Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The incredible vanishing skyscraper

This literally made me laugh... anyone not living in a total state of ignorance will understand why this is humorous (Building 7 magically disappeared/disintegrated on 9/11). Here's the link.

At 52 stories high (5+2=7), the number 7 World Trade Center building stands tall on the New York skyline.

The idea that such a huge skyscraper could disappear from view would seem to belong to the realm of high-tech magic tricks.

But that is exactly what happens when the light falls at a certain angle across its shiny, metal exterior - as shown by this amazing picture taken last week.

Incredible: As the light catches the number 7 World Trade Center building in New York seems to almost totally disappear from view

Its neighbouring brick skyscrapers stayed resolutely solid but 7 World Trade Center shimmered in the afternoon sun, taking it very close to vanishing completely.

The block stands next to Ground Zero where the Twin Towers collapsed after the September 11 attacks.

Its original building, constructed in 1987, was also razed as a result of the 9/11 terrorist catastrophe. [doesn't razed mean demolished?]

Debris falling from the nearby North Tower of the World Trade Center started fires on its own floors.

With little water to tackle them, they took hold and Number 7 also completely collapsed at 5.20pm [5+2=7, wake up fucktards, also it was called the Salomon Brothers building as in King Solomon and the Freemasonic brotherhood...] that day after a critical supporting column on its 13th floor buckled.

Construction on the new building, which has a slightly smaller footprint, began in 2002 and finished in 2006.

Designers were focused on safety throughout and gave it a reinforced concrete core, wider stairways and thicker fireproofing.

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Anonymous said...

Building 7 was also a trapezoid which holds great weight around Satanic circles (Order of the Trapezoid) and Freemasonry. The building was 47 stories (47th problem of Euclid) Their apron is a trapezoid.

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