Friday 30 January 2009

Blunt Dissociation in the Simpsons: FOX Comes out of the Monarch Closet

This episode (Season 20 Episode 09 [2009]) was called Lisa the Drama Queen: "Lisa and her new friend, Juliet, create a fantasy world that gives them a break from reality." The stereotypical American family (drunken abusive father, typical mother; Lisa = Alis anagram [Alice] and Bart = Brat? [i.e. Bratz Dolls]) are dumped at the rec. center by Homer, with Bart in a Kung Fu training (ties into programming; also the fat comic book guy being in charge is symbolic) class pictured with the yin/yang duality symbol (on Heath Ledger in Two Hands and such)...

...And Lisa in a painting class (note rainbow), individuality/imagination is not tolerated in government controlled institutions like that, is the implication (with everyone else painting fruits, Juliet paints the below dragon + knight); the idea is to make everyone into empty shells/mannequins (like the art mannequin thing consciously positioned behind Juliet below) that are easily manipulated/controlled.

JG is another conscious theme, with Josh Groban (who Juliet depicts above slaying the dragon) and John Grisham (typical puppet politician; turned required [programmed] reading for all up-and-coming lawyers/attorneys/etc) as the two references from reality; maybe because J10G7 so 17. His original book A Time To Kill is referenced, with MK themes (10 year old rape victim [one of the fictional perpetrators is a Billy Ray, as in Miley's father Billy Ray Cyus], around the age of the Simpsons kids), Juliet is probably correct in stating that the legal system itself was the villain of the book; which you could have probably guessed before reading (if you are aware of how pathetic/controlled the system really is).

"Everyone paint me 20 laps" all the kids paint circles ("come on fatty keep up!"), round and round; then it fades into the girls on the merry-go-round (same as carousel; extremely dissociative, as are drawing circles/spirals endlessly)

[My metaphorical post camera spins and fades into an Emily Olivia Leah Blunt dissociative alter-reality...]

I'll use this as a good point to cover the up-and-coming (one of 'theirs') actress who voiced Juliet in this episode: [M-Lily) Emily Oliva Leah Blunt who, along with Anne Hathaway (soon to be seen in Disney's Wonderland) her first big success was 'The Devil Wears Prada', with typical red shoes on it's cover showing what 'Devil' is really referring to ([trauma/abuse/evil these models/actors go through] virtually everyone in the fashion industry has liveD under the control of the "Devil" [metaphorically speaking]).

Note the V's spike, synching up to Queen Victoria poster with the V also consciously emphasised (vagina/6 in Hebrew/master number 22/lots of other stuff). And below is Emily wearing said shoes in a random photo-shoot (Little Red Riding Hood). Em's character in DWP was also called Emily, they probably couldn't resist the M prominent sound [and I've said in the past how these actors' actual names are used as their fictional characters as part of their programming].

"Emily Blunt Leaves The Devil In The Dust", Megan Fox is of course another Hollywood kitten.

"Hollywood Royalty"

You'll notice in these series of images all the standard ritualization (that a word?) of these Hollywood actresses, 'Hollywood Queen' (she wears a lot of purple [further up, colour of royalty/'elite' (like I said, she is 'one of theirs')], probably explaining the above conscious purple usage); further evidence of this comes in her family/relatives: "She is one of four children born to a barrister father and teacher mother. Her uncle is Crispin Blunt, Conservative Member of Parliament for Reigate." The uncle having been programmed in the military; the Blunt's are either on-side or under total control serving the established order (including Hollywood). More royal suggestions below (Next Queen of Hollywood, Prince Charles mentioning, red/blue [purple is a mixture of red and blue of course etc.])

Need I say more? [split minds (half of their faces split apart from the other by making it not visible/in darkness)/fractured word = fractured mind (splitting/fracturing/etc all essentially the same breaking down of the mind into compartments)] Below she is described as an "Actress/ Chameleon", went into it in the Dark Knight post.

I've mentioned previously that yellow police tape = yellow brick road (which has itself ((obvious sun implications, and)) become a literal horrific crime scene in the minds of many victims [they are trapped on the yellow brick road/stay on the path/don't step outside, question the programming]) From the makers of Little Miss Sunshine; Sunshine Cleaning, with fellow victim Amy Adams, wrote up her movie Enchanted a while back but my focus wasn't where it is now as I should have mentioned her Mormon upbringing, being taken from base to base by her U.S. serviceman father [this is common of a few of those I've written about in the past], ballerina and other such things. Below they are both being watched over by the owl (used by secret societies, Bohemian Grove etc; Amy Adams' first proper job was working at Hooters).

Four 'Fresh' Hollywood Kittens, I've added Jessica Biel's sex-kitten (spot the skull and bones) image from Chuck and Larry for balance as I've done quite a lot on most of the others mentioned (Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, already covered Amy [note her red shoes] and Emily). And for those not aware, Annie Leibovitz (check out her KK in Oz photoshoot) is clearly working for the illuminist asshats; she did the above photoshoot of Hollywood's current kittens. Standard Hitchock (made loads of MK movies, Frenzy etc) and occult # 17.

These ones come from a 'Miu Miu' [MM/Miaow Miaow] clothing shoot.

The balloon ones, with Emily looking tranced [i.e "Forget everything that's weighing you down... You are now as light as a balloon, picture yourself floating towards the sun..." (she looks hypnotized anyway)] come from Wonderland magazine.

Two Sunflowers ;).

[...Metaphorical camera post fades back to the spinning Merry-Go-Round, bringing us back to the Simpsons episode.]

Their singing on the merry-go-round [if you want to go synchromystically overboard, the purple T's make up a subliminal inverted pentagram (a circle within a circle also)]. They are listening to her ipod (twinning/shared programming), with Apple's (original sin) symbolic logo on display (not pictured). The below image I think symbolizes the mainstream/authority's perspective on MK/dissociation/Monarch, they would rather stick their fingers in their ears (the tools of their trade [guns/rake] are stuck in their ears [their work is distracting them from what's happening to the children; this is true in reality, people won't rock the boat because they want to keep getting paid, who really wants to know this shit anyway?;]) and pretend it doesn't exist, that something that reaches to such a high level/affects so many people could ever be real.

The girls decide to go to the Folk Art Museum, with various symbolic things that shouldn't need much description, like the below Tin Man [Bender in Futurama]/robot programming [Wizard of Oz].

A decidedly dark looking Lincoln below (MK'd Obama, the kids run from the tin man straight past it).

Nice symbolism here with the birds (victims), then the camera pans to reveal more symbolic fairies; but the most obvious one to interpret is the giant hands eminating red; dominating/scaring the woman [symbolizing these victims' controlled existence].

And we're back at the circus! (see previous posts) Note Kennedy (MK'd), and all the circus animals trapped in the train (symbolic of MK'd kittens [(and other dehumanized slaves) i.e. essentially circus performers] stuck on the Freedom Train [victims are told they can get off ((set free)) at 30, but they are often just killed at that age, certainly never set free]) and the owl of course, there are obviously lots of things I won't have mentioned that are significant in this episode.

Maggie playing with a pink rabbit with wheels on the checkerboard floor.

The girls write an fantasy novel (which becomes the alter-reality/alternate reality; Wonderland/Oz/etc) called Equalia, written in a black/white chaos resonating covered journal; Emily Blunt's character Juliet (it's no coincidence that she will be voicing another Juliet in a similar, fantasy-based animated film called Gnomeo and Juliet [as in Francis Bacon/Shakespeare's work]) is more dissociative than Lisa. Juliet means youthful and others.

Trauma is clearly hinted at here with Homer predictably hitting his son over the head (abuse), with Juliet looking on scaredly. Then her father goes on about his obsession, The Firm (note Marionette Puppet); whose movie poster I've included showing Tom Cruise's half-face illumination [+positioned symbolically between twin pillars etc] you'd expect to see in this MK'd scientologists' movies.

Juliet is traumatized by her father's constant playing of things related to John Grisham (in this case The Pelican Brief soundtrack, Track 3), she get's annoyed and storms off in a huff, where the below dissociation scene happens (the fantasy they created [they created images of the characters not pictured] becomes a reality in their minds; as the scene before them transforms into Equalia). This is dissociation, and not just imagination because she genuinely sees it rather just imagining it.

"Don't you see them?"... "See Who?" "The Lords [etc] of Equalia", "Juliet your scaring me just a little." Then suddenly Lisa also dissociates into the fairy-land (Presley's kids will probably spend many a year in a similar alter-reality [the episode even has a similar castle/palace]); this is part of how the "twinning" process of victims works, both girls are traumatized together, are allowed to only view certain things (i.e. if the programmer wants Wizard of Oz based programming [used in setting up their internal world/system and such also] they'd only read/show them the Oz stories/movie) so when they disassociate, they do it together and become more and more bonded/twinned.

Note the twin pillars, fountain, pink roses, fairies... obviously everything in this place is symbolic/significant.

Any excuse to have a Cthulhu-like tentacle monster (obvious nasty phallic symbolism ), purple spotted: a Giraffapuss.

The Jesters can be considered Jokers, note the checkerboard leggings and also note the Knight on the right.

The two-horned Unicorn in my opinion symbolized the standard Luciferian horns. It sends them 'over the rainbow' (more dissociation), literally burping a rainbow out of its mouth, the mipod is set to shuffle by a fairy and the Jokers create another rainbow between Alis (Lisa) and Juliet, which back in reality is just one of those fountain things used to water the grass.

Emily Blunt, another member of the ever growing "Monarchy" ;p [go into those royal connections in the Fringe post]

As always, the above is full of symbolic imagery. The below is reality.

The girls then ride their bicycles (Belgium's Joker rode a bicycle calmly, in a "Passive, trance-like state" [bi-cycle/circle/spiral/etc; spinning]) as they continue travelling in their dissociative alter-reality. The normal rode becomes a yellow brick road [Oz; not totally yellow but close enough, you can clearly make out the bricks] with various symbolic things popping up then dissappearing, the money shot from this episode is from this scene.

The first butterfly pops up (always note where they are positioned, i.e. just below the twinned victims); then below is the Monarch butterfly, showing that this show (and this episode in particular) is tied to Monarch Mind Control, which is hard to dispute in this case due to all the dissociative themes and why a Monarch butterfly specifically? (a question posed to those thinking 'so what')

Homer is turned into a sort of ogre in this (victims view their perpetrators often as 'monsters' like that, often this is intentionally done [with masks, drugs etc] to disguise the perpetrator's identity) who eats children; which I think could symbolize the generation of abusive alcoholic fathers 'they' have worked so hard engineering society towards [so they have an almost limitless supply of potential victims to use in MK (and generally keeping society in a dissociated/distracted state so they won't question anything)].

They arrive at the Clam-Elot (Camelot, very symbolic and clams for that matter ;p) which turns into a Disney style castle (similar to the aforementioned Lisa Marie Presley's twin babies' one). Note it's broken glass checker-pattern window [symbolically framing the two extremely dissociative girls].

Their yellow brick road ended here, they enter the castle.

"How's the Model UN?" [the UN being obviously a puppet/doll/model organization in reality] "TOTAL CHAOS!" Says Martin, representing Belgium; which was an interesting synch considering Belgium's Joker only just hitting the headlines around the same time [and see the Marc Dutroux affair in comments (also brought up in previous posts with great links), which ties to the themes here, and is certainly amazing evidence as to what's really going on in the world].

Lisa is bored, Juliet is not (Juliet is more dissociative); with Lisa MK symbolically spinning on the above sun cross. The bullies come in and traumatize them some more (obviously they can never show actual traumatization, this is all symbolic of much worse).

Juliet: "Shut your eyes and you'll be in Equalia" Lisa: "Equalia is not real!" Juliet: "Maybe not, but it's certainly better than this." So they again then dissociate from their caged existence (reciting the stories in their novel); escaping the trauma in their minds as often occurs in reality (obviously the levels of dissociation are dependent on the individual's mind).

One of the weak bullies (the one with the skull on, symbolizing skull and bones/'elite' controlling the naive/weak-minded) is easily taken in by the tale of fantasy (as he lacks his own imagination [they describe their own fathers in this, the same kind of thing as described earlier]) and lets them escape, having been taken in by the fantasy he himself dissociates into it, becoming a dragon and beating up the other two bullies. Though obviously, as this is dissociation; in reality the opposite is the case as he is being beaten easily by the other two.

In the purple night sky, Lisa [move the A to the start, Alis/Alice as mentioned] on her pink bicylce says she wants to stay in reality, dissapointing Juliet/Emily Blunt who cycles off towards the moon. Lisa calls her cuckoo, as in mad; which obviously most victims living in a state of mental enslavement would appear [this is referencing the earlier birds images; bird trapped in a bird-house/cage MK symbolism].

The episode has been said to resemble Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures: "Elements of the plot loosely resemble the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures, in particular the scenes where the girls imagine themselves in their fantasy world and how Marge bans Lisa from seing her friend Juliet, who is loosely based on Juliet Hulme." With Kate (another Hollywood kitten) Winslet, currently winning all the awards; as Juliet herself in Heavenly Creatures.

^The mind of your stereotypical American alcoholic abusive father^ (sex, donuts [more sex ;], beer, etc) [Homer dissociates for a second] The cycle of abuse that exists today globally is by design, not just a happy accident.

Then it ends with Fall Out Boy, I had just posted their video about Hollywood Suitehearts (most of which are/were essentially MK'd sex-slaves [Marilyn Monroe etc]) that had blatant themes of dissociation in it; including a TV pulling a victim into it and others ["normal land"/and fantasy land/alter-reality, the carousel is a huge theme etc]. A very similar theme (something coming out of the screen and grabbing the victim) was also noted in the episode 'The No-Brainer', as the victim is put into a trance state (all the more significant considering the Belgium Joker tranced out killer) as he/she hallucinates a hand coming out of the screen, when it grabs them it fries their brain basically. It was an interesting synch to hear The Killers' song 'Spaceman', the video featuring the double headed eagle shield (and tonnes of others; showing you whose in control), which I had just posted in the same post, was playing as it started in a Springfield (Massachusetts) with said MK symbolic music playing (it's all in your mind, it's all in my mind; dissociation). This method of MK (auditory/visual subliminal stimuli flashed quickly on screen) is used in other shows like Chuck, and of course FOX also was overt using the Monarch butterfly in Fringe in a previous episode.

With other FOX shows like United States of Tara, Dollhouse, Fringe being loaded with MK and virtually every other similar show having these themes (many work as excellent triggers; I'm not too bothered on what is and isn't a trigger as virtually anything can be, all of the imagery/words I post on in movies/tv shows/music video could be potential triggers [hence why they are included so often in the media, they know what works best and put it everywhere so it can then be used by programmers later on]), what exactly are FOX; Murdoch and co up to?

Rupert Murdoch Superbowl 33 image from an older Simpsons.
I personally think the shit is about to hit the fan (isnt it always ;p) so they just don't give a shit anymore, it's not like FOX's average hypnotized viewer would suspect anything* (what does it have to take? a signed confession from ((or anyone else working for the powers that be)) Rupert Murdoch ['elite' family (his power/fortune handed to him) from Oz (obviously all 'elite' families from Oz come from Europe, having moved over and massacred/traumatized ((and enslaved [think Africa etc too] it goes without saying; slavery always has been, and always will be big business for them)) the indigenous people, which is what "they" have been doing all throughout history; America being another example of many)]?! obviously that will never happen)* anyway, even if they made a show called "FOX's Monarch Mind Control Slave Idol" or "America's Next Top Monarch" ;p, so why bother hiding it?
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