Tuesday, 9 September 2008

IlluMiMusiC 2

This can be nothing else but mind control. I'd imagine this is the kind of thing that was really happening to Giselle in Enchanted (I get that vibe from it anyway), with all the magical shit happening in her head. Once Slipknot (probably all mind controlled, hence the masks/awful music) show up and change their regular masks for porcelain masks, the butterfly is released and naturally the dishevelled (MK'd) girl follows it into the New York streets (more on NY in VMA post), at the end the butterfly stops and she picks it up. Obviously the lyrics also contain mind control. Here's Part 2. The song comes from their album Vol. 3: The subliminal verses, and have other Freemasonic/illuminism songs like "Duality". They are on the same record label as another duality resonating band Biffy Clyro (see video with Freemasonic temple/duality battle in original illuMiMusiC post), road runner records (Time Warner, all these companies are owned by the same illuminist/freemasonic cabal, hence why their symbolism is all over their videos).

Eric Prydz' latest one "Pjanoo" next which has the mini-people theme (confusing reality, starts on a train track) mixed with occult elements such as the horned skulls, the horned human, the occult $ bill with the pyramid/all seeing eye raining down as the symbolic horns are shown. Probably has some deeper symbolic meaning that I'm missing. Native Americans: another illuminati achievement in destroying their culture.

Next up, apparently everyone's favourite band Oasis (do any of their songs not sound exactly the same?), "The Shock of the Lightning" [electroshock symbolism], look out for the symbolism (the owl = Bohemian Grove controling the general [the owl pops out of one of their heads], butterflies or moths not sure), it starts with Noel's (or Liam... arn't they really the same carbon-copy scousers anyway) head within his head within his head etc (MK symbolism, multiple personalities). They always try to give one of them a John Lennon look about him (note round glasses, hair cut), John Lennon was mind controlled himself (and killed by a mind controlled killer...). Oasis, to me sounds like a mixture of Osiris (Oz) and Isis.

This next one from way back from the Spice Girls is pretty self-explanatory (they're inside a pyramid yes, so are thusly probably controlled by Freemasons/illuminati), just watch the first few seconds and the last few if you want to save yourself the pain of actually viewing/listening to it all. Also adding weight to this is Victoria Beckham's Song for Solomon (Freemasonic control) tattoo spoken of in this post.

If you havn't figured out Michael Jackson is mind controlled then you've got a long way to go (abused by his father etc, go through some of his videos), in this version of "Beat It" by Fallout Boy the singer is wearing a checkerboard hat (head, implying mind control of the singer) which shows who controls Michael Jackson and Fallout Boy.

More checkerboards now, with Basshunter (or Jonas Eric Altberg), this is music I despise and seriously aches my brain to listen to.

Duffy (one of the "New Amys" but they havn't even finished with the old Amy yet...) next, the checkerboard starts popping up at around 1.16 as she puts on the red dress in preperation for doing what she's been told to, probably something symbolic about those letters as she drinks milk (cat) infront of them walking to the place where she waits for her handler. Her other singles include, Mercy ("I'm begging you for mercy", note she stands on an illuminated thing and the upside down pyramid chandaliers) and Warwick Avenue (wicka/war). Stepping Stones have deep symbolism by the way (and in the occult, with druids using the "three stepping stone" method for astral projection), each stone is an alter leading to the main, with the chaotic water around them or something.

Next up, a lesser Illuminati goddess imo(as opposed to Britney, Mariah etc); Gwen Stefani who seems to be controlled by Freemasons if this video is anything to go by (duality black/white in prison), the obsession with G's, all the gold etc. Her other works suggests mind control to with singles from her band No Doubt including "Trapped in a Box" and solo: "Just a Girl", "Spiderwebs", her clothing line is called L.A.M.B.

If there's one mind controlled rapper who makes quality music (imo), it's Kanye West (more in VMA post). This one, Stronger suggests his mind control (shows him essentially being built in a high-tech lab, note the heart is covered, Kanye seems to have undergone significant programming to do with his heart as is shown in the VMA's where he performs his new (pretty good) new song with a broken heart over his own). Note that the stormtroopers who come in have seals of solomon all over them showing it is Freemasonry. This song samples Daft Punk who are always dressed as robots... and perform atop a Masonic Pyramid...

Stronger - Kanye West

Time to wrap this one up I think; I'll finish with Leona Lewis's Better in Time where she is shown across a Freemasonic Checkerboard, again adding weight to what I've been saying about her [added screenshot of it into that post]. Think I've forgotten a few videos I was intending to put in mind, probably change this soon.
BETTER IN TIME - Leona Lewis - Leona Lewis

Might as well throw in Miley Mouse's latest offing, with all those hypnotic purple rotating Pentagrams magically coming from her hand (they're tiny though so just looks like purple light). [also note the other visual effects connoting mind control such as the outer edges blurred as if you were viewing it in a crystal ball, or when Miley is mirrored etc.]

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Anonymous said...

See 666 on the building disguised as GGG in The Sweet Escape, the World Trade Centre is also in the background.
In the live version she drops to the floor and is lifted up by the dancers as they do in a masonic ritual, another song after that she is wearing an apron & white gloves standing under a large Illuminated 'G' hanging from the stage roof.

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