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Natalie Portman Kabbalistic Kitten

After seeing this photo shoot by Ellen Von Unwerth I decided to put together a post on Natalie Portman (a while back now, I wanted to get it finished so I could start on others but it kept expanding, I was especially surprised to see her pictured with a Rothschild) focusing mainly on her debut role in 'Leon' and 'V for Vendetta'. The shoot was taken in approximately 1996 so was either age 14 or 15 at the time (if it was made for a 'Beautiful Girls' promotion then it was probably taken in 1995 as the film was only released in February 1996) and is a good indication of her kitten programming (with her covered in Siamese cats). While I'm not sure if she is MK'd, she obviously isn't on the Anna Nicole Smith level of blatant mind control as Natalie always comes across as a bright, down to earth girl who is intelligent (which often Monarchs are though) from what I have seen of her interviews. This post goes on and on a bit and I haven't thoroughly checked for errors so let me know if there's anything that needs fixing.

Also from the same shoot with Ellen, some more suggestive scenes with the 'Shhh' hand sign (she is holding onto a radio aerial [phallic symbolism probably, along with the finger raised to lips]; which I'd imagine has something to do with radio waves use in MK, or a metaphorical changing the frequency 'changes the station' symbolizing triggering different alters, each station representing a different alter requiring the correct 'frequency'/code/trigger to access it) and the lipstick with a mirror below it.

Natalie Hershlag was born in Jerusalem, Israel on June 9th 1981 to Avner Hershlag (Avner means "father of light" aka Lucifer [though it's obviously a common Jewish name]; the phrase is specifically mentioned numerous times in Illuminati Formula), a doctor specializing in fertility and reproduction (Natalie and her mother Shelley Stevens were born on exactly the same day June 9th [69], on Shelley's 29th birthday; which seems like something a fertility doctor could organize with little problem for whatever purpose [ritual or otherwise]) pictured below with Natalie at the "Second Annual Neuroscience Foundation Benefit" (see context further down). Much of Project Monarch's mind control/genetic research was advanced by Mengele and other Nazi programmer's in concentration camps like (in particular) Auschwitz; I suspect the Hershlag's generational Monarch programming began there where her paternal grandparents died. Also evidence of the Hershlag's programming is that in World War II her Romanian born great-grandmother was a British spy (most are programmed).

[Israel rant warning; the ADL gestapo might want to avert their eyes! But the ADL should be aware that they are failing, people everywhere over the past few years have been realizing just what Israel is and what it has always been.]
I was not really sure how to address the Israeli issue in this post (I rewrote this bit a few times; I've made my feelings on Israel pretty clear in posts like this so I'm not sure if it's even worth getting in to, this has very little to do with Natalie being Jewish anyway; anyone who has been reading my blog knows I'd be writing this stuff whatever religion or race she is. I think it is fair to say that there are just as many, if not more Orthodox Rabbi child abusers as there are Catholic Priest child abusers, a subject brought up recently in the media). Israel is obviously an extremely touchy subject as most people lack the common sense to see that Zionism is a racist philosophy with ethnic cleansing at it's core (I am not an anti-semite, though I am anti-religion in general and circumcision isn't a particularly pleasant practice and is extremely traumatic for the baby and must cause some kind of psychological damage [anyone had any flashbacks of a creepy looking old bearded dude standing over you with the end of your penis in a clamp about to be cut off?] though they argue they are too young for it to cause long lasting damage and I know lots of people who have had it done who talk about the supposed "health and other benefits" so it isn't really a major issue, obviously an adult is perfectly free to choose to have one done for medical or whatever reason, but a baby has no choice so I view it as somewhat barbaric; as far as I am concerned it is all part of religious/cult mind control [making everyone in the cult have the same genital mutilation connects the cult on an almost a trauma-bonded level]). Anyway, Israel as a nation is of course extremely corrupt with a major human trafficking problem; it's slaughtering of Palestinians in the Zionist's pursuit to ethnically cleanse them from the land that "God gave to them" (as if that isn't insane enough!) and America and Brita's unquestioning support for them is enough to wake anyone up (it certainly was a big part of my becoming more politically aware)!
Pictured above at 'The Jewish National Fund's Tree of Life Gala Honoring David and Chaya Saity', the 'Tree of Life' is of course an important part of the Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism/occultism and is often used in programming alter systems. The piece of jewelry she is wearing (David and Chaya Saity are jewelry collectors) looks fairly kabbalistic, symbolizing the Seal of Solomon's six points (hexagram/star of David) on the solar disc and other symbolic motifs. More on kabbalism later on. The below image is from a photo shoot she did in Israel, note the cat and the barred window.

Here are a few more from her shoot in Israel, the below silver/foil she is covered in probably symbolizing light.

She only spent the first three years or so of her life in Israel, when, at age three she was taken to America's Masonic/Kabbalistic capitol Washington D.C. where she attended the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, moved to Connecticut in 1988 then finally settled in New York where she attended the Jewish conservative, Solomon Schechter Day School. She went the usual route for MK'd performers starting dance lessons at age 4, being approached at age 10 by a Revlon agent to be a child model which she turned down and started acting in plays such as the role of WW2 Jewish poster child (I am not a "holocaust denier" or anything like that, but any reasonable person can see that that tragic part of history, the suffering of Jews and many other groups has been completely hijacked by Zionists as justification for setting up the Israeli state; Jews had been living there happy alongside "Palestinians" there before so there was no need for an actual state to be created just for Jews and physically remove unwanted Muslims) Anne Frank below. Both Natalie Portman and MK'd Monarch Britney Spears were understudies for Laura Bell Bundy [actress/country music singer from the bible belt, no prizes for guessing what she is then!] in the musical Ruthless!.

She did a lot of campaigning for controlled opposition Skull and Bones member (like his counterpart GWB) in the 2004 American elections, John Kerry. Below with former President Bill Clinton (he gets around doesn't he!) at a rally in honor of John Kerry for President.

And also with Bill's "wife" (how anyone can take that relationship seriously is beyond me), high level Illuminist witch, sadistic slave handler Hillary Clinton (Hillary's #1 turn-on: genital mutilation).

The latest Zionist puppet President (worth mentioning MI6 controls MOSSAD & the CIA; a Zionist puppet is really a MI6/British establishment puppet) had her put to work in his election campaign.

Natalie So Pretty and Radiant... Must Vote Obama... O-Ba-Ma... Oh-Ba-Ma... Oh-Ba-Ma...

I'd now do anything for that hypnotic voice & her near perfectly symmetrical face.

Obama went to "elite"/ivy league Harvard University (Bush also went there, as well as attending Yale and joining skull and bones ), Natalie attained a psychology degree at Harvard (you can tell she is bright, she is also multilingual) taking a break from acting in 2000. "At Harvard, Portman was Alan Dershowitz's research assistant (he thanks her in The Case for Israel) in a psychology lab." Alan Dershowitz was CIA MK slave O.J. Simpson's trial attorney (so a good professional liar/actor) and also Claus Von Bulow (who I wrote a bit about when his wife finally passed last year), he will be very familiar to anyone who keeps an eye on the news regarding America's use of torture (he is rolled out as a pundit when the media needs a supposed "liberal" to justify torture), defending Israel's latest civilian massacre and whatnot.

She was involved in a study led by Abigail A Baird that could have aided mind control techniques as they were testing a new technique for measuring the development of memory, specifically brain activity in the frontal lobe (their ability to realize something still exists when the object is moved out of sight ["Object permanence"]) of very young children (easier methods of neuroimaging are always helpful in seeing how the child's brain is developing and how it needs to be manipulated; brain scans are also helpful in hopefully seeing if and/or how each alter's scans differ and how they may need to be programmed further based on their observations of which parts of the brain are most active and such). The below image comes from the study, the study itself does not sound particularly sinister it should be said but is at least associated with MK themes (from the pdf here, she is credited as her Jewish name Natalie Hershlag in the study). Harvard was one of many "elite" universities used by the US Government in it's MKULTRA mind control project which I'm sure more research has been done in recent times too.

I found this quote quite remarkable and I was shocked just how much her work there was associated with mind control and her own childhood (sexualized dolls [described this kind of thing at a Cyrus post]:
"Memory is a prime interest of Portman the student. The experiments she has planned for her thesis next year concerns the theory that "your identity is how you construct your memories into your life story." She credits her own late memory onset, from age four or five, to the fact she was brought up with two languages. She lived in Israel until she was four, when the family moved to Maryland, the first of several stops to accommodate her father's medical career. What she remembers best about Maryland is the pink carpet and her dolls. She had a lot of dolls. "I remember them being very sexual," she says. "I don't really remember ever not having my dolls have sex with each other."
"It's very odd," she says, "because I don't remember ever talking to my parents about sex... but I always knew about it [Wonder Why...]. And all my dolls would get it on together. Even the Barbies would get it on with other Barbies, and the guys would get it on with each other."
Through an open door, I can see the head of her bed, a couple of stuffed creatures slumped there. Portman was sure as a child that her stuffed dolls talked to one another...

Moving to her movie career, as mentioned at the start her debut role came in Luc Besson's (more on him shortly) 'Leon' which contained some very interesting themes, the character Leon is a good representation of the type of manipulated/mind controlled assassins that are used by the establishment and elite criminal underground to do their dirty work (Besson also covered this theme about a female mind controlled/manipulated assassin in 'Nikita' which I've been meaning to cover for a while). The above video is Natalie's audition tape, those things always creep me out a little, especially at 00:50 when she recites the pig oven glove puppet scene.

Leon's name is hugely symbolic. Leon means lion (i.e. Leo the Lion) and is heavily associated with the sun, this symbolism can be clearly on it's posters with the sun low down in the New York skyline on the above and below posters. The solar symbolism goes beyond that though as the sniper scope cross-hair over the O of 'Professional' (alternate name) in the above poster I believe is consciously representing the solar cross (which is also associated with the tree of life).

The film has Natalie playing a 12 year old girl called 'Mathilda' (she is 12 at the time of filming, 13 by the time of it's release) living with a dysfunctional family, the father is physically abusive and is involved with corrupt DEA agents who use him to store drugs in the family's apartment. The father tries to steal some of the cocaine and a psychopathic Gary Oldman kills the whole family including Mathilda's young brother while she is out shopping, Mathilda is taken in by the assassin/hitman Leon played by Jean Reno who reluctantly trains/programs her to be an assassin, she falls in love with her new father figure during the process and he eventually sacrifices himself (a self-destruct program is an important part for mind controlled assassins [so the information contained in their heads will not fall into enemy hands]) to kill the man responsible for killing her family (that's pretty much all of the plot). The first we see of Mathilda is a shot of her smoking a cigarette (light/fire/phallic symbol), sitting by a staircase banister with symbolic (five pointed star/inverted pentagram) rose flower (+ vine; symbolic of the genealogy of Monarch MK) motifs either side of her (this nurturing/cultivating a flower/plant is a major mind control theme in this movie). The cigarette is replaced by another phallic and lolita suggestive item, a lollipop.

Natalie wears a black choker (collar-like) with a sun attached to it which is very symbolic considering the other conscious sun symbolism in the film (her "trainer"/programmer called Leon and such).

Natalie's step mom in the film is dressed as a kitten in leopard print.

There is a clear recurring metaphor throughout the film where Leon cultivates and nurtures a houseplant, this is supposed to symbolize the way he "cultivates" (programs) the young girl's mind to becoming an assassin throughout the film; both requiring a lot of light from the sun (Leon is the sun; he keeps both the plant and Mathilda in his apartment to "look after") to function/stay alive. Jean Reno had Nicolas Sarkozy (posted on his "wife" Carla Bruni at the Karen Mulder post) as his best man in his wedding to actress/model Zofia Borucka (she is a Leo by the way) which shows you what 'Jean' (gene) is all about (best friends with such an obvious Illuminist puppet like Sarkozy).

It is symbolic that as her whole family is being killed the store she goes to has a checkerboard floor (during the murder scene the checkerboard floor in her family's apartment is shown too).

One of the corrupt cops looks at a picture of the dead family with broken glass.

I suspect Luc Besson is very much an insider when it comes to mind control, a poster of Monarch slave, Kabbalist Madonna is shown in their apartment as the family is being gunned down (that boy, Mathilda's brother is about to die). More on Madonna later, Besson used her in one of his more recent films some years later.

This 'Leon as the sun' theme is clearly illustrated in the scene following the brutal slaying of Mathilda's family, walking back home (above, note the shattered window; symbolic of her shattered mind in trauma-based mind control, which is also symbolized by the physical abuse/trauma from her father) she hears her little brother had been killed she walks up to Leon's door. As the door opens she goes from being in relative darkness (above) to light (from the sun/Leon) shining from Leon and his room on to Natalie (below).

Some more mind control themes are shown as Mathilda's favourite cartoon appears to be 'Transformers' (Trance-formers), symbolizing how her mind is being 'transformed' by the programming (into essentially a 'robot/tin-man assassin').

Some more mind control humor with the aforementioned scene with the pig oven glove puppet controlled by Leon (doing a funny voice/alter symbolic). On the first night Leon is unsure whether to kill Natalie or to keep her, he even goes so far as to pull out his gun and point it at her sleeping. I suspect this works on two levels as I think it also symbolic of the forbidden sexual undercurrent that exists in the film, the gun represents the phallus and he is torn whether to "shoot her" (have sex with a 12 year old) or let her sleep peacefully.

Leon with his 'two plants' he is nurturing, on the way to training her for being an assassin.

Leon teaching Mathilda how to kill with a sniper rifle, aimed at people in Central Park in New York where the film is set.

In an apparently humorous scene (though actually pretty disturbing considering her age and the implications of the characters) she dresses up as Madonna for Leon's entertainment and sings the pedophilia suggestive (or at least suggestive of triggering memories of deflowering by original handler/programmer) "Like a Virgin" (the video is pretty blatant with it's symbolic locations of Venice and New York [Leon is set in NY], the virginal white bride and the panting lion [she's 'like a cat in heat' as she has undergone dehumanization sex-kitten programming]), which you'll remember was used in the Madonna/Britney/Christina MTV VMA ritual (see Freeman for details).

It's gets really over the top and twisted when she dresses up as original Presidential Model Monarch mind controlled sex-slave Marilyn Monroe and sings her famous "Happy Birthday Mr. President" for Leon...

Video above, she also impersonates Charlie Chaplin (made a 'Knight Commander' in the Order of the British Empire, who liked them very young [at least the industry is consistent!]) and Gene Kelly (doing 'Singing in the Rain'), Leon impersonates Marion [Marionette, 3 M's] Mitchell Morrison/John Wayne in it (a republican puppet like his friend Reagan etc, member of Freemasonic Order of DeMolay like Walt Disney).

Returning to the mind control theme of 'looking after a plant' here, it is emphasized (that she is the plant) in an interesting exchange. M: "You love your plant don't you?" L: "It's my best friend. Always Happy. No questions. It's like me you see, no roots." M: "I'm the one you should be watering if you want me to grow." The last line is obviously quite sexually suggestive too and Leon then sprays her with water and traps her in a closet.

Again Natalie is symbolically the plant as she sits on the windowsill where Leon puts his other plant every day to get the sun's light.

Leon takes Mathilda on many of his jobs, using her innocence to get the targets to open the door with the looking glass/spy hole is covered up so the victim cannot see them. The main one they focus on (most jobs are quickly shown in a montage) you can predict is going to have symbolic imagery inside it because of the sun face (remember Mathilda wears a sun face on her choker) symbol on the front door. This is wear Mathilda performs a mock hit and Leon kills him for real. Inside is a cocaine dealer, note the goat/ram skull symbolic of Baphomet.

She is symbolically positioned over the ram skull when she takes the kill shot (shooting paintballs; Leon finishes him off), the tapestry behind her and above looks like it has something symbolic in the vesica pisces shape.

She is plied with alcohol and the Lolita theme kicks in more as she tries to kiss him in public.

Leon buys a pink dress with a symbolic flower motif on it. Leon resists Mathilda's advances but it's all obviously very suggestive.

To finish off Leon, just before she makes her own attempted assassination of Gary Oldman (who killed her family) she symbolically 'assumes Leon's personality' (not literally) signified by this mirror scene wearing his trademark sunglasses.

Once the big finale is finished and Leon dies sacrificing himself (self-destruct programming) in a predictable ball of fire (fire is associated with Leo like the sun), she plants the house plant in a field giving it 'roots'; symbolizing that Leon is free from his handlers in death (who kept him stupid, unable to read and not paying him).

Before I get to V she was in a few other notable films, after Leon she appeared in 'Beautiful Girls' which was slightly similar to Leon's Lolita complex themes, while no way near it's level of suggestiveness. Natalie discussed her roles affect on the masses (who are becoming conditioned to accept these things as natural: "The actress played a young girl who was trained to be an assassin by an older man in "Leon" when she was just 12. She also landed the role of an older man's object of desire in "Beautiful Girls" at the age of 13. Natalie has revealed the two controversial roles led to her receiving sexually explicit fan mail from obsessive and disturbed men. She revealed to Film and Music magazine: "I was a pedophile's dream! It was weird, and it dictated a lot of my choices afterwards because it scared me." She then went on to work with all the usual suspects, playing Al Pacino's daughter who kills herself by cutting her wrists (she recently talked about her cutting herself in reality because of the psychological effect of the role [MK'd actors "become" their roles as programmed alter-personalities so this is not surprising that that part of it leaked through], which reminds me of the likes of Demi Lovato) in Michael (Kenneth; MKM) Mann's 'Heat'.

Then in notorious pedophile Woody Allen's (particularly enjoys the 'company' of young girls; a la Polanski who she has also worked with) musical film 'Everyone Says I Love You'.

How about this dress she wore at the premiere... occult scarab beetle ("The hieroglyphic image of the beetle represents a triliteral phonetic that Egyptologists transliterate as xpr or ḫpr and translate as "to come into being", "to become" or "to transform"." And also a rising sun god Khepri.), scared looking children with ripples/circles within circles over them and probably a bunch of other occult symbols too. Woody and Natalie (+ Goldie Hawn; that smile looks traumatic to pull off!) pictured above with Soon-Yi Previn (note the rose/polka-dot print), Mia Farrow's adopted daughter who he started a sexual relationship with; only someone completely naive would think the (virtually incestuous, he was Soon-Yi's father figure; her adopted father, though not officially, and took advantage of that like a true predator) "relationship" didn't start when she was underage (he claims it started when she was 17, considering his other transgressions this is very unlikely like grooming and sexually abusing Mia's adopted 7 year old daughter Dylan: Farrow described Allen as being obsessed with Dylan, saying, "He whispered her awake, he caressed her and entwined his body around her as she watched television, as she played on the floor, as she ate, as she slept. He brought her into bed when he was wearing only his underpants. Twice I made him take his thumb out of her mouth." [there are also allegations he sexually abused).

The fact that this guy is still allowed to adopt more little girls says a lot (Manzie Tio Allen [above right] & Bechet Dumaine Allen [below and above left])... This infuriates me! Hopefully he learned his lessons and changed his ways but the chances of that happening are virtually nil (if you understand the psychology of abusers).

What do you think is going on in the below scene? It is Woody and his adopted kids "visiting" the Czech President/former Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus in the Gothic Prague Castle... (remember another former Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek was photographed naked at Berlusconi's villa). Woody Allen signed the petition defending and demanding the release of his fellow 'pedo-in-crime' Roman Polanski, along with the aforementioned (directed Natalie in Heat [which sounds like a twisted double entendre]) Michael Mann, David Lynch and many others. Luc Besson, to his credit was not stupid enough to sign it.

Woody Allen meeting the Queen (shaking 60's kitten Raquel Welch's hand) at a Royal Film Performance in 1966, showing he is in the blue-bloods' sick "club" (hence why he gets away with abusing little children).

Guess who else signed the petition... Natalie Portman herself (and yes I am fully aware of what religion Michael Mann, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski [and other petition signatories] are; but obviously there were just as many non-Jews who signed too)! She had worked with Heath Ledger's ex-wife Michelle Williams on a Polanski directed faux perfume commercial called 'Greed', made in I think 2009, something tells me he probably got off shooting these two kittens getting into a catfight! Note Natalie staring into the mirror with Michelle apparently turned on by (they appear to be a lesbian couple to begin with, the way Michelle approaches Natalie) the purr-fume. Standard duality symbolism with Natalie in white and Michelle in black (and the opposite with their light/dark hair colour).

The faux perfume 'Greed' advert was for a project by Francesco Vezzoli, who may ring a bell if you follow this blog's comments I posted a link to a masquerade type show with Lady GaGa (MK Culture covered it well btw) playing on a blue butterfly covered piano. I thought Francesco was relatively unknown but apparently he has worked with many possibly MK'd actresses like Sharon Stone and others, he probably comes from one of those "elite" Italian families. Note Francesco is wearing black in his black mask and Gaga in white/silver.

By the way, the type of butterfly used here is symbolic '(Menalaus) Blue Morpho'. Metamorphosis; symbolic of the 'transformation' Monarch mind control slaves go through, from caterpillar to butterfly after programming which is like the cocoon that 'traps' and transforms them to whatever the programmer intends. This transformation imagery/visualization is used more literally when programming dehumanized butterfly alters, predominantly for sex. "The name Morpho, meaning changed or modified, is also an epithet of Aphrodite and Venus.", I believe I have come across this one before but did not identify the specific butterfly type.

She performed this at the 30th Anniversary Gala at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, while members of the Russian 'Bolshoi'. A ballet troupe who I have written about in my Dark Knight post (in relation to their 'Bolshoi Theatre' which replaced their hammer and sickle facade with the Russian Imperial/Masonic double headed eagle; essentially I saw saying most of those ballerinas are MK'd so I found this especially interesting).

To bring things back to Natalie, Francesco has also done something else with Natalie too, giving her a fake mustache for some play thing as she played a male character, making her androgynous (with the added duality of a black/white male suit).

To show some Freemasonic symbolism in Polanski's movies; in the film he made with his soon-to-be(-dead) wife Sharon Tate (I covered her occult movie roles like Eye of the Devil and other facets of her and her mind controlled [Manson cult] ritual murder in the 'In Shattered Dreams' post) 'Dance of the Vampires'. Thanks to Mike for mailing me the link, which describes the Freemasonic symbolism (that Freemasonic website is a good source for Masonic symbolism/themes in movies) of the arch, twin pillars, checkerboard floor.

Couple of images of Sharon in the film as 'Sarah Shagal' (aside from sounding extremely suggestive, Shagal is a Jewish surname i.e. Moshe Shagal) with Freemasonic symbolism in it. Polanski's character "develops a fondness" for Sharon and starts a romance with her which was happening in reality too as Monarchs often view their fictional roles as very real personas. By the end Sharon gets bitten by the vampire and she bites Polanski.

When Natalie was younger she also worked with Tim Burton, playing the President's daughter (Jack Nicholson's [Joker, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Polanski raped the 13 year old girl in Nicholson's home]) in 'Mars Attacks!'. Mars Attacks: "I'm not going to say my greatest cinematic moment was as Taffy in Mars Attacks!" But I got to hang out with Tim Burton, and Jack Nicholson tried to teach me how to whistle." That's likely not all Jack 'taught' her.

V For Vendetta is an interesting film, most people who read this blog and are into their movie symbolism and conspiracies will have undoubtedly seen this at least once and noted the comparisons to the New World Order, 9/11 false flag style terror events, fascism and the like. This isn't about a symbolic analysis of that film as many have already done so (this guy's usually great, usually slightly over the top analysis for instance; Carissa at In2Worlds did a great write up as part of her extremely influential mind control in movies piece, going in to the mind control and some of the occult aspects which I won't be going in to) and I don't have the time, I mainly just want to cover some symbolic scenes with Natalie in them. By the way, the Wachowski Brothers made this and the kabbalistic themed Matrix movies, and Speed Racer (check out an opening shot of the film... nice seal of solomon); look what has become of Larry Wachowski who is currently well on his way to completely altering his sex to a woman.

Natalie plays Evey Hammond, Evey is a symbolic name invoking Eve from original sin, and the number 5 on numerous levels with the roman numeral 'V' meaning 5, pronounced 'E-V' the 'E' numerologically equals 5 and the 'Y' equals 25 (5x5). She goes out after the curfew and the government's "fingermen" spot her and intimidate her, she fights back and they say "Look Willy, Kitty's got claws.." which is the first suggestion of Natalie's kitten programming in the film (more follow). V's first appearance is symbolically under a Masonic arch (arch symbolizing an entrance/initiation/gateway to another state; arches are found on various Freemasonic regalia/imagery, Royal Arch Masonry, probably also symbolizes a rising sun, George Washington is often pictured underneath an arch, two examples here but I have seen more, I elaborate on archway symbolism further down).

After saving her from the "fingermen" he blows up the Old Bailey after a speech directed at the statue of Justice (which is completely ironic in reality as it is here with the fascist regime in control).

Evey enters V's lair, "the Shadow Gallery" where various symbolic pieces of art can be seen such as Edvard Munch's 'Puberty', John William Waterhouse's 'The Lady of Shallott' and 'Bacchus and Ariadne' by Titian (those three can be seen in the second screencap down, the significance of them depends on your awareness of their themes [I've gone into frenzied bacchic worshippers relevance before. Lady of Shallot: "According to legend, the Lady of Shalott was forbidden to look directly at reality or the outside world; instead she was doomed to view the world through a mirror, and weave what she saw into tapestry.". And Puberty obviously goes without saying!]). Below you can see an oil painting of St Sebastian (patron saint of plagues [i.e. government created virus in V] and was tortured), note the checkerboard floor, the pillar and arch. And 'Elohim Creating Adam' (Elohim being a name for God in Hebrew) by William Blake (was into the occult/kabbalah and often used Masonic themes in his works like the concept of Urizen in his 'The Ancient of Days' and 'Newton', some of his friends joined Masonry though he was apparently not one himself).

More mind control symbolism here with all the pinned butterflies, which is an easy psychological metaphor (something beautiful trapped and petrified by the butterfly collector, in Evey's case her 'butterfly collector'/programmer is V] to interpret aside from the potential specific Monarch (trauma-based; which is depicted in this film so I think is probably a conscious use of symbolism here) mind control programming suggestion this could represent.

Mirror symbolism is used quite a lot in the film, on the above mirror Natalie is cleaning (V reflected in it below; note the upside down V motif above the mirror also) is the Crowley magickal motto he used as a Magister Templi "Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici", "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe". In the graphic novel the phrase is also symbolically placed in the lair, on an arch.

V decides she could be useful so uses her as bait to ensare a pedophile priest Bishop Anthony Lilliman (lily-man; symbolic name) who worked at the Larkhill concentration camp, and is now the Bishop of England based in St. Paul's Cathedral which is a big clue about the Church in reality. "Lilliman is a corrupt bishop who molests juvenile girls every Sunday during what he calls "Children's Hour". It is strongly implied that Lilliman employs the services of a secret sex agency which recruits these young girls for him to abuse."

Lilliman has 'Children's Hour' after mass where the Church's numerous child sex-ring/trafficking connections provides little girls for the Head Bishop of England to abuse, Natalie is dressed up as a young girl (pink and with flower print) and used as bait. The Bishop's helper says to him, "I'm sorry your grace, she has arrived but there was some confusion at the agency, they sent a new girl who I'm afraid is a little older than usual." The bishop replies, "Older? Oh dear, she's not too old I trust?" The Church has been actively involved in pedophilia and mind control since it's inception, we are given another clue in the film about their use of programmed kittens (those programmed with dehumanized kitten alter-personalities programmed specifically for sex) as their is a tiger skin rug on the floor (symbolizing all of priests like Lilliman's "dead kittens" [dead inside anyway]/victims).

Note the checker pattern wooden floor (dark/light squares) symbolizing the duality of the religious authority (they are supposed to be 'men of god', good people but are actually evil abusing children for their own sick gratification). That painting above is part of the Isenheim Altarpiece by the way.

The pedophile priest (who worked at Larkhill, this probably symbolizes how people like Jesuit priests have been involved in the organized sexual abuse of children as part of programming in various religious and state institutions) tries to rape her after she tells him what is really going on (originally thinking she is playing a game, and is perversely turned on by it). Note the cat drinking milk from a saucer (might not be a cat due to it's shape, but they are often depicted doing this action) in the painting above which I couldn't identify. Note the gold grid/cage with a five petal [pentagram] flower at each cross, on the bed (grid symbolizing the compartmentalized mind, each square symbolizes a compartment where an alter[s/+ programs/compartmentlized memories etc] is housed, the grid is commonly used by programmers to organize/chart the victim's MPD alter-system; but I think the simple cage symbolism is more likely here, with all of the priests victims trapped psychologically in a cage by the sick priest). The bed is also royal purple and has twin pillars bed posts.

V shows up, kills Lilliman with a poisned whafer and Evey runs away. V gives them Evey's location at Stephen Fry's character's home. This is when the trauma-based mind control themes really kick in with Natalie as she is hoodwinked and taken to a cell for programming (which is actually in V's lair).

She is interrogated with standard mind manipulating techniques of a bright light shined directly at their face preventing them from seeing the interrogator (which is dehumanizing as you effectively lose your ability to see apart from the bright light which doesn't allow your eyes to rest, make you hot and generally more suggestible).

As part of her trauma-based mind control in the film Natalie's head is shaved (which is about stripping you of your self-identity [which can also work in the other way, as it can be done as an act of rebellion against their controlled/manipulated existence like Britney's]) which, as was noted in Freeman's excellent article on mind control is a common factor in these mind controlled slaves.

Please see the Freeman article for the kabbalistic connections to Britney Spears' breakdown a few years back when she shaved her own head inside 'Esther's Haircutting Studio', she has a misspelled Hebrew name for God tattoo (among others) and was actually wearing the hexagram/seal of solomon/"Star of David". In some orthodox Jewish communities, head shaving after marriage is practiced; again showing the kabbalistic connection to this.

"I read the Kabbalah books and I meditate on them ... They are all in Hebrew. I don't understand everything. But it's kind of OK that you don't. ... Kevin isn't into it as intensely as I am. For some reason [mind control] I'm thirsting for it. But he looks at the books every once in a while."

Kabbalist Demi Moore also went through this ritual (self-inflicted) in her own military trauma-based mind control "training" (they break you down and build you back up in their own image to be a cog in the military machine; which is basic programming 101) G.I. Jane (she is beaten by the Master Chief on top of all the "Hell Week" traumatic physical training).
These posters' symbolism should be easy to interpret for those aware of mind control themes (poster on the right has her face split in half; split mind symbolic [remember Demi = half and the left poster shows the transition to a faceless, mindless drone for the military who has lost all her personality and femininity [hence the male soldiers coming out of her]). Demi of course showed off her kitten skills in 'Striptease' and was married to Ashton Kutcher (major mind control movie in 'The Butterfly Effect' [remember the Natalie Portman Vogue spread called 'The Butterfly Effect']) in a kabbalistic wedding. Demi was born in Roswell, New Mexico and used to be a Scientology mind control cult member. Ashton Kutcher showed Demi Moore's doll programming (each doll represents a different alter-personality) with a twitter post saying: ""Spent the day going through wifey's insane doll collection - 3,000 contemporary art dolls all staring at you. I'm gonna have nightmares." "I'm trying to convince the wife to open a doll museum. She also has thousands of Barbies and GI Joes." [for her G.I. Jane alter-personality programming necessary for the movie probably] He then added some pictures of the creepy collection and put captions underneath the photos, with one saying: "Hello Ashton, I'm watching you."" [remember Natalie's strange doll behavior further up]

Some of Demi's life-size child dolls.

Coincidentally (or ironically, depending on your perspective) whilst I was writing this I see that Demi and Ashton have launched their own foundation against sexual slavery, from her twitter page: "Hubby & I have started The Demi and Ashton Foundation or The DNA Foundation as we like 2 call it. We're ready 2 help bring an end 2 slavery1"

Demi with her ex-husband (married at the time) Bruce Willis (Bush family fan, USO entertainer) and the aforementioned Luc Besson with his alien sex-machine Milla Jovovich (who he was "dating" at the time, he married her the following year in 1998) at a 'Fifth Element' screening in the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. I've got a picture-heavy Milla post planned for some time soon where I will be elaborating on Besson probably also.

Couple of shots of Ashton performing the Masonic 'Hidden Hand' sign (the one on the left may be accidental, the one on the right in black/white duality over the red carpet/bloodline).

There's even a band named after it, 'Natalie Portman's Shaved Head' (note the electroshock symbol in place of the 'S' letters on their MySpace page) with a lioness on the cover (checkout their video for some symbolism; horns hand signs, owls etc).

More trauma-based mind control suggestions here as she is tortured by the programmer V (who is pretending to be a torturer of the totalitarian regime; the programmer pretending to be someone they aren't is often done [victims will often remember Santa Clause or Jesus or whoever raping them, this is all part of making the victim think it wasn't real ((and to view the programmer as God/Jesus + other characters for different reasons)), a dream and if they do remember it as being real no one would believe that Santa raped and abused them anyway]), she is chained and sprayed with a hose and probably more not shown, also note the aforementioned grid pattern.

Here is an Israeli TV interview which is very torture-centric and focuses on her baldness (there's a vague translation in the comments).

We are shown evidence of the programming taking effect in 'splitting' Natalie's mind (due to standard programming techniques of torture, isolation and other common methods) as double images of Natalie fade in and out symbolizing the mind splitting (extreme dissociation) into alternate personas to cope with the trauma, any number of alter-personalities can be created and manipulated/programmed to be what the programmer intends it to be (through lots of suggestion/hypnosis/drugs/etc).

She eventually escapes and comes to the realization that she had been in V's lair the whole time, the mannequin mind control theme is used here (because Evey isn't sure if it is real or if it just a mannequin until she gets close to it, showing the confusion between what is real and what isn't which is a major part of mind control).

After an argument with V over what he had done to her, she thinks she is free from the ordeal but really she has been altered (V rationalizes that he did it to psychologically "free" her spirit), she will always be emotionally attached to her abuser/programmer (which is the case in reality; often intentionally programmed through double binds, the abuser will act caring, feed and clean the victim but then suddenly switch to an horrific abuser) and after leaving she even returns to help further his plans showing his control over her. V and Evey's exits from their respective programming centers (V at the Larkhill concentration camp and Evey from V's lair) are shown together showing the comparison (with arms aloft, like a 'Phoenix rising from the flames'), both emerging with their new personalities following programming.

V gets upset when Evey leaves him and removes his mask and shatters the mirror (symbolizing both their 'broken/shattered minds' + the general alter symbolism of the mirror). The very first shot of V is of him putting on his mask in front of a mirror, the very first shot of Evey is symbolic in that the camera pans from V across and through the mirror showing Evey also looking into a mirror, as if they are both looking into the same mirror. Both of them are putting on their masks infront of a mirror, V a literal mask and Evey her makeup (which is essentially a mask too, masking the face's actual appearance)

It is worth going a bit more into the 'Larkhill' Concentration Camp where, like in Nazi Germany victims were experimented on with drugs, the doctors of course think they are serving their country. Doctor Delia Surridge says of V after spending time in isolation and such, saying in her diary that he could "No longer remember who he was or where he was from

Worth mentioning the Cross of Lorraine just to cover most of the symbolism: "The Lorraine cross was carried to the Crusades by the original Knights Templar, granted to them for their use by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Hermetic alchemists of the Renaissance used the emblem as a symbol of earth and spirit by combining the square earth cross with the cross of Christ. When drawn symmetrically, it symbolised the hermetic maxim, "As above, so below"."
This is not the only film where Natalie has gone through trauma-based mind control. The Inquisition provided a useful source of research for the establishment's torturers; the most basic form of trauma-based mind control requires no technology or drugs to work (i.e. torturing someone until they 'break' and will do and say whatever the torturer wants, which is obviously a much lower level of mind control than full Monarch trauma-based MK, the trauma beginning virtually at birth to induce and specifically manipulate their Dissociative Identity Disorder). It is insane to think that professional torturers would not have documented the physical and perceived psychological effects of their actions against the subject, and that the powers that be wouldn't have used this valuable knowledge to their own advantage. Things like the Inquisition and World Wars (wars in particular allow for many children to be used, which are a priceless commodity in mind control, having lost their parents etc) have been stepping stones for the "elite" to master trauma-based mind control, and with inventions such as electricity, new drugs and general knowledge of how the mind works; their effectiveness has only improved while the term "mind control" has been pushed under a sort of 'sci-fi'/fantasy umbrella rather than the very real and ancient psychological horror that it is.

Natalie's character in 'Goya's Ghosts' (above poster G G G, 777) experiences the extremely crude trauma-based mind control that existed in the 18th Century. She plays Ines (meaning pure/holy, chaste), the daughter of a wealthy merchant and a model for painter Francisco Goya (note in the trailer above Natalie is being painted above a checkerboard floor, and the quote from Javier Bardem about "do you painters not become very intimate with your models?", which kind of mimics modern day predatory photographers). "...she is arrested and accused of "judaizing", i.e. spreading Jewish rituals, because she did not eat pork the other evening. She is tortured ("put to The Question"), confesses, and is imprisoned." In the prison she is raped by Brother Lorenzo (Bardem) and the resulting baby is taken away from her at birth, inside her prison cell she also becomes infatuated with her abuser (like in V sort of) as he is the only real human contact she has had (that has taken an interest in her anyway), kissing his hand and such when he returns after a long time. Her torture is similar to that in V for Vendetta as she is chained (though this time she is hung upside down from her legs 1:25 of trailer), as mentioned before she gives birth to a baby (girl) who is taken from her at birth. The baby girl is taken and is kitten programmed to be a prostitute; it had been roughly a couple of decades that she had been in prison (then was moved to a mental asylum) and the child had grown up to look exactly the same as Ines, both played by Natalie. The daughter was called Alicia (Alice in Wonderland), the fact that daughter and mother look exactly the same and the trauma-based mind control themes I think suggests multigenerational Monarch programming (the baby may be more symbolic than literal, symbolizing the alter-personality being "born" through the mind splitting torture in prison; hence why she looks exactly the same).

I have covered this already before (the pink wig kitten programming; one eye & split mind motif on poster), it is interesting to note that she played a kitten/prostitute called Alicia in 'Goya's Ghosts', but she also played a kitten character in 'Closer' called Alice Ayres (Alice in Wonderland programming; it's symbolic of her lost identity that she pretends to have a different name, Jane Jones [Jane in itself = lost identity; i.e. G.I. Jane, average Joe/Jane, Jane Doe], in the video Clive Owen says angrily to her "All the girls in this hell-hole, they're pneumatic robots, the coked up baby-dolls and you're no different. You all use stage names so you don't feel ashamed when you show..."). Alice Ayres (note the symbolic alliteration for her alter names; JJ and AA) is a real historical figure who sacrificed herself to save children in a fire, Natalie's character seems to have no actual real name symbolizing her lost self-identity.

Note the 'padded cell' type walls.

As I've noted before pink wig often signifies a sex alter (shown above on the ultimate example of a Monarch Britney with the added leopard print to go along with the sex-kitten pink wig she used to wear alot), here are a few examples of other MK'd celebs donning the pink hair/wig (the hair alteration symbolizes a change in their identity/personality, pink having obvious sexual connotations hence why it is used in this way). Image source from here, many of them I have already covered but you can see the list of who they are at the link.

Another film that was randomly on the Disney Cinemagic while I was writing this was worth briefly going into as it contains some occult themes, 'Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium' (MMW-Em=M, so MMWM) with Dustin Hoffman as the whimsical magician Mr Magorium. Obviously the idea of a "magic" toy store with enchanted/possessed toys is quite occult; the idea of something inanimate made animated when possessed by a spirit/demon is quite kabbalistic (the store is magic, possessed due to the Magorium's "magic", in a similar way to the "structural golem" in Speilberg's 'Monster House', the house becoming possessed by the bitter spirit of the inhabitant's dead wife as she fell into wet cement whilst it was being built [causing it to be possessed]). Kabbalah (Cabala/Qabalah) magic is essentially what is practiced by Hermetics, magickal orders of Masonry (like the OTO), Theosophists and most magi throughout history (check out Illuminati Formula for a good overview of the Kabbalah [as I am obviously no expert on it, or anything for that matter] and how the Tree of Life is used in internal structuring).

Duality is a common theme in Kabbalah (they believe the supreme deity has both male and female attributes for instance [like Baphomet]; the "star of David"/seal of solomon/hexagram is representative of the Qabalistic/Hermetic adage 'As Above So Below' found in Freemasonry [the pillars, checkerboard floor and others also symbolize duality]), duality symbolism is clearly prevalent in this film by Zach Helm who is presumably Jewish also, possibly Ashkenazi (Portman is also Ashkenazi) based on the name (Zach is a Jewish first name) though I can't find bio information him. For starters in the film, the inexplicable and very prominent zebra is the usual black/white duality symbolism (integration of the mystical polarity of black/white; an expression of duality in nature), I've included a picture from a random shoot with Natalie in dehumanizing zebra duality print. Obviously there is a tonne of other symbolic imagery in the above two posters for it (you can pick up on the duality black/white motifs, and other symbolic imagery such as an extremely pertinent 'The Son of Man' painting and various symbolic toys [robots/a prominently placed lion & other animals etc])

The below photo comes from a Vogue shoot. Remember the Rothschilds were well known for keeping, training and breeding Zebras.

Duality motifs are everywhere in this film like the apron worn by Natalie above with (the shirt reads "Always on my mind" with pictures of cupcakes on it). The Magorium 'M' logo is interesting, I'm not sure how best to interpret it (aside from the obvious black/white duality pattern), perhaps the font makes it appear like 3 columns resonating the tree of life. The 'M' obviously represents Magorium (and symbolizes the M/W repetition), which is clearly derived from the occult term used for describing magicians (we're talking magickal practitioners here, not stage magicians) magi/magus, mago meaning 'wizard'/'magicians'/'conjurer'/'magus' in Spanish (so stating the obvious; magorium is a mixture of magician and emporium, an occult store basically). Apparently the name of the film comes from Zach Helm's cousin 'Allen Magory' where they would joke around and the phrase 'Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium' came about, which I find hard to believe (I'm sure he does have a cousin called Magory which influenced the name though). This M repetition is also clearly consciously used in Natalie Portman's character name 'Molly Mahoney' (because M on it's side = 3, so 33, M numerologically = 13, another important occult number associated with the Templars; I went in to this letter symbolism in more detail in relation to Disney's use of it [Mickey/Minnie Mouse] here).

The magician who has infused the toy shop with his spirit/energy/magic is the 243 year old (so born in 1766; obviously a period of great development in the occult/kabbalistic world with the Bavarian Illuminati set up in 1776) Mr Magorium played by Dustin Hoffman (most people [all of the main actors, including the kid and Jason Bateman and the creator/director Zach Helm] involved in this production were Jewish it seems, though obviously this does not have anything to do with the majority of Jews who are good people).

One scene near the start showing the conscious use of duality motifs has Hoffman opening a door (with a lion head knocker on it) wearing a black/white tie, Natalie enters and the camera cuts to an angle showing a checkerboard floor in a room down the hallway (there is another one inside the store as well as large chess pieces used symbolically).

The magical store's exterior is just as duality symbolic, with black/white stripes and a rising sun motif stylized in black and white to symbolize duality again. Note the subliminal pyramid + capstone shape and the looking glass circular window.

The blue M inside the gold circle (blue and gold/yellow is extremely Masonic, symbolizing the sun and the sky) symbolizes the sun (shown throughout the movie as from the interior light and even a rainbow is shown coming from it).

Sun motifs are a common symbol employed here as you'd expect (one obviously consciously symbolic shot below with former child star Jason Bateman).

Another prevailing occult theme in the film is a magical cube given to Portman's character Molly Mahoney by Magorium, that on the surface appears to just be a block of wood but by the end when she finally "believes" in her own magic it re-infuses the toy store with magical spirit giving it colour again (bad quality video here). The word Kabbalah apparently derives from the root meaning 'to receive/to accept', but logically it derives from the Kaaba (cube) and Allah (God), Kabbalah, Kaab-Allah. Muslims worship a meteorite encased in a black cube (the Kaaba) at Mecca (the direction all Muslims must face to pray); the hexagram/hexagon symbolizes a cube and is often used by Masons (see my debut post on the TV show Bones where I go into the cube/hexagon/Solomon/sun/Freemasonry connections) .

Dustin Hoffman, Mr Magorium portrayed as the rising sun in this promo image for it, in the film he is looking forward to his own death while Natalie Portman's character cannot accept it. In the below trailer for it note (aside from some symbolic imagery; note goat horns as Natalie walks into the store) Dustin Hoffman has a fictional character on his books, Bateman says "The King of Planet Yahweh" (Hebrew vocalization of the Tetragrammaton), Hoffman responds "Oh he's not fictional." Invoking the sacred personal name of God revealed to Moses by God himself through the burning bush in the Old Testament which I found it interesting that they would reference considering the film's themes I've discussed and the heavy Jewish involvement in the film.

In 'The Other Boleyn Girl' she played a Monarch Anne Boleyn, the wife of Henry VIII; in the below video she is beheaded (it would have been even more symbolic had they made it historically accurate and blindfolded her, symbolically hoodwinking her like in 'V for Vendetta') by a sword. She is given to the King by her own father, as is said in the above trailer: "Our daughters are being traded like cattle for the advancement of men." Above that is an image of Natalie performing a tarot card reading for the King (I believe the scene was not included in the final cut), tarot is intrinsically linked to the Kabbalah (it's no coincidence that Tarot and Torah are so phonetically similar). Note the circular duality table (and the twin gargoyles/dragons behind her), emphasizing the occult symbolism of the tarot reading.

Their flower/vine print coordinated outfits symbolizes their genealogy (which is obviously on the surface supposed to symbolize their "elite"/royal heraldry; but is also probably a suggestion of both their Monarch mind control pedigree). Remember Anne Boleyn was accused of having an incestuous relationship with her brother in her trial, which was never proven and may not have happened but the blue-bloods are extremely incestuous/inbred so it shouldn't surprise anyone if it were actually true. Both Scarlett and Natalie are Ashkenazi Jews which I'm sure some people will find interesting.

Spy the Eye.

Natalie (+ Scarlett, Eric Bana) with Prince Charles and you can see Camilla there too and probably many other blue bloods were there at this screening of Boleyn Girl.

Below wearing the heraldic lion.

Below with Jordan's Princess Sarah of Jordan and Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad at a FINCA charity event (note tree of life symbolic logo), I could not find a bigger picture.

Her biggest early role that propelled her to international stardom was her role in the Star Wars prequels where she played another Monarch, Queen Padmé Amidala. The occult themes in Star Wars have been noted with it's overarching kabbalistic duality theme of light vs dark (using "the force" for either the 'light' or 'dark side'; Jedi or Sith), good vs evil, evil corrupting good and such, heavily symbolized in the original with Luke often wearing white while Darth Vader is in his trademark black robotic suit following his phoenix-like fiery transformation in lava (which is all very allegorical/symbolic).

Natalie is impregnated by Anakin Skywalker, who was raised as a slave-child before Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn shows up and recognizes he has a high level of midi-chlorians (which remind me of things like 'Thetans' in the Scientology cult and it's counterparts in other alternative belief systems) and takes him off for training/programming to be a "Jedi Master" and he goes off with Liam Neeson, his new master, then Obi-Wan becomes his master after Qui-Gon dies. Remember the Jedi have the ability to control the minds of others through their 'Jedi mind trick'. Is it just me or does the whole 'Jedi Order' seem extremely Masonic, with it's levels starting from 'Apprentice' (Entered Apprentice, first degree in Freemasonry) to 'Jedi Knight' (Knights Templar/of Malta) to 'Jedi Master' (Master Mason), to 'Jedi Council Member' (much like Masonry's Supreme Council of the 33rd and other Masonic councils) and the final level being... "Grand Master of the Jedi Order". The term 'Jedi' apparently comes from the 'Djedhi', an ancient Eyptian group of Serpent Mystery Cult priests who wore hooded robes and used a ritual staff (the lightsaber replaces the staff as the phallus for the fictional Jedi in Star Wars) which fits with the Masonic Egyptian themes (which is all tied together with Kabbalism and the origins of occult belief systems).

Speaking of phallic symbolism, near the start of Episode II: Attack of the Clones, two phallic centipede-like creatures are put into Natalie's bedroom while she is sleeping to try and assassinate her.

Then the Apprentice and the Master duo show up with their 'erecting' light-sabers to defeat and symbolically castrate the twin phallic creatures (Anakin/Darth Vader defeating a threat to his masculinity and dominance/possession of Padmé; 2 phallic creatures, 2 jedi, 2 light-sabers, it's Episode II).

Note the light/shadow/light/shadow duality pattern from the blinders.

The symbolic clothing (above appears to be a solar/sun symbolic bronze headpiece; with gold colour robe to emphasize it) worn by Natalie was based on real Monarchs from different cultures: "For example, in The Phantom Menace, the dress which Padmé wears when addressing the Senate is based on Mongolian imperial fashion worn by Grand Empress Börte, wife of Genghis Khan, and other monarchs into the early 20th century. Padmé's travel gown in Attack of the Clones is based on 17th century Russian fashion photographed on Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna in 1903.[50]"

Keira 'Christina' Knightely (whose name certainly evokes the Knights Templar/Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon and the KK 11|11 kabbalistic duality) played Natalie/Padmé's double in it, pictured above with Natalie disguised as one of the Queen's handmaidens Sabe. Keira was chosen because of how similar she looks to Natalie, both these girls' careers I feel have clearly been organized to make "their people" the big Hollywood stars with roles like these.

Symbolic shot here of Natalie giving Hayden Christensen horns (obviously as he will become the "evil" Vader; he has been in plenty of MK symbolic roles, I think he is a victim), it is notable and I think conscious that Natalie is using two fingers for each horn I suspect symbolizing II|II duality. These pagan/"Devil" horns theme is especially significant considering the name of the actor playing Anakin, Hayden; which comes from the Germanic Heidano meaning heathen which is a great contradiction (the kind occultists love to use) when juxtaposed against his Christianity/Christ invoking surname Christensen, which literally means the son of Christ.

Back in Episode II, Anakin and Padmé enter the Roman-like Colosseum (where slaves like gladiators and their fodder were used to perform to the Roman masses) through a vesica pisces (top half of one) looking archway (the kiss emphasizing the sexual symbolism as they enter/penetrate the half vesica pisces archway, also the kiss represents the coming together of the two like the vesica pisces is the coming together of two circles); where guards with electroshock prods/staffs (phallic) are waiting.

Natalie is shackled and chained to a pillar.

There are four pillars but only three prisoners suggesting these are probably 1111 twin pillars, Temple of Solomon symbolic.

The pillar is more phallic symbolism again associated with the 'Djedhi' because of the Djed pillar (phallic symbol of fertility; ritualistically raised as Osiris' backbone which was also seen as the Nile). She symbolically climbs to the top of the phallus and replaces the beast as the dominant one, using her chains to hit swinging round kicking her tormentor to the ground.

Twin pillars and arch symbolism in the place that Leia and Luke were conceived.

By the end of Episode III she dies giving birth to twins Leia and Luke, Luke after Lucas and Luke comes from the route 'Lux' meaning light, specifically Luke means the 'bringer of light' (hence the Luciferian phallic "light"sabers, though obviously 'light' isn't always Luciferian but it goes along with the duality/kabbalistic theme of light vs darkness/good vs evil). Leia meaning 'delicate/weary/heavenly/royal child of heaven' and comes from Leah which is a Hebrew name, one of the "four mothers" of the Jewish people (emphasizing the kabbalistic symbolism). Twins born of light to defeat the duo of darkness (Darth Sideous/Palpatine and Darth Vader, Darth may also be a reference to Da'at on the Tree of Life).

I cannot help but note Natalie's father who is a fertility doctor in scenes like this and his name 'Avner' means 'father of light' which I find an interesting coincidence considering she is giving birth to the children of light to bring an end to the dark side's rule. Guess what the name Natalie means... "Natal Day"/birthday in reference to the birth of Christ; who is the sun/light. It's obviously no coincidence that a fertility doctor would name his child after his profession 'natal' and is probably more sinister than people might think.

Her character's name (became Queen in 33BBY-25BBY) is symbolic as Padmé means 'lotus flower' and Amidala (though it makes me think of Ahmed[thankful to God]-Allah[God]) apparently derives from Amitabha which means spiritual manifestation of the lotus flower; and is translatable as infinite light. "Amidala" is a variant of "Amitabha", which means a spiritual manifestation.[52] In Egyptian, the name "Nabirye" means "Mother of twins." Padmé's own surname, Naberrie, appears to be a homonym." Note all the small white flowers at her funerary ritual procession.

There are many other occult/qabalistic/hermetic themes in Star Wars but this post is not about that.

I'm having trouble identifying these books due to the medium quality photos but they look like old alchemical (from googling the only words I can make out 'Lectori Candido' it lists the alchemical writing 'Theatrum Chemicum') or kabbalistic works to me, like the Zohar, Talmud or some other old books (note white top/black skirt; arguable duality pose also with her left arm raised)... is that a Kabbalah bracelet she is wearing too? Perhaps someone with a keener eye can identify what books she is symbolically draped across. The name of the writer 'Joshua Rich' doesn't sound at all like a Jewish stereotype by the way (I'm joking, blame Cartman from South Park). 9/11 is invoked in the title which was a kabbalastic/Masonic (not all kabbalists are Masons and vice versa of course) ritual involving the leveling of the twin pillars (the twin towers; including the symbolic 'third pillar' building seven, the Salomon Brothers, the twin towers were the allegorical Temple of Solomon's twin pillars, the number seven is an important Hermetic/kabbalistic number).

The below photo is from the same photoshoot as above, red roses are of course an important multifaceted alchemical/kabbalistic/hermetic feminine symbol seen in V for Vendetta (V left a red rose on every one of his victims' corpse). The archaic texts and the roses make me suspect this photo shoot may be Rosicrucian themed (I'm sure someone will pick up on what it actually is though).

The old mystical books/roses images came from this 'Entertainment Weekly' cover shoot, as did the clearly intentional use of shadow and light below (one eye/half face in darkness). "Is 'V for Vendetta' the next 'Matrix'?" is worth mentioning as the Matrix also made by the Wachowski Brothers is loaded with kabbalistic principles such as the belief that everything is numbers and that (most/99% of) reality is illusion, not to mention all the Zion and old testament references.

Random photo below looking vacant and in a trance (with the guy's hand domineeringly over her head emphasizing her fragility) looking like the Virgin Mary.

Look closely at the below picture, focus on the eyes.

It is part of 'Another Magazine' shoot with it's suggestive 'The POWER to create CHANGE' title; which is essentially what Kabbalistic Magick is (note her pose, as above so below).

Again from the same shoot we have the 'as above so below' pose with one arm raised (+ one eye/half face illuminated).

More one eye symbolism again from this shoot.

Last few from the shoot, note the headphones radio (she appears relatively tranced [note small chains/collar] showing whatever is coming through it is effecting her), leopard print boots, duality motifs on the below dress, the fractured mirror ball in the last shot.

This shoot had her in duality/sexually suggestive '69' top (remember Natalie and her mother's birth date is 6/9, June 9th) and also a tiger top showing her kitten programming (like the top Ellen Von Unwerth shoot).

Wearing kabbalistic duality black/white stripes on some red carpet (= family bloodline), the below symbolic shoot was for ELLE magazine which is especially symbolic with the mirrored EL Hebrew name for God, though obviously on the surface Elle simply refers to 'she' in French.

From the same ELLE shoot Natalie duality + light shining on her.

The above photo I originally wrote off as someone mistaking Natalie Portman for Nastassja Kinski's snake photo taken by the late Richard Avedon (typical "elite" photographer, photographed Marilyn and many others) which I covered in my 'Cat People' post where I covered her movie career which is similar to Natalie and others in terms of their underage exploitative roles. But there are differences that you can see (namely the bracelet, the beauty spot on her face matches Natalie's) so it may be Natalie (I'm not entirely convinced and may remove this part if someone confirms it isn't her or vice versa).
On a random note, Nastassja's daughter Sonja Kinski has predictably also had this psycho-sexual/occult phallic serpent theme in a photo shoot; which I hope makes clear the generational aspect of Monarch programming (their programmability [highly hypnotizable/susceptible to dissociation/aspects of their personality/etc] is passed down from mother to daughter/son; and obviously as any pimp knows, in general if you control a mother you automatically have control of their lucrative offspring).

But back to Natalie (sticking with theme of snakes though!), her relationships are certainly interesting also having dated apparent occultist Devendra Banhart [quote source]:
Banhart’s camp—from his collaborators to his publicist—comes from the celestine road less traveled. His publicist, Howard Wuelfing , is someone Banhart refers to for matters of “the occult, gnostic, unorthodox, magical—everything. From Aleister Crowley to the I Ching to Freemasons and Rosicrucians to the Kabbalah to pagan and wicca. He’s well versed in the goetia—which is the demonology—and white magic, of course. [That's pretty much ticked every box then!]
[Note on Wuelfing's site the black/white 8 pointed duality star sun logo on his site, worked for Columbia Records for 12 years; which essentially confirms that corporations' myriad of handlers like Wuelf 'help' artists incorporate occult symbolism into their work, Howard means 'noble-watchman/sheep-herder' and Wuelfing is likely 'wolf'... he is a wolf 'herding'/chasing the sheep/performers]
Devendra's (above with much symbolism; sun, phallic serpent staff, triangle third eye) name is a synonym of Indra apparently, the Hindu god of rain and thunder. His middle name is 'Obi', based on the Star Wars character (whom Natalie met when filming the prequels). Checkout Banhart's video for 'Carmensita' which features Natalie Portman prominently as a ritual goddess type figure, the video focuses on Hindu mythology and is pretty entertaining to watch and is obviously symbolic/ritualistic, starting with a borromean rings/triquetra 'COLOR' to try and make it look authentically Indian (along with the document at the start). Then "The light of five million tears shines like the sun as the power-mad Lord Rajah terrorizes the kingdom of Carmensita with his magical snake."... Then "The exiled Prince [Devendra] sought refuge with the Meet Meets of the Cuca Luciferina mountain." Obviously a lot of it is nonsense (mocking old Bollywood films) mixed in with the main theme of Hindu mythology (all mythology is connected) esoteric references and ritual. It is probably reenacting a specific ritual/myth (in the Ramayana perhaps?) which someone better schooled in Hindu mythology could probably identify.

Natalie is "The Princess whose golden beauty sang through the soul of heaven waited three full eclipses for her love [Devendra the Prince] to return." wearing her tilak/third eye and crown.

He has "obtained the powers of the Enochian ninth circuit" referencing John Dee's Enochian magick.

Once all the gods are summoned/invoked they all "combine the divine light of our auras", Devendra making the Illuminist triangle above his head and a magick diamond forms and from Devendra's triangle hand gesture emanates a rainbow shaped pyramid which goes into Lord Raja's (who I suspect though am not certain is supposed to represent Ravana, Natalie being Sita the kidnapped wife of Devendra, Rama) eye and his multiple heads are eat themselves destroying him.

Note the red triangle/pyramid over Devendra's forehead/third eye. "That will teach Rajah for waving his snake at my princess." Devendra now acquires the serpent phallic staff from the King Rajah.

Note the cobra backdrop with a sun in it's centre, the gold phallic serpent staff of course and the triangle on his head. They rejoice for months in 'tantric revelry', probably more accurately tantric sex no doubt.

She gets jealous at Kali's relationship with him so immolates herself and becomes a octopus (phallic tentacle creature).

She was also in a Paul McCartney (establishment pawn, performed at Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations promoting "peace", which is ironic considering what Israel is) video as a ghost.

The clincher for me was her associations with the Rothschild banking family, above she is pictured with Nat Rothschild ("in the KNOW"... no doubt! Nathan is set to become the fifth 'Baron Rothschild'). While I do not buy into notions of a "Jewish conspiracy" there are certainly Jews involved (religion is not the issue), just because Masons and Hermetic magickal practioners use Kabbalistic principles obviously does not lump all Jews along with them (in the same way that the many pedophile Catholic priests does not label all Catholic priests as pedophiles, there are just as many Rabbi pedophiles etc, same goes for Masons the majority of which are good people who aren't involved in any way).

"Oh shit! You caught me with my Baphomet tote bag!" From later that same evening (see Just Jared source for details) she went out holding this bag with some horned figure's head on the front (though you can't see for certain if it's Baphomet, any other horned figure would be symbolic anyway)... the reason why she (or her handlers) didn't want to get caught by photographers that night was probably just in case someone aware picked up on it.

Nat Rothschild (in the middle, see source link) at Oxford's elite 'Bullingdon Club' which has gained the reputation of just being a drinking club for spoiled rich kids which I feel is true but may be overshadowing more sinister, secret society aspects of it which they certainly view themselves as (which is always laughed off as 'those silly toffs, aren't they arrogant!'). Britain's future Prime Minister David Cameron (himself part of the Astor elite family having married into it) and many others (like current London mayor Boris Johnson) in the highest levels of British government were Bullingdon Club members. Rothschild coat of arms below (+ British one on the SIS/MI6 logo for comparison), remember our royal family also hails from Germany and changed their name.

Remember the Rothschilds were the biggest proponents for Zionism (the 2nd Baron Rothschild, Walter Rothschild read the 1917 Balfour Declaration to Parliament committing them to the Zionist's racist/insane mission of a Jewish state being set up over Palestine) and built it's Illuminist symbolic Israeli Supreme Court. Ashkenazi Jews do seem to be heavily involved, there are probably more non-Jewish (some argue Ashkenazis aren't real Jews anyway) people involved in the "elite", blue blooded, inbred cabal. The wealthy Ashkenazi's are no different than other non-Jewish "elite" groups who practice endogamy (certainly inbreeding also) to keep the power/knowledge consolidated over centuries under the guise of their "religious beliefs"; "Certain groups such as Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews[1] have practiced endogamy strictly as an inherent part of their religious beliefs and traditions."

Here's that Freemasonic monument in Israel I've posted somewhere before; note some of the symbolism discussed in this post, black/white duality, twin pillars. Obviously I'm including it here to show the Freemasonic pyramid with all seeing eye in the capstone comparison to MI5's original logo (which may have been in use when Natalie's great-grandmother was a spy for them) which I've posted a few times before but it's always worth posting again.
The Rothschilds have been involved with secret intelligence agencies (not to mention they had their own international intelligence network functioning before governments) also with Victor Rothschild working for MI5 in World War 2, remember Natalie's great-grandmother was a British, MI5/6 spy in World war 2 (showing more connections between the Hershlags and the Rothschilds). MI6's official department motto is 'Semper Occultus' meaning Always Secret, people actually think intelligence agencies have the masses' best interests at heart which couldn't be further from the truth. Below is another logo used by MI6 featuring the motto, a brain (I doubt it's referencing "knowledge", they were programming people with impunity in those earlier days so is probably a mind control reference), a C and the British crown.

The MI6/SIS Building appears to be designed symbolically after the Tower of Babel (it's known as the "Babylon on Thames", the Thames is their symbolic 'Nile' by the way; the building looks Solomon-esque with the two towers raising up from the rest of the ziggurat with other symbolism too, pyramid steps, mirrored/symmetrical design and such), in the BBC's MI5 show 'Spooks' they made their HQ Freemasons Hall in London.

MI6's symbolic Ziggurat HQ designed by architect Sir Terry Farrell. The below monument looks very occult (8 stone pillars in a circle; think Stonehenge and Greek Pagan temples and such) while I am unsure of the specific symbolism, located just outside the MI6 building (you could argue the railings have been symbolically designed also, like a four sided pyramid emphasizing the capstone with the internal square).

Thames House where MI5's base is located, note the Freemasonry symbolic domineering (it's grandiose style tells me this is more about symbolism rather than simple aesthetics) archway complete with a prominent keystone (+ plenty of symbolism on the facade like an occult caduceus [above left] and some crests; the two figures Britannia and St. George [whose cross/England's flag is suspiciously like the Templars]). The rest of the exterior facade is covered in twin pillars, arch keystones and other symbols.

Inside the arch is a grid pattern, each square looks to have a sun in it (could be some symbolic flower though) in the blue squares (which is all very Masonic). I think it is the same sun-rays motif higher up the building, click below image.

A few Masonic illustrations showing their use of this symbolism (and obviously lots more I'm not going in to).

Another photo of the Thames House facade (image sources google/flickr, will credit specific sources if I get any complaints) below (interesting bird [owl?] weighing down the boy on the keystone which is very Masonry symbolic).

Below is where the fictional MI5 in 'Spooks' (I've covered the show a bit and it's spin-off here) used to reside (they still called it Thames House) at Freemasons Hall where you can still see the Masonic archway + key symbolism at the very top set of Solomon's twin pillars. Apologiez for going off-topic here but it is all relevant and important when trying to understand their symbolism (which is everywhere; oh yeah and randomly who else is enjoying the plot of Assassin's Creed II [and killing Templars is always good fun]... the games industry is just as infested with Freemasonic symbolism as all the others, I've been replaying some games from my youth too like Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars as it was released on Wii [tells you about the history of the Templars, currently looking for a "Sword/phallus of Baphomet"], games like that must have influenced me and is probably partly why I'm interested in this stuff).

Note the blazing star (I think) + other mentioned symbolism which I've included for a closeup of the Masonic archway symbolism; the reason why the arch keystone is important to Freemasonry is it holds all the other stones in place, which is the kind of metaphor they commonly use as part of their ritualistic allegory of building Solomon's Temple (where the initiate plays the part of Hiram Abiff, the Temple's chief architect). The phrase that's cropped out is "He shall build me an house and I will stablish his throne forever." from Chronicles where King David is persuading Solomon to build the temple in Israel.

From the ceiling of the Grand Temple, note the menorah which was inside Solomon's temple (and is obviously one of Judaisms most prominent symbols) and is associated with the Kabbalah, specifically it symbolizes light and the tree of life. Note the two seals of solomon/hexagram/"star of david" above the main entrance to Freemasons Hall (and the outer two are pentagrams; all with sun/star symbolism, click below cropped image for better view).

Semper Occultus!

Returning to Natalie after that intelligence/architectural break here are a few more images that I didn't get round to putting in order with the rest of the narrative. The Rothschilds are heavily involved in mind control having funded the social engineering research done at Tavistick, some of the Rothschilds' programmers worked out of Tavistock in London. Some of the Rothschilds themselves are programmed multiples due to their inbreeding (constantly were marrying first cousins and whatnot) and their resulting (from being at the top/doing what they wilt for generations) inherent sociopathy, hence why they have a tendency to 'self-destruct': "In 1996, one of Nat Rothschild's cousins, Amschel, hanged himself at the age of 41. He had just been asked to fill a leading position in the family bank in London. Four years later, another cousin, Raphael de Rothschild, died in Manhattan from a heroin overdose. He was just 23."

Natalie the Shadow Puppet.

Speaking of puppets she has appeared in Sesame Street with other puppets (like Elmo; Natalie dresses as a Princess then an elephant [phallic trunk/tusks/big wing-like ears etc]).

We have established that there is a lot of 'light' ritual/symbolism in her movies and life (she is the daughter of the "father of light" after all) so it's no surprise that she would have been chosen to appear in the 'Lux' shampoo commercials (Lux meaning Light). This one is fairly symbolic, arriving on a yellow motorcycle + helmet/mask (she is one with the machine) to an audition, the door opens to light (her pathway to illumination/Hollywood "star"dom?), notice the light is prominently shining inside the room with probably symbolic iconography, a spotlight is symbolised (turns into the 'Lux' shampoo bottle, arguably phallic), she then has a phallic sword and is transported to an alternate reality where she sword fights with a man symbolically by the previously mentioned pillars/archway symbolism. "She's the one."

"Lux Super Rich"... or the "Illuminated Super Rich" no doubt that's exactly who she works for/is controlled by!

More symbolism in another ad for 'Lux' (think she is dressed as Audrey Hepburn, then in a red dress/scarlet woman; with the flashing lights of the paparazzi and there is more twin pillars/archway symbolism + even a checkerboard floor (0:25) confirming the Hermetic/Freemasonic symbolism (of the location it was filmed at anyway).

Speaking of 'light' she was also used to pimp those useless "energy saving" lightbulbs, again all these adverts and such have ritualistic undertones as Natalie's bulb is lit (the only one that is; symbolizing she is illuminated whereas the little people are not) at the end then it immediately cuts to the sun.

More light worship in another charity gig "Candles for Rwanda".

Rashida Leah Jones (also Jewish; her mother is Peggy Lipton who played Norma Jennings in Twin Peaks, her father is musician/media mogul Quincy Jones), Natalie Portman and their Kitties!

Her SNL mock rap was interesting, the symbol she is wearing looks notable and the checkerboard symbolism appears when a child dressed as Queen Amidala tries to get her autograph, her lyrics (obviously most people will write it all off as comedy, I don't think I am reading too much into it): "All the kids looking up to me can suck my dick.." symbolizing hermaphroditic duality (goat of Mendes/Baphomet), the checkerboard confirms this is duality symbolism. Then she shatters a glass bottle over her head.

"I spy"... Natalie is a spy (remember it's in her blood)? Can't decide if that silhouette graffiti quickly flashed on screen is depicting a Worshipful Master in his top hat or more probably a Hasidic Jew (considering the guy in Viking horns Andy Samberg is also Jewish, so that is probably their humor). Below wearing an academic square cap, which has it's origins in Freemasonry (it's called the mortarboard) but I won't be going into the Universities' Masonic connections here.

Here is Natalie describing the incestuous (figuratively speaking) movie industry: "It's a very insider industry where a lot of people who get into it, get into it because of who they know or even their families; it's almost like a family trade for a lot of the jobs on movies."

In her more recent films she played a Jewish bride in New York, I Love You (I can't stand this kind of thing), note in the trailer the alchemy reference and one of the earlier poster's NY city skyline reflected symbolizing as above so below/duality (New York is a very significant city to them obviously).

Brothers' poster features standard fractured mind symbolism (the word BROTHERS fractured and Natalie by a line; though on the surface it probably symbolizes that she is 'torn between two men' and the family being 'broken'/'split' by the war which fits with the plot), if you look below you will see mind control themes of confused identity (some amnesia suggestion in there) as the two brothers' virtually swap roles (their personalities are described as polar opposites) when one of them goes off to war (there is probably some war trauma/PTSD in there as well).

W magazine (note the aforementioned kabbalist Ashton Kutcher is mentioned) "Hollywood's Good Girl Shows Off Her Wild Side".

Note below (again with the 'Good Girl Gone Bad' theme) note the chain, pentagram and such (BLENDER's symbolic fractured word header is worth a mention and is more MK relevant when you consider what a Blender is [spins really fast and cuts things up into tiny pieces before liquidizing it completely]).

She was also in V a magazine shoot very recently; having been in 'V for Vendetta' this is all the more significant and highlights the occult significance of the letter 'V' (helps to think of it as the bottom part of the compass and square, or the downwards triangle of the hexagram which is similar duality/as above so below symbolism anyway) in relation to her. Note they made the V pink and look where the bottom of it is positioned below, emphasizing the sexual symbolism of the letter. The below cover version is especially symbolic with Chanel's vesica pisces symbol as the C of 'Cool', again symbolizing the vagina which the occult are obsessed with.

Here's the video from the shoot with Elvis Presley singing Poke Salad Annie, Mario Testino is a typical high fashion photographer who often incorporates symbolism into his work (think I posted one of his spreads here).

Made up to look fairly androgynous by her hair (male looking jacket; with black pyramid studs) and wearing encrusted gold shoulder pad metallic armor things below.


Anonymous said...

If only she realised being seen with Nathaniel is a 'bad' thing.

most jews in UK pretty much hate him, firstly because hes second generation jewish(his mother isnt jewish) and secondly because hes considered a 'disgrace' for his many adventures that have bought bad press to their name/heritage,including getting married in vegas without a Rabbi...which some have speculated was him overtly mocking the fact hes only second infact is a gentile.

Anonymous said...

more on woody allen's molestation of his kids

Anonymous said...

Note the rancid hot pink color her character wears in V for Vendetta when she''s seducing the priest. The same color of Anna Nicole Smith's rooms, accessories and almost everything she owned. They are now dressing most little girls in this color its everywhere for girl children. so disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Great work, Ben, once more! Congrats! Add my 1,5 cents here too:
1. Not only JEAN RENO's wife is a Leo, but also himself.

2. Both JOHN KERRY&HILLARIOUS CLINTON, lol, are Jewish, no way Irish (as KERRY says ) or else. JOHN KERRY's real name is JONATHAN COHN/COHEN. In Hillary's case RHODSKY became RODHAM. Not a big deal, is it?


Anonymous said...

Not just SOON YI&DYLAN fell victims to WOODY, but also his son (child prodigy), SEAMUS. At least I read so...


Anonymous said...

Hmm just because natalie doesn't act like anna nicole doesn't mean she isn't programmed. There are after all many types of programming for many types of activities. Natalie strikes me as a mind files and ritual programmed slave. In other words her proximity to political figures, prince charles and her spy ancestry means she's probably trained to pass messages and keep a lot of information in her head like files and files of information. Her ivy training would also help with this. As for the ritual side she wouldn't be hanging out with rothschild and hollywood elite without being present at some rituals. Her programming would thus serve to keep her dark alter hidden so she could still look like a perfect princess, while also being the perfect kabbalist witch on the 'flip' side.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben interesting post as always.....
just to correct you about the islamic faith, muslims DO NOT actually worship the meteorite in the Kaaba, but the Kaaba simply denotes a direction to worship in, so all muslims around the globe pray in the same direction- implying unity. Muslims offer prayer to the supreme entity, The Creator of the worlds!!!

deltawerken said...

Small factual error: the character played by Portman in Heat actually survives her suicide attempt.

skrambo said...

Awesome post. "Brothers" is a reference to masonry (they refer to eachother as "Brother Masons"), which is probably so obvious already that you didn't even bother to include it in the article. The thing about her "Sexy dolls" says it all, really... It's most likely one of those memories which is actually from her programming.

Something about GaGa's pink and blue piano - Pink is a reference to the anus (no, I'm not just making that up) and the Blue butterflies represent the traumatic abuse (turning the pink to blue bruises).

Anonymous said...

can i just say, that all 3 of my brothers were circumcised when they were little and neither of them have been traumatically affected by it. lol

p.s hardly any of these pictures in this post load..

Anonymous said...

oh yes one more thing, i always wondered why that band chose the name 'natalie portman's shaved head'!

well funny

Brenda said...

Where do I begin?

That video with Devendra is beyond disturbing. Never heard of him but he is one dark soul. His eyes are pure evil.

I remember when Natalie was a young kid and how they (her PR people, handlers) kept focusing on how smart she was. I thought it was odd as you just don't hear about how smart/intellectual ANY celeb is, do you? It's all about how sexy they are or how popular...but So, it was as if they were programming US to understand that this girl was no ordinary little slave.

The vibe I get from your great post, Ben, is that Natalie is one of those high ranking sex slaves who will absolutely be used for her brains and her possible spying ability. However, if we are here on a blog chatting about how she's being used as a spy, doesn't that counteract her ability to be used as a spy?? Or am I missing something here?

She reminds me of so many of those seriously intelligent women I've met over the years who are still lacking something in the mental department. Perhaps it's the mind control programming that I never knew about that was that missing link, eh? I used to wonder how they could be so intellectual and brilliant but still fall into catastrophic personal relationships that often destroyed them.

I hate to say it but I think Natalie is missing a soul somewhere. Her eyes are very heartless. Like any good spy, the heart has been stolen and buried long ago.

jerry_beck said...

good scope of Bullington Club gave powerfull swedish movie Ondskan ( it's about private boarding school for elite in Scandinavia, but what's going in this kind of schools is simillar everywhere...this movie is simply about birth of evil, pretty obvious is that these people are messed up in those schools, just by the photo you can see how evil/sociopathic/ (well maybe there is there one decent looking guy, but surely this is misleading) those guys shows that perfectly...

N.Portman is surely involved, how? im pretty confident she is MK'D...yes, she is smart as hell, yes she is down to earth, charming person but those photos and links to Elite are striking...her other roles are also interesting, Ann August with Susan Sarandon (her name in that movie is Adele August, just coincidence with matching first letters, don't worry, it's like when they don't have symbolic first or second name they come up with matching first letters), then there is also inpregnated 17 year old Novalee Nation (how they come up with those names)...she remind me very much of Winona Ryder

Anonymous said...

I was also very very bothered by Devendra's eyes. Something is definitely wrong there.

On the cover of W magazine, looks like Nat is wearing a blue butterfly hairclip.

I appreciated the Star Wars info, would like some more if you ever have time.

I used to think Natalie lived a fascinating, wonderful life. Now it just seems tragic. I'm really sad for the poor girl.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I knew that "pink" is another word for pussy. It looks like its the same for both holes...


Anonymous said...

BANHART - ban the heart, ban ur feelings. Interesting name, especially that he had a relationship with smb like NATALIE. It would be great to know more showbizzers involved in espionage too. ERROL FLYNN was one, then LESLIE HOWARD (I dont buy the official version of his death, hes one of my faves anyway), MARLENE DIETRICH, MARILYN MONROE... Countless I think...


Anonymous said...

"elfing is likely 'wolf'... he is a wolf 'herding'/chasing the sheep/performers]"

The sheep isn't the performer, it's the audience the performer can round up. You have a lot of this stuff ass backwards but it's ok, the general message is getting out there and it seems you mean well.

Anonymous said...

"Please see the Freeman article for the kabbalistic connections to Britney Spears' breakdown a few years back when she shaved her own head inside 'Esther's Haircutting Studio', "

Isn't Esther Madonna's kabala name? What a coinkidink!

Anonymous said...

Please see the Freeman article for the kabbalistic connections to Britney Spears' breakdown a few years back when she shaved her own head inside 'Esther's Haircutting Studio',

Isn't Esther Madonna's kabbala name? What a coinkidink!

Anonymous said...

sorry double post.

Unrelated: After watching the AMA's Adam Fagmbert and Taylor the Cuntry singer (sorry forgot her name) have to be the worst fucking singers in recent memory, total fucking frauds. Good luck to the morons who bought that fakery.

Anonymous said...

^^I know, right?

Anonymous said...

Saw Natalie on the cooking reality show Top Chef recently. She and Padma Lakshmi, the former wife of Salman Rushdie, were delighting in using crude sexual humor on prime time television. It was almost too obvious that they had been 'encouraged' to hide their 'good/smart girl' images and show their more kinky side to the audience. Cringeworthy.

Wife of Charles Saatchie, Nigella Lawson also made a cameo on the same show...Interesting guests and connections.

Anonymous said...

Had you seen this Natalie Portman photo before? I saw it on Perez Hilton a while back and wondered what the woman on the right was signifying:

MK Culture said...

"I definitely lived out my fantasies with them. I dressed them up in sarongs and miniskirts and stuff. They were sexy, having sex all the time. I rubbed them and Ken together a lot. And they were bitchy, man. Barbie was mean." ~ Madonna 1985

Anonymous said...

Miley'S bday cake:


Anonymous said...

no, not Natalie Portman too! she always seemed so bright and nice. I will never watch her films again.

This information needs to get out to a wider audience. Isn't there anything we can do? I feel so frustrated.

Come on people! What can we do to make sure the public find about this stuff. We should organise some kind of protest in the real world and use the media against itself so they cant ignore us.

I tried to explain these things to my niece but she won't believe me. I think she has been conditioned already (she loves Beyonce AND Rhianna!) What can I do to help her? Her mother (my sister in law) who I just KNOW is MK'D as she has kittens and butterfys all over her house AND a checkerboard floor has insisted I stop telling my niece about these things and says she will ban me from the house. What can I do to help my niece? She is so innocent and this woman is intent on corrupting her just like she is. Getting this info out in the real world could help her. I know it.

Anonymous said...

^^You can't stop watching ALL popular culture. Its all around us now. On the computer, our cell phones....even if you don't watch tv. Hell, in my city they're putting moving image advertising on buses and taxi cabs now!

Look, you don't need to cut out what music you listen to and what you watch. Just don't consume TOO much of it and be AWARE and AWAKE to what they are really showing you.


No. You don't.

Just use your brain a little more when you're taking in information, and try to get out in nature once a week. This is awar on just be more CONSCIOUS.

Anonymous said...

I am not worried about myself I am worried about my niece (and other kids too OF COURSE). I will not fall for there garbage anymore now that I know it is happening from sites like this and youtube. (thankyou Ben, you are a AMAZING)

I am sorry for being a newby and asking silly questions but how else can I lfind out. We learn from our mistakes I think youl find! I do go out in nature I'll have you know and I dont watch MTV because the videos make me nausous and feel tired sometimes . Im not one of these people who enjoys this filth and I can see what its doing but if I knew how it worked and why they are doing it I could tell others. In my head it makes sense but when I try and tell others i get confused and muddled and its frustrating.

How can I stop my sister in law from making my niece JUST LIKE HER that will grow up to serve the elite and there sick fanatasys and earn her money and power for herself? I think she is one of those handlers. She is so controlling and is turning my brother against me. He is always telling me to CALM DOWN and thinks that I am making this stuff up. I know she has said things to my family to turn them against me as she knows that I know and threten her plans.

Where else can I turn to help with this?

Ben could you make a post that explains about how the programming works and how the symbols work so that I can show my brother and then he will see what she is trying to do?

Some of this information is hard to understand and I'm sure you could make a good list of why they use checkerboard floors, The wizard of OZ and Alice in Wonderland etc and what a sick joke it is to them to send out these things in videos and films that are for CHILDREN!

I am trying to be more concious.

Anonymous said...

There's a recent pic around of Alicia Keys throwing up the horns, will post if i can find it.

The horns mean "rock on" as in "keep keeping on" as in keep trying but you'll never be this. Like that Rihanna song with T.I. something about keep living your little lives and let me live mine as a famous artist, don't try this at home, homies.

Awakened said...

To anon @9:15

Take a deep breath. That's the first step.

The more wild eyed and freaked out you get with this stuff when talking to OTHER people about it, the more you will sound outright insane and paranoid. I know because I was just like you are when I first heard about it. NO ONE will listen to you if you rant and go into FEAR mode about Rihanna and Beyonce and checkerboard floors, etc.

Sometimes a checkerboard floor is just a checkerboard floor. Am I right, Ben? Not everyone with a checkerboard floor is working for the Elite or are a Mason (and I don't happen to think that every Mason is evil either. I think there are many that are but there are others who got into it for the business contacts. At least, that's the way it works in the town I grew up in.)

You have to move SLOWLY with your niece or you WILL be kicked out of her life and rightly so if you can't get some perspective on this stuff. If you can calmly explain to her how these images are sexually insulting to women, that's a good place to start. People can pretty much grasp that idea of women being used sexually and how could her mother argue with that? Just casually show how Rihanna's life is not that great, how she's being turned into a total robot by her agent and PR people. (I'm not sure if you saw the American Music Awards the other night, but Rihanna started her song strapped to a contraption that looked like a torture wheel. She also looked stoned, dissociative and could NOT sing to save her life. I don't think she can sing anyway and much of what you hear is done in the studio to "sweeten" the audio.)

It's hard to write about this, let alone talk about it to others who are completely unaware. It's best to tell your niece about Ben's website, see if she visits here and let the photos talk for themselves.

If she's not going to hear the message, you can't force it down her throat.

Once your eyes are open to this, it's everywhere and being AWARE is your best defense against it. I see news stories now and can see exactly what they are setting up for us down the road and then it happens and I look like psychic when I all I did was SEE AND UNDERSTAND the signs that are hidden in plain view.

Case in point: Swine Flu. Total myth as to its "deathly" consequences. But the vaccine they are pushing? That is what will kill you or make you infertile. Gee, now I sound insane, don't I? But watch closely as the months progress into winter and you'll see that people who were vaccinated start to die "from complications." I know this is off topic, but it's relevant to the control issues that MK Culture pushes.

Anonymous said...

ben wroteLNote they made the V pink and look where the bottom of it is positioned below, emphasizing the sexual symbolism of the letter. The below cover version is especially symbolic with Chanel's vesica pisces symbol as the C of 'Cool', again symbolizing the vagina which the occult are obsessed with.

I don't think it's just the elite who are obsessed with the vagina. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most heterosexual men at some point are interested in sexual relations with a woman, yes?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I don't think it's just the elite who are obsessed with the vagina. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most heterosexual men at some point are interested in sexual relations with a woman, yes?

In the context of the message on this blog and from my experience this has more to do with womb envy, also the desire to have female followers directed (there's that sheep thing mentioned in this Natalie Portman post) toward their product and harnessing that energy towards a goal.

Anonymous said...

Awakened said To anon @9:15
It's best to tell your niece about Ben's website, see if she visits here and let the photos talk for themselves.

They probably aren't the reading kind.

Anonymous said...

The 'Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus' is the flip coin, the dark side if you will to 'Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium'

Anonymous said...

anonymous wrote...In the context of the message on this blog and from my experience this has more to do with womb envy, also the desire to have female followers directed (there's that sheep thing mentioned in this Natalie Portman post) toward their product and harnessing that energy towards a goal.


Can you please expand upon and clarify what you mean by this womb envy as a means of directing followers to their products.

You mean that women want to be like natalie so if natalie is selling X brand perfume, women will want to buy x brand perfume so they can be like her?

Awakened said...

^^^I never put those two films together like that but I think you are right. And look at the "IUM" in Imaginaium and Magorium and Emporium. The lilt of the titles sound similar to the ear.

Haven't seen Imaginarium but suffered through part of "Mr. Magorium" and found it badly done and quite dissociative.

I'm seeing more films now that in the past I thought were simply "weird" or "disturbing" and now I realize I was picking up on the dissociative filmmaking and themes and rejecting it on an unconscious level. Ever notice how SO many films now are given great "critical reviews" and called "Oscar worthy" and then you go to them and think, "What in the hell was that?" So much noise and rapid fire visuals and no heart or storyline that is clever or meaningful. Just loud, abrasive, trauma-filled films that exhaust you and keep you IN FEAR MODE.

Been there, done that. No thanks.

Awakened said...

@anon 14:52

Obviously, I didn't write that statement but my take on it is that the Elite are obsessed with channeling the lifeforce and having control over it. Whether it's control of when that life will end or when a life will begin.

So many of them dabble in astrology and numerology to conceive a child and have it born on a certain date that will be powerful and serve a greater purpose in their eyes. So, being "envious" of the womb is perhaps not the best representational word. Rather, it's more like "aware" of the power of that womb and the life it can create.

Speaking of numerology, I've studied it also for several decades and I agree with another poster here (I think it was Jack?) who brought up the Chaldean Number System which is absolutely the number guide to follow rather than the traditional westernized version. With that in mind, I was almost certain that something of significance would occur on November 22, 2009 by virtue of the power inherent in that series of numbers.

11 - 22 - 11 (add 2+9 and the "0's" give that even more power.)

Thus, we have two "11's" towering between the second master number, 22.

Add them all up and you have 44 and that reduces to 8. Eight in the Chaldean system is a powerful number and one that can be destructive if used for evil.

But to my knowledge, nothing of significance happened on that auspicious date. It would be interesting to be able to predict some "major event" based upon a numerological sequence that would be meaningful to "them," wouldn't it?

Benjamin S said...

12:11 "ben wrote" commenter I had no idea, what a thoughtful and insightful comment (from what I can gather are your other comments, it's pretty clear you have an entirely dismissive agenda to nitpick little things that aren't particularly significant), I wish I had your level of understanding. Seriously though I was just pointing out the symbolism, which you can't argue isn't there. Most heterosexual men don't equate the vesica piseces with the womb/vagina (because the vast majority are totally symbol illiterate), nor even the 'V' for the most part so I'm not sure what your point is. The Vesica Pisces has been primarily been used by occult orders like the O.T.O., in Christian imagery and corporate logos; not by your average man on the street who it is targeted at (though their minds probably recognize it subconsciously; standard sex used to manipulate men and women into buying the magazine/or into a certain way of thing).

Cheers for all the comments. I'm going through the same stuff you lot are; trying to bring this material to people who aren't aware is difficult (I grew up with older sisters who grew up being into Britney and all that crap; it's nigh-on impossible to discuss anything non-shallow which is a shame [one in particular gets very agitated/angry when I bring up anything to do with symbolism and the like, so I just stick to talking about who might win the latest cycle's America's Next Top Model or whatever, all of her friends are "Jewish Princesses" as she calls them which explains a lot ;p, she's been to Israel a few times with some of them] and I end up holding my tongue most of the time [most of those thoughts end up in this blog, I think it's important to have some kind of outlet whether it's a blog/forum/comments or whatever]). As far as your niece goes it wouldn't be right for me to say what to do as I don't have all the facts, Awakened at 11:59 gave good sound advice and I share 8:23's sentiment completely. It doesn't sound like there's much you can do anyway so don't stress yourself out over it (unless you have serious suspicions of abuse [you know, aside from coincidentally having butterflies/cats/checkerboards] or anything like that, which it sounds like you don't). As far as your own understanding goes, there are good general outlines out there on the web but I always suggest reading the likes of Cathy O'Brien if you haven't already, and for more specifics on how the programming works read Illuminati Formula (should find these in the links on the right side of the blog), both give good outlines of the occult factoring in too (IF in particular, though it has it's fair share of problems).

On the Imaginarium/Magorium thing I got their names muddled up for a short period for some reason and thought along those lines too so I know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

You know what I notice about Natalie? Her body looks very much like a little girl's body while her face has that very adult, very experienced look. Look at her arms. They are like a child's arms in the upper arm area. No flab whatsoever and her chest is small, giving the impression that she is like a child/woman. It's quite apparent in the video she does with Devendra. When she's dancing next to him, it's like she's a 13-year-old kid in her movement and stature.

Yes, I agree she would make the "perfect spy" but like with so many intellectuals (or people who think they are so bloody smart), she will be destroyed once she no longer serves anyone's purpose. Also, she'll probably start looking quite old when she hits her 30's. Used up and trashed from life. No matter how "smart" these girls think they are, they all end up the same, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Funny you say that about Natalie's body type as i always thought her physique resembled that drawing of Alice (of Wonderland fame) where her neck is really long, i'm talking about the older black & white drawings Alice. As far as that video she's in with the Hindu motif, i read somewhere his father is/was from that little govt agency

Anonymous said...

short arms/big head/long neck/shortish legs (not that she isn't pretty)

Anonymous said...

^^As far as that video she's in with the Hindu motif, i read somewhere his father is/was from that little govt agency

Is he American or what? So which agency are you referring to? He certainly is creepy looking to me. Quite satanic in all ways, yes?

Anonymous said...

i thought i left didnt work! now i forget the comment i made!!! well, i love this blog

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with Natalie Portman, but has anyone else noticed that in Family Guy, Peter Griffin says to Joaquin Phoenix (the stephen king episode)..."Joaquin, if you are watching, then you passed, and you can be friends with us. This was after him being all weird on David Letterman. I think it was some sort of "secret society initiation", and NOT for the illuminati, but for the unsaid code of cartoon world...or something...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post on Natalie. She looks like Winona yes but also like that woman who was in 'Labyrinth' much!.they could be sisters. Or was it her in that film?! Some interesting comments here. People think I'm mad and into conspiracy theories, but I love this blog and reading about MK Ultra - I don't know why but I got quite obsessed and even a bit paranoid when I first read all about this stuff and how did I get into it? an enquiring mind and the initial 'trigger' was, I think Britney and her 'fall from grace', I became very interested in her breakdown/head shaving/ supposed MPD/pink wig wearing etc..she really lost it back then when she with Adnan (daily horrors) and before daddy stepped in with the 'medication and treatment' - lost it or breaking through and desperate to escape - lets face it she's a cash cow and she knows it. She will comply as long as she can see her kids..thats what they have over her. I saw her at the 02 and she was utterly dead behind the eyes, fed up etc. end of the line. And she hates the public for buying into her and making her perform for her.

Anonymous said...


"I grew up among people who had differing expectations of me. I think it forced me to unconsciously take on roles and be someone else; maybe that's why it all seems so natural"

- When I was younger I painted and wrote. I had all kinds of dreams. But when I started modeling, all that fell away. I lost my way, started drinking and going out every night. I had lost the sense of where I was. It wasn't me any more.”


Anonymous said...

Actually the Swine Flu hoax may be for implanting micro chips. They are small enough to fit in needles these days...

Anonymous said...

Had to pass on this link...not sure where to put it so here it is...

It's Tom Cruise's daughter in heels. 'Kitten Heels' as the headline on this tabloid puts it!

Great post BTW - I've learned a lot about Portman...I've posted on another site that blogs like these really get you thinking. I watch music videos, adverts and fashion clips with a whole 'other' eye now...and I'm seeing all the symbols right out there in broad-daylight...obvious repetitive symbols...even noted Athiest Richard Dawkins has butterflies stamped all over his new book!!

Anonymous said...

And speaking of Brit, Courtney Love sez:

If your eye holes aren't filled with barf, continue on to Court's claim that Daddy Spears child touched Our Ladies of Cheetos:

britneys dad molested her , imagine the father that molested you owning you for slavery while your forced to sing songs picked for thier sexual content every night, insane right? i have it on First had authority, and fight as hard as she is and does she still didnt pull that card, its a pride thing i can relate to, However they want to play dirty, lets go, Im SO not affraid of the little trolls who hit this when i was fucked up who are called lawyers. lets GO.

( via )

Anonymous said...

Not only is Suri and her ubiquitous 'kitten heels' ((shudders)) cringe worthy, she is never made to wear a coat in cold weather while her mother and everyone else around is

Anonymous said...


"I grew up among people who had differing expectations of me. I think it forced me to unconsciously take on roles and be someone else; maybe that's why it all seems so natural"


OH! that must be why most come off as arrogant, entitled assholes, deep down they're really nice gentle people who are only really protecting themselves. now i get it, that double, triple personality thing, very effective, riiiiiiight. ;)

Anonymous said...

Like people with MENSA level i.q. they are just so misunderstood! and helpless. It's very lonely out there without many people at the same level to converse with. (true story)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Check this out. They also collaborated with PETE BURNS. Unbelievable how this poor man has go to be...


Anonymous said...

Chris, who's They? Also, Pete Burns was a lover of the guy who ended up married to Gwen Stefani.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 21:33 said...

Is he American or what? So which agency are you referring to? He certainly is creepy looking to me. Quite satanic in all ways, yes?

C (ondom) I (nhis) A (ss) agency. Wrote a song about wanting to be with little boys. As for the rest check wiki.

Anonymous said...

And more recently today, from Love's Facebook:

Love wrote:
Jaime molests Britney growing up, Britney promises mommmy shes going to get her out of there , shes going to get rich and famous and get her out of there dammit and no more Jaime, theyre stupid these spears parents and opportunists, when Jaime Lynn wanted to quit ZOe 101 and be normal and go to school Lynn fforced her to keep doing something she loathed and her child went and knocked herself up, i wont read Lynn Spears insane book because i know the truth from too mnay people

More (untranslated from the original, and awesome, Courtnese):

Love wrote:
imagine the dad who molested you and ypu romised your mama youd do whatever itr takes to get her out of this absuive relationshop lynn went back to affter she jbew Jaimie was abusing Britney ( shit and iw as ready top shank my mother and step stepfather for picking up the 16 year old boy who made me play spin the bottle with his 4 friends "... See Morebabysirtting" after i tolkd her worst betrayal up tp that point and i prived it i was AUDI) then Jaime and your vacant brother are banoong your money and other thanb;ackout she gets no publishing frances has ALOT more money than Britney only where is it? it aint at Laird Nortron "tyee" and macadam wright regan start the PBOC w Brits team right when i sign off on thier insane kingrat of bullshot probate, take a look ive been talking tpo a few feds whp know these guys are career criminals and a harvard grad by way of u of w im learning alotr gotta rock, but Britmney we feel for you

Anonymous said...

To anony 16:55

As far as I knew, Pete was a lover of MARILYN and MARILYN,at his turn, had a relationship with GAVIN ROSSDALE, a relationship "Mr. Stefani" denied it all the time, of course, just like he denied his own daughter. But facts are facts. He mite have slept with BURNS too, who knows...


Anonymous said...

Mabe its old news, but here he is, ADAM&his snake. Too bad hes talented, hes gonna end up like shit one way or another...

Real life robot:


Anonymous said...

Anybody see adam lambert admit his programming on CBS news?

at the 1:27 mark, granted, it's not an admission of actual MK programming, but it's and interesting choice of words by him.

Anonymous said...

courtney love is a stupid (and clearly illiterate) crackhead. but she rocks haha

Anonymous said...


So...I googled "Benjamin Singleton", and I came up with this

the word slave popped out...

i am wondering...does britney spears, for instance...know about the internet? does she see her name alongside mind control or MK...are any of these people even looking at the internet???

i am pretty sure that alot of actors, writers for shows and take the time to look at our myspace pages, our facebook etc...why not? its a simple way to see what the general public like and stuff...

im pretty sure that they realize we are drinking their 'poison' that they are feeding us...i mean...not feeding!! well, you know what i mean!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, and are they aware of them flashing their hand signals or does it just come subconscioulsy? i never thought much about the devil horns since i have seen them in concerts all the time...but now...its every where even "sweet" disney stars flash the metal symbols..

all this backwards lyrics in music they realize they sell their soul, because crowley taught how to speak backwards??

man, the end of the world is coming! prophecy is being fulfilled..

i find comfort in reading reassuring verse from the Bible..

Anonymous said...

Of corse they look. Where do you think they get ideas from? Rihanna was asked in a radio interview if she's aware people think she's a devil worshiper because she covers her left eye, and all the other symbolisms she laughed it off, natch.

Anonymous said...

Britney can't read that's how got herself into the mess that is her life

Anonymous said...

"man, the end of the world is coming! prophecy is being fulfilled..

i find comfort in reading reassuring verse from the Bible.."

Its about the control of the world, not the end of the world but after all ure free to believe what u want.


Anonymous said...

Shes just 16, but does it matter nowadays? Looks like not. Shit...


Mr. Batshit said...

FYI, Devendra was raised in Venezuela, and in the video he calls the Mountain "Cuca Luciferina"... Well, in Vzla, cuca is tue vulgar term form vagina (like cunt), and "luciferina" I believe speaks for itself.

Also, calling a Mountain (kind of phallic) like female genitalia is pretty much speaking of intercourse right there.

Anyway, wangtastic article.

Mr. Batshit said...

Also, look at the gesture in his hands when the word "cuca" appear on screen.

Maybe that wasn't so interesting, but I wanted to put comment #69 anyways.

Peaces, greases.

Anonymous said...

"man, the end of the world is coming! prophecy is being fulfilled..

i find comfort in reading reassuring verse from the Bible.."

Its about the control of the world, not the end of the world but after all ure free to believe what u want.

yep and what better way to control people/the world than to play on paranoia and recite doomsday the church/organised religion does so frequently.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Do not read this blog anymore. Just go back to sleep like it never happened and keep drinking the koolaid of lies and oppression..

Anonymous said...

I was certain she was MK'd after she mentioned in an interview on "Inside the Actor's Studio" that she couldn't remember much of anything before the age of eleven.

Aleister Crowley's Favourite Moonchild said...

Just because Devendra Banhart looks like Osho Rajneesh's bastard offspring, doesn't necessarily make him some MK-Ultra high poobah! He has, however, written some really rather spiffing songs.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin, it is sad that you deleted my comment where i explained the role of Satan in the bible. I really like your blog but unfortunately you seem to be totally unaware of the fact that a supernatural world exists. You probably never made experiences with it, this is why you keep insisting that the reason for MK and child abuse is entirely the establishing of power of some elites. I don't even deny that, but there ist much more to it, too.

Pls watch this video of David Icke:
It basically explains why Satan/demons NEED these evil things to happen. they are fed by it and gain the more power, the more of it takes place. There is a war between good and evil going on. If you don't realize that your blog won't change anything.

The truth will make you free.

Anonymous said...

^^ Right on. There's a bigger picture here.

Preter said...

A couple friends suggested we go see this at a drive in theater. I dint know what it was about until i saw it and i hated the themes of control, subjection, and veangence which seemed directed at the audience. I was angry that i had been coerced by the director (and sorta my friends) into an occult ritual. I could feel the cold vibrating air in the car demons/negs/entities were layered over the audience in their vehicles. I guess to harvest eneergy. It was the night before Easter. 4/13 i think was the release date 4 watchtowers and 13 covenanted obviously ritual significance. It was possibly the strongest presence of powers gathered at a movie showing i have percieved. Alan Moore is the name of the writer? He's a hermes-fukker. I Love Jesus Messiah. Not those beasts.

Anonymous said...

You deserve to be shot for the amount of crap you talk.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this. So anti-Semitic. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I always liked Natalie because she was smart and nice and elegant and wasn't involved in stupid scandals but I always had this feeling...I don't know how to explain but like she was empty or something. There was something unpleasant about her...
now I get it...she has no soul whatsoever...

Anonymous said...

I came across your link from VC. Everything you posted was spot on. This piece was eye opening. The naysayers are exactly the time who will not leave this "matrix" created by the NWO because it's all harmless.

No. It is not. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims. This is very dark and deceptive side of Hollywood, the entertainment biz, et all.

I see exactly what you are doing and thank you for opening most of us up to the truth. Nothing in the media is done by accident. It's all done on purpose. To convey a message, to program harmless images.

Some are still blind, still deaf, still closed off to the truth.

Others are waking up. thank you.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster who "corrected" the blogger about the kaaba stone. It's all occultic and all signs point to Lucifer. Before Islam, it was a pagan cult worshipping moon god allah. that worthless stone feeds off your negative chants.

Natalija said...

I'm not sure what this post or the commenters are implying... I just got more confused as it went along. I just googled her and this came up. Are you theorizing that she is: a spy, a Freemason, a 'programmed' socialite... or something else? I'm very lost and did not read through this whole post nitpicking at details in movies and photographs because anything can be interpreted as anything.

Anonymous said...

On Milla Jovich, I have searched your blog for Resident Evil and her name with only this post on her. Being the 84th comment, I wonder who will ever see this? LOL.

So yesterday 2 of the Resident Evil Movies were on TV back to back. Having just immersed myself the previous Friday reading tons of info on this blog, I was by then, well versed in alot of the symbology stuff.
The movies were Resident Evil Apocalypse, and RE Extinction. I would love for you to analyze THESE...
So check this out....
Both movies start out with the main character ALICE waking up in some type of clinical/sterile medical facility and your checkerboard black and white floor shows up (duality).
Alice has superhuman powers by now. She was found to be resistant to the T-virus manufactured by the UMBRELLA corporation. In R.E. Apocalypse it begins in Raccoon City. What a freakin odd name for a town, but all I could think was how you identify the black and white coloring/striping of a raccoon? Dunno...
The evil Umbrella corporation uses a black and white with red German cross as their emblem (I've seen it called Nazi cross here) on their uniforms and satellites. This is all over the place. You have a corporate facility run amok that is erily MILITARY, tons of reference to BLACK OPS (helicopters, vehicles), secretive operations that mimic an end world scenario, military style containment of civilians and zombies thrown into the mix (with a few hybrid/mutated monster versions of the same).
ALOT Of mirrors, glass, reflective stuff and imagery, there is duplication of the Alice model in R.E. Extinction.
In Extinction, an evil sadistic scientist has cloned Alice and relishes watching each new version being born and trying to find her way out of a top secret underground facility wearing a sultry red dress. Each of these versions seem to be weak and never make it out alive after being subject to a barrage of zombies, mazes, floor ejecting saw blades, flesh slicing lazer beams and other randome artillery. Her every move watched on video and/or satellite (run but cant hide). Each fresh dead body is taken to ground level and dumped with the other dead Alice's in their sultry red dresses. Eventually the real Alice does come upon these and has an emotional reaction to the grisly scene. Notice the placement of the bodies.. like DOLLS, some sexually suggestive of rape, being used/dumped/murdered etc..
I will say the most obvious things are the satellite use of tracking Alice. They always pan to a scene where you see the Umbrella satellite in the sky above earth with its prevalent CROSS emblem shouting ever so obviously on the left of the satellite wings.
So yeah.. give those a look if anyone has time....interesting stuff.
The only saving grace in these movies are that Alice is noticing use of her ever increasing PSYCHIC powers. She can telepathically manipulate events and does them for the better, to save others and in fact begins to "fight the internal program" that is instilled in her to follow protocol from Umbrella.
The very end scene is Alice sending a menacing message to the outstanding members of Umbrella that she's coming back and bringing a few friends with her.. which are an army of ALICE CLONES seen encased in clear bubbles row after row ad nauseum.. leaving you hanging for the next episode.

Unknown said...

i am anti zionist, lets work together thanks

Unknown said...

tell me bout joan as police woman on the clip eternal flame either the lyrics, is she neglect the power of illuminati in music industry, coz the lyrics tell it so tell me if im wrong .. but she the 'liberty goddess' in eternal flame clip

Unknown said...

tell me the illuminati subliminal message on joan as police woman, with the clip eternal flame

Unknown said...

omg u guys! have u seen "black swan" trailer??

Anonymous said...

No way, hate this little bitch. Definitely a programmer.

Catalina said...


there is one sect/church - The Mormones(his founder was Jewish and Mason!) which made a book called the Book of Mormon;
in this book it is said that at first God Have 2 sons: Jesus and Lucifer and they were opposites, but brothers!?
(... from an orthodox point of view this is a blasfemy because God had only one Son: Jesus Christ, and Lucifer was just
an angel - the most beautiful that envied God and wanted to be like Him, that's why he fools people to write such stupid
stories that make him greater than he actually was:), and this is where I think the whole twins/pillars/brothers symbolism
is coming from(before the "brother masons" this was the original one), and also the black/white duality.

It is said that Lucifer doesn't actually have the ability to create, he wants to be like God but he doesn't have a clue
how 'to do that on his own' and everiything he does is to copy God and to do it in reverse: that's why so many artists
have songs that played in reverse glorify him, ..etc. and that is what the phrase "AS ABOVE SO BELOW" is actually referring.

That's why there are stars like Madonna (what a badjoke name Ma Donna=My lady was another name given to Virgin Mary,
mother of Jesus Christ; actually to make people to say Madonna with capitals by referring to the MTV star instead of Virgin Mary),
that are made to mock the people of God or to immitate them in the opposite manner(if I can say that .. to opposite mirror them)
- >she is portraied in all her videos as a slut. Christina is not anymore Christina is X-tina (x denies/cuts the CRIST from her name) etc..
I don't know if that was her actual birth name(Madonna), but there's definiteley something with names: Nathalie dates with Nathaniel,
Paris Hilton dated with Paris Latsis, Madonna with Jesus Luz(luz/lux/light -> Lucifer aka duality Jesus<->Lucife; And Madonna is with Jesus
sugests some kind of incestuous relationship)!!! those are certainly not a coincidences.

And about that picture with her impersonating Virgin Mary it looks a lot like an Orthodox icon where Virgin Mary is portrayed
with Jesus Christ and a third hand (besides Virgin Mary's hands) apear and seems to protect them both:,
that hand is of The Holy Spirit (the hand that appears in The Addams Family is actually mocking the symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit).
The same hand appears in other icons too, like the one of Jesus Christ's Baptism:

But NOTICE! that the simbolic hand of The Holy Spirit that blesses(where middle finger and the ring finger seem to form a cross
and are not gathered on the hand like rockers do) is not the same with the one that rockers use that symbolises the horns, see here the difference:

PS: Please excuse my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.

lost puppets said...

Just wanted to know your feelings on this subject, yes a lot of films do seem to have these same visual references, and mainstream celebrities do tend to follow suit with regards to clothing photoshoots etc.
It has been suggested that the generation of all life into and out of the universe, is produced by a geometrical constructed dynamic.
My question is are we being manipulated away from gaining/ seeking knowledge of 'The Secret' i.e. the geometrically structured creative force, being led towards it, but not at our own pace and not in the way which is positive, or are we being led in a quasi positive fashion, but the time is not quite right to let it all out?
There does seem to be massive use/ manipulation of geometrical symbols and I guess it can come down to how you use them, understand them.

Nina said...

I read your post on Kim Noble and her paintings and was very impressed, fascinated and disturbed by the conclusions you drew. Reading this, however, has me laughing. I stopped reading once you started to imply that her making dolls play at sex was because she was abused by Illuminati. A LOT of children do that. Not because they've been abused, but because they're humans who are naturally sexual. Yes, even at that age kids are aware of sex (they don't usually understand the exact mechanics of it but they have a vague idea of what it is); they find other children attractive (remember having a crush on another kid?), they play catch-and-kiss, they make their barbies or their action figues kiss and have sex (or their naive version of sex, anyway). It's NATURAL.

Also, what are you trying to do by implying that a study of infant memory is in some way deviant? My goodness. The ideas it talks about are extremely innocuous and very well established. Perhaps you've not studied psychology very extensively.

Basically, I was intrigued and willing to believe your ideas up until you demonstrated that you're uneducated in basic psychology and thus draw illogical conclusions. I can only imagine what else you are making illogical conclusions about.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Portman with the moustache all of a sudden reminded me of a picture i saw of Kate Moss on some magazine cover.

Which in turn made me think about a comment Dave Chappele made about black actors that make it big and all are made to wear womens clothes in at least one movie.

I have been researching on my own a lot of years now*, connecting dots, and this bombardment on us, accelerating, and simultaneously on so many levels...

i wish us all the best

*thanx to people like you who keep publishing articles, thanx!

Anonymous said...

This blog is really much nonsense. Seriously, Ben you should really start to read serious source and stop to read bullshit...

Liber Avem said...

Satan was NEVER Lucifer. NEVER. The name is mentioned ONCE in the Bible in the book of Isaiah and it is referring to KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR. It goes on to talk about how he was a MAN. Satan literally means adversary. They were making fun of Nebuchadnezzar by calling him Lucifer, which means 'Morning Star'. If you don't even know that I can't take this blog seriously at all.

Anonymous said...


I consider myself to be a sane individual... With a message to doubters: When I look down at people from my high 'white' angelwing perspective... Then I have to say, I adore her (Portman) as if it where my life, wife, child, slave, creation, joy, hapiness and total freedom in one being.

I cannot say the same for the reptiles and other 'handlers'. In their desperation to survive I can see why they would want to feed on her, make her soulless and let her walk around with an angel sign on her back saying... We still hate the light, and we (regressives) have found one of your best and brightest children (Portman) and made her into this... (horrible info above).

That's cool and all. Copy that. But it generally says about the darkside: We fear the light,... we know we're gonna die by the hands of these fragile new, Portman like children (and their protective energies). Our power & Covenant of races is losing the fight with the light. Let us put on a nice big Hollywood show for you, for the next generation of lightbeings... As if they we're saying: We party in darkness, but when our darklight goes out... We finish in style. And God... She (Portman) Should be the one to say that. And she knows it. I can feel it.

So there, their saying, when we part ways (different races)and die, you (next wave of beings) will have felt our dying powers in your ranks, by showing you these fucked-up children. Be SURE to not forget to make your children EXTRA powerful in being light. Or we will come back and fuck you over again... And so I see Portman and thus see the future in a mirror kind of way.

Rather positive and powerful parenting advise those dying bastards and planet rapist are giving me/us. I'd be sure to threat my Portman daughter with that kind of intelligent advise in mind. And watch my child, breakdown the residual images/traces of races of those in power, as if it where just a slight cold the planet caught. Nothing more. And, if old enough, have a loving, liberation in an anal session, so we can let that world go.

I'd like to thank the makers and parts of the matrix for showing me this freedom, shaping my mature mind, right before my energies no longer need you. I think its a nice way, how the angels of the future, are being informed by the transitional lessons of the earth, how not to make te same mistake twice.

In closing: I wish people struggling with understanding higher powers all the best. Regretfully earthly perceptions, bodies and intellectual orientations will not really matter to anyone for very long. It, has had its brief dance of power, together with the more egocentrical, darker angelic reign and fake lightworkers,... to make way for a more pure experience on earth.

Try to find peace with having played your part. Maybe in the next show of life, you will be born with a larger insight, because of your dedication to life's lessons in this life.

Signing out, Grigori, a fallen one, who has sided with the light. Feels pretty damn good. Took a while, but made it :)

Danilo said...


In this post, you comment something about the principal route used by human traffickers to bring people from Israel to America. Can you tell me where i can find more details about this and about what Israel really are?

Can you indicate some books on this subject?

I would like to know your personal opinion about the case of Natalie Portman, something current, out of this post.

Thanks for attention!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'Portman' is, and always has been, a rabid Zionist; as is, Naomi Watts, via Liev Shreiber, her Husband, and her Handler.

Anonymous said...

very good reading
as i read the blog on natalie
the movie featuring her as a ballerina dancing lead in the ballet swan lake
throughout this film images a of dualistic black and white split personalites pervade
quite disturbing really with abusive relationships explored-mother/daughter/slave/handler
and teacher/handler
it could rate a blog all of its own !
cant recall name of film but worth a look after reading this blog

Anonymous said...

Wow. It really feels sad what some of you say of Natalie, on how she will be disposed of when she is no longer needed. I always had a crush on her, and once I had a dream where she was lost, and I tried to help her get her way back. I sure wish things don't go bad for her and hope soon comes for all of us.

fairykin said...

The shh actually comes from the first grade of neophyte in these so called secret orders it is the sign of silence or harpocrates after the banishing ritual at the 4 quarters. Many starlets such as L lohan have this shhh tattoo on their finger such as rhianna

Anonymous said...

Sad I really liked her. Major disapointment

Unknown said...

The majority if people won't believe and won't chang . Its only those who really want to find out the truth

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