Sunday, 14 September 2008

Twin Towers All Seeing Eye

The Times celebrated 9/11 week with some typical illuminism in their Picture Gallery pop-up, first picture is an eye positioned infront of the twin towers of Tower Bridge in London [to launch a new TV channel called "WATCH"], and the next one has those Luciferian light beams shooting up into the sky. 88 people were killed in Russia in a 737 plane crash, 7 children and 21 (777) foreigners were killed. Russian jets suffered 33 "accidents" last year. Here's the link, the picture gallery is on the right but will change tomorrow. Can you feel the chaos building?

On a totally unrelated note [it's actually not that unrelated, the TV show they launched above was called WATCH... wonder what that subconsciously compels you to do!!!], check out this intro to Xiaolin Showdown... hypnotizing (all the spirals etc., can almost feel myself zoning out as I watch it) great way to get the kids in the right trance-state for brainwashing/conditioning before the show starts, you'll probably find this in other kids shows too. [P.S. apologiez for not replying to comments lately, all are fully read and v much appreciated, cheers.]

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Jenn said...

Nice post. Those Xiaolin spirals remind me of the spirals in Beijing's opening cermonies-- especially where the man runs with the torch across the rim of the stadium. Cheers!

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