Wednesday 30 April 2008

Don't let the pigs get away

(floating pig, twin pillars, Children of Men symbol All Seeing Eye, future)

Check out this article from Through the Looking Glass.

Thought this was a funny little synch, after reading that article I come across this news from today. During Peter Waters' performance, harking back to his album from 1977 "Pigs" the inflatable pig "accidentally" got set loose and floated away. On the side of the inflatable pig are the words, "Don't be led to the slaughter".

Cthulhu's eye, largest in the world

Sorry if others have picked this one up (one problem I have with this stuff how do you know if your stealing other bloggers stories). "Colossal squid's big eye revealed"

Remember those two Cthulhu resonating adverts. I wonder if this is all part of some ritual. The eye is 11 inches (27 cm).

Oh! What a Lovely War

On the back of future King, Prince William's (potential anti-christ for the christians) literally flying visit to Afghanistan to visit the troops. He flew himself there in a C-17 (3-17) Globemaster. He stayed there for 3 hours and the whole trip lasted roughly 30 hours. This seems quite ritualistic. In Murdoch's Sunday Times Magazine, the Sunday before this "secret" visit came to light there was this article/photo collection of Afghanistan pics, I think some are quite symbolic.

In a similar vein to my Pentagon post, I believe the same kind of sick ironic humour is being displayed here in the title(above).

This double page spread can be interpreted in a number of synchromystic ways, they've either been positioned to make the Freemasonic square symbol, mirrored on the other side. Or they're making a large hexagon with the gaps between the two mirrored squares being the two missing lines of the hexagon. I believe there are also some cube like structures on the horizon (there's also a white cube to the right near them). This was done to remember a fallen soldier (R.I.P.), his coffin was in the centre. This may be a conscious decision to position them in such a way, or it may not be.

Death by Hexagon/Cube

All in the name of God, or Jesus (the sun, luciferianism, if you go down that route, then all christians subconsciously worship Lucifer which I find humorous, though sun worship and luciferianism are not necessarily the same thing I will speak of them alot in similar terms)

Unmistakeably Masonic

This advert has interested me for a while, you've probably definitely seen it. You've got a tonne of white/black symbolism , ludicrous amounts of chemtrails in the sky at the beginning, Apocalypse Now resonating Ride of the Valkyries, pyramid looking side of building, and of course the aryan looking dude just freaks me out. All car adverts seem to be so symbolism heavy it gets rediculous.

Pyramid resonating building with checkerboard window shutters.

What's with all the chemtrails? (pyramid symbolic building, also the guys feather gets cut in half by a sword)

108 km to Berlin

Creepy aryan dude called Klaus, he's a joker.

Tuesday 29 April 2008

A Tale of Two Ronaldos: One basking in glory, the other extorted by three transvestites

Please read this post from yesterday for background on this one. The day after I write about Ronaldos as Christ resonators, this news comes out about the old Christ resonator Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima who has been well and truely replaced by the new one, Cristiano. Like Cristiano Ronaldo has Crist in, something similar can be said for Ronaldo Luis as he has Nazario which connotes Nazareth (i.e Jesus of Nazareth). The charicature below illustrates the demonization of the old Ronaldo, and what happens when you bask in the light (the media builds you up to godlike status then completely destroys you with stories like this, Sun resonator) for too long (he won 3 footballer of the year awards).

Old Ronaldo is Brazillian so wears Sun resonating yellow playing for Brazil. An amazing synch (in my opinion) that I see on wikipedia is that it says he was born on September 18 but his father delayed the birth certificate to September 22 (would be nice if someone added a citation though, if you google it some places have it down as the 22nd so it looks right). Taking these numbers then going to the King James bible, Matthew 18:22 you get this synch with the other Ronaldo who wears the number 7 for Manchester United: "Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven".

This kind of ritualistic passing of the baton from the old Ronaldo to the new Ronaldo (he is 23 years old at present) by villifying the old one and building up the new Christ resonator for millions of football fans to worship can be seen in Murdoch's Sun where they have that Ronaldo tranvestite story and they contrast that with the new Christ resonator Ronaldo's manly successes. There's probably loads of symbolism in the titles of the articles and whatnot. If you go to The Sun's website (also check out the Miley Cyrus dead picture that I blogged about, pictured with one of the Kennedies...) you can see how this is portrayed as right next to the old Ronaldo's story (one of the transvestites pictured below left, the positioning of the articles will probably have changed by the time you get to it), there is a story about the new Christ/Sun resonator's masculine conquest. Quite the comparison wouldn't you say? Who is the Sun King now?

I'd just like to add at this point that Jesus is literally the sun according to researchers like Jordan Maxwell. So in effect to get these millions of people to worship these Ronaldo christ resonators, they are making all those worshippers follow their solar cult (luciferianism also) by subconsciously worshipping the symbolic new Sun (Cristiano Ronaldo). Lots of people have done excellent work on the reemergence of the solar cult, Christopher Knowles recently did a brilliant new post on it. Could this be another facet of such worship that seems to go on in so much of society?

This paragraph is mainly directed at football fans. Today was the day that Manchester United (annoyingly, wtf is wrong with Barca?!) got to the final of the Champions League. I'm kind of hoping though (barca were wearing blue, Man Utd's colour is red) that this is a good sign for Chelsea getting to the final because it was a red vs red final last year (AC Milan vs Liverpool) so maybe they're doing some symbolic ritual and it'll be red vs blue this year so Chelsea triumph over Liverpool tomorrow. Though against that would be the final is in a stadium at Moscow's Red Square :(I'll do a post on that stuff soon, probably nearer the final):.

On a slightly unrelated note , I found some interesting synchs to do with Manchester United's (The Red Devils is their official nicknamethingy) sponsorship (current one AIG = 17): The sponsorship before AIG was Vodafone. Vodafone's logo in my opinion, can either be viewed as a serpent biting it's own tail or the number 6 (or a speech mark which is obviously what most people think it is, but like I say symbols can have layers upon layers of meaning). If we take it as the number 6, click on the picture above to the right and count how many 6's there are: 3: 666. Also if we were viewing it as a serpent biting it's own tail there are three of them so I guess that's symbolic. There's red and white symbolism all over football which I've mentioned alot of in my blog so far. But onto more synchs:

Wikipedia states that Manchester United's sponsorship deal with Vodafone ended on 23/11/2005. The deal was worth £36 million (666)
Man Utd's principle shirt sponsors/maker is Nike (Saturn ring logo) since 2002. The deal was for an initial 13 years and was worth 302.9 million.

I'm sure there's lots more too, you just have to keep your eyes open, I'll add more synchs as I see them. Sorry if this article is confusing/garbled with all the Ronaldos and whatnot, I'll look at it again tomorrow.

Little synchs: Courtesy of The Pentagon

Image taken from Pentagon site, I don't know why it's gone all weird, at least it shows some nice black/white symbolism (not in original) and green and red also. Cube symbolism with question mark (like in Mario Kart post tomorrow)

"Did You Know?

Despite 17.5 miles of corridors it takes only seven minutes to walk between any two points in the building."

My header is taken from the Pentagon's website and I believe has clear Luciferian worship. It shows lampposts illuminated in a specific way so they produce roughly 17 rays (I think more). The lamp posts are what some skeptics claim is the strongest evidence of a 757 (17.5 miles of corridors, 7 minutes to walk through, Flight 77 allegedly hit it) hitting the pentagon. So to have four specifically lit up like that seems to me as if they're saying "HA! We fooled you!" showing the masses the main thing that suckered them into believing a fallacy. Am I the only one who thinks the top of the phallic Egyptian Obelisk Washington Monument looks like a demonic (red eyes) KKK (in the hood) person's head?

This image above is also taken from the Pentagon's website (click). What first strikes me about it is the twin pillars that appear on either side of it(they look like the tops of pillars anyway) and next to the pillar on the right is one of the pillarmids CDing it's way to the ground. One of the patriotic stormtroopers is wearing a white hat (he is white), the other guy (he is black) a dark blue hat showing dark/light symbolism (probably not conscious). The Eagle is showing one eye and pointing the opposite way to the Eagle on the Great Seal. And don't forget the Eagle was originally designed as a Phoenix. Look at the way they've interspersed the image of World War 2 with the one of World War 3 (twin towers catalyst for it), did nothing really happen between 1945 and 2001? It is also made to look like a bank note in a way because the corners look like bank note corners this resonates the occult dollar bill.

Another symbolic picture here from the Pentagon website in my opinion. In the 9/11 conspiracy, people argue that plane's should have taken off from Andrews Airforce Base which is only 10 miles from it, they had a 1 hour warning before the Pentagon was hit but no fighters materialised. Maybe they're saying here (I can just imagine Dick Cheney, the charicature that he is; saying this in private) "HA! We could have had fighter jets in the sky in like 2 minutes, suckers! cackle cackle/demonic laugh" by showing the fighter flying above the Pentagon armed (shiney missile) and ready to shoot down any potential threats... unlike on 9/11.

Occult Medal of Valor. Notice the cube? Guess how many stars make up the hexagon/cube: 13, wow I never saw that coming. The very bottom star is missing which would complete the hexagon/cube fully, probably to keep it at the occult number of 13.

Holy Synchromystic Sundays on FOX

I watch american dad/family guy/simpsons/king of the hill (and a bunch of other stuff) almost ritualistically through the magic of bit torrent, made a collection of some of the synchromystic images I think were in the shows this week.

The Simpsons: Episode 'Apocalypse Cow'

Zooey Deschanel (sister of Emily, see Bones post) was in this episode. In this Simpsons episode she does the voice of a girl from the country in a small farm place like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She played the part of Dorothy in Sci-Fi's quite good Oz reworking. That and her name suggests we have an Oz resonator in our midst. Here she is marrying Bart underneath two bells and a green and pink (remember Miley Cyrus poster) arch (the pink flowers are probably symbolic). It is also interesting to note that Bart is not inside the arch (stargate?), but the Oz resonator Zooey is with her red bow and white wedding dress.

That red and white symbolism just mentioned, can also be seen here with masonic checkerboard and cube symbolism as Bart feeds his cow. Also the time when Bart and Lisa are discussing his giving up eating meat and getting his cow back, appears to me to be 3:03.

Cube/Cuboid symbolism is also seen when Bart uses one of those tractor/hay stacker things where an aquarius resonating cube/cuboid is created.

In the middle of the episode Bart and Lisa break into a cattle herding place where all the cows have been subjected to bovine growth hormone. This is resonant to me enough having recently watched the excellent World According to Monsanto documentary. This is symbolic enough but look what the cows, with no relevance at all the episode or anything. They become a pyramid and a cube (went on about cubes in Bones post) for no apparent reason.

Matt Groening seems to like his four leaf clover symbolism (see Futurama and other simpsons episodes). This is seen in this episode with four H's on each leaf. Also pictured with a solar-cross window in the background.

And to finish off the Simpsons, some nice nice rising/setting sun symbolism from the episode. I'm sure some elements of this will be in some top synchromystic videos which I'm looking forward to.

King of the Hill

This show is awesome, completely underrated, Hank Hill (double H symbolism, Hannah Montana post) is probably one of the best inventions in cartoon comedy.

Add more on KOTH, American dad and family guy later.

Kinky Porn R.I.P.

Bah! They're just the images taken from the BBC's website, not copyrighted or pornographic or anything. Tips for avoiding these kinds of copy-right issues are needed please.

This is something to get really mad about, forget CCTV, WW3, bird flu, Israel/Palestine, Iraq/Afghanistan and whatnot, some of us need our kinky porn fix! Obviously just another stepping stone on the totalitarian tiptoe, but what can ye do. Reminds me of that South Park internet episode the other week, Randy had me cracking up (I wouldn't like to say his activities resonated with me but....). Damn Lords, just because they don't get a say in anything relevant.

Mr Blunkett writes a column in Murdoch's Sun newspaper, let's hear what he has to say. "Nothing can bring Jane back," he wrote. "But all of us have a duty to ensure that, in a world where there are enough crazy acts already, we don't allow others to incite, stimulate or gratify those with sick minds." I genuinely feel sorry for the families who suffer these horrible acts then get picked up in a whirlwind of government propoganda and become an integral part of it

Thought this little picture that heads up the BBC's article on the UN setting up a 'food crisis taskforce' was symbolically interesting. Makes me think of a pyramid, you know like you see in history pictures, with slaves of Egyptians who supposedly built the pyramid carrying materials up it. Symbolically representing the common man (you and me) as mere slave pyramid builders who will inevitably starve in this (literally genetically) engineered food crisis?

I suppose I better get on with cleaning up all the depraved imagery from my hard drive then.....

Tallest All Seeing Eye in the world opens, so naturally: HAIL LUCIFER!

Tallest Ferris Wheel in the world opens to a light worshipping ritual (note the arc made by the fireworks, like it's eyelids/lashes).

Singapore "Flyer" not illuminated, twin pillars symbolism? Second picture is worth a click, so much symbolism around the wheel.

The London Eye w/ rising benben (personal synch) symbolism. Is that also Masonic blue I see draped over the trees, contrasting with the gold/light of the wheel.

Check this out for some synchs. Shanghai was going to build it's own All Seeing Eye but it was cancelled due to "political incorrectness", it was to be called the "Shanghai Star" and was to have 36 wagons (666).
Each wagon could hold 30 people and the ride lasted for 30 minutes. It was to have a diameter of 170 metres, and obviously it was to be situated next to a river. Shame, would loved to have seen a picture of that.

Matthew Delooze has been covering ferris wheels for ages, check out this excellent article on Paris' illuminati symbolism.

Monday 28 April 2008

The Scarlet Woman Cometh (from the creators of smallville and supernatural)

This looks like standard cheezey Alias type crap (sorry Alias fans) it stars one of the lab techs from one of the CSIs ffs (the guy on the motorbike in the middle), interesting symbolism though. The title is sarcastic, btw (most of my titles will be in a way). I'll probably just watch the first few episodes unless it's amazing.

Edit: Just noticed Miley Cyrus (few posts down) is wearing Scarlet with Minnie Mouse in red/white symbolism.

Out of the Blue: Crazed Gunmen, UFOs and average Oz based BBC drama.

I was watching this New Zealand film Out of the Blue (based on real life events) last night and noticed a tonne of synchs and elements of mind control in the film, I don't know if they've already been covered, sorry if they have. Films like 'Out of the Blue' and 'Targets' are far more horrific and effective than most of the crap like Saw in my opinion (although I watched Pathology the other day and that disturbed me somewhat). The poster for Out of the Blue has sunset/rise symbolism, and the psycho shooter (David Gray) is dressed in black (and dark dark green) throughout the film (he even blackens his face at some point, reminded me of Apocalypse Now).

His killing spree started at 7:30 on 13/11 November 13, it lasted 22 hours.

One of the nice points of the movie was the heroism of an old lady Mrs Helen Dickson, she was 73 (777 magic kept her alive?) years old and received the George Medal from Queen Elizabeth II (to be honest, anything the Queen gives out is suspect in my book).

David Gray (whose musician namesake wrote the song Babylon) was 33 at the time, and was killed by the police in quite an ominous scene as the the 5 armed police with blue arches on their arms, light up cigarettes (Luciferianism) whilst Gray is still writhing in pain on the floor (you'll see what I mean if you watch it).

David Gray killed 13 people.

9 police officers received awards and commendations.

The spree opens with Gray using a .233 AK.

There's lots more, like there's a neat little random pet goat synch (the guy's like "forget about the goat will ya?!" when taking fire), a 33 on the back of an ambulance, all the police wear masonic checkerboards like in the UK, and lots more. Great film.

The name given to the film is the same as a UFO documentary. Could these be references to masonic blue? Perhaps showing that Freemasons (upper illuminati ones) control the psy-op that is the UFO phenomina (I think many of them are very real but I do think alot of them are experimental craft probably reverse engineered, and the psy-op will crescendo up to a fake UFO invasion in 2012.... or not, who knows) and mind control assassins. The BBC just recently anounced their own "Out of the Blue" which will be set in Oz (why?!?), it has 11 main characters.

The one eyed man is king.

I'm sure there are loads more synchs between this shooting from 1990, Virginia Tech and others like it.
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