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Pop star's slaying sheds light on hidden world

Pictured with Egyptian Pyramid at top.
The death of a Mid-Eastern Britney Spears, Suzanne Tamim greatly interested me [I'm not going to go into all the details of the killing], brought to my attention by Carissa (cheers) is a perfect example of the sordid elite's perversions and the building up of corporate (literally) created mega-stars and then the (though in this case it is far more blatant than in America with apparently "accidental" demises of MK'd people like AnnA Nicole and Ledger's) engineered knocking them down. She died on my birthday (July 28th, 2008 [I was born on July 28th 1988, 2008 88 too]) which is a little strange, and was born September 23 1977, she was 30 (according to wiki), many MMC slaves are killed off at 30 (thrown off the "Freedom Train") according to Illuminati Formula, the way she was killed (throat cut) also relates to Freemasonry as one of their initiation oaths includes, "...binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my throat cut across". A good overview of the case can be found at CNN, with Sky News just starting coverage of it yesterday [video below, note Murdoch has chosen a rose-centric video for mind control purposes no doubt] as the billionaire businessman appears in court, called Hisham Talaat Moustafa [read it, perfect example of corporate beast; member of parliament (according to CNN) etc].

"Corporate Kittens" like Britney, Christina, are also portrayed in the movie War, INC. (portrays every thing like microchips, corporate control of the world, mind controlled secret agents etc., also all the standard symbolisms such as the main corporation's logo is a red square, the green zone" is called Emerald City in the movie confirming mind control symbolism too) which I'd like to synch this up to as it says outright (about Hillary Duff's character pictured below), "She's the Britney Spears of Central Asia." [Lebanon is not in central Asia but mehh, near enough]. As the CNN article states: "People in the Arab world have long followed with fascination and moral clucking the tales of businessmen and politicians cavorting with actresses, belly-dancers and singers -- a sort of Hollywood Babylon in the conservative Muslim Middle East." The elite are never conservative [they make the masses below them into sexually repressed, easily controlled/naive conservative zombies] in any nation on earth. watching the Republican National Convention is pure comedy [and also extremely scarey], "Conservatism" is always a smokescreen which allows their twisted perversions (many pedophlic, see Disney etc) to continue without limits. This is the same in the Middle East, in the West, in the East etc; Marilyn Monroe is probably the most famous example of a "Presidential Model" 'actress' who served as a prostitute for perverse members of elite families like JFK's etc. [those that are publicly shown to use prostitutes and such like JFK (see JFK - The Scandals Revealed) are THE LEAST perverted of the elite, such as Eliot Spitzer too. It's the one's we don't know about (or we do but they don't get reported in the media, i.e. The Bush's) that are committing horrific acts of twisted/perverse/depraved insanity.

Hillary Duff [another one of those Disnified (her first big thing was Lizzie Maguire on Disney) MK'd girls imo] playing an Arabic popstar in WAR INC.

Also from the CNN article: ... a glimpse into the close links between Egypt's government and powerful business tycoons long viewed as above the law.

It is also exposing strains between societies like Egypt's, where wealth and political power increasingly go hand in hand, and Dubai, which recently launched a high-profile push against corruption."

Corporations aren't just above the law; they are the law (they create and control it). Wealth and political power going hand in hand....?!?!? No shit! It's always been that way and always will until we revolt against the political/economic, hell the entire system and the established order. The New World Order's future (after all the dust has settled from the chaos) HQ seems to be in Dubia considering how much they've spent building colossal phallic skyscrapers and whatnot, such as this one.

In the movie, [massive spoiler here] Hillary Duff's character is kidnapped as a baby/child (I forget which), she is the daughter of the mind controlled agent (you don't know that for most of the film, you just think she is a girl who has been taken advantage of), and is then programmed by the corporate/intelligence overlords to be a pop star to make money from the sheeple (to distract them from the harsh war surrounding them too) and to service the political elite's perverse tendencies using her; which really reminds me of the Mouseketeers' (Britney, Xtina, Justin etc) programming and other mind controlled media monarchs. Hillary Duff is excellent in this by the way (her accent is quality). Recommend watching it, lots more symbolism in it and obviously it appeals to my views on corporations/"elites".

Here we see Yonica with a scorpion, which she removed from an octagonal cage thing.

Finish War, INC. with a checkerboard scene to show who is fundamentally behind these corporations/elites (Freemasons/other secret orders), Yonica get's excited which leads to her (unwitting, secret agent in the dark, not knowing it is actually his daughter) father to say, "See... she's just a kid." (emotional growth stunted by abuse/programming after she was kidnapped by the corporation when very young).

In terms of the actual killing of Suzanne, she was killed by a mind controlled security officer; I say this because of the fact it was a frenzied stabbing and the virtual (not quite I think) decapitation was done by a former Egyptian State Security Officer (intelligence agent, most are MK'd). But what intrigues me more is the fact that they could easily get away with killing her by some of the numerous methods they have of dispatching people in an "accident"... So perhaps they want to be caught out because it just seems insane that they'd make it so unsubtle, but who can really know their motivations.

"Beyond the corruption worries, the singer's killing highlighted the gap between Egypt's rich and the largely poor, conservative bulk of its nearly 80 million population. [gap between poor and rich is rising exponentially day by day across the world, revolution is the only option]

Rumors abound of businessmen and politicians peddling out actresses and singers in prostitution rings. The frequent marriages and divorces of celebrities and businessmen make big news.

The mix of sex, money, business and power is the mix that defines the ruling elite now," It's always defined the ruling elite my friend, quote from end of CNN article.

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"gap between poor and rich is rising exponentially day by day across the world, revolution is the only option"

No, there is another way.

Among us Traditional Catholics there is something called the "Fatima Consecration". It deals with the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

I'd encourage you, when time permits you, to check the website of the International Fatima Rosary Crusade. It contains information on the vents in this tiny Portuguese village, and how it effects world events.

The web address is

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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