Monday 14 June 2010

Megan's Mannequin

Quickly cobbled this one together because I'm being so damn slow with other posts with more writing in them (this kind of post seem to flow pretty fast so wanted to get one out after some minor 'distractions' and general burnout). I thought this new shoot and video from Interview Magazine with Megan Fox was interesting enough to post quickly (in the interview some brief mentioning of them being puppets/tools for the Hollywood machine), doesn't need much elaboration featuring the kind of mannequin programming (this mannequin was apparently created specifically in her likeness by the way) showing her in a frozen (mannequin/statue-like) possible trance state on the bed with it and other scenes (I think this post has some more detail on mannequins, which is a basic kind of hypnotic 'freeze' command anyway). Note her and the mannequin in a duality checkerboard floor corridor which she drags the mannequin down to kill it. The final scene involves her symbolically killing herself (possibly killing an alter or something) via the mannequin by strangling and gagging it with her hand. This all goes along with the narrative they have created for her in the media with quotes from her saying that she has "mental problems" and her tattoos and such that may point to her potentially being Monarch programmed. [Edit: Fixed video]
The music going along with the video was clearly chosen for its MK/mind control lyrics, the track titled 'Master's Hands' by French actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg (the woman from Antichrist, with themes of trauma/dissociation/hypnosis/explicit sex etc), i.e."Pull my strings and cut my rope, Rattle my frame and shatter my ghost, And if I can't get back in line, They're gonna break me down...".

The shoot is the work of Illuminist/celebrity/fashion photographer Craig McDean, who has photographed many others (see this link for some of his portfolio), some have featured in this blog like the above Rachel Weisz (+ husband and child) shot. One from a typically dualistic shoot of kabbalistic (former?) slave Madonna below.

Below is another one by him of the MK half of the Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate in an Interview Magazine shoot. Just to make things more relevant to the post, Megan's first film role, after being strictly raised in Oak Ridge, Tennesse (lots of military stuff/history going on there, always a clue, the National Laboratory is listed in Deeper Insights Illuminati Formula as being involved in mind control/genetic Monarch research) by strict Catholic parents and the usual training for performance from age 5 and modeling by age 13, was in an MK and Ashley movie 'Holiday in the Sun' at age 16 (still from it below, in her stereotypical early role).
To round off this short post (I have already covered Jennifer's Body briefly in older posts + other stuff to do with her like the tattoos, see link near start; her new tattoo by the way 'Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.' seems to come from some relatively unheard of poet Angela Monet, as someone interestingly noted in the comments the direct quote can be found in David Icke's 'Tales from the Time Loop' from years back) her more recent films have been relatively occult themed like 'Jennifer's Body' which I have only recently watched. She enters some kind of dissociative state while watching a band in her small town of 'Devil's Kettle' where a fire breaks out and is taken by the band in their van in this 'out of it' state, and is then sacrificed in a Satanic ritual by them wanting to make it big (an exaggeration of what bands have to do to make it big in reality, for the most part sell out to the music corporate/Illuminist overlords) and she becomes possessed by a succubus demon because she was not a virgin, and her friend Amanda Seyfried kills her (not worth covering in detail in my opinion, don't want to make this post longer than it has to be).

Butterfly motifs (also a symbol of female sexuality and transformation which I have mentioned in the past) and obviously plenty of occult themes are prevalent throughout. Some of the flashbacks to Megan and Amanda's character childhoods have more Monarch symbolism (Amanda's character, who as an adult always wears butterfly earrings and such, is covered in more butterfly print; she will probably pop up in some future post and will post some of her symbolic shoots etc) with barbie dolls, some twinning programming suggestions (at one point one sucks the other's blood or something) and other things also.

Her most current film is Jonah Hex, which is a loosely occult themed Western comic-book adaptation where she plays a prostitute Lilah who has spent her life in a brothel, a typical role. Perhaps more pertinent to Monarchs is her role alongside Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray in 'Passion Play' which she plays a "caged circus freak with wings", which is "a magical-realist drama in which Fox’s character sprouts wings at puberty and is drafted into a traveling circus" (from Interview piece). Below is a leaked camera phone photo from the set of Passion Play trapped in her glass box/cage, the exposed photo apparently embarrassed and infuriated her in a similar way to her character on display in the actual film is supposed to feel.

Anyway, future posts are forthcoming but I am still going at a leisurely pace (though I put this one together in like 1 hour today so I'm not exactly consistent), the Charlotte Lewis/Golden Child post is so delayed that it doesn't seem relevant anymore but will put it up soon anyway (there is some interesting stuff in it).

Edit [June 2011]: No one will probably see this as this post is like a year old (if anyone does, I do plan on posting again later this year by the way) but here is a photo from late April 2011 of Megan with her current husband (slave/handler?) Brian Austin Green donning an Illuminati T-shirt going for a pizza at Lucifers.


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t said...

ahhhh thanks for crediting me on that quote :)

i've actually never watched any films with her in (shocker!) but they all sound extremely interesting. i'd heard about 'jennifer's body' before but didn't know what it was about, deff gonna have to watch that one sometime!

Raphael said...

Very interesting interpretation. I was considering proposing this topic but you out-thought me :)
Also, would you write an article about 'The Shutter Island' movie?

Lori said...

thanks ben for the new post...i wrote a few comments about jennifers body, when they were singing about jenny, (maybe "jenny" was a sacrifice or something??) dark stuff!!

tila posted this today:

her 'jeliz haters' (gang-stalking) site is picking apart her blog. they say she is spewing this illuminati stuff because her new gossip blog is a big fail. she is preparing the end of her blog by saying they are after her.

i just commend her because you never really hear anyone else in the 'celebrity' world or whatever you want to call it talking about what really goes on in hollywood, but i get the feeling that tila has been visiting sites like this and vigilant citizens.

also, i wonder because she did write that open letter to the illuminati begging them to recruit her and her "army"


Donny said...

Great post! this lady is completely mind controlled.
I think it is about time tho that you give de-programming methods or solutions to all of this madness don't you think?

Also remember that guy who no longer exists here on blogger named 'Truth Blogger''? he had some I think really great ideas for de-programming methods but it seems a lot of assholes where attacking him because they did not appreciate
Him enough so he left.
I think you guys should have not been so harsh with him he seemed like an insider who was giving his life to help out mind control slaves.

... said...

Those are pretty blatant sexual positions she's been placed with on the mannequin. Obviously we get what the 'inside coded message' on her is for sure now!

@LVB - Thanks so much for your really nice comment on both my blogs. I appreciate it, especially for
because that is quite personally revealing and only a few people know about my background!

@Donny - I genuinely checked out your site and commented - I never said that I thought you were trying to 'con me' into going there. I was curious to see your posted videos etc. I think you should read peoples posts slowly and begin to understand irony and when people are just having fun. People are your friends here...there is no need to be annoyed with EVERYONE! Ok?

I am really interested in reading a post on the whole emergence of the 'teen vampire and wearwolf fad' that seems to be in the media lately due to Twilight...what is the agenda surrounding this phenomenon?


Lori said...

i tried to leave this comment on tilas site and many other informative comments, trying to explain to her that alot of them are products of project monarch, but they automatically get deleted. its almost as if only the negative comments are now staying on it? hmm strange, huh? this was the comment i wanted to leave on her site: 9she is calling lady gaga, miley, taylor devil worshippers, yet she doesnt realize they have been mind kontrolled and programmed)

Tila I understand that you are trying to make awareness, which I find very honorable. Good for you. I have been studying and researching this for quite some time. One thing I would like to address to you is that there is such a thing called MK Ultra and Project Monarch. Do you notice all the butterfly symbols attached to most of those singers, etc that you automatically deem devil worshippers? It is to represent them being monarchs. i am still reading about it, i would like to read how to build an illuminati slave by springmeier fritz. keep in mind, britney spears, christina, miley, and others were part of the mickey mouse club. disney is evil. mr disney even has a statue of him doing the baphomet sign, holding mickey mouses hand. there is so much to be informed about. george bush could be alesteir crowleys son, who is barbara bushes sister. crowley wrote the book of the law, which alot of these celebrities, rappers, musicians etc study. its very occult-like. crowley taught about the reverse speech, reverse singing, walking and talking...(reverse hidden messages in songs, reverse speech, moonwalk, example, OPRAH is HARPO productions etc)..keep in mind lucifer was originally an angel who fell from heaven, so satan now rules the musical world, so naturally he uses his musicians today as pawns for him. britney miley etc are merely products. why does britney have bipolar and alter personalities? part of project monarch. new movie, shutter island...dr starts to describe how they were testing on mental patients and during nazi times. well, they still do that. they want to create pawns for evil. research project monarch, project bluebird, project superman etc before you start saying that these artists willingly sold their souls. sure some have, but those who have been around since kids more or less have been groomed to become who they are now, like miley's lyric in her cant be tamed song, "its in my dna" you research. i hope this comment goes through now!!! oh and michael did do moonwalk but he was so abused as a child, latoya knew about the others....that OTHER site knows, the other gossip sites now what really happens in hollywood but they cant just come out and tell us. i think it is cool of you tila to at least try to inform your readers, even tho for the most part they dont want to hear it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mabe old news but no problem I hope...


Anonymous said...

No mention of Transformers, Ben? :)

best word verification ever: WOMPA

t said...


yes, i think all the vampire stuff would make a brilliant post!
i'd like to know more - where does the idea of vampires originate from and how does it fit in with all this occult business? is it linked with satanism?
might seem like a dumb question to you guys that do more research than me...but yeah

skrambo said...

Nice post.

I noticed there's alot of the "freeze command" stuff in the Toy Story movies. I was watching Toy Story 2 for some reason last night and saw that alot of it was potentially MK programming.

The whole "puppets coming to life" thing seems to be a pretty strong theme going around in TV these days. It's usually done literally when I see it. As in, an actual puppet, not some MTV video (if they still have those) where a robot prostitute comes to life attached to marionette strings or whatever. But the same themes are there. And it's usually always associated with fear. Like how the toys in Toy Story freeze up whenever humans are around, they seem pretty damn afraid of being exposed.

Lori said...

oh i just noticed paula abdul being interviewed at the tony awards she seemed very weird, drugged out or nervous, and she said, "something is going on with the universe"

uh, yeah...lady

Anonymous said...

"i tried to leave this comment on tilas site and many other informative comments, trying to explain to her that alot of them are products of project monarch, but they automatically get deleted. its almost as if only the negative comments are now staying on it? hmm strange, huh? this was the comment i wanted to leave on her site: 9she is calling lady gaga, miley, taylor devil worshippers, yet she doesnt realize they have been mind kontrolled and programmed)"

If you consider the possibility that she is MKed herself and the whole thing is a disinformation campaign then it makes sense that her site admin would delete comments about mind control.

Donny said...

Hi guys! I am going to give you an article exposing the mind control connection of the company called ''Desteni Productions'' because a friend of mine who goes by the name ''Bennington Robert Wier'' is one of their mind control slaves.
My article also exposes how they are a Cult!
I am doing this because I think these people have been hidden to long and not exposed enough!

Anonymous said...

huh who gives a shit about tila. She obviously reads this site, and when they wouldnt let her she "exposed" them

Anonymous said...

wouldnt let her join, I mean

Donny said...

Wanna know about me and my dad's real life story?
Then read this.

Lori said...

oh no my comment isnt showing up.

i asked this on the last batch of comments but no one answered. what if say, someone who is programmed, like miley or someone, stumbles across this site. this is the internet after all...oh by the way i did email tila and she emailed me back but if she is in fact programmed in any way i dont want to say research project monarch etc what if it triggers something? donny has said he was messaging nicola peltz but some "15 year old/ disinfo agent rather started threatening him.

what would happen if a programmed indivual started reading about THEMSELVES being programmed???

this is the internet come on! its not that hard to stumble across this sort of info! i stumbled across this site by googling britney spears new world order.

what will happen????!

Donny said...

Yes I know but I think Nicola Peltz is not too programmed if it where like Selena Gomez she would trigger a lot faster then Nicola.
Another reason I wanted to wake up Nicola is because I kinda knew with someone who has the same age as me and has the same path in astrology as me ''Introspection'' that I have a little more advantage with waking her up.
But yes maybe even Nicola could have triggered but it had to be done I had to wake her up because she has a heart.
Anyway anyone check out the links I gave you?

Donny said...

Well if you want to help out a mind control slave or slaves I would suggest you read the article of mine I gave a link to here.
It will help whenever you stumble upon a mind control slave!

Anonymous said...

"i asked this on the last batch of comments but no one answered. what if say, someone who is programmed, like miley or someone, stumbles across this site. this is the internet after all...oh by the way i did email tila and she emailed me back but if she is in fact programmed in any way i dont want to say research project monarch etc what if it triggers something? donny has said he was messaging nicola peltz but some "15 year old/ disinfo agent rather started threatening him."

People have said it would end with them killing themselves. I kind of think the handler would just force them to block out that memory if it became a problem (electroshocks?). I don't know though. It seems like a number of them are at least partially aware of what is happening to them.

As to them randomly stumbling on to websites like these, it would entirely depend on how controlled their lives actually are.

Aleksandra said...

I too doubt that they let them browse the internet or something like that.They all live in an extremely controlled enviroment.
As a matter of fact,how come can you people even think that they would be allowed to browse the internet with no control?
I think we all started to act like we know it all but we are missing the whole point.It is impossible for us to wake them up unless we move them to another controlled enviroment were they would have no touch to whatever could trigger them.
The only way we could do something is to kidnapp them(which is ofc almost impossible)and then build a whole new place and find profesional therapists that could work with them.That would need a lot of money,people and time.
We would need to have a whole system almost as strong as theirs.
Fritz tried to achive this,but now he is in jail and who knows what happend to the survivors he was looking after.
What we are doing with this blogs and comments is almost equal to nothing.Nobody has the guts to do something big.We're all sitting here infront of the screen in our safe and warm homes.This almost seems like a hobbie to most of us.
But I guess we are too powerless to do anything :(

LVB said...

Excellent post, Ben. It's very good to see you back.

Just WTF are people supposed to think when they make sh!t like that Megan Fox vid, if not what we all suspect? Seriously.

Here's my newest one...hope you enjoy it.

Who Runs the Show?

Benjamin S said...

Donny, are you serious? 'Truth Blogger' was obviously you before you made the 'Donny' blogger account, well I had ALWAYS assumed it was you anyway and I would be amazed if it wasn't (unless there is a clone of your personality out there ;p). Why are you pretending that it was not you? Please don't kick off for me calling you out on that or I will take action, that in itself nearly tipped me over the edge, people aren't going to "appreciate you" if you behave like that. Anyway, interesting posts on Desteni Productions and such.

Tommy thinking back I can remember a lot of that too from Toy Story, nice spot.

Croesoswallt true, probably should have mentioned transformers, just seems so large and obvious that I figured it would be pointless as everyone knows about it and has been covered at other places (+ I have 0 interest in the series having not seen either properly, though I could have mentioned it and segued into something on Fox's replacement for the third, Rosie Huntington-Whitely... hmm hindsight, maybe for a future post).

Cheers for the interesting comments all, LVB your posts are always important because of how broad in their scope they often are (and often showing who is at the top rather than my more lower down the scale focus per post, if that makes sense), great stuff.

jerry_beck said...

Interesting books at the screenshot from Jennifer Body...among others MALACHI MARTIN Hostage To The Devil, some sources state that he is disinfo agent (i don't what mean this book in that movie)...also Jeniffer Body has obvious connections to the HEATHERS with Winona Ryder and Christian Slater

Aleksandra said...

In this article it is claimed that Fritz is in a sexual relationships with Cisco(which is an alter's name,acording to the article her name is Linda Johnson)and many other accusations and facts about his life.
Im not sure what to believe anymore.

jerry_beck said...

IMO Fritz is most possibly also MK Survivor/Programmer (he is(was) Cisco hamdler/programmer, same as Phillips, same as Svali), especially when he wrote about how he created Formula you can sense that he was near madness...for deprogramming people should see help of D.C.Hammond for example (the doctor from famous Greenbaum Speech) not read F.Springmeier (this could be very dangerous to MK people, a lot of triggers in his work) his defence, he bring in Formula also tremendous piece of information and will always be a kind of pioneer...

Anonymous said...

Jennifer's Body is also a song by Courtney Love/ Hole. Its about a girl who's chopped up by serial killer after being raped.

"Found pieces of Jennifer's Body."

Then the lyrics

"Just relax, just relax, just go to sleep"

Are like what a molester says to a small child. Or perhaps what a satanic parent says to a small child after it witnessed a sacrifice...Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Here's the song

Donny said...

Ben come on dude I am not truth blogger all I remember is seeing him back in jan. of this year because I like to look at your comments would I lie? No! so please don't make statements that you don't even know about first.
Second of all for jerry to call Svali, Mark and Fritz programmers is by far the dumbest thing I have heard.
Come on!!!! they de-programmed mind control slaves Not re-programmed them! Fritz was never mind controlled Mark yes maybe because the last thing I heard of him is that he was under CIA mind control but that is only because he de-programmed Cathy.
And Svali was a programmer but she was mind controlled too so don't get on her case god!!!!! I mean she is like probably dead now for exposing what she did and the de-programming methods she gave out! just like Mark did!!!!

Tara said...

As much as I enjoy reading these articles, the whole blame the Devil for all of atrocities going on is getting old. I'm tired of people associating Satanism with blood sacrifices, pure evil, always centered around death, using brainwashing techniques to get followers, etc. I practice Spiritual Satanism- it's about elevating and empowering yourself, not living or blood sacrifice. This act is Christian, as stated in their Bible Deuteronomy 12:27: "And thou shalt offer thy burnt offerings, the flesh and the blood, upon the altar of the lord thy God: and the blood of thy sacrifices shall be poured out upon the altar of the lord thy God, and thou shalt eat the flesh." Spiritual Satanism advocates all learning, knowledge, and free thought- not mindless slavery. It is a life loving religion; Satan accepts us as we are, but guides us to advance ourselves so we may evolve to a higher level.

LVB said...


Your pal Tila's new "revelation" is exactly what I said it was the first time; recycled bits of recent articles by Ben, Vigilant and moi, claimed as her own inside knowledge. It would be offensive if it were not so pathetic.

She's definitely doing this to discredit, mock and deceive, because no reasonable person is going take her schizophrenic babblings, lack of attention span or horrific writing and spelling skills the least bit seriously.

Her "inside info" about the nonspecific and unsourced claims about "waves that will turn your brains to mush" are classic "tin foil hat" stuff, especially to those of us who know a little bit about technology and what weapons actually do exist.

She also says there that "they had the internet already figured out in the 1800s"...really?? Is she saying that Algore did not invent the internet??? omg!!!

Seriously though, who better than Tila to make serious subjects like MK-ULTRA and the work of Menegele sound retarded and laughable? It's like having Gilbert Gottfriend talk to us about the horrors of the Holocaust, while laughing his classic hyena laugh, and cracking jokes about Hitler. I do love his humor, btw, but I think you get my point.

Tila's other behavioral aspects, flaunting her t!ts and what not,
are also pretty inconsistent with her constant (public facing attention getting) reminders to her readers that she is a "child of God".

I can tell you with absolute certainty that nothing about Tila is what God wants any of His children to be. LOL

Anonymous said...


interesting! i am now very confused...

Donny said...

Who is Tila? are you talking about Tila Tequila? the mind control sex slave? I am also confused.

Anybody remember the Nickelodeon TV show called ''Rocket Power''? check out the symbolism I found in it.

Donny said...

New Aaron McCollum interview

Cloud Tiger said...


The MS Media and Joe Normal will doubtless just call this Foxiness as yet more whorish salacious fame and fortune chasing.
Readers here should know better.

This Fox shoot shows one of her internalised Satanic Programmer Alters, twinned/modelled on herself rather than the real original programmer. Hence her black clothes and the panoply of dominatrix incuding the sofa shot, which looks like sodomy to me.
Shame to see the robotized reality. I prefer her sweatier shoots in bikinis ;D

As for the Fritz fans... "c'mon!"
If you read his books and the other info online about him and then THINK
it is clear he is a disinfo agent, most likely a programmer and also probably a multiple himself.
It is obvious. Like you, I won't bother with an actual case!
Do you believe Fritz when he writes that the Devil Himself incarnates to play a night of poker with the Rothschild family every year? How stupid are you?

The books are must reads for real researchers and not recommneded IMO for others as they are too sordid, morbid... dark subject, child torture. Still, clearly disinfo.
Those who think him being in prison and talking like he's a lost disciple of Jesus 'proves' he is a 'goody' just need a tonne of wiseup juice for their shrivelled brains. It is called "sacrificing a pawn to establish the bona fides of the agent's disinfo". If he is a multiple he would not even know he is guilty, would he now?


They reveal this stuff to terrorise people like us who are waking up to the BS. They set up leaders for you in advance... the shills.

Good post, dude. Don't burnout now... relax in hot tub and take up chi kung. It will feed your brain energy, man.

Now.. trolls. Your know your job: mindlessly attack! ;d

Donny said...

Fuck you dude! you like to be ignorant don't you?
Fritz Springmeier says that about the Rothschild family because when he means ''Devil'' it really is referring to a reptilian no Joke!!! The Rothschild's
Have been associated with reptilians for a long time.
Even that Fritz doesn't know that when he says ''They leave a seat open for satan on certain days'' it is referring to a reptilian you get the point!
Fritz has never been disinfo come on!!! the guy risked his life because he exposed the illuminati and the mind control within Disney! so give him some fucking Slack!!!!
And anyway John Todd told the same thing about how the Rothschild family leave a seat open for certain times for satan so why are you telling me that it isn't true? you're so full of it!!!

Donny said...

My blog is really mess mash right now and I need help with making it look better I just added a new templet
and right when I did everything got mess mashed.
I have a mac computer.


Aleksandra said...

@Donny Have you ever heard of google,yahoo or any other browser?
Or did you know that there are special forums,websites and blogs for mac users where you can discuss about your problems with eligible people?

I don't think Fritz was a handler but I do believe that he went insane.And who knows if the article tells the full truth though I'm sure some of it is true.
This is really confusing,the more that I know the more I realise that I don't know anything,and whatever I find out nothing guarantees that is the truth.

Lori said...


I just watched a presentation that Fritz did and while it was good, I did notice he said at least most are disinfo agents, which while may say at least 95% good, and 5% "poison".

come on now, this was released after all, but at the same time, do you think "they" want him to be credible. of course you are confused!!??!! he happened to get arrested now because he was growing marijuana. that is exactly what they want to do, confuse! discredit! i read that article and he probably is controlled a bit himself, but he said alot of things.

actually this is why i am posting this comment because i am wondering something, if anyone can help me.

i see that these programmed slaves, (what should we call them besides monarch, slaves etc??) programmed multiples? well i heard him say how they have a program on a laptop or what not with access to all the codes for their programmed alters. he says they traumatize because it allows them to store files like a computer in which they have amnesia walls so they do not remeember long term, but these codes can access such files. ok good and all, oh hey is it wrong of me to think, "i wish i was programmed i wouldnt mind having a good career instead of having none!!! (kidding of course but i would be lying if i didnt think that jokingly of course this is not a joke, still you know...) anyways...i havent read the other one that describes various alters they make, but why would they turn some one into, say, a doorknob alter? or like with megan, a mannequin alter? come on, is it just for amusement? honestly, i know there is gem programming, but what is the point of someone thinking they are a ruby? i dont get it! also when these celebrities are out wearing jewelery (gem programming), are they at awards shows thinking they are a diamond? are they aware? if they are not aware, dont they question loss amount of time? also, sex kitten programming? so these people don't have natuaral sexiness if they are being sexy or wearing leopard print, does that mean they are in their kitten programming? im trying to make sense of it but the whole thing makes no sense to me!???! someone please try to explain this...sorry but does this mean katy perry and her airhead wide-eyed ditziness is just her permananently on some sort of alter of hers??? im sorry she just annoys me!!! also, what is the with all the buttkissing in hollywood. i have heard enough about betty white (i had on good morning america and valerie bertinelli was on fawning on about betty white because they were asking her about her) they also kept asking her about her "bucket list" which i found annoying. but im sorry, vulgar old ladies dont really do it for me, is betty white controlled somehow in her old age, even tho she is old, does anyone think she was programmed somehow!??!!

i just still have alot of questions....really.... thank you

i also would like to say, we are all children of God, and he does love us. I was thinking of Tila and how she seems to be trying to help others, even tho she is obviously disinfo, if she really wanted to, she can accept God in her heart and he will save her. Anyone, there is obviously a battle between good and evil going on, we all see it, ESPECIALLY after seeing the evils people are capable with. Keep strong in faith. This is not a joke!

t said...

some people also reckon david icke is disinfo...i guess the stuff about reptilians does sound pretty crazy?! not sure though

Donny said...

Well I guess this is what happens when Ben doesn't come around (Meaning a bunch of dumb ass questions are put here!!!).
Come on how could you not understand mind control?
I know it like a book! just do your research! don't be ignorant! God!!!!!!!!! Damn!!!!!
Also David icke is not disinfo reptilians do exist!
To call him crazy is like calling the truth crazy!

Lori said...

excuse me donny! no answer is stupid and you certainly are not a know it all! your annoying! ok? i am entitled to ask questions. what is the point of gem programming? what is the point of having someone believe they are a mannequin? what does this do? why do they have these problems. it is good to question! geez!!!

Lori said...

i meant programs...

i dont believe in reptilians personally. i believe in evil bloodlines. i believe they are satanic demons...

can someone try to answer what the point of certain programs mean? why would they want someone to believe they are a gemstone? dehumanization i suppose. i suppose the more dehumanized someone feels during their alters the more easier it is to control them.

sad. of course the programmers are also controlled to be soulless programmers.

its alot to think about..

Donny said...

Ok I'll tell what the point of Gem programming is NO
Point!!!! they do it because programmers can turn anything good into bad!!!! get it??????!!!!!!!
Shut the hell up already!!!! people like you make me sick!!! because you are the type who question too much and research so little or don't believe what is given to you!!!

Lori said...

people like me make you sick? why because i have a genuine interest in understanding this stuff? i do my own research but at the same time yes i have questions. so you say you know everything about mind control? good than good for you. i was in support of your sloppily written blog but you are obviously taking out aggression here. please dont tell me what i research and i am entitled to ask questions. please just go away. nobody wants you hear. the information in this blog is meant for us to learn, it is not meant to see anyone as a star and you are jealous of ben. you should just concentrate on sending a message out instead of attacking people.


Lori said...

and yes i do question things. i dont just believe everything i read. it is good to be cautious, wary...i try not to be gullible although i admit sometimes i am...anyways, harassment in any way is not cool. go away and do not reply back to me.

if you are here to turn people off by leaving nasty comments, than those people that can learn are too weak to sift through all the donny comments. ignore his comments people...he has a bad attitude!

please! geez!! HA!!

Donny said...

You are the one with a bad attitude here!
Calling my blog sloppy? well like me tell you something (Ms. I think I am better then you) my editor isn't working well and NO one is helping me with that!
Anyway I expose things you would never think about because you are so aware yet unaware of what cartoons, cartoonists and people are connected with the illuminati, pedophilia and mind control.
I disagree with Ben getting so much credit and me getting so little after ALL I have done this is how you people treat me!!

t said...

i feel like cyber beating the crap out of donny but thats what he wants so i'm not gonna stoop to his pathetic level, well said lori.

Lori said...

i dont want to sit here and argue with you! i am aware of signs and messages in cartoons and such and have been for quite some time. i have noticed things way before i checked out your blog OR this blog. why are you worried about the comments he gets or credit? other people have blogs too but you dont see them complaining when they get hardly any comments. take your emotional problems elsewhere. people here tried to give you genuine good advice, like focusing on your guitar etc. dont let this consume you. also, you dont know what i know so please stop trying to act like you do! i am done arguing with you

Donny said...

I have no emotional problems you are just saying that to make yourself feel better!
Comments do matter!!! so don't you say they don't!

Tara said...

@Lori it's best to leave the attention seeker alone :)

I have some questions as well, mainly regarding the Residential Schools System in Canada. Growing up I never learned much about this part of my history, except for a few odd references in textbooks. It wasn't until the beginning of college that I realized what this horrific program has done; government funded, church-run schools for native children to assimilate them into white society, to 'kill the Indian in the child'. By means of torture, psychological, sexual, and spiritual abuse to mold them into mainstream citizens. I've come across traumatic stories that my elders have come out and told; how they would get a needle through their tongue if they spoke in their language, how they would be forced to watch the raping of another student, how the nuns and priests would kill a child to set an example and leave the dead body in the building for the children to walk by, how they'd live in a constant state of fear, how they couldn't see their own siblings or be allowed to comfort each other, how they began to repress their emotions in order to endure the traumas.. and the list goes on. Once they were done rez school, they were sent back to their villages broken, scared, alienated and in pain. They were never taught social skills, parenting skills, compassion, empathy- all they grew up knowing was abuse.. and sadly brought this back to the aboriginal communities across Canada. I still see it today; the pains of the residential school is degenerating my once strong community. So many are alcoholics, drug addicts, abusers, suicidal, gambling addicts, backstabbers, neglectful parents... the cycle of abuse just keeps repeating and repeating. I'm fortunately one of the few that hasn't experienced this abuse from my parents, they were strong enough to break it.

My questions are, how do I break this cycle for everyone else? How do I help end their suffering? I know the government did this as a systematic way to destroy native culture, but how do we go about bringing it back before it's gone completely? How do I convince my generation to stop their self-destructive ways? I've tried getting help for my relatives multiple times but all they did was lash out and retreat further into their addictions.

Donny said...

You guys are sooo full of it!! you say I am an attention seeker when I'm not, you have no respect what so ever for me nor my blog, and you still all idolize Ben and think it is far for me to get no comments and Ben to get all of the comments!!!
You people make me sick!!!!!! you guys are the type of truthers who have corrupted the truth telling community with your stupid actions!! and discussions that are a wast of time!!

t said...


thats SO awful! oh my god! :/

word verification: red gened?!

Aleksandra said...


I am also questioning why is my country(Serbia) so much hated in the world and why is it so mistreated.People actually imagine it as some kind of Kazahstan.All because of the propaganda sold to people in the US and all over the world.
And why did I have to be punished for the mistakes of other people?
Why have I had to run every night to the damn bombshelter and fear everyday for the worst?Why did I have to live my childhood in a basement with no water or electricity where i got pneumonia but was not able to go to a hospital becuase we couldn't even leave the house.
What is also strange is that everytime I would have a nightmare it would always end with a loud siren which use to warn us to run to the bomb shelter and this stopped at about 2 years ago even thoguh the bombing happend about 10 years ago.
And why is my first house in Croatia been half-burned and the words don't come back were written over it?Same goes for my mother's house and land in Bosnia which is now unreachable because of Muslims.
What is also sad that most of houses of the people we know were burned down by the Albanians and the land was easily(no matter if the law the EU itself created doesn't let it)given to them.

What is probably the biggest irony of all in the NATO bombing of Serbia which caused many people in my country to be deeply traumatized and which completley destoryed every sign of improvment and progress in Serbia(destroying televisions,firms,bridges,railways,hospitals,etc.) is that the whole action was called MERCIFUL ANGEL.

Anonymous said...

Donny - I'm starting to believe that it is YOU who is full of it. Are you ...full of sh*t or what? I've just read your comments back...I know I said to ignore you on the other thread but I just came to this blog and cannot believe that you are being so godamm rude to everyone..when most people here, incl. me, thought well of you and wanted to genuinely give you some advice..You say you want THIS how you go about getting respect? I am seriously worried about the school system in your area..your teachers...your family...WHAT have they been telling you? WHAT have you been 'programmed' to believe? I seriously worry about you Donny...
Ben has built up the respect over time, I don't remember him ever calling the rest of us 'fools' etc...Go, pick up your guitar and strum some cool notes for a week or so, and GET THE F*CK OFF THE INTERNET !!
That's the best and last advice I'm gonna give you mate!

I think I need to have a word with your father also...


Anonymous said...

Donny...I've calmed down now and left you my final message at your site!

Good night!


Aleksandra said...

@Donny pls use your sence of logic.I am sure that you could understand the mistakes you are
making if you would try.
I am very near your age and I am shocked at the way you are acting like a 9 year old.
For someone who is soon going to be 16 your actions are very disgraceful.Ofc,this all seems funny to you as someone on the internet who doesn't even know you is telling you how to act and what to do but I am telling you the truth 'cause I honestly feel sorry for you.You are putting soo much shame on your name.
I think you are not ready to share the info you have or to help anyone.You must first help completely lost your pride,as a matter of fact you sold it for attention of people you do not know and people who do not care for you.You should read more books about life,talk to old and wise people and learn to regain your pride back and to be independet.
Please don't be hurt by this I don't want you to be offended by what I said in anyway,if you were,then all this that I've written would be just a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Another brainwashing shitty series? Silence trigger and their skin is dirty? Very nice...

Hmmm... LIBERTY WALK, Miley's new song...

Don't live a lie, this is your one life ooh
Don't live it like you won't get lost
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Lori said...

Tara, my mother is algonquin/cree from northern quebec. she went to those boarding schools. i didnt finish reading your comment i will, but i just wanted to say real quick (i also left comments about it on other posts) she got a settlement from the school because every one of the children who went received a check due to abuse. they were forced to get their hair cut...learn french, learn catholism, they were sexually and physically abused. my mom had a brother who "died" they said he was retarded but he was fine before he went to the schools.

yes i have been trying to find out more about these schools as well. it is awful what they did...

Lori said...

and yes there is still alot of alchohlism in northern quebec where my mother is from, alot of sexual abuse, alot of mother is fine but she was telling me how they did abuse the children and they basically wanted them to forget who they really were and turn them into something they are not. what tribe/tribes are you?

aleksandra, i am sorry to hear about that it must be so tough to grow up like that i could not even imagine!

Tara said...


I'm sorry to hear that, I cannot imagine having to live in such a way- living in fear of bombings and being plagued with nightmares. I can't answer your questions either, as I don't know much about your country. I have heard some things about the NATO cluster bombings, mainly that there were many unactivated bombs left around Serbia and how NATO is trying to justify their actions. From what I've heard, it was illegal and they weren't given permission by the UN Security Council.


I know many have gotten settlements/checks from the government but that only angers me. How can the government expect $$ to make up for all of the social problems that plague our communities? How can $$ ease the painful memories of residential school survivors, how can it stop the abuse from happening to younger generations? It's also maddening that people on the outside looking in just assume that 'its a part of their culture'- I've run across so many individuals saying that and it took a lot of self-control to not smack them. The sexual, physical, mental, emotional abuse is so rampant and only getting worse.. you are right about the rez system forcing them to forget who they are, they all lost their sense of identity, their ties to the culture and community. Now the generations after them are ashamed to be native, and want no part of their culture at all- they mock their own language, disrespect their elders, snub traditional oral stories passed down generations, disrupt the feasts..

I am of the Tsimshian nation on the Northwest Coast of BC.

jerry_beck said...

I just noticed Uruguay flag during todays match

Lori said...

it is sad that they have succeeded somewhat in making natives just sigh and not think too much about it. they think that those checks can take away the memory of abuse and torture, well it cant. my relatives in canada are suffering from the effects but they get by. my mom got married and moved to the states soon after. she is living a happy life but she does not forget what happened, she just keeps her strength in her faith.

i also just wanted to sort of quote this i re-read from cloud tiger:

This Fox shoot shows one of her internalised Satanic Programmer Alters, twinned/modelled on herself rather than the real original programmer. Hence her black clothes and the panoply of dominatrix incuding the sofa shot, which looks like sodomy to me.
Shame to see the robotized reality. I prefer her sweatier shoots in bikinis ;D still wondering why are there certain alters? why is there a twinned, satanic, programmed alter??? and wouldnt megan fox see the pictures and wouldnt she be like, "i do not remember taking those pictures!?!?!"

oh she is now engaged to BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN. is there any meaning behind that? sigh! things are certainly not as normal as they seem quote a wizard of oz quote "were not in kansas anymore" ((i hope that is not used as a trigger code!??!))

yes i do need to find out more. i just want to learn more...thats all

Donny said...

First of all Marty and the others who have responded to me, I just want to say my dad is a great guy okay he has nothing to do with anything here! and he has survived the MK-ultra program.
He also has survived years of toxic roofing etc.
You want to know why I am like this? then I will tell you.
First of all I grew up an american sikh but stopped wearing what we call a ''Turban'' because I was tired of being called ''Terrorist'' and such.
Every single friend I had who where asshole little punk American sikh kids always bullied me around so I became a bully for a little bit then stopped because I knew it was wrong, one of the sikh friends I had pulled a REAL samurai sword to my head and forced me to beg for mercy (Which I did because if I didn't I would probably have been dead), that same friend threatened me a lot this is only because his parents where EVIL!!!! rich assholes who always left him in the dust and cared for their daughters more! he I think even now has a fucked up life! his dad was the worst and the most strict too.
you see my family comes from I think a long line of generational mind control.
I explained a lot of the mind control that I have gone thru in this

The sikh camp I only went to once was a mind control facility, they world treat you like dogs! and sometimes not even feed you!
They forced you to take cold showers which was one of their mind control methods they would do to you a lot!

I hves astro travelled and been Astrolly attacked many times mainly in the spirit world by the occult.
Even today I experience what I call ''Dream/Nightmare Mind Control'' which is the main type of mind control I have been exposed too.
Read my profile it will catch more on this!

Me and my father have been screwed oh so many times not just by the American sikhs but everybody where we live.
If I told you where I lived I would probably be killed so that is why I stay in the shadows on the internet when it comes to where I live.

I never meant to be rude or nasty but when you get thrown and destroyed by so many friends you know how it makes you feel So lonely that you feel as if there is no meaning in life anymore!
I have always been used and abused by so called ''Friends'' so many times that I will have to crave attention.
Socializing is in my astrology too so I hate to be left out of anything and feel like shit if No one or hardly anyone comments on my posts considering that it is the only thing I have to look forward to.

I know you will probably say ''How can you believe this story?'' but I am no scam artist wanting money
All I want is me and my dad to be happy which we are not at the time being.

I wanted to create my own band and record company and follow my dreams but no one is helping me out and like always leaves me in the dust! sitting there waiting to die! that is all they do to you leave you out always when they know your
Family is even struggling to eat!!! Yeah that is how I am living now okay???!!!!!! you guys have no idea what hell I have been thru in my life!!! I still have Nightmares!!! I still am pretty much poor!!! are you
No!!!! because you get to go eat places and have fun but do me and my father get to do that NO!!!!!
Because we have been struggling for a long fucking Time!!!!!!

Tara said...


I wish there was more I could do; I've tried helping relatives individually, tried convincing them to go to group programs (AA, healing circles, etc), contacted counsellors, psychologists, addictions specialists for them and they shoot it down, saying that I'm not a 'true native' because I choose not to drink or do drugs with them. It's so freakin frustrating.. ugh..

As far as the Satanic Altar, I find it rather stupid that many associate black/dominatrix/sodomy/all things evil with Satanism. The degradation, public blasphaming, stereotyping of Satanism has gone on for centuries and continues without stop because of ignorance. People are afraid of what they don't understand and thus label it as evil; I've explained this before and I'll repeat. Satanism, true Satanism, is about empowering yourself through meditation, opening your chakra points and reaching a higher level of understanding. Living your life the way you want to, and responsibility to the responsible. It's also offensive many believe (and voice) Satan to be a red skinned, big horned, forked tail looking demon.. I'm sure if I went around saying the Christian god looked like an overweight fairy with a pigs head and a lazy eye, many Christians would be upset.

As for the reason why there would be a twinned/mannequin altar, maybe it's to dehumanize Fox. Or as the writer of the article said, to have her in a frozen trance state. Maybe if she sees the pictures it triggers her into another altar? Or for her to forget she's taken those photos? Or attributed to her 'mental illness'.. I'm not sure.

Lori said...

thanks tara...i agree with you too. some people cannot except help they are too burdened with the shame and sadness and cannot bring themselves to get help. its sad.

i just copied and pasted what cloud tiger posted about it up there about the "satanic alter"

that is what i am trying to find out, why the programmed alters? but then i think too that it must be to dehumanize them...

it looks as if she is playing the part of the programmer and she is programming her old self, its all symbolic too..

depiction of God is usually white beard, etc...i just had to say but i understand the point you are saying...

LVB said...


Actually, Satan is Lucifer, who was the most beautiful of all the angels in Heaven.

Hence the power of deception. People will usually believe a beautiful lie, over an ugly truth.

You may think you're just playing with chakras and whatnot, but you're playing with fire and the deepest evil that exists - in a shiny and deceptive packaging.
Don't get all mad at me or anything, that's totally your choice so "do what thou wilt" and all that stuff. One day, you will know what you've chosen and hopefully say OMG oops.

There's nothing new under the sun, for quite a long time now. :)

LVB said...


The reason your beautiful country is so misunderstood and hated is because Serbia is probably the most villianized, victimized and lied about country that I know of in the modern history of this world.

The elitist scum that are Bill Clinton, Richard Holbrooke, Madeleine Albright, Javier Solana, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, et al. are responsible for these lies and murders.

NATO did not have the backing of the United Nations Security Council, nor did Bill Clinton have the backing of the US Congress to bomb the hell out of Serbian civilians, but they did it anyway, like the criminals that they truly are.

Because this is not really the proper place to address it in too much detail, I'd like very much for you to email me about this, if you feel comfortable doing that.

I'd really like to hear more
about your experiences, because I'm actually writing a book (it is almost half finished!) about exactly this subject - some pieces of it will appear on my blog, eventually.

I can tell you so much more, if you want to know more.

One quick example, which is related to MK, is human sex slave trafficking. Most people do not know that Kosovo and Albania are the primary routes and sources for almost all of the heroin from Afghanistan (now at record high levels) and human sex slavery from Eastern Europe (former Soviet republics) into Western Europe, and beyond. Scotland Yard, MI5/6, CIA and Interpol know all about this, and yet it continues.

There is an awful lot of middle eastern oil money involved, too, so run that through your active minds and see what you come up with.

Aleksandra, your country has suffered so much, mostly for reasons it did not deserve. I pray that better times are ahead for you in your life. :)

LVB said...

If any of you want to know more, here are some excellent sources:

Scott Taylor

"Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting - Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia" by Peter Brock

"To Kill a Nation - The Attack on Yugoslavia" by Michael Parenti

LVB said...


Every word you type screams mental and emotional problems.

The fact that you do not recognize what you say as being mental and emotional problems screams mental and emotional problems. lol

The fact that someone who, just days ago, used suicidal threat behavior to get attention, "to see if anyone cared" and to manipulate others into "helping you with your blog" screams mental and emotional problems. Serious problems.

These are not criticisms of you, Donny, they are well-informed observations the repetitive patterns of your behavior, and it's not good.

You are in no condition to be helping anyone else, whether that involves MK deprogramming (which anyone should know needs to be left only to seriously trained and qualified specialists - not even regular "garden variety" shrinks) or any other disorder - you're not qualified or educated enough to even help yourself, apparently.

Your desire to help people is admirable, but the phrase "The blind leading the blind" comes to mind.

(And I mean no offense to the many wonderful visually-impaired people in the world, by speaking of them in the same breath as poor Donny) :)

LVB said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your psychotic response, Donny.

Don't disappoint us all. lol

Donny said...

If you really knew me LVB you would think differently of me and not call me 'Insane'' or whatever!
You see I told you guys to look at the post I just did on Yogi Bhajan because this post tells you more about my life and how I was even MK'd by the american sikhs.
Please read it! you don't have to comment on my post if you don't want to.
All that I care about is the fact that you read it.


and stop calling me mentally insane I am not going to any mental hospital EVER!! because they will fill me up with drugs and put me under mind control!

The problems I have I can only fix myself and that's Final! if I get loyal friends this would all go away like it never happened but it's not like that in my situation.

I am actually less insane then it appears LVB :)

LVB said...

If anyone seriously wants to help someone with DID, whether or not it is related to systematic ritual abuse (MK) or the more "typical" but no less traumatic child sexual abuse, I would say you probably need to contact Valerie Sinason's Clinic for Dissociative Studies.

She has more experience in this field than probably anyone else, and started her own clinic just so that she could dedicate herself exclusively to DID cases - which says a great deal about her character, being that this pays significantly less than other work she could be doing in a more generalized clinical setting.

I learned of her in Ben's great post, "The Art of Dissociation", and I have done a good deal of research about her and her work, past and present. I recommend reading about her studies, it's all quite fascinating if you can handle the very disturbing nature and events within the cases she discusses.

Whether or not it is MK-related,
DID is a very serious thing, and it is not to be toyed with by just any old person who has read Springmeier's book and thinks they know what they are doing.

For the record, I'll be clear that I think some of what Fritz says in his book is truthful, perhaps a lot of it - but some is probably not accurate at all, which may not necessarily be his fault.

And, I don't find his ex-wife's accounts of his meth use and erratic behavior leading up to his arrest to be all that difficult to believe.

He may have been "set up" for the actual arrest part, but it is pretty clear that he was using meth prior to this, and I think we all know about the psychotic delusions and extreme paranoia that accompany frequent and high intensity methamphetamine use.

Nuff said?

Donny said...

Dude LVB please just listen to me once of course I was MK'd but that doesn't mean I have DID come on dude we have been over this many times and every single time you conger something else up to tell me that I am still ''Insane'' or that I have MPD.
Please stop it you don't even know me personally so how can you tell what I am? don't make judgements of me until you know me personally got it?

LVB said...


This is a good article, and there are many others like it at this site.

Kosovo is No Success Story

Aleksandra said...

@LVB I tried to email you but it failed,I received an alert where it said that either your adress is inavlid or expired.
If you can e-mail at and tell me more details of the book you are writing I would very much appreciate it.
sorry if I don't reply today 'cuase it's my b'day :)

Anonymous said...

This is for Lori who keeps asking why there are different codes for alters: I.e. GEM programming, Satanic, kitten etc.

These people are used by the elite for different purposes. Things you cannot even begin to imagine. Drug running, porn, ritual satanic pruposes a la Eyes Wide Shut.

They cannot be consciously aware of who uses them for what. Sometimes they are used with childen for the entertainment of the elite, people you don't even know exist can call up and say I want Megan Fox and Dakota Fanning driven to my mansion and perform a lesbo porn scene with a horse.

Ok...? That kind of stuff. Obviously that was just an example.

The different GEMS code and alters designate to THOSE IN THE KNOW, what purposes the actresses/entertainers etc. can be used for.

Emerald means drug running. Hence Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in huge green earrings, who flies her own private jet for no apparent reason to different places around the world. Jolie is also involved in child trafiicking.

Diamonds mean something else. Diamonds are presidential models, perhaps signifying, if a star like Paris wears a diamond to an event that she can be used by political figures at that event AFTER HOURS.

Its not just about thinking you're a dimond. Its about what you BECOME and what you are made to do without remembering.

Anonymous said...

This is for Lori who keeps asking why there are different codes for alters: I.e. GEM programming, Satanic, kitten etc.

These people are used by the elite for different purposes. Things you cannot even begin to imagine. Drug running, porn, ritual satanic pruposes a la Eyes Wide Shut.

They cannot be consciously aware of who uses them for what. Sometimes they are used with childen for the entertainment of the elite, people you don't even know exist can call up and say I want Megan Fox and Dakota Fanning driven to my mansion and perform a lesbo porn scene with a horse.

Ok...? That kind of stuff. Obviously that was just an example.

The different GEMS code and alters designate to THOSE IN THE KNOW, what purposes the actresses/entertainers etc. can be used for.

Emerald means drug running. Hence Angelina Jolie at the Oscars in huge green earrings, who flies her own private jet for no apparent reason to different places around the world. Jolie is also involved in child trafiicking.

Diamonds mean something else. Diamonds are presidential models, perhaps signifying, if a star like Paris wears a diamond to an event that she can be used by political figures at that event AFTER HOURS.

Its not just about thinking you're a dimond. Its about what you BECOME and what you are made to do without remembering.

Anonymous said...

americas next top model series 8 living channel im watching it now....for the second part of the challenge the wannabe models are greeted by two male twin models who go by the name of zarian squared...theyre frozen pretending to be mannequins when the girls enter on a platform decorated with butterflies....the girls are split in teams of three, they have to choose clothes n create a look for the display then stand as if they are mannequins, the decorations are butterflies and one team name themselves 'spring MONARCHS' and 'aphrodities box' lool......
The first part of the challenge theyre met by elite model managements cathy gould, and model claudia MASON.----- is she really a top model????.....when she talks her face is lop sided and she only uses one side of her mouth.....

Anonymous said...

To anony 8:48, thanks, great info indeed.


Anonymous said...

@ annoymous 08:48 who answers lori's question, why gem programming and what does it represent??......very intresting answer......please can you elaborate further?? ive wondered this myself too thanx...

Anonymous said...

@ annoymous 08:48 who answers lori's question, why gem programming and what does it represent??......very intresting answer......please can you elaborate further?? ive wondered this myself too thanx...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its JESSICA ALBA...


LVB said...

Wow, all these names from the "Brief History of Stars" series are coming up today lol

And the suspected Monarchs are performing exactly as expected - Fox, Fanning, Jolie, Alba...

Imagine that. :)

Thanks for the info, very interesting and revealing stuff.

LVB said...


Thank you for writing and the info.

I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope it's the best one ever. :)

LVB said...

Also, those Alba pics are typically disturbing.

I notice in the one where she is "blowing the whistle", that there are multiple shadow alters symbolized, as well as the doll (insignificant original personality?), as well as the fabric box on her skirt positioned (intentionally) over her "box" area. And what are all those small objects littering the floor?

Lori said...

thank you anonymous for clearing that up, it is truly disturbing to even think and imagine. i have seen people in hypnotic states and i can only imagine a paris or megan or someone in a hypnotic state carrying out these perversions and or crimes. it is truly upsetting that these "celebrities" that we are supposed to be envious of, to want to be, that we watch in movies, singing, entertaining us, can and are being used for these perverted elite. i wish they can wake up and be freed of this slavery, but as we all know, this is a very VERY tough thing to do...its such a helpless feeling. i feel so bad for them! :(

i have seen eyes wide shut, most people think its some sort of sex club movie, its not!

hmm....i am worried someone might come across reading this info and it will trigger them to self harm...that is another thing i wonder about..

what if someone who is MK'd comes across a site such as this? how will they handle it? i only have concern..

thank you

Lori said...

another thing i wonder is, these photoshoots are obviously symbolic. i am sure that those who know what is going on can see images such as megan and mannequin and know that they can use her for certain things...what about lindsey and the gun? is that symbolic of her self destruct programming?

there is so much to sorry but i am fascinated by this is that wrong of me?

also, we all see their normal persona's, their normal personalities i guess you can say...dont they question loss amount of time? or are they so used to it? i dont get it. i wish i can ask someone who is in the entertainment industry, but that thought itself makes me nervous...

i do know people that work in hollywood....

eh....i dont know anymore

Anonymous said...

john goodman on david letterman. Notice how LETTERman calls him three times by his name to start the interview and the xpression on LETTERman's face.

Goodman was on Roseanne with confirmed MK Roseanne Barr.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of getting monarchs to "perform" with children. Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber photographed at the WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT'S DINNER a couple weeks ago, and frolicking on the beach as a new "couple"

Article asks "Will Kim Kardashian take Bieber's virginity?"

Anonymous said...

also, we all see their normal persona's, their normal personalities i guess you can say...dont they question loss amount of time? or are they so used to it? i dont get it. i wish i can ask someone who is in the entertainment industry, but that thought itself makes me nervous...

^^^^^They literally DON'T REMEMBER what they do. That's why they are so valuable, and why even though they may not be talented in their fields, or particularly attractive, they're sent shooting to the top of the heap again and again.

They do however act out their sadness through addictive behaviors, drug use and cutting and promiscuity etc. but of course they don't know WHY.

Anonymous said...

Eww.....I just remembered Britanny Murphy with Dakota Fanning in that movie Uptown Girls. Always did think that was a random pairing of actresses.!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Notice whats written on the wall in that JESSICA ALBA's photoshoot:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ annoymous 08:48 who answers lori's question, why gem programming and what does it represent??......very intresting answer......please can you elaborate further?? ive wondered this myself too thanx...

^^The GEM programming also came down fom the royal families of old. If you notice the monarchs in the olden days even wore coded jewelry.

This was portrayed in The Tudors. Certain gems or rings communicated such subtlties as spy craft intentions. Of course it also goes back to alchemy as well and occult.

The gems probably related to the planets, the elements etc. Some jewels could even be charged with demonic energy and passed down in a family. The Family Jewels..

LVB said...

You guys are all really on top of it today - awesome stuff.

Keep up the good work...this is the best relevant conversation I've seen here in quite awhile.

Very good to see. :)

And the effect of dissociation to trauma is so complete that people will not remember anything, consciously. Just as with car accidents, combat or whatever. People used to always use the phrase "they blocked it out".

That is dissociation in the mind. Traumatic events that are severe enough are completely "firewalled" off from the rest of the brain's functional memory and personality aspects, although they can surface during times of extreme stress or new traumas, in some cases.

But as someone said, they will mostly just act out in destructive or self-destructive ways, and not have any idea why they are doing it.

Anonymous said...

Could this be the reason for Paris Britney and Lindsay famously hanging out..?

They look totally confused and a little scared.

Anonymous said...

Natasha Richardson in ONYX earrings

Brad Pitt wore a black ONYX ring to Washington on two separate occasions. Once to meet Nacy Pelosi (Rawr!) LOL!

Britney Spears ONYX tour

Wonder what onyx means..

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I had to post this. That Britney ONYX tour wiki page is a real eye opener.


"Spears said the hotel theme was inspired by having traveled so much, and was merged with the onyx stone concept. The tour was described as a "unique, mysterious hotel powered by an onyx stone, where guests who enter shine their own light into the gemstone and make their fantasies come to life. It's a vibrant, whimsical place where wondrous dreams are realized, and the darkest of secrets are revealed."

Lori said...

hmm...i was just about to make a comment about The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. I remember i used to look at this mysterious creepy looking castle, mansion every time i would drive past it, it had an owl on the window too. i wonder if programming happens there? its invite only and it is for hypnotists and magicians.

here is the main page:

it makes me think of this really creepy looking masonic lodge which is in bethlehem PA...

i always wonder what exactly goes on in these masonic temples/lodges ever since i started reading about it...

i know they are all over the country and even know people that are freemasons, but still, its that curiosity factor...

also, i think that kim k/justin bieber thing is really weird and stupid...i used to watch little house on the prairie all the time. my sister said i reminded her of laura ingalls HAHA

Lori said...

hmm this is weird....two people reunite 22 years later at disney world magic kingdom....they took the same picture with one of the dwarfs as kids who did not know each other and years later ended up getting married. not sure if that was such a coincedence, could be? who knows??

LVB said...

Remember when I mentioned Ozzy's upcoming interview with Digg?

Here it is:

LVB said...

It's a long interview btw, with a bit of a snore factor, but he does say some interesting things if you know how to decode them.

Around 25 minutes, he talks about taking a lot of LSD...says some very revealing stuff. Also, when he talks about the area he's from, Birmingham, and how so many successful bands are from there - that's something to pay attention to, in my opinion. There was probably a lot more happening in that working class area than people realize.

LVB said...

Does anyone know for certain what year Springmeier and Wheeler published their guide to creating a mind controlled slave?

Just curious...

Anonymous said...

This blog has basically become a gossip site, MK celebrity worship style. If anyone wonders why the comments section seems to be inundated with narcissism and infighting, just take a look at the shallow and sensationalistic way that the material here is presented, without looking into the deeper realities of trauma, including whether many of these celebrities would even want for their personal lives to be discussed here. Chances are they wouldn't like it very much at all for random strangers to be gossiping about who molested them as children.
The sensationalism and lack of compassion on this site will only be reflected in the personalities of the people who are drawn here. So there is no point in "taking action" because the same problem will come back with a different face.

Donny said...

Free To Be said...

Hey Ben, when will you get around to Alessandra Torresani? The photoshoots she's done are extremely disturbing. She's close to people in the industry too.

She was quoted as saying in an interview, being asked what she thought of seeing herself naked everywhere in promotion for Caprica, "That's not me" Very telling.

btw She's close to the photographer Tyler Shileds. He's been called the new "Terry Richardson" He did a disturbing photoshoot with Lindsay Lohan a while back.

These photo shoots are getting so repetitive! Don't they have any new ideas?

LVB said...


Exactly! Shouldn't this alone get the unaware/disbelievers in MK thinking just a little bit? I mean, come on, the same very tiresome themes and imagery being
constantly repeated over and over and OVER....

I've also been noticing quite a few butterflies in ads for products where it is totally unrelated to what is being sold or the story being told to sell the product - one was Verizon, another was the asthma inhaler Advair. There are others.

I also heard an old song the other day that I thought of in a little bit different light, after hearing it for - what almost 30 years now? (Lyrics by Taupin, of course)

Prima Donna lord you really should have been there
Sitting like a princess perched in her electric chair
And it's one more beer and I don't hear you anymore
We've all gone crazy lately
My friends out there rolling round the basement floor

And someone saved my life tonight sugar bear
You almost had your hooks in me didn't you dear
You nearly had me roped and tied
Altar-bound, hypnotized
Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
You're a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye

It's a little like the possible alternate meaning in Eleanor Rigby, as I mentioned in Part 1 of the Brief History thing.

Snacks for thought. :)

LVB said...

I've only seen part of one epi of Caprica, but I've been hearing a lot of interesting stuff about it.
Do you watch it, Victoria?

What I saw involved a bizarre tranny scene in a club...pretty disturbing. I did actually like the BSG series, though, despite the obvious H+ desensitization and all. I may give the prequel a closer look one of these days.

As far as Alessandra, I hadn't really heard much about her, but since you mentioned it, I took a brief look...

"Before becoming an actress she studied dancing and singing from the age of two. At the age of 8, she landed a job doing interviews between cartoons on the WB network. She has a black belt in taekwondo."

The age of 2, huh?? Nothing monarch-ish about that, huh? :)

new anon said...

Elton John also sings that song. hmmm.

Aleksandra said...

I just can't wait until the end of the July for a new post!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Good morning. I have just added you to my way-too-long-but-thoroughly-impressive blog list.

My very first week of blogging in 2006 or 7, I forget which, was an extensive on one of my pet projects and deepest interests, MK ultra and slaves. In fact, I still tell people, if you do not "get the concept" you will not "get" the programme we deal with today.

I have not had time to read any of your stuff but taken a fast looksee and known I will be back and lost in your contents however I am in the middle of a post and found you by happenstance.

It seems the Middle East, general world news, and the Deepwater black flag give me almost no time to do much else these days because Deepwater could be, well is, the end of the world as we know it and the brain washed of America don't know it yet. As with 911, they are being trauma controlled and kept away from learning about what is really going on with Israel, Turkey and the US of A regarding the flotilla murders. Lord... back to work, I will be back, promises!

And ty for exposing this horrendous topic to so many people! You are doing good work.

Free To Be said...

Hey LVB! I never watched BSG before, and I stumbled upon caprica I suppose when LUF did a post on alternate realities and I watched a clip. Looks like the particular clip I watched is gone now, but out of respect here's the link.

Then I watched the first episode and I couldn't stop watching. Not only does this show deal with alternate realities and trans humanism, it has an aspect of religion in it as well.

But, I think people should be aware when watching shows like that to know that that kind of future would not be good. This show definitively fits into predictive programming and I also think it's a reflection on our society.

That's an interesting song you quoted btw. There's a ton of music I look back on now and see things I didn't before.

Lori said...

i know that this is most likely unrelated to anything, but in the town/city near me, i have been noticing symbolisms. i cant stand noticing them either. i think these are coincedences of course. i notice this store which has a flag with butterflies and next to that flag is a flag with mickey mouse on it. there is a pizza store called fox's pizza and next to it is a furniture store called monarchs. of course i always wonder about the freemason's building snuggled in between two other stores...

i notice that advair commercial too, and that one friskies commercial (someone linked to it) where the cat travels to a fantasy world.... anonymous that said something to the likes of this is more like a 'celebrity of MK gossip site'...i dont feel it is. i mean, we are only human of course it is natural to be intrigued i guess, interested in how this kind of abuse/mind control happens. most people do not even care to research or find out about it, they are more consumed with their own day to day activities, lives, jobs, and families. i have my own reasons on how i got here as im sure every one else does. and to me it makes me very sad. in fact, when i first started reading about the young disney stars etc, i felt very upset about it.

LVB- those lyrics are very telling...

Lori said...

oh no! did i press the wrong button? my comment is not showing up!????! i hate that!!! great...

hmm...well i notice the butterflies too in that asthma inhalent, also the cat in the friskies commercial that disociates (someone put a link to that commercial here before)

i just said basically that the city/town next to me has some symbols in it, although i dont think it means anything, i am seeing signs everywhere...

there is a store that sells flags and in the window is a flag of butterflies and next to it is a flag with mickey mouse. also next to the fox pizzaria is a furniture store called Monarch with a butterfly on it. also a few stores down, nestled in between other stores, is a freemasons place, but you cant see it unless you look...

what else did i write? oh those lyrics, LVB, are very telling...

and to anonymous who said this has become a gossip site for MK CELEBS or whatever, i have my own reasons how i found this which i am sure every indivual reader has. its not like we have no compassion, but we are humans. we are built with an inate sense of fascination, intrigue, concern etc by our fellow humans. when i first read about the traumas (i have read about project monarch before but not in such a familiar way where these celebrities that we know and have grown up with or like or see in movies or listen too, and we read about how they have been part of mind kontrol abuse, it really touches know? its not that we have no compassion! i have felt very sad upon reading about these disney stars. it is terrible. any sort of abuse and trauma is extremely horrible.

i have to admit i always liked the idea, ever since i was a kid, of fantasy worlds, i used to try and go into different 'worlds' with my friends etc. we tried to go to dark world which had playing cards in them (i guess like alice in wonderland) i have read and studied and even did astral projection, astral travelling etc. i always like the idea of fantasy worlds, magical worlds, fairies, unicorns,castles etc but what kid doesnt?

its just sad to see how they use it to help the victims disassoiate (HOW DO I SPELL THAT WORD I CAN NEVER SPELL IT RIGHT!??)

anyways...hope everyone has a good weekend!

Lori said...

oh the monarchs furniture has a butterfly on it too, also i didnt quite mean intrigued i meant concerned. understandably so, no one would want a group of strangers to talk about who molested them as kids, but this is bringing awareness. this has been going on why should it be a secret? why SSHHHHH dont tell! why should they continue what they are doing while no one even knows?

most of the people in this country/world are too busy with their jobs, lives, families, their own day to day activities. most people do not know, do not care to know, or think nothing of it.

this affects us differently as we are all our own indivuals....

Anonymous said...

" understandably so, no one would want a group of strangers to talk about who molested them as kids, but this is bringing awareness. this has been going on why should it be a secret? why SSHHHHH dont tell! why should they continue what they are doing while no one even knows?"
Well it isn't that the subject shouldn't be discussed so much as that is incredibly important to discuss issues of sexual abuse in a way that doesn't replicate the abuse they received in the first place! And I don't really see too much compassion on this site, mostly just google eyed fascination and gawking. Part of the programming of celebrities involves the creation of narcissism which is then followed by breaking the person down by fracturing the ego through psychological abuse, including the complete absence of privacy which destroys any sense of the self. The attitudes of many of the posters here seem to be that these celebrities are "disgusting" and vile people for being so hypersexualized by the media or whoever else. So how does this serve to create a culture where traumatized people actually feel comfortable enough to come forward about their programming? ANser: it doesn't. If the people who are the supposed mind control activists are occupied by gossiping and putting celebrities down for what they were probably only programmed to do in the first place, then the secrets are more likely to stay silent forever.

Anonymous said...

^^WTF are you talking about? No one is saying celebrities ae disgusting!! If you really think that you're not reading carefully.

code word "holly"

LVB said...

I only remember calling the ruling elite (some of whom could be MK-ed I suppose, but most would be the evildoers and handlers) disgusting or scum of the earth.

Although I must admit, I do consider people like Oprah, Babs Streisand and Rosie O Donnell to be quite disgusting and vile, whether they are MK-ed or not.

You'll just have to forgive me lol

LVB said...

Also, re: the Elton John/Taupin song, it occurs to me that as songwriters (myself included), we can often find creative ways of using plays on words and puns, not only to just to be more poetic, but also to convey multiple, parallel and even opposite meanings, in clever ways.

"Someone saved my life tonight" could be a form of this - based on the lyrical content and context - could easily be saying "Someone slaved my life tonight".

Another method, both with lyrics and musical phrases, is to invoke psychological triggers of things the listening audience may already be familiar with. This is often recognized, but is usually just thought of as "ripping off" another song because the writer lacks original ideas - which is often the case.

But it can also be a clever way of "bonding" with the listener on a subconscious level, leading them with familiar words and musical phrases reminiscent of other songs that they already have a fondness for. This can cause listeners to then transfer this assocation and fondness to the new song, often without realizing until much later that "hey this sounds like that other song I like" or has words that invoke similar mental imagery.

Many songwriters do this very effectively - a recent example is Gaga, being that unlike most pop stars, she actually has the abiity to play a musical instrument well and writes songs, but there are numerous other examples.

Advertising and news media propaganda frequently use these same devices to provoke emotional responses with what is shown visually, and is often contrasted by the words and other audio that accompany the visual aspects of the programming involved.

Cognitive dissonance is one part of this, the subconscious disturbance and natural desire within us to resolve the conflicting ideas presented. It forces us into conflicted states of thought, and along with other layers in the metacommunication, positions us to receive the message in a certain way; to reach pre-determined conclusions of their own design.

There are a number of ways that mass media "do the thinking for us" in advance, but an active, aware mind can exert its own will and override these messages, which are basically another very clever and dangerous form of pre- and post-hypnotic suggestions.

Donny said...

Desteni exposed by youtuber!

Lori said...

i do understand the trauma involved in creating different "files" to store and to create different alters, personalities, etc. i would like to learn and i do not think of it as "horrible celebrities" i dont think anyone on this site is putting down anyone or blaming their 'sexuality' on themselves, we all know better otherwise what are we doing here? i have been reading this site for a few months and i have read almost all the articles etc. i do feel compassion, i feel extreme sadness towards these victims. this is not a site to "gossip" and put anyone down, this is a site to learn more and share stories and links and to discuss such issues. please, if anyone happens to come here do not think we are gawking or blaming anyone. and as far as being fascinated or intrigued, i have used those words, and i admit its almost surreal how this occurs and i was not aware of it until recently. i do feel concerned, but i am only human after all. we all have problems and issues within ourselves, believe me. my mind is that of a creative, open-mind. i would like to do a movie or write about a lovely actress who realizes they have D.I.D. but i would not even know where to begin. like i said, i have always been creative is it wrong of me to feel upset concerned, but also sort of...whats the word im looking for? i dont know....but sexual abuse is a horrible thing and any sort of abuse is. i dont find that fascinating at all!

Anonymous said...

"Your pal Tila's new "revelation" is exactly what I said it was the first time; recycled bits of recent articles by Ben, Vigilant and moi, claimed as her own inside knowledge. It would be offensive if it were not so pathetic.

She's definitely doing this to discredit, mock and deceive, because no reasonable person is going take her schizophrenic babblings, lack of attention span or horrific writing and spelling skills the least bit seriously.

Her "inside info" about the nonspecific and unsourced claims about "waves that will turn your brains to mush" are classic "tin foil hat" stuff, especially to those of us who know a little bit about technology and what weapons actually do exist.

She also says there that "they had the internet already figured out in the 1800s"...really?? Is she saying that Algore did not invent the internet??? omg!!!

Seriously though, who better than Tila to make serious subjects like MK-ULTRA and the work of Menegele sound retarded and laughable? It's like having Gilbert Gottfriend talk to us about the horrors of the Holocaust, while laughing his classic hyena laugh, and cracking jokes about Hitler. I do love his humor, btw, but I think you get my point.

Tila's other behavioral aspects, flaunting her t!ts and what not,
are also pretty inconsistent with her constant (public facing attention getting) reminders to her readers that she is a "child of God".

I can tell you with absolute certainty that nothing about Tila is what God wants any of His children to be. LOL"
This is the type of comment that I was referring to. LVB is too preoccupied by Tila's body parts and calling her "pathetic" to actually look into what it is really like to be subjected to MK abuse. If he did then maybe he would realize why Tila is the way she is and stop being so judgemental and condescending. And apparently he and Ben and Vigilant are the ONLY people talking about celebrity abuse? Because it certainly seems that this is what his comment impies. Certainly there is no possibility that Tila could be talking about MK ultra because of personal experience! Actually, how many of these MK researchers have had experience in this area? I am quite curious to know how many of thes supposed experts even really know what the Monarch Project is really like. Chances are their experience is limited or they would know that the kind of derogatory comments so prevalent on this blog fall right in line with the exact kind of psychological abuse carried about by the programmers they are supposedly exposing. I know there are a lot of good people who come to this site for info and I hope they don't swallow all the recycled MK abuse here that is taken for "analysis".

Lori said...

i was just watching the simpsons and it looks like homer was about to reveal some terrible secrets fox has been keeping from of, of course it was edited over to say, "bring us shows such as american idol, etc etc" it was from "you kent always say what you want." i will try to find a link...i would like to know what homer was going to say...

i cant find that particular scene but it is towards the end..

also, speaking of megan fox, she looks like she got cheek implants:

((ok this is sourced from a gossip site im sorry))

Kim said...

Suspicious model deaths aren't just for women any longer. Seems Tom Nicon, a 22 yr old model, fell from his apartment window. He had a fitting for Versace in the morning of his death. Of course, it's the day before Milan's fashion week. No coincidence here. /sarcasm

LVB said...

Hi Anonymous (you might consider giving yourself a name so it's easier to tell one anonymous from another btw), I get your point's a good one, too.

For me, personally, I see the distinction with Tila as a very big one. From everything I see, she is consciously and with awareness doing what she's doing for attention, and deliberately bringing up the topic of the Illuminati and MK, as such, which is clearly something that a true Monarch victim would not do, for obvious reasons - they are not consciously aware of their victim status, much less who is responsible for victimizing them.
Know what I'm sayin?

My comments come from this angle, because I view what Tila is doing as pathetic and disgusting, and she is actually making your point, whether you realize it or not.

She's mocking and poking fun at the whole thing for her own benefit, in my opinion, which is just not cool in my book. And, as I said, I do lean toward thinking that she's been set up to do this as a form of mis/disinformation, and whoever us guiding her in doing it probably comes from within the group of people that we all oppose.

It's like a person faking cancer or rape (or suicide, as Tila has, for attention). These things are unacceptable, and sorely deserve our disgust and strong criticism.

And I do agree with you that there are plenty of good sources of info other than the 3 I mentioned and you reiterated - my point was only
that Tila's BS had elements of the 3 of our most recent articles, which really seemed more than just coincidental to me at the time, and it still does, actually.

Just my opinion. I could be wrong, I've been there before and will be again. But I also turn out to be correct a lot of the time, so I do trust my instincts, for the most part.

And, no, I've never been a witness to a Monarch programming session, and I don't think any of us have; or we'd be the slave, handler or dead for knowing too much - that seems rather self evident, to me anyway.

I do know a great deal more than the average person about the US military and those of other nations, the music industry and many of its degenerate secrets, and a few other topics. So, if I feel like I have something of value to add, I do it.

If you, or anyone else, don't agree with it, enjoy it or approve of it, you're certainly free to avoid it at all costs and look elsewhere. I'm totally cool with that, and I hope you will find whatever knowledge you are searching for, wherever you may find it.

Good luck and thank you for your comments - it is always good to understand the feelings of others, to keep ourselves in check and not lose touch with the sensitivity we need to truly understand anything important in this world.

Donny said...

Why are you guys ignoring me? it's totally not cool especially after I gave you info!

LVB said...

WTF, where is Ben???

LVB said...


Very interesting.

An anonymous model told Isaac Likes, "People think we are young and beautiful and rich and happy. But we're not. We go to castings and the directors take one look at us and then we're dismissed. You spend your whole life wondering what's wrong with you. Why didn't I get that job? You're competing with your friends, you're away from your family. The pressure is huge. It's not the fairytale life people would expect."

More like a nightmare disguised as a fairytale, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Tila Tequila is a true American patriot who is doing her best to help out. She may not be perfect but neither are you. What is with all the haters on here? You guys are acting like programmers and that's the truth. Here are some of Tila's twitters:
"The last president spent 12 billion dollars a MONTH of OUR TAX DOLLARS to fight a war. That money coulda saved our whole country instead....And people have actually forgotten that in the Amendment, THE PEOPLE, have power to overturn the GOV....They also like to instill "FEAR" into the country, because the more "FEAR" you are in, the more likely they can control you with more laws...Trust me, paying taxes is not IN THE LAW! People just abide to it cuz they think it's the law. But there are NO documents stating its a law....Just like the Electric Car that was invented. It runs faster than most cars, no gas needed, quiet, but GOV. axed it cuz gas no longer needed...U wanna know more truth? Some form of electric free generator had enough power to light up an entire city. They Axed it cuz it would be free...Y do u think CNN and news stations covered Paris Hilton goin 2 jail? they were tryin 2 distract country from bein angry at BUSH 4 goin 2 war....I can't stand ignorant people...but it's not their fault cuz school systems SUCK anyway. They haven't updated textbooks from the 50s!!!!!"
Tila is a hero and what have you guys done except disparage people?
The people on this blog (including the author) need to get some respect. Would you talk about your mother that way?

Anonymous said...

Here is more from Tila:
"They also have a cure for AIDS and CANCER, but if they put out the cure, BILLIONS of dollars will be lost in the pharmaceutical industry....John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcom X just to name a few...influential or knew the Or even worse.....they would Kill me. Yes....the GOV would find a way to KILL me, if my voice becomes too powerful in unveiling the truth. Killed by Government....A lot of U sound surprised that I know a lot about this stuff. This is the other side of Tila that I dont share w/the world. The SMART side..."

LVB said...

Ok, you're a very devoted fan of Tila who believes that she is a "great patriot and hero". So, you're not coming at this exactly from a neutral point of view -
that makes it a lot easier to understand.

Recognizing the signature of mis/disinformation is not that difficult. When we see elements of clearly ridiculous "conspiracies" intermixed with things that do have some basis in fact, such as MK-ULTRA and the existence of the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, etc. These do exist, and we know that they exist - what exactly it all means and what they're up to at any given moment is speculative -but the fact that they exist as secret societies and govt programs is not in question.

In stark contrast, Tila, no matter how much you may adore her (though you've never met her?), has no basis other than just saying so, to suggest that there are "waves from your tv to turn your brain to mush", or a solid and verifiable cure for cancer or HIV/AIDS.

She has no such inside knowledge or proof of these common urban myths, and she is simply saying sensational things for maximum effect. And, whether she believes them or not - she has no factual basis for saying these things.

These kinds of urban legends and fanatical stories with no evidence or basis in reality, other than rumors and gossip, are exactly the sorts of things used to discredit and ridicule the people who research and expose the actual criminal conspiracies that exist
in this world.

Why else does anyone think the CIA has for many years published bits and pieces of MK-ULTRA and other programs interspersed with Bigfoot, UFOs and JFK's alien babymama on the covers of National Enquirer and so forth?

Because it provokes the following reaction when real conspiracies are exposed - "Oh yeah, you've been watching too many movies LOL"

That's how it works. You can love Tila all you want, and I'll try not to ruin that for you or hurt your feelings any further, but I'd be very careful with that blind devotion and hero worship thing, if I were you.

People making such far-reaching claims without even a shred of evidence cause just as many problems, if not more, than those who blindly refuse to accept any of it as being possible.

If there are scalar waves (google Tesla) and such already coming from our tv's I'd love to see Tila's background research for making that claim...or the chemistry profiles for the cures
for cancer and AIDS that she has proof of.

The bottom line is that these things don't exist, at this point in time, and she is simply making
outlandish claims of "insider" knowledge, which are not backed up by anything but her busy mouth.

This does not help our cause. Nor does her constantly sexualized appearance while droning on and on about being a child of God, God this and God that. Ok, just put a shirt on first and then people may take your whole God thing a little more seriously. LOL

You also didn't address the fact we originally started on either - which is that a true Monarch would not be speaking of these things, because they are dissociated from those memories and are unaware of their status as a victim.

So Tila is consciously spewing this disinformation, whether she truly believes it or not - she's not a victim, she's someone who appears to be exploiting the true victims of these tragic cases of abuse for personal gain.

I'm not buying what she's selling, it's that simple.

LVB said...

I also must admit that I nearly pissed myself when I read the words "Tila is a patriot and hero".

The dumbing down of the education systems is apparently much further along than I had realized. :)

Anonymous said...

"You also didn't address the fact we originally started on either - which is that a true Monarch would not be speaking of these things, because they are dissociated from those memories and are unaware of their status as a victim."
And you would know this how exactly? Considering that you have admitted to not having insider knowledge yourself, you are hardly in a position to be calling the shots about who is and who is not a victim. And why does someone need an advanced physics degree to talk about military brainwashing experiments which can be documented with patents and declassified documents alone? The idea that only scientists are allowed to speak about human rights issues is the kind of elitist attitude that allows for these programs to happen in the first place.

And actually, I am not a "fan" of Tila and in fact don't even know what she does in the entertainment industry at all. I think that anyone who exposes the NWO agenda is a hero, including and especially regular every day people. But if you think that someone wearing revealing clothes is not entitled to an opinion, then your mindset is obviously the product of the kind of social engineering experiment that aims for people to see women as expendable body parts. Degrading psychological abuse is a huge part of the agenda that is not being addressed here, probably because that would mean that the blogger would have to take a long hard look at himself. Hypersexualization is only one side of the coin and it only truly makes sense in the context of dehumanization, which many of the people here are displaying in spades. If you claim to be against the hypersexualization agenda, yet then turn around and speak about another activist as if she is basically human garbage, then the only thing that is separating you from a programmer is a matter of degree.

LVB said...

Ok, so Tila with all of her contradictory and duplicituous actions and statments is a hero to you, and I am somehow a villian to you by being consistent, direct and straightforward?

Here is the very definition of inconsistency, duplicity and deception, if you are unfamiliar with these concepts:

"Tila is known for her appearances in the men's magazines Stuff, Maxim, Penthouse, her role as host of the Fuse TV show featuring performance striptease, Pants-Off Dance-Off."

"'A Shot at Love' with Tila Tequila was a bisexual-themed dating show where 16 straight men and sixteen lesbian women compete for Nguyen's affections, the twist being that the contestants were not aware of her bisexuality until the end of the first episode. Nguyen wrote an impassioned response in her blog on September 28, 2007, criticizing churches for "bashing" the gay community while thanking God for saving her life."

Nice consistent pattern of God type stuff there, huh?

You're somehow willing to believe that she is the first Monarch victim that has ever bypassed her programming and is now "exposing the conspiracy" to the world, quite publicly, and is a hero for doing so. I don't buy that.

And yet, the very powerful and ruthless monsters who did this to her (as you believe), somehow just can't manage to shut her up, despite her very public ploys for attention?

Again, I just don't buy it. It defies all logic and common sense, but we can agree to disagree on that.

Your vehement defense of Tila is touching in one sense, but is also very questionable in another.

This time you side-stepped the main point, which is that obvious far-fetched claims like cures for cancer (which have been around as urban myths since before Tila was born btw) with no details or background research whatsoever are the very definition of how disinformation works.

Mix the truth with ridiculous BS, and then all of it will sound ridiculous when any of it is proven false and discredited.

Let's stick with this part, for now, because this "tin foil" part of it all causes the greatest amount of damage to those of us spreading awareness of real stuff.

So, where is Tila coming from on the "secret waves in our tv that turn our brains to mush", and these cures for cancer and HIV/AIDS?

These are the only things that
Tila claims as facts, that Ben, Vigilant, I and others do not.

Some kind of background on these claims would bee so very interesting to see, although I'm confident that they will never materialize...because she has no credible evidence of any such things - and we most certainly do, regarding MK-ULTRA, etc.

That's the real point here.

Pick your "heroes" carefully. :)

Anonymous said...

Angelina UNHCR trip this week posing in Ecuador with "refugee" family----tile floor mom and daughter are standing/posing on is a white pyramid with black capstone.....wish I could post pic or link but now can't find it..

Also, saw Karate Kid with Jaden Smith this week. Pushing the theme of young boys hanging out alone with male strangers, Mom nowhere in site, but totally cool with it. Now....that works out swell in what....1% of the cases.....? Little kids will think it's just dandy to take off with that nice man who can teach them karate....Am I too cynical? Perhaps. Skep

Good to see a new post, Ben.

Anonymous said...

"You're somehow willing to believe that she is the first Monarch victim that has ever bypassed her programming and is now "exposing the conspiracy" to the world, quite publicly, and is a hero for doing so. I don't buy that."
This comment makes no sense. If there weren't Monarch victims whose programming broke down, then there would be no awareness of the subject in the first place, since even programmers have themselves been programmed, so without the knowledge of victims and programmers, who on earth would ever expose the material in the first place???? Besides the fact that there are actually a wide number of personal accounts from Monarch survivors and Springmeier himself has said that programming often has the tendency to break down at the age of 30.

And there is so much information out there about scalar weaponry and EMF harassment that I am confident you haven't spent much time researching the subject at all. These sources are so prevalent that is is actually kind of ridiculous that their existence is even being called into question. Here is a link to an article, originally published in the NY times, that details an elecromagnetic crowd control weapon intended to be mounted on humvees.
Here is a list of supposedly non-lethal technoligies taken from the Guardian:
1. Sonic weapons: sound wave frequencies are used to injure or incapacitate opponents. High-power sound waves can break eardrums while less powerful ones cause nausea and discomfort. Uses include counter-terrorism and crowd control.

2. Electromagnetic weapons: high-intensity radio waves are used to induce destructive voltage in electronic wiring. Electromagnetic weapons were used during the Gulf war to disrupt and destroy the enemy’s electronic systems.

3. Active Denial System: this fires a microwave beam to heat the target's skin. It inflicts enough pain to get the victim to move away, but does not cause damage. The US Department of Justice is aiming to introduce portable versions with smaller beams to the police force.

LVB said...

Anonymous (still no name huh?)

Actually, I know a great deal about many forms of electronics, and worked with ECM and related aircraft technologies, among other things, for years. I'm quite aware of non-lethal RF weapons developed by Raytheon and others, which is why I used the term scalar waves, specifically, and included the Tesla reference in an effort to be helpful, if you didn't know about such things.

None of these are coming through our tv sets, is the point. And you're still dodging this primary point - that Tila has no knowledge of such things as secret mind mushing waves coming from our tvs, or that cures for cancer and HIV/AIDS exist. So, last chance, please address this before you wander into whatever else you'd like to say.

People claiming such things as facts with absolutely zero supporting background information (or God forbid, evidence!) do far more harm than good to the efforts that the rest of us are making to thoughtfully spread awareness of these subjects.

You're right that other people have come forward as MKs, but very few are credible, in my view, as with Tila. One that I do find very interesting and credible is Paul Bonacci.

Obviously, he is not a fame seeker as Tila clearly is and always has been. Nor is he using it for personal gain, profiting from appearing in every form of entertainment media he can weasel himself into - using blatant and degenerate sexuality (which just happens to be exactly what the entire entertainment business is selling to the masses).

Why would you possibly think that someone who believes the things she is saying she does, who you seem to think has been liberated from MK, would continue to do everything she can to remain in the public eye and the "evil devil worshipping entertainment business", as she has called it?

This is generally known as an ulterior motive, and as I said before, duplicity.

Paul Bonacci has spent his recovery time getting help to reintegrate his fragmented mind, and lives far outside of the media spotlight with his family - happy and grateful to simply be alive. Not spending every waking moment trying to get attention and be a celebrity - and make $$$ off it.

See if you can figure out the difference there.

And I do appreciate your thoughts on MK, in general, so I'll just opt to discuss those from this point forward. I've said what I had to say about Tila, so I'll leave that to the rest of you now, and we'll see what develops.

And I will forcefully apologize and eat my words if I'm shown to be wrong at some point - but will you? :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have never said anything that would indicate that Tila has been freed from MK programming. What I said is that she is an imperfect person who is doing her best to help others. Perhaps she feels that being in the public eye is the best way for her to effectively spread awareness about the social engineering agendas she has become aware of.
As for scalar weaponry, neither you nor myself will be able to definitively prove or disprove their existence since we don't have access to all the information regarding government black projects. However, it is entirely possible that Tila has some personal experience in this area and, again, there is no way to come to any conclusions about whether or not this has happened since none of us are her and we don't know one way or the other!
But there are simply far too many people who have claimed to be targeted by weapons of this nature for their existence to be entirely a fabrication. Try
and also

Anonymous said...

As I said before - but noone paid attention and that says a lot about some posters here - lets not turn this place into a Tila shrine, ok? Too much is too much or u cant realize that?


LVB said...

I think I'm beginning to feel some of your pain, Ben. :)

You guys, especially those who really are on the right track, it is important to make an effort to distinguish beween the wheat and chaff - between plausible reality conspiracies and the probable (and obvious) bullsh!t ones, as well as their sources.

There are no mind mushing waves coming from your tv's - yet. It is the false and destructive ideas and imagery in the programming coming from mass media that we need to worry about and resist.

Is it possible to achieve such technology at some point? Yes. Is it happening yet? No. Is it likely to happen at some point? Perhaps,
and if/when it does, the effects will be profound and unmistakable, as they were when the US Embassy in Moscow was microwaved (eye tics, headaches, heavy menstrual flows, cancer, anemia, eye hemorrhaging, etc.)

These are not subtle effects, and when you're being penetrated by something stronger than the RF from your cell phone for any length of time, trust me, you'll know it.

Keep the suspicious eyes, ears and minds, though, because we have definitely entered the era now (I think permanently) where those who have the power, money and technology are among the least trustworthy people on the planet.

This is at the core of why I wrote the article about Transhumanism and PsyWar - the Black Eyed Peas and Interscope just gave me a prime example of how to illustrate both concepts in a way that people could relate to in current media:

LVB said...

Selling Armani underwear makes for a great opportunity to show off her MK "gilded butterflies" and MMonroe tats.

jerry_beck said...

about the cancer thing...cure for cancer is a reality, just look how high percentage of celebrities overcome it, also virtually no super-rich people die from cancer (LVB: just look at your post who runs the game), cancer like aids is just another population control method...conspiracy circles are full of examples how the promising cancer research is shut down(you can't make research without money, and money come from big pharma) this is done because when they see that some research is going good way (and they know this way) they make all the effort too end it...

To be on topic: Megan Fox, discussing her stint as an extra in Bad Boys 2. She said she was 16 at the time so there was a legal issue with her carrying an alcoholic drink onscreen. To fix this problem, Mr. Bay had her dance & soak under the club's synthetic waterfall instead.

Newspaceman said...

"There are no mind mushing waves coming from your tv's - yet."

Not too sure about that statement LVB. As one who kept a close eye on the news for a while, I can guarantee you that there are many waves coming at you in terms of content. They seem to play a hypnotic, rythmic type of game with certain stories and agendas - often you will find other forms of tv programmes in cahoots with the general flow.

As regards MK ultra: although I find the subject fascinating, is it not the case that these characters are the ones actively promoted in our media in order to get "people" to worship/idolise them as part of a longer term strategy as part of "mind controlling" the bulk of humanity - which let's face it, seems to have happened, celebrity endorsement and suchlike.

All the luciferian symbols and suchlike are because basically this is the kingdom of lucifer (new world order) that we live inhabit, the finishing touches are just being finalised. You could equate it to someone building a house, decorating and furnishing it, the mass media/music driven symbology which increases daily simply being the pictures on his walls ?

No place like home sort of thing.

LVB said...

Newspaceman and jerry B

Yes, as I said (and I thought very clearly lol): "It is the false and destructive ideas and imagery in the programming coming from mass media that we need to worry about and resist."

Not to mention the manner in which this programming is presented - strobing images and audio freqs that are disruptive and hypnotic. It is becoming similar to what I discussed in the "Dreamachine and Brainwave Entertainment" article, (in terms of induced alpha-states etc). If you haven't read that one
here it is:

But, the comment I made was in reference to scalar, microwave or other such active spectra coming from our tvs, that were alluded to in the fanatical, rambling statements as being fact, from a certain person that "we don't want this place to become a shrine to", as someone put it. lol

These types of statements, as I said, with zero background info or evidence do substantially more harm than good, if your aim is to have some level of credibility in spreading awareness of truth, and winning some hearts and minds.

The same goes for the cancer or AIDS cures - I certainly wouldn't put it past the elite, btw - but it only makes a farce out of the good information when people just spew conjecture and theories based on a shaky or nonexistent foundation.

It's fine to say that's what you believe or suspect (based on x) but so say OMG IT IS REAL!!! - without having something to back that up is counterproductive and nothing good will come from it, in terms of spreading awareness. It only makes ALL of this stuff sound moronic and irrational to some newcomer or disbeliever who might be receptive to the learning about the truth, if they don't get scared away first by bullsh!t. :)

I think it's just as dangerous to fall in to the trap of believing everything is a conspiracy, as it is to believe that nothing is, or possibly could be.

Rational minds simply do not believe just any theory, no matter how convenient it might be in reinforcing one's worldview. They also do not reject theories that may sound far-fetched, for fear of being perceived as "crazy" by association.

The difference is in doing the work necessary to establish some level or basis of truth to any such story - such as the research that journalists ought to be doing to expose such things, but do not because of who their paychecks are coming from.

There is a happy medium to be found here - and it's not so much "happy", as it is just trying to be more responsible (and sane), and not being so gullible and reckless in portraying fantasy or opinions as confirmed, factual reality.

You definitely reap what you sow in this regard, and representing things as fact with no basis in reality will cause readers to lose trust in even the well-researched and truthful things one says.

This is what disinformation is all about - muddying the waters, and getting people to dismiss a lot of truthful information when a source is discredited and humiliated for having sold even a little bit of bullsh!t as absolute fact.

I do think there is a difference between the author of a blog, versus someone who is just leaving a comment - just being along for the ride, as it were.

There's a different level of responsibility there that should be recognized. Ben certainly does, and I see it in Vigilant work, as well as making that effort myself.

It is something that is important to keep in mind, that's all.

Anonymous said...


i think they get the picture now (;

you're like the new brenda here. (does anyone remember brenda?! lol)

LVB said...

Well, I know nothing about the person you mentioned, but I'm guessing from the context and the "lol" that I may have just been covertly insulted? :)

Please be direct and don't hold back if you have something to say to me, critical or otherwise. You just might teach me something valuable, and vice versa.

I am growing concerned that Ben may have been abducted by Megan Fox, in retaliation for this article. The poor b@$t@rd. :(

Donny said...

Uh Hello? why did you guys never check out my posts linked to here? what a bunch of losers who knew me and didn't even care to check out or comment on my posts!

Aleksandra said...

I actually believe that Tila is somehow a test of how much we would believe celebs if they tell us exactly what we want to hear.
I expect Beyonce to come up next talking about how the goverment is hiding something..bla,bla,bullsh!t.
Why haven't none of the celebs sopoken about this topic before it became so popular among us?

Now I'm sure Vigilant had only the best intentions but by popularizing this topic I am starting to believe that he made more damage then he did good.
"The road to hell is paved with good intentios"

They,the media,are,I have to admit,MUCH more smarter then us and they would easily find a way to manipulate us by what we love the most.
While mentioning the police state agenda just remember the phrase used most commonly in every police movie: EVERYTHING YOU SAY OR DO,CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU!

@LVB I tired to reply to your e-mails but I again got a failure notice.It said something about how my e-mail adress doesn't have enough reputation on your server,so I signed up on some sites to confirm my adress but it still doesn't help,your server recognizes me as spam.

Lori said...

a while back i remember i read something about charlie sheen and his "interview" with president obama regarding the whole WTC conspiracy, and i also watched "Loose Change"....

also, there are plenty of youtube videos which show movies leaving signs of 9/11 before it happened, just youtube, hollywood 9/11 and a plethora of videos will appear.

roseanne has talked about her being MK'd...and Billy Corgan seems to be into 'conspiracy notions' i do hate that word however because you do sound nutty. Whenever I try to explain to people about project monarch and mk ultra, etc, they say you are just saying it based on things you read on "THE INTERNET!"

if that was the case lets say here, where is the proof that these stars were MK'd? how do we know? were they all sexually abused as children? yes these are difficult subjects and i am not trying to put anyone through that again, (as the anonymous poster pointed out)

hmm....its just alot to think about

here is the charlie sheen link

Anonymous said...


not at all, brenda was an extremely intelligent poster. always had lots to say, did lots of research and knew lots of information and used to write mini essays all the time like you. i just say lol quite a lot because...well its just a bad habit i've picked up from the internet. it doesn't mean a great deal to me. lol! anyways...she stopped coming here and posting about 6 months ago or something because we had an invasion of trolls here. she got fed up. funny, as soon as she stopped posting here so did they...i wonder if it will happen again with you giving us all this information? just a thought

LVB said...


Those are some very good points you made. First, President Obama, and many other "world leaders" don't do interviews (even with the mainstream media) without having the questions pre-screened and having the answers prepared in advance. This is true, in the US anyway, even with the "town hall meetings", which are supposed to be about regular people having a chance to voice their concerns. Instead, only pre-selected people with pre-selected questions are allowed to be asked, at least while the cameras are rolling. We should all be able to figure out why that is the case.

As far as celebs and sexual and/or other childhood abuse, this is a great point, and is exactly why I gave a large number of examples of such abuse, drug use and other common patterns in the lives of so many "stars", particularly those suspected of MK involvement.

I was, and still am, hoping that people will put 2 and 2 together for themselves, without me having to blatantly spell it out. And many
people have connected those dots, so that is very encouraging to see.

LVB said...

anon (which anon I never know lol)

Thank you for the somewhat veiled (or misunderstood by me) praise.
I welcome that comparison.

I won't be going anywhere, especially not because of trolls or those who disagree - I think you've seen how I deal with those things by now, and I won't be deterred by them in any way - though I may be secretly annoyed, being a human and all.

The only reason I would stop posting here is obviously being too busy, at times, or if Ben asked me to. I respect a person's wishes in their own place, unlike the many trolls I'm sure you have all had to suffer with.

I may be able to tone down the length though, because I am aware of my flawed nature in being very longwinded at times (perhaps too much of the time!).

Take care.

(and where oh where is Ben????)

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with the person defending TIla although I don't think she should be discussed as much as she is on this blog..

Tila could very well be a monarch who they are still controlling, precisely to make MK ULTRA appear "crazy" to the general population.

IMO many of the hyper-sexual titty models are MK'd and really can't do any better than take their clothes off.

LVB, you should read more about what happens to some children who are molested as they get older. Some of them can become very hyper-sexual because that's the way they cope. Its all they know.

Tila probably IS a victim and so was her girlfriend Casey Johnson.

LVB said...


You get my final post for today, lucky you. lol

I actually don't have a problem with your views there. Using such a person for disinformation (whether they are Monarch-ed or not) is sort of what I was saying, initially. But you do make a good point, and it is possible, although I don't personally find it probable - just my opinion.

The other anon took my saying that I've never witnessed a Monarch programming session to mean that I don't have any "inside info", or know any more than the average person, which is actually not the case.

I've mentioned before (I think on VC) that one of the things I've done, and still do occasionally, is computer forensics work with and for law enforcement to aid in the prosecution of sexual predators, and a few other kinds of cases, like organized crime - meth related mostly, in this area.

Some of the more interesting ones I have personal knowledge of have involved people owing money to drug dealers and giving or "selling" their own child to settle their debt, as disgusting and surreal as that may sound to regular people. Another was a case involving a 25-year Homicide detective, who was a pedophile, and the local dept's internal affairs people wanted to use an outside/independent consultant for the analysis of the computers, to avoid any possibility of scumbag defense attorneys claiming any
conflict of interest within the
dept, political vendettas, etc.
He was convicted and is in prison now, btw.

I've also seen firsthand cases of Satanic ritual abuse, which many people still deny even exists. These are very hard to deal with, because they so appalling - especially for jurors to understand or accept as reality.
And I, or anyone with a conscience, cannot publish crime scene photos - it's also a felony to do so.

This sort of speaks to Lori's earlier point - which is how hard it is to even explain some of these things to the unaware, much less actually convince them of the harsh realities involved. So, don't feel bad Lori - you could be the most intelligent person on earth with supreme communication abilities and a truckload of documentation and video evidence, and you'd still have trouble getting many people to accept that some of these things are true.

This is one of the reasons why the Allied troops were given orders to take as many photos as possible at Auschwitz, Birkenau, Belsen, Dachau and other Nazi death camps - because as one general put it, "Some jackass down the road is going to say this sh!t never really happened" (paraphrasing).

So, anyway, I hope it helps you to know that my opinion is not coming from a place of ignorance, but rather from knowing just a little about these issues, both in the criminal psychology side of things, and otherwise.

Of course, this still doesn't mean I'm right about Ms. Tequila, and I will apologize if it turns out that I'm wrong there, as promised.
Not that it really makes any difference, I suppose.

Somehow, the whole manner of how things are being presented there stikes me as self-serving and fraudulent, but that's just me. :)

Thanks for your thoughts, they are good ones - and I most definitely agree on Casey Johnson...there's a whole article for someone to deal with on that tragic story.

Anonymous said...

"Not to mention the manner in which this programming is presented - strobing images and audio freqs that are disruptive and hypnotic. It is becoming similar to what I discussed in the "Dreamachine and Brainwave Entertainment" article, (in terms of induced alpha-states etc). If you haven't read that one
here it is:"

My dad was going on the other say about how we actually see in 2d but think we see in 3d. And watching things in 3d has a subtle disorienting effect that makes it harder to focus.

That is pretty creepy when you think about the huge push for everything to be in 3d (movies,tv, games, even money)

Newspaceman said...

LVB, I am not trying to fall out with you but how can you equate "working for the authorities" - which you do in terms of drugs and sexual predators - with being on the right side of humanity.

Sure, drugs and prostitution are common, they always have been, but lets face facts, here in Scotland anyway, they are used as the exuses for greater surveillance and suchlike in terms of combating crime. If the drugs were legal then there would not be half the problems - although a lot of law enforcement and their pals would be out of a job.

I have plenty of personal knowledge of the effects of drugs too, but it is not the drugs per se at the root of the problems I am afraid, rather why people want to get so "out of it" on them.

How can you be trusted to be telling the truth when you work for the other side is my question to you ? Are you sure are your talk of MK Ultra is not putting people of the truth which, basically, is that we are all intended to be mind-controlled (via tv etc) slaves (although we have to find our own bed and board) in the New World Order/ New Atlantis/ Zion/ Golden Age

The latter being the main problem humanity faces, not whether tika tikoff is MK'd and how this was done. Surely.

My laddie has got a copy of a Barney DVD from somwhere, there is more mind control (method of thinking) in that than most I have seen. All the different race children happily playing together and suchlike. I know this because after he watched it and we went to the park, he started behaving like a Barney child, hugging older children and suchlike.

Let me know your thoughts/ are you aware of the gnostic interpretation of Eden and Lucifer, the one favoured by the elite.

cheers brian

ps, you should have perhaps used the words "except in the form of" rather than "- yet" in your quote below which I queried earlier.

"There are no mind mushing waves coming from your tv's - yet. It is the false and destructive ideas and imagery in the programming coming from mass media that we need to worry about and resist"

Anonymous said...


LVB said...


That Mariah (or is it Moriah?) thing is just sad. I'm not sure whether to laugh at the butterfly cap on the "fragrance".

LVB said...


I've written you a response, because you really deserve one, but it's not going through...I think it's too long (my fatal flaw), so I'll have to edit it down some lol

Anonymous said...

Well, it may sound/be like gossip, but to me at least it seems kinda suspect. What should we expect in the future? Hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

What has milk got to do with a butterfly? U tell me...


LVB said...


Did you notice the caption there?


Now it's Monarch Milk, even.

Holy Cow! lol

Anonymous said...

Yes I noticed, lol. Its for the 1st time they use such symbols in their commercials. IMO, coz Ive never seen it til now.


Anonymous said...

Complete dehumanization and humiliation:


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant this:

Needless to say what the "GOT MILK" Campaign has turned into...


Anonymous said...

And coz Ive got this milk fixation rite now, lol, check this out. Notice the butterflies on the blanket...


LVB said...

Hey Newspaceman/Brian,

I'd be a little concerned if no one had asked these questions at some point, so have no fear of "falling out" with me for simply asking good questions.

How can anyone truly be trusted? I don't know how to answer that for anyone but myself. All I can do is tell you what I know and feel, and the rest is up to you to decide.

I generally wouldn't advise you to put complete trust in anyone you know only from posts on the internet LOL. I'd say you're much safer not to, generally. I was just giving a frame of reference for my point of view and some of the things I know.

I guess the best way to explain the "authorities" thing is that people are people, no matter where they work. Some good, some not so good, some truly evil (mostly within top mgmt, from what I've seen). The entire spectrum exists in every profession, some more than others, naturally, but humans are humans.

It is a little troublesome to me that fear of the police state overshadows the ability to even acknowledge that assisting in the prosecution of pedophiles is a good and vital thing for our world, but I understand these fears and agree in many ways.

You might be surprised to know how many individuals within the military and law enforcement (active and retired) have views similar to ours, if not stronger (at least in the US), and are prepared and willing to resist the NWO. I wish there were more, of course, but there are many.

They have mortgages and children they love, just like you, and often know a great deal more about what is happening and where things are headed than the average person
who gets most of their information from mass media.

I don't know if this is of any comfort to you, but it is true, in my experience. Some of our best allies may turn out to be those who we least expect, when we least
expect it.

The tricky part is going to be how subtle and effective the deception is that leads up to whatever crises are to come, and to what extent people in all walks of life
fall for it, overreact to false flags, provoke violent incidents, etc.

Most of what I spoke of in this regard was some time ago and is only occasional now, as I said, but I do keep in touch with a few good people regularly and learn some important things. This intel is valuable.

I choose to speak openly about it, rather than conceal it, because I believe is the right thing to do. The truth is, if people want inside info, they are rarely going to get it from people who haven't been on the inside of whatever it is they want to know about, so that's the tragic paradox.

In fairness, you might reconsider whether everyone who works in any capacity at any level of govt is automatically your enemy and represents "the other side", as it were. It's not nearly as black and white, or "them and us" as many people seem to think, which I find very encouraging.

This may be different in the UK, but here in the US, the majority of all citizens, in govt jobs and the private sector, are extremely distrustful of govt, especially on the federal level. Even the degenerate mass media grudgingly admits that.

Please tell me more about the gnostic stuff you mentioned, I'm not really familiar with it, but I always like to learn.

Thanks and take care.

LVB said...


Wow...those Russian "milk" ads are as brutal and blatant as I've seen for a while, maybe ever.


LVB said...

I guess that cancer cure wasn't made available to Ronnie James Dio. :(

Anonymous said...

I used to work for local government (as they called it) but we had no power whatsoever. I hear stories now of abuse of power and I can see how it can occur. The most worrying is the child-services sector where abuse is known about but nothing is done.
Anway, on a lighter note, I have published another (long) excerpt from my autobio for your amusement. Its quite a personal bit so a nice comment would go down well if you are so inclined. Or, not to mirror Donny, and without being a blatant spammer, please at least acknowledge my blog before I remove it all...

Thank you all

Anonymous said...

tika tikoff. LOL

word verfication: annon! WHAT!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it knows i'm anon, i'm scared!

Anonymous said...

oh this is SO asinine. Tila, the "patriot" was begging a few weeks ago via her blog to be chosen by the cult so she can have some real fame and fortune. She obviously reads sites like this and probably found it while searching for gossip about celebrities. She is too Z list for the elitists to bother with. She has no influence except with bottom feeding reality tv junkies. Get a grip, people.

Donny said...

Come together or be ignorant your choice guys!!!!!

Newspaceman said...

The way I see it is black and white. The global society we inhabit was/is constructed for the tyranny and slavery of humans to come. This is/will be done through microchipping genetics etc. in order to produce the ideal worker-slave. These slaves will be competitive, ruthless with each other, mind controlled via media, self-medicating and probably up for euthenasia. (excuse any spelling errors). The collective output of these slaves is used to find even better ways of "farming" them and colonisation of space over time.

The gnostic interpretation of Eden is that mankind was created by a travelling alien race to act as their slaves. This was done through genetic modification of "man" who they found on Earth as a primitive creature.

This society was called Atlantis ( the garden of Eden).


Newspaceman said...

One of the gods/angels, Lucifer (serpent/snake), told the human slaves that they were slaves. Naked in knowledge, apple = getting the knowledge. They then left the garden.

Now, the elite wish to become like the gods that they believe created them. They worship Lucifer for setting humans free but keep the majority in ignorance.

Bascially, if we are cross-species, the elite wish to become more alien, with the rest of us - but not too many - as their slaves.

As they believe they are "God", they are acting as such, creating a new Garden of Eden/Atlantis.
Personally, I believe that they are following Revelations like a script (maybe because it has happened before).

All being said - and I genuinely am confident that humans are being "farmed", I could not fully trust anyone but least of all anyone in the employ of the State - most of them being totally mind controlled. For example our police and army must swear an oath to the Queen - and she is at the centre of the Luciferian agenda.


Lori said...


-actually, i think tila reads this site based on comments i had left over at her 'hater gang stalking' site. i also used to write about MK ultra, and project monarch in my blog, like MONTHS ago...i could very well say someone had stumbled upon my info that she knows..and gave it to her..(im telling you, they know who i am! people in entertainment do! i have written about some examples in some of the comments here, and i always write about the things on my blog. it sort of died down now that i am on the east coast and i am no longer around hollywood etc, but when i lived out there, trust me, alot of weird things had occurred.

but yeah, she does read and google about herself, she admitted it, so i am sure that she reads this too. i hope if she is programmed somehow she won't get triggered. last i hear she is scheduled to be on celeb rehab 4. that should be interesting to watch, of course it will never expose the MK aspect of it. interesting how we never see anything on tv about MK Ultra or project monarch. too risky i suppose...

i do feel that "they" come here too. to check up on the comments, feedback, etc...who those that comment are etc. i also have examples of "all seeing eye" reference etc in accordance to things i blog about, or are familiar with...its very strange but i feel there are hints embedded in certain television 'programs', talk shows not going to get into all that now however.

yes most people do not want to know what is going on right in front of our eyes, which is sad if anything.

dont forget to enjoy life! its summertime in these parts here!

good for amanda bynes if she wants to quit acting...those milk ads are very blatant in what they symbolize...ugh!

jerry_beck said...

@Newspaceman i agree 100% this very good synthesis of our world, i have always on my mind why this world of ours is as bad as it is, seriously it cannot be worse, we are separated from virtually everything, natural healing, from learning, spiritualism (not satanizm and all of this, new age demonic shit), where's the compassion/kindness/smile (yeah, i live in utopia i guess)...also good explanation of our world is written in TERRA PAPERS (which is very similar to what Newspaceman wrote)...

jerry_beck said...

Another strange death in Porn

And interesting article WHERE THE PORN STARS COME FROM
1) They were abused.2) They were raised in a strict household.3) They were a victim of trauma.4) They self-describe as “over-sexed”.

Lori said...

i know we are sick of hearing about tila, but i

just read this from tilas hater site, although to be honest, they merely do not like the fact that tila is catering to a younger audience and she is blatantly sexual, what kind of message is she sending out to impressionable young kids and teenagers?

we know what her "agenda" is...

she is an innapropriate role model, and the one where the little girl is singing "i love my dj" is disturbing because the dirty version is "i f_cked the dj"

Lori said...

look at the tweet vigilant citizen said about tila

Lori said...

looks like vigilant citizen gave a tweet to tila

Anonymous said...

I would agree that Tila is an inappropriate role model for young girls, and my previous comment about her "imperfection" was said precisely because of this problem. But think about this: if Tila or other celebrities really do read these sites, then we have a chance to reach them with a message of how to get free from their slavery. Even if Mked people have done some ethically questionable things, that doesn't mean they are non human entities who are deserving of abuse. What kind of message are the posters here giving celebrities when they call them "pathetic and disgusting"? How do comments like this help anyone at all? Wouldn't it be more effective to expose the agenda itself instead of recycling the MK abuse that is already so pervasive in the media? For example, WHY is hypersexuality being promoted in the first place?
It rubs me the wrong way when I see
posts about how "ashamed and humiliated" some Mked model or another is during her shoot. My question to the blog's author: hypothetically speaking, if you had been ashamed during a traumatic episode, would you want people to blog about the details of that abuse? Have you ever personally experienced trauma or is it something you just write about? Personally, I suspect it is the latter or else it would probably be a lot more challenging for you to write about trauma in such a detached and sensationalistic way.

Lori said...

hi anonymous

i understand what you are saying. we do need to be delicate in our words and our approach in how we address such issues. blaming someone who is acting out on traumatic abuse is not the way to go. understanding is. i wish i can help in some way, but i am not qualified and i would not know how to handle these cases. and yes they are still human so of course, they would not want to have a group of strangers primarily, going into what they could of went through. at the same time, why must it remain so secretive? these notions of being quiet about these issues are what keeps everyone so blind! i feel they are using tila to further their agenda, and if you watch those videos, clearly you can see that her "followers of her army" are young and impressionable and will most likely act out in regards to how she is acting out.

and yes i agree no one really wants to talk about abuse they have endured especially on the internet where who knows will read about it. trust me, but at the same time, remain strong. fight against abuse. i want to send a message to young girls who have been victimized themselves to not be afraid to. i have had my own ordeals occur with me, however i am not going to write about that here. its a sad, tough thing, but we need to remain strong and supportive.

Lori said...

oh no did my comment not show up? i notice now it takes a while for comments to show up....hence...forth

Anonymous said...

not quite sure when there are 100s of thousands of kids being sold into slavery and prostitution and totured or killed if they escape.. how people like miley cirus and meagon fox really matter in the scheme of things they are greatly rewarded for doing their bit, through luxury.

what about the forgotten kids all over the world. think there needs to be some priorities made, id rather be a mind control slave then raped continually and then disgarded by murder. Neither are particulary nice but.. people also need to get real!

these celebs fall inlove etc its not all pain and discomfort. unfortunately in our celeb obsessed society thats all people worry about is that some coked up chic with a dodgy daddy has a butterfly tattoo. also none of you have proof.. of what happens behind the scenes. could be alot worse or alot better in some cases. but back to what counts, and thats the unheard stories of children everywhere...

Anonymous said...

to answer if celebs read these sites .. well they know whats happening sometimes they openly speak up about the hypocrisy and shallowness, pain that can be felt at the top of the pile. they dont need to read this site to know their brain has been messed with. take micheal jackson for example, openly spoke about it. madonna even in her lyrics, niomi campbell with her wild outbursts... they know where they belong. and if you think they should live the life of a commoner no money and plodding along .. well thats just your opinion some people are born into situations where they will do anything to survive if that means baring your breasts to a stadium of teen fans then so be it! again get with the program... there are more important things...

Anonymous said...

nothing strange about the fact that there are assholes and predators all over society from the poor to the very rich and that people get exploited duh!

Anonymous said...

its not mk it happens everywhere brainwash,mind control and abuse, EVERYWHERE! even to people who dont believe it has happened to them at some point it probably has to a lesser extent though perhaps. and in some countries in certain places to a greater extent. so still dont get the obsession with celebs.... or the odd escaped victim of mind control like cisco.

Anonymous said...

"not quite sure when there are 100s of thousands of kids being sold into slavery and prostitution and totured or killed if they escape.. how people like miley cirus and meagon fox really matter in the scheme of things they are greatly rewarded for doing their bit, through luxury.

what about the forgotten kids all over the world. think there needs to be some priorities made, id rather be a mind control slave then raped continually and then disgarded by murder. Neither are particulary nice but.. people also need to get real!

these celebs fall inlove etc its not all pain and discomfort. unfortunately in our celeb obsessed society thats all people worry about is that some coked up chic with a dodgy daddy has a butterfly tattoo. also none of you have proof.. of what happens behind the scenes. could be alot worse or alot better in some cases. but back to what counts, and thats the unheard stories of children everywhere..."
Actually, this was kind of my point, although I would have to disagree about it not being MK. I do think this site has a tendency to jump to some seriously unfounded conclusions about who is a brainwashing victim, however. And this unfounded speculation has the potential to discredit a lot of people's hard work and turn it into a circus, unfortunately. A butterfly t-shirt does not a programmed person make, as another poster put it. There is a lot more to MK ultra than symbolism and it's kind of hard to
assess what the actual damage is unless you truly know someone on a personal level. At this point this blog is a gossip site, first and foremost. And yes, abuse is the real issue when it comes to MK ultra, not synchromysticism or satanism or whatever else. Anyone who thinks otherwise has got their priorities way off. Celebrities are a distraction and designed as such. There is a certain amount of value in analyzing occult symbolism in the media, but not when it comes at the expense of a deeper understanding of the dynamics of trauma and its aftermath.

Kim said...

Simon's fiancee needs some work, I guess. She's not been photographed with him in quite a while.

I found this section a tad disturbing:

Then Mezhgan, 37, missed the Britain’s Got Talent live final week. Next there was no sign of her at the Baftas, where Simon got a special recognition award – instead he took along old flame Jackie St Claire. Hmm. And last week Mezhgan failed to accompany Simon, 50, to Ascot. We’re told: “They are in regular contact and she remains in Simon’s £10million LA mansion.

LA, huh.

LVB said...


Interesting comments.

I tend to see the whole alien and reptilian thing as a deception that actually involves demonic spiritual entities, but obviously that's just my view of it.

I certainly agree with a lot of what you said about the goals of the elite regarding genetic engineering, exploitation of the masses via advanced technology and such.

You can read my views on a lot of that stuff in my article about Transhumanism, PsyWar and the Black Eyed Peas, if you haven't seen it already. Preferably, check out the original full-length version on my blog, which us much longer than the version published on VC, and goes into much greater detail.

I like your blog, too. Good stuff there. :)

Donny said...

Lori said...

does anyone watch adult swim? this is part of the reason why i found out about "illuminati" etc...its kind of hard to explain within one post...lets just say, they know who i am and in alot of their shows, bumps, etc, they have had subliminal shout-outs towards me, (poison) they have also wrote bumps in accordance to what i would blog about, ((even in other shows as well)) i told my friend who works on movies about it and that they are watching me and he in turn gave me links to the bloodlines and illuminati and we watched eyes wide shut, (which was an ordeal to rent..which i found was them messing with me) i know i sound paranoid but alot of things happened to me involving strange events, my friend even suggested that i watch 'the game" with michael douglas. i worked on a movie, hancock as a production assistant and the director above said to us who was below, "we see you up here. we are all watching you and you are doing a good job" more strange things happened while i was a production assistant, we were like these undercover spies with walky talkies etc and passerbys had no idea we were on set. anyways...that friend who got me that job had told me someone on set walked by with an [adult swim] shirt and that they just shared a mutual nod. he also said they tried to recruit him?? adult swim has also contacted a friend who sells patio furniture in new york, i told them they did it on purpose. i have SO MANY STORIES i can go on and on and on!!! anyways, i will get to the point, i have noticed i heard poison on such shows like tim and eric. they know who i am. my friend said he asked eric if he knew who i am and he does, so does dana snyder who is the voice of aqua teen show...etc...sorry to be all rambling, but i do go on the forums alot too....

if anyone is interested i will probably made a blog explaining all of these things.

i would just like to say that adult swim has alot of themes in their shows. i think i will make up a blog which shows all the symbolisms in their shows, skull and crossbones, checkerboard, occult activity, etc. one show in particular is the venture brothers. one of the creators has a tattoo of an eye oh him

the venture brothers also has the monarch and they use butterflies, they also use beehives etc...

i think i might make a blog about symbolisms in turner broadcasting owned cartoon network/adult swim...

even the forums have ranks such as swimunati, order of the owl, etc...

Lori said...

oh yeah, on the tim and eric show , they have made reference to "poison" numerous times. that is the name i go by on myspace and on the forums. tim does this thing where he closes on eye, "all seeing eye symbolism"

i know these shows can be seen as juvenile and immature, but hey, its catering to that 18-34 year old "pot-smoking" demographic...

Lori said...

also another friend i know in LA whom i think is set up in my life (he even admitted it once) has a friend that owns the robot chicken show etc...

its all a bit too convenient....

i have so many stories!!! SO MANY THINGS THAT WERE SET UP IN MY life! so many weird things that happened. so many things that freaked me out! i wrote a few in the comments but i got a negative backlash....

LVB said...

Will anyone else join me in a global petition to ban those f-ing voodoozela swarming bee horns at the World Cup??? I'm almost ready to support the death penalty for
that nonsense! lol

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