Saturday, 27 September 2008

More McCain Madness

'An Alice In Wonderland Event' 'It's a chess game'

Why so aggressive McCain? [this is a subtle hint at his trauma based mind control here imo]

Palin in NY/OZ

By the way, I decided to watched one Eastenders episode and a bit of Corrie to check up on their suspiciously similar story-lines lately [here's the Daily Mail's standard perverse take on it; "Lolita-style seductress"]; and was v shocked to see anything... but right there on the wall of the girls house were Eyes Wide Shut style masks [attempt to get a pic, might write it up]. Also, all these "Islamic Fundamentalists" have never been religious at all (they're just playing their part in the global puppet theatre); as evidenced by this story [also the "9/11 Hijackers" used strippers, they were in it for the money/girls/probably mind controlled/probably not even dead, the CIA/MI5 have been/continue to desperately seeking and funding/encouraging Islamic Fundamentalism for years (training/programming the mujahadin etc); which wouldn't have gotten anywhere (it always was designed to get big though because that was their intention from the start) without the Intelligence led operations 9/11, 7/7, etc].

Also, remember P Diddy's vote or die thing [which he himself hilariously didn't vote in... it's all just a pointless circus]? Putting these MK'd celebrities in bondage type situations (for this campaign) seems to have a similar morbid feel to it [Alba; Jessica played the mind controlled assassin type thing in Dark Angel and various other suggestions (check out her wiki too, daughter of an Air Force officer and things) in the Eye and other movies, I'll cover her at some point. Christina obviously Mouseketeer etc]. I see no point in contributing to a completely corrupt system by the way; back away from the madness. This campaign was done by David LaChapelle who is so obviously involved it's unreal, check out his website. He did Rihanna's total MK Disturbia video amongst other things, here's his image page on that voting thing with other celebrities.

Are the tears really necessary? [to tear= to split, you get tears during trauma] These have pretty obvious alternative meanings if you understand mind kontrol.

Edit[02/10]: Added this new one of Alba in, they're really going over the top with the masks and cannibal resonance (Hannibal) now... it's all for the noble motive of getting you to vote of course, no ulterior motive whatsoever!

Thought this was a pretty funny synch, That Darn Cat is on Channel 5 right now! :S [Edit: It has all the usual symbolism (got half an eye on it), currently they are on a checkerboard floor... her family's house # is 303... and Ricci wears an all seeing eye ring on her thumb... I should stop editing this post now.]


Anonymous said...

Benjamin-I am once again astonished at your ability to put all of this info together. I was fortunate enough to visit your country as a high school student in 1982 and then again in 1995.Watching this whole show go down I am so saddened to see what is happening to both the UK and the US.There are times it doesn't seem real anymore.Best wishes as always-Devin

Benjamin S said...

Hey, just saw your comment when editing this post; thanks a lot. It is quite depressing watching the world implode on itself by design, they seem to be being more brazen with their MK slaves [i.e putting checkerboards all over the place in their album covers/movies/etc] which I see as a symptom of them getting arrogant because no ones going to care anyway when things start getting REALLY bad.

Added in new Alba image from that DeChappelle dude; v disturbing. Thanks for commenting.

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