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Danny the Dog, Rosebery 7470, Eden Log and Other Movies

[I havn't seen most of these in a few months so might have remembered something wrong, just wanted to put a few movies that I've been meaning to cover, none of them are major blockbuster movies which I'll leave for their own posts (Dark Knight, Wanted etc), obviously major spoilers follow.]

Wanted to cover a few movies I've had on my hard drive for a while, firstly Danny the Dog which I'll just paste the plot from wiki (this is more than possible): "Unleashed is the story of Danny (Jet Li), a man who has lived his entire life as a slave. Raised since childhood by vicious loan shark "Uncle" Bart (Bob Hoskins), Danny has been trained like a dangerous human attack dog, used to beat people who have not paid their loan back to Bart. When Danny has his collar on, he is tame and harmless, but once Bart takes his collar off (and tells him to attack), Danny becomes a vicious, brutal fighter.[through programming yes?] Although a grown man, Danny still has the mentality of a child, and is forced to live in squalor, naive and innocent of the real world."

Bob Hoskins' character murders Danny's mother when he was a kid and kidnaps him [they have Danny behind a door], making him his own personal literal attack dog. Turning people into animals is something done often in programming as it is part of the dehumanization process [along with usual trauma, his collar along with the phrase "attack/kill" were programmed as the triggers]; ones like dogs are usually the protector alter because they are vicious; hence Danny's fighting skills (super-human feats because of access to other parts of the brain most do not). Can't remember if the collar had electroshocks on it but this technique is used on actual dogs in programming them in dog fighting and such, the BBC put out a good documentary about the horrific inbreeding/training (programming) of dogs/etc [and their unsurprising eugenics connection] here's a link to a summary. Note the pentagram below on the collar, we (average people on the street) are nothing but dogs to them, and we all worship God/doG.

The next film, Rosebery 7470 is obviously deeply disturbing but quite well done in terms of portraying victims' fragmented minds in a visual way [every time she has a flashback and/or undergoes some form of trauma (abused by her father + mother's mental abuse in the flashbacks) the image becomes fractured/blurry/confused, check it out in the trailer below]. But the title "Rose"and 747 suggests that this is not a positive creation but a negative one; the actress who plays the main traumatized girl, Alison Asquith is Alice Ansara, and naturally it comes from Australia (Oz). The red shoes are consciously used, showing the Oz programming/abuse and how it ties into this [this kind of specific use of red shoes is used in many things showing the extent of it]. Various traumas are shown, such as the removing of a fetus, incest and physical abuse whilst tied up etc. She is obviously shown as being totally out of it [having dissociated so often]. I'm surprised this trailer is even allowed...

Fractured glass/mind symbolism during some verbal abuse.

Note black/white duality top.

It's very well done with loads of split/fractured mind symbolism and showing it from Alis' perspective (how she'd see the abuse, as a series of fractured/confused scenes from her past that she can vaguely remember because she dissociated throughout most of it causing amnesia of said events; in outright programming these memories would be completely whiped through intentionally created amnesia walls). Alice and the director both won an award for this. Here's the plot summary [obviously completely misses the point]:

Rosebery 7470 will plunge you into the disturbing depths of a stagnant Tasmanian mining town, where one young girl's nightmares, fantasies and realities collide.

The ambitious debut feature from experimental filmmaker Stefan Popescu: be prepared for an injection of insanity and tragedy straight to the eyeball. Rosebery 7470 is disturbing.

Trapped by the perversity of being, Alison, a young woman from the Tasmanian mining town of Rosebery, loses her grip on reality and plunges into a world of nightmares and fantasy.

Demanding and visually arresting, Popescu uses his unique experimental style to create a visceral and monstrous world.

Through a (The Looking) Glass Darkly by Kathleen Koen [KK]
Splid mind symbolism below (the camera stays on this half face shot as she moves)

Just before the father removes the fetus (at home, not sure about anaesthetics or anything) she is tied up and ritualistically puts the red shoes on her.

Final shot of the movie has her father with a heart and her bleeding onto her red shoes.

Really quick mentioning of the film with Dennis Hopper in (have you seen Space Truckers? Total mind control) Sleepwalking playing an abusive father which is essentially why Nick Stahl (another ritual puppet, first film "The Man Without a Face" at age 13, John Connor, Templar christ-like figure in Carnivale etc.) is "sleepwalking", dissociated from reality, "in his own world" so to speak. He eventually snaps and kills his dad because he abused him and his sister's kid, the usual mind control undertones are present ("I'll split your head open like a pumpkin"... "You think I can't break you." and such, various symbolisms too which I can't remember at present)

Sticking with Nick Stahl, in the movie Quid Pro Quo he plays a man paralyzed from the waste down who went through significant trauma as an 8 year old in a car crash that killed his parents (he doesn't remember any of it), but the kicker for this one is that he was not pyhsically paralyzed, it was all in his mind (showing the mind's power over the physical body, hence all these feats that come about from programming [when you can access previously inaccessible areas of the brain this is possible]; people can be programmed to think their legs are paralyzed/arms/whatever and genuinely not be able to move it [also done through simple hypnosis and drugs of course]), and some "magic shoes" he finds subconsciously triggers his mind to being able to walk again.

Also by Magnolia films, one with Uma Thurman; with more trauma/mind control symbolism as a Columbine (mind controlled attack) style event occurs at their school when she was a kid. There is the standard memory suppression/flashback theme we find in many mind control movies, as we finally realize Uma's character Diana is actually dead [so this all existed in an alter-reality]. The child-Diana has a butterfly tattoo on her hand and when she is shot there is an infinity mirror scene mixed with loads of water [apologiez for black and white, only had a DVD screener]. The poster is also standard mind control with Uma mirrored, but the reflection isn't Uma it's the girl I think.

A quick mentioning of the film Emotional Arithmetic would be worthwhile as it was surprisingly enjoyable (usually hate that drama/relationship crap); it's about a group of three who were held in an "internment camp" by the Nazis and were thusly subjected to loads of trauma (hence their fragile mental states). The most fragile of the survivors is the old man who saved them, Jakob who spent most of the time after that in a Russian Psychiatric Facility, where we know mind control experiments were done en-masse; and this is described in the movie where he tells of being electroshocked and subjected to other significant traumas. War is trauma based mind control/ritual sacrifice en-masse, that's all it's ever been and ever will be until we revolt against the insane fuckers that bring about these totally insane wars destroying the psyche's of entire generations with each delusional war.

Eden Log next which resonates/synchs up to many different themes (nature taking over, fuck'd up gov't experiments, and others), this I thought was really quite excellent. A man wakes up with amnesia with no clue where he is or why (you eventually find out he was one of the gov't stormtroopers), he is sometimes taken over by the base-anger/primal fear alter which leads him to do horrific things such as rape a woman leaving her traumatized, shocking/totally confusing himself that he would do such a thing, I think this happens in an elevator. Other mind control symbolisms are naturally present such as a prominent revolving door, people trapped in cubes, spiral staircase, one eyed shots, the tree logo with it's roots.

The people are harvested in cubes, above is the spiral staircase.

Wouldn't be mind control without the colossal glass dome shattering because the tree roots grow out destroying modern civilization.

Note twin towers eyes as the very final shot of the movie.

There are a few more I want to cover but I'll just do one more for now, Insanitarium. The mind control in this goes without saying (it's an insane asylum), here's the wiki plot: The film follows a man (Jesse Metcalfe), faking insanity, in order to save his sister (Kiele Sanchez) who has been involuntarily institutionalized. The siblings soon find that the strange doctor at the asylum (Peter Stormare) has been testing an experimental compound on the patients that seems to be turning them into flesh eating psychopaths. The two siblings band together with a terminally paranoid man (Kevin Sussman) and a helpful nurse (Olivia Munn) in the hopes of finding a way out of the asylum. At the end of the film, the two siblings are trapped in a police car, while the patients escape into the outside world. It ends with a panning shot, revealing the city below the asylum's hillside location.

Resonates Joker Jack Nicholson's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest which obviously has similar themes. Standard mind control techniques include electroshocks, but there are various other subtle hints at mind control such as fractured glass, self-mutilation (to fake being insane), one insane dude pulls the head off a cat (not pictured), loss of limbs, cannibalism and such things.

Edit: Meant to add this, a video with clips from the infamous American Mcgee's Alice [movie and game remake coming out at some point] called Insanitarium, standard themes.

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