Friday 5 November 2010

MTV's New Illuminist Video

Yesterday, a PR company sent me a press release for the release of an intriguing new video directed by Hollywood director David Ayer for LCD Soundsystem's 'Pow Pow' which I wanted to quickly do a post on. This is the first in a series of 'supervideos' that aim to use famous actors/directors and they will apparently, "capture the spirit and excitement of the must-see music video that has been synonymous with MTV", so.. they will likely be full of the symbolism that has been a staple of MTV and it's videos for decades.

The series is created by MEAN Magazine and presented by MTV, the first one starring Twilight series actress Anna Kendrick. I thought I might as well post this as I thought it was interesting (even though it seems they want sites like this to do "exposés" on their videos to cash in on the "Illuminati" themes current high level of interest online, hence why they sent the press release to sites like mine) and I haven't been working on much else this past month since I last put one up, hopefully I'll get working again on some of my full length posts soon. People outside of the US, I was able to watch it here (took me ages to find a working video I could watch).

Anna Kendrick apparently is a goddess (I think Isis) who "collects the souls of the Wicked Men" as she puts on a bracelet (from a table full of make-up, jewelry, credit cards etc; ways of altering her identity) and is instantly transported (maybe evoking dissociation due to her lost time in getting there; note the cage behind her in one of the promo pics above also) to a scene with her handlers who lead her through various scenes and she comes across various nafarious characters, the Wicked Men (whose souls she is collecting).
She collects their souls by magickally holding her hand up to them and a standard Freemasonic/Illuminist symbol is flashed, then she is transported to the next soul to collect by her handlers.

The director David Ayer has used this eye in the triangle Masonic/Illuminist symbol in a film he directed I covered way back in 2008, 'Street Kings' (cap here from the post; it's symbolically on a light above a stairway leading up to some corrupt cops).

The third and final wicked man's soul she collects, she flashes the eye of providence/all seeing eye at him and all three find themselves inside a mock Masonic lodge room complete with checkerboard floor and a Master Mason acting as a judge (holding a gavel). Note the human skull and a (probably) Masonic bible over a pillar adjacent to the Masonic judge, the room is lit up (Luciferian), illuminating the Masonic Illuminist.

Ayer says one of themes of the video is that “No matter how big you are, how important you are in this temporal world of ours, there’s somebody more important… You have to answer for your sins, and that’s a little bit of what this video is about.” You could argue that the all seeing eyes and such represent God (though many will say it is Lucifer) and that the wicked men are answering to God which is a less sinister interpretation of the video that I do not side with as the Mason has quite a devious look about him.

Also in the room are what look like a politician, a military general and a police officer (three more 'wicked men' to be judged by the Mason).

Anna comes out of the light (of Lucifer?) in the room wearing white (representing purity/innocence; as opposed to the dark things the 'wicked men' are involved in, the Masonic duality checkerboard is obviously of note here). She then looks at them in a less innocent, judgmental way as the screen is filled with light and the three are then seen looking guilty and full of regret back in their reality (having seen the light, I guess). After this, at the very end she reaches for a knuckle duster (i.e. to punish them) but instead picks up a bracelet.
The way I look at it, you can interpret it in two, possibly more ways, Kendrick may have collected them up to this place to be judged by the 'good Mason' to teach them the error of their ways (when back in their original scenes after, they have a look of guilt and regret). Either that, or the Mason is issuing orders/edicts to the facets of society they have their gavel/authority/control over (the corporate world and the underworld stuff the three wicked men are involved in; and of course the three other people in the room who represent the government, military, police, Masonic symbolism pervades most of these parts of society in reality as many will know). More substantive posts up hopefully sooner rather than later, thought this was worth quickly posting anyway till I have something new up.

Note the symbolic duality/masonic checkerboard symbolically reflected in one eye of the sly looking Mason's glasses.
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