Sunday, 28 September 2008

Paris Skull and Boned by GC and O'Reilly Fragments

Note the skeleton with wings at the bottom of the shirt and other stuff, he's Benji Madden from Good Charlotte. He has a colossal collection of Living Dead Dolls.
Pretty much all the music industry is fully controlled; Good Charlotte [AKA: GC = 73 777 Crowley] "They took their name from the children's book called "Good Charlotte: The Girls of Good Day Orphanage," written by Carol Beach York." They are another band enjoying the fruits of working for the massively rich occult maniacs that run things; MK slaves like Paris Hilton. Benji had previously "dated" [handled] mind controlled model/celebrity from Oztralia Sophie Monk. And get this, his twin brother is "dating" her ex-attempted (I think failed) twinning programming partner Nicole Richie [highly speculative, more likely this was done with her sister Nicky]. Most of their videos, Joel has the word MADE written on his jumper which I just found so ironic considering he sings about how fucked the "rich and famous" are. [apologiez for the title, should probably have more heart... but there's a couple more similar posts coming before I start on some more serious work]

Getting their ironic humor? They're TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL... that should read.

Before his DJing gig at the new club Haven which they opened. [images from here]

O'Reilly is in pieces. [his dad was an oil industry bigwig, see wiki]
On loosely related issues; am I the only one who feels painfully sorry for Bill O'Reilly... he's so utterly programmed, at the end of every single show when he says "the spin [always emphasised] stops here" (paraphrased), at the exact moment he says spin he always makes a spinning motion with his finger, this constant spinning/spiralling probably has some loose subconscious effect on his brainwashed viewers [keep them trapped in the neverending spiral of political madness]. But, as sorry as I feel for the totally programmed pappa bear, I'm more worried about the thousands of copies of his book currently on their way to the troops in Iraq... haven't they been put through enough! [as part of Operation Shoebox]


iAdmin said...

Nice, wiki said Bill O'Reilly played as pitcher for the Brooklyn MONARCHS!

Anna Karen said...

I also feel very sorry for Bill o´Reilley, but otherwise this is straight up madness!

Benjamin S said...

Incredible spot iadmin, missed that looking through, that clinches it.

Anna, if you are not aware of trauma based mind control and/or the elite's sadism [they are completely fucked from centuries of inbreeding, which is why this horrific stuff goes on] when it comes to even their own children (a concept some people find hard dealing with); I recommend reading this Freeman article which gives some necessary background before dismissing something as madness [unless you are referring to the fucked situation we're in, which is of course mad generated by the insane elite (have you looked at the world lately?), then apologiez], also obviously it is necessary to have at least some basic background info on MK-Ultra/Monarch mind control too. Thanks for commenting Anna, I'd love to hear why you feel sorry for O'Reilly then if he isn't MK'd? [because what he says doesn't exactly make people warm to him!]

stonedcold said...

Damn the more I read into your blog the more i feel your just a paranoid "know it all" fuckhead. You probly really do think you know it all. The way you jump to conclusions is rediculous. Especially when it comes to music and bands especially. I HATE the shit out of Good Charlotte but im not gonna start spreading rumors about how theyre "handling" their wives and gfs. Im pretty sure when they started the band they had no intentions in putting a special meaning to their name they were like 16. Seriously that GC=73777 crowley thing was a fucking joke. You need to take your meds and try experiencing some fucking creativity like the famous people you write about are. I do agree that the ones coming from the huge corporations and major record companies are all fake and do have some ties with the so called illuminati but there are a great deal of honest artists out there too. The honest ones that actually do deserve every dime theyve made for whatever their art is are probly fucking with you. I wanna become famous so i can start using all those symbols and shit you seem to pull out of nowwhere just to fuck with you myself. Nnnetheless its interesting shit real or not idk im still speculating.

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