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Disney's Programmed Princesses Selena and Demi

I saw Disney's 'Princess Protection Program' was airing later on in the day when randomly flicking to Disney Channel so decided to give it half a look, expecting there to be the usual Disney suggestive/symbolic/euphemistic stuff and was not disappointed, I was actually very surprised that the double headed eagle was featured so prominently and the standard Masquerade finale and some other Freemasonic checkerboards; even a subtle '33' I did not notice on first viewing. I had originally intended to churn out a few quickie posts on various things but I've been sucked into posts recently that have consumed a lot of my time and taken a few days to finish rather than quick posts that take like 30 minutes if that; Disney sort of forced my hand with this one in making the themes so blatant, I felt I had to write it up and cover the two "Princesses" in it; I think it was worth it (in the spirit of fully covering the 'Disney slave pantheon' [probably do another one on Miley next, lots to cover]).
Starting with the film itself then onto both of the girls' respective analyses; the "Princess Protection Program" starting with the black/white/red colour scheme employed by the likes of the Nazis and co, I'll take this picture by picture; the more interesting info/writing on the two of them comes after the movie.

Selena plays an average (stereotypical Disney 'normal kid' protagonist the viewing kids are supposed to relate to) school girl attending Lake Monroe (the small town Selena's character 'Carter Mason' and her father 'Joe Mason' live in) High School; symbolic "training"/"schooling" future 'Marilyn Monroes' like Selena and Demi (she plays Princess Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fioré; shown below, as a Princess triple mirrored [a 'Monarch' preparing to be 'crowned' as 'Queen']).

The fictional South American country is called 'Costa Luna' (Moon Coast); Selena's name derives from the moon goddess 'Selene' (more on this in their real life analysis further down). The symbol of which (blue/gold Freemasonic colour scheme) is a star and crescent moon a commonly used ancient esoteric (Babylonian) symbol used mainly by Islam today (also probably duality symbolism [night/day; moon/sun]).

The archetypal insanely 'perfect Disney dad' is Joe Mason [your 'average Joe' Mason] who works for the "Top secret agency funded by the world's Royal families." the PPP/Princess Protection Program is assigned to protect Demi.

But comically evil dictator, General Magnus Kane (very symbolic name; Magnus meaning 'great'; Magus, Kane [cain] meaning Spear in Hebrew/the 'mark of Cain') takes over, symbolically propelling his sword (phallus) towards young Demi (capped pointing at her eye), penetrating the crown and into the Monarch's throne.

Magnus is wearing an extremely prominent double headed eagle; which seemed so unbelievably out of place it was actually quite funny. Sticking with the Freemasonry theme here, the double headed eagle is heavily associated with Freemasonry (this is a Russian Imperialist one, though obviously this guy has nothing to do with Russians so the Freemasonic connection is more than likely [and of course the MK significance, all this symbolism is always very multifaceted]). The double headed eagle kidnapping Princesses (or at least trying to, were it not for the 'Masonic super-agent').

The 'Masonic Hero'; 'Joe Mason' leads Princess Demi to safety over the Freemasonic checkerboard floor. The use of the checkerboard floor here (and elsewhere in the film) is obviously intentional and suggests clear Freemasonic symbolism along with the rest.

Magnus Kane (he wears other 'royal' insignia [various stars/crosses and the like] pictured further down) stays and takes over while Demi escapes and is taken to the PPP's secret underground base in a helicopter. She goes down an elevator to be transformed by the PPP.

"Stage 3: Transformation" - 'The Director' describing the PPP's process (other 'princesses' being transformed on a pedestal above; like statues/sculptures being transformed [like masonry/stone-cutting]), there's the usual 'transformation' ("makeover") mirror stuff here but not pictured. Pretty hilarious and telling that 'Patty the Daytime Hooker' from 'My Name is Earl' played the school bus driver (what Disney is essentially doing, sexualizing/turning kids into subconscious 'daytime hookers'; they're "driving kids there" in a packed yellow school bus [i.e. the millions of kids whose parents are just glad the TV/media is raising their kids so they don't have to; sort of deserve to have their kids mind-fucked]).

A few images of 'Patty the Daytime Hooker' from Earl (usually dressed up in kitten/prostitute clothing [above stylized-tiger/leopard/red boots with stripper Catalina]), in 'Changeling' Dale Dickey played an unnamed (mental) 'Patient' [assuming she was electroshocked; as this was shown as common practice with those patients in the Angelina Jolie film 'Changeling'].

Two Kittens chained to the wall (cap from an Earl episode); Patty the Daytime Hooker (schoolbus driver for Selena and Demi) in full leopard-print and Catalina.

Back to PPP and more Freemasonic symbolism/numerology as Demi (now at "the Masons'" house) misses her mum whilst wearing the number 33 (big Freemasonic number; 33rd degree Freemasonry [see it on Pike's double headed eagle here], to go along with all the other Freemasonic symbolism in the film [checkerboard floors/double headed eagles/'Mason'].

Joe Mason's cover is a bait shop (these Disney girls are bait; Disney are luring you in to their mentality with their programmed kittens); above Demi is covered in "worms".

The bird cage theme pops up here with Demi in shot in the Masons' house, along with Selena (playing Carter Mason) in her pink flamingo top.

There's a lot of checkerboard duality symbolism in the film (the word Duality can be seen on the green poster below positioned between the two which you can see if clicked).

More Freemasonic checkerboard floors as a highly suggestive scene occurs with Demi over it.

She can't control the machine, and one of the 'bitchy'/'popular' girls (there's a lot more on her; she wears a butterfly top/bites a red apple and other stuff but no time to cover everything) sends in one of her 'agents' wearing a 'Roque et Rolle' shirt [rock and roll was originally a euphemism for sex (go into this further down); and still is though obviously it's rarely talked about]; the heraldic lions showing that this guy is symbolic of "elite" controlled 'rock and roll' (extremely successful conditioning; rock and roll/pop has always been controlled by the "elite"/Illuminists, why do you think the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' is a glass pyramid [that effect on one side]).

To illustrate the "elite" symbolism used in this Disney film (and all other Disney movies/shows) here is one heraldic coat of arms (Finnish/Russian Imperial) combining the heraldic/"elite" 'lion holding a sword with it's tongue protruding' (shown mirrored on the 'Roque et Rolle' guy in PPP further up, who pushes the red button causing the machine to start leaking giving Demi a 'messy face' [standard Disney 'facial' suggestiveness]) inside the double headed eagle seen earlier in the film.

Of course the cowgirl hat is standard dehumanization; milk (+ this liquidy ice cream type stuff all over her face) is always suggestive.

More checkerboard floors as Demi reads to the children over it (again more metaphor for what they're doing to the minds of children using their programmed puppets [who have got their full attention/got them all entranced; like the masses at large]).

One of the little children gives Selena a book, showing the camera what Selena is (partly) a 'lady-bird'.

Both with the bird cage (+ another shot of the double headed eagle in one of those 'Hello' Spanish version type magazines).

'Patty the Daytime Hooker'/mental patient in Changeling, symbolically gives them both their masks (their true identities [or lack there-of] masked [masks given to them by an actress most known for her roll as a hooker, hint hint] behind the facade personas Disney presents to the masses) for the predictable masquerade finale.

They both put on their Venetian masks (Demi's is a pink feathered mask on a stick).

And all of the other 'masked kids'; exit Patty the Hooker's (Helen in the film) yellow school bus (various symbolic masks on show, black crescent moon, banana bunch, peacock feather one etc).

Kane shows up at the prom-thing and Selena's plan comes into effect (the masks used so Kane misidentifies Selena thinking she is Demi, the real Princess [confusing Selena's/Demi's identity; probably hinting their twinning programming gone into further down]). Demi wins the vote and becomes 'prom queen', walking through a tunnel of her fellow masked girls.

Demi and the double headed eagle.

She is finally 'crowned' as a true Monarch walking on the blue carpet to red (blue bloodline at highest level; down to the lower/lesser red bloodline [symbolizing Monarch multigenerational bloodline families]).

Then 'One Year Later' the PPP let them go on more adventures together in the symbolic light grid elevator.

The two "Princesses" in this, as mentioned are Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, the two of them probably having undergone 'twinning' programming together (they've known each other since age 7ish, they were even home-schooled together [see above interview with Selena on PPP], their families moved to LA/Hollywood together). Both starred in the 'innocent' purple reptilian Barney & Friends (Barney gets all excited watching Demi and Selena and other kids swimming in the paddling pool here, below is the episode "Come Blow Your Horn" featuring them both).

Selena (meaning moon [from Greek mythology ((comics version + Underworld; note the latex black catsuit [on Kate Beckinsale]/bondage theme, Selene in mythology was a kitten having "slept with" ["sex" in Greek mythology is synonymous with rape] countless individuals like Zeus and Pan)); the crescent moon iconography is notable for this post + Luna the Roman name for her pops up in the film further up]) Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her mother Mandy Teefy (above at Selena's "Sweet Sixteen"); impregnated at age 15 she gave birth at age 16 (Selena's current age).

She was named after the famous singer 'Selena' from Texas; whose life (Jehovah's Witness [rampant child sex abuse; typical religion/cult manipulated for Monarch programming], started in the entertainment industry at age 9 ended age 23, her father using her as a cash cow/performing puppet from a very young age) and traumatic death (shot by her crazed [probably triggered assassination programming] fan club president/assistant) is significant (GW Bush [Texas governor at the time; incestuous/pedophilic "elite" ruling family] declared her birthday "Selena Day" which sounds like their usual 'hilarious' Monarch-slave humor; her second album was called 'Alpha' the term used for basic Monarch programming [triggers/commands], seeing as I've written more on her than expected here are a few images to show the use of duality/kitten themes on this corporate puppet [used by the Coca-Cola Company and whatnot]).

But back to young Selena Gomez, after appearing on Barney with Demi she then appeared in 'Brain Zapped' (you can't make this stuff up!), which is undoubtedly a reference to her electroshock dissociation programming (note in the poster the electroshock symbol is pointed at Selena's head [purple 'Brain' and green 'zapped'), confirmed by her singing the song for it (she's about age 12-13 at this point) loaded with MK themes ('mind spinning', reading books taking you to "another world" [you dissociate into what your mind is exposed to; i.e. what Monarch slaves are allowed to read is organized for programming so their dissociation is controlled], "don't really know where I'll be going next cuz I've been brain zapped", it's pretty much all MK).

Mom always said that books could take you to another world
But I don't think that this is what she meant
(This is what she meant)
I'm shuttling though
These distant lands and ocean shores
Don't really know where I'll go next
Cuz I've been
Brain Zapped
Lets go explore
Brain zapped
To a whole new world
Brain zapped
Come be my guest
Brain zapped
Don't know where I'll go next
My mind is spinning around
Got all this knowledge
Just wanna shout out
Gotta get it
Under control
Cuz the light is green
And we're ready to go
Brain Zapped
Lets go explore
Brain zapped
To a whole new world
Brain zapped
Come be my guest
Brain zapped
Don't know where I'll go next

She also had a small roll in 'Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire' before 'Brain Zapped' (and Spy Kids 3D), short video of her in it below with a big number 23 on her (if you've watched any HM you may recognize a young Mitchel Musso [also from Texas; stereotypical bible belt state where multigenerational abuse is fairly common]).

Then she would go on to appear in all the Disney crap; MPD show Hannah Montana and the like (along with the rest of the manufacturing line of programmed Disney slaves passed around various different shows) and starring in her own show as Alex (Alice) Russo in occult-laden 'Wizards of Waverly Place' (note the above trailer Selena gets trapped inside the mirror, Alex/Alice trapped in a looking glass [see official site, tour the lair for more blatant themes]), the electroshock theme prevails in this also with electricity coming out of her fingertip and their "magic wands".
Note her butterfly necklace on the below poster for it (+ some more on the 'electricity from fingertip' wallpaper above).

Some more MK themes in the below trailer as Selena duplicates herself, Selena's duplicate spun around making Selena spin around ("What ever you were doing to this dummy, was happening to this dummy!") and a slightly disturbing, "Either I just found dad's wand or I cracked my butt knuckle.", magic carpet over NY Chrysler Building and such [there's a pretty prominent spiral staircase in the show].

In one episode she played the green fairy/Tinkerbell, in Tinker's usual tiny green dress outfit (before becoming Tinkerbell she visits a fairy [or something, haven't watched it myself these are the promotional stills released by Disney] in her black/white striped duality top + the same butterfly necklace on the first poster [click for HQ image]).

Disney's also used her to promote her Tinkerbell movie, singing the promotional song for it (video above; usual rainbows, a butterfly; scenes from the film) and attending all the events with other 'fairies'.

Selena the Angel.

The upcoming Wizards of Waverly Place movie trailer has a slightly creepy daddy/daughter kiss + Selena with some dark looking butterfly motif on her top.

Fan made Selena collage above, mainly included not for all the butterflies but for the all seeing eye motif on her top on the right, can't find the original image of it (of course her 'horns' hand signal is something all the Disney slaves are made to do; a few more below).

Her first Disney movie was Another Cinderella Story, a typical fairy-tale rehash that Disney seem to constantly churn out full of the usual clichés; the 'Prince (a 'hot celebrity') dances with the 'nobody' (Selena) at a masked ball (masks MK theme in PPP) etc etc.

Still from Another Cinderella story with a friend in a butterfly top

A masked Selena with the double headed eagle in Disney's PPP.

Selena in black/purple with BAFTA's one eyed mask.

Selena looking all drunk/dissociative/confused in a Madonna top.

She's a transformer...

.. and a headless mannequin.

At some USO "entertaining the troops" Christmas event + below on Santa's lap.

Some of the standard 'leaked', just about pedophilic images of the Disney kids in bikinis (Demi and Selena below).

Selena as a blonde barbie (in wig + mirrored + colours).

Can just about make out the purple butterfly image on her vest above.

A bruised fleur-de-lis teddy.

Selena in one of those "Let's Rock and Roll!" below duality striped phrase tops (the phrase 'rock and roll' is a euphemism for sex). Above in one saying 'FASHIONISTA' ('fashion victims').

Stuck on Disney's Dissociative Carousel.

Selena has been put with Assembly of God/Disney programmed puppet Nick Jonas (see further down), "The Jonas Brothers are really sweet to me... Nick and I are 'getting to know each other'."

This one for Teen Vogue has Selena in kitten ears + a pink kitten mask, the masked sex-kitten that she is, of course they can't help but use duality symbolism in an insane amount of things and below she's pictured at some teen Vogue events 'hotter than I should be'.

At Selena's aforementioned "Super Sweet 16" birthday party she was dressed up in duality stripes and had various themes on her symbolic cake and throughout the event, which seemed to be called 'Selena's Wonderland'

With her twinning partner over her 'crazy' birthday cake, with various occult themes like the serpent, peacock feathers and red roses/upside down red roses/roses falling from the sky (red roses are commonly used trigger, they are a historically associated with martyrdom [sticking with the Monarch slaves as martyrs recent theme] and of course the flower MK symbolism gone into previously [roses are considered especially beautiful, taking a lot of care and cultivation to make them bloom into a beautiful flower and have to be looked after to keep them 'beautiful'/their mind/programmed system 'well ordered']).

Selena in her gilded padded cell with her upside down roses (falling down on them both below).

Demi and Selena are "One and the Same" (twinned).

Moving to Demi Lovato, she also comes from Texas; daughter of Patrick and Diana Lovato. Diana was probably also a Monarch (with that name [Goddess, like Selene she is also associated with the moon/Diana is a type of butterfly also] and her general 'plastic' look [see below]), naming her child 'Demi' (Demetria [Demeter] Devonne Lovato) also resonates mythology (demi-gods/godesses) and MK (demi meaning 'half', split mind) and the fact that she was a Dallas cowboys cheerleader and country music artist; probably suggests multigenerational Monarch programming. Her father left the family at an early age (below she is at a 'child beauty pageant' pictured with her mother Diana and the stepfather I think, real father with her on his lap below it probably)

After appearing on Barney (see videos at start of Selena's info) she appeared in nothing until 2006 when she would appear in Prison Break (she's in a [mental] prison, her mind is broken into pieces) as Danielle Curtin, who the pedophile T-Bag attemps to rape; failing to "groom" her she runs off to her father who the pedophile murders, this kind of using an actor's real family situations (as their roles are often worked into their programming) is very relevant here, just yesterday their tumultuous relationship had come out somewhat, as the father tried to make out they reunited in a 'fairy-tale' ending, which Demi furiously denied (saying she has 'no faith in him' and such). This probably suggests he sexually abused her (this is obviously the case with most Monarch programmed Disney slaves); here is a video of the creepy scene with the pedophile T-Bag's attempted grooming (+ some screencaps, final one having just realized her daddy has been killed).

Further evidence of her abuse/programming comes from her wrist-cutting, appropriately seen at Miley Cyrus' Sweet 16 in Disneyland (click name for more on her + I've got a lot to cover in a post coming up on her obviously), who is of course Monarch Disney Slave numero uno (by far the most blatant; like Demi she is also the product of Country Music Monarch genes [her father Billy Ray, see Miley Cyrus link]). In Barney her character was called 'Angela', Angelina Jolie also self-harmed (potentially a symptom of her possible programming/abuse) and Drew Barrymore (just recently covered); I think it is likely that many of these Hollywood and Disney stars "self-harm" because they do not remember just how severe/traumatic the abuse they suffered as children really was (at the hands of their parents, often this abuse is sexual/incestuous), so in losing 'parts' of their self (dissociated memories; and the extreme of splits in the mind that can be programmed with great care to be specific types of alter-personalities), this self-harming is probably a way of 'feeling' what they lost in these traumatic dissociative periods (their subconscious trying to remind them of/make them remember the trauma they've forgotten [dissociated parts of their mind/whole identity] by causing them to traumatize themselves).

You can make out the cut marks (obviously not that deep) on the above image if clicked.

Demi's little mind was exposed to a lot of occult/'Satanic' themes growing up as one of her "favourite live acts" (which she no longer listens to because she is in a much "happier place" now; which is obviously true as the abuse is far lessened once they're out in the public [having already been sufficiently programmed]) she said was Dimmu Borgir (Demi/Dimmu); meaning 'Dark Cities/Fortresses', their album art featuring many MK (chained angel/total dismemberment+barbed wire) and numerous occult symbols/motifs (Levi's Baphomet/pentagrams in pentagrams and whatnot) posted below a video 'The Sacriligious Scorn'.
This is pretty random but I found it quite sad to watch; her singing the ultra-ironic US national anthem... "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave"... look at that forced smile :S [+ all the "patriotic" ignorant American 'sports-fans' and the steroid pumped meathead "athletes"; a very depressing scene in my opinion; occult pentagrams and such]

In this video she is around age 12-15ish and her demeanor (+ the mic) in it really reminds me of a young Britney Spears performing in the Mickey Mouse Club as a child.

After Prison Break she would move in to Disney territory (a brief appearance in a Just Jordan episode as Nicole, a "cute girl" in the episode 'Slippery When Wet' [the Asian guy's shirt looks fairly occult, 'fallen angel' type Luciferian stuff]) in the odd little 5 minute show 'As The Bell Rings' (I've only seen one myself where a guy "hilariously" practices kissing on a mannequin), then her biggest role came in 'Camp Rock' (guitar = phallus; Rock = 'rock hard' cock; Camp Cock; this film got all the little tween girls to subconsciously 'lust' after the Jonas Brothers' strumming/stroking their big "guitars" and "microphones" [Disney is largely about sexualizing little girls]; note the "head" of the "guitar" is used as the symbol next to camp) with the Jonas Brothers, note the main "Brother" below in black/white duality.

More duality in the trailer with the main "Brother" (Mason suggestion) Shane's checkerboard guitar case (phallus in a checkerboard case, very symbolic [checkerboard duality is Freemasonic symbolism you'll find in all Masonic lodges]). MPD mirrors at 0:44 and some more stuff ("voices inside my head", leopard print etc).

Note her ruby red shoes in this photoshoot with JB. The Jonas Brothers were programmed during their 'Assembly of God' evangelical upbringing, with their father being an Assembly of God evangelical pastor ([video of him preaching describing his little Kevin having his head cut open accidentally; looks/seems like the type IMO, all his kissing of Kevin at the end makes me a little queasy "I am amaaazed" ((it's all 'a-maze'/labyrinth)); kind of emotive music that keeps people brainwashed (("feeling the Holy Spirit"))], a large proportion of 'Evangelical preachers/pastors' are pedophiles ((usually because of their own pedophile father pastors))... this type of religion ((cult)) obviously being an excellent cover for programming; Assembly of God churches are specifically listed in Illuminati Formula as being deeply involved, with many churches [probably like the Jonas Brothers' Assembly of God ministry] corrupted and used for multigenerational Monarch programming [the products of which, i.e. the Jonas Brothers; are then used by the corporate Master Manipulators like Disney/Freemasonry]), I find it very interesting that JB's handlers have explicitly banned reporters from bringing up the extremely revealing/truthful South Park episode in interviews. Both Selena and Demi also wear their ironic "purity rings".

Here is a little quote from Deeper Insights to show the Assembly of God/Disney connection (the building described located opposite Disneyland set up by the Assembly of God, Melodyland is now closed down/demolished):
Right smack across from the entrance to Disneyland is the Assembly of God’s Melodyland Christian Center [above; it's a 'big top' + a nice pyramid on top], the birthplace of TEN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). The Assembly of God denomination has been heavily infiltrated by the Illuminati, and has been heavily used as a front for programmed slaves. Paul Crouch, president of Trinity Broadcasting Systems, Inc., was affiliated with Melodyland in 1973 when TBS was getting started. At that time, Melodyland was a rich heavily infiltrated charismatic church, with its share of programmed multiples.

This allowed them to get Demi's music career off the ground (tweens being raised by Disney will buy anything the corporation puts into their little suggestible heads), image below from her touring with the Brothers (camera consciously positioned so the hands are reaching up to their crotch area like in the poster) awash with purple light (mixture of polarizing red/blue, confusing colour; royal colour; more covered previously).

Seriously, that programmed smile looks painful! Her face symbolically mirrored by the Piano, above with Kermit the puppet (all of the Disney stars have their individual programmed smiles you can always tell it's fake 100% of the time).

Her debut album being 'Don't Forget' (she's "forgotten" a lot [dissociated memories/amnesia walls]) with the black/white/red colours and it's singles' videos are interesting showing her life is predominantly a "La La Land" (none of it is real; it's all a fantasy), while the lyrics have the overt message that 'the La La Land Machine [Hollywood MK] won't change me'/"I'm staying myself tonight" (she lost her 'self' years ago), it shows how she is forced by her handlers to dress up in the sex-kitten pink wig (note the make-up lady is in duality stripes/checkerboard top) and such; it's all controlled and I'm extremely skeptical that she genuinely wrote these songs with the Jonas Brothers (all three, along with her are credited with the writing; no mention of any outside influence, which really seems very unlikely when it comes to Disney [they've probably realized they have to give the appearance that these stars are independent/have creative control as the masses get more aware of what these corporate performers have always been]).

The single 'Don't Forget' (also allegedly written solely by the Jonas Brothers and Demi [who are just programmed puppets]) features her under an umbrella (she probably has 'Umbrella Programming'; placed into an MPD system to shield other parts of the structure [parts of the mind where various things can be 'housed'; programs/full-blown alters/dissociated memories/and the like]; when 'opened' [in their heads; potentially used as an external trigger also] via a trigger, whatever it was shielding will be 'activated' [umbrella's 'shield you from the elements' ((the chaotic mess they've made of a victim's mind)) and the light ((truth/awareness))]), looking all sad (the odd reflection shot) before standing symbolically over a duality striped (roof) carousel (dissociative; used for programming and in internal systems/structures [placed in to the victim's internal structure during the core split as a very young child as the image of the carousel has useful properties for this; see Illuminati Formula for details]).

As with most of these entertainment slaves... they 'twitter', the below split mind image accompanied her recent 'tweet' (bird dehumanization) saying: "I don't want to sleep anymore. I'm scared of what I'll dream." The whole concept of 'twitter' is completely retarded, are we really so fucking dumbed down that people are genuinely interested in people's random minute-to-minute thoughts... but that's beside the point (the answer is yes of course), it's just another facet of the 'MK circus' to keep everyone hypnotized/distracted/kept in the illusion.

Speaking of bird dehumanization/split-minds/dissociation/slavery, her latest album 'Here We Go Again' (out next month) features the usual 'Shhh' (they're hiding a secret [pink diamond ring also suggestive of high class sex-slavery programming]) finger over mouth and an alternative cover (might be for the single of the same name) she is holding helium filled balloons ('floating away' dissociation) with fragmented mirror balls (disco balls) and of course the bird cage showing what she is essentially (a caged bird; covered this in much more detail in previous posts [see linked posts, problem with this blog is obviously the huge number of pictures/embedded video crashing your browser so these two here and here are probably more succinct, there are many more examples of this bird cage MK symbolism throughout the blog]), obviously there's a lot more in this image too.

Disney also gave her her own Disney show starring as 'Allison [Alice] Sonny [sun] Munroe [Marilyn]' (switch the 'o' and 'u' around and you get Sunny Monroe) in 'Sonny With a Chance' about a young girl who is brought by her mother, from a small town to Hollywood (all these slaves' shows are analogous to their own lives as they are worked into their programming; obviously Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus is the best example of this). Sun symbolism is very prevalent in this (see the the symbolic intro video above [it's also all over Wizards of Waverly Place]; with other pertinent themes [cat-clock/'Hollywood as the yellow brick road' and whatnot]) and the gold/blue of Freemasonry makes up the main theme's colours.

Pick out various themes (the dancing robot/sarcophagus [the little girl with the butterfly Allisyn Ashley Arm is inside it in the first episode; seen in the below trailer], limbless mannequin [out of shot, can see it in the below trailer], winged gargoyle and such).

Demi recently in a butterfly print skirt.

The girl with the pink/tiger top is Tiffany Thornton (in a leopard fur top in above trailer); she plays Dorothy in the episode where they re-enact a scene from The Wizard of Oz, Demi as the Wicked Witch (of the 'Web') [note the checkerboard duality + all the purple]. In her musical theatre roles she played the lead (so Dorothy) in the stage musical of the Wizard of Oz and the lead in Sleeping Beauty (both pure MK)

Meet Demi; a split in two [half/demi] (via electroshocks) electrified-zebra! Seriously though clear duality theme in the trousers + zebra and the electroshock symbol to confirm the MK implications.

They've both been "Brain Zapped"!!


Anonymous said...

This made me think of former child stars corey haim and corey feldman. They were in multiple films together, and often confused with one another. Corey Haim also cuts his wrists or self harms to this day, and covers his wrist with an arm band. Makes me sad...

Anonymous said...

CARMEN ELECTRA having the same haircut as CASSIE&ALICE DELLAL:


Anonymous said...


Justin R. said...

Cane/Cain as in Magnus Kane is also masonic, possibly referring to Enoch, son of Cain, the first builder of cities. Tubal-Cain is also a masonic diety, and central to the masonic mythos.

Pietre-Stones - The Symbolism of Freemasonry:

"Thus, in the life and achievements of Bacchus or Dionysus, we find the travestied counterpart of the career of Moses, and in the name of Vulcan, the blacksmith god, we evidently see an etymological corruption of the appellation of Tubal Cain, the first artificer in metals. For Vul-can is but a modified form of Baal-Cain, the god Cain."

A. Magnus Publius said...

Corporate rock always did and always will suck. I find it amazing that anyone finds music associated with Disney to be serious under any stretch of the imagination. There is always some kind of subliminal undercurrent.

I happen to have 3 latin cousins - all either in their late teens or early 20s - who were all big fans of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and now Katy Perry. All came from traditional South American families but interestingly they're all lesbians now. I can't nail down the evidence or the link except for their common musical preferences.

One reason I believe that there are so many cookie-cutter 'satanic' bands like Dimmu Borgir that get the press and pomotion they do is because they reflect the values of the record company executives that signed them. Just like gangsta rappers do...

skrambo said...

Dimmu Borgir or "Demon Burger" didn't always suck, but they sure do now... The sad, forlorn Demi Lovato is what I always imagined one of their fans to be like, one of those "weird religious kids" who watches disney but they're also into black metal for some reason (they're abused) and they cut themselves not to kill themselves, just to feel pain (which is highly psychotic behavior IMO, I was suicidal for a time, but didn't want attention and I sure as fuck didn't want to cause incredible pain to myself and make a big mess with my blood just to show off the scars, I think rich people who do this sort of thing are on heavy painkillers and are extremely apathetic and miserable despite having a smile painted on at all times by their handlers). Don't let Demon Burger speak for all black metal bands, some are actually quite good (the ones that aren't National Socialists, to be blunt).

In the pic with the "Duality" poster, there is also a Q (17) and 2 hearts (symbolic vaginas). They are really overdoing it with the masks, aren't they? It's sad that more people don't understand that it basically means "sex with an anonymous partner" when they're going to parties and shit with the masks on... They're probably more useful at full-on orgies.

"Brain zapped" poster gives me that sick feeling...

Great post, keep up the awesome work :)

Anonymous said...

Check out kids clothes here. Fuckin sick:

About Selena, I read she had scars on her legs that she was embarassed to show and talk about and a nitemare that she always refused to talk about when asked in her interviews...


Anonymous said...

Ben, Thanks for the post. How sad. I look at Demi and I think she looks frail and lost. It was heartbreaking to see those scars on her wrist. And the cover of "Don't Forget" with her crying....what did they do or dredge up to make her cry and "get the shot?" Sick fucks.

It makes sense now how our kids are so disconnected and facile as they worship these cardboard faces who are so damaged themselves. The programming is deeper and the vicious circle is faster these days.

I get the word out to people but they are either in denial or think I'm crazy.

Anonymous said...


Time to do a post on Michael Jackson. I knew he wouldn't live a long life. His chip finally stopped functioning.

Anonymous said...

A masked GRACE JONES, dancing like a slave to the rhythm...


Anonymous said...



Benjamin S said...

Cheers for comments all; Chris, just wanted to mention that aangirfan blog is excellent/right on the money thanks a lot for linking to it. It did a good post on Jackson yesterday too.

[michael jackson/media rant (I covered some of his info in some random posts; things were a bit less focused back then so there's some less serious/loosely related stuff in the posts, I will do something on MJ over the next week though probably) follows]:
All the blanket coverage on 24 hr news networks of MJ's death in the media is just depressing (they're literally covering nothing else); makes me think they just killed him off ([or not; his heart was obviously fucked with significantly in programming so even if he wasn't murdered, his long-term corporate handlers/abusers are still to blame] Anna Nicole style; killed by her handlers giving her cocktail of legal drugs in years up to her death) to be a huge distraction (or building up the masses' 'emotional trauma') for something that's about to happen (North Korean "4th July Fireworks"? or whatever). Does anybody really give a fuck what 'Gordon Brown' or 'P Diddy' (apparently their statements on his death are 'breaking news' [right now on Sky they're interviewing that pedophile R Kelly about MJ's life, spouting all the usual clichés when a Monarch slave performer dies]) has to say about this abused/manipulated (then went on to sexually abuse other kids, as the cycle always works) corporate slave; some vaguely interesting quotes, Motown records founder "He had warmth, sensitivity and two personalities.." (at least) Why don't they talk about anything 'real' like his father's abuse/corporate manipulation, how they allowed/encourage him to abuse kids in 'Neverland'.. nooo, that would upset the brainwashed 'fans', who I used to find hilarious to laugh at but now it's just extremely sickening/nauseating to look at them :S. Apparently he was killed after his "personal physician" injected him with 'Demerol' (drug used in MK [sedative/pain-killer; with mild hypnotic effects, listed in IF], also used on one of the Kennedy's + country music Monarch Tammy Wynette) Interesting Times article on it with that info.

+ Farrah Fawcett would be interesting to cover (Logan's Run and the like; here's their typical humorous MK-slave irony Farrah on a magazine cover 'I don't like to be controlled... or manipulated!')

Anonymous said...

Ure welcome, Ben. Yes, a ton of symbolism in these. An "angel" and a "king" are dead. Big big show, step rite up, step rite up! CARRADINE, FAWCETT&JACKO, what a pyramid! Keep the sheeple busy, though no need to...


Anonymous said...

FYI - The crescent and star is not a symbol of Islaam.

'The early Muslim community did not really have a symbol. During the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Islamic armies and caravans flew simple solid-colored flags (generally black, green, or white) for identification purposes. In later generations, the Muslim leaders continued to use a simple black, white, or green flag with no markings, writing, or symbolism on it." -- You will also notice that Saudi Arabia has a green flag which reads in Arabic "there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Not stars or crescents here and in Sunni Islam upon the correct methodology of the first three generations of Muslims it is not considered a symbol of Islam due to its heavy affiliation with pagan deities. This was innovated by the Turks severel hundred years after the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

Anonymous said...

In comment on MJ Ben said: that would upset the brainwashed 'fans', who I used to find hilarious to laugh at but now it's just extremely sickening/nauseating to look at them :S

Ease up, hey... the fans involvement is usually quite innocent. Kids (and people in general) love to have someone to look up to and admire (it's actually a good thing - cynicism has yet to set in). So what if they're following the crowd or whatever - that's simple human nature - don't dis people for being human.

The real problem here are the people that take advantage of other people's naivety or trust. Don't kill off your respect for people in general because of the bad seeds, or you'll end up no better than the handlers/controllers...

Other than that man, I love your blog. You obviously put in a lot of time and effort and it shows you care about this stuff. I really like the work you do.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Remember this? I guess they covered it up very well:


Anonymous said...

Poor Michael Jackson! You could probably write a dozen posts about him and his mind control alone! I think he was one of the most psychologically messed up and controlled celebrities ever.
Steven Spielberg said about him

"I think he's definitely a man of two personalities"

and a quote from Michael about himself

"What's wonderful about film is that you can become another person. I love to forget. And lot's of times, you totally forget. It's like automatic pilot-I mean, whew."

Yeah...I bet he loved to forget alright. You know for some reason I can only think of him as a victim after all that happened. Because was never really in control of his own life...and that's just really sad and tragic. I also think they finally decided to get rid of him now and make A LOT of money because of his "sudden death" Oh, just look at all the internet music selling charts like iTunes etc. They're all FULL of his songs! His father was a real psycho, he never really cared about his own son. Rest in peace MJ.

Anonymous said...

Oh and a here's a good MJ interview, if you're interested. Back when he still looked normal and cute :

Because I do think that we should also try to remember that he WAS a human being under all the media created bull as well. Not just a "Monster pedophile OMG!!!1" or "The Ultimate King of Pop who was perfect in every way"

Anonymous said...

They obviously killed him now because he was totally useless's all very sad.

Anonymous said...

Well it turns out I was right! He WAS innocent after all :

Now can we PLEASE just leave him alone and let his fans and his family mourn.

Anonymous said...

And she has winged heart too on her rite ankle


Anonymous said...

Filipino inmates paying tribute to JACKO once again. Sun symbolism galore:


Benjamin S said...

Yeah my comment was probably too reactionary to Sky News' annoying coverage of it (David you're right there too btw), I've always made it very clear that MJ was a victim though so don't get me wrong (though I think it's unlikely he didn't molest any kids at Neverland [as one of the links suggests]; nothing to the sadistic extreme some people have in their minds, probably inappropriate touching/cuddling that he would have no way of knowing was inappropriate due to his abused upbringing/programming [thanks to his sociopathic father]). I don't think it's right to completely ignore his MK (abuse/manipulation/exploitation) though; surely anyone who genuinely cared about him would want to know about the corporate handlers who ultimately killed him.

skrambo said...

I don't think he's really "innocent" in the least. There is too much evidence pointing towards the fact that he felt absolutely no remorse towards what he was doing to children, and every time he appeared on TV to defend himself it was to say "everyone who thinks I'm a pedophile is crazy". He could never just admit to it, his handlers wouldn't allow that and he didn't want to because he was getting what he wanted out of it.

He was probably abused, but I really wonder sometimes with these peooples' stories. It seems more like a sob story to divert attention from the disgusting shit that actually takes place, like "oh, well I went through it too (easy thing to lie about if you're good at lying, like anyone who is in the "industry") so cry for me, not my victims who I'm perpetuating the crime on". When you consider all the occult symbology surrounding the guy, it's not surprising that he was a pederast in the least.

I just don't like when people say he was innocent when he seriously wasn't. Either way, his record sales go partly to his family, including his father who supposedly abused him, so all the people buying his shit while thinking "his dad's the reason he's fucked up", just think about that.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 14:14 above. After reading the accounts by several people around him, I feel that as much as MJ was a victim, he had a shocking lack of compassion for others and a cold ability to turn off his love or affection with a switch.

He was a man completely stuck in his illusions, deceptions and drugged stupors and for fans to be talking about all the "love" and "richness" he gave this world, may have been valid in his early work and dance. But over the last 15 years, he was just a shell of a person who seemed as though his soul had been excavated from his body and what was left was a zombie incapable of love or empathy.

He was truly worth more dead than alive and so it was easy to see why the plug was pulled.

God, where is the beauty in the world? Where is the beauty in the people? So much corruption and so little humanity.

Anonymous said...

There's the whole victim becomes perpetrator cycle here. MJ was brutally victimized by his father and the sickos his dad foisted on him and then he grows up and victimizes others. If it wasn't sexually, it was emotionally. What's disgusting in my opinion is that MJ couched so many of his interviews in this vibe of "love" and "unity" and "we're all one," blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, he's meeting men at seedy motels and playing pajama games with 12-year-old boys in his bedroom. Jesus! To watch the doe-eyed fans in their various states of mourning, it's like the world has gone mad. But then, of course, it has.

Esoteric Kitten said...

I believeyou may be working on a michael Jackson/Peter pan connection along with other Michael Jackson enslavement stuff. If so, here's a nice picture

I hope these are useful!


Anonymous said...

This picture:

of Demi in the blue top..? The symbol behind the writing is a KEYSTONE.... A masonic keystone that fits into an arch..... considered a very important piece to the builder masons. Keystone also another word for CAPstone which sits at the top of a pyramid.

Christopher Myers said...


I have been to your blog a few times. Good stuff. I have started my own and think you might find it interesting. Thanks

PS I just linked your site to the side of mine. I didn't even know who these girls were cause since I was a kid I hate Disney so I avoid anything to do with them at all cost. You had me when I got to the part with the ice cream all on the girls face, that was great!

Anonymous said...

Well, I happen to agree with Ben's take on MJ (and I'll probably get smartass comments for it). I think it's entirely possible that MJ was so isolated from the real world that if he was molesting children, he may not have really believed it was wrong. Does that totally excuse everything? Of course not, but I'm tired of nobody realizing the role his assh*le father (just look at him and you can tell he's evil) played, not to mention idiot parents abandoning their kids with MJ. It's not like they were leaving their boys to stay with a peer (in other words, someone who was about the same age).

Also, I've noticed that Selena Gomez often poses with her knees together when she's wearing skirts or dresses, so the stuff about scars on her legs, etc., may well be true.

Anonymous said...

When I mentioned SELENA and her scarred legs, I meant the other SELENA, the Mexican-American singer, died at 24 yo... My fault, should have mention her whole name, for no confusion. But who knows, the same face could be true about Miss Gomez too...

Inspired by Eminem my ass:

Fucked up parents:


Anonymous said...

mentions the sex slave stuff too

Anonymous said...

Well, that was a hell of a lot of stuff on crew. Might have to "borrow" a couple of the images here. How obvious is this v location? As for the entity behind the crown, after all the queen is just a regent. I may be doing a post on some old "indie" from the 70's that use all these same themes which are now mainstream. She didn't star in "Trial by Fire" ??? Your really can't make this stuff up! That pic of Demi on daddy's lap makes me queasy...

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Anonymous said...

She can't control the machine, and one of the 'bitchy'/'popular' girls (there's a lot more on her; she wears a butterfly top/bites a red apple and other stuff but no time to cover everything) sends in one of her 'agents' wearing a 'Roque et Rolle' shirt [rock and roll was originally a euphemism for sex (go into this further down); and still is though obviously it's rarely talked about]; the heraldic lions showing that this guy is symbolic of "elite" controlled 'rock and roll' (extremely successful conditioning; rock and roll/pop has always been controlled by the "elite"/Illuminists, why do you think the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' is a glass pyramid [that effect on one side]).

"yeah she CANT control the machine"

this blog really opened my eyes...(??) could you do a post on adult swim? i have experienced alot of weird stuff...thank you!

Truth blogger said...

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Jocelyn said...

I'm French and I am very interested in anything that is secret government conspiracy and I must say for me it is extremely worrying because it is poor women who are my age are increasingly operated as spam must do something. It is our duty to inform people (although I know they'll take us for fools) because it must not bow his head before those monsters authorities our ultimate weapon is the keyboard of our computer for to send and denounce All this conspiracy. Why not write you a book on it?

Anonymous said...

This has got to be a joke.

Anonymous said...

Ever watch the Hilary Duff reach out and touch me video? She says she's a diamond!

Anonymous said...

get it straight... michael jackson NEVER molested anybody he was however severely abused in his life by his POS programmer "father" Joe and another thing.... michael is still alive

santana said...

Can you please do one on the Shake It Up Girls? I already know what's up, but i just want an more in depth look into them? Zendaya and Bella Thorne. thank you!
good, magnificent job, btw.

Anonymous said...

Do an article about Selena's new video "love you like a love song" plz

Anonymous said...

Okay look I understand you're trying to make a point, you cannot call Jehovah's Witness a cult religion that is your opinion. Secondly the name 'Selena' has NOTHING to do with it, it just happens to be that in Greek. Your point is? And thirdly, yes she was named after Mexican-hit singer Selena, but Selena had few affiliations with 'them' because she had her own record label privately, AND she was killed by her fan club's president. Please clear out some things before creating this article.

Anonymous said...

Check out the all-seeing eye in that clip from spy-kids 3d.

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