Thursday, 11 September 2008

Logan's Glass Cube

9/11 stopped time, I've sometimes talked about some 9/11 synchs; by the way check out the Pentagon's "memorial" here [crashed 9.37 777, 9; note the water underneath the benches making a reflection]. This is a GLASS CUBE, combining box mind control symbolism [also obviously the Freemasonic cube symbolism/kaaba] and glass, just waiting to be fractured/shattered. This was dedicated to Flight 11 [and Flight 175 = 13], remember the Pause symbol is twin pillars/towers also [hence why I say it "stopped time"; well it certainly had a massive effect on the collective consciousness anyway, check out this dedroidify post]; 9/11 has woken many of us up but that's what happens with trauma, some people use it to enter more enlightened states of consciousness (depending on the circumstances obviously); other's cower in fear in a corner in the fetal position until the gov't tells them everything is OK. More info on the glass cube can be found here. Edit: I was not aware that they were making a Logan's Run remake, should be interesting.

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