Friday, 5 September 2008

Hanna kills 137 in Haiti and other Ravings

You have to feel for Haiti, it's been so screwed by the world (the small minority that controls it) and they just keep piling on the misery [hurricanes can be easily created]. Wrote a bit about Haiti in this post recently, now 137 [13, 37 777] have been killed by hurricane "Hanna", all these hurricanes with their suspicious names [I don't know what kind of synch to take from that...]. Check out what Gustav also relates to (giant crocodile in ancient Nile). Image from Daily Mail. Hurricanes/all seeing eye/spirals/cyclones; [Oz] these "natural" phenomina are deeply a part of the occult (all the chaos it creates and whatnot too). Edit: That number was always sadly going to increase, to over 500 now, with 13 still missing.

In MK news, upper-class programming center/school Harrow School (loose personal connections to in my youth), a girl was stabbed 66 times by one of the pupils (23 year old, mind controlled no doubt, son of a teacher there, hilariously all blamed on his Marijuana usage "Jagg's cannabis use led him to use cocaine and LSD", I smoke a fair amount of marijuana [who'd have thunk it right?! ;p] and have never had the urge to go through the "gateway" into all those government created nasty chemical drugs used for controlling the masses, and both are outrightly used in mind control) the story is about someone being banned for doing cocaine [note the Princess Beatrice mentioning] which is funny to me because I know from personal experience that the elite's youth are (predominantly) completely coked out of their minds.

Also the VMA's are coming up (used for media monarchs to perform rituals, i.e Britney/Madonna/Xtina masonic top hat ritual, Britney with serpent etc) and unsurprisingly Britney Spears is opening it. And in perfect timing, Spears' mom has revealed that she lost her virginity at 14 (just 14... are you sure?!), I fear that it was much MUCH younger than that in reality though :S. Here's some more info on that Madonna intro video and Britney I posted on here. Russell Brand is set to host [David Icke went on his radio show], who is actually pretty funny imo; here he is teasing lil' Britney... as if he were talking to a child-alter or something [he is not. I assume there would be more of a change in her demeanor/voice, like Anna Nicole's (note the twin pillars)], here he is going after another Mouseketeer Christina Aguilera. Should be interesting on Sunday to see what they do with all their ritual puppets. [Posting this in keeping with theme of IlluMiMusiC, which will probably be two weeks because I don't have the energy to create the posts I want to in time] The VMA's are certainly going to be interesting, Katy Perry is going to perform Madonna's Like a Virgin, and other interesting things (Ting Tings seem to feature alot too...). I'll be on top of it (VMA = 22+13+1=36=666).

To finish, a vaguely interesting article about dissociation in terms of day dreaming, which I'm sure many of you will be familiar with doing in school and whatnot. Some proper posts to come in the following days. [Thought this episode of CC (33) Comedy Central's Root of all Evil (note the blatant twin pillars + headless statue+trident, so controlled) which goes into Disney (I like the fact they focus on the drug use in Alice and such) and Scientology, though the show itself is not funny at all really, it completely depends on which comedian resonates with your humor mind. Lewis Black is pretty funny though and this season is dedicated to George Carlin (G7C3 [777], born 1937)].


Michael Skaggs said...


Wow, that looks like the hurricanes are being fired right off the African coast of something...wonder if theres some HAARP activity going on there we don't know about...they look just like giant targets aimed as cleansing those islands and slamming Texas or Louisiana or Florida or something.

That vid with Britney is odd, that poor elephant, WTF? They probably wanted to paint the animal PINK too for the spot, but would have been too obvious I am sure.
Nice catch on the numbers bro!

Be well and take care!

Unknown said...

Geeze, hurricane Hannah? Hannah Montana gets her blood sacrifice through HAARP created Oz-cyclone resonating storm! Well, probably not, but you never know... :D I've seen a map of all the HAARP stations in the world, but I can't remember if there was one in Africa or not. I think there's a few in Central and South America though. That Root of All Evil about Disney was pretty funny.

Jamie Jones said...

Hann = Ham
Ham is the son(sun) of Noah(who I believe built the great pyramid) Cush is the son of Ham and Nimrod is the son of Cush who built the Tower of Babel.
Then the A is a ref to the great pyramid with it having cap stone and such.

8+1+14+14+1=38 >888

aferrismoon said...

137 = QBLH - Qabalah

aferrismoon said...

Also remember the lack of hurricane warnings when Erin was off new York on 9/11/2001

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