Sunday 31 August 2008

IlluMiMusiC: 'Kat'y Perry

Quick post, want to do a few more music videos posts; but this one is just about Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl which has been her breakthrough hit, at the age of 23. The video pretty much revolves around attractive women in ultra-sexy stockings (fishnets and such) gyrating/posing, with the camera perversely zooming in on different parts of their feminine beauty. I mentioned Katy in this post which also has a link to a Celtic Rebel post with her in. She is 23 years old (hence why she has "made it" this year rather than others, gaining global notoriety) and is the daughter (middle child) of two evangelical Christian ministers (100% fake, "illuminati" sell-outs). I downloaded the Howard Stern [different one to Anna Nicole's former handler] show with her in and it's amazing how they objectify her etc., all probably pre-planned (including them baiting her to show them her "double D" breasts which Howard is shocked by and demands proof, she removes her jumper with candy on it, to reveal a white vest thing with black pentagrams on it, not pictured). Her name was originally Katy Hudson, but changed to Perry because it was to similar to Kate Hudson (MK relative?). Apparently Madonna is a big fan of her... which should tell you something [also this rumor is worth noting]. Edit: Annoying Daily Mail are a couple of days late for my post, but some goddess worship here as MTV immortalize her aforementioned "32DD"'s in plaster.

Note the bunny rabbit (Alice in Wonderland programming, white specifically, dressed in pink) as she strokes her ..... kitten. [Katy's name is obviously part of this too; cats/kittens are sex-alter programming... which certainly fits with this song nicely] Her parents are Christian evangelical ministers, like I said are definitely involved in this type of stuff (opinion) like the Billy Graham (similar type of minister to Katy's parents I think, though obviously much lesser known). Here's an illuminati formula quote:
"Religious fronts (denominations, individual churches and certain ministers) are used to hide criminal activity. Billy Graham, who is a programmed multiple himself, is exceptionally adept at managing his Monarch kittens. The drug money laundered through his crusades is carefully handled by many Monarch slaves working in shifts and teams, so that the whole scheme can not be uncovered by catching one person. Billy Graham runs big operations all over the world under the disguise of evangelism."

Katy is invariably shown wearing some kind of bow, which I think represents the butterfly, also note the checker pattern floor (dark red, light red)

purple/pink is often flashed at the viewer (note Katy is often portrayed with one eye covered)

Think her earring is a FOX.

She wakes up at the end of it (showing it was all dissociation, a dream)

Her other video, "Ur So Gay" (...?) is equally blatant in it's mind control suggestiveness (note her bow too, the Masonic Pentagrams, the hexagonal bathroom floor seen in other mind control things like Lost Boys [I have SO many movies I need to do posts on :(], Enchanted and various others. The quote from Nietzsche is also worth noting because I have seen Nietzsche quotes in mind control movies such as The Dark Knight and The General's Daughter), this time focusing more on the doll side of mind control rather than the cat/kitten one.

She alters her hair on a hexagonal honeycomb tile pattern (with black ones for added dualism black/white). Altering hair seen in mind control movies (symbolizes a personality change (literally shown here, above and below images)/change to the head) like The Hole.

Moving away from Katy to Miley, a couple of things have come to my attention lately; thanks to Carissa for showing me this, as disturbing as it is ^^ [Obviously nothing sinister there then... looks exactly like a "guitar" and nothing else... (also pictured is Miley with a butterfly guitar, shown for the synchs), and also synch it up to Miley's "milk moustache" (which happened just after the whole "topless" vanity fair photo shoot scandal... nice timing); I showed Rihanna's one yesterday which is my excuse for showing it today] Also; meet MC Miley's half-brother (wonder why he's so fucked in the head, shown by all those tattoos and whatnot). Obviously mind controlled [he was "lucky" enough to be adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus...], note the rose and crossbones T-shirt etc.

Closing Ceremony Ritual Images

China will crush us all!!! [can't be bothered to edit below rant on it, removed from older post though] Did not cap everything of note, let me know if there's something you saw and want a screen-cap or something. Check out New Space Man's latest post focused on the handover ritual.

Quick point on the Olympics closing ceremony today [will add images and move to another post later (done) when the ceremony/ritual is uploaded to bittorrent, view some here]... A 23 metre high memory tower (I think octagonal, not sure though, with 5 levels, though with circles around the octagonal frame making it appear as a tower of babel)... and the humans stuck to it were made to look like a serpent wrapped around it at one point, and also plenty of tentacle resonance coming from the tower. Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page's performance did not disappoint either with loads of checkerboards (some guys trousers and elsewhere) and the zebra crossing, the double-decker bus was obviously a reference 7/7 (no. 30th bus blown up outside Tavistock; by the way 7/7 even plays into Oz mind control as Z is a flipped mirrored 7 [so two of them, 7/7] as noted in a quality Logosphere post), building up to the staged terror event in 2012 (or whatever) and various other things that flashed in and out of my memory. It's still going on now as I write this [now a while ago] there are goddesses dressed in white encircling the tower. Things happened of note before that but the memory tower has completely wiped mine ^^. w00t My City Won The 2012 Olympics!!!! I'm filled with such patriotic fervour!!! [/sarcasm] We're all gonna die!

Gots to have your obligatory sun worship.

Enter the Bonewagons (pushed by Luciferian little green men apparently); marching/moving+beating drums connote war.

8 pointed star is created out of the girls wearing glittering bell things.

The Blood Line is rolled out... I mean red carpet, leading to a circle within a square.

Some of the dancers were wearing checkerboards, two shown above and below (also note the large checker pattern red/white dress to the right).

the black/white pentagon/hexagon ball is handed to young Tayyiba (see NewSpaceMan for better analysis of this London bit) on a zebra crossing, naturally with butterflies all over her [one on the left] dress.

(ritual) Goddess Leona Lewis rises (erects) from the double decker (7/7) bus with the London skyline hedge.

Note the Twin Towers of Tower bridge, and Phallic Big Ben [or some other tower/building], also Leona's platform goes lower and they (her and Page) finish at the same level.

Umbrellas are octagons [a lot of them anyway, like these ones].

Stairway to Nowhere/Heaven

Bit of homoeroticism never hurts (note they are made to look like moving statues).

Enter the Tower of Babel.

Various symbolism was employed on the "Memory Tower", I think these things were supposed to be Roses coming into bloom (they opened and closed).

A serpent wrapping round the tower of babel (highly occult).

There's that 2008 Olympics logo (man shot to death against a wall).

Serene looking girls dressed in white as part of the ritual.

Futuristic Peter Pan Programming?

Cthulhu is coming for you!

SO EXCITING! (all bull shit, more goddess worship here as the Goddess Diana is on display outside Buckingham palace [quite humorous, in the CBC feed I downloaded, they actually accidentally say "Beckingham... i mean Buckingham Palace"], watching over the future ritual sacrifices [I still have 4 years to get out of London right?]) She has wings; this angel/butterfly wing symbolism was also on the medals received by the winning athletes (showing that they're mind controlled?).

Saturday 30 August 2008

Father stabbed to death on his doorstep by a mental patient as he waited for his children to return home from school

I started reading this and originally thought it was about the same story I covered here, but I read on and it was about a completely different case (These are all mind controlled ritual sacrifices [disclaimer: in my opinion], "The Earth Has to Have Sacrifice. There has to be blood." - corrected line from Eye of the Devil in this post, apologiez for not double checking originally), Daily Mail link.

A knife maniac today admitted stabbing a father-of-three to death on his doorstep in an apparently motiveless attack.

Crazed David Brown calmly walked up to Christian Puttock - a complete stranger - and plunged a five-inch knife into his chest in front of a neighbour.

Mr Puttock, 35, a Merchant Navy seaman, had recently become a father for the third time and had just 17 days with his daughter Aimee before he was killed as he waited for his two sons to come home from school. [ritual]

Christian Puttoc, pictured with his wife Lisa on their wedding day, was killed after his crazed neighbour stabbed him

The family were due to go out and celebrate his wife Lisa’s 34th birthday on the night of the attack in February.

They were also weeks away from emigrating to Australia, where Mr Puttock had recently landed a dream job. [Oz factoring into the rituat]

Yesterday Brown, 34 - who has a history of mental illness - denied murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility at Bristol Crown Court. [he was 33 at the time of the attack?]

Robert Duval, prosecuting, said Brown suffered from ‘an abnormality of the mind which in the opinion of doctors would have impaired his responsibility for the act’.

He added: ‘This defendant inflicted a single and fatal wound. There is clear evidence that it was unlawful and clear evidence that there was intent to kill.’

Mr Puttock was unloading his car as he waited for his two sons, Matthew and Sean, to return home from school at 4pm on February 12.

Brown calmly walked up to him with a ‘vacant, expressionless’ face and plunged the knife into his chest without speaking a word.

He then calmly waited in the street for police to arrest him. [like the MC victim in this post was also extremely calm (he gave the children yoghurt etc.) after the frenzied stabbing]

Scene: The Puttocks' home in Clevedon, Somerset

The pair had never met but Brown’s mother lives nearby on the quiet residential estate in Clevedon, Somerset. [Summerset/Sun, Egyptian "Set" god, more sun symbolism, pertains to mind control because of duality]

Mr Puttock collapsed and his neighbour Jonathan Hayter, who witnessed the attack, dragged him into his house and ushered Mrs Puttock away, before trying in vain to revive him.

Speaking after the attack, he said: ‘I pulled Chris into my kitchen and I tried to stop the bleeding. It was only one small wound but it was impossible to stop it.

‘Chris couldn’t talk at this point. He just kept looking at me as if he was pleading with me to save him.

‘That’s the last image I have of him. He didn’t deserve to die. He had a family, a job: he was a good man.

‘It was a completely mindless and random attack.

‘The guy literally walked up to us when we were waiting for the kids to come home from school and then stabbed Chris.

He didn’t say anything but just stared at us. He wasn’t ranting or raving. He was completely vacant, expressionless even.

It was really strange. He then just walked off as I tried to save Chris.’ Mr Puttock was rushed to the Bristol Royal Infirmary where he died an hour later of his injuries.

Speaking after the stabbing Lisa Puttock paid tribute to her ‘devoted and loving’ husband who would phone home every day while he was away at sea.

She said: ‘There are not any words that can best describe Chris except he was the most kind and gentle man there could ever be.

‘I will always love him and he will always be by my side forever.

‘He was such a proud and devoted father and the most loving husband that anyone could ever have. We were his life and he was ours.

‘He always made a point every day to say "I love you" no matter where he was in the world - he never missed a day.’

Brown - who was admitted to Llanarth Court secure psychiatric hospital in Gwent, Wales, on April 16 - looked confused as he appeared in the dock yesterday with thick matted dreadlocked hair and a long bushy beard.

Mr Duval, prosecuting, added: ‘This man has a clear psychiatric history which compliments his behaviour and his state of mind before, at the time and after the unlawful killing, which supports the findings of the psychiatrist in this case.’

The case was adjourned for psychiatric reports and Brown will be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court at a date to be set.

IlluMiMusiC 1

The music industry is controlled (probably; anything that involves lots of money is invariably controlled by those who have it... obviously) by Freemasons and has been instrumental in shaping many different generations of youths' thinking [British Agent Beatles 60's, Rap/club scene 90's-00's etc.]. I will be doing a series of posts this week on music videos/individual stars with an added mind control killing to break up the pace ^^. There's something quite hypnotic sitting flicking through the apparently endless list of music video channels playing endless amounts of crap; as soon as the adverts start you automatically flick to another channel in search of music that pleases your senses [as well the apparently endless stream of beautiful people, with many videos pushing the limits of pre-watershed perversion]. MTV's Interactive Chart (in the UK at least) features a ridiculous amount of all seeing eyes and other symbols (in between songs when it says '4' or '7' or whatever), which annoyingly I can't find a picture of but it just illustrates the total control they have over MTV and it's use of "Satanic" all seeing eyes, as also shown in the below video. You could write a never-ending book on the occult/mind control aspects of the music industry going back through every video picking out the symbolisms and such (i.e. a couple I've seen in the past couple of days are Blackstreet's The Fix, Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise for checkerboards), but I only want to go into ones that are forced onto the public right now.

I should point out the Freemasons group for some blatant Freemasonry in music/videos (who have remixed Kylie's The One [so have the "Stonecutters" though ;p], Kylie Minogue [KM] post to follow this one, with a tonne of Freemasonry in it).

So I'd like to kick things off with a couple of blatant Freemasonic checkerboard music videos of completely different musical genres (one Kerrang type rock [though not so much], and the other happy-go-lucky pop) showing the vast scope of their control in the industry. The first video is by a Scottish (Rite, Freemasonry) rock band featuring blatant Freemasonry symbolism (pentagram seen in all masonic lodges, black/white squares duality, twin pillars etc.), subjugation of the feminine (putting the dark one in a sexy skin tight latex thing). Can't help but like it though, really good song (Mountain/Sea duality, as above so below). The band is called Biffy Clyro and check out their other symbolic videos and music, "Glitter and Trauma" seems to be mind control (see the cover and their other, more symbolic covers [note the occult Mickey Mouse ears one]) and the lyrics: "...your skin will break into jigsaw shaped pieces." Edit: Added in some images, it's also worth noting which side wins the battle... the dark side.

Info from the youtube blurb: "The video, which was filmed in a Masonic temple, deep within the walls of Liverpool Street in central London, features Simon playing a game of chess, with an edge." Freemasosnry is "coming out"? This is probably the best video I've seen in a while; more bands should be as brazen in their Freemasonic allegiances, at least it makes it interesting.

Next up, one that is not as good but also shows blatant Freemasonic checkerboard symbolism (wtf else is it there for?!) and also the subjugation of women (putting them in sexy black/white duality stockings, face paints like the masksish in the last video). Bryn Christopher was on Popstars: The Rivals; probably mind controlled.

This one by Pendulum (literal pendulums are used in hypnosis ofc, they don't hide it) called Other Side and is pure mind control (first a corridor, then elevator, stargates, loads of all seeing eyes etc.).

Another band that have caught my interest lately are the Ting Tings, who; to me appear to have the handler (guy) /slave (attractive blond) dynamic going on ("Shut Up and Let Me Go"). This is also shown in their lyrics and symbolic videos (the songs arn't half as good without the videos imo). They are controlled by Columbia, see their all seeing eye logo here. The first one below is called 'That's Not My Name" and has them dressed up in checkerboards, the song itself seems to be about the loss if identity (name confusion/lack of) of the protagonist girl.

This next one by them has illuminist (triangle) symbolism, also used by other "illuminati" pawns such as Jay-Z. It's lyrics are pure mind control: "Shut up and let me go. This hurts what I can't show. For the last time you had me in bits..." [mental prisoner, dissociated from feelings so she can't show them, 'had me in bits' as in the fragmented mind] and so are the themes in the video. The triangles (and squares near the end) act as gateways to another dimension type thing; like the rabbit hole or cyclone in oz. It has the standard mind control symbolism of doors (again gateways leading to other compartments of the mind/alter-reality) which start the video and end it, there are also squares/boxes (boxed personalities) on prominent display, some interlocking some just connected making a grid. Just like to mention one more song by them called "We Walk" (yellow brick road stuff), which starts with the lyrics: "You never alter, You're always you, Everythings breaking, But I don't care".
The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go -

So we have seen with the Ting Tings that they like to dress up their "agents" in the public eye in masonic checkerboards (I refer to them as agents because similar mind control techniques are used in creating "super spies" as in creating these singing media monarchs). It shouldn't surprise anyone who reads my blog that Amy Winehouse is often dressed up in the checkerboard (see her, and other programmed stage-performers in this post), as in her second single from the Back in Black album below (her hair thing in the video, for some added head/brain symbolism).

I'll leave you with a highly symbolic video from Beyonce Knowles' sister Solange (solar?), note the checkerboard a couple of minutes in with newspaper headlines behind it (Freemasonry behind staged global events). Also I'd like to draw your attention back to this Rihanna video that I pointed out which has been getting alot of airtime recently and is pure, 100%, unabated mind control (also note that, like the [probably] mind controlled blond girl in the Ting Tings, their hair is often made to cover one eye, here's Rihanna doing that suggestive "milk" campaign thing they all seem to do).

More to come.

Thursday 28 August 2008

Kate Moss Egyptian KM|MK Goddess

Link [More serious link here: "His sculpture of Moss said to be the largest gold statue to be made in the world since the time of Ancient Egypt." Previous Kate Moss stuff from me here.]

She's been immortalised in bronze, painted in oils and photographed all over the world.

Now Kate Moss - fashion icon, mother and long time paparazzi favourite - has been paid the kind of compliment normally reserved for Egyptian queens and mythological goddesses. She has been sculpted in gold.

A new statue of the controversial model is to unveiled at the British museum for an exhibition in October.

A golden glimpse of Marc Quinn's sculpture of Kate Moss [one eye shot]

The 34-year-old will join some of the nation's other great treasures, including a centuries old statue of a naked Aphrodite, on loan from the Queen.

This is the first teasing glimpse of the £1.5million likeness of Kate, one of a series by Marc Quinn, the artist responsible for the 'Alison Lapper Pregnant' sculpture that adorned the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square for 20 months.

The museum released only a detail of the Kate Moss work in the hope that the full image could remain private until its unveiling.

The statue, entitled 'Siren' [Greek mythology], depicts her in a yoga contortion. If it follows the theme of his previous Kate Moss works, it will place her feet somewhere near her ears and leave various other bits of her leotard-clad body inelegantly exposed to public gaze.

Model inspiration: Kate Moss was also captured in a yoga pose in plaster

The statue is said to be the largest of its kind since ancient Egyptian times. It is fashioned from solid gold. But because the statue is hollow [metaphor for mind control victims, like Kate Moss (KM/MK)], it weighs only 50 kilograms (110 lb) - possibly a little more than the waif-like subject on which it is modelled.

Model Kate Moss arrives at the 7th on Sale dinner gala to benefit the fight against HIV and AIDS at the 69th Regiment Armory, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007
The real Kate Moss: The only thing gold about her is her hair colour

The £1.5million estimated value is believed to relate only to fabrication costs, financed between the artist and his gallery, White Cube. But the sculpture is certain to be worth far more if it is ever sold.

Moss has already proved irresistible to a succession of artists, including Lucian Freud, whose nude portrait of her sold for £3.9million in 2005.

Two years ago Quinn exhibited a painted bronze statue of Moss with her legs and arms knotted above her head. (Kate didn't do the yoga pose herself, incidentally - it was performed by a stand-in and her features were sculpted in later).

Quinn expressed a fascination with the 'mystery' of someone who had captured 'the spirit of the age', as he phrased it.

He believed her difficulties with the law - she escaped charges despite being videoed snorting a white powdered substance - made her image 'more potent'.

Yesterday the Croydon-born star - whose curves were on full display in Quinn's previous works and left precious little mystery for the spectator - appeared in an unconnected series of raunchy poses for a magazine photo-shoot.

She was quoted as saying she adores boobs and thinks breast implants sported by some of her friends are 'awful'.

The statue is to go on show at the British Museum from October 4 to January 25 as part of its 'Statuephilia' [wtf...] exhibition. The display is designed 'to highlight the perennial potency of sculpture' by showcasing the work of contemporary British artists, including Damien Hirst and Antony Gormley [Hirst is that dodgey skull diamond dude, Gormely made the 7/7 pillars memorial and someone put a serious comment linking to his official site which I found quite amusing in my post on it].

Media has been doing a blitz of Kate Moss stories, a couple more here and here [the latter posted at 11:11 where she is photographed provocatively in a Turkish bath house (Hammam), the below two shots come from the former link (masked KM)] I could go back through her entire back-catalogue of images and probably find loads of butterflies, one eyed shots, checkerboards etc.

Below images are from that Hammam thing [W magazine], note she is pictured with some geometrical shape (octagon I think) and plenty of twin pillars, also lights making up a hexagon/cube and other such symbolic things.

These last two images featuring Skull and Bones and a butterfly come from this post.

This article might interest the new-age spiritually inclined, click image [the whole thing just washes completely over my head (havn't read through it properly; though some of it does make sense and I do agree with some), "find your true self"... fuck that self-indulgent bull-crap, we need to focus on the people being killed and enslaved currently by the global dicatorship in order to expose them, mayhaps].
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