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Karen Mulder: Depersonalized Monarch Doll

Most readers who are into this stuff will be aware of Karen Mulder's story, it has been covered on some forums and gone into briefly at this blog on a few occasions. So I'm not sure what more I can add except to go over it again and post a large collection of images of Karen I've amassed (like a robot; click for HQ/bigger size) to illustrate what's going on in terms of these Monarch programmed supermodel sex-slaves and the mentality of the people (the "elite") behind it (shown in part, by their repetitive use of symbolism).

Ms Mulder: Mannequin or Model?

C'est un mannequin!

Karen was born in Vlaardingen, South Holland (the 73rd [777] district, coat of arms above and the "Watchful Eye" Monument [the Illuminists love their phallic monuments ((I could not find any any additional info on the monument's context; probably on the surface something to do with watching over the ships to keep them safe))] from the town below); located near The Hague where she was moved to with her 'family', growing up in both The Hague and the smaller town of Voorburg. The Hague is of course the place where global government officials reside (and 'prosecute' their puppet "war-criminals"), it is safe to assume she was moved there as part of her government controlled 'Monarch' programming (I use that as a loose term for organized trauma-based mind control; not necessarily under the specific umbrella of the CIA Project Monarch) to be used as a child sex-slave for "elite" and government pedophiles ["In front of a live audience, the 33-year-old Dutch model claimed that she and other girls had been used as sex slaves by senior figures in the police and French government." (link to source below)] who live and work in The Hague. Her father 'Ben' was a civil servant/tax-inspector, so worked for the government suggesting her abuse/MK programming was establishment organized; further evidenced by her dissociated memories (dissociated to other parts/fragments of her fractured/fragmented/shattered mind) of her father hypnotizing and raping/traumatizing her at age 2, the rape/hypnosis/programming continuing long after childhood by countless establishment individuals who use these 'models' regularly, many of which are simply high-class sex-slaves (see info further down) + additional info on why Monarch victims often remember their initial abuse at the hands of their fathers before others.

The programming/internal (mpd) systems of Monarch slaves are known by programmers to often break down at around age 30, this fits Karen's timeline when she started to remember; dispensable Monarch slaves are treated by programmers/handlers more severely throughout their lives, these are the ones who are 'used up' earlier on, doing variously more severe things [low-level prostitution/child sex-slaves/non-public severely abused long-term sex-slaves/ultra-hardcore bdsm porn/bestiality/black-op soldiers ((including 'suicide bombers' and other such programmed individuals))/drug-trafficking/human-trafficking and the like, "These are children, who have been sold by pedophile fathers, or pornographic parents. The programmers/masters program them with the expectation that they will be "thrown from the freedom train" when they get to age 30. (Freedom Train is the code word for the Monarch trauma-based mind-control. To be thrown from the Freedom Train means to be killed.)"], Karen is of course not one of these individuals (same with most celebrity Monarchs); this just illustrates the fact that age 30 is often the age (as is the case with Karen) that dissociated memories start coming back as they are programmed with that in mind. The italicized quotes from Illuminati Formula and I think are very pertinent here.
"Some of the first memories that female Monarchs recover are their memories of their fathers raping them. This is because the programmers allow these memories to be less dissociated than the later ones where the slave may be sexually servicing an important Monarch slave handler... In later situations like that, the kitten alters which do the sexual servicing will be electro-shocked to block their memory as well as given hypnotic cues. The fathers or step-fathers are often not the person who will be their master when they grow up. The abuse of this person will serve as a cover for the programming. If the person’s front alters discover they are MPD, they will initially blame their multiplicity on the first abuser they remember, which then serves as a cover."

'Karen come Marilyn', the first (public) successfully Monarch programmed 'presidential model' sex-slave (most female Monarchs after Marilyn are dressed up as her [and programmed with her in mind] as is the case with Karen here).

Ben of course blamed the whole thing on his daughter's "cocaine addiction" (cocaine is a useful/commonly used drug for controlling slaves as it keeps them addicted/totally reliant on their handler/dealer for their 'next fix' [often how average people end up in sexual slavery, dealers get them addicted to cocaine then they end up performing sex acts for the drug as they need more and more]) and her strange eating habits (that explains everything!), linked article describing how she was, at the time of her "breakdown" kept under virtually constant sedation in the mental 'hospital' as she rediscovered the "little girl" inside her (see further down); the childhood hobby of painting is part of keeping the child Monarch slave's mind creative and dissociative (this kind of repetitive/relaxing/long-term activity keeps the child in a mild trance while also encouraging their creativity which is important [or the mind becomes 'stale' and can cease to function adequately if they are constantly traumatized with no creative activity such as that ((the creative parts of the brain needs to be stimulated in Monarch children to ensure healthy development)), or a musical instrument or whatever]), it also plays in to the double-bind leveled against the child as the programmer/hypnotist/father would praise the child for their work while also criticizing it and abusing them (can get so dissociative and confused that their mind 'dissociates into the picture' [as their minds are totally immersed in it so it would be the natural 'alternate reality' their mind would want to 'live in'/dissociate to]).

When is a cherry ever just a cherry in the fashion world?
This (abuse/programming at age 2) fits the timeline of Monarch programming as the abuse of the baby does not occur until after 18 months (her 'age 2' will of course have been an estimation), after a traumatic birth (often intentionally induced premature) the baby will be showered with love and affection by the parental figure (the actual father in this case) for the first 18 months or so; then when the severe traumatization/abuse/programming occurs following this 'love-bombing', the double-bind is far more effective in inducing dissociation/"splitting the core" (the original split/fracturing/shattering/compartmentalizing of the mind; as the mind is totally confused because of the double-bind "my father has been so caring and loving, I love him; now he is a monster causing me unspeakable amounts of pain, I hate him?" [obviously that is a non-literal illustration of the basic understanding/feelings a young child would have in this confusing/traumatizing situation]). Her hypnosis as a small child was all part of this programming (hypnosis plays a huge part in Monarch MK serving a number of purposes including setting up amnesia walls/making them forget an act of abuse if they did not dissociate sufficiently with the abuse alone [it is used for many more ways in terms of building internal structures/programming various sexual programs and the like]); as she grew up (obviously we don't have all the details of her life but we can surmise a lot based on what we know of Monarch MK programming) her shattered/fractured/fragmented/(etc) and dissociative mind would be extremely pliable for programming various alter-personalities, the below magazine editorial on her clearly illustrates her (sex)kitten programming/programmed alter (the mask of course is always extremely MK symbolic; of her masked personalities, 'secret/hidden identity/personality' as a sex-slave/kitten). I don't speak French but translating the first intro line of the editorial (obviously the header 'Karen la féline' needs no translation) it says "Karen Mulder is the latest masterpiece produced from the Netherlands" implying she is a product, she's been "produced" by programmers to be an 'top of the range' high-class Monarch sex-slave (much more leopard-print kitten programming suggestions further down).

Karen with her black feathered mask on a stick (+ stars/moons, black/white duality symbolism).

Karen in another photo covered in butterflies, more specifically to her programming a (new born) Monarch butterfly can be seen in the centre of her chest.

It was in the year 2001 (age 33) that her dissociated childhood memories of sexual abuse and programming started to come back, which she had been documenting in her writings (["When we visited her in Paris we could see for ourselves. Everywhere there were notebooks full of her tangled thoughts and mad ideas. She was accusing everyone and everything. It was awful to read them. She needs to remain in hospital because she is a danger to herself." - Ben Mulder] this writing down in notebooks of all memories that came back is the only logical way for them to quickly document flashbacks that would soon otherwise be forgotten again); culminating in an October 31st TV interview with Thierry Ardisson:
Everyone in Paris keeps talking about the rape allegations leveled on French television by Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder, doubly so now that the TV station, France 2, has admitted to wiping out the tape.

According to members of the audience, Mulder told the host of 'Tout le Monde en Parle' (Everyone is Talking about It) Thierry Ardisson that various people, including top executives at her former agency Elite and Prince Albert of Monaco, had tried to rape her. Moreover, Mulder said that her own father had hypnotized her from the age of two and then raped her.

Mulder had apparently contacted the show herself, explaining that she had "revelations" about malpractice at Elite. According to witnesses, Ardisson suspended the taping of the program for a "crisis meeting" backstage. Shortly afterwards, security men from the TV station frisked all the members of the audience and even impounded a videotape of the incident shot by a spectator.


One member of the audience, Emmanuel de Fournas, told French monthly Technikart, "Ardisson lost control of the program. He began yelling at his team. They even tried to impound spectators' cameras. It was a weird mess."

[quote source; Ardisson is clearly one of those media personalities who will discuss various sensationalist things, but when it gets too close to the truth and goes against people in power who could pull the plug on his lucrative role in the media he would rather just forget about it; trying to save face by sounding concerned for Karen's mental health and welfare.]

Edit: A pertinent quote from a July 1st article on 'Jezebel' about Karen (confirming what I was saying about cocaine and other methods of manipulation + "Elite" sexual slavery and the like), I cannot find the Daily Mail article the author quotes from:
In a series of more-or-less coherent magazine interviews [following the destroyed TV interview], Mulder repeated most of her accusations, and added that her agency had encouraged her to use cocaine and heroin. She told the Daily Mail, "They tried to turn me into a prostitute because they thought it would be so easy. I was raped by two bookers. I reported them and they were fired. Another time I was shut in the office of [a high-profile man from the modeling world] for a whole day. All these people who betrayed me I used to love very much. Then I realized how big the conspiracy was. It brought in the government and police, who both used Elite girls. People have tried to kidnap and poison me."

Karen with Prince Albert (when he was 'given her services' [as a sex-slave+arm candy] for a short period in 1999) at a tennis match; I find the tt's of getty to be intriguingly placed (obviously coincidental/synchronistic), the crosses covering both her eyes [she's a Monarch martyr].
What may have helped trigger these memories (particularly of the "Elite" Management pedophilic 'modelling agency') was a BBC undercover investigation which I feel was an intentionally botched investigation from the start, "Elite's European president, Gerald Marie, was shown apparently offering an undercover reporter £300 for sex and boasting of his intention to sleep with teenage girls." see Guardian article on how this allowed 'Elite' to sue and save face (despite Gerald Marie on camera showing how he treats his "Elite" models as essentially prostitutes/sex-slaves [Gerald was suspended following this, along with another higher up for making 'racist remarks']), this process obviously significantly aided by the corrupt court/legal system. "As a result, the suspended Elite executives regained their posts and the focus was turned on MacIntyre and the BBC's methods, instead of the still-questionable practices of the fashion industry." MacIntyre should be generally accepted as an establishment pawn, hence why this "investigation" was more than likely a red herring on the most part; he has recently been doing some propaganda work for the government's Orwellian agenda, singing the praises of their surveillance society on his 'CCTV Cities' show and other propaganda shows.

Independent Newspaper article on it with some interesting additional info (worth noting she had physical and other other evidence for 'at least some' of her claims, we can assume the "investigation" didn't go anywhere due to her recanting her allegations [a result of her programming at the "clinic"] and the corrupt system working for the "elite", the very people she leveled her 'claims' against) showing the seriousness of the situation:

A French magistrate is investigating allegations by the retired Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder that she was raped by a member of a European royal family [Prince Albert pictured with her further up], other famous people and leading figures in the French modelling industry.

A French magistrate is investigating allegations by the retired Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder that she was raped by a member of a European royal family, other famous people and leading figures in the French modelling industry.

Ms Mulder, 33, first made the allegations during the recording of a French television programme before a studio audience last month. Her claims were regarded as so devastating, and so potentially libellous, that the interview was cut from the show.

However, Ms Mulder had made almost exactly the same accusations in a statement to French police several days earlier. The public prosecutor's office in Paris confirmed yesterday that it was taking her allegations seriously enough to start a criminal investigation for "rape by persons unknown".

Her allegations will be investigated by an examining magistrate, Jean-Pierre Gaury. Sources in the public prosecutor's office said he would be looking at physical and other evidence which appeared to corroborate at least part of Ms Mulder's story.

Ms Mulder, born in the Netherlands in 1968, was for many years among the 10 best-paid models in the world. She retired a year ago and is currently being treated in a private psychiatric clinic in Paris.

The former supermodel was invited to record an interview on 31 October for a show on France 2 television, called Tout le Monde en Parle (Everyone is Talking About It). The intention was to revisit allegations made by a BBC documentary two years ago that young models were often sexually exploited by leading figures in the modelling industry. To the astonishment of the show's presenters and the studio, Ms Mulder dissolved into tears and said she had been persistently raped from her childhood up until last April.

She alleged that she had been "hypnotised" and raped by modelling agency executives and a series of well-known men, including a member of a continental royal family.

The interview was cut from the show and the studio audience was sworn to secrecy. Nevertheless, accounts of what happened have been circulating on the internet and by e-mail for the past four weeks.

An e-mail account by a person claiming to have witnessed the television show says Ms Mulder claimed to have been raped by an "incalculable number of famous people in France and abroad".

Yesterday the newspaper Le Parisien reported that Ms Mulder had previously approached French police and made a formal statement containing very similar allegations to those made on the show. The public prosecutor's office confirmed yesterday that it had ordered an investigation against "X" (or persons unknown) for rape.

"Considering the celebrity of the complainant, but also taking account of evidence which she has provided which could form the basis of proofs, we have decided to appoint an examining magistrate to investigate the case," a judicial source told Le Parisien.

The source said the information to be examined included "physical evidence".

The newspaper said the judge would now be seeking a medical report on Ms Mulder, who was said to be in a state of "acute distress".

Friends of the model told Le Parisien that her psychiatric problems might be connected to her difficulties in adjusting to her retirement a year ago.

But Ms Mulder's friends also pointed out that the former supermodel had been known as a level-headed person, who had always been prepared to lend her celebrity to help charitable causes.

Her modelling career was launched at the age of 17 when she won a competition organised by the French modelling agency Elite. She later worked for Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel, Valentino and Versace. She stopped appearing on the catwalk in 1997 and retired from modelling last year, saying she wanted a new career as a film actor or singer.

Images of Linda Evangelista (see below for context).

The aforementioned "Elite European President", who showed how was he is so brazen and arrogant that he even treats his non-programmed models as prostitutes/sex-slaves (not on the same level as Karen's high-class [reserved for "elite"/royalty and others] programmed sexual slavery; but this example is evidence for what's going on [in terms of the controller's mentality]) Gerald Marie [above with Linda Evangelista, who he was "married" to (Linda is another high-class kitten like Karen showing how they are used by "Elite" Executive and the "elite" in general, the above butterfly image to illustrate this further ((perhaps cover her with more images in a future post)); Linda also "dated" Kyle MacLachlan from Twin peaks and others)], Gerald financed her stay at the private mental hospital for more programming, following her internal system breaking down allowing these memories to come through (of course there's no mentioning of her suffering from multiple personality disorder/dissociative identity disorder in the few articles there are on her; but this can be surmised from her childhood repeated long-term sexual abuse/hypnosis/programming continuing up into adulthood [standard M.O. of a Monarch sex-slave]), her "foundations"/internal system needed to be repaired (it's well known psychiatric clinics/mental asylums/etc are heavily involved in MK programming [privately funded "elite" ones such as this are probably even more involved], for obvious reasons as they have the necessary drugs/electroshocks/programming [psychological manipulation] experience/etc) so that these memories would be once again forgotten/dissociated to the deepest parts of her system; Gerald Marie and other "Elite Executives" (+ the "elite" in general who use these models as high-class sex-slaves) have a lot to loose should her writings on her memory flashbacks ever come out (it is likely all of them were burned) and/or should she repeat her "allegations". Following her programming stint in the clinic she was interviewed by 'Elle' magazine stating:

In an interview in June with Elle magazine in France, she spoke of her relief at conquering her depression. She said that what had been most difficult was "accepting suffering and depression. I did not feel I was allowed to experience either because I had been so spoiled by life".

She added that she was still seeing a psychiatrist, but only occasionally "for a tune-up". ["tune-up" def: To adjust a machine so as to put it into proper condition.]

Asked if she felt her problems were behind her, she said: "I feel like a different woman. The same but better. I am serene, full of energy and I've rediscovered the little girl inside me." [the little 'Alice-type' dissociative girl who has 'dissociated away all her problems' and lives in a 'Wonderland']

She also said that she no longer saw her parents and that she had "drawn a line under that part of my life". [seeing them could trigger those memories of sexual abuse again, adversely affecting her newly "repaired" system]

Two days after she was checked into the Montsouris clinic by her sister, Mulder wrote to Prince Albert to apologise for the accusation she made against him.

The year after reprogramming at the "clinic" she (her handlers anyway) came out with a very MK symbolic attempt to get her into the music industry, essentially announcing that she had 'accepted what she really is' (as a back under control Monarch slave/manipulated model), with a cover of Gloria Gaynor's "I Am What I Am". The single cover featuring her face mirrored symbolizing her split personality/MPD (mirrors are always MPD symbolism; more specifically mirrors are a useful tool in creating multiples [mixed with dissociative drugs/trauma]). In the video itself (below) the colour purple [+ red/blue; red curtain/blue stage at beginning] is everywhere and androgyny (confused identity [+ alters can always be programmed to think they're the opposite sex ((or anything for that matter, even inanimate objects))] + added duality of black/white suits [appears to have a leopard print inline]) phallic top hats and canes; plenty of compartmentalization symbolism (the screen is cut up into squared compartments on a few occasions), dissorientation/flashing lights (2:15) and the like. Remember this was made after her reprogramming, so it's an excellent choice for her handlers celebrating fact that she's "accepted who she is", successfully put back under control through programming.

Her later album's cover is above with her face near half covered in red (primal/sexual/emotive/"seeing red"/blood/etc, covered previously) and half in black/white.
Soon after being reprogrammed in the "psychiatric clinic" she was found by her ex-boyfriend/manager (handler) Jean-Yves Le Fur in a coma having overdosed on sleeping pills (the family denied the overdose ever happened). Le Fur (Lucifer?) is an interesting character, Prince Albert's sister Princess Stephanie has been handled by him (I think it's the same one anyway), "she was briefly engaged to Jean Yves Lefur who turned out to be a financial con man and served time for fraud and theft." That whole Monaco royal family seems completely Monarch to me, Albert and Stephanie's mother was the Marionette actress/'Princess' Grace Kelly. His imprisonment shows that he is at best a criminal, obviously you are never going to find someone officially imprisoned for "Mind Control Programming"; if a handler has pissed off the ruling class hierarchy (for whatever reason) sending them to prison for a period of time is one method of punishment (many handlers/programmers are Monarch programmed themselves so sending them to prison is a good way of getting them out of sight for their own reprogramming). Jean is the one who came up with the idea of the 'Karen Mulder Doll' (pictures further up) which symbolizes her depersonalization (along with her posed as a Mannequin looking genuinely tranced ['frozen'; the word "freeze" is usually the triggerword for this 'statue' freezing program]), these inspired the rest of the original supermodels' own 'dolls' (they are themselves depersonalized dolls [pictured with Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer below]).

Alan Hassenfeld, the chairman of Hasbro Inc, was playing tennis with film producer Jean-Yves Lefur [film producer? real estate developer? financial fraudster/conman? just who is this (an old photo pictured above with Princess Stephanie in royal purple) 'well-connected' guy "dating" supermodels and Princesses?! (a handler/programmer who assumes whatever role his handling requires him to; the fact that he met Karen in the waiting area of an airport suggests he was waiting there to take over her handling, having been given the necessary triggers to get Karen to trust and go with him)] when Mr Lefur asked whether Hasbro would be interested in making a toy doll which looked like his supermodel girlfriend, Karen Mulder.

Shortly after the game Mr Hassenfeld contacted Mr Lefur and told him that Hasbro wanted to follow up the supermodel doll idea. They subsequently agreed that three Sindy dolls should be manufactured that would be modelled on Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell as well as on Karen Mulder. Mr Hassenfeld wanted to see them in toyshops where they could compete with Barbie dolls for the affections of doll-mad schoolgirls. [quote source; on a side-note, Jean-Yves Le Fur has since lost his 'suave'/good-looking persona/appeal, piled on the pounds and facial hair, pictured here a couple of months ago in a private jet on his way to Cannes (the Cannes film festival is like a dissociative flashing lights slave-parade)]

Karen's other "relationships" include, at the tender age of 18 (one of her early handlers coming into the industry) she "married" a photographer called 'René Bosne', photographers are of course well known as predatory perverts with an obsession with control and manipulation; their models are kept dissociative with the aid of their photographer's (often their handler as is the case with Karen) flashing camera light. This was short-lived however, and she was soon greeted by Jean at the airport (her "elite" agency constantly keeping her on the move, giving her no time to think/self-reflect; part of the manipulation in keeping their minds occupied by constant travel) and he began to "manage her off-the-runway career" (creating the Barbie dolls with the Hasbro chairman etc). Prior to her internal system's malfunction/breakdown she had been "dating" a billionaire Colombian Julio Mario Santo Domingo Braga (the wiki link doesn't say Braga but it was the son rather than the father), son of Julio Mario Santo Domingo (oil baron/media controller/etc; being the second richest man in Colombia it seems likely that he is involved in drug and human-trafficking) Julio's money of course comes from inheritance (like most of these sociopathic "elite" men, virtually none have ever earned it for themselves). Karen was supposedly a multi-millionaire by this point, people should ask themselves why attractive young women like Karen seem to so often end up with these "elite"/billionaires (most people think of them as 'gold-diggers' and the like, but this makes no sense as they are already [in public at least] multi-millionaires).

Karen pictured with her billionaire Colombian "boyfriend" Julio Mario Santo Domingo Braga above (in the centre) and below (I think that's him anyway, doing some sly smirk), note Karen's leopard-print bag (her "kitten compartment"). He died earlier this year in May by the way (my heart bleeds...), his father is still going strong at age 83.

Another random picture with some random guy below at an MTV event looking very much the Mannequin that she is.

Note her playing cards dress with Jean Yves Le Fur, in July 2002 [a few months after finishing her five month long ((from November 2001)) reprogramming stint at the 'psychiatric hospital', a few months before going into a coma after taking sleeping pills ((December 2002))]).

Below Jean Yves Le Fur taking Karen to a David Copperfield magic show (illusionists are often programmers/handlers; using slaves in their acts and the illusions are used to program slaves with, taken to the magic shows by their programmers; like Karen here) on January 27th 2001 (just a few months before her internal MPD system breaking down and making the 'allegations').

Prince Albert with his 'Three Depersonalized Dolls' (all three pictured with their dolls further up), note Karen's roses dress, Albert possessively with his arms around his mannequins.

"From the beginning, I hated being photographed" [strange then that she would marry her photographer at age 18], she told reporters at the time. "For me, it was just an assumed role, and in the end, I didn't know who I really was as a person [the fashion industry is all about depersonalization/dehumanization/objectification/etc (turning their models into 'living dolls'/mannequins)]. Everybody was saying to me, `Hi, you're fantastic.' But inside, I felt worse from day to day."... "It [modeling] enabled me not to be myself, to pretend I was someone else. But when my energy was no longer directed toward this one goal to meet, the anguish caught up with me. [showing what I discussed previously, model sex-slaves' minds are kept busy/no time to think about their situation with constant travel/work]" - A few quotes from her, the standard ones you often hear from "depressed" models [some of them in this video about her (also some people are probably under the misconception that Monarch slaves would sound a certain way [like mechanical tranced robots] when this isn't the case, they have fully functioning personalities that can answer any question thrown at them with insight and witty humor [a lot is dependent on their own core personality and how they are programmed], obviously when her internal system collapsed/'broke down' in 2001 she would not have sounded like she did back then in 1995 in the video)].

After coming out of the hospital following her coma she stayed out of the limelight for about a year for programming and returned with a quote "At this moment, I am rather happy. But it takes time to cure the wounds. I know that I am on the way. Today, I want to live, quite simply!" Karen has since given birth to a daughter named 'Anna' [An|nA mirror symbolic], pictured above (notice the hemangioma; may or may not be a symptom of programming [they are fairly common in infants though the causes are somewhat unknown]), though I suspect because of her 'fragile' system she may well be left relatively alone (as more trauma/abuse/stress could cause it to collapse/breakdown again causing her to remember and repeat her "accusations") so perhaps there's hope for Karen and Anna (or not), however she may have been programmed with self-destruction in the 'mental hospital' which could be triggereed if/when her internal system breaks down again, so it may end in tragedy (perhaps Anna was born quickly so the programmers could continue the Mulder Monarch multigenerational bloodline, fearing her system may collapse again).

These days she spends her time with one of her earlier modeling handlers, Jean Yves Le Fur (seen in the above video near the start in a black t-shirt [pictured below to show it is him, change in his appearance from the images further up due to aging/weight gain/facial hair; assuming it isn't just someone completely different with the exact same name, I think you can just about tell it is the same one]) aimlessly/hypnotically walking/shopping/sunbathing in St Tropez and Paris with 'friends' and handlers (all problems/memories forgotten, she just wants "to live"/to have some semblance of "happiness"/peace in her life).

Potential handler/programmer Le Fur on the left (see details further up on his criminal activities/Princess handling etc) with "elite" designer Marc Newson ([linked to one of those pretentious BBC art where they celebrate Illuminist pawns in the art-world; see his official site for more] pictured below with Karen as his arm-candy at an event earlier this year).

She returned to her kitten duties on the catwalk in 2007 wearing a symbolic black and white Dior outfit back to her fully tranced self (created by lots of programming/plastic surgery/transformation etc).

It was her younger sister Saskia Mulder who brought her to the institution/clinic (probably also controlled; sibling victims often trust each other implicitly [due to their shared trauma experience; often they go through 'twinning' program which is partly for that purpose] so are used in manipulating the other) following an interview with a magazine where she repeated some of her claims (though stating that her father was not the original abuser [though I think it's more likely he was, she seems reluctant to go into her childhood trauma here at all; which is obviously understandable for anyone who has been through it]: "Everything started when I was small. A member of my family’s entourage [remember her family was exposed to government pedophlic pawns/sociopaths due to her father's work as a civil servant and living in 'The Hague'] abused me sexually; I was 2 years old. He was a psychopath. He hypnotized me,''.). The name Karen derives from the Danish form of Katherine (cat), and means "pure". Saskia meaning 'Saxon Woman', perhaps also (and more relevant here probably) 'Valley of Light'. Saskia was born in The Hague (global government pedophile central no doubt).

Saskia is also in the industry, currently "dating" the producer of her MK symbolic film 'The Descent' Christian Colson (pictured above, you probably remember him from the Oscars where the, in my opinion overrated 'Slumdog Millionaire' [electroshocks/fairy-tale of a 'slumdog' ((dehumanization)) winning a TV show and getting rich] which he produced, won many awards). Her film 'The Descent' is worth briefly going into as it has MK themes (pretty much summed up in the trailer with the words shown on screen related to mind kontrol programming [claustrophobia, disorientation, hallucination, fear]), the symbolic meaning of this film is easy to interpret as 6 attractive girls go down a cave/hole (rabbit hole/sexual abuse dissociation symbolic), get trapped in the cave/hole and are traumatized, attacked by vile inbred creatures (a species of human-like creatures called 'crawlers' who became "viciously feral, inbred, scarred and deformed"); this can all be interpreted as multigenerational abuse/Monarch families.

Saskia (Karen's sister) plays Rebecca in the film (above and in green light + wearing a martyr crucifix, being attacked by one of the inbred primal creatures), you can obviously see the resemblance to her sister. One of the posters for it features the girls who go through this symbolic/ritual traumatization/abuse film (girls trapped with no escape down a cave/hole attacked by inbred creatures who used to be human in previous generations) displayed symbolically as Salvador Dali's girls posed to look like a skull (skull = death/trauma/programming [obviously as it's the head; multiple people/personalities making up one skull]; Savlador Dali is heavily involved in MK I have covered him on a few occasions) image, with light coming from behind them (the theme of 'lighting up the darkness' is heavily used in the film with their head-torches).

This is seen on the cannibalism/MK symbolic (of course psychological horror/thriller films invariably have numerous MK symbolic themes/motifs) film 'Silence of the Lambs' posters with the 'traumatized girls skull' over the head of a moth (moths similar to butterflies in terms of MK transformation and such). The surname 'Mulder' means miller; someone who operates a [milling] machine and a species of Moth. In the X-Files Fox Mulder and his sister are victims of the government's alien/abduction themed MK programming (reading between the lines of the overt 'alien conspiracy' story arc).

Below the 6 girls are pictured before their 'descent' into the cave ('down the rabbit hole' [the exact same MK metaphor anyway] leading to claustrophobia, disorientation, hallucination, fear; all of course are psychological states heavily involved in mind control programming, they should have added 'dissociation' to the end of it though!), Saskia's character Rebecca making a V sign, highlighting the sexual trauma symbolism (V=Vagina/Virginity [general female sexual symbol]) with antler horns above them.

Saskia having her insides eaten by the inbred monsters (symbolic of her being a victim of multigenerational incest Monarch programming) in the film. The girls were not allowed to see the 'crawlers' before the initial shoot, heightening the genuine traumatized effect on the actresses when filming.

This film also played it's symbolic part in the MI5/6/Mossad trauma-based mass mind control successful operation on July the 7th 2005, the film 'The Descent' would be released the following day (July 8th) in the UK. The bus was redirected through Tavistock Square, which is within walking distance of the infamous programming research centre the 'Tavistock Insitute' on Tavistock Street; it is the home of mass-manipulation research, "concerned with group behaviour and organisational behaviour". Anyone who is aware of what really happened on 9/11 and 7/7 knows that these were psychological operations (psyops) designed to put the masses into a state of shock and fear so that they will believe (Osama Islamic boogeyman hiding in a cave sending his crazed box-cutter wielding Islamists to blow up buildings with planes) and be led into anything the government wants them (delusional wars/surveillance society/one world government/demonization of a religion/culture [Islam]/etc, eventually leading up to WW3).

On the side of the bus (outside the global government's mass-manipulation psychological research centre) was a poster for 'The Descent' (wall-poster version of it below) with the words 'Outright terror, bold and brilliant.' on full display (a review of the film) showing that fear/terror/psychological manipulation/programming is what they are all about, they were "celebrating" how successful they have been in doing this by showing these words by the broken/shattered double-decker bus. The double-decker bus was the No. 30; the Tavistock Institute is located on 30 Tavistock Street, not far from Tavistock Square.

claustrophobia, disorientation, hallucination, fear; these are facets of mind control the Tavistock Institute is well aware of and have fully researched them, and the global mass-manipulators have been using it for centuries to shepherd the sheep into a frenzied trance.

OUTRIGHT TERROR... BOLD AND BRILLIANT (the bus poster emphasizing more the split mind/half face in darkness symbolism of psychological trauma [the light coming from the hole/cave-opening]); speaking of trauma-based mass-manipulation events, 'The Descent 2' is due for release on September 11th in the U.S. and I personally feel there will be similar "false-flag" events around the world, not too far off at all... Ordo Ab Chao kicking into action.

Moving away from Karen's sister Saskia and back to Karen's symbolic modeling portfolio, the Descent info was a good way to round off the Mulder family's psychological trauma/Monarch programming due to it's themes and the relevance to trauma-based MK leveled against the masses on 7/7 (a Monarch-programmed victim can be viewed as a microcosm of the world's fractured/traumatized mental state [due to constant trauma throughout history planned and executed by the ruling class], the global "Monarch" programmed mind; thanks to institutions like Tavistock [+ MI5/6 and it's controlled entities like the CIA/Mossad/ISI etc] and the global establishment in general). I feel I have covered her Monarch programming sufficiently, hopefully it isn't too messy; so here are more images/covers (after Ophelie info) with various symbolic themes that haven't been posted as part of the above narrative on her life (+ a few repeated for added emphasis).

Before I get to that though, this French article has some interesting information on Karen's television interview and covers it correctly from the mind control angle, discussing the examples of other MK-Ultra/Monarch programmed sex-slave individuals (Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor, K Sullivan), apparently stating (though the translation makes it hard to read) that the other girl being interviewed for the show Ophelie (Ophelia; pedophelia/tranced girl) Winter (above, details below) is also a Monarch victim, apparently Karen said to Ophelie (as far as I can make out from the translation anyway [Edit: correction, I got that the wrong way round; thanks to a commenter pointing this out at a different post ((meant for here though)), Ophelie said this to Karen in their conversation backstage; Karen certainly had "forgotten" it due to her reprogramming at the institution soon after the interview, so Ophelie was spot on, and perhaps shows her level of awareness is higher than Karen's, Karen wanted to confront Ophelie on the show but they would not let her]): "What I tell you tonight, you will forget. Tomorrow you'll have forgotten.". It also brings up an older book on the fashion world 'Shut up and Smile: Supermodels, the Dark Side' where, among other things discussed (with a lot of unnecessary distractions): "exposes how teenage models are recruited to be sex slaves and prostitutes." From the linked translation; "Karen Mulder also claims she was raped by the prince of Monaco, and confirms that "politicians pay for the company of girls of Elite."", it gives other examples of this occurring too (an accurate translation would be helpful [Edit: may edit this paragraph some more if there are any more slight errors due to mistranslation]).

Ophelie Winter is a Dutch Marionette puppet performer, the product of a French model and Dutch Jewish pop singer David Alexandre Winter (real name Leon Kleerekoper); her family's Monarch programming probably started when "David" and his parents were kept in Nazi concentration camps, David apparently surviving the Bergen Belsen concentration camp (tonnes of programming occurred in concentration camps [many multigenerational Monarch families started in the organized chaos of WW2]). So he was put with a French model and they produced Ophelie; this video for the single 'Shame on U' (cover above with one eye covered [a split mind shot in the video below also]) below illustrates wonderfully her MPD programming (the exact type of 'MPD Mirror room' used in MK, I've shown this in a number of videos, this is by far the most blatant I have seen [and of course the robot ((+animal/robot claws/hair + cage over her behind)) programming theme]).

So to round off the post, a number of images of Karen with the odd caption to describe what's going on; the first one with Karen in a butterfly head-piece (butterflies fluttering out of her head; dissociation [discussed the MK themes of butterflies, which goes beyond simply suggesting Monarch programming in numerous posts previously like the post 'Breaking Butterflies']).

Karen on the Katwalk, followed by another butterfly model + a tranced mannequin below.

Karen with a big gold Seal of Solomon pendant on the catwalk.

A few of Karen's 'Kitten on the Catwalk' shots.

She takes care of her "eye hellth... every day", something quite hypnotic about those eyes! (can you feel it?)

Alternate version with added mirror MK.

"Desire makes you crazy... crazy." [+ split mind shots]

A few of her Victoria's Secret ads (all the flashing/repetitive phrasing and such is for hypnotic effect), below features their angels (one walking down pyramid symbolic steps), Karen is shown quickly at around 0:25.

"English Lace is back." the girls with their canes/symbolic phallus.

At the 'May 7th Victoria's Secret 2000 party' the angels, emerged as robotic aliens (UFO/alien/robot programming); with Karen as the central alien android. Shows the 'angels'/aliens/UFO connection also (which has links to the occult and whatnot). Who knows, in a few years time we might all be drooling over our new sexy alien invaders (if we aren't already) ;p

Karen Mulder was part of the first set of Victoria Secret 'Angels', along with others I have covered in past posts (like Tyra Banks/Heidi Klum + others [more in future no doubt]), shown below with her 'wings' (angel getting their wings = Monarch MK transformation symbolic; covered all this stuff ages back, I never know how much to repeat and how much not to), note the twin pillars (Freemasonic) either side of the catwalk.

Some checkerboard/duality symbolism (a lot posted previously in images for the post's narrative).

Her life/mind is like a traumatic car crash (chaos/shattered glass[shattered mind]/broken machine/etc [note she is holding her head]), the fireman's hose shooting out water of course is not included with conscious phallic symbolism at all ;)

[some images posted randomly; these two she's wearing diamonds whilst holding her head (MK'd presidential model) + generally looking depressed/dejected/dissociative below on the catwalk]

Karen providing 'entertainment' for "the captain" (part of the same set as some other images in this post), note the Masonry/corporation (also implying she is a "built" product) suggestion (..marketing corp, marble & granite ceramic tile imports)

Karen performing her 'Stepford Wife' duties.

This picture struck me as very odd with Karen Mulder, Linda Evangelista and Carla Bruni looking not real at all; Carla in particular doesn't look like Carla, a complete mannequin (same with Karen also). The three of them pictured with Gianni Versace, whose father was "a personal financier to the Italian aristocracy" (quote from his massively surgically altered sister Donatella's wiki); and set up the Versace fashion house. The Versace family seems very incestuous to me, probably partly why Gianni was so sexually confused. He was ultimately killed by a male high-class sex-slave/"spree-killer" Andrew Cunanan (probably a Monarch programmed male sex-slave as his father was programmed in the Marines serving in Vietnam and Andrew attending a religious school etc); "spree killers" like this are usually mind controlled, it seems he was triggered to kill those he had 'serviced' (perhaps one of them [maybe Gianni] was going to talk or something), the "spree" culminating in his 'self-destruction' programming kicking in (shooting himself in the head on his yacht). Versace's logo is a representation of the the head of Medusa... "Medusa was originally a beautiful maiden, "the jealous aspiration of many suitors," priestess in Athena's temple, but when she was raped by the "Lord of the Sea" Poseidon in Athena's temple, the enraged goddess transformed her beautiful hair to serpents and she made her face so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it would turn a man to stone." [big hint about the fashion world there]

This video shows the child-like mental state of these models (here anyway; they have more mature alters of course), the narrator is quite creepy almost describing them as 'playful' puppies.

Karen and Carla again pictured with another fashion house founder 'Yves Saint Laurent' who as I've posted on before in the post 'Mind Controlled Models' following his death last year (of brain cancer), also seems to have been programmed (Yves was subjected to military hazing, in a mental institution he was electroshocked, his confused sexual identity is well known; all point to Yves being mind controlled).

Their 'ELLE' (magazine covers choose whether to have the letter in front or hidden behind the model for symbolic purposes) cover is MK symbolic with them in red dresses + half of Carla's face covered by Karen's hair, note the Gianni Versace mentioning. This would be a good point to cover some of Carla Bruni's programming as it seems obvious she is a Monarch programmed kitten (sex-slave), the epitome of a 'Presidential Model' as she is currently "married" to the French President (an award for his work as an "elite" pawn serving the global Illuminists' agenda); and previously being used by countless wealthy/connected individuals. Here are a few images of Carla to illustrate her Monarch sex-slave kitten programming (and usual symbolic ones [split mind/checkerboards/mirrors/bird-cage veil/dollhouse/masks/etc]).

Carla is in the above image (in the centreish) below on the left with other Monarch Dolls like Linda Evangelista on the right, all of them with the snake on them.

Carla's music career is much more successful than Karen's, same with Carla's programming too! [a much more well structured/built/"sturdier" internal system (allowing her to have this more public persona/exposure)]

Back to Karen's photos.

Karen is a Monarch Playboy Kitten.

Karen on the red carpet ("elite" bloodline + Monarch multigenerational programming symbolic) in red/white stripes + daisy on her head (daisies/flower MK).

Carla and Karen from backstage at the above catwalk with the girls dressed in mask/cage-like things on their heads/faces.

Karen the Kitten (dehumanized kitten alters programmed for sex).

Karen meeting an 18 year old Victoria's Secret Kitten Adriana Lima in 1999.

Repeated Karen La Feline image from further up + Marilyn the epitome of Monarch kittens.

Switching species to Karen's dog dehumanization in her photoshoots.

Two Black and White Great Danes, chained (Karen is dressed up here in black and white; the large black dog also has white on it's chest and is literally chained, Karen metaphorically chained by her Monarch MK [dehumanization/dehumanized alters plays a huge role in it's programming]).

Karen walking down steps with a leashed poodle + the feral paparazzi's flashing lights helping to keep her (and other dehumanized/depersonalized models) tranced/dissociative.

Karen with a much bigger poodle (one of the most 'intelligent dog breeds' [and considered a higher-class/good-looking dog]).

Karen in red dress + red shoes with a leashed bulldog.

Back to the (leashed) black Great Dane with Karen in black latex as her bondage/dominatrix alter (bondage involves a lot of dehumanization), their feet posed to match the other. Ending the dehumanization, moving to a few images of her dominatrix alter (often signified by a black wig and such).

Interesting shoot here in a grid/cage type room with a pole (phallic) in bondage latex gear.

Karen's face caged (fencing helmet/mask) with the phallic fencing sword.

I was literally about to publish this when my attention was drawn to a story which must have been playing out whilst I was writing this over the past few days, where her repaired internal system looks to be breaking down once again as she has displayed some individual/free-thinking, wanting some of the plastic surgery her handlers have been putting her through over the past few years (these types of slaves are routinely 'transformed' with numerous surgeries) reversed, apparently screaming at the female surgeon [link to article, cheers to quick commenter]:

A detective said: ‘She was screaming and shouting about the operation and became extremely threatening.

‘There were repeated calls to the female surgeon who was extremely scared. The suspect is being interviewed.’

Mulder was arrested at around 10am and is being kept in a cell in the in the eight arrondissement, the epi-centre of Paris haute couture.

Ironically, her career began in the same district after after winning an Elite model agency talent contest in the 1980s.


Anonymous said...

Im speechless once again, the pic with her ready to be handcuffed is the most heartbreaking of all IMO. Poor woman and her daughter... Most likely theyll share the "lifestyle" of Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben for the very informative post. I often wondered how rich & ugly men hooked up with tall, very thin and "beautiful" women...

Anonymous said...

wow!! very insightful.

now i understand why Naomi is always "dating" these so called high powered men and being invited into upper elite meetings.
I would love to hear your take on her.
I found it weird she dated Usher and Puffy...

Anonymous said...

Former supermodel Karen Mulder has been arrested in Paris for allegedly making death threats to her plastic surgeon. When she quit modeling, Mulder alleged that executives at Elite had used her and other models as sex slaves offered to politicians, influential media figures, and other officials. Mulder then was admitted into a psychiatric facility; Gerald Marie, the head of Elite Paris and one of the men she accused of abusing her, paid for her treatment. Marie was earlier the focus of a BBC sting operation that filmed him offering a woman posing as a 15-year-old model 300 pounds for sex, and talking of his desire to seduce as many of the teenaged contestants in the Elite Model Look competition, which was how Mulder originally shot to fame, as he could. Marie remains the head of Elite Paris. [Telegraph]

Anonymous said...

You should break up these image heavy posts to different pages. lots of browser breakage. annoying.

linkage for the above story:


skrambo said...

The "mirror room" video is crazy... "W" is a symbol of 66 or "dark spirits". It spins like a vortex to create M/3/E which is usually "doubled"... I've also read that "W" simply means Lucifer/Pan and creates an 11:11 "mirror" with its 4 lines. Then there is of course the hexagon, symbol of Saturn/Satan. I wonder what the "caged butt" thing is about, besides your explanation of dehumanization. Kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson saying "your butt is mine" (owning someone's ass = pimping them as a sex slave?). Here's something (sort of unrelated) I learned from the movie UHF: NEWS = North East West South. A compass?

The "crystal comes alive" picture is interesting. Lots of colorful little gems (alters) and a split between the black and white eyes... Looks like her face broke into a million pieces or something.

I've only talked to one model in my life and she thinks I'm crazy for saying it might be dangerous. I didn't go into detail or anything though... One of my older sister's friends was a model in her teen years, ended up doing a ton of drugs and flying out to New York City to have sex with older dudes (not making this up, it's an actual rumor I heard going around and directly from her best friend, my sister) for either money or job opportunities. I might talk to my sister again about it to see what other details there might be about her friend, it's been said she's a pathological liar but maybe her stories are just too "out there" for them... This story was going around 4 or 5 years ago, and I just saw her recently. She always had those robotic eyes... (she's one of those typical "I'm way too hot for you to even be in my general vicinity" type girls)

I should have mentioned this sooner but I just remembered it.

Anonymous said...

the pics of them tranced, looking like mannequins, epitomizes MK in all its treachery.

Anonymous said...

speaking of fashion, I thought that you might find this post interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo0Vv0J6jtw

Anonymous said...

Wow yes this was a good post! I read this on Dllisted TODAY:


"Karen is no stranger to crazy. She spent some time in a psychiatric hospital after she lost it during a TV interview. In the interview, Karen said she was used as a sex slave during her modeling days and said that her father used to hypnotize her when she was little. Her father blamed her lunacy on ze drugs...."

Anonymous said...

Troubling pics of Mexican topmodel ELSA BENITEZ. The 1st one looks like an alien head/Crowley's LAAM..






Anonymous said...

On the subject of moddeling how about that zoo magazine do you reckon that's an mcm magazine considering the first two letters being oz backwards and zoo possibly having to do with dehumanisation

Anonymous said...

Karen encircled/in the ring/never able to get out...


"A VOTRE SERVICE" - means AT UR SERVICE. Add to this the MONTE CARLO/MONACO location and u get the picture. KAREN is at the service of Monaco royal family (among many others).



Anonymous said...

Check it out, its MK stuff:



Lostworld said...

Excellent post on Karen, Ben! I've been covering her/and Carlas tragic story a lot over at Stepford too. Poor Karen. I think it's just a matter of time before they finish her off completly. Now that she's older and not so useful anymore, the trouble keeping her "functional" may not be worth it to them... :(

jerry_beck said...

Great post, one of the best. If this post doesn't proove that something bad is going on then i just don't know...

it's painfull to watch all those Karen Mulder photos, since she is really very beatiful woman....good thing she is still alive (for whatever reason i though she isn't), maybe she will get just one more shot (maybe deadly one) of exposing those bastards (she seems like a very brave girl, trying to escape)...

is there someone who could help those girls, i mean is there somewhere benevolent force (there fuckin' must be) who fight this monsters, or it's just us, readers of this blog, completely helpless...

Christopher Myers said...

i didn't read the whole thing but i get the gist of it. I never heard of her, I think most models are unattractively thin and most the time have really hard bone structure for my likes. I have never seen a model that looked as plastic as this chick though. I mean she looked like a straight up mannequin in some of those pics.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


FIONA could "do" a great job here :)


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated to this post, but as I was unable to email you this I thought I would just leave it as a comment so that I would not forget.

I am hoping you have the ability to read through the lines in the articles I am about to link you to...

On Heath Ledger:




Anonymous said...

Karen will most likely end up like Michael Jackson. She will be taken out because she's causing too many complications. MJ was beyond being able to perform the O2 concerts in London. They were going to let him lip sync because his voice was gone. Funny how the "trainers" are making sure to tell us how GREAT he looked. So, MJ was finally considered worth more dead than alive and he was given the shot to end all shots. In fact, he IS worth more dead than alive, much like Elvis.

I think the fact that he was "addicted" to anesthesia in order to sleep is a sad commentary. Then again, Ben, it might be interesting to contemplate if the anesthesia was needed to combat the demons that had risen up in him due to the programming. A truly disgusting and sad story for a man who had a great gift but had no chance at normalcy from the beginning.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Butterflies, butterflies:



DAVID GALLAGHER's one time gf:




Anonymous said...

A post on Chris Crocker might make an interesting topic:



Even thou he's just an internet celebrity he still has a large audience on youtube who follows him. I've always thought he was being directed, or produced perhaps by a larger company than just himself.

Anonymous said...

WASILLA, Alaska – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Friday she is resigning from office at the end of the month, raising speculation that she would focus on a run for the White House in the 2012 race.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate made the surprise announcement from her home in suburban Wasilla on Friday morning. She said she would step down July 26 but didn't announce her plans


akaider said...

MICHAEL Jackson's mega hit Thriller has been given this hilarious revamp by the army's world-famous Band of the Coldstream Guards - just a stones throw from Buckingham Palace.

"At one point the musicians even appeared to be putting together some moves to go with the music.

"Instead of marching in straight lines they formed a triangle."

The oldest and best known band in the Army, based at the capital's Wellington Barracks, have actually been doing the routine for the last two months.

A MoD spokesman said: "The piece has been part of their summer repertoire for a number of events and they've been playing it publicly for the last eight weeks, including at the Windsor Tattoo.

"It is just a coincidence and not a tribute to Jackson."



skrambo said...

Chris Crocker commenter - The Butterfly is also a symbol used by the gay community. (I learned that from Gosporn)

Maybe that's what he was going for, being androgynous and all... I'm not sure CC deserves his own post, but I really don't know much about him or what he's about anyway.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Benjamin S said...

Chris I watched a DVD rip of that Deadgirl film recently (been meaning to do a post on it [she's referred to as their sex-slave + going into the mentality of it compared to using Monarch slaves, mental institution and more specifics] + some other movies), the 'deadgirl'/chained dead sex-slave is played by Jenny Spain: "her family includes former members of the U.S. Secret Service who had served for 4 different Presidents of the United States [she is likely a Monarch 'presidential model' sex-slave],Private Detective who has also worked on Celebrity cases such as the Michael Jackson Trial. Jenny's mother was a singer in her church choir, Father is a Mechanical Engineer, Her younger brother serves for the U.S Army as well as her grandma who was a Former Model and Beauty Queen. [multigenerational Monarch]" Can't remember if they actually fucked the bullet wound but they did suggestively 'finger' it + talk and 'joke' about doing it (give it a rewatch for the post).

p.s. needed a break after that Karen post btw (I'm hoping google will index it shortly, maybe it takes time because of all the images or something), thanks for all the great comments people! Tommy fascinating info about your sister's friend model (+ cheers for your email, reply shortly). Great stuff all.

This was linked to me via email, might have missed it being posted in comments but it's very interesting "Horror story Michael Jackson wrote for kids.. His nightmare play about child-abuser and serial killer"... the 'graphologist' whose studied his writings says it shows signs of his split personality.

Anonymous said...

Another one down:



Anonymous said...

JENNY SPAIN could be related to 50's actress FAY SPAIN, star of TEENAGE DOLL and QUEEN ANTINEA OF ATLANTIS...
Interesting her wiki bio anyway:

"She began living alone in her English teacher's attic at the age of 14.[citation needed] The teacher had a daughter who was affiliated with an acting stock company in Maryland. She gave Spain a job which combined the duties of acting apprentice and babysitting. At sixteen, Miss Spain was in New York City, residing in an $8-a-week room on the Upper West Side. She worked in tie shop where she became acquainted with an associate of Walter Winchell. The gossip writer mentioned her name in a column and Spain received a call from Columbia Pictures. She was not extended a contract because she "wasn't pretty enough for Hollywood".


Anonymous said...

From imdb.com

O'Neal's Son Blasts Dad Over Fawcett Funeral

Ryan O'Neal's estranged son Griffin has launched a bitter attack on his father after he was banned from attending Farrah Fawcett's funeral on Tuesday.

Father and son fell out in 2007 following a fight at the family home, which ended with Ryan firing a shotgun into the stairwell.

O'Neal banned his reformed drug-addict offspring from his partner's memorial service, insisting: "He's a bad guy."

But Griffin was left fuming because he wanted to be able to pay his last respects to his dad's partner.

He says, "I think he's afraid of me because I know the truth about what happened in the later days. He's a dark man and he needs to be put in his place. The reason why I'm not there is because I represent the truth and God forbid the truth coming out."

Speaking outside the funeral, Griffin told reporters, "She's mad I'm not in there."

The Charlie's Angels star's own troubled son with O'Neal, Redmond, gave a reading at the ceremony after he was granted a three-hour release from prison, where he's serving time on drug charges.

Fawcett died last month after a three-year battle with cancer.

Twilight Stars Get Their Own Barbie Dolls

The stars of teen vampire drama Twilight are to be immortalised with their own Barbie dolls.

Fans of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's characters will be able buy their own miniature versions of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan when the figures hit stores in November, following the release of Twilight sequel New Moon.

Their jealous co-star Kellan Lutz says, "It blows my mind to see how much Twilight merchandise there is out there. A fan once made me an Emmett (his character) doll, but I need one my parents can buy."


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Interesting event, dont u think?



Anonymous said...

Was Michael Jackson Another Illuminati Slave?


Make sure you read the comment sections. Enlightening.

It's so obvious....But so was 9/11 and they still debunk the "Truth Movement."

Anonymous said...

First she gets beat up, now she gets initiated, ala Janet Jackson, with a "shell" nipple cover. Sick. Degrading. What's next? Rihanna in a cage?

P.S. Look at her eyes. She's dead inside. No one home.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I assume this is the bathing suit of a fervent Xtian :)


Scarlett and her "O". Yes, shes just an orifice to them....



Anonymous said...

Full set:



Anonymous said...

For everyone who is not familiar with Heath Ledgers last film project "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus": The film is about some guy from a circus who made a bet with the devil, won immortality and then traded his immortality for youth on the condition that when his first-born reached her 16th birthday she would become the property of the devil. Nice story, isn't it?

And here you can see how Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson "handles" Kate Moss at the airlines 25th Birthday promotional event: http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/4lvVJPXNzBt/Virgin+Atlantic+Celebrates+25th+Birthday/ciiCDlQ_fnF/Kate+Moss

Worldly Trader said...

Thank you for a very interesting and well detailed article. I think that we can easily see that Karen's foundational personality is that of a 2 year old. The expression VERB (Vacant Eyed Rich Bitch) comes to mind. Since her abuse started when she was 2 her core personality probably shut down and her mind fragmented at the point. Her persona is that of a 2 year old. This is an example 2 year old inside a woman's body. This persona is easily controlled and manipulated since it has none of the adult experiences or emotional development her other personalties have.

When her programming walls broke down she collapsed to her true self that of a 2 year old child, and blurted all about her abuse to the nearest adult authority figure. Apparently there was no great sophistication in her revelations nor very detailed written documentation so it is easy for her account to pushed off to the side by the media.

I wonder if it can really be said that an MKed individual has a core persona beyond that of a child? This could be why they are kept in a trance/child like state with alocohol and drug use. In her music video her hair seemed flaxen and stressed. Her singing was flat with little emotion. These are the signs that she was probably heavily medicated at the point with prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is much hope for her making any genuine recovery from this trauma. The MKed person usually has several personalties or alters that need to be consciously integrated into a complete person. Her handlers obviously don't want this to happen and keep a very close eye on her. If she was receiving proper treatment there would be detailed records and accounts that would reveal the extent of the coverup.

The only thing that I can see happening is that she implodes further pschologically. She will live in trance like/child like state. A lifetime of abuse, trauma, and drug use may have created permanent brain and psychological damage that she can never recover from.

Worldly Trader said...

Another piece I would like to add is the link between Karen Mulder and the famous fictional "Fox Mulder." David Duchovny who played "Fox Mulder" in the "X-Files" t.v. series has had some interesting roles in his career. He has several credits for starring in the soft-core cable series, "Red Shoe Diaries." Then interestingly enough he had the role of a sex addict in the film, "Rapture."

Then in 2007 he stars as the sex addicted writer, Hank Moody in the HBO series, "Californication." Last year he admitted publicly that he has been battling sex addiction for the last several years. Can it be that he is an MK product/victim? Do the male products have the program of sex addict/handler/pimp? I must say I have no hard evidence that David Duchovny is an MK victim, but his career and personal life has some weird intersections.

I do think that the men that use these MK slaves are sex addicts and their addiction distances them from their partner/victim. Since sex is their drug when the high of a new partner or fetish wears it has to be replaced with a new one. Hence the need for shifting these women from one man to the next.

Me said...

I feel sooo sad for Karen and mostly for her daughter Anna. I hope she's not going through sexual abuse and MK!!! She's only two years old for God's sake. If I could I would raise her myself! But all I can do is pray.

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