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Fiercely GaGa MkTV

This post is a little messy; link me to any new videos (I may have forgotten some already linked) you've seen lately with MK/occult symbolism too and I'll add them in later (with less speculative description than these ones).

I'll kick things off with Lady GaGa's latest release, she emerges from the water with big dogs (choice of colours etc not coincidence; one disappears later and she lies down as if she were one herself) either side of her, wearing an uneven/fractured mirrormask (not really a 'mirrormask' but it's shiney and I guess reflective; just an excuse to link to an old post on the movie Mirrormask new readers might find interesting) which she throws off (note the fragmented face shot as she does this; many more of those in this video too), she encircles one eye with her finger and thumb, obviously all the wire-frame mannequin things, those mini-tv glasses (2:20) would be used in programming (i.e forcing victim to watch things so close to their eyes; with different images [not in the video] on each eye to encourage dissociation/confusion, and/or to program some image in specifically, to be copied in reality when triggered), she sings in blue latex infront of sun symbolism on numerous occasions too. Poker Face = loss of all emotions (through horrific programming; as in a poker face is attempting to give away as little emotional response [to a bad hand or whatever] as humanly possible).

Poker Face - Lady Gaga

Hillary Duff's latest video (I covered Hillary briefly in WAR Inc/pop star slaying post; standard Disney slave) is also MK symbolic as victims run with a torchlight chasing them, the dragon's head fountain, she seems to be trying to break into a dirty mirror (looks odd, like it's a corridor inside it), Hillary's wrists bound together in a mirror symbolic room (symmetrical room designs), her eyes are covered by a blindfold [an eye mask is subliminally flashed on screen for a second too], "Reach out and touch me!", the rappers checkerboard sunglasses, and various others. [apologiez for poor quality video; will replace when better is released]
Reach Out - Hilary Duff

Now, Beyonce's new album portrays one of her alters 'Sasha Fierce', here is a Telegraph link (cheers to commenter for this): "Beyonce renames herself 'Sasha Fierce'" for her double album 'I Am... Sasha Fierce'. Let's pick apart that alter's name first, the word fierce means numerous things associated with violence, anger, savagery; primal emotions, animals are often described as being fierce. For Sasha (feel free to give more enlightened speculation) I speculate that this was used as a trance-inducing repetitive chant "SashaSashaSashaSasha" during a ritual involving heavy trauma, creating the fierce, animalistic Sasha alter. "To correspond with the double album release, Columbia Records produced a website for Sasha Fierce.[12] It asks to call and try to describe Sasha. It also states her "true identity" will be released at a later date." Here's a link to that Sasha Fierce site (note the name is mirrored, as is the case with her album art; also note her Rosary beads [Catholic bs; Rosary/Rosemary]). Her new video for 'If I Were a Boy' is interesting as it has almost a Lynch-effect towards the end of the video when everything changes and you find out that they had swapped roles/personalities [note her traumatised/confused state after this is revealed (pictured in preview images bottom left)], which intentionally has many holes in that logic (confused reality) as she gave those W/M resonating earrings to her man [plenty of other reality-breaks too]? (covering her other video and others in a future post) Her current handler is Jay Z; long term programmer obviously her father Matthew Knowles [check out his latest project, a girl band called (death) 'From Above', featuring one of the girls from S Club 8 called Daisy; another couple girls from S(ex) Club are currently in another manufactured/MK'd band called The Saturdays which I've seen being pushed a lot lately in the UK]. "Split personality for new Beyonce album" (cheers for link).
If I Were A Boy - Beyonce Knowles
Edit: Thanks to commenter; Matthew Knowles has another band called Lady Lux (Lux = light/illuminance; which puts The Times' magazine Luxx in a more Luciferian perspective), check out their myspace page, note the fractured glass, black/white stripes etc. And also from an older comment; Beyonce and her mom's fashion line is called the House of Dereon, check out the below image of their kids line (note the ruby slippers, butterfly and whatnot). Here's a link to article below image comes from, official site link, and one more humorously true article comparing the clothes to those worn by Hollywood Hookers on Hollywood and Vine, and those controversial Bratz dolls.

Christina's new one to finish; like I said she seems a lot more self-aware than her fellow MMC Britney Spears, I think this video pretty much celebrates her MK'd existence. She knows her internal system is like a computer, so this video portrays it as such (with her controlling the various alters with a mixture of Minority Report hand signals and actual buttons on a sound-studio computer thing) as code appears on screen and CHRISTINA is spelled out. Then we see Christina in black/white stripes naturally, sat at a sound-studio table thing [I think this is a gatekeeper alter, as it can access other alters], she scans through the various alters looking which one she feels like today (obviously in reality she has no control over this at all; I guess maybe when she realized her true nature and accepted it perhaps they "loosened the leesh" somewhat and gave her more control), she chooses one and the lyrics say "goin out of control, getting ready to crash." [her internal computer/system is getting ready to crash I think it is referring to; as always the lyrics are MK suggestive], this alter-reality becomes more clearer as Christina programs it further. Then she chooses a child-like alter dissociatively riding her bicycle in a flowery fantasy-world. The mini-robot is a reference to her MK'd existence too (they are essentially like robots, and literally in their minds in some cases of programming). The blue-haired alter driving the car's earrings are the standard checkerboard pattern. Then her super-hero/Catwoman alter is pulled up, she shoots electricity from her hands, showing electroshock and cat/sex-kitten programming. Then at 2:58 she vaguely does the horns hand signal to finish. Obviously there is more to the video and I've probably missed out some important things (some of the imagery in the main controlling room, a candle on a glass tand for instance and some of the shots of her with a hot head [the heat sensor one]) or misinterpreted some things, but it's pretty clear to me (what with the dancing robot, gatekeeper alter controlling access to other alters, the many alters, checkerboard earrings etc) that this video is loaded with MK (cheers for tip in comments). Older Xtina videos will be covered in a future post like the Britney ones (still haven't started part 3 yet, probably get that going tomorrow, up in a few days).

Shepherding the Sheeple in the Luciferian World Order

Thought this ad was interesting; the MCM is mesmerized by the light (like moths as I've said which are attracted to the light/Moth|Thoth?), then grows wings then many of them do this and fly towards the light (the new shopping centre), naturally through the London Eye, by a pyramid capped building and others. Here is Leona Lewis performing at the opening of it today. Those moth wings can be viewed as butterfly wings I guess, they're pretty easily confused anyway; and obviously Angel/fairy wings. [Edit: Making of video.]

Note the triangular frame roof, circle within circle + point within circle.

Speaking of angels, this seemed odd; "Tinkerbell voices Speaking Clock" (you call 1,2,3... beep beep beep [triggering the victim deeper into the right trance-state].. the time sponsored by accurast is), probably used to trigger a child-like alter with whatever programs they've given it. Note butterflies and such in below trailer for Tinker Bell. Mae Witman (click to see her various roles; President's daughter in Independence Day, like Mia she appeared in In Treatment, as Rosie) voices her; and will be the voice for the talking clock for a period of time. And speaking of MK'd Bell's, Kristen Bell was back in Heroes as Elle Bishop; and there were some interesting electroshock scenes along with Hayden Pan, as well as the Marionette puppet scenes I need to write up.

Tinker Bell used to be one of the Disney Princesses (which I go into a bit in my Disassociation Through Disney's Enchantment post) but then Disney created the Disney Fairies. I was going to include a Clarks TV ad with some interesting imagery, but could not find a decent one to embed; in searching for the ad though I came across this little chestnut [important to note that the magical world/alter-reality is first seen in the mirror by the little girl before entering as the princess (trigger phrase "Proper little Princess"?), magic shoes, wicked witch etc].

Edit: Re-reading through the comments I should have added this; obviously Paris' dog being called Tinkerbell; her new perfume is called... Fairy Dust (cheers commenter as I had not seen this; here's a preview video of the ad [can't find the actual video ad, but you can obviously predict the themes]).

"Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?" [note phallic wand etc]

Finish with the advert portraying the masses as sheep, from the trainline [they're all trapped on the metaphorical 'Freedom Train'].

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Quick political post. If you are still not convinced about the Country Music industry's fundamentally 'evil' nature (drug smuggling... not just the music!), then look no further than Sean Hannity's 'Freedom Concerts' (these things are always ironically named), featuring all the standard MK'd Country Music stars (LeAnn Rimes performed for Bush etc), including.... Billy Ray Cyrus [Miley's dad]! His comedy show really cracks me up; Billy's involvement has bewildered Hannity's robotic fans naturally (Billy Ray supported Bill Clinton [wonder why?... all MK'd], has some album cover that is "anti-American" or something); their ignorance is rather adorable. If Barack Obama is murdered by random neo-nazi nuts, it will be almost entirely Sean Hannity's fault (if you've seen his show you'll understand why); I posited that this sort of thing could be the case in this post. FreeDomination. "Can the 'black Jesus' escape an assassins bullet?"

Anne Pressly played an 'Anne Coulter-type character in the film W' by the way, then was subsequently murdered in a "random" frenzied attack; no doubt a blood ritual sacrifice (her appearance in W was all a part of it) like I said in the last post. She worked for Channel 7 so had 7's all over her, more Freemasonic blood ritual indications.
Check out these cabbage-patch dolls they made of these political puppets [cheers commenter pointing them out], here's a link. Video below showing Sarah Palin's confused state.

And below, how these campaigns are never about real issues or anything that has any basis in reality (it's all about fear); it's all about dividing the people, keeping the masses constantly arguing amongst themselves over nothing-issues to keep them distracted from actual problems and actual criminals that need to be dealt with. [Edit: Added in another Colbert vid showing more fearmongering leveled at Obama.]

And one more loosely interesting one from TDS.

Who's Nailin' Palin?

Previous posts on Palin/McCain/Obama/election (click on below labels)... it's all a meaningless sideshow; seriously vote Paris (note her red shoes; if she's not on the ticket just write it in, she is our only hope for "change" ;p).

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Dream Halloween [With Added Pomegranates]

This will be an evolving post probably; please leave links to various MK'd celebrities dressed up for programming in this post, I'll be adding the various MK symbolic costumes. I'll kick things off with the delectable Beth Ostrosky who recently married blatant handler Howard Stern (have you watched any of his shows?!) see previous post with her wearing Mickey Mouse, like his namesake (+ a K, handled Anna Nicole). I'll probably do a second post after Friday's pagan ritual is complete.
'Animal Fair'... duplicitous meaning much? The Lohan clan also turned up; that's LiLo's sister Ali (Alice; real name 'Aliana', like her sister she was also a model at 3; bigger post on LiLo will come at some point in the future) and her mom Dina wearing cat ears (supposed to be dog ears I think I've seen them described on another site as that). Even their clothing fits with the checkerboard behind them (the mom in black, Ali[ce] in white). Note her barbed-wire tattoo, more images of them here.

Both Katy Perry (note the halo too) and Gwen Stefani (featured prominently on this blog) have been dressed up as a fried egg, 'sunny side up'. Please see the comment on Gwen's appearance as an egg at the end of this post, for deeper analysis. Edit: Katy also just dressed up as Freddie Mercury; check out the Joker [heath ledger etc] with her, and all the blood + doll limbs. Here's a link.

I thought this was pretty funny; one of FOX News' (that necklace is real..) sexy-slaves turns up (I'd let them lead me into a delusional war anyday ^^) Courtney Friel (nice tail btw). This makes me think of news anchor Anne Pressly's recent "random" attack resulting in her death; as noted by a commenter 'Pressly' as in Elvis Presley (MK'd sun god) and she will be appearing in 'W' (probably the most retarded piece of cinema since United 93), having her murdered in a frenzied attack is just all part of their sick MK blood rituals.

You probably recognise Melina Kanakarades from CSI:NY [remember NY one letter up is OZ], then we can assume that it is not a happy coincidence that she appeared in the show Oz (about a prison; symbolic of the mental prison that is mind kontrol, referring to the Wizard of Oz programming), in [Eye of...] Providence she played Dr. Sydney Hanson [Sydney/switch the d and s you get dysney; which is obviously phonically exactly the same as Disney] Well here she is as a witch (wicked witch of the west).

And from the same Deam Halloween event 13 year old Sammi Hanratty [who plays a young Anna Friel in Pushing Daisies; the character called 'Charlotte "Chuck" Charles'] dressed as the scarecrow from Oz. Also below Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith's wife) as Superwoman and her daughter Willow as a wicked witch.

Hugh Heffner's Playboy Halloween party was naturally, pictured with Holly Madison (daughter of timber bigwig, think twin peaks) as Elvis (previously mentioned). More images here. Another one of the bunnies below, Bridget Marquardt in dissociative getup [tutu = crazy (it's purple), think Ace Ventura, large clown shoes etc.]

Speaking of MK'd Barbie Dolls; Shauna Sands (seriously, don't click that; too depressing, wiki image has her dressed up in big cat-skin, ballerina, model, even her 'measurements' are Freemasonic [33D, 22, 33; this isn't stretching at all, a former Bunny Girl (like Shauna, and the above girls obviously) is now the most surgically abused/altered person alive and look at the dress the former one is wearing (big cat-skin)]) took a trip (that shows her walking to it) to Mr. Bones' [Bonesmen refer to Skull and Bones 'elite' secret society as just 'Bones'; hence the TV show and why this thing is focused on by the occult controlled media] Pumpkin Patch, as did Britney, below.

Note her grey/black striped top.

Standard 'elite' debauched party featuring the ridiculously wide-eyed Princess Beatrice, the vampiric suggestion probably a reference to the Royal families' relation to Vlad the Impaler (see comments) and the Order of the Dragon. Also this random masked handler/programmer, with his slave from the same party.

Edit: MCM Cindy Crawford dressed up as Amy Winehouse (obvious MK ritual sacrifice) complete with leopard-skin dress, beehive hair, even a fake cocaine white-powder under her nostril. Daily Mail link. Also with Courtney Cox as the Wicked Witch too from same link.
Edit: From a Masquerade Halloween party for a pomegranate drink [remember the advert for a non-alcoholic one 'Sex Kittens Don't Drink Milk'] called PAMA at the Stone Rose Lounge. Kim Kardashian (double K, K =11, her father was O J Simpson's [MK'd tool] lawyer) I've always considered as just another Paris Hilton (sex tape released, spoiled princess archetype etc); here she is dressed up as Wonder[land] Woman.

Here is Kym Johnson; an Oztralian dancer/model/TV presenter as Tinkerbell.
Cheryl Burke, another MK'd ballerina (started 'training' at age 4) wearing Nazi/US Army jacket as MAJ. TROUBLE alter.

And finally from this event; Kris Jenner (mother of Kim above; used to be married to OJ's lawyer as already said) as another military/Nazi character, with Lara Spencer (not much on her really; perhaps the name was changed to connote Diana Spencer as part of ritual?) as a bee.
Finish with MC'd Mariah Carey with Firemen at the Firehouse [fireman resonates the phallus; with the hose and all that; fires = light so Luciferianism too] with her 'husband' Nick Cannon [son of a television religious nut (none of these 'televangelists' are actually remotely religious) who seemed to always have big plans for his son; did standup on his tv-show at age 8].

And the lunatics over at the Today show, go fairy-tale crazy for Halloween; see who is who (Pinnochio, humpty dumpty, little red riding hood etc.) at this link. I'll start a new Halloween post once the images of what they've been dressed up in comes online tomorrow.

Pieces of Britney: Part 2: I'm a Slave...

Note the word stronger is disorientating (fuzzy multiple images, like it's being spun)

Jumping straight back into the video that followed Lucky; 'Stronger' [another MM creation; as the majority have been so far], I've included the single cover because of the zebra, black/white shirt she wears on it. 'Stronger' is probably a Nietzche reference these programmers are so obsessed with (and thus their victims), as her 'boyfriend' is seen at the start with another woman (she stops time, making them all essentially mannequins [more on that in the latest CSI write-up coming] for a short period). But what is probably most symbolic, is what is absent as the original featured: "during the beginning of the bridge, when Spears sings stronger than yesterday..., she is seen standing on the edge of the back of the silver prop chair as it spins."... now why would they cut that spinning scene I wonder. The silver/metallic chair is an Emeco 1006 chair apparently, designed specifically for the Navy [built in occult ritualistic fashion with 77 specific steps; built as part of the blood-sacrifice ritual en-masse called World War 2 (W23 M13 as I've said in the past; one of many reasons why they're so obsessed with it)], this type of chair also featured in Janet Jackson's videos according to wiki. Joseph Kahn, directed this video (I don't think he's a handler, those he's obviously 'handled' many MK victims in the hundreds of them he has directed) and has the "famous chair" in his house which he showed off to Cribs; he is set to make Neuromancer into a movie...
All the models/actors (pretty interchangeable tbh) are frozen like mannequins at Britney's behest, she storms off and drives into the night. That circular platform rotates/spins, in the centre of that platform is the DJ, so in the centre of that platform are more spinning circles! Lots of circles within circles, and spinning contained in this video.
There's that military reflective chair + reflective ground [this kind of all black/all white room is used in programming (obviously helps dissociation, going out of body, etc, as their are no reference points for your mind to register... it looks like it goes on forever); see the interrogation room in Own Worst Enemy, Matrix etc; obviously these types of rooms exist in reality and are used in programming].

LUCKY (see further down) being electroshocked.

Lightning flashes constantly (electroshock) as she drives towards the bridge (more half face illumination; she looks pretty tranced here). Note reflection that is focused on below (clearer reflection, but I wanted to cap the lightning at same time), the camera encircles the mirror (vertically), finishing on her reflection again.
Her programming is coming along nicely by this point! ;p [I think they've given her the illusion of freedom or something by this point] As, in Hit Me Baby One More Time she says, "My loneliness is killing me" in Stronger, "My loneliness isn't killing me anymore." Remember none of these are written by her (specifically both of those are written by Max Martin), they are written for her to go along with her programming [as well as having an effect on the masses].

The chair transforms into a phallic cane, with her legs spread naturally. Which she slams on the ground, then the below thing occurs.

Stargate? (the circle rotates like the stargate machine in First Contact) I'm sure Britney has taken plenty of trips to 'Kosmic Konsciousness' lmao [note twin yellow lines she walks on symbolizing the yellow brick road, and the bridge it is on serves various symbolic purposes (bridging the personalities required in healing; and the lack-there-of in MK victims. Bridges can symbolize change ((in this case her various alter-personalities)), and stability ((of the system)))].

The bridge can also represent the phallus, "which 'bridges the gap' between male and female sexual 'partners'". Quote from this good link with more on bridge symbolism.

Click below image to see the license plate LUCKY (the Marilyn Monroesque/Judy Garland alter from the Lucky video obviously), there are clearer frames but this was the clearest one I could cap. The video is well worth watching.

More Britney (up a tree as a cat) as the Sun symbolism (sun worship/ritual sun goddess like many other stars).
This video was then followed by 'Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know', the video basically soft-core porn showing her doing erotic poses and such (up a tree, like a cat) so there isn't much to show here. That's not to say it isn't very significant, because it is; the 'boyfriend' (symbolic handler) has an extremely distinctive tattoo that is prominently displayed in the frame throughout most of the video showing it's significance. The tattoo (used to mark property; he is a mind controlled French supermodel/MCM so this type of branding is expected) is of a generic horned head (simplified; the head part is just a simple shape), symbolizing 'Satan', Baphomet etc.

Quick interlude, split mind symbolism (note the reflection in the eye too) on the second book that 'Britney wrote with her mom' called 'a mother's gift' (they wrote another one a year before that called Heart to Heart) around the time that these videos were being produced (2000-2001). The story is about a girl with nothing, from a small town who makes it big, this is fiction of course, but it cements the delusion that this is what actually happened to Britney (rather than the true horrors of what really happened in her rise).

The next video is of course VERY interesting; the song itself 'I'm a Slave 4 U', as previously mentioned was created by The Neptunes, originally for Janet Jackson. Another slave, but she apparently turned it down (probably not what happened) due to it's raunchy nature and whatnot. Obviously the song refers to her enslavement (through trauma-based mind control; the lyrics directed at her handler as usual), here are the lyrics which I won't analyze because they're just so damn obvious in it's underage suggestiveness ("I know I may be young" etc) and her controlled existence. The video is set in a run-down futuristic city (apparently in Asia), in some kind of sauna where MK victims hypnotically amble around for no apparent reason; this was choreographed by the Oztralian dancer Wade Robson [programmed in the womb with Michael Jackson's Thriller ;p].

Something about this video always intrigued me; growing up as an over-stimulated teenager I always looked forward to Britney, Mariah, Christina etc.'s new videos (and not for the music). Since then though I obviously know my years of ogling these 'illuminati goddesses/slaves' probably wasn't very healthy from what I've learned over the last few years.

More Britney the Sun Goddess. Note dilapidated city (the future).

Naturally it features a bevvy of mind controlled models/actors (ask any model in LA or wherever what they do and it's usually "model stroke actress") dressed in symbolic clothing and whatnot. These spaced-out models are apparently stuck in this sauna type thing (you can imagine how these types of places, steam-rooms in particular can be used in trauma programming) with no water. Note the male model's checkerboard shoes.

These models continue to walk aimlessly, in a trance (when they're not writhing around together, panting and moaning in an erotic trance) throughout the video. The narrow corridor they walk through is extremely fractured (in terms of the walls/ceiling, note the light).

She continues walking through this corridor, before arriving at a room where the models are hypnotically dancing away, which she naturally joins in with them [dancing alter, symbolized by change of clothes + pink crotch...].

Grid pattern, the bottles (eminating light; Britney in darkness) probably symbolizing where the alters are housed in the internal system [on paper portrayed as the grid; the grid here is 6x9 [13x13 is the standard] (6/9 number rotation/spin; 6x9=54, 5+4=9)].

A few mirror scenes are present of course.

The DJ is also MK'd as he is marked by a red rose tattoo (he is also probably handling the MCMs currently dancing).

Britney's infamous erotic panting scenes.

The MCMs are so dissociated that they even give eachother their sweat to drink at one point (more sexual allusions; sharing body fluids); note the subtle dolls head to the right, I think it's the model's cufflink or something.
There's more to that video and I'm sure my analysis has missed things out (they use a lighter on a smoke-detector and this results in it raining outside..., BS is picked up [all the hands touching her all over] by the MCMs in crowd-surfing fashion. Worth watching. Her next video came in 2002, for the song 'Overprotected' (images from end of Part 1), another MM Max Martin creation (Rami is usually also involved with MM's Britney songs). Again the lyrics are suggestive of her MK, humorously understating her controlled existence: "I can't help the way I feel, But my life has been so overprotected." 'Protected' is obviously not the right word, overall it's about her accepting who she really is or something like that.
The very first scene is her opening the blue door, to the awaiting frenzied paparazzi; the singular of paparazzi is paparazzo [OZ] which I do not view as coincidence at all, they serve a specific purpose in the global Mind Kontrolled celebrity circuit.

Below is what it looks like on the inside, it says STAGE DOOR, but it isn't (just looks like a regular Freemasonic checkerboard floor in a corridor; the blue is more freemasonry [more blue later]). She then drives to one of those big stage warehouse things [a la Inland Empire where these are used (obviously as they are each essentially individual fantasy worlds in each warehouse used for different programming scripts and many other ways; many actors you see in movies who give memorable performances are likely MK'd, performing in post-hypnotic trances; sometimes the emotions look so real because they absolutely are, with the actor truly experiencing what we're watching on the screen) on the Hollywood slave played by Laura Dern]

So she drives from one stage door, to another one of those sound-stage Hollywood warehouse things; it is apparently #33 (with 34 opposite pictured and the guy in the 33 t-shirt below is shown on the roof of it when she first enters the warehouse), this is all an extremely conscious use of Freemasonic symbolism.

The actual song starts just as she enters the warehouse as she talks: "I need space... I need time... I need me..." hypnotic 'time and space' type phrase pulling the viewer into the right suggestible brain-state.

She sits on various psychiatrist type chairs, wearing sunglasses (can't see clearly; you [your eyes] are in the dark) and these are zoomed in on.

Note 33, l-k-m.

Note the box/chest with the number 17 [both 17 and 33 feature... hmm] written on it (look closely, bottom left of it). Boxes created in the internal system; in Illuminati Formula it is specifically noted that cedar (remember 'cedar springs' from her Broken Heart video?) chests are used in programming children.

Another psychiatry type chair, note the blue light bulb and the numerology ([2 out of shot]13, 214=7)

One of them is a LIZARD ^&^.

She sits on the horse from a carousel in the warehouse. Carousels are a big MK theme (internal system, spinning etc); go into it here. Check out all the MK'd Hollywood stars at the Carousel of Hope and the Jonas Brothers at it.

And here we have the room symbolising the confused state she exists in; as the walls close in on her (above) and open up (below), all the images of herself symbolizing the multiple personalities of Britney. Obviously the checkerboard floor (notice that here it is a diamond checkerboard floor and in the blue STAGE DOOR corridor it is a straight one) showing who is responsible for the media (who controls it?) circus (hence the headlines/titles 'double platinum', 'Britney Mania!' etc) that spirals around her constantly.

I'm skipping the next few videos (Darkchild remix of above song, and 'I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman'), not that there isn't anything in them but I need to skip some or else I'll never finish. These songs came out around the time of the release of her movie Crossroads, a few years later she would spend time in Eric Clapton Crossroads Centre in Antigua for "rehab" [Freeman goes into this somewhat here]. I'd like to write-up that movie at some point but here is the DVD cover; it is about three girls from Georgia (go into that bible-belt area a bit in this post) called Lucy (Britney Spears), Mimi (Taryn Manning), and Kit (Zoë Saldaña) who try to make it big in the music industry (Mimi was raped). Note Mimi's butterfly... remember she was raped [must do that Mariah Carey/Mimi post at some point].

Continuing this break from the videos, remember Mimi was raped and she has a butterfly on her green top; here's an extract from Illuminati Formula that might shed some light on why this is the case:
One of the "appropriate" tortures is to place a bar between a little girl’s legs, which spreads the girl’s loins for rape. Then the bent spread legs are flapped, while the victim is specifically told she is a "Monarch butterfly". Many victims have created butterflies in their minds while being raped. The programmers may tell some of their victims that out of caterpillar-worms come beautiful butterflies. While raping the child, the Programmers will describe their sperm fluid as "honey comb", and will cry out "hallelujah" when they come. It doesn’t take long for the child to realize it has no ability to resist what is being done to it. The will of the child victim is destroyed, and in its place remains a pliable slave.
The painful rape of a child with its legs held in a butterfly configuration is used to get butterfly alters.
Now obviously the natural response from the masses would be to recoil in horror at the very thought of this kind of thing occurring; never mind being commonly practised by programmers around the world. No, this is all just obviously in our sick little perversely paranoid minds [/sarcasm, but undoubtedly the attitude to all this stuff from a brainwashed sheeple]. Speaking of butterflies, like Paris she also has a butterfly tattoo except on her left foot, and she has a fairy on her back (below, there aren't really any good images of the butterfly tattoo, feel free to send one my way and I'll add it), a black/white/pink cross, Hebrew for 'strange', a small daisy (gone into in the past) on her right foot and various others [pink dice probably has something to do with access codes to her internal system]. Here's a good link describing her tattoos and one for the images here.

And I'd like to finish this part (come back with the third and final part in a few days), by pasting what transpired at her tour around this period (2001-2002), the Dream within a Dream tour. This could not be more blatant in what it is really about, it even has Angelina Jolie's father (who I mentioned in that link) Jon Voight [how Fing random is that?! this guy surely is dodgy :S]: "telling a bed time story to his young daughter about a magical ballerina who lived in a music box. Britney rose through a giant box in the middle of stage, dressed as a ballerina. She tore off her tutu and donned a bathrobe to perform "Lucky" and "Sometimes"."... That isn't even the worst of it though as: "The stage set for the tour was a unique key-shaped structure...The show began with a woman, dressed in a white nightgown, running across the stage with a lantern. A video of sleeping Britney appeared. Trapped in a bubble, she awoke [the bubble goes into Britney's eye]. She declared that she was "trapped in a dream within a dream" before being sucked into a sea of flames"

You can see the intro sequence above; the scarey gold fairy says, "Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, that you could no longer between the real world and the dream world?.... Which world are you in now?"....

And here's the Jon Voight bedtime story scene + ballerina music box (I'd shown this type of ballerina music box in my General's Daughter post and a bit on ballerinas here and elsewhere), it all feels very sad (listen to "her" lyrics; almost brings me to tears actually, poor girl; and the one who sits on Jon Voight's knee with [I think] butterflies on her pyjamas :'(). Back with final Part 3 in a few, comments with more enlighted analysis of the imagery are welcomed. Like last time, here's a couple of preview images from Part 3.

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