Tuesday 9 September 2008

IlluMiMusiC: 2008 VMAs Edition

[Tried to put this together as quickly as possible, just a chronological narrative of the thing]

This year's VMA's (V22M13A1=36 666) were held in Hollywood this year, in the twin-pillars designed "Paramount Pictures Studios", owned by Satan's own personal media tool, Viacom ^^. The big winner this year was unsurprisingly Britney Spears, with her single/video "PIECE OF ME" (analysis in Britney post coming) picking up the 3 awards; implying her mind is in pieces and MTV are celebrating said mind fragmentation thus control here. They're building her up again (lots of programming sessions as of late, her speeches sounded very 'rehearsed': "Wow, this is so unexpected")... to bring her crashing down at age 30?

Note two sets of twin pillars either side of the arch

T-Pain arrives with his checkerboard-clothed minions

There were other things, but that's all I'm going to cover from the "Red Carpet" (blood line) [this show was called Red Carpet in the UK].

Onto the show! Britney, like I said was the "star" (this being a "turning point", "resurrection" of her career was stated on numerous occasions), she did look beautiful, though her expressions and lines seemed very mechanical.

Mirror purposefully positioned behind Britney with lights around it (you see this in most movie stars dressing rooms, along with the mirror the lights deffo used in mind controlled media monarch queens/illuminati goddesses' programming)

Note the fractured mirror (if that's the right description of it) design, another mind control suggestion. Blurred/dirty mirrors seemed to be the main theme of the day (because practically everyone there was mind controlled).

Naturally there's a purple spiral staircase (bottom of one) as the main stage thing (which revolves/spins round as the "star" walks down it, that circle within a circle with a dot in the centre probably represents an eye or some mind symbolism [layers/alters around one mind]).

Britney introduces Rihanna (two performers I've had my eye on) and she performs her no. 1 smash Disturbia [see the mind control lyrics being levelled against the masses here] whilst her dancers emerge holding phallic light sticks.

She resembles the Davros from Doctor Who here, alternatively it could be an uneven tower of babel or something. [feel free to give a better description of what this is in the comments]

She exits the tower of babel thing, and moves onto a spinning circular platform.

As seven nation army (white stripes) comes on, she is lifted. [also happens to Christina later]

Her performance ends with all the lights dimming apart from one above her giving a pyramid effect around her.

Russell Brand comes out, makes some reasonably humorous jokes, then Jaimie FOX says sumit and the Female Video are announced... naturally with butterflies appearing after Britney's Piece of Me is shown [the women in the sequence are wearing tigers on them, implying cat/kitten sex programming to go along with the butterfly. Every artist I've mentioned in my blog is featured here (Mariah, Britney, Rihanna) except Jordan Sparks, pictured with the butterfly suggesting their mind controlled existence (except Mariah, whose bit changes from the below scenes for some reason, no butterfly showing; which I guess is ironic humor due to her obsession with butterflies).

Symbolically the butterfly is turned upside down.

Then over the face of one of the girls, who is now outside for some reason.

Bell, Think outside the Box/Bun. [mind control language]

Verizon=oz as the red Z underlines the O to emphasise this also.

We are then taken to NY (the studio's version of it, NY/OZ [also click for tower of babel image for comparison to Rihanna's contraption]), where Disney's Jonas Brothers lie in wait, one of them exiting a yellow cab (checker chariot)=yellow brick road too. Like magic the reality changes on numerous occasions, these types of studio places are used in mind control to dissociate the victim further (with reality constantly changing, nothing actually being real).

She has some odd banana thing which Katy seductively unwraps.

Katy Perry's bows (virtually never seen without them) look more and more like butterflies with every performance.

Goddess Leona is complicit in lil Wayne's plot (mind controlled midget ^^) to destroy one of Nina Simone's classics Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (though tbh I originally heard a cover of it on the Kill Bill soundtrack :S). Obviously note the mirrored l, with the i (eye) acting as the mirror, and the W below it.

Wouldn't be an illuminist ritual party without some pyramids (and a road leading to them), with a girl whose head is in a box and is on something that spins naturally.

"And... also the troops out there we love you and we havn't forgotten you. And don't forget December 23rd.... DOLLDOMINATION!!!" Pussycat Dolls [or PCD=23] combines numerous MK references (pussy/cat programming, doll programming [part of the dehumanization process]), check out their scarily underage suggestive video, "When I Grow Up" [it is apparently "groupies", not "boobies" in the lyrics].

Note Shia LaBeouff (broke out through a Disney show) with Slash (born 07/23), note top hat + skull and bones knecklace (often used to signify someone who is mind controlled, i.e Miley's wrist jewelry thing here) [The singer from Linkin Park was decked out in Pentagrams by the way, not pictured]

The next performance (I think, haven't double checked) was introduced by Miley Cyrus wearing a checkerboard belt (I think, love to know what pattern is in the centre of it) and this is important because of the shattered mirror/glass symbolism contained within "Pink"'s performance (pink=vagina). Edit: Pink has been ritualized with an occult book too apparently according to this link.

Note Target behind her as she looks in the mirror which she then shatters.

Chaoz in NY! This was the closing shot of Pink's performance (the picture behind falls backward as fire shoots up).

Some rapper performed along with Rihanna (who ascends from a cuboid, which gave a dirty reflection of the crowd infront of her).

I was always looking forward to Christina's performance, she is far more mature, savvy and certainly less naive than Britney and I personally think is fully aware of her mind control, hence the lyrics and cover (one eye/half face; "So Baby Yes I Know What I am, And I Don't Give A Damn") of her latest single (debuted at the VMA's), also check out the other song she did's lyrics, Genie in a Bottle; total mind control. She was introduced by.... the High School Musical kids (above) saying: "The next artist hit the scene when she was just a kid." (along with all the other Mouseketeers, and now the new class from High School) "Genie Bottle" is a type of programming; as is "Umbrella programming" for Rihanna's own one (her most famous song as well as Disturbia is Umbrella, where she appears inside a pyramid in silver which you can see in this post), and they both work in similar ways (see illuminati formula).

There were 2 all seeing eye shots I counted in the intro sequence for Xtina.

Naturally it ended with a fractured glass image. Before she appears behind a grid pattern window thing wearing a mask (which she removes soon after), where she does various altering hand signals (only the "horns" are pictured), this occurs just as she starts descending.

Another All Seeing Eye (there are also UFOs n shit flying around). She is given a cape, put on her by her dancers (for more Batman resonance, with the mask and everything which she removed for this bit).

I see EXIT 13 and a double headed eagle (belt, remember Arnie's skull and bones belt?) on LL Cool J (double El)

Russell pretends to kidnap Britney, taking her into an alternate reality (the NY/OZ studio), with purple lights marking the entrance, he jokes about Britney dying... "not yet anyway". This whole thing (all of it) was to build up the Ritual Goddess Britney Spears.

Kanye West finished off the night with a great song (note his broken heart, as I stated in my previous post his heart is often drawn attention to), I assume called "Love Locked Down". Repetitive beats have been known to induce hypnotic states if the repetitive beat is ranged between 45 to 72 beats per minute because that is near the speed of a relaxed heart [info from Deeper Insights Illuminati Formula]. And obviously it refers to Oz programming (Lion's lack of a heart). Tin (can) Kanye (man) and the Wicked Witch of the West; Kanye West.

As well as the "horns" prominently focused on as Kanye was performing, so too was the triangle/pyramid symbol Jay-Z started; and naturally a video featuring something similar is going to be nominated (Ting Tings below, they featured in my first illumimusic post)...

Russell ended the night by saying, "Perhaps with joy like this we can have a glorious new future, finding the spiritual truth within ourselves and spreading revolution." Right on brother. He also calls Britney the female Christ and whatnot (remember what happens to Christ?). Britney Spears kept thanking God for her three awards (ritual number), she is not referring to the Christian God, but her mind control programmer/handler (as is the case to all those who thanked God, such as the Pussycat Dolls).

Click image for info on handler/programmer and who he (Larry Rudolph) has "managed", from this link (I'll be covering Britney's "I'm a Slave for You" [which the link describes her performing with the snake I often show a few years back] and other videos in a few days after Rihanna's videos and I want to get The Dark Knight capped and analyzed). Edit: HA, Daily Mail have followed up on it with this article [I think that's him anyway, looks different because he's doing a put-on massive grin here].

If you want to view any of the performances spoken of here, I think this is a good one for it, though there's probably a better one out there (just google the individual bit you want).


Michael Skaggs said...


Wow, amazing breakdown bro, I definitely have to read this one again!

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch it you're post is more entertaining.

I wonder why the symbolism is so overt; its almost like a send-up of itself.

The zombies in disturbia show the "programming"'s desired intent (on the young people watching this show. I feel sorry for Rhianna, the few black slaves end up pretty bad (Whitney) usually publicly drug addicted or severely physically abused. Rhianna said that when during her first business meeting with Je-Hova he told her "theres only one way out this office if you don't sign the contract- thru the window!" By 30 she'll be selling asymmetrical cell phone implants you can attach over one eye.

The sanest thing Britney did ironically was to "go nuts" couple years back. reminded me of Katherine Ross character in Stepford Wives. Lie when DIS (really) traps her in the Mens Association and show her the robotic doppellganger. Now she performs "on cue;'

I noticed the Pink breaking glass thing in one of her very first vids about 10 years ago. This trigger is a violent cue to the slave of their fragmentation and inability to survive without their handler. deep sadism on part of programmer.

CarissaC. said...

Same exact thoughts as the previous two comments....didn't watch it, (cause I purposely don't even own a TV!) just read your post which was an excellent breakdown and analysis, and......man alive the symbolism is just so overt now. !!!!! The road leading to a pyramid with a model standing on spinning platform with a box on her head?? Come on. The spinning purple spiral staircase? Come on. And BUTTERFLIES on the screens for Rihanna, Britney, etc.? Seriously, come ON now. Just so overt.

The only idea/theory I could come up with, which ties into something I touched upon indirectly in my book, is that by this point in the game 2008, enough people out there in the world have been instilled with this programming that The Powers That Be now put the symbolisms everywhere in the media, particularly in such a mega-watched show like the VMAs.

Previously, say, back in the early 80's when MTV was first on the air...no, not enough people out in the world would have had the programming. Yet. But give it another 20 years, with all the ritual abuse, MILABs, (military abductions) and all the rest, and bingo. NOW society is ready. Now we've got literally tens of thousands of people running around out there with the programming.

Just a theory. For the average person reading this who have never researched mind control, ritual abuse, MILABS, and all the rest, the idea that there could be that many people running around out there with this supposed programming probably seems ludicrous. One only needs to do the research though. Targets are coming from church groups, cults, jails and juvenile detention centers, runaways, the homeless, and those who just mysteriously "disappear," Illuminati brotherhoods/fraternies *and their families,* the military *and their families* government people and politicians *and their families* celebs and people who work in the entertainment industry....that's a LOT of people when you think about it. (and I probably forgot a few groups.) Especially when targets are often times *family* members, as stressed above. That REALLY expands the potential target base. And from what my own experience has possibly shown me, MILABs in particular really seem to operate on efficient, clockwork schedules. Which says to me that they're taking and programming so many people that this has become necessary to maintain smoothe operations.

Anyway, just ideas. Good post though, as usual..........

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Holy Sh*t! The images seem to speak with a very darkly manner. It is very interesting that this is just "normal" when thought INSIDE the box.
Outside it looks very disturbed.

Britneys new song is called "Underground."

UG= Place for programming?

Or where she will end up hitting 30?

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