Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Many Moons: Annual Android Auction

Add the numbers up you get 23, red all seeinge eye too and such.
Many Moons - Janelle Monae
Note the catwalk/Eyes Wide Shut masks, Android/robots=MK victims/etc [hopefully my regular readers will understand this video] Wasn't going to post for a couple of days but had to post this new video, here's some info on it. The artist is Janelle Monae, a girl from Kansas City in Kansas; she's a protege of Outkast one half that duo is Andre [he is 33 at present, Janelle 23] 3000 [you MUST read that Celtic Rebel article on 3000 and related things, stunning work] who plays himself as various personalities in their famous extremely green video for Hey Ya, another reasonably good one of theirs is Roses, Kanye did a Roses too [great music imo]. Edit: There's also an alternative shorter version which is probably the one that will be shown on TV here [with no Eyes Wide Shut masks as far as I could see and whatnot].

She featured in this one... [skull and bones obviously, did some posts on the colour purple a while back, here's one] I'm afraid Outkast are not really outKasts!!!

Edit: I'd like to randomly invoke Crowley into the completely controlled (by the bankers/elites/freemasons) global economic crisis as the DOW plunged 777 points yesterday [by the way I view it as completely conscious and controlled].


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you did this Janelle Monae post. I've been wanting to post a comment about her here but I see you're on it!

Look at the list of her influences: Judy Garland, James Brown, Grace Brown, Karen O, Lauryn Hill, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, Outkast, Bach, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Bjork, Anita Baker, and The Hive. Her production company is called Wondaland.

She's 23 yo and on her album her alter ego is named Cindy Mayweather whom, after she falls in love with Anthony Greendown (hello, Greenbaum!), is to be killed with chainsaws and electodaggers. I'm sure that 57821 is supposedly her code, part of her birthday I assume.

I have the album and it is really good. But I didn't realize anything was weird about it until I started getting into this syncro stuff. Her recording studio is very surreal covered with astroturf.

Great article on her:

Not in Kansas Anymore

Quote from article:
A Monáe concert is what one might call a freedom rally. The audience is comprised of “followers”, not fans. They wave signs inscribed with the message “Imagination Inspires Nations” next to Cindi Mayweather’s industrial grey visage. Many of them are dressed in variations of the Monáe fashion book, adding their own accessories to maintain a sense of individuality.

Benjamin S said...

Truly amazing info all of it, invaluable stuff thanks alot. On the article just scanned through it (read properly later); nice quote picked out [I'm sure her own programming seeps into the minds of her robotic followers... or something], the title "Not in Kansas Anymore" was said pretty much exactly the same by MC'd Miley Cyrus a while back which I posted on. Nicely synched up! [In that Many Moons song it sounds like she is saying Voodoo(doodoodoo) when the song starts...]

Might have to check out that album [Outkast related stuff is usually good]; v interesting info on it, admittedly I'd never even heard of her before today stumbling on her new video which blew me away. I'll be keeping my eye out for more MK related things from her in future!

Cheers again!

Michael Skaggs said...


That Metropolis cover definitely pushing "Singulartarian" and "Transhumanist" agenda right there! [Oh sorry Eugenicists!] Robots and technology and all that fun stuff!

Be well bro!

Benjamin S said...

Absolutely; none of these things are ever only promoting one agenda, they're always multi-faceted. Shows you the overarching beliefs these fucked up people in power have, total control (especially over women, hence the auction selling these "androids"), eugenics, transhumanism, and the rest..

Cheers, same to you man.

Michael Skaggs said...


Right, and those freaky Eugenicists want us to "accept" Robots as potential companions, thus slowly down the population growth and accepting Transhumanist technologies. I think it was your blog I saw the you-tube link to that Japanese female robot on the b&w checkerboard backdrop, she was lifelike and human sized(?).

Things like Star Trek TNG with Data, Short Circuit, Wall-E, A.I., etc. have been softening the blow for almost 2 decades, getting us ready for this "introduction" which I feel is coming very soon. And your interpretation of "auctioning off women" is spot on too, might as well have a "Monarch Shopping Network" on the tele next! "Buy one get one free, all fresh and brilliantly trained to do your everyday bidding!" Geezus, they do come at Humanity from all angles, but then again, they've had thousands of years to do this too.

Thanks for all your hard work brother, really keeps your readers updated and informed! My blog tends to look backward and investigate rather then keep up with current events like yours. Love this blog!

Be well!

Anonymous said...

I Remember that Outkast "atliens" album was partly influenced by William Cooper´s book "Behold a pale horse". Think that was due to one member of the "Goodie mob" reading it aloud during the writing.

Some of the "skull&bones" imagery i personally just see as a result of good(?) marketing. Therefore you get people wearing and representing those images without possibly being aware of meaning(s) of the symbol. Plus the consuming audience of rap is mostly white so there are probably lot of skaterkids out there for whom the "rock n roll" symbols possibly speak to. Cater the audience.


Benjamin S said...

Yeah Mike that was mine, here's the post; the fembots are coming!!! I'm pretty torn on the issue though... all those years of constant programming through movies and in the media I think ^^. Great points and cheers, same for your blog, top stuff; it's necessary to understand the past if you want any hope of understanding the present so keep it up mate.

Corbeau didn't know that about atliens... interesting stuff (probably contributed to it's quality). Though obviously I still view the skull and bones as suspect of OutKasts true motives (but yes could just be marketing), with the K instead of the C, so a random 11 = 1 mirrored. Kind of sad how they've (elite secret societies and such) mixed in their symbols (skull and bones, "horns" hand signal etc) into the mainstream's consciousness without any problem at all, we've lapped it up willingly and you almost need to use it now for anything to sell. Combining this obvious MK slave (Janelle) with all the other themes... I'm wondering: Big Boi handler, Andre 3000 victim? that's the vibe I'm getting anyway; just wild speculation on my part!


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