Friday, 12 September 2008

Meet the Jonas Brothers

After Russel Brand's VMA "controversy"; The Sun comes out with this image from here, click it to read their history (loads of Disney/Christian bs; so probably mind controlled, hence the checkerboard too). They are often shown wearing checkerboards; see this post [also for their Disney Palace home].

JB/BJ [Jonas Brothers/Blow Job... BJ goes without saying] This symbol [what kid doesn't want to have an elite looking crowned shield as their symbol!?] was created when they moved from Columbia to Hollywood records.


Anonymous said...

The 'JB' looks an awful lot like a '13', wouldn't you say? FWIW...

Dedroidify said...

Yaha it does.

lol these tossers were on tv as a mate was flipping channels, and he just says their name (I was busy on the puter) and I reply "Spawns of Satan", and then we see the title of the 'song' is S.O.S. = Spawns of Satan :p lol

Anonymous said...

Jonas is a jewish name. They look like sephardic Jews pretending to be Christians, like Cheney is an Ashkenazi Jew whose family is from Sweden. Bush is Anglo-Ashkenazi.
The new world order is a zionist world order, the other players, the pope, (the last pope was Jewish) are underlings in the new world order. The golden, rule, he who has the gold rules. The central banks are all owned by Jewish bankers in the West. A few anglos have married in, like Al Gore married his daughter into the Jacob Schiff family. Gene Simmons is of Kiss is a Jew. Madonna converted to Judaism, Mick Jagger can bee seen wearing the Kaballah red wrist string, like bill and hillary clinton have. The most interesting thing is britney spears boyfriends have been jews or crypto jews, and lindsay lohan of course is marrying a jewish lesbian. you're website is kind of interesting, but avoids observing what is obvious to us all. the new world order will bring about an antichrist who will claim to be jewish. i read this book by Tim Cohen, and he traced prince charles roots back to King David. So the Windsors are German-Jews. Everyone in the USA knows the Ashkenazi Jews the Rothschilds control all the politicians in the UK. Quit kidding us that the Talmudic/luciferian Jews dont' sit at the head of the new world order table. of the world leaders so far i have.

sarkozy- jew
bush- ango-jew
medvedev- mother was jewish
uribe-columbia- jewish
kirschner argentina- jewish
harper canada- married to a jew
finland president, jewish
merkel, jewish family
amahdinejhad, family changed names in the 50s, he name is a classic name of a persian jew
president of el salvador is a jewish although he say he is 'palestinian'.
last president of mexico vincente fox was jewish.

the new world order leadership looks very jewish too me. so looks like rothschilds and rockefellers are going to install their own people at the heads of world government.

lets not forget from solzhenitsyn, that 95 % of the soviet communist leadership was jewish, that stalins real name was jewison, marxs real name was moses mordecai levy, trotsky bronstein, engels was a jew, and 75 % of the secret police in the soviet union were jews and all the gulag commisars were jews. which is why they wont translate his latest 2 part book, 200 years together into english.
world totalitarism is intellectual idea jewish religous leaders have espoused for 3000 years, or more.

you should start to examine who these people are, and their drivig root philosophy is the talmud and zohar.

the masons are just the way of controlling the non jewish elements and conscripting them into world zionism

of the current usa presidetial aspirants.

john mccain is married to a jewish mobsters daughter, sarah palin is brain washed zionist puppet and usa seminaries are increasingly controlled by jewish professors.

joe biden is from a crypto jew family.

barak obama on his mother side has both anglo and jewish roots. he is a relative of dick cheneys.

they are all dancing puppets but it is the worlds jewish banking elite that are pulling the strings.

see douglas reed, the english journalists book, the controversy of zion.

the 'illuminati' is some kind of 'feint' into who controls the real strings of power in this world.

world power comes from the jews of london, nyc, washington and israel. the rockefellers, schiffs, warburgs, lazards, rothschilds, and morgans (crypto jews), and their descendents.

get a clue.

Benjamin S said...

Dedroidify, Rihanna also has an S.O.S. song (and I'm sure many other MK'd people), see her post. Great catch! And yeah very 13ish.

2nd anonymous, I don't doubt any of that... are you saying I'm attempting to distract people away from the real enemy? People do excellent work on who the real controllers are at the top of the pyramid, their philosophy etc but that's obviously not what my blog is about at all [you can buy many books on the subject, don't know why you would expect me to go into what is already common knowledge in conspiracy circles]. I'm just trying to show people the symbolism they put out in their media that most people would not register.

I think I've made my anti-zionist (zionism isn't judaism, there are many anti-zionist jews) feelings, zionist control of the British media reasonably clear in the past. I've said many times that the banking elite is pulling the strings [I've written about banking sectors in New York, London etc being the central hub of control and about the Rothschilds etc; this is basic info everyone should know though], but I don't see any point whatsoever in adding the word "jewish" in front of any of those people/places... we've surely moved beyond that. People control the top and are committing evil, Jewish or not it doesn't matter. I usually put the word illuminati in speech marks because I know it is a distraction from the real groups of people you speak about who do not come under one umbrella "illuminati" organization ["illuminati" symbolism is usually just Freemasonic symbols and others. I'd expect people to at least have some knowledge of who controls the banks etc. why would I mention it in every post?].

I'm glad you find the blog kind of interesting and I will attempt to get a clue, but don't expect me to start ranting against "the jews". Do you work for the ADL ^^(feels like your pulling me into an argument to make me look like an anti-semite)? That's all excellent info though so thanks for the comment...

Anonymous said...

i think it would help things to distinguish jew from zionist, they are not the same thing, once you get comfortable with what people who are "supposed" to be christians or jews or muslims are supposed to believe then when somebody says "ya that dude who suicided himself got drunk as he|| last night" then you know something smells - zionists have their own religion which has nothing to do with Judaism and pretty much is anti semetic just read the writings of Zionists its pretty easy to point out after reading over nosebleedingly boring books by folks like hertzel thanks for posting the photo, i saw these jonas brothers in affiliation with Disney so i figured they were rotted somehow, i dont have no problems with jewish dudes, they are good lay's especially when you mix them with italian - im sorry :(

Anonymous said...

The "anonymous" of "Jonas is a Jewish name" is an absolute frigging moron. Why would you actually publish such drivel?
I don't think any traditionalists, or believers in the "Western" way of life and traditions would want someone like that defending their side. People who are very limited in their own learning often espouse such "alternative" nonsense as was included in his entry because it assuages the insecurity they feel when confronted by well-educated people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that whole Jewish conspiracy thing is nuts. These people need some serious help. They find Jews in every corner! I suppose Casper the friendly ghost is Jewish too. Get a grip people.

crickwall said...

It's not a conspiracy it is a fact, though yes there are many people that take it too far such as your casper reference. If you chance upon renown(ed) art critic and writer Bernard Berenson's notebooks you will read that he felt that Hitler messed up in his quest for world domination by not including the jews, reasoning that there was no way to ever eliminate the jews. It is true They are not making that mistake this time.

And kudos to Anonymous strssing the difference between "Jews" and Zionists, as zionists are surely rascist and fasist. On this subject read Israel Shahak's fascinating penetration in his short book titled I believe "Jewish History Jewish religion," or similar --it is on-line. I found especially interesting that Israel was founded and is today still largely led by Jews who came from Poland. It is a fasciating subject indeed, but I agree I am not going to choke up over it.

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