Sunday 31 January 2010

The Luciferian Christina

Quick post, I came across this photo of Christina Aguilera (click for her previous posts/photos) in a Luciferian black magick scene, with a ritual pentagram drawn on the ground and each point/element has a black candle on it. The scene, at the very least resonates with themes of Satanic ritual abuse.

Disney Mouseketeers are predominantly victims of Monarch (trauma-based mind control) programming often involving "Satanic" ritual abuse, this set of images is quite indicative of that I feel. Note the battered and burned doll on the floor which is a standard motif for childhood abuse, Christina's father Fausto's abuse and a sociopathic obsession with control is pretty well known (see this post for some specifics she can recall), a typical Monarch military father (whose name, meaning 'luck' in Italian, reminds me of Goethe's Faust who allied himself with the Devil) who traveled to military bases with his family, eventually leaving them when she was still young. By age 8 they already had her appearing on TV shows singing sexually suggestive songs which is not as blatant as her own 100% sexual euphemism debut song "Genie in the Bottle" (Britney's debut of course was also entirely suggestive), singing the 'Star-Spangled Banner' to testosterone-filled stadiums and in that pentagram-centric 'Star Search' show, in which Britney also appeared before they joined the Mickey Mouse Club (posted on it a lot in Britney posts).

Note her occult pendant, the crescent moon with three pentagrams inside it (notice the same motifs, crescent moons and pentagram symbolism on Magician/Wizard Mickey's conical hat), skull and bones brooch (also wearing a ruby ring [second image below] associated with sexual programming, and a ruby drops necklace symbolizing blood [drops]). Note the black cat, overtly for the standard witch cliché (and it's cultural association with the devil and witches) but more to symbolize her sex kitten programming. Spiders are another common MK motif (all of these kinds of symbols make for good triggers) because of spider tortures' effectiveness (victims describe being trapped in a box with spiders dropped in with them and such) and other facets of the spider are useful for programming (i.e. the spider web imagery is a good template for internal structuring), her red and black clothing may also be an allusion to the Black Widow.

On the other doll (symbolically under her foot/trampled on) note the position of the knife on it's stomach, all very symbolic of ritual abuse (and showing literally how they are used in MK, as the child is emotionally attached to the doll, giving it a personality and whatnot, so it can be used in multiple ways to emotionally traumatize the victim to create splits/personalities). What is that bloody thing above, it looks like a skinned goat head or something? There also appears to be an animal skull (below Minnie Witch photo), possibly a goat though half is cut off. A practicing occultist reader could probably describe the purpose of the jars and whatnot. Included a loosely related image of Christina at Disneyland with a Minnie Mouse Witch (+ sunflowers).
Note the red and black coloured clothing (black/red/white common colour scheme used by occultists such as the Nazi establishment, the red associated with the occult obsession with pure genes/bloodline, black evil/darkness, white light for duality). Click one of the above images where you can see that one of Christina's Hebrew tattoos is on show, it is unlikely that she wasn't posed specifically and ritualistically to reveal the Hebrew letters 'Yud' (Y) and 'Bet' (B) to add a bit of Kabbalah magick to the shoot's (metaphorical) cauldron.
These Hebrew letters are described in the press as representing her husband, currently her long-term handler, Jewish music executive Jordan Bratman's initials, with Spanish words surrounding it reading "I love you always" (a permanent declaration of eternal devotion to the handler). Apparently Roman Catholic raised, she was married in a Jewish ceremony and their son Max Liron Bratman has been circumcised, the bris ceremony was decorated with inflatable penises/phalli (as if the traumatic genital mutilation [however you choose to rationalize it, that's what it is] ritual ceremony wasn't messed up enough).

Note Jordan's Mickey Mouse skull/death t-shirt with Christina, one of the products of Walt Disney Company's cult (in terms of who runs it) of death and perversion. Christina has even been branded with a Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse ears tattoo, in a fitting location (for Disney) below her bikini line (cannot find any pictures, info from Vanishing Tattoo).

The other Hebrew tattoo, below on the small of her back (AKA her 'tramp stamp' as it is known) comes from the symbolic Song of Solomon (important to Kabbalists) 6:3, reading 'I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me.' followed by Jordan Bratman's initials JB (Victoria Beckham has a quote from the same part of the Song of Solomon tattooed down the back of her neck/backbone [this positioning is clearly symbolic, associated with the Tree of Life, see Fashion's Gnosis for details] Britney also had a Hebrew tattoo of a name for God).

The title of this post is a play on words for the 'Luciferian Christ' (Christina/Christian obviously meaning 'Follower of Christ' which is pretty ironic [it is how they think, their sense of humor I feel]), in the same set (taken by Judson Baker in 2005 for Blender magazine, whose split word motif I have noted before, see the magazine cover further down) Christina is photographed with motifs associated with Jesus Christ namely crucifixes. Note all the 'light' symbolism wearing white, with a silver crucifix (and a ruby crucifix necklace). Same again below with the sun/light coming from behind the clouds behind her head (like Jesus, the light/sun of God, he is often portrayed with the sun behind his head).

A bit of Baphomet posing (as above so below) below with the "Holy Spirit" dove (on the 'as above', fitting with the symbolic pose).

Continuing the set below, as the dualistic opposite of the above, dark themes as opposed to light. Speaking of duality, her next album was, at one point going to be called 'Light and Darkness' but seems to have changed to 'Bionic' (more associated with mind control as it suggests dehumanization, body parts replaced or augmented with tech, turning to a cyborg/robot MK theme), there has been speculation that this video is part of viral advertising for it but am reluctant to embed it until it is confirmed one way or the other. Note the skull necklace, blood red/scarlet outfit and the sun's light attempting to break through the dark storm clouds gathering behind her. The red ribbon coiled round her wrist reminds me and is probably symbolic of the Kabbalistic Tefillin.

Note the black crusader/templar-like cross (and the ironic statements about her being different from other "fake" artists like Britney whose system does not appear to be as structurally sound [so to speak] as Christina's system).

Citizen K photo shoot from last year, who to me looks quite a bit like Kabbalistic prima-Monarch witch Madonna in this set (note black/white symbolism above and the mannequins).

A symbolic photo below from one of her earlier shoots below which I thought was poignant enough to finish with. Update on my current posting situation, I've been feeling increasingly unsure of what to post on (there is no shortage of subjects to choose from though, which is part of the problem), I spent a long time on one then decided to start a Mariah Carey post, so that should be up in the next few days and return to the one I was working on.

Friday 22 January 2010

Fashion's Gnosis

Whilst I take my time with other posts (apologiez for the delay and I realize there are other things people would rather I post on too, I will try to get to them), here's another fashion photography post for you to chew on for the time being. Kicking things off with some recent shoots from the ever illuminating photographer Antonella Arismendi (check her blog to see her interests and the context for the symbolic/mystical photography). The first set is called 'Black Celebration', hence the Baphomet (ram/goat skull, the bull skull [I think it is] I usually regard as a Baphomet invocation but could be Moloch) and black themes ('celebration of evil', also some black/white duality [the guy's trousers + other clothing, the girl's black lipstick, light hair/dark hair etc], mirror duality in the video and a few other things in the set).

Next up is 'Gnosis' (spiritual enlightenment/knowledge; non-ignorant Freemasons, Hermetics, Theosophists etc are practicing brands of Gnosticism), the esoteric symbolism covering the male model representing the 'gnosis'; the spiritual knowledge/enlightenment contained in the gnostic who has attained it. As well as all the usual "Illuminati" symbolism (eye in pyramid, hand of Fatima/Hamsa), their infamous phrase is also (among others) painted on him 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' (New Order of the Ages, the Masonic/Illuminism symbolic seal on the dollar bill with the motto celebrating the new "enlightened/illuminated" Masonic Order that took control of America). The model wears a symbolic mask (black with silver chains + silver pyramid shapes between the eyes) and does various symbolic poses.

2012 is another interest of the photographer which you can see written on the model above, as well as the ancient Sumerian Gods (or the alien creators and slave-masters of humanity, set to return in 2012... or not) the Anunnaki. Obviously there is a lot more there but most is hard to make out (some Kabbalah numerology and whatnot).

Various ritualistic poses are used which most will be familiar with, like the Illuminism symbolic triangle below.

Note the accurate depiction of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which has been covered in previous posts (also in Antonella's previous shoots there are more Kabbalistic themes in terms of spiritual enlightenment/transcendence, like the Merkabah). Note the symbolic positioning of the central pillar over the spine, the middle pillar representing balance/order in the dualistic universe and our earthly reality (the sephirot Tiferet [mercy, glory, beauty; associated with the spine] is positioned in the middle of the tree, just below and in between Din [overpowering/judgement] and Hesed [kindness/compassion] which are considered opposites that Tiferet links/balances, Hesed being male, Din female). So this probably has a meditative enlightenment meaning also (based on her Merkabah shoot also), hence the symbolic reverse prayer pose (try and do that, impossible!).

Note more masks, with added bunny ears (/horns) giving a Nazi style salute below. Note the crucifix, you can just about make some Hebrew and Hindu Sanskrit (enlightenment, om meditation).

'Age of Aquarius' is the last set I'm covering of Antonella's work here, note all the light worship/Illuminism, including the white pyramids (symbolizing light, the Gnostic trinity, illuminated pyramids). Set in a church for added significance, I think the message being that the Age of Pisces is coming to an end (the Christian establishment love their vesica pisces shaped stuff like in architecture [among other symbolic archways and whatnot], the "Jesus Fish" and such) replaced by the Age of Aquarius in which (from what I understand) the archaic dogmatic religions of the Piscean age make way for more enlightened belief systems and people see what is actually going on in the world. The photographer Antonella Arismendi regards 2012 as being the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (she links to a playlist on the right of the page accompanying the set), though astrology, 2012 and things of that nature are not things I would like to go into they are interesting.

That analysis was quite non-conspiratorial so to bring things back to the higher end of the fashion industry where the work is less overt but more suggestive and hidden (rather than the 'in your face' esoteric themes which pervade Antonella's work), Victoria's Secret recently had a spread in GQ magazine with a Baphomet goat skull (note the American flag boots by the skull) + usual suggestiveness with the model (Lindsay Ellingson) holding the 'gun' (phallus) up to her mouth (I think some people think I have some massive problem with the stuff and the people I write about, that I'm some prude who will not listen, watch or enjoy something just because it has suggestive, occult or MK themes which couldn't be further from the truth).

More of the usual suggestiveness with one of those big (perhaps to make her appear small, like a child?) 'lollipops'.

Victoria's Secret models are 'The Most Dangerous Game'. But in all seriousness (should probably cut out the dark MK humor), usual dehumanization (antlers, on knees) and phallic symbolism (shotgun, hunting/killing/dominating the animal). Sex-kitten programming below and showing the theme of the shoot, they will often use recent popular movies (Where the Wild Things Are which itself contains numerous MK dehumanization and dissociation references) as a means to use themes of dehumanization and the like. Note the crawling and drinking milk through a phallic straw which is all obviously suggestive and relevant to kitten alter programming.

The most recent Victoria's Secret fashion show was full of it's usual dehumanization themes, starting with the sexy robots (seen in the background of above pic) that start the show off with the Black Eyed Peas (here is a good video detailing these themes). Note the giant 'V' shaped catwalk (for Victoria obviously but is clearly also used suggestively), each model walks to the bottom of the V.

It seems obvious and common sense that Alessandra Ambrosio (AA 11, Aless/Alice, Ambrosio like ambrosia, food of the gods) was instructed to hold her arms up in such a way, matching the top two corners of the (incomplete missing the bottom corner completed by the bottom half of her body, but clearly suggestive of an) inverted pentagram (a blazing star also, the pink/red fabric symbolizing fire/flames, all very Luciferian). "Ambrósio was just eight years old when she decided that she wanted to be a model, after seeing a picture of top covergirl Karen Mulder in a magazine: "I wanted to be like her", she recalls." Showing the influence these models have over the young, a pretty messed up cycle (this may just be an intentional Monarch slave nod from her handlers though), Alessandra had cosmetic surgery at age 11 to have her ears pinned back resulting in complications. You will recall Karen Mulder, one of the first Victoria's Secret 'Angels' came out in 2001 revealing that she and other supermodels were essentially "elite" sex slaves used by "Elite Model Management" executives and other members of the global elite (click for detailed analysis).

'Operation Miranda' is still in play it seems (should I cut out the dark humor?), they couldn't resist sticking a butterfly (+ a dragonfly) on MK Miranda Kerr, some of the angel/butterfly wings costumes were based on clock mechanism (symbolizing their lost time and internal mechanism/system).

One of the parts (a jungle themed part) of the show culminated in a myriad of butterflies being shown projected onto the background.

In 2007 their VS fashion show displayed mind control symbolism with the black/white hypnotic spiral background domineering over the dissociative models (+ the strobe lighting must affect them) who are always far more lively in VS shows than others (they are told exactly how to act though before going on the catwalk). All seeing eyes are shown blinking on the screen as the hypnotic spiral fades out (it comes back later distorted). It looks to be based on Walt Disney's buddy Salvador Dali's surrealist art, I posted the picture of Adriana Lima from this show in a post a while back.

I recorded the above 'Agent Provocateur' (please click to see their obviously conscious use of occult symbolism such as this 'Season of the Witch', included better quality image below and their 'New World Order' etc) event off the TV a while back, with my crappy digital camera so the quality is not good but you can make out what is going on (I looked for pictures and video of it online but found virtually none). Essentially it is a theatrical/ritualistic fashion lingerie show with the models playing various parts (there's a nymph/green fairy or something near the start, a hood wearing witch type figure) in 2009 in Vienna, Austria. I think it may have been themed after A Midsummer Night's Dream (it's pagan/ritualistic themes are very popular for these types of things, reminding me of Playboy's Midsummer Night's Dream masquerade), though the model dressed as a bird kept in a human-size bird cage trapped by a dominatrix style guardian doesn't exactly fit with that. Anyway, a male Pan/Dionysus (or Puck) makes an appearance near the end and seems to get the bride (who decadently feeds him) to applause from the audience (the performers line up in a pyramid shape also) bringing this Dionysian ritual to a close.

To finish off this post, tool of the "elite" blue bloods, British fashion designer Alexander McQueen (again click for more relevant info on the occult in fashion, McQueen pictured above with Prince Charles who presented him with a 'Designer of the Year' award in 2001, but that is more about saying "you're one of us now, welcome to the club" than for any genuine achievement) teamed up with British photographer Nick Knight (some of his stuff is also in that linked McQueen post) for a campaign producing this photo with model Raquel Zimmermann practically suffocated by the snakes on and coiled around her (camouflaged by a multiple snake print body suit/second skin as if she herself had become a snake). Serpent photoshoots are always good for some psycho-sexual and esoteric symbolism, note McQueen's hooves-like shoes (reptile/snake print) she is wearing (seen in Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance', by the way it's worth checking out Luciferian Mannequin Lily Donaldson post for newcomers, which has some of McQueens designs).

His most recent show from Milan fashion week is just as dark with Skull and Bones as the primary focus, called 'An Bailitheoir Cnámh' meaning 'The Bone Collector' in Gaelic. With piles of skulls and bones (like in an old catacombs) as the main motif (it's not really worth watching it all so haven't embedded, watch here).

To finish, here is a shoot from Vogue Paris February 2010 which I am posting as it features some of McQueen's designs such as the owl dress below (hopefully most will understand the significance/symbolism of the owl). Reptiles and death are in fashion at the moment it seems... I wonder why! The model is Anja Rubik, shot by photography duo Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer. I'll look to pick up the pace with posts (suggestions/tips are always welcome, though I need some way of organizing them all so I don't lose track of good ones in mail clutter).

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