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MCM: Mind Controlled Models

It's been a while since I posted on the fashion industry, and with the below (dissociative) spiral (made of lights) at London Fashion Week domineering over all the models on the catwalk this year I felt it was the right time to do another one. First please take a look at the above latest advertisement from Marks and Spencers (or M&S/S&M), the carousel, ferris wheel (sun) etc. there is also a more blatant mind control synch as David Bowie's Let's Dance is playing (a trigger song? It's B-Side is Cat People... which to me is confirmation). Notice that it consciously shows you two mirrors when it says "put on your red shoes and dance" at the exact same time, so clear mind control here (unless you are blind/deaf/willfully stupid that is); then you see her disfigured reflection in the bendy/bent mirror thing.

"Put on your red shoes"... "And Dance Marionette Dance!" [Remember Red Shoes are not only Oz programming (similar though obviously) but also in the Andersen fairy tale more on Andersen in this post, "The story is about a girl forced to dance continually in her red shoes. "The Red Shoes" has seen adaptations in various media including film."]

3 and 1 31/13 [M features heavily as expected #13, home of the evil/elite fashion agency]

Briefly I'll go into Ben Stiller's Zoolander (which David Bowie actually features in, that song "Let's Dance" is probably a trigger when mixed with the imagery in the above advert, more on that in a sec); which is an obvious Land of Oz reference as far as I'm concerned. This is backed up by Cathy O'Briens testament where she describes how she gained access to parts of the brains others that most people don't (because of what constant programming does to it, constantly compartmentalizing, moving into different areas of the brain) which allowed her to automatically read things backwards/forwards/things that look/sound similar to what is actually there (i.e. Arkansas - Our Kansas, Zoo/ooZ is mentioned specifically for the backwards/forwards, Highway 66 would be read as 99; the 66/99 thing I talk about often), this was taken advantage of by programmers in confusing actual road-side names for instance (so she couldn't remember where she met a powerful person for instance, with all the signs scrambled; that's just one example of these "scrambling" methods but they would be alternately used for specific situations).

The movie is all about (male) mind controlled models and features standard mind control themes; don't want to go into it in detail or this post will snowball but he is basically programmed in a type of facility that probably exists in reality and uses music as the trigger ("Relax", the spinning record is focused on) but obviously also with dissociative spirals and other themes. That type of big spiral lollypop you find in fairgrounds is also seen in the movie (also originally covering his face then moved to the side revealing the face of Lily, which I think is a trigger along with the "red shoes"+ mirrors).

Overwhelming the senses is used in this type of mind control programming, along with electroshocks and various other techniques. Overwhelming the senses as in those massive speakers (below) playing the trigger song constantly (for however long they kept him there), the spirals and imagery in the big screen etc. Just before the intensive programming he is "softened up" by attractive nurses tending to him making him think it is actually a relaxation spar, before the trauma and programming starts [increases confusion/suggestibility, hence the "good cop, bad cop" method in interrogation].

He is electroshocked when he questions the kill the Malaysian President command (to block that pattern of thinking: disobedience/questioning), this is also hinted at just before he is supposed to assassinate him when the trigger music starts we see electricity coming from the Malaysian president's head (telling us that subconsciously his brain thinks that if he doesn't do this [kill the pres] he'll be shocked).

Lily Cole is the main addition to the M&S campaign, I covered her potential mind controlled existence (months before this came out) somewhat in this post (butterflies, spiral staircase, masks etc.), also in the advert note the bubbles which can be viewed as Laybrinthian style spheres [David Bowie must surely have something to do with mind control (the song in the ad, him Labyrinth/Zoolander and other stuff, named his son Zowie according to wiki], and the rest of the symbolic fairground stuff. Models are obsessed with looking at themselves in the mirror, this is shown in Zoolander where everything reflective is used as a mirror [and some strange things happen inside the reflection, an important aspect of mind control]. Now I want to move onto some printed advertisements in the fashion industry's main mouthpiece, Vogue, Tatler etc. Starting with Lily [this is the flower of death, I've mentioned that in regards to these mind controlled people's lives being ritualized] of course where we have her wearing a (purple body) butterfly for more mind control synchage, from the post mentioned before these images [double page spread, apologiez for split-scan] should be quite powerful.

Note she is wearing a black/white zebra dress type thing. I've mentioned investec's zebra campaign but I thought this was a humorous little synch, "New Model Thinking"... indeed!

Getting back to butterflies this one below is from the same campaign as the Lily one above, also with butterfly jewelry.

And of course this one (below) is self-explanatory. [mouth covered by butterfly... but my added spin would be that it is symbolizing the lack of a voice these mind controlled models have had throughout history?]

It (Vogue/Tatler not sure which but they're all the same anyway) had some weird piece portraying the models as essentially dolls (and with toys suggestive of mind control), one page had a plastic butterfly pictured, sticking with that theme.

One eye, panda eyes.

Note the butterfly/spider. All of these have duplicate faded images of the models symbolizing their multiple-personalities.

Note the red shoes, the green Hulk "There are aspects of my personality I cannot control." [note the checkerboard as this is said, also Ed Norton - Fight Club etc.], black/white duality socks, again with the duplicate multiple faded images of herself.

Duality stockings, interlocking C's 33, in front of a door [Chanel ad, synch up to Anne Hathaway's CC sunglasses in Get Smart, also remember Megan Fox's Shakespeare (Francis Bacon) quote; the "Shakespeare" idea is certainly a part of mind control]

Alex Curran was named "WAG of the Year" [WAG=23+1+7=31 31/13] in this Vogue/Tatler... she's not mind controlled or anything is she!!!?? [she is.] The article was explicit in stating their porcelain nature injecting themselves with all sorts of botox crap to keep themselves looking pretty.
The kind of thing advertised below... I find this advertisement literally scarey... I don't see how any type of injection can be considered "natural". There's something about the expectant/excited look in her eyes looking up at the man with the knife/feather [double bind?], the purple for subconsciously making the self-conscious reader more suggestible.

Speaking of purple, the below advert pretty much sums up what Vogue is all about, with the pyramids/gold/eye inside a pyramid/spirals purple dress.

Lot's of roses. Red roses specifically are associated with the Tree of Life in the cabala, can be used as triggers and whatnot. I wonder if some of the phrases used in these advertisements are triggers when combined with the imagery in them. Going back to Shakespeare/Bacon this could also be a reference to the rose from the Rosey Cross/Rosicrucianism.

The alter-personality breaking through the main one, through the mind splitting symbolized by her breaking through the ripped image of her self.

Here we have a simple bloodline ad (she looks sort of lost/confused on it, symbolizing the subjugation of women these controlling blood line families have always practised?).

This is what my title relates to, I'd been using MCM as an acronym myself for Mind Control Movies, but it can also work for Mind Controlled Models. And is Freemasonic anyway because MCM 13313, 13's 33's, predictably there is a "modelling agency" [I suspect most, if not all modelling agencies are infested with programmers/illuminists] called MCM. But the image above refers to a new Munich based fashion company (anyone want to chip in on that logo? looks like a wreath or something), note the red/blue mix which is why the color purple makes you more suggestible because it subconsciously confuses you (being a mixture of these 2 so polarizing colors). And if you were in any doubt of MCM's allegiances just take a look at this "Diamond Python" bag, it is a 100% Freemasonic checkerboard bag (I should probably specify when it is a diamond checkerboard or a straight one, but I view them as the same because arn't they just squares/a grid rotated 45 degrees? So I don't see the point in differentiating).

Moving away from mind control to standard Freemasonic symbolism to finish we have this checkerboard (note the 1921 777) too and also a twin pillars one, with the phrase "Always in Vogue"... Freemasonry will always rule is the implication I think [the logo is a red square that is cut off a bit on the bottom right confirming Freemasonry] This link goes into it a bit and I also agree with it's Chanel CC analysis.

I'll probably do another fashion industry post when London Fashion Week opens and all the fucked up images of the weird/mind control catwalks come out, but here's a few images from 2006 to give you an idea of what to expect....

From this year though, a pacman theme was used in one of them, and this DREAM thing I thought interesting.


MarcChain said...

Excellent post,

I wanted to know what your take on the Geico commercial with Billie Jean King.

We see 11:11 and hints at 666
With King Billy(William III)
or Prince William as possible Antichrist theme.

Am I reaching here?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i love this way of thinking.....check out leona lewis new one, forgive me!!!

Michael Skaggs said...


Great stuff, the fashion industry is indeed owned its crazy! Wow, such symbolisms everywhere in them! Ever since I read your fashion industry work, I grab a magazine in the break room at work [mind you they are mostly women's mags] and look at the ads and spot tons of them now!

If you want to see obvious MMC [monarch] programming in the adult venue, check out Ninn Worx Innocence line of movies, very blatant!

Be well bro.

Benjamin S said...

k2, not reaching at all imo. The "W" on the Wilson tennis rackets you could also add to the King Bill/prince William anti-christ. And yeah I see 665 or 667 as just subtle 666 hints. So many 47's are in that, they seem to love 47/74, and yeh 11/11. Good spots.

Cheers anony, I just watched that thanks to your tip, great catch, carousel, the masks, and others wow, I'll include it in a post next time they ritualize Leona (like in the Olympics).

Cheers Mike, it's so blatant once you know what to look for isn't it; on the adult movie industry I have a shit load of those with mind control/esoteric themes in them which is for another x-rated blog I think, thanks for that tip [hadn't seen that series; it's F-ing everywhere isn't it :S kind of depressing]. In the soft-erotica market by the way, Tinto Brass' films seem to be loaded with checkerboards and mind control symbolisms [in particular "Cheeky" has a lot of checkerboards/butterfly prominence, but others do; he even made a film out of this... blatant kitten programming mixed in with secret agents and how politicians are controlled].

Thanks a lot all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben thanks for your great posts! My question is, how do you cope with the isolation living in a world where people...people we love, DON'T see what's going on and don't want to see? It wears me out.

Wounded Messenger

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