo-blue skirt with touches of metallic lace.

Sometimes, though, Verrier got a little too kitschy. The Lucifer [wtf?] tank top with crystal kitty embellishment wasn't as sophisticated as most of the other looks.

Kitten programming Also note the spider necklace [she talks about it in the video].

Another butterfly [I think, close-up below from this video]

I wonder what's going to be next, yellow brick catwalks? The below image is from the 2007 New York Fashion Week [remember go up one letter from NY and you get OZ] just in case you thought this Ozophilia was just a random one-off for this year.

And to finish; moving away from OZ/NY back into Paris; Stella McCartney (daughter of Paul; Heather Mills is so obviously a mind control victim by the way) to show who is behind this mind control/total control of everything the double-headed eagle [Freemasonry: LiLo's t-shirt, Eyes Wide Shut sex ritual scenes etc] rears it's ugly heads showing who is in control. Also note the royal style Lion/lizard type creatures you see on crests and such either side of the shield. It comes from her Autumn/Winter collection catwalk in Paris earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

Why does Lilo's programmer have her in Disneyland dressed up exactly like one of the workers?!?

Anonymous said...

This is from 2007 but i thought it interesting and fitting (#4). She's an actress/clothing/shoe designer and had/has a line under the name "Imitation of Christ"

Curiously, i think this woman looks like the "late" woman who was a game designer and "commited suicide" and i can't for the life of me remember her name.

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