Wednesday, 3 September 2008

'K'ylie 'M'inogue

Kylie's statue in Melbourne... Oztralia. Nice red shoes (Dorothy in Oz, red/ruby shoes), a commenter on youtube points out the red makes it look tacky, but obviously it wasn't put there for aesthetic purposes [also note she is on a pentagram]! Also a wax statue of her wearing angel/butterfly wings, only Queen Elizabeth II has had more models created according to wiki.

Continuing this week's theme of freemasonic/"illuminati" control of the music industry by analyzing the symbols they put out in to their videos/concerts/etc; I want to go into some of Kylie Minogue's (KM/MK) videos but first start with her latest concert which acted as the centre-piece of Channel4's new music channel 4Music so many people were watching it as all these symbols were forced into their consciousness for whatever effect. Kylie (K-eye-lie/lee, Kylie/Miley) and Dannii (Dan, two i's/eyes/pillars) come from Australia (Oz), a land that was ravaged and all spirituality lost in the face of the white man's systematic destruction of it's indigenous population [Last Wave highly recommended]. Australia is as controlled by Freemasonry (etc) as the rest of the world (see the Australian Heath Ledger movie, their police wear the checkerboard etc), and like America it is a vast land making it perfect for covert black projects (mind control programming centres and whatnot) to take place in the darkest, isolated areas of the Oztralian deserts [combined size 1,371,000 (13, 37, 17) square km]. The products of which are then paraded on television in things like Neighbours with KM or Heath Ledger in movies, their lives obviously ritualized to the extreme [KM's "checkered" life shows this, which I will attempt to show]. Some info on mind control in Neighbours (where she first appeared) is here.

Kylie the Bunny. (Playboy plays into subjugation of women I've talked about (PlayboyOne channel on Sky Digital in the UK is 911 [9/11] and Disney Channel is 609), dehumanization: making them bunnies ["Playboy Bunnies" also Alice in Wonderland programming obviously]; the first "centre-fold" was Marilyn Monroe which confirms this.)

Kylie the (Green) Fairy in Moulin Rouge (butterfly/angel wings).

Butterfly Kylie [The below Butterfly Remixes CD has her dressed up in checkerboard clothing, makes me think of the joker or something]

Robot Kylie

Barbie Doll Kylie

Above has her eye where the head of her body's silhouette is. Below has her wearing some kind of eyes mask [vaguely shaped like a butterfly], hexagonal honeycomb with the odd black hexagon like the pattern shown in Katy Perry post. Below is her latest album's (X) cover, including singles such as 2 Hearts [note the green butterfly on a guitarist/singer over one eye, the skulls/general occultism], The One [total emotion sucker, "Love Me... I'm the One." with hypnotic video], and an extremely blatant mind control one In My Arms [note they've got her dressed up in checkerboards again and various MK symbolisms such as her trapped in a box and whatnot].

Before getting to her videos and the Freemasonic/MK symbolism contained within them I want to analyze her latest tour: KYLIEX2008 (X is a cross obviously and is used in loads of things to fuck with your head, X-Factor, X-Files, XXX etc.). But before that, a quick run through of some of the significant things she has been in. In Moulin Rouge, she played the green fairy called absinthe (extremely powerful alcoholic drink, used in mind control; the youth of today pretty much exist in a binge-drinking stupor, it doesn't take a genius to figure out why they are so easily controlled, ignorance is extremely blissful especially when you're "off your head"). She also provided the voice (a lot of voice actors, probably a majority of those in Hollywood are mind controlled by the way, think about it [massive change to voice etc]) for Florence in the Magic Roundabout, which I have seen and contains a tonne of mind control themes which I'll get to at some point. Florence is frozen in ice inside the magic roundabout/carousel.... hint hint. She also appeared in a Doctor Who Christmas Special which attracted.... 13.31 million viewers [I am of the belief they pull these figures out of a hat to suit their occult ritualistic needs, hence a mirrored 13 and others I have noted in the past], it was officially announced that she would appear in this episode on July 3rd 2007 (7/3 777, more ritual).

Kylie in Doctor Who, The Sun makes the obvious phallic "sonic screwdriver" reference. Screw|driver, screwing = sex, "driver" implies forcefully moving forward; wrote about screwdrivers in relation to Lynch's Inland Empire in this post.
Like Leona Lewis, she also sang Over the Rainbow; playing further into her Oz programming [note the rising crescent moon she sits on in the video] which seems to be a common theme in Mind Controlled Media Monarchs, who are designed to have some effect on the masses through their lyrics/music/videos/movies, obviously we can only speculate as to what effect these have on the masses' psyches. Reading her wiki page, there are plenty more mind control synchs (comparisons to Madonna, calling her "pretty, but mindless and talentless", "a blend of lolita and barbarella"; the latter quote is unsurprisingly from the fashion industry). Kylie's main hits (as far as I can remember) also suggest mind control as her biggest so far is "Can't Get You Out of My Head": some one is inside Kylie's head (almost literally) is the implication here. Another one of her massive hits that made her posterior a thing of worship (moon worship, see this video, Mouseketeer ritual machine JT [Janet Jackson breast/sun worship] helped this too during them singing Blondie's Rapture together, this was a big deal in the news at the time apparently) was "Spinning Around"; people should be aware of spin programming in mind control so this is again another obvious MK synch/admission; it's B-Side was "Paper Dolls". We have already seen checkerboard symbolism on KM, it is unsurprising to me that even her home is part of her ritualized existence as it is number 53(=8) and has a checkerboard floor walkway.
Her life has certainly been "checkered" to say the least; what with her breast cancer (assuming that wasn't a cover for something else... she has come back with avengeance since then), and dark/light checker symbolism was illustrated helpfully yesterday in this article from the Daily Mail about Kylie, "her dark side" (as opposed to light, dark/light duality). These are also seen in some of her videos and concerts as we have already seen in the In My Arms one (cover of the single pictured above, watch the video) and I will show more of this Masonic "marking of their property" in the following concert and in a few of her videos.

The 'X' Concert begins with a pair of hands (assuming it's Keyelie's) closed, then they open revealing an all seeing eye; then basically every occult symbol known to man [I think I even saw the MI5 pyramid logo just before it faded out, an eye of Ra and everything else] is propelled towards the audience from the eye (doesn't get more occult than that; you can clearly see that is unarguably the satanic pentagram; complete with our good friend Baphomet and the rest of the symbols that go with it). This is all done whilst the song Speakerphone is played with its ridiculously blatant mind control lyrics (most of her songs are, this one starts with, "Music make you lose control Lights, mind, eyes, heart", another one called Lose Control is pure mind control also).

As you'd expect K's are everywhere (K=11 1 mirrored), note the purple everywhere (dissociative/subconsciously polarizing colour; mix of red/blue). Not sure if that is a subliminal pentagram or something too.

Note the hexagonal honeycomb sunglasses/mask thing from the X cover mentioned earlier and the Ankh. All these symbols get stuck to Kylie's face which is now on the big screen and they come shooting out of her again towards the audience from her eyes and mouth. Very Luciferian in my opinion [the "Knowledge" or "Light" i.e occult symbols and other things hidden from the masses coming from their "star" (star=light) Kylie towards the sheeple living in the darkness]. See this intro bit here [havn't watched it, might be slightly different to the one I saw].

It goes all American, with the cheerleader dancers saying "Hey Minnie" (as in Minogue/Minnie Mouse) showing a Disney MK synch [Disney corp have used that song] I had not thought of, I was wondering what her last name was about. Anyway they say "Hey Minnie your so fine your so fine you blow my mind hey Minnie" with rotating/spinning pentagrams all over the place. More K's. See it here.

Kylie dressed up in some 6 pointed star, goddess resonating white thing with hypnotic music playing; hypnotizing the (extremely) suggestible crowd.

The Matrix is a common theme throughout this tour, as the same Matrix green symbols thing is used near the start and here (Kylie is made up of Matrix symbols on the screen behind the skull that she is draped across).

More blatant illuminism here as a cube descends from above, and Kylie inside a pyramid ascends from below [probably has some "as above, so below" type symbolism], between twin tower resonating Japaneze paper wall things naturally (which is the letter K because it is 11, two towers). Connecting Freemasonry (pyramid etc.) with mind control, the pyramid opens revealing Kylie inside wearing a gold mask [masked personalities] and some kind of a cage on the other side [see it here]. This is just such blatant symbolism, do people really question nothing at all and ask wtf is going on here?! [ritual freemasonry]

To completely the freemasonic ritual, she gets back in the pyramid and it descends as the cube ascends again with red light covering the stage.
The backing screen changes to some kind of a street, spot the butterfly:

Bigass eyelashes like the ones below are butterfly resonant (the media often describes them as "fluttering" like a butterfly, such as in this recent one on Princess Beatrice)

The scene again changes to some more blatant Freemasonry, note the checkerboard floor obviously, the pillar [reflected so twin pillars] etc. Also they are wearing sashes, sashes are worn in some Freemasonic rituals [not most minds]. It is a mirror image too.

I think that is a good point to end the analysis of her latest tour (soldiers are sent off to die/be sacrificed in "tours" [i.e. 1st tour of Iraq, 2nd etc.]) and move onto her earlier videos that have this same Freemasonic checkerboard symbolism... all purely coincidental of course! [Showing you who is in control of her and her 100% controlled/manufactured career]
A lot can be gleaned from looking at an artist's first few videos and the symbolism put in them as it often gives us clues as to who is the man behind the curtain pulling the strings of the puppet performer, as I tried to show with Katy Perry. This is certainly true of Kylie and pretty blatantly portrays her as being controlled by Freemasons, many of her other videos have symbolism in them but I cannot go into them all. Her first one, "I should be so Lucky" [not written by her] and third one "The Loco-Motion" [anything done in a Lynch movie is mind control] both contain clear Freemasonic checkerboard floor symbolism, pictured above and below. Lucky is above, note the head behind her, probably made of clay; and the grid pattern, those red things look like butterfly wings to me. Loco-Motion checkerboard is below, her 1st and 3rd videos have the checkerboard floor in them (see how important the checkerboard is to Freemasonry as it is the floor of their temple in Liverpool Street; Mountains video in this post [also note the pentagram below which can also be seen in the same video, more info on that video here; most of it is bs though], so #1 and #3 videos have Freemasonic checkerboards, 13 [yes even the order of her videos is ritualized].
In the music video for "Where the Wild Roses Grow" she appears in a trance for most of it submerged under water, and the video is based on the (ped)Ophelia painting [based on Francis Bacon's Hamlet character Ophelia] which should be a lot easier to interpret now (all these artists, usually paid to do things by the elite; are in on it, many of their paintings are based on women who are mind controlled, see In Shattered Dreams post for Picasso example [that Ophelia painting is currently housed at the Tate museum for more synchs to that post]. Note the serpent below, rose, rabbit etc., highly occult/MK.

Note the rabbit.

Kylie in a trance.

Hypnotic hand signal? [done by Nick Cave] "Sleep..." and the Rose
Speaking of Kylie and serpents (remember other media monarchs are portrayed with snakes such as Britney), PETA(phile) went all schizoid over her having a Python skin handbag[note Daily Mail article "cruel skinning", skinning people alive is used in programming (the snakes are also alive as the skinning is done and after)]. Note the checkerboard pattern, and the dissociative (mind interprets that pattern as two individual paths/lines, but the subconscious mind interprets it as one, wrote about it with better description in this post and others) "90 degree corner turning" (turning a corner = changing to a different alter) pattern that I still struggle to describe.

Some of her videos portray her many alters (i.e. her sex-alter [cat/kitten] called simply: "SEX KYLIE" in the above "Did it Again") Note the "Little Miss", the 7 rotated to look an L (showing the spin/rotation, the mind interprets symbols no matter if they're mirrored/reversed/etc.: when we call 999 in an emergency; our mind also interprets it at 666 (this is why 999 is used in the UK, 911 in America is obviously used for 9/11 ritual purposes), many MK victims see the reversed number (through significant programming) instead of what is actually there.

In her video for "Breathe", we are shown all seeing eye symbolism just after a Labyrinth style sphere is randomly shown at the start, as well as herself being trapped in her own eye at the end.

The above thing shows her basically connected up to wires (robot) comes right after the hands/all seeing eye/occult symbols intro sequence.

Click image for her receiving an award from the Monarchy.

Expect posts with a similar format (concert/video analysis etc) for Britney Spears and Mariah Carey in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Fucking Brilliant!!!

One of your best essays, although I am partial to seeing these things thru the illuminati godesses.

These are the whores of babylon through which everything once secret is now revealed.

Madonna don't got nothing on Kylie.

Look at when Mariah' initial programming went belly up on her Saturn Return (2000-1) she split with handler Tommy Mottola
and and emancipated Mimi- the beta alter. He had her house burned down. Wasn't mimis dad in the military??/ She calls her fans "lambs" ie sheeple source of sacrificial bio fuel. Look at Mariah's apt on Cribs- full of mirrors and Marilyn Monroe imagery. MM the original Beta slave. her progamming was reinforced in about 5 directions. sorry.

CarissaC. said...

hi there.......

Good post, very thorough.

I came across this story today, thought I'd pass it along in case you're interested.

"Pop Star's Murder Sheds Light on Hidden World":

I'd never heard of Suzanne Tamin, but found this to be an interesting read. She was a famous middle eastern pop singer, very beautiful, murdered in Dubai by her former lover, a high powered Eygptian tycoon....when she was only months shy of her *30th* birthday. (according to Fritz, many of these sex slave kittens are killed on their 30th birthdays, as you probably know. this was even alluded to in "eyes wide shut" with the model who steps forward and offers herself in the place of Bill/Tom Cruise, and we see in the newspaper later after she turns up dead that she was 30 years old.)

Anyway, not trying to say she was "mind controlled" per se, but, could be yet another beautiful pop singer with high powered/"illuminati"-esque connections that met an untimely/synch filled demise. (and not being presumptuous and trying to hint you should do a write up on this, just passing it along in case it's interesting to you.)

Benjamin S said...

Anon, thanks for the kind words, always been fascinated by the illuminati goddesses (though admittedly, when I was young and not aware; just because they were hot ;s). All your info on Mariah etc is fascinating too, will use it in a future post on her.

Carissa! Thanks so much for showing me that, sorry I had to do a post on it when I saw she died on my birthday (odd personal synch). It had the whole shebang, mind controlled secret agents/hitmen (which I'm interested in, see Zohan post and this Hitman one from way back), billionaire businessmen/gov't officials... and I agree with everything you've said there (the age I'm sure is not coincidental, though obviously there's no way we can ever truely know for sure if she was mind controlled). By the way, don't know if you saw but there's an extensive post put out by Stygian Port on MK movies that I think might interest you.

Cheers all.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Saved HTML and will perhaps comment later. UPpreciation given and hopefully received.


48lawsNdreams said...

Beyonce also sang "Over the Rainbow"

dognamedblue said...

ok so lets say this symbolism is true & not just some vain flirtation purely for the sake of it

if you do believe this then it must surely enter in to your thoughts that the deal was a BLOOD SACRIFICE for world wide fame & adoration?
just the small question of who was the BLOOD SACRIFICE?
who died just before Kylie went global?
who indeed?

Anonymous said...

dognamedblue : could it be Michael Hutchence?

Christiana said...

Psh, are you somehow implying Nick Cave has anything to do with the Illuminati?

Because he doesn't.

a.concept said...


Anonymous said...

as well as the 1st and 3rd videos...

her 2nd video also contains a checkerboard

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