Friday, 12 September 2008

Now EastEnders tackles paedophilia with horrifying child abuse 'grooming' plotline

Jeez, how arrogant can the BBC get? They are run (as are most gov't institutions) by insane pedophiles who run the system, look at the way they've dressed up the victim with CATS all over her (cat/kitten programming... what she's being "groomed" for :S). These "soap" (wash your mouth out with it, ZOap) "operas" are just more brainwashing to teach the masses how they should react to certain situations (usually with anger) in real life. They are also an opportunity for the elite (who control the media) to laugh at the masses as most of the stories revolve around adultery when it is common knowledge that the elite have always had mistresses [and far more perverse activities] whilst the brainwashed masses live in sexually repressed, monotonous monogamy. Also some Amy Winehouse mind controlled by Freemasons suggestion here from the daily mail, as they are very specific in stating 3.30. The "trustworthy family member" pedophile archetype is just a distraction; not that that often isn't the case (it is) but the real problem lies at the top of the pyramid, where this behavior drips down from [also aided by how they have sexually repressed the masses through the Christian faith and such which also leads to these perverse extremes (see Catholic clergymen)]. For more on the BBC's brainwashing of children see this post. Here's the link.

A horrifying EastEnders plotline will see a teenage girl raped by a family member who has been grooming her for months.

Tony King, played by 34-year-old Chris Coghill, will be introduced to viewers in tonight's show. But he will soon be revealed as a paedophile who intends to abuse stepdaughter Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarthy.

In shocking scenes the 15-year-old will be abused after King, the boyfriend of Bianca Jackson, returns to live with the redhead and her children after serving a prison sentence for GBH. The plot is the latest in a series of controversial storylines which have drawn complaints from viewers.

Controversial storyline: The character of Tony King, left, will abuse his stepdaughter Whitney Dean in a new EastEnders plot [Note the cats and her eyes... the doll type necklace thing]

Actor Coghill told that before taking the role he has sought assurances from BBC bosses that the storyline would be handled responsibly.

'We talked a lot about a backstory for Tony which had been talked through with the NSPCC,' he said. [big CC, 33]

'From talking to them and reading case studies, it became apparent that the way the story was being written was very true to life.'

King's relationship with Bianca, played by Patsy Palmer [think Laura Palmer, twin peaks girl abused by her father, go into it a bit in this post], will soon be revealed to be simply a front to hide his interest in her stepdaughter. [a lot of these actors in the mainstream are mind controlled, their names are subtle hint at this: alliteration/letter mirroring PP/CC]

Coghill said: 'What's very important is that abusers do tend to groom a whole family, rather than just the victim. That's the backstory for Tony. He entered the family as a hero figure.

'He told them all that he'll look after them, even to the extent that when Bianca was pregnant with Morgan, he said that when the child was born, he'd be the father. He's actually named on Morgan's birth certificate, but clearly he's not his biological father (as the child is black).

'From the beginning, Tony was building up the picture that he was the family's saviour. So for those reasons, his relationship with Bianca gives him the cover he needs to the rest of the world.'

And King admitted that he expected there to be some backlash from viewers upset by the controversial subject matter.

'I haven't prepared myself yet, but I'll be going out to buy myself a very large hat, wig and a false moustache,' he said.

'Obviously there's a small proportion of the public that believe soaps are real, but I do put my faith in the other 99.9 per cent of the population that would probably just say "oh, there's that actor who plays Tony" rather than "there's that nasty man".'


Sticking with cat programming; this "cat collection" kind of creeped me out, "Wait till you see this little princess" with the pentagram necklace, "and glamour pussus" at the same time as someone strokes it ;s and is that Marily Monroe I see at 0:12 (might not be), "pick up Princess this week".... maybe I'm over analyzing it! I'm sure it's perfectly innocent.


Anonymous said...

The brainwashed masses live in sexually repressed monotonous monogamy...hmm. okay. So, on the one hand the evil elite are perverts who fuck everything but cats and dogs, and the rest of us are sexually repressed because we choose monogamy? So what is the middle ground to you? How SHOULD it be? Christianity leads to pedophilia? Can you even argue that these evil politicians and even clergy are Christian? Have you read what Jesus said about children, and the penalty for those that harm children? Dont be duped. These men are NOT practicing what Jesus taught, they are not Christian. Though i'd love for you to explain to me how I and my friends and parents are all sexually repressed while the elite have fun fucking little kids. please explain to me, what is YOUR idea of a "healthy" sex life.

Benjamin S said...

You would argue against my point that sexual repression (their forced chastity) amongst the clergy has, at least in part led to much of the rampant sexual abuse going on in the Church? (this has nothing to do with Christianity/any particular religion, it occurs in most of them. Any person that truly believes in the goodness their religion teaches and practises being a good person throughout their life is great (if a little naive)... of course those at the top who are getting away with this shit aren't genuine 'believers' in the religions they claim to be committed to [GWBush being one famous modern example of this] and use it as a form of control/manipulation [look at robotic American Evangelicals, and their leaders'/prophets' sexual promiscuity... none of them actually practise what they preach])

Humanity has largely been polygomous (with obviously some exceptions, but read the old testament, FFS the Masons practically worship King Solomon [research] who had 700 wives/300 mistresses [part of how they justify their mindset/chauvanistic actions over the years]), heck even bisexual if you take a look at ancient Greece's history (when free of Christian dogma), whose to say what is a right, "healthy" sex life? [Something Christianity has always been doing since it's inception, saying what is and isn't okay (sex before marriage etc)]

I'm pretty open minded on it, whichever lifestyle the individual is most comfortable in (sadly the one we're conditioned into while growing up [through mind-numbing repetition as a suggestible child in Church every Sunday and copying parents/authority figures]), if it's monogamy that appeals to you then wonderful, you've found someone you can spend the rest of your life which is probably a great feeling.

We didn't "choose" monogamy though, it's all we have known (you aren't going to question something your parents/every authority figure you look up to and have ever known fundamentally believes in, and have done so blindly for generations before that) since Christianity was forced on the masses centuries ago as a method of controlling the sheep, while the wolves (wealthy land owners at the time) who build the churches, write the works for people to worship, etc go completely the opposite way [i.e. more extreme + hidden underground] (all organized religion is about control; if you control what people believe in, you can manipulate said belief to get your followers to do whatever you want). That was my main point; the fact that humanity has been forced into someone elses unhealthy dogma ([not monogamy alone of course, there is nothing wrong with monogamy in the slightest; but the twisted/confusing messages the amount of misogyny and other themes in the bible that are forced on it's believers]), a sexually repressive (you can't really argue that it isn't, in 1993, Pope John Paul called unmarried sex and birth control 'intrinsically evil', and now they have the Rat pedophile appeaser as the Catholic pope [but he 'apologized' right!]) Christian one has led (in part, one of many contributing factors of course) to society's collective neurosis and the horrific extremes we see today in modern times.

I am in no way suggesting that Christianity = pedophilia or that all Christians are sexually repressed (though I'd say most are), just thinking logically on the psychological effect this sort of forced dogma has had on society as a whole throughout history (while the top % have gone completely the other way) and the hypocrisy of those that run it (which was always present). Obviously it's a hard thing to come to terms with; the fact that organized religion is a total lie, the main purpose of all of them being manipulating/controlling the masses (and keeping them in the dark). It's difficult to discuss things like this with Christians though who seem to be (apologiez if not the case) so entrenched in their beliefs, and completely ignorant to the darkness going on in the world.

I hope some of that makes sense, wasn't really attacking monogamy (I'm sure you, your friends etc are not consciously sexually repressed, we are all though to a large degree through centuries of sexually repressive Christian dogma [which obviously you wouldn't be able to tell, we are all conditioned to an extent by the environment we live in without realizing it]), I was berating the fact that society as a whole has been conditioned into (the masses having had no say in the matter) this sexually repressed/monogamous mindset, while those that were in power, doing the conditioning were literally getting away with murder (and child abuse/corruption/etc) and continue to this day (now fucking with our heads using the modern religion of the media, TV being the ultimate brainwashing tool) whilst making fun of this sick fact in the media they control (as described in the post here; as an addition there were even Eyes Wide Shut style masks on the wall of the abused girls home for more confirmation).

Anonymous said...

BS said --- It's difficult to discuss things like this with Christians though who seem to be (apologiez if not the case) so entrenched in their beliefs, and completely ignorant to the darkness going on in the world.

Apology accepted and just thought I'd mention that without Christians exposing MK this blog would be missing critical knowledge (IF was written by two Christians - Cisco was a former insider before becoming a Christian).

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