Thursday 1 October 2009

The Brooke Shields Doll and 'Tate Modern removes nude picture of 10-year-old Brooke Shields after police pornography probe'

A provocative nude picture of a 10-year-old Brooke Shields has been removed from a major exhibition following a police pornography probe. [Daily Mail article + some additional symbolic images/video, info at end.]

The picture of the American actress was due to go on show today at the Tate Modern, but bosses closed off its room after meeting officers from the Obscene Publications Unit.

Richard Prince's image of Shields shows her from the knees up, naked, oiled and wearing make-up, looking directly at the viewer. [The image in question is below, I'd like to think readers are mature enough to handle it as it's necessary to show how public and 'in your face' they are with their obsession with pedophilia; but I will remove if there's a huge backlash. And yes, this stuff should make you feel sick to your stomach... who takes photos of an oiled up naked 10 year old... pedophiles! But probably more importantly what kind of parent allows this to happen to their daughter. You can find some of the original kiddy porn photos, I mean "art" taken by Gary Gross here by the way. Edit: Switched to a censored version after receiving a fair email asking me to remove it from the main page as they did not want it on their system, click the image for the uncensored version.]

Removed: A 14-year-old Brooke Shields, left, in the 1980 film The Blue Lagoon and, right, on the red carpet aged 44. A portrait of a naked 10-year-old Shields had been withdrawn from an exhibition at the Tate Modern

It is hung in a room at the south London gallery with a notice on the door warning visitors they may find the image 'challenging'.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said officers from the unit met with Tate staff yesterday.

He said: 'The officers have specialist experience in this field and are keen to work with gallery management to ensure that they do not inadvertently break the law or cause any offence to their visitors.'

The picture of Shields, titled Spiritual America, was contained in a room separate from the rest of the exhibition which features images including huge sexually explicit images of penetration and works made from the pages of pornographic magazines.

Jack Bankowsky, the exhibition's co-curator, said previously he hoped the artistic interest in Spiritual America would not be overshadowed by controversy over its content.

Gallery chiefs said they sought legal advice before including the work and had given careful consideration to the work and the reaction it could provoke before including it in the exhibition.

Full on: American artist Jeff Koons' [see comments in this post for more on Koons & Cicciolina] Dirty-Jeff On Top' statue stands in front of a billboard for Made In Heaven

The artist himself described the 1983 work, which is a photograph of a photograph taken by another artist, Gary Gross, as 'an extremely complicated photo of a naked girl who looks like a boy made up to look like a woman'. [androgyny/gender confusion (in mind control a slave would be programmed with alters who think they're the opposite sex)]

It was originally displayed anonymously in a disused shop in a run-down area of New York, and the Tate show is believed to be the work's first appearance in a UK gallery.

The Gross picture was taken after the artist hired Shields to pose as a model in 1975 and is said to have been done with her mother's consent.

When the photographer later tried to republish the pictures in the 1980s, Shields and her mother [also was an actress] launched a legal battle to stop him, but he won the case.

Controversial: A visitor photographs an installation by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami during the Pop Life exhibition

Children's and religious groups criticised the decision to show the work earlier this week.

Michelle Elliot, founder of charity Kidscape, said: 'This is the kind of excuse people make for showing soft kiddy porn and I can't think anyone would want their child portrayed this way and I think it is obscene to do so.

'I don't care if they show naked adults, I have got no trouble with nudity, but I do have trouble with children being portrayed in sexually provocative ways.'

Simon Calvert, of The Christian Institute, added: 'I think that any parent of young girls would just be so shocked to hear that a taxpayer funded gallery thinks it is alright to show photographs of a nude ten-year-old in the middle of a pornography exhibition.'

The rest of the Tate show, entitled Pop Life: Art In A Material World show, remains open.

The show has a room dedicated to U.S. artist Jeff Koons' Made In Heaven work, which includes sexually explicit images of him with the Italian porn star La Cicciolina.

Impact: The show also features this visual installation by Keith Haring

[end of Daily mail article]

It's worth briefly going into Brooke Shields' career to show the characteristics of her life that follows many of these mind control victims' lives. She started modeling at 11 months old, showing what her parents always intended for her (again, what kind of parent allows their child to be photographed naked in a bath?!) and eventually covered Vogue and others. The kind of parent that allows this to happen is one like her father Francis Alexander Shields, a wealthy businessman; executive at evil cosmetics company Revlon. He is the son of tennis player (Brooke married tennis player Andre Agassi by the way) turned actor Frank Shields (pictured below with the 'happy family' including her former actress mother Teri) and Italian Princess/royal lineage Donna Marina Torlonia, Princess di Civitelli-Cesi; showing the "elite"/Illuminist, inbred bloodline that runs in her family and is evidence of her Monarch multigenerational mind control.

Here is one of the many suggestive Calvin Klein adverts she produced, essentially she is describing part of the basic concept of Monarch mind control here (organized multigenerational programmed slave families), "The secret of life [removes glasses] lies hidden in the genetic code, genes ["jeans".. how clever] are fundamental in determining the characteristics of an individual and passing on these characteristics to succeeding generations..." then goes on to describe selective breeding and such.

Brooke's programming is also shown by her being a "circus performer" here, showing her being extremely flexible (often made that way by traumatic stretching) and check out her spinning (dissociative/disorientating) like crazy here.

She's also a great "dog trainer" ;) She was around age 16 at this point.

Last one from this of her walking on shattered glass (not very difficult but very symbolic of her shattered mind).

The above video has little to do with exercise, just more perverse exploitation of their manipulated slaves.

She modeled for the cover of the occult band (checkout some of their album covers and whatnot) Nektar's album 'Magic is a child' when she was about 10-11 in 1977... The gushing white waterfall is I think symbolic of female sexuality and rebirth (and can be used in programming to "wash away memories"), with Brooke nude covered by a pillow or something (Edit: Yeah thanks for correction, that's actually a white dress; symbolizing purity/virginity and such) as she appears to be elevated by a source of light.

In her movie debut in 'Pretty Baby' she played a typical debut role for an MK'd sex-kitten, the child of a prostitute played by Susan Surandon (so themes of multigenerational [Monarch] slavery/mind control) and a child prostitute herself (note the doll), called Violet who seduces a photographer (real life one E.J. Bellocq who took photos of prostitutes/sex-slaves wearing masks and such, his brother was a Jesuit Priest...), her mother planning to auction her virginity to the highest bidder (like sex-slaves in reality whose virginity is preserved because it means they are worth more to the sick "elite" buyers of slaves). The film was released when Brooke was 12 so was probably filmed when she was 11, the character is supposed to be age 12. Below is an image from the film (image borrowed from this good article, I picked the least explicit one there).

An 11 year old Brooke with her prostitute mother in the film Susan Sarandon (she has popped up a couple of times in the blog like in Disney's Enchanted, and Speed Racer; obviously she's been in many more symbolic stuff like this).

The photographer was played by Keith Carradine of the Carradine acting clan, half brother of David.

Before 'Pretty Baby' she was in 'Alice, Sweet Alice' as Karen (think Mulder), Lostworld did a good post on this in the Stepford Wives Icke thread, also some of this stuff is covered in the Cobain thread. Karen has a two-faced porcelain doll (dual/split personalities; the mask also is extremely mind control symbolic) which her sister Alice steals, and she terrorizes people wearing a grinning mask (potentially killing her sister Karen, though it wasn't her). Brooke's character Karen is killed by a mask wearing psychopath (standard mind control theme you'll find in many horror films). In one scene "Catherine tells Alice to deliver a rent cheque to Mr Alphonso (Alphonso DeNoble) their obese cat-loving landlord. After he tries to fondle and molest her, Alice goes down to the basement where she lights a candle and puts on her grinning mask." I have not seen it myself but I'm sure it is loaded with more mind control symbolic themes.

She had previously worked on a film by pedophile director Woody Allen [whose films are truly awful, why do you think he is so revered by Hollywood?! Like Polanski; whose films are admittedly excellent though it's good to see him finally get arrested, though I doubt he will ever go to prison or anything], pictured below with Allen directing her in a scene for 'Annie Hall'; all her scenes (flashbacks) were cut from the film.

She was of course in other explicit films like 'The Blue Lagoon' which has more exploitation with the usual underage sexual themes, the below movie poster for is pretty disturbing I feel ("Just you and me, kid") if you can read into what it's really referring to ["Bill (played by George Burns) finds the naked Kate (Brooke; kat/cat/kitten) in his trunk with a tire wrapped around her."].

She was 'friends' with mind controlled Michael Jackson (still definitely planning to do a post on him) and was a major part of the memorial (here's her speech). Below pictured with one of Jacko's many victims Macauley Culkin, also with another probable slave, a very young Laura Bundy. Michael "surrounded himself with mannequins and loved Brooke Shields", they are from nearly the same generation of programmed Monarchs so have this connection (they can only make "friends"/go out on "dates"/etc with other slaves).

I was surprised to see she was part of the slave performers at many of slave handler Bob Hope's USO tours (slaves like Marilyn Monroe are often used to "entertain the troops", covered in past posts), in the below scene she is pictured with Scientology controlled slave Cathy Lee Crosby, Ann Jillian (started acting at age 10 in a Disney film 'Babes in Toyland', appeared in an Alice in Wonderland as the Red Queen + some of the usual kind stuff), the winner of Miss USA at the time, Vic Damone, and George Kirby.

Brooke below as a Pocahontas type figure with Bob as the 'big chief', that's Mickey Rooney (covered a bit here) on the end there by the way.

She is probably a 'Presidential Model' kitten, here she is pictured with Gerald Ford and his wife Betty (former fashion model). Below pictured with republican super hero/rapist/slave handler Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy Reagan (daughter of actress, her smile always looks very programmed/false), and with other probable Monarch kitten models Christie Brinkley (USO "entertainer", check out her relationships and whatnot) and Cheryl Tiegs.

What is the "CIA connection" (at CBS) I wonder ;) [it's telling those "in the know" that both generations are probably products of it's Project Monarch, you'll often find phrases on different articles that seem to match up in some way suggestively, almost in a code-like way] Another CIA suggestion in the below cover in relation to Brooke... note the daisies too.

Brook with a cat at a Whiskas cat food event (?!) called "Whiskas Salutes Cats as the Purr-fect Art Form".

Brooke with children Rowan Francis and Grier Hammond at Disneyland above, below dressed as a kitten for Halloween (cheers for tip in comments a while back).

She appeared on the cover of Lolita inspired 'Helene' by John Bowers.

Brooke with Britney from the younger generation of Monarchs, she of course plays the mother of the main one of the next generation of Monarchs down, "Miley's mom", Miley Cyrus' mother in Hannah Montana (pictured below).

She appeared on the Muppet Show (most special guests are MK'd puppets), you can probably guess which mind control themed role she played, Alice in Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and they even get it confused with the other main programming script from the time, the Wizard of Oz (embedded videos of it both below, I didn't watch it all the way through in detail; note in the Muppet intro song all the Masonic twin pillars/arches).


Christopher Myers said...

I was wondering if you were gonna mention 'Pretty Baby'. I didn't know the name of the movie but I remember watching it as a kind and also I remembered the main plot line about "auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder". This movie at the time was good cause I was a kid but I remember even then and to this day I was always baffled how she was nude in that movie. I remember just saying I guess they get the ok from your parent signature and I guess you can go nude in a movie? where the fuck do they draw the line?

These are thought of mine as a 12 year old or so....

Then I remember seeing 'Once Upon a Time in New York' when I was older (in my 20's) and seeing a very young Jennifer Connelly nude (14) and thought the same thing. Like I always say shits, just fucking sick no matter how you slice it.

PS Because I am an actor. One time years ago I had this whole thing go down with this modeling agency that wanted me to go to NY to try and be an MTV VJ (never went I just wanted to act). They offered to give me free modeling lessons and all (most people had to pay hundreds). After seeing all these robots walking runways like cattle with there parents there like slave owners I also passed on that opportunity.

PSS I just found out what they were called "Millennium model agency".

PSSS as always you tell a pretty good story with just pics and videos!

Justin R. said...

I don't think Polanski and the Brooke Shields controversy appearing in the same week is mere coincidence....

But I guess you may think the same. Conditioning towards asking the public the question: "Is paedophilia truly wrong?"

Dunno, but it seems that this is coming to the fore more and more. Testing the collective psyche.

skrambo said...

^^Yes, Pedophilia is fucking wrong.

Here's what a commenter said on the site for that disgusting Brooke Shields photoshoot:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Where I and others see beauty, sick twisted minds see pornography. Don’t you think its time you stopped seeing people, especially children, in this sick way? (the pot calls the kettle black)

Lets put this in perspective. In the bible Lot offered up his child daughters to a crowd for their sexual and deviant entertainment in order to protect his home and was/is considered a righteous man by religions all over the world. But those same religions see the beauty of childhood and the human body as presented to creation by God, as pornographic.

Is this really where we are as humans? This is probably one of the first posts you've done which has shocked me to my core and I'm not even done reading it. Good job, I guess? The collective ignorance is astounding. We can always turn a blind eye but that is the worst thing we could possibly do, yet at the same time I really don't want to look.

Justin R. said...

^^The point I was making is there is an agenda behind this. And that these two stories are not coincidental.

Christopher Myers said...

@ tommy Lot offered up his daughters cause the town was about to gay fuck the male angles. Call it what it is. Plus thats just another sick fucking twisted story out of the fictitious Bible.

PS "Don’t you think its time you stopped seeing people, especially children, in this sick way?" That quote is just some pervert trying to put his shit off on someone else cause he doesn't want to look at himself in the mirror and analyze why his penis gets hard looking at small children nude.

Fuck that sick shit no matter whos behind it.

davidd said...

Good job Ben, as usual.
I think your POV and opinion is great but do watch the conjecture (on second thoughts it's your blog so what you write is your call, however I do pick up on conjecture when I read.)
Also, in that waterfall pic I'm fairly sure she's wearing what looks to be a satin dress - if you get these things wrong then it will discredit your POV.

I agree with 'C' above: 'as always you tell a pretty good story with just pics and videos!'
In a lot of cases this stuff speaks for itself but your reminder of 'this is MK at work' is pertinent indeed, especially to those new to this stuff.

You have a seriously good blog here - thanks for taking the time to put it together!

Anonymous said...

A good book to read about what goes on in these families is "Call Me Crazy" by Anne Heche. She has DID and wrote a pretty engaging biography. One thing I noticed in the book was that her father (who sexually abused her) bragged to Anne about driving Brooke Shields to school. It's a pretty good read and the cover has a great pic of Anne with one eye covered and a butterfly on the spine of the book for seemingly no reason.

Also, totally off topic but Miley Cyrus' website is now covered in Monarch butterflies.


Anonymous said...

Here is an interview with Anne Heche where she speaks Italian without actually knowing she is or how she learned it. Her family was somehow connected to these elite Italian families through Brooke Shields' family I presume.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To Moni:

Dont forget the logo from Miley's site: "Step into a Miley state of mind". Very sweet...


Anonymous said...

weird that Michael Jackson died owning the Beatles catalogue, in fear that he'd be killed for it,
and right after he dies, Polanski is arrested after 33 years on a diddler charge. Jackson and Polanski, both of them accused as diddlers, both of them elusive in response, and both of them somehow connected to the Beatles. Polanski's wife and baby were ritually sacrificed by the CIA's Manson clan operatives who were obsessed with the Beatles white album, and Jackson owned the publishing rights to the White Album when he died. Jackson and Polanski have both been on some sort of shit list for decades, and now BOTH of them are taken down within weeks of eachother.
Also, the Brooke Shields circus programming reminds of the whole Wavy Gravy circus school, which was or is part of the whole Merry Pranksters/Ken Kesey LSD/ mk programming underground imo.

Anonymous said...

re: the Brooke Shields/Britney Spears photo.
- both of them mk slaves
- both of them precocious sex objects
- surnames similar: shields, spears, etc. (knighthood bloodlines?)
- both initials same ( B.S.)

Lostworld said...

Excellent & fantastic post Ben! Very impressive. We've covered a lot about Brooke over at Stepford but to get her full background story was really great. But sad too of course... Poor Brooke. Thanks for mentioning my post, I really appreciate it. Take care / Lostworld

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:02 that is really freaky! never thought about that before

@anon 9:49 wow, i never knew that about polanski although i had already considered the beatles conspiracy regarding jacko...maybe paul mccartney (or should i say his evil clone, he died years ago apparently lol) had something to do with his death?

Anonymous said...

in regard to miley cyrus, her new song is interesting, mentions butterly' and Jay Z of all people. "party in the USA" or something along the lines, its being played a lot in UK on music video channels.

Anonymous said...

The androgyny thing: in the last few months I keep seeing photos of Brooke Shields pop up every where and each time I look at them and think, "why does she look so manly, she didn't before".

Anonymous said...

a very odd thing Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus have in common;

its near the end.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of this weird pic of Pete Wentz - a definite trigger for somebidy out there?

Anonymous said...

dis-association perhaps? the not being recognised/not recognising yourself?

Anonymous said...

paloma faith debut album is titled "do you want the truth or something beautiful" she is described as a "24-carat sex kitten".
her name means dove in spanish and shes an ex-magicians assistant.i thought the meaning of her name would be relevant as a magician sometimes uses doves in some illusions. she performed in a vaudeville act, joined a women-only burlesque agency comprising dancers, fire-eaters and sword-swallowers, and got a job as a magician's assistant. she was also a agent provocateur sales assistant. Another year was spent as a performer on Carnesky's Ghost Train, the touring company that combines magic, theatre and performance art she also appears in the imaginarium of doctor parnassus whose themes parallel her life of being in a travelling troupe of illusionists.

Faith is famed for the loopiness of her live shows. She has created artificial snowstorms and performed blind-folded while clutching a porcelain doll in her own image. one of her songs is called "broken doll". the advert for her album begins with two doves and then the camera looking through a keyhole to see paloma in a virgin mary esque position with her head illuminated like a halo. she is also dressed in duality stripes and it shows a peacock extending its feathers. paloma has been labeled as an "almost twin" of lady gaga.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Solange...


Josh Clark said...

Great post. Too bad you're only able to scratch the surface.

Anonymous said...

Jay-Z in an interview with Ian Brown in this week's NME:

"I'm not a...I'm secular, I guess you would call it. I'm not a Christian. What I believe, I'm spiritual, but I don't belong to any church, or any denomination."

Anonymous said...

Ben, here's the Swedish singer, LEILA K, born into a family of Muslim fundamentalists. Her appearance, mannerisms and life/career ressemble AMY WINEHOUSE. Incredibly how low she got at a moment...
Here's my take on her on icke's forum (my id is emerald)


Anonymous said...

Forgetful me :)


Anonymous said...

Wow this a really disturing one. I been reading your other blogs and think they're incredible. It must be painstakingly time-consuming to make each one of your blogs. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

2:55-3:10 on the video above.. Their discussing a song on Miley's album called "Buttefly fly away" and then her dad said he calls it "The Catepillar song".

Like how Monarch's Mind Control program tries to turn catepillar's into butterflies through traumatic abuse.

You tucked me in, turned out the light
Kept me safe and sound at night
Little girls depend on things like that

Brushed my teeth and combed my hair
Had to drive me everywhere
You were always there when I looked back

You had to do it all alone
Make a living, make a home
Must have been as hard as it could be

And when I couldn't sleep at night
Scared things wouldn't turn out right
You would hold my hand and sing to me

Caterpillar in the tree
How you wonder who you'll be
Can't go far but you can always dream

Wish you may and wish you might
Don't you worry, hold on tight
I promise you there will come a day
Butterfly fly away

Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away
Flap your wings now you can't stay
Take those dreams and make them all come true

Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away
We've been waiting for this day
All along and knowing just what to do
Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly, butterfly fly away

Butterfly fly away
Butterfly fly away


Beth said...

I must say that I don't see anything wrong with child nudity. I grew up in a open-minded family in Florida. My parents were nudists, we would stay at nudist resorts on vacation, and be completely comfortable with our bodies. I was never molested or abused. My parents were very loving in all the right ways.
There are a few pictures of me naked in photo albums, but I don't see them as being porn, or my parents being peadophiles. We were just "comfortable" with our bodies. It's all in the eyes of the beholder for sure.

There are sick people in all walks of life who will get off on anything, who will see this and that as being wrong, but if anything being nude is our natural birth right.

I only see nudity as being wrong when it's against the will of another. If Brooke was coerceced into being naked for these photographs, then yes I see that as being wrong. Given the fact that she's made up, wearing make up, and almost seems to be posing in a sexual manner at 10 years old I do find that troubling, but nudity in general I will never find wrong.

Being that I'm comfortable with myself and body due to the way I was raised, I don't have the sexual desires repressed people tend to have. I get turned on only when I'm with my lover. Porn, nude images, and other sexual things don't do anything for me.

Anonymous said...


skrambo said...

Beth - Would you have been comfortable with being nude if some sleazy photographer (not your parents) was taking pictures of you and telling you how to pose? Not to mention all the other people gathered around him staring at you.

Something needs to be done. People are so fucking desensitized it's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


she just said she doesn't condone that.

Anonymous said...

Check out Brooke's AUDI commercials where she touts the "advantages" of creating children "AUDI cars" thru the precision expert German engineering (she's been programmed since the womb)...

skrambo said...

sorry, getting ahead of myself. Shouldn't put so much emotional energy into this.

Anonymous said...

Britney and Brooke, Shields and Spears, B.S. and B.S., both of them sex kitten circus girls and prototypical white whore role models for every aspiring blonde cheerleader working an ad in the yellow pages for Escorts.

Anonymous said...

ALL's in store for LOURDES:


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many knew that:


Anonymous said...

"Lostworld" - I've seen you over at the Stepford thread. Your platitudes about "poor Brooke" ring false, same as your platitudes ring false over on the Stepford thread. You say what you know people want to hear, pretending to be sad or woeful for mind controlled victims, then turn around and gleefully write about it all like you can't get enough of it. It's fun and entertaining for you, all this gossip and scandal, a good way to pass the day, no? It's not something you actually feel genuinely bad over. Ben on the other hand comes across as if he really does feel badly for what's going on here and is working to expose things, not revel in the gossip.

It's unfortunate that Ben cites the work of this "Lostworld" clown and her "Stepford" thread. That thread is a joke. This blog is better than that in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, ure a joke. Trolling again? Idiot...


skrambo said...

Chris - Geri Halliwell's daughter's name is Bluebell Madonna? What kind of a name is that...? Why'd she name her kid after a brand of ice cream and a witch? No point in asking, I suppose... I guess it's to be expected considering Geri was once named after a tuber and seasoning.

It also seems that the "blue bell" is a type of flower.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, the official explanation Geri gave when asked about her daughter's choice of name was that the blue bell is a rare flower so it matches her daughter and Madonna for she always has been her fan and also in honour of Jesus mother. Bla, bla, bla...


Anonymous said...

RE: Geri's claims of physical abuse of her daughter three years ago by a staff member (nanny?) who's to say it wasn't a spanking the staff member gave to the child? Unless I'm mis-reading this and the child was three MONTHS old at the time of the allegations? That's a different story altogether since spanking a three month old seems wrong.

IF the child was older and IF it's a spanking we're talking about when she says "physical abuse," then I don't know. These celebs get all wound up about shit like that. Some of the more precocious brats in Hollywood could do with a good smack on their rear frankly.

But the name BLUEBELL MADONNA is just plain weird. Geri doesn't look that together either or that motherly either. I've seen photos of her covorting with her lover and I didn't get that "mommie vibe" coming from her at all.

Lostworld said...

"Anonymous" aka infin8_possibility over at Icke is a psycho stalker who is now spreading his poison over at your thread too Ben unfortunately. His posts have been deleted from Stepford and I've blocked him from my mail. This is a very disturbed person out to discredit me and Stepford, so it's very easy to see through this disinfo-person. He contradicts himself all the time and when you call his bluff he hates you for it. The more he posts the more he reveals himself. This is a true darkbeing who will do anything to repress the truth so that he would be pro this blog is total bs too. infin8_possibility - I hope you get banned from Icke. The more you post the more evidence we have on you. It's very easy to see who the troublemaker is here... And to use Ben and this blog in your personal vendetta is beyond sick! You should apologize but you're too stupid and evil to know any better I guess.

Anonymous said...

lol, stop arguing people.

celebs always give their kids weird names, i used to wonder what on earth possessed them (;

ben, what do you think of whitney houston's latest "comeback"? is she genuinely rid of the demons or what?

Anonymous said...

My friend is the Construction Manager on Brook Sheilds' new 12 million dollar Brownstone renovation in the West Village of Manhattan.

My Architecture mentor told me that "the first step in the Architecture process is to determine the psychological disorder of the client." Implying all Architecture Clients are crazy. I recommended to my friend that the Designer should consider that Mrs. Sheilds is a Mind Control victim. Maybe they will throw in some extra mirrors for the lady.

Anonymous said...

Ben, people ask questions but you don't bother responding. What's with that?

Anonymous said...

brooke's volkswagon german baby engineering video

Anonymous said...

@anon 18:09

he's busy i presume!

Christopher Myers said...

@ Anonymous, you can come comment on my site. I always answer back. Yeah it sucks when people ignore you but to each it's own.

Check this story in the NEWS today...

"Little girls are the new sex objects" (POSTED ON THE WEB AT 12:22)

Anonymous said...

thats no surprise, them letting infants dress like whores. first it was adults which is ok as they can choose themselves/know if they want to be perceived as a slut, then teenagers, then pre-teens, now pre-schoolers. what next, new borns?

Anonymous said...


he has abandoned us for that red ice site or whatever its called lol

Anonymous said...

Why do so many princess die in car accidents? I was reading up on Brooke's Grandmother who was an Italian Princess and she too died in a car accident just like Princess Grace and the grand poobah of all "accidents" Princess Diana.... You should do a post on all these Princess in Car accidents!

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone here is trying to smear Ben for some reason.

Maintaining a blog takes time, especially when you've got other things going on in your life. Give Ben a break!

Anonymous said...

First, Michael Jackson dies and people (including myself) finally begin to understand just how much he suffered and the abuse that made him turned out that way. Then, all about the same time, Mackenzie's confession, the Brooke Shields exhibit, Polanski's arrest, and even that girl Jaycee with the Stockholm Syndrome towards her captor Garrido... The Powers That Be are indeed testing public reaction to these things. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if their next tactic is to proclaim that incest doesn't harm kids; it's society's attitudes towards it. So everyone be prepared to shoot down their bullsh*t when they try it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 16:23
This blog IS Ben's life!

Seriously though, we all love his stuff and I was just wondering why he basically seems to just post and then move onto the next thing.

In his updates he often does refer back to comments raised by others. He just keeps interaction to a min within the comments - something I've noticed.

Hell, next minute you know - he'll have another uber post out and we'll all be digging in again...

Anonymous said...

BTW ,the more I read about this stuff I see more & more contradictions among the conspiracy people. Like how the CIA is deeply concerned about the subversive influence of popular music on young people, yet they already "control" the music and the people in it. So why would they still be "concerned", if they already controlling?? For real, which way does the pendulum swing? I really do see all the crazy connections but if you swing with the same rich scumbags and you yourself are part of the same rich families who in the world do they think your going to marry & hang with..the trash man and the not "beautiful" people...Of course all these people ended up together because they are in the same damn business of selling their souls for cash. Are they brain washed by some "all seeing eye" or part of "elite"/Illuminist, inbred bloodline","that runs in the family and is evidence of Monarch multigenerational mind control" maybe, as much as we are ALL brain washed as children by our own parents to eat our veggies!!!??? But as I see it there is just too many people on this plant to constantly control, people end up in these circles because they seek it out. And as for Brooke, I highly doubt she is the product of inbreeding, I thought inbreeds came out as mutants... I beleive she is a product of a fame hungry mother,very sad indeed, who saw a cash cow in her beautiful daughter. Brain washed?? Yeha, by a mother who wanted cash, fame, and recognition from the anonymous public that are still hungry for more to this day, as we sit here and pick at her existence! Anyways just making some small points about all these forms of control, the universe creates it's stage and we all play a part in it...just realize that it is more then black & white. I beleive we are bigger then just puppets and toys for some unseen "elite", what we are is complex and what we do in our individual life can create chaos or peace. Be aware of your actions because all of us are connected for we are all humans may we be ,frail, strong, wise,naive....I mean really, see the bigger picture

Anonymous said...
Anyway, checl the pyramid on LILY ALLEN's tshirt...

Looks like this year, more and more showbizzers reveal their troubled childhood/lives.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anony, I can give u as many breaks as possible. Yes, that Tila Tequilla is an attention whore too, still I posted that link, whats the problem?


davidd said...

Wow - So, Brooke was only 14 when she did Blue Lagoon. I wonder if they would get away with this now?

It's kind of weird because now we seem to have such mixed standards. On the one hand young girls are marketed at as being young tarts (as sited by 'C' above), yet on the other hand people would be all crying 'exploitation' and such if they made a movie now with a clearly topless 14 year old.

People need to be self responsible and make their own choices based on their own standards. Perhaps people are so used to being told how to act and what to do that when something comes up that challenges their own sense of right and wrong they OVER-react, rather than just going, 'nope - that's not for me' and leaving it at that...

Anonymous said...

I was 19 when Blue Lagoon came out and I remember Brooke doing an interview on some TV show (I think it was Phil Donahue or something like that) to promote the movie and saying how they taped/glued her hair to her naked breasts in order to cover her nipples in the movie. I thought to myself how odd/weird that would be but she seemed to be just fine with it....that is, until her mom, Teri, came on the show and starting acting kinda manic. When the host asked Teri about the nudity in the film, she said something about how beautiful Brooke was and how it was all done with such "taste." But then Brooke piped up and said it was "kinda embarrassing" to have the crew staring at her between takes. I remember thinking how lost and in a trance she was. I knew NOTHING about MK back then so I couldn't put the pieces together. But she was definitely not acting right.

When I saw the movie, I thought it was actually fairly tame and still today, I don't think it's anywhere near soft porn. But still, here was this beautiful 14-year-old girl romping around on a beach with a guy who was at least five years older (Chris Atkins) and hiding her nipples with her glued hair.

As a woman myself, I thought, "Damn. I couldn't have done that at 14."

Anonymous said...

what kind of message is that??

4 all kids

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Just read this and nearly all the blog. I think this might also be relevant too:

liberty said...

As a woman and former model, I just wanted to comment that while I understand you are trying to bring to light the hidden occult significance in a lot of your subject matter, at the same time, whilst doing it, I feel you are objectifying these same women, all over again.

Perhaps it is just the tone of your blog. You have certainly done your research, but I just don't detect any sympathy or compassion for what these woman have gone through- many from very young ages.

And also too, while much of the modeling industry has been corrupted, not all who happen to participate in this occupation are themselves under mind control, nor have all been corrupted by the industry. Yes, a major part of it is totally controlled but not all of it is, as with any industry, I dare say.

Christopher Myers said...

@ liberty, AMEN!

Me said...

Nice work.

I do get a giggle out of just how far back it all goes.

DC Comics is a nice one. From this

on to this

with this currently in the works

Spiderman despite the third SM movie being RIPE with monarch symbolism, distractingly so, is of course a marvel character. but spidergirl you'll be happy to know is DC all the way.

"Long practiced in the art of persuading and corrupting the morally ambivalent, Bolto worked his psychological and narcotic magic on Sussa and was able to recruit her into his growing Legion of Super-Villains."

Me said...

But be sure to swing by

Click through to the "minx" section.

enjoy the butterfly spotting, amid those duotone switches!

Me said...

and don't miss the strip - o - rama complete with headless / slave cut preteens found by clicking "about", either.

or the fleeing / supplicant modes on

complete with fractured, ill defined sense of self and boundaries, AND the classic half face.

And that good old monarch.

What exactly do we think is going on here? Really?

Anonymous said...

I have joined minx and am awaiting my (hopefully mind bending) newsletter.

Me said...

"Worst hairtastrophe in history?
When I was eleven this boy named Bobby dared me to jump into the lake off Killian Trail. It was November and the water was practically freezing. I asked him why and he said he wanted to see if a girl would do something that crazy ( I think he just wanted to see me in my underwear).

I did it. I even dunked my head under. Then Bobby ran off and by the time I got home I practically had pneumonia and my hair was totally frozen."

classy. as the father of a very young daughter this just fills me with joy for the future.

Me said...

dog training (brooke shields),dog killing (ala Hitlerjugend) , mind control, child reprogramming, orphanage running, brothel owning.

this character appeared first in February 1942.... and was sent to collect bio warfare samples from

which was completed for use as a mass extermination centre IN february 1942.

also minx samples at

Anonymous said...

at who ever said about emily osment and miley cyrus, that she was talking about her and miley being able to crack her wrists, we all can do that! I WAS TRYING To think of beyonce when she was doing some mtv special, and i only remember her thinking it was so cool she could pop her hip out of joint. i could do that too.. i think it makes them feel human...thats why they think being double jointed or being able to crack knuckles is so cool, perhaps

Anonymous said...

I just happened upon this while searching for an image of a female warrior with a shield. I guess shield led to 'Shields'. I am an artist and Illustrator with two daughters, aged 11 and 13, and I agree that preteens have been sexualized by the media for profit and that this is wrong. What concerns me is that my daughters look on any images involving female nudity with disgust... even great works of art produced during the renaissance. Maybe this is temporary due to thier age, and I hope that they eventually form a more mature view accepting that not all nudity is bad.

Anonymous said...

"And as for Brooke, I highly doubt she is the product of inbreeding, I thought inbreeds came out as mutants..."

Actually, the elite have their genetic family history down to a science. They typically interbreed cousins where there is enough genetic diversity to work with along with a particular trait that Brooke was talking about in that Calvin Klein commercial. Speaking of Calvin Klein, his label was featured in the film Back to the Future where Marty's mother was infatuated to him (Oedipal complex) and called him Calvin.

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