Thursday, 18 September 2008

The End is Nigh!

Upside Down Rainbows [did you notice the MASONS NEWS SERVICE?], strange weather is a afoot (with all these manufactured hurricanes hitting America to and whatnot). This cover of Murdoch's The Times I found interesting, it shows the banking sector/square mile [wrote about this stuff ages ago] with all it's Freemasonic banking buildings covered in 9/11 resonating dust, with only the Freemasonic monuments (squares, pyramids) pointing out of the ashes. Again, this whole "financial crisis" is so contrived it's unreal [by the bankers/Freemasons who make MASSIVE profits... REVOLT!!!]. Note how they've got the Canary Wharf Tower [note ALL the numerology there, 771ft tall, 130,130 square metres of office space [hadn't heard of that shard of glass building mentioned in that link], and I wonder what fucked up occult blood rituals they do on the 13th floor... mysterious, but not really when you consider they are obsessed with this kind of occult numerology and ritual thinking (hence the ritual occultism in all their architecture)] with it's pyramid at the top with smoke coming out of the 'capstone' for some reason... Anyway, link to random twister story for Oz resonance. The K-oz is building...

Visitors to Devon would normally expect to have a few late, sunny days at this time.

However, Britain's bizarre weather took another strange turn when this spectacular twister twirled its way across the county's coastline, yesterday.

Witnesses watched as the mini tornado-style phenomenon appeared on the horizon off Torquay.

Spectacular sight: The twister draws water up into the air

Local resident Alison Heather, 21, photographed the scene at 2.30pm on Wednesday and described it as 'breathtaking'.

She said: 'It was moving across the bay and you could actually see that it was drawing the sea spray up a couple of hundred feet in the air.

'It wasn't the sort of thing you expect to see here. It was breathtaking.'

Gathering storm: Witnesses were amazed by the twister spiral towards Berry Head

A spokesman for the Western Lady ferry service said one of their skippers logged the twister at 2.20pm around two miles east of Berry Head.

He said:' The skipper saw a long thin formation come down from the sky, and when it was near the surface, water was sucked up to meet it.

'It was a bit spooky recall because on land here it suddenly went cold and dark for ten minutes. It was very unusual weather for this part of the world.'

Witness Dave Perry added: 'It was right on the horizon and lots of people were looking at it. It was like a giant water spout.

Spotted: A witness took this photograph of the twister that suddenly appeared on the coast

'First of all we thought it was a cloud but then we saw it was actually sucking up the water. I haven't seen anything like it before here.'

A tornado is a violent, rotating column of air which is in contact with both the surface of the earth and the base of a cloud. [Oz cyclone yes?]

But a spokesman for the Met Office said the 'twister' was more likely to be a water spout - an intense column of cloud that occurs over a body of water.


aferrismoon said...

An odd synch with Man.City just getting bought, while United's sponsors disappear up their own AIG


great rainbow - an inverted covenant?

Benjamin S said...

Perhaps, inverted covenant from the Masons ^^

I think Man City are going to get incredibly amazing over the next few years, having the MC initials and all that cash now. Found it hilarious when the US gov't basically bought up AIG, they are pretty much solely an American team now arn't they :D Remember writing about AIG in terms of Cristiano Ronaldo's 7/17s, for a synch I guess.

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