Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Progamming in NSPCC ads

[Edit: This is obviously entirely depressing; probably benefit your brain not taking in some of these adverts, just a warning.]
With all the soaps for some reason all at the same time airing stories about a pedophile "grooming" a victim as showed in this post on Eastenders, now we are hearing that Coronation Street (whotf' even watches this shit) is doing pretty much the same thing (with the victim being played by Kathering Kelly...). I shouldn't really be shocked anymore but this very new one that popped on my TV screen last night watching FOX News simply called Butterfly [anyone catch Heroes? may have to post on it; shame time isn't infinite] was a little shocking but not so much because I have noticed other programming themes in their adverts too; NSPCC is not on the side of the children [note the Occult Ritual Abuse AKA programming standard covering up, the Jersey home and such are at least revealing a little more of what's really going on]. The butterflies are made of human ears and give a rainbow effect with all the different coloured butterflies.

Here we see puppet/dummy programming which I speak of a lot.

Same kind of thing here; note they have specifically made her touch the rabbit at the beginning [the kid is called Ellie].

In the Open your Eyes advertisement we have the rabbit consciously focused on by flashing lights on it. [some of the phone numbers are worth noting, 32/31]

Finish with this one combining robot programming (synch it up to the top advert in this post, where a robot becomes a child) with kitten [the cat knocks over the robot]... look these people are obviously not on the side of the children; set up by the insane elite to serve the elite hierarchy and their perverse ways...

By the way, all their other videos have subtle hints as to the clandestine agendas in them and the true motives of the NSPCC. [one for instance has a dad (you don't see them) talking to his daugher as the camera pans up a corridor towards a door/room with them in which closes at the end of it; on the way to the door is a ballerina slippers, and some kind of mask/goggles type thing (Edit: It is a Power Puff Girls doll, thanks commenter)]

Also to clarify, there are thousands of people working within the NSPCC doing excellent work trying to help children and truly believe in their institution; who I obviously fully support, but in the same way a bank-teller has no clue what is going on/what the agendas are further up the organization; an NSPCC worker cannot know what the true motivations are of the higher ups [and it's usually the opposite of what they say publicly].

Edit: Added in the advert for the "Cervical Cancer Jab", which is loaded with god knows what. The song is obviously brainwashing, "Got the jab we need... Girls feeling safe.", note the mirror with the girl's teeth positioned reflecting on the fragmented part of it, the spinning at about 21 seconds. I was under the impression [from the wonderfully non-alarmist Alex Jones] that this jab was pretty unnecessary; this story is ironic considering the religions' problems with sexual abuse.

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The mask/goggles type thing on the chair is a Power Puff Girl doll.

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