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Collecting Butterflies

'The Collector' is a novel by British author John Fowles, it has served as the 'inspiration' for various serial killers and clearly illustrates the 'pinned butterfly' psychological motif/MK symbolism illustrated in posts like this ('Paprika' becomes part of Dr Osanai's butterfly collection and is metaphorically raped over the checkerboard floor). [This post took longer than expected + technical issues; I should probably warn people about the content too. As usual, I tend to write and write until I think I've covered all I need to, usually discovering and adding new things along the way so please excuse any typos and such. (any glaring errors I'd be glad to correct)]

I have not seen the film version myself, but am downloading it now so may add some screencaps from it depending on the content (from the few clips I've seen of it on youtube it seems to have the usual mirror symbolism and whatnot).

But I really wanted to focus on the serial killers who have (at the very least) been influenced by (I suspect it goes much deeper than that), kicking things off with Christopher Bernard Wilder AKA 'The Beauty Queen Killer'/'Model Killer' who couldn't be more blatantly programmed. The son of an American naval officer stationed in Oz where his mother came from, there is no information on whether his officer father abused him but I don't think it's too out there to suggest that he may have (military/navy "training" + World Wars tends to screw your head up like that). However, his childhood was reasonably traumatic having nearly died twice (at birth and then in a pool at age 2). In 1962/63, at age 17 he was convicted of gang-rape in Sydney. And now that he was 'in the system' he could be fully programmed for his future "butterfly collecting". Incarcerated, he received electroshock "therapy" which; if not used with the conscious intention of programming him, certainly (intentionally) exacerbated his sexually sadistic tendencies. Upon exiting jail, over the years he was convicted (but never jailed, like they wanted him on the streets or something) of various sexual misconduct, including raping a young woman in his truck under the false pretense of taking photographs of her for a modeling contract (very symbolic of the fashion/modeling industry in general [how it dehumanizes/objectifies/etc it's victims, and often outright kills them]). He had also "virtually memorized the text of the 1963 novel The Collector by John Fowles, in which a man keeps a woman in his basement against her will until she dies."

Chris Wilder and two of his victims, in order: Wilder's ex-girlfriend and Miss Florida finalist Elizabeth Kenyon, and Rosario Gonzalez (whose bodies have never been found). Third image down is Terry Ferguson.

I think this (his programming/manipulation) is shown by the fact that he mirrored his own electroshock torture (I mean "therapy"; in the same way some victims of abuse go onto abuse others [mirroring their abuser's behavior]) onto some of his victims, here is one example of one of his victims' experience:
His next victim was a 19-year old woman who he abducted and transported to Bainbridge, Georgia on the 20th March. When she declined his offer to photograph her for a modelling agency, he assaulted her, wrapped her in a blanket and put her into the trunk of his car after binding her hands. In a motel room that night, he raped her then glued her eyes closed and tortured her by applying copper wires to her feet and passing an electric current through them. When she tried to escape he threatened to kill her, and a fight ensued where she was beaten and bleeding. He fled after she locked herself in the bathroom, and started pounding on the walls. Wilder fled in his car, taking all of her belongings with him. Finally she had to search for help by opening the door of the bathroom. Hotel guests and owners thought the incident was a case of domestic abuse, and her screams for help were ignored. Orsborn was initially thought to be a runaway who was headed towards Titusville, Florida. Police now suspect that she was abducted by serial-killer Christopher Wilder. He was seen in Daytona that day, propositioning "models."
Last thing I wanted to mention in relation to that case was, to illustrate the MK in cases like these: "Near Torrance, California, Wilder photographed 16-year old Tina Marie Risico before abducting her and driving her to El Centro where she was assaulted. Wilder apparently believed Risico would be "robotic enough" [traumatized; putting her in a trance-like dissociative/confused/suggestible/robotic state] to help him lure other victims,[5] so he kept her alive and took her with him to Taos, New Mexico." She would remain 'under his spell' so to speak up till the end when he kindly bought her a ticket to Los Angeles and let her go; a few days later he got in a scuffle with a police officer and was shot and killed. This guy was practically a millionaire (his estate was worth $2 Million), you don't commit these horrors without some kind of outside influence; in therapy he had complained of suffering from blackouts (likely dissociative fugue states [again evidence of his electroshock and other programming]).
Moving on to the second serial killer I'm covering here, Robert 'Bob' Berdella; an individual obsessed with the occult and sexual slavery who you may see more of later this year as they've produced a nasty looking movie about him.

Bob comes from Kansas and was physically abused by his father (beaten with a belt); at age 16 in the same year that his father died of a heart attack he was raped by a male coworker (hence his homosexual sadism), killed small animals and such [source]. He owned an occult store in Kansas City called "Bob's Bazaar Bizarre" selling occult books and other occult paraphernalia; I think it is logical to suggest occult groups within the CIA (or any of the countless groups in America involved in MK and the occult) will have manipulated Bob's preference for sexual sadism and encouraged him to put his fantasies into morbid reality. I view this as likely from the way that he meticulously cataloged (through polaroids/diaries) and organized (drugged, electroshocked, dehumanization dog collars etc) his apparently 'senseless torture'. The way he died (heart attack following guards withholding his heart medication followed by no investigation into the death) convinces me further that this guy was having his strings pulled by some well-connected occult group.

Interesting sun symbolism, with a 7 pointed star and whatnot.

On April 2, 1988 a neighbor found a young man on his porch clad in only a dog collar fastened around his neck. The man told the neighbor an incredible tale of sexual tortuous abuse that he had endured at the hands of Berdella. The police placed Berdella in custody and searched his home where 357 photographs of victims in various positions of torture were recovered. Also found were torture devices, occult literature, ritual robes, human skills and bones and a human head in Bedella’s yard.
By April 4 the authorities had an overwhelming amount of evidence to charge Berdella on seven counts of sodomy, one count of felonious restraint and one account of first degree assault. After closer scrutiny of the photographs it was discovered that six of the 23 men identified were homicide victims. The other people in the pictures were there voluntarily and participated in sadomasochistic activities with the victims.
Berdella established the 'Rules of the House' which were mandatory for his victims or they risked being beaten or receiving bolts of electric shock on sensitive areas of their bodies. In a detailed diary that Berdella kept, he logged details and the effects of the torture he would subject upon his victims. He seemed to have a fascination with injecting drugs, bleach, and other caustics into the eyes and throats of his victims then anally raped or inserted foreign objects inside of them. [source]

Anyway, he said watching the movie version of 'The Collector' at age 16 had a long-lasting effect on him, we can surmise the psychological effect (programming) was heightened because he watched it in the same year that his father died and he was raped.

You can watch/download this Russian 'Collector' (extremely relevant to this post's themes; note shattered glass/butterfly/spinning record in trailer/etc) short film in it's entirety here.

The last serial killer(s) influenced by (that we know of) 'The Collector' are a duo, consisting of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng (changed identity to Mike Komoto). The latter was born in Hong Kong to a wealthy company executive who abused him by beating him with chains. He was then sent to a boarding school in Yorkshire (Northern England) where he was probably abused even more. That on its own is obviously not enough to definitively attribute MK to his crimes but when you consider that he was also "trained" by the military before being arrested for stealing weaponry (and conveniently escaping military custody [while in custody he admitted, during psychological evaluation that he assassinated someone in California], I personally feel this was intentional theatre to give the illusion of severing any ties he had with the military and to get him "in the field"), a few days after "escaping" he would meet up with Leonard Lake.

(real footage at end)

Leonard Lake pictured above (Charles NG to the right) with a "Unicorn" in his commune in Ukiah (a few months after moving there in 1981); he would painfully surgically alter young goats (remember we call children 'kids' aka baby goats) so they would only have one horn. But obviously we should discuss this with all the relevant context; his sadistic mentality was shaped as a child through incest as his grandmother would encourage him to take nude images of his sister (clearly this is psychosexual abuse, it seems to me unlikely that she wouldn't have sexually abused him also) leading up to him extorting sexual favors from her (shaping/programming his sexual sadism/obsession with rape, zero capacity for empathy [as even his sister is turned into a sexual object early in his life], and using women as sex-slaves).

As you'd expect with this type of sadistic person he was programmed in the military, serving as a radio operator in Vietnam (all soldiers are toy soldiers [dissociative test dummies ((they want them to get PTSD and other dissociative conditions))]), before his discharge in 1971 from the military he underwent two years of psychiatric therapy at Camp Pendleton, I can't find any details out on the specific methods used in his "therapy" but I think we can guess (from previous examples) that he was probably electroshocked and other standard mind-control/MK programming techniques we know the military have used (+ given his "Operation Miranda" directive/End Times script and such).

Miranda is the name of the kidnapped 'butterfly' in 'The Collector', Miranda sounds like it has 'mirror' in it in 'mira'; it means "worthy of admiration". Rosicrucian Francis Bacon's ("William Shakespeare" was a brainless puppet actor) occult work 'The Tempest' is referenced as Freddie Clegg (the male protagonist 'butterfly collector') tells Miranda that his real name is 'Ferdinand'. Ferdinand is the man Prospero (magician/exiled King of Naples) has promised his daughter (his property) to for marriage, he manipulates them to fall in love. Prospero's slave Caliban [(cannibal) the Collector has a good MK suggestive quote in it about this slave "Caliban is half a person at the best of times" ((his monstrous attributes are symbolic of people like Prospero's attitude towards all slaves, dehumanized and such))], attempted to rape Miranda. So this story has many pertinent themes; but the most obvious being the general theme of a young girl raised in isolation by her "magician" father who has a slave himself (the Masques [usually musical performers wearing masks], themes of illusion and many others in the play are all relevant also; I can't remember too much from my study of it in primary school).

'The Catcher in the Rye' being featured in the book/movie should immediately pique the interest of those aware of the assassinations/shootings associated with it, and the MK'd puppet-assassins involved who were perhaps "influenced" by it in a similar manner to the serial killers in this post were "influenced" by 'The Collector' (see here for more info on the Catcher in the Collector).

Like most functioning cults led by programmed sociopaths (Charles Manson etc), it was largely based around the belief that the end of the world was imminent, and when the radioactive dust scattered the Earth after the Nuclear Holocaust they would be safe in their underground bunker full of sex-slaves which they would use for pleasure and to repopulate the Earth. "Operation Miranda" consisted of collecting sex-slaves for this purpose, however this delusional fantasy was all part of Leonard's programming make-up (one of the main components of MK is making the victim genuinely believe some completely insane thing [with infinite possibilities as they will do anything]) and was just another way of rationalizing their total lack of empathy for the victims. It is clear that he was "utterly obsessed with The Collector", I think it is worth considering here that John Fowles was also a military programmed man (compulsory 2 year service) after completing this he then went to Oxford (like Yale/Harvard etc, these are the places the 'elite' call home [with plotting secret societies and such]) where I suspect this book was hatched up for the purpose of MK (though it wasn't written until some years later; it was his first book).

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng killed up to 25 people, most of them however were murdered for opportunity (killing entire families and such for simple things like camcorder equipment for documenting their "operation"), you can see some of the dungeon located at Wilseyville in Calaveres [Spanish for skull] County (note the checkered duality pattern on the bedcover) in the video further up (along with some of Leonard's "philosophizing" [seems to be very self-aware, though I suspect it is a facade]) that was designed with a two-way mirror (so she could only see herself but they could look in). Leonard, in police custody conveniently had a cyanide pill to hand, which he used to kill himself (this was probably given to him in custody, Leonard was the one in charge of the "Operation", he would have known if there were more parties involved [there probably were and someone handed him that pill telling him it would be easier to avoid the hastle of a trial/electric chair; alternatively they could have planned this from the beginning, his self-destruct programming would trigger when caught leading him to ask for some water and taking the pill]). In the bunker a copy of The Collector was found along with various bone fragments and phrases such as “If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t come back, hunt it down and kill it.” suggesting they played the morbid 'The Most Dangerous Game' which as has been documented from various sources people like Dick Cheney have used Monarch Slaves for this purpose. While not being explicitly connected, the similarities between the very real 'Project Monarch' (programming multiple-personality slaves used for sex and those with the right mind [one example below] can be used as media sex-objects) and the delusional fantasy 'Operation Miranda' are very similar (Monarch is basically the establishment's Miranda) in terms of the mindset that created them. One such MK'd Miranda butterfly that springs to mind is one of Victoria's Secret "Angels"/'Butterflies', Miranda Kerr (click for some more of her MK adverts/images); whose butterfly picture I posted at the time of the fashion show (check out more from that "butterfly collection" here) but it's worth posting it again here for this additional 'Miranda' context.

Mirrored Miranda Butterfly

My point about this is that all the butterfly imagery that I show used in the media relates back to this same sociopathic mentality on a more global socio-political level (the top [less than] 1% all pretty much have the same interests to preserve), an obsessive desire for power, control and manipulation (very much the mind of a sadistic rapist, again see this post for more on this) that has kept the gap between them and us so huge and continues to grow wider and has historically allowed them to literally get away with rape, murder and constant manipulation of the planet. The rise in the surveillance society, the Obama puppet-show and such helps the process of total separation from the rest of society, isolating themselves (so they can get away with even more) while we are all kept under constant surveillance. People like Miranda Kerr, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, etc most models and actors are effectively part of "their butterfly collection"; if people remembered just how historically misogynistic these people (they have always treated wives as property while mistresses/prostitutes have always been a standard in their world, young little girls would be effectively sold off to families with the same vested interests to preserve [you also have to consider just how inbred the 'elite'/royalty are and how this factors into their sociopathic mentality]) are then I don't think this would be considered such a huge leap. But people's memories are very short, I think that the majority of people think slavery was abolished when America "freed the slaves" and does not exist in any shape or form today (see previous posts on trafficking and things for more on this reality).

Finishing this post off back with the film; directed by William Wyler, Terence Stamp played the male protagonist who kidnaps Miranda played by Samantha Eggar. Reality plays in here as Samantha Eggar rejected Terence's advances at college. Eggar has played a few interesting roles including voicing Alice in an audiobook of Alice in Wonderland [check out Disney post for general Alice in Wonderland post and how this ties in (you can check out Lilian Disney's own "butterfly collection" there also)]. She also narrated one of the many "People's Princess" post-Monarch slave death cash-in books, Princess Diana was a ritually sacrificed Monarch Slave (Diana is a species of butterfly+ all the Goddess symbolism I've gone into before [other corrupt politician's playthings ((her surname, showing the intergenerational/family/incest aspect)) [checkout Elluminati's post on her, always great stuff there like MJ's double headed t-shirt] and Princesses like Letizia ((a genus of butterfly [click for Miley's mom + info])) are named after butterflies also]).

Doctor Dolittle should have obvious MK implications (dehumanization + note the top hat [as is the case on the "pink-haze" covered, 'Family Listening Series Alice in Wonderland'; this is all phallic symbolism, dominance over their 'little animals'/they are the 'circus master'/'master masons' often wear top hats]).

For those that do not have the awesome-incredible-supermassive ability to rationalize away anything (willfully ignorant masses), the fact that in the opening credits she is shown with a butterfly spreading its wings is no coincidence at all (best quality I could find, you can make out the cartoon butterfly [(they search for the 'Giant Lunar Moth' later in the film; I think it is depicting a butterfly here however as it does not really resemble that type of moth) moths/butterflies are interchangeable, 'lepidopterist' collect both to illustrate this clearly] + Samantha's name though; lucky to find it at all actually).

In the ending credits of 'The Collector' movie the various people involved are pictured with butterflies and an individual butterfly wing as below with Samantha.

More MK in Doctor Dolittle comes in the double-headed Llama type creature.

The Brood looks somewhat interesting:

["...Beyond Terror Beyond Fear, Beyond the Boundaries of Your Mind..." Lies Dissociation and MK!]

An unconventional psychotherapist (Oliver Reed) has created a technique called "psychoplasmics." He encourages his patients to "go all the way through it" and allow their negative emotions (rage, fear, etc.) to cause their bodies to undergo (usually radical) physical change. A man verbally abused by his father develops welts over his body as a way of expressing his pain. Another patient develops lymphatic cancer, supposedly a manifestation of his self-hatred.

In the case of the principal characters, it causes a woman, Nola Carveth (Samantha Eggar), to parthenogenetically birth strange, mutated children and, via a telepathic bond, have them act out whatever negative emotions the mother is feeling at the time, with disastrous consequences when her therapist brings those emotions to the surface. In the film's climax, Nola is killed when a rescue attempt of her daughter fails, causing the titular Brood to attack Candice, and then die after their mother dies.

Cronenberg has also condemned the censorship of the climactic scene in which Eggar's character gives birth to one of the monsters and starts tenderly licking it clean. This scene was "trimmed" in the United Kingdom, ironically causing many viewers to assume the character was eating her baby

Another film of hers with similar forms of MK (outright terror/shock/trauma) is more overt in it's MK themes 'Curtains' as obviously the 'behind the curtain' (Wizard of Oz programmer; in reality just a pathetic old man hiding behind it), the standard masked serial killer MK theme (obviously taking on a new a identity [alter-personality] and masking their own [all about depersonalization/facelessness/loss of identity]), half face in darkness, the porcelain doll/little girl scene is probably the most blatant part of it (also features on the poster above).

Here we see Samantha being masked (other symbolic scenes are on youtube, this one was especially good though as it features Samantha being essentially "MK'd"), bear in mind that her character in the film is also called Samantha (helps in programming the character's persona if it is their actual name [i.e. Miley Cyrus/Stewart]) being masked by the type of sociopath described a lot in this post.

On this film, there is a good write-up of it here that illustrates some more of this MK (and tonnes more, mentions there are Mannequins and other themes 100% suggestive of MK; if you can handle the red/yellow colour scheme): "Curtains is about people so desperate to "make it" in Hollywood that they are always "in character," their personal identities as contrived as the characters they portray [they have no real sense of self/personal identity], their selves hidden behind curtains of their own making. After Jonathan has Samantha audition in a crone mask, he yanks off the mask, forces Samantha to face a mirror [fractured], and states, "This is a mask too."

She has probably been in many other MK suggestive movies (like Demonoid) just finish with a few posters from her film Psyche 59 where she plays an Alison (Alice) who loses her memory etc: "Alison, the wife of a London businessman, has become blind following a fall in her home, though she has no memory of what caused her fall. When her younger sister Robin arrives to stay with Alison and her husband, Eric a romance erupts between Robin and Eric right under the blind Alison's eyes."

I would be remiss (I had hoped to totally avoid the feline side of things for this post; but as I'm there, Leonard/Leopard [ultimately he was trying to create an underground 'cathouse' i.e. for kittens/sex-slaves]) if I didn't mention this one I just came across though, 'The Uncanny'; looks like an interesting little comedy for programming cat alters (see trailer for relevant themes [actors, torture, cats obviously etc]).

I thoroughly recommend 'Spirits of the Dead' where in the third part (I did not know this was him) he plays a drugged-up Shakespearean actor who hallucinates (lots of symbolism, particularly the end with the broken bridge) and in the segments before MK themes such as William Wilson ([note the mask, pink and such on the above poster] they are Edgar Allen Poe adaptations).

The short film was directed by Federico Fellini: "Terence Stamp, who played Toby Dammit in Histoires extraordinaires (1968), remembers that when he asked for a bit of directorial instruction, Fellini glared at him at first as if witnessing something unnatural - a puppet who dared to question its puppeteer." This quote comes from the wiki page for a documentary made about Fellini: I'm a Born Liar, the below poster giving you an indication what most of these actors really are (Marionette Puppets).

Not related to Terence, but certainly showing you what Fellini is all about check this out (note checkerboard floor also obviously as well as the dancing doll [there is definitely an actual doll/sex-robot programmed slave in there ((similar to the one in the barbie sexbot video here))]).

"This is my daughter Elizabeth, she is an exceptional child." "Is she a virgin?!" "She's a child Mr. Dammit, believe it." Interesting that Terence's young Philippino/Ozzie ex-wife was also called Elizabeth.

He played an androgynous character (reminds me of Cillian Murphy in Breakfast on Pluto) in 'The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert', a transsexual in Oz (note wink + pink wig). He made a cameo appearance in 'The Company of Wolves' as the devil, taking place in a young girl's dreams the film illustrates many of the MK elements associated with these types of fairy tales (Little Red Riding Hood thinks she's going to her nice friendly grandma but no it's actually a big scary abusive wolf! [and the numerous alternate ways it can be used]), nicely illustrated below with the wolf coming out of someone's mouth and 'the beast is unleashed' (also to do with the animalistic/primal alter-state).

Above shows standard MK themes, below is Terence's scene as 'The Devil' (then the girl sees the boy tricked into taking the transformation potion, transforming in the mirror).

A Split Terence with Kabbalist Ashton Kutcher (married to Demi Moore, was in butterfly effect; gone into his MK before) + (United States of) Tara Reid (an insane amount to post on her, just recently saw Josie and the Pussycats, now that was hilarious.. poor girl [she is part of their "butterfly collection", the top is very similar to another butterfly's Eliza Dushku the images posted a while back]).

Again split below.

And again on his novel.

The film I am most interested in seeing (or at least a poster of it or something aside from him in costume) is Hu-Man: "An actor is placed in dangerous situations and his fear will be broadcast to the television audience. The audience's emotions will determine whether he is sent into the future or the past." There are other films I'd like to know more about but I can't find DVD's of them or anything, such as Chessgame (about MI5; based on Anthony Price's books), Black-Out where he played someone called Edgar Poe (the name based on Edgar Allen Poe obviously); I would also have liked to gone into more of his roles in Valkyrie, Superman/Smallville, various video games and others but no time.

'Revelation' looks worth watching, going into occult symbolism (some really good shots of eye in a triangle, the caduceus etc) and all sorts.

Random checkerboard/duality + Terence talking about the wonders of the invention of the short skirt back in the 60s (apparently checkerboards/duality were used a lot back then or something as you often see them in adverts for 60's nostalgia shit).

Stamp MKing the masses (standard end of the world cult [global warming; from that LiveviL Earth ritual) before introducing the masses. Gotta love his butterfly effect quote (this is standard MK cryptic language [all this hypnotic talk of 'change', butterflies and whatnot]): "It has been said, that the movement of a butterfly's wings can bring about a chain of events that leads to a hurricane. For us, the changes we make, we need to make need only begin with a single impulse, the will to change..... MAD-ON-AAAA!"


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