Thursday 18 February 2010

Saudi prince quizzed over murder of servant 'who slept at foot of master's bed'

More evidence of the "elite's" inherent sociopathy, abusing and even killing slaves (seems to be how this 'servant' was treated) for sadistic fun has always gone on in the upper echelons of society. Western media has been focusing a fair amount on this kind of sadistic activity being carried out by Middle Eastern royalty (see UAE royal family member's sadism for another recent example) which, while no doubt true, may be also for propaganda purposes (all anti-Arab propaganda is good for conditioning us into war with Iran and blindly supporting Israel [sorry to go off-topic, but the whole Israeli assassination squad story has a darkly comic aspect to it in how much Mossad doesn't seem to give a shit any more about being seen in public to do all the messed up stuff that they do... smile for the cameras, brainwashed Mossad asssassins]), there would be a total media blackout if a member of a Western "elite" family did this which has likely occurred many times before. From this Daily Mail article (bigger and more image/symbolism focused posts up soon btw).

Detectives are continuing to question a Saudi prince over his servant's murder as new details about their relationship become known.

Sources have compared it to a master and servant relationship and it has emerged that the aide may have slept on the floor at the foot of his master's bed.

The prince has been held on suspicion of killing the man at the Landmark Hotel in Central London.

Scotland Yard detectives have also seized CCTV footage of an alleged assault by the 33-year-old multi-millionaire on his aide in a hotel lift last month.

Officers are examining the possibility that the servant was the subject of regular abuse from his master.

Sources at the five-star Landmark Hotel told the Mail that last month's incident was recorded and had been handed to murder squad officers.

The episode is believed to have happened about three weeks ago, soon after the Saudi prince - son of a nephew of King Abdullah - and his entourage checked into the hotel.

Police believe the murder happened during a row at the hotel, but they have found no obvious motive. This prompted speculation last night that the servant was subjected to gratuitous violence.

Police are expected to examine whether the aide suffered regular domestic abuse at the hands of his employer.

Scotland Yard refused to comment yesterday about the previous alleged attack. But a hotel source said: 'Police are looking at CCTV from a previous incident in January.'

The suspect, an international playboy, has been staying at the Landmark for three weeks, spending up to £100,000 on five rooms including a £1,000-a-night suite.

It is not the first time that Saudi royals have been accused of mistreating their servants.

Princess Hind al-Fassi and her husband, Turki ibn Abdel Aziz, brother to Saudi Arabia's late ruler, King Fahd, were accused by Egyptian and Filipino employees of mistreatment in 1998.

Several of their servants tried to escape a hotel, saying they had been treated as virtual prisoners. One broke his back when he fell from a rope made of knotted sheets.

The murder inquiry began after post-mortem results showed the 32-year-old victim died of neck and head injuries.

This contradicted claims by Saudi security sources stating the servant's death was caused by an ear injury sustained during a mugging.

But Saudi Arabian government sources last night insisted the prince had no involvement with the man's death. They claimed the servant died after an ear injury, despite post-mortem results revealing the victim was strangled.

'This young prince has nothing to do with the issue,' a security source said.

'Unfortunately, one of his private entourage was mugged in the street. He was cut on his ear, but doctors discharged him from hospital because they thought it was a superficial head wound.

'In fact the injury was very serious and he died later of an internal head injury.'

They were unable to explain how he also came to have been strangled.

Detectives were called to the eight-storey hotel after his body was found by a maid at 4.45pm on Monday.

The prince was arrested five hours later after questions were raised about his account of the incident, which was not witnessed by anyone.

Detectives have been granted more time to question the suspect. As a minor royal he does not qualify for diplomatic immunity.

The Saudi embassy refused to comment yesterday but a senior diplomat is believed to have visited the arrested man in his cell.

Thursday 11 February 2010

R.I.P. Lee Alexander McQueen

I was deeply saddened and affected by the news today that British fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen had passed away in an apparent suicide triggered by the death of his mother about a week ago. The suicide of his friend Isabella Blow (who helped discover Lee, also in the above David LaChapelle photo for Vanity Fair making it quite ominous, note the skull looking thing bottom right, both are now dead, holding McQueen's train who is in drag, brandishing a flame in front of a burning Hedingham Castle and a fallen knight) three years ago was apparently also a contributing factor; these suicides in the world of high fashion are quite indicative of the fashion industry as a whole. I'm not particularly in the mood for speculation but Isabella's relationship with her military office father is somewhat suspicious (Sir Evelyn Delves Broughton) and her mother's behavior following her brother John's death age 2 who drowned in a pool then her mother calmly went upstairs to put lipstick on (see this Mail article for details on her messed up "elite" family and also has info on her former husband's). Isabella's husband (aristocrat art dealer Detmar Blow) left her "so Detmar could father a son with a fertile woman and ensure his particular branch of the Blow family would remain in charge of Hilles" (typical "elite" obsession with keeping power within the bloodline). During this period she underwent electroshock "therapy" for "bipolar disorder" (usually just used as an umbrella [mis]diagnosis for various psychological disorders like DID; these electroshock sessions may have had something to do with her repeated suicide attempts, potentially where her self-destruction programming got started) before eventually successfully committing suicide after numerous attempts. Now McQueen has joined her in committing suicide, it has been reported that he hung himself.

Isabella below with photographer David Bailey (above with McQueen).

With milliner Philip Treacy, whose career she helped get off the ground also (symbolic hats and the boy's faceless black mask is the most sinister). Below with Kuwaiti royal family member Sheik Majed al-Sabah (serpent-like pink/purple headpiece).

As far as I am concerned they are just more victims of the fashion industry and the "elites" that control it, I won't post an article from the media as they just seem to be endless tributes and clich├ęs when someone connected dies. So here is my quick 'tribute post' of a few images pertaining to him I haven't yet posted, I was genuinely upset by this news when I heard it on the radio driving home today (especially because I was a bit worried my posts may have contributed, though I considered it very unlikely, a commenter stated that it had and claimed to know someone who knew McQueen personally, but I suspect they are not being truthful [Edit: My initial reaction of sadness and shock had nothing to do with the commenter, looks like I was correct in that they were full of it, just someone using this man's death to mess with the blog for their own amusement.]). Bearing in mind his death now, his skull and bones themes in his final fashion show are all the more significant, arguably foreshadowing his own demise.

Alexander McQueen wearing the White Rabbit head (I think it is him anyway, they are interviewing him in the piece called 'Alexander McQueen' so it's supposed to represent him either way). McQueen at the end of one of his fashion shows as the White Rabbit below.

From "McQueen's Kingdom" (W Magazine, photographer Steven Klein) with the masked models, all in black, one riding Satan/Baphomet, the other two hanging in the air, one upside down.

Here is one of his campaigns from last year, with it's primary themes being multiple [personality] mirror and fractured [mind] mirror effects, black/white checker patterns and red.

Check out this post for some more videos of his various fashion shows featuring symbolic themes (particularly of note are the below occult one, checkerboard one).

Here is another intriguing show to finish which I had not posted from one of his Autumn/Winter 2001 show (carousel horses, venetian mask makeup) and after it in the same video, a short clip of a show the following year (model as the Spanish bull fighting impaled sacrificial bull).

Monday 8 February 2010

Gigi Jordan Tragedy and Other MK

A few news stories to cover in this post (cheers for the tip in comments). First off the tragic case of Gigi Jordan who killed her eight year old son (Jude Jordan Mirra) in New York's Peninsula Hotel in a botched murder-suicide attempt, before being discovered 'babbling incoherently' in a drugged, barely conscious state. Of course you have to expect many people to dismiss what she has said in her suicide note and in the past as the ravings of a delusional, suicidal woman who couldn't cope with her marriage breaking down and her son's autism. In the note she claims that her son was a rape victim who was in constant pain:

In a bizarre message intended as a suicide note, the wealthy one-time pharmaceutical company executive detailed a life of sadness interrupted by a single ray of hope: her only child, Jude.

"I hope Jude is in a better place," the 49-year-old Belgian wrote in the strange two-page note left in her 16th-floor suite at the posh Peninsula hotel.

At one point, Jordan suggested her son was a rape victim and "in constant pain." She mentioned speaking with a Wyoming child porn investigator about the sexual abuse of kids.

Ex-FBI agent Flint Waters "told me many rich people are involved," Jordan wrote. "Many wealthy guys trade child porn like a hobby."
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